Charleston Police Letterbook1898 - 1900

Police Station, Charleston Letterbook 1898 - 1900 QS 486/1 Queensland State Archives 16. 1.1899 No female half-castes in this district living in the Black's camps. (Reference 9/99) 20. 4.1899 Native names of Aboriginals around Charleston. Only one tribe here. Male names are (30 males) Gungeon Monya Monya Luruna Lindu Waghara (Waqhara) Lucu--ya Waghara (Waqhara) Waghara (Waqhara) Waghara (Waghara) Munya Lindue Waghara (Waqhara) Mango Lindue Minya Goodaree Waghara (Waqhara) Nucumya Munya Luinya Manyae Lumaya Nucumya Eulo Lacumya Female names are (22 females) Linya Linzu Linya Wangara Manyo Nucumya Lindud Riula Waghura (Waqhura) Lumya Lindue Lunya Wagara (Waqara) Lucumya Minyae Rucumya Lyinya Waghara (Waqhara) Lindue Lumuna Gumande Lindue There are also six little boys and three little girls. Boundaries of this tribe are Newcastle Range on the north east and Gilbert River on the south west. They go north as far as Georgetown and occasionally south as far as Percyville. Their condition is fairly good. A great number died in 1898 supposedly from venereal disease. All seem in good health just now. They get a fair amount of food from white people. (Reference 25/99) 18. 5.1899 Secretly is name of Cole's black boy. Also mentions a Police Tracker. (Reference 41/99) 19. 5.1899 The Blacks of this district go under the name of the Etheridge tribe. They are one and the same as those of Georgetown, Cumberland, Mt Macdonald and Percyville. Blankets distributed to 36 male adults, 24 female adults and 6 children aged 2 to 8 years. (Reference 42/99) 16. 5.1900 Tracker Billy brought a gin named Maggie to the Station. Billy says she belonged to him previously and wants to keep her. (Reference 4/1900) 13. 6.1900 Search for gin Polly who is supposed to have leprosy. Is in district but cant be found by Tracker Billy. Has child with her. (Reference 7/1900) 11. 7.1900 Patrol to find gin Polly who is supposed to have leprosy. Could not be found. On trip the Copperfield Blacks were rounded up and moved to downstream of the miner's camp. A black boy named Harry was questioned and stated he was recently released from Georgetown by Dr Hawthorn and is not a leper. (Reference 15/1900) 24. 8.1900 Leprous gin Polly escaped from the Stockade at this Station on August 23. She had been chained up. (Reference 21/1900) 26. 8.1900 Leprous gin Polly captured August 25 and taken back to Charleston. (Reference 22/1900) 6.10.1900 Doctor from Georgetown will examine Polly.