Burketown Police Letterbook 1906 - 1911

Police Station, Burketown Letterbook 1906 - 1911 QS 485/1 Queensland State Archives 21. 2.1907 (07/417) Relief supplied to 9 Aborigines 27. 7.1906 (248/06) Gin Topsy left Burketown with W H Alpin before Policeman Coles took charge at Burketown 1. 8.1906 (254/06) Gin Kitty Macintosh still in camp. 1. 8.1906 (255/06) Re Lalley's H/C - Sydney alias Percy. This gin is a H/C child that Mrs ?Lock has applied to adopt and was taken to Camooweal. CPA says child should be sent to a Mission. 28. 8.1906 (276/06) Circular from Home Dept 18. 6.1906 about Aborigines in receipt of relief. Only 9 receive relief at Burketown, namely Aligator, 64 years Kitty, 66 years Rosey, 70 years Kitty No 2, 57 years Maggie, 60 years Biddy, 36 years Billy, 47 years Mary, 66 years Mary No 2, 58 years Receiving rations since May 1904. Five other old and feeble Aborigines in the district in need of relief. 18. 9.1906 (293/06) Sam has returned to Burketown and is in the employ of Thomas Smith who is camped at Woods Lake near Burketown. Commodore has not yet arrived but may return any day with Neil McKay. 18. 9.1906 (294/06) Two H/C children have returned and are living in the camp near Burketown. No Police available to escort them to Mapoon this month. 24. 9.1906 (299/06) Toby arrested for breaking and entering and sentenced to 6 months hard labour in Normanton Gaol. 1.10.1906 (303/06) Death of a H/C Chinese child aged 2 months, named Yum Choy (Gum Choy) on 25. 9.1906. Father is a Chinaman named Ah Man and the mother an Aboriginal gin named Lucy. They appear legally married. Death was at Woods Lake and child died of pneumonia. 18.11.1906 (338/06) Sepoy Downs Aborigines. Navy and Dick belong to Sepoy Downs Barney to Point Parker Munday to Lawn Hill Also mentions Lena 28.11.1906 (341/06) Supply of liquor to Aborigines by Chinaman Jimmy (Jemy) Ah Sue at Woods Lake. Mentions Minnie, camped at Woods Lake 4. 1.1907 (4/07) Tracker Noble ill. Noble died. 17. 1.1907 (18/07) Tracker Charley, aged 23 years, a native of Laura, to replace deceased Noble. 21. 3.1907 (50/07) Damaged letter to do with Kitty Macintosh. 25. 3.1907 (53/07) About Blacks being removed from Burketown and supply of blankets to them. 58 Blacks consisting of 25 gins, 20 boys and 13 children. One gin was sick and taken back to the Burketown Camp. 1. 4.1907 (60/07) Savings Bank books for Le-- and Sophie sent to Normanton. 11. 4.1907 (66/07) Charlie came to Police Station looking for work. Employed as Tracker. Was afraid to go back to the Station where he originally worked as he was scared of the Blacks there, and did not belong to their country. He could not speak the language of the Leichhardt Blacks. 30. 4.1907 (82/07) Tracker Charlie wants to leave. 3. 5.1907 (83/07) Aboriginal wages received at Burketown. Flora Lena Eva 6. 5.1907 (84/07) Strange has been returned to Burketown and about to leave with Mr Carlow when the bond will be again renewed. 6. 5.1907 (85/07) Commodore has been returned to Blue Mud Bay. 6. 5.1907 (86/07) I beg to report that the Aboriginal Burgular as far as I can ascertain has not been returned but I understand from Oswald Skuthorpe that Burgular belongs to the Bowen District and was taken to South Australia and left in the Northern Territory when a young boy and was travelling in with Skuthorpe in hopes of again reaching his own country in Bowen District. 6. 5.1907 (87/07) Jock returned to Burketown but has now gone to the Cloncurry District with Griffith. 6. 5.1907 (88/07) The following Aborigines have returned to South Australia, passing through Burketown with Alick McKay. Jimmy Tommy Jacky Batty They went to Floraville where the cattle were handed over to a drover named Huddy. 15. 5.1907 (101/07) Mentions half-castes William McIntyre and John Downs who belong to the Burketown District. May now be in the Cloncurry District. 20. 5.1907 (105/07) Tracker Charlie gone and headed for Kamilaroi Station. 21. 5.1907 (107/07) Tracker Silver to replace Charlie. Silver is 26 years old and a native of Westmoreland. 3. 6.1907 (116/07) Jumbo charged with stealing at Burketown. entenced to 3 months hard labour at Normanton Gaol. Agreement with J Reilly to be cancelled. 24. 6.1907 (128/07) H/C James McGregor died in the Black's Camp at Augustus Downs Station on 11. 6.1907. Buried at the Station. 26. 6.1907 (132/07) Tracker Silver ill. 13. 7.1907 (138/07) Wages for Flora Lena Eva 28. 7.1907 (150/7) Patrol through Floraville, Augustus Downs, Lorraine and Armaranald Stations. Mentions Tommy and Dave at Augustus Downs Station. 12. 8.1907 (159/07) Antecedents of Tommy who is charged with murder. 1896 6 months hard labour Normanton Gaol 1897 6 months hard labour Normanton Gaol 1899 14 days, drunk 1904 6 months 20. 9.1907 (179/07) Removal of George, Tiger and Toby from Lawn Hill Station to Yarrabah Mission Station. 3.11.1907 (203/07) More about removal of George, Tiger and Toby. The three were restrained by chains and handcuffs. 22.11.1907 (217/07) More about removal of Aborigines from Burketown to Yarrabah Mission Station. . 8.1911 (134/11) Neglected children from Lawn Hill Stn. Mentions Kitty, who had a contagious disease. She had 3 children. Kitty died and children brought to Burketown. H/C girl about 7 years old F/B boy aged about 5 years F/B boy aged about 3 years Children to go to an Industrial School.