Innisfail Coroner's Court Bench Book 1933 - 1952

Coroner's Court, Innisfail Bench Book 15. 6.1933 - 28.11.1952 Item ID 298265 Previous System Location A/50527; RSI3791/1/1 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1990 7. 6.1934 Submission of reports concerning the death of John Billyboy, a full blooded aboriginal, which ocurred at the Aborigines Camp No. 5, Silkwood on 13. 5.1934. Inquest will not be held. 13. 3.1935 Reports in connection with the death of Tommy Kangaroo, an aged aboriginal, who died suddenly at Eubenangee, near Innisfail on 11. 3.1935. Inquest to be held at the Court House, Innisfail on 21. 3.1935. 27. 5.1935 Reports in conjunction with the death of a full blooded aboriginal gin Emma Mitta at Silkwood on 11. 5.1935. Inquest will not be held. 11. 5.1937 Reports in connection with the death, by drowning, in Woologin Creek, Japoonvale on 17. 4.1937 of an aboriginal woman named Annie Yu-been (Tribal name), wife of Mick Birdwood. 18. 8.1939 Submission of Police Reports in connection with the death of George Danoby, aboriginal, who was found dead at his camp at Silkwood on 15. 8.1939. Recommend inquest be dispensed with. 23. 1.1941 Reports in connection with the death of an aboriginal named Jimmy Durandah (?Dinandah) who died on 14. 1.1941 in a hut at Goondi, Innisfail. No inquest. 6. 1.1946 Elizabeth ?Romels, known as Lizzie Morata, aboriginal, Upper Daradgee. No inquest. To JUS 17/1/1946