Mitchell Aboriginal School 1932 - 1938

Education Department Mitchell Aboriginal School Files 8. 8.1932 - 2. 2.1938 EDU/Z 1787 Q.S.A. Two pages dated 15. 5.1934 contain a list of coloured children either attending, or who will be able to attend in future, the State School at Mitchell. (a) List of coloured children attending Mitchell State School. Name Sex Age ( Winnie Jones F 12.08 Lottie Mailman F 12.10 Merlin Mailman F 10.09 Roy Mailman M 8.09 Joyce Mailman F 6.06 William Saunders M 12.09 Edward Saunders M 9.07 Arthur Gyemore M 12.10 Kathleen Gyemore F 11.09 Dorothy Gyemore F 9.06 Thomas Jackson M 11.08 Mary Jackson F 7.08 Thomas Smith M 11.04 Jean Smith F 9.04 Hazel Smith F 6.06 Elsie Collins F 10.01 Ronnie Collins M 8.07 Annie Smith F 11.07 Edward Smith M 10.07 Edna Smith F 12.09 Wilfred Smith M 8.08 George Turner M 12.01 John Kearns M 12.10 Kathleen Kearns F 11.11 Annie Kearns F 9.02 Frank Young M 10.08 Jack Young M 7.03 George Foster M 9.08 Norman Foster M 8.01 Gordon Gadd M 8.11 (b) List of coloured families with children not yet of school age. Name Children not of school age Male Female Lawton 1 3 Swan 1 1 Jim Jackson 3 0 Lynch 1 0 Pitt 3 0 Frank Saunders 0 1 (c) Miscellaneous other correspondence as below. 6. 3.1935 Letter from Mrs. Tom Smith. She is a half-caste and has four children. Husband is a returned soldier. She and her husband vote. 6. 3.1935 Letter from Mrs. G. Mailman of Louisa St., Mitchell She is a half-caste and has seven children. One has turned fourteen years and left. Husband is a labourer. Both vote, 17.11.1934 Letter from Dept. of Public Instruction, Brisbane Re: Mrs. Mailman She has four children attending the State School at Mitchell, namelt Lottie 12y 6m Merlin (girl) 11y 3m Roy 9y 3m Joyce 7y Re: Mrs. Collins She has three children attending the State School at Mitchell, namely Elsie 10y 7m Ronnie 9y 1m Maisie 6y 1m 29.10.1934 Letter from Mrs. E. Mailman Her parents are Australian half-castes. Her father is dead. Her husband is a half-caste, his father white and mother half-caste. The D.P.I. adds these comments. Mother is half-caste and father is a quarter caste. Children are 5/8 white and 3/8 black. Comments are also added for Mrs. Collins. Father is half-caste and mother is 3/4 parts white. Children are 5/8 white and 3/8 black. 29.10.1934 Letter from Mrs. Gilbert Mailman She has six sisters, five being married to white men and the other is single. Has brothers, all of whom are married to white women. Two of her husband's brothers fought in World War 1. One sister lives in Brisbane.