Mabuiag Island School 1939 - 1973

Education Department Mabuiag Island School Admission Register 10. 7.1939 - 28. 1.1973 A/43677 (Film Z1491) Queensland State Archives Handwritten note at the start of the Register states This register was written 1945 by C.J. Burg. The old register a mass of rat eaten, torn and coverless pages. Much information was missing but the best possible has been done under the circumstances to collect information. Wiatt Luffman, born 9. 4.1934, admitted 1939 Parent Missionary Luffman, seaman Sicko Joe Amber, born 22. 5.1934, admitted 1939 Guardian Ceni Amber Joe Magala, born 30. 7.1934, admitted 1939 Parent Maki Magala, gardener Colin Paipai, born 2. 9.1934, admitted 1940 Parent Kame Paipai Cygnet Johnny, born 21. 3.1934, admitted 1939 Grandfather Johnny Malacula Walter Warrior, born 18. 9.1935, admitted 1940 Parent Obadiah Warrior Samson Frank, born 30. 9.1934, admitted 1940 Mother Magi Frank Kamui Au, born 25. 2.1935, admitted 1940 Parent Kamui Au Mary Namok, born 1. 2.1935, admitted 1940 Parent Com Jack Namok Emamia Bageri, born 9.??.1934, admitted 1940 Parent Peter Bageri Solema Repu, born 19. 3.1935, admitted 1940 Grandfather Dugui Repu Balu Paipai, born 9. 2.1936, admitted 1940 Guardian Kame Paipai Wariba Bagai, born 12. 7.1934, admitted 1939 Parent Johnny Bagai Hilda Banasa, born 22. 9.1934, admitted 1946 Mother Gaiba Yellub Seluia Johnny, born 24. 2.1936, admitted 1941 Parent Johnny Malacula Zachariah Waria, born 19.10.1936, admitted 1941 Guardian Wiatt Ibigan Johnwill Gizu, born 17. 9.1937, admitted 1941 Parent Aiaba Gizu Pillie Amber, born 5.12.1936, admitted 1941 Guardian Ceni Amber Imarie Mooka, born 1. 2.1936, admitted 1941 Parent Imarie (Iona) Mooka Kedie Bana Luff, born 27. 4.1938, admitted 1943? Parent Cula Luffman Muldulphua John, born 4.10.1937, admitted 1941 Grandfather Johnny Malacula Marie Bageri, born 26. 3.1937, admitted 1941 Parent Peter Bageri Sepoima Luffman, born 25.11.1936, admitted 1941 Parent Jimmy Luffman Laura Paipai, born 1. 8.1938, admitted 1943 Guardian Kame Paipai Tamara Gizu, born 24. 3.1937, admitted 1941 Parent Elisara Gizu Eliza Waria, born 20.11.1938, admitted 1943 Guardian Waiatt Ibigan Sepelu Satrick, born 28.12.1936, admitted 1945 Mother Seluia Satraka Willie Mooka, born 19. 1.1937, admitted 1941 Parent Joseph Mooka Aaron Hankin, born 23. 3.1938, admitted 1943 Parent Charlie Hankin Waimaga Misi, born 22. 6.1938, admitted 1943 Parent Willie Misi Memia Eseli, born 8. 1.1939, admitted 1946 Grandfather Peter Eseli Matatia Waria, born 4. 6.1939, admitted 1945 Parent Obadiah Warrior Sakawai Misi, born 2.11.1938, admitted 1943 Parent Supia Misi Patrick Whap, born 29. 7.1939, admitted 1944 Parent Dul--are Whap Emily Namok, born 10. 3.1937, admitted 1941 Parent Com Jack Namok Mariza Amber, born 4.10.1939, admitted 1945 Guardian Ceni Amber Sunema Gizu, born 27. 7.1939, admitted 1945 Parent Araba Gizu Wasada Bani, born 5. 8.1939, admitted 1944 Parent Manase Bani Janace Mooka, born 6. 4.1938, admitted 1947 Parent Imarie Mooka Rebecca Luffman, born21. 6.1940, admitted 1945 Parent Tuta Luffman Elliot Luffman, born 31. 3.1940, admitted 1945 Grandmother Pama Luffman Boston Bagai, born 7. 5.1940, admitted 1945 Parent Johnny Bagai Freddie Satrick, born 7. 5.1940, admitted 1945 Mother Seluia Satraika Gaiai Hankin, born 1. 3.1940, admitted 1945 Parent Charlie Hankin Boaza Hankin, born 21.10.1940, admitted 1945 Parent Billy Hankin Rim Johnny, born 6. 6.1939, admitted 1945 Parent Jimmy Maua Kris Torres Frank, born 6.12.1939, admitted 1945 Parent Gabar Frank Maia Au, born 29. 8.1940, admitted 1945 Parent Kamui Au Pauline Motlap, born 21.11.1940, admitted 1946 Parent Kowane Motlop Daina Gizu, born 8.11.1939, admitted 1945 Parent Elisara Gizu Stephen Namok, born 14. 4.1941, admitted 1946 Parent Com Jack Namok Scotty Misi, born 19.10.1941, admitted 1943 Parent Supia Misi Henry Motlop, born 25. 1.1941, admitted 1948 Parent Harry Motlop Ina Misi, born 22. 3.1940, admitted 1945 Parent Willie Misi Tassie Cowley, born 7.10.1941, admitted 1945 Parent George Cowley Mary Johnny, born 24.10.1940, admitted 1945 Parent Arona Kris Pereri Misi, born 5. 2.1942, admitted 1945 Parent Maia Misi Pelisa Gizu, born 23. 9.1941, admitted 1945 Parent Elisara Gizu Gwen Motlop, born 18. 3.1942, admitted 1948 Parent Harry Motlop Paimele Whap, born 31.10.1941, admitted 1945 Parent Duluna Whap From here the entries appear in date order and the hand-writing becomes simpler and less ornate, ie easier to read. Admitted 1949 Missiman Kris, born 8. 5.1942 Mother Irad Johnny (illegitimate). Guardian Johnny Malacula. Waia Kup Luffman, born 4. 6.1942 Parent Tuta Luffman Temukesa Amber, born 10. 7.1942 Mother Gada (illegitimate). Guardian Ceni Amber. Charlie Hankin, born 11. 7.1942 Mother Jane Hankin (illegitimate). Guardian Joe Dorrich. Towa Frank, born 13. 9.1942 Parent Gabai Frank Epesia Hankin, born 28. 8.1942 Parent Charlie Hankin Bitie Andrew Warrior, born 1. 2.1942 Parent Cissie Warrior Hazel Mooka, born 30. 5.1943 Parent Imare Mooka Misiran Whap, born 3. 8.1938 Parent Pasea Whap Admitted 1950 Ephraim Bani, born 2. 7.1944 Father Ephraim Bani. Mother Urubi Bani. Mesepa Frank, born 27. 1.1945 Parent Gabai Frank Sarai Luffman, born 28. 1.1945 Parent Yuta Luffman Patterson Bani, born 17. 5.1937 Parent Uropi Bani, housewife Manesa Eseli, born 28. 5.1943 Parent Maurie Eseli, school teacher Jean Charlie, no age or date of birth given Parent Sana Charlie of Cowal Creek Admitted 1951 Charlotte Hankin, born 19. 2.1946 Parent Charlie Hankin, Police Sergeant Patrine Misi, born 15. 3.1945 Guardian Willie Misi James Mooka (Freddy Mooka), born 24. 7.1945 Parent Imarie Mooka Macfarlane Misi, born 29. 3.1945 Parent Supia Misi Tabitiai Joseph, born 5. 7.1945 Guardian Miriam Joseph, housewife N S George Misi, born 11. 6.1945 Parent Moran Misi, Branch Manager Polly Tekela, born 13.12.1936 Guardian Aziku Paiwan, housewife Pasalgi (?Masalgi) Paiwan, born 25. 6.1938 Parent Amosa Paiwan, seaman Mugur Paiwan, born 3.12.1940 Parent Amosa Paiwan, seaman Admitted 1952 Goomitari Gaulai (Goomitari Bagai), born 25. 5.1946 Parent Wamaea Bagai, domestic Natadu Eseli, born 11. 9.1946 Parent Maurie Eseli, teacher Amarama Kris, born 26. 4.1946 Parent Arona Kris, janitor Sam Wallie Kris, born 30. 3.1947 Parent Jimmy Maira Kris, seaman Neo Warrior Motlop, born 20. 5.1947 Parent Alexson Motlop, seaman Gordoli Mandi, born 28. 6.1947 Parent Kwiur Mandi, seaman Lizzie Mooka, born 5.11.1947 Parent Imarie Mooka, seaman Mau Au, born 26. 3.1947 Parent Kamui Au, labourer Panau Luffman, born 14. 9.1946 Parent Lizzie Luffman, domestic Ata Margaret Paiwan, born 1. 4.1946 Parent Amosa Paiwan, seaman Mazar Misi, born 14. 1.1947 Parent Moran Misi, branch manager Saku Misi, born 20. 3.1947 Parent Supia Misi, seaman Bessie Amber, born 10. 2.1947 Parent Sagi Amber, Mission Priest Admitted 1953 Amber Dorrick, born 11. 3.1947 Parent Salmui Dorrick, domestic Smith Motlop (Grainger Motlop), born 20. 5.1947 Parent Kawani Motlop, seaman Aiaba Satrick, born 4. 9.1947 Parent Massiur Satrick, seaman Gabai Min, born 24. 3.1948 Parent William Min, theological student Merepa Bani (Thelma Bani), born 28. 1.1948 Parent Manase Bani, labourer Pauline Amber, born 21.11.1948 Parent James Amber, seaman Rosie Sagigi, born 18. 2.1940 Parent Seriba Sagigi, Episcopalean Church deacon Admitted 1954 Peninah Whap, born 16. 4.1947 Parent Numa Whap, labourer Admitted 1955 Edie Kila Mara, born 5. 1.1943 Parent George Mara, Episcopalean Church deacon Eccles Mara, born 14. 6.1947 Parent George Mara, Episcopalean Church deacon Gertie Gaiba Amber, born 6. 3.1949 Parent Gada Amber, domestic Trent O'Brien Bani, born 3. 6.1948 Guardian Uropi Bani The original entry was as follows Mavis Idai, born 29.10.1948 Mother Kamu Idai This was modified as follows Mavis Hankin, born 29.10.1948 Guardian George Hankin, pensioner Robert Satrick, born 3.11.1949 Parent Masiur Satrick, seaman Gowagie Misi, born 23.10.1948 Parent Supia Misi, seaman Annie Hankin, born 8. 9.1949 Guardian Ruth Hankin Wanake Mooka, born 31.12.1949 Parent David Mooka, seaman Weipa David, born 27. 2.1950 Parent Gisu David, seaman Clara Maira Kris, born 27.10.1948 Parent Jimmy Maira Kris, seaman Sanawai Lee, born 6. 4.1950 Parent Balgub Lee, seaman Lydia Mooka, born 29. 3.1950 Parent Susie Mooka Sumai Motlop, born 8.9.1949 Mother Ethel Motlop Iopili Motlop, born 10. 9.1949 Parent Kawane Motlop, seaman Leila Edna Whap, born 11. 6.1942 Mother Kelam Whap Charlie Paiwan, born 27. 7.1949 Parent Amosa Paiwan, seaman Winnie Mapa, born 17. 7.1945 Parent Akoo Mapa, Murray Island Olive Mapa, born 17. 7.1945 Parent Akoo Mapa, Murray Island Morris (Roland) Hankin, born 18.11.1947 Parent Jack Hankin, teacher Kalapa Johnny (Kris), born 16. 3.1950 Parent Rim Johnny, seaman John Ray Hankin, born 5. 8.1949 Parent Jack Hankin, teacher Admitted 1956 Salopi Whap, born 9.10.1950 Parent Maitu Whap, seaman Leah Warria, born 9. 4.1951 Mother Dilliapa Warria Emily Paiwan (Yellub), born 3.12.1949 Parent Eameko Paiwan, seaman Nora Yellup (Norah Mareko crossed out), born 30. 3.1951 Guardian Gaiba Yellub Eusara Gaulai, born 9.10.1950 Parent Gib Gaulai, seaman Pad Aila Kris, born 14. 7.1950 Parent Jimmy Maira Kris, seaman Nagi Misi, born 30. 6.1950 Parent Supia Misi, seaman Patagam Dorrick, born 25. 5.1951 Mother Salmui Dorrick Margaret Dorrick, born 25. 5.1951 Mother Salmui Dorrick John (Ngailu) Whap, born 4. 8.1950 Parent Duluwa Whap, labourer, Thursday Island Kesia (Mary) Whap, born 23. 9.1948 Parent Duluwa Whap, labourer, Thursday Island Salome Hankin , born 19. 2.1951 Parent George Hankin, pensioner Crossed out is the following Salome Idai, born 19. 2.1951 Mother Kamu Idai Stephen Ray Phenasio, born 23. 5.1945 Parent Tom Lomark Phenasio, Chairman Yalla Phenasio, born 17. 8.1947 Parent Tom Lomark Phenasio, Chairman Kelam Phenasio, born 11. 5.1949 Parent Tom Lomark Phenasio, Chairman Rithia Patricia Wapau, born 22. 5.1951 Parent Adea Wapau, Episcopalean priest Alice Amber, born 4. 8.1949 Parent Sagi Amber, Episcopalean priest John Luffman, born 13. 6.1951 Mother Lizzie Luffman Waba Kiwami Waigana, born 3. 8.1950 Parent Imasu Waigana, Branch Manager Edla Waigana, date of birth or age not given Parent Imasu Waigana, Branch Manager Admitted 1957 Seba Motlop, born 6. 6.1951 Parent Sanawani Motlop, housewife Sania Kris, born 23. 8.1951 Parent Levi Kris Cynthia Repu, born 6. 1.1952 Parent Daniel Repu, seaman Rutha Johnny (Kris), born 17. 4.1952 Parent Rim Johnny, seaman Maynard Bani, born March 1952 Parent Manase Bani, seaman Norman Mooka, born 2. 3.1952 Parent David Mooka, seaman Akabu Sagigi, born 29. 3.1945 Parent Eselie Sagigi, Badu Island David Mooka, date of birth and age not given Parent Joseph Mooka Phillip Pheniaso, born 7. 4.1951 Parent Tom Lomack Pheniaso, Chairman Annie May Luffman, born 20. 6.1952 Parent Tuta Luffman, seaman Samuel Motlop, born 13. 8.1952 Parent Kawane Motlop, seaman Ezar Waigana, date of birth and age not given Parent Imasu Waigana, Branch Manager Admitted 1958 Albert Amber, born 18. 8.1951 Parent James Amber, seaman Norman Bageri, born 8. 3.1953 Parent Adiadi Bageri, seaman Benjamin Repu, born 20. 9.1953 Parent Daniel Repu, seaman Cissie Kris, born 18. 2.1953 Parent Jimmy Maira Kris, seaman Elsie Mathew, born 2. 8.1952 Parent Harold Mathew, seaman Elsie Wapau, born 26.10.1953 Parent Adea Wapau, Episcopalean priest Pollyanna Satrick, born 10. 1.1953 Parent Massiur Satrick Ethel Sagigi, date of birth and age not given Parent Eselie Sagigi, Badu Island Ethel Nora Neliman, born 30.12.1952 Parent Satrick Neliman, seaman, Badu Island Jane Harriet Hankin, born 8. 3.1953 Parent Jackie Hankin, teacher Harry Mooka, born 15. 5.1953 Mother Susie Mooka Elizabeth Magala, born 3. 6.1953 Parent Billiam Magala, seaman Pulgil Gizu, born 9. 3.1953 Mother Maria Gizu Stella Warrior, born 23. 4.1953 Mother Maleta Warrior Admitted 1959 Jenny Yellub, born 6. 6.1953 Guardian Gaiba Yellub Banasa Luffman, born 4. 4.1954 Parent Treaza Luffman, domestic Susaana Atalia Luffman, born 10.10.1954 Parent Jimmy Luffman, seaman Tom Dorrick, born 26.11.1953 Mother Patimo Dorrick Admitted 1960 Moses Paiwan Gizu, born 5. 4.1954 Mother Tamara Gizu Ned Neliman, born 25. 4.1954 Parent Satrick Neliman, seaman Pele Jennie Paipai, born 23. 9.1954 Parent Kame Paipai, labourer Umis Kris (Umis Johnny), born 9.10.1954 Parent Rim Johnny Kris, seaman Cornwill Mooka, born 9. 4.1950 Parent Imarie Mooka, labourer Valerie Mooka, born 6. 5.1953 Parent Imarie Mooka, labourer Elisapolo Mara, born 25. 2.1951 Parent George Mara, Episcopalean priest Ruth Mara, born December 1950 Parent George Mara, Episcopalean priest Harriet Ober, date of birth and age not given Parent Wakay Ober, Saibai Island Ruth Bageri, born 31. 4.1954 Parent Adiad Bageri, storeman, Thursday Island Pele Waigana, date of birth and age not given Parent Aba Waigana, Saibai Island Admitted 1961 Zakias Peter Whap, born 16. 4.1955 Mother Merian Whap Bani Lee, born 19. 5.1955 Parent Balgub Lee, seaman James Daniel Repu, born 19.11.1955 Parent Daniel Repu, seaman Min Gaulai, born 3. 9.1955 Parent Gib Gaulai, seaman John Eseli, born 2. 9.1955 Mother Baibai Eseli Andrew Mooka, born 29.10.1955 Mother Susie Mooka Graeme Edward Polkinghorne, born 16. 5.1956 Parent E A Polkinghorne, Government Teacher Cornwell Pearson, born 10. 1.1946 Guardian Frank Pearson, Branch Manager George Drummond, born 2.11.1948 Guardian Charlie Hankin, Sergeant of Police Admitted 1962 Donald James Hankin, born 25. 7.1956 Parent Jack Hankin, seaman Manar Misi, born 6. 5.1956 Parent Maia Misi, seaman Irene Marie Bani, born 3.11.1956 Mother Kalingo Bani Biugum Hankin, born 29. 3.1956 Parent George Hankin, Counciller No 3 Iaili Paliasa Bosun, born 21. 9.1956 Parent Albert Bosun, Police In parent column is also Paitu Whap, Deputy Daniel Mareko, born 24. 3.1956 Mother Salu Mareko Betty Rouna Joseph, born 3. 2.1957 Mother Aleon Joseph Rennie Bageri (Magala), born 6. 5.1956 Guardian Ellen Misi, aunt Gertie Paiwan, born 11. 4.1956 Mother Masalgi Paiwan Tom Jack Neliman, born 16.11.1957 Parent Satrick Neliman, seaman Phillip Min, date of birth and age not given Mother Siai Min This entry crossed out Admitted 1963 Jean (Genon) Gagai, born 20. 8.1952 Parent Saisa Paipai Erris Eseli, born 4. 9.1957 Parent Baibai Eseli Maudie Lina Whap, born 25. 6.1957 Parent Kelam Whap Dulcie Kris, born 5.10.1957 Parent Rim Kris John Allan Repu, born 3. 6.1957 Parent Patipat Repu Michael Connie Kris, born 28. 7.1957 Parent Mudulpha Kris Satrick Mooka, born 2.11.1957 Parent David Mooka, seaman Admitted 1964 Obediah Kris, born 1. 2.1953 Parent Levi Kris, storeman, Thursday Island Admitted 1965 Timothy Gizu, born 23. 4.1959 Parent Mekela Gizu, home duties Gypsy Mooka, born 7. 3.1959 Parent Susie Mooka, home duties Annie Kris, born 17. 2.1959 Parent Siai Kris (Johnny), home duties Maria Gizu, born 2. 4.1959 Parent Dinah Gizu, home duties Elsie Patagam Joe, born 31. 8.1959 Parent Balu Joe, home duties Phillip Ephraim Min, born 18.12.1954 Parent Siai Min, home duties Annie Sepoima Min, born 6. 1.1959 Parent Siai Min, home duties Bessie Billy, born 14. 8.1958 Parent Nancy Billy, home duties Admitted 1966 William Joseph Gesa, born 28.11.1960 Mother Aleon Joseph Franky James Whap, born 6.12.1960 Mother Merian Whap Marie Delmer Hankin, born 22. 3.1960 Parent Jackie Hankin, teacher Meroma Edith Bani, born 28. 4.1960 Parent Kalingo Bani, home duties Biscup Elsie Whap, born 5. 3.1960 Parent Paimele Whap, home duties Geni Margaret Sakawai, born 4. 5.1960 Parent Repu Sakawai, seaman Selnima Mareke, born 3. 8.1960 Parent Salu Mareke, home duties Nellie Mooka, born 14.12.1960 Parent Susy Mooka, home duties Pasea Satrick, born 15. 7.1955 Parent Gertie Satrick, home duties Deiat Hankin, born 3. 9.1959 Parent Lorna Hankin, home duties Ann Rina Warrior, date of birth and age not given Parent Leah Warrior, home duties Amos Andai Joe, born 8.10.1962 Parent Balu Joe, home duties Billy Yellub, born 27. 5.1962 Guardian Gaiba Yellub Cygnet Repu, born 29. 6.1962 Parent Potipat Repu, school teacher Dimple Misi, born 7.10.1961 Guardian Ellen Misi Jimmy Maira Kris jnr, born 15. 2.1961 Guardian Uruba Maira Kris Lewis John Bani, born 18. 5.1962 Guardian Irad Bani Nakau Patrick Bani, born 2. 1.1962 Parent Kolingo Bani, home duties Michael Daniel Gizu, born 5.12.1962 Parent Palisa Gizu, home duties Thomas Bosen, born 6. 8.1962 Parent Albert Bosen, sanitary Alfred Hankin, born 8. 2.1962 Parent Jack Hankin, school teacher William Matthew Hankin, born 8. 2.1962 Parent Jack Hankin, school teacher Gorpie Mandi, born 21.10.1961 Parent Za Nobiza Mandi, home duties Maiama Kris, born 22.11.1961 Parent Siai Kris, home duties Margaret Warria, born 31.10.1960 Parent Leah Warria, home duties Rita Kelsie Whap, born 5. 5.1961 Parent Nekina Whap, home duties Admitted 1967 Jacob Samuel Hankin, born 6.12.1962 Parent Jack Hankin, teacher May Seriat, born 30. 9.1960 Parent Wareba Seriat, home duties Bagai Seriat, born 1.10.1959 Parent Wareba Seriat, home duties Admitted 1968 Robert Evans, born 21.10.1959 Parent K J Evans, teacher Julie Evans, born 23. 5.1961 Parent K J Evans, teacher Leah Bob, born 28. 1.1964 Parent Scotty Bob, B Manager Henry William Min, born 9. 6.1962 Parent William Min, teacher Edward Stanley Sakawai, born 4.10.1963 Parent Repu Sakawai, seaman Granger Smith Mooka, born 14. 5.1964 Parent Susie Mooka, home duties George Walter Bageri, born 11. 6.1964 Parent Philemon Bageri, seaman Paleta Doreen Luffman, born 4.12.1963 Parent Jimmy Tuta Luffman, seaman Matilda Doreen Bani, born 31. 8.1964 Parent Kalinga Bani, home duties Tataka Nekina Whap, born 23. 4.1964 Parent Paimele Whap, home duties Harold Edmund Bani, born 10. 4.1963 Parent Bani Bani, taxi driver Sam William Mairu, born 2. 5.1955 Parent Ethel Mareko, home duties Gaberial Misi, born 16.12.1964 Guardian Ellen Misi, home duties Ruth Kelam Whap, born 4.12.1964 Parent Merian Whap, home duties Admitted 1970 Lydia Jawai, born 1. 1.1965 Parent Dorothy Jawai, home duties Elthias Jawai, born 14. 8.1966 Parent Dorothy Jawai, home duties Freddy Kenya Joe, born 18. 4.1966 Parent Balu Joe, home duties Iona John Mooka, born 29.11.1965 Parent Kitty Mooka, home duties Scotty Freeman, born 10.12.1966 Parent G Freeman Torrenga Freddy Gizu, born 22.11.1966 Parent Palisa Gizu, home duties Kriz Abigail Joseph, born 11.10.1966 Parent Aleon Joseph, home duties Moira Bosen, born 27.12.1960 Parent Urima Bosen, home duties Maryann Jawai, born 11.10.1963 Parent Waiaka Jawai, priest Miriam Au, born 4. 5.1967 Parent May Au, home duties Tina Simpson, born 7. 6.1961 Parent Buddy Simpson, linguist Allan Edmund Bani, born 17.12.1966 Parent Kalingo Bani, home duties Mesepa Misi, born 1. 3.1967 Parent Kawi Gaulai, home duties Admitted 1971 Terrence Whap, born 14.12.1967 Parent Nekina Whap, home duties Anita Lowah, born 2.11.1961 Parent Kamu Lowah, home duties Mark Freeman, born 25.11.1967 Parent G C Freeman, Government Teacher Colin Bani, born 31. 5.1967 Parent Fr M Bani, priest, Badu Island Aiaga Frank, born 17. 5.1958 Parent Gabai Frank, pensioner, Thursday Island Patti Misi, born 18.11.1959 Guardian Dadu Misi, home duties, Thursday Island Atalia Frank, born 3.11.1963 Parent Gabai Frank, pensioner, Thursday Island Admitted 1972 Ngailu Bani jnr, born 12. 4.1961 Parent Ngailu Bani snr, teacher Mavis Bisicup Bani, born 27.11.1965 Parent Ngailu Bani snr, teacher New Book commenced here. The entries following have been crossed out. Admitted 1973 Alice Tabuai Mary Jawai Parent Fr Jawai, priest Trima Adiba Wesely Jawai, born 1. 3.1965 Parent Wanakia Jawai, priest