Almaden Police Letterbooks 1926 - 1936

Police Station, Almaden Letterbooks 9.11.1926 - 1929 A/35005 Queensland State Archives Jan 1935 - Jun 1936 A/35006 Queensland State Archives Extracts 14. 2.1927 To P of A Chillagoe Aboriginal boys at Bamford Toby Banjo Alex Tommy Tommy Aboriginal gins at Bamford Maggie Dinah Kitty Biddy Mary Minnie All above are very old. 11. 7.1927 To P of A Chillagoe Willie Maher 15. 7.1927 To P of A Chillagoe Five Aborigines at Almaden Tommy Templeton and Maggie Tommy Robinson and Nellie Topsy, wife of Vulcan 16.12.1927 To P of A Chillagoe Toby died on 14.12.1927 at the Black's Camp. Very old. 3. 2.1929 To I.O.P. Cairns Barlow and two gins. Prostitutes. 8. 3.1929 To I.O.P. Cairns King Micky passing through on way to Cairns 17. 7.1929 To I.O.P. Cairns Jacky Mundugan. Also mentions Micky at Bamford Native Camp Harry at Bamford Native Camp Tommy Banker at Almaden 7.12.1929 To I.O.P. Cairns Long Harry to Chillagoe Hospital. 18. 1.1936 Almaden Re: Aboriginal girl Elsie. Her mother is at Yarrabah. Elsie lives with an aboriginal boy Oscar Charles on Gingerella Station. 18. 1.1936 Almaden Re: Aboriginal woman Larkin, L-75 She died at Petford about 8 months ago. About 16 months prior to her death she lived at the camp at Petford with three other aboriginals namely Clara, Kitty and Banker. They are still there. 2. 2.1936 Almaden Re: Statement of Alby Thomas. Alby Thomas is aged 36 years. Has a wife and five children. 4. 2.1936 Almaden Re: Aboriginal girl Elsie. Her mother is Vera or Minnie Wilson at Yarrabah. 13. 3.1936 Almaden to Chillagoe Protector Mentions Edward Parker, half-caste Willie Thomas Rosie, gin Larakin, died in 1935. Edward Parker came from Croyden and has Exemption. Oak Park (Charlie Lucy) and gin want to stay at Tate.