Kuranda Tribe Removal 1915

Extract from Queensland Aboriginal Notes Volume 57 dated 1994. Letter from the Office of the Protector of Aboriginals dated 2.10.1915 about the removal of the Kuranda Tribe of Aboriginals to Mona Mona. I dont know where the copy came from. Name Sex Age Mary Ann F 35 yrs Barney M 30 yrs Jackey M 50 yrs Willie Hobler M 19 yrs Larry M 17 yrs Charlie King M 32 yrs Harry M 12 yrs Biddy F 20 yrs Dinah F 7 yrs Starlight M 18 yrs Jimmy Barson M 60 yrs Tambo M 65 yrs Harry M 50 yrs Mickey M 55 yrs Billy M 65 yrs Billy Hobler M 65 yrs Mary Hobler F 40 yrs Jimmy Hobler M 45 yrs Jimmy M 50 yrs Charlie M 50 yrs Nellie F 50 yrs Polly F 55 yrs Biddy F 40 yrs Jinny F 60 yrs Maudie F 35 yrs Maggie F 28 yrs Molley F 22 yrs Minnie F 30 yrs Georgie M 33 yrs Tommy Vievers M 36 yrs Tommy Hobson M 38 yrs Tommy Gray M 30 yrs Tommy Newbury M 34 yrs Paddy M 22 yrs Jimmy M 30 yrs Linda F 9 yrs Maggie F 9 yrs Bertie M 3 yrs Peter M 12 yrs Peter M 11 yrs Paddy M 6 yrs Eric M 4 yrs Gilbert M 2 yrs Alice F 3 yrs Dennie M 1 yr Elsie F 2 yrs Minnie F 11 or 19 yrs Kitty F 19 yrs Davey M 20 yrs Willie M 10 yrs Lilly F 17 yrs Molley F 60 yrs Maggie F 60 yrs Kitty F 60 yrs Bobby M 55 yrs Nellie F 50 yrs Minnie F 60 yrs Rosie F 20 yrs Meddie F 14 yrs Leia F 16 yrs Maggie F 10 yrs (44 crossed out) Annie F 40 yrs Buttercup F 35 yrs Cecil M 5 yrs This document is included in Appendix IV of Mark Copland's Ph D thesis entitled Calculating Lives: the numbers and narratives of forced removals in Queensland 1859 - 1972 where it is referenced as A/69429 Queensland State Archives. In the thesis the names have been removed for some reason. The thesis also contains a number of references marked name changed to protect identity. The thesis is available to download at http://www4.gu.edu.au:8080/adt-root/public/adt-QGU20060720.105408/.