Childers Police Letterbook 1912 - 1938

Police Station, Childers Letterbooks 27. 3.1912 - 24. 1.1913 QS 463/1 (1) Queensland State Archives 24. 1.1913 - 1.11.1913 QS 463/1 (2) Queensland State Archives 11. 2.1921 - 31. 3.1923 QS 463/1 (3) Queensland State Archives 5. 4.1923 - 8. 4.1925 QS 463/1 (4) Queensland State Archives 24.10.1929 - 20. 8.1930 QS 463/1 (5) Queensland State Archives 9.11.1938 - 15.12.1939 QS 463/1 (6) Queensland State Archives Extracts 27. 3.1912 - 24. 1.1913 QS 463/1 (1) Too delicate to issue. 1. 2.1913 Relative to a breach of the Licensing Act. Mentions Woppi, half-caste and John Deshong, coloured 16. 4.1921 Relative to interviewing Woppi. Woppi is a coloured man. Thinks he can identify items sold to a man named Hopton in 1919. 24. 4.1921 Relative to service of summons on Woppi, a half-caste Aboriginal living at Woodgate. Wanted as a witness. His wife, Mrs Woppi, stated her husband currently resided with a Chinaman named Chew Yong of North Bundaberg and stated she doesnt know when he will return. 6.10.1921 Relative to agreement between Mr A H Anderson and Rosie, half-caste Aboriginal. 2. 1.1922 Annual report for the Aboriginal Department. Only three half-caste Aboriginals in this sub-district. These are Woppi and his wife, residing at Woodgate Rosie, under Agreement to Mr Anderson 29.11.1922 Relative to a coloured man named William Mitchell wanting possession of his two illegitimate children. William Mitchell resides at Wallavilla Goondoon Mount Perry Line. The two children are in the possession of Mrs Deshong of Childers. William Mitchell and Louisa Blackman, the mother of the children, lived together as man and wife for several years. They parted three years ago because of William's drunken and cruel habits. Louisa looked after the children and made a home with her mother Mrs Deshong at Childers. William left the district. Mrs Deshong had to support the mother and children. The children are named Alma Mitchell, aged 11 years Clarence Mitchell, aged 8 years William Mitchell states his father was a white man and his mother was a half-caste Aboriginal. Louisa Blackman states her father was an American black and her mother was a half-caste Aboriginal. Police think that the children should stay where they are. 5. 1.1923 Annual report for the Aboriginal Department. Only three half-caste Aboriginals in this sub-district. These are Woppi and his wife, residing at Woodgate Rosie, under Agreement to Mr Anderson 22. 6.1923 Relative to a H/C Aboriginal girl named Rosie, aged 18 years and under Agreement to Mr A H Andersen of Childers. Rosie is said to be uncontrollable and threatens Mrs Andersen. Should be sent to a Settlement. 12. 2.1924 Emily Blackman, H/C Kanaka, single, aged 32 years, gave birth to a female illegitimate child at her mother's residence at Doolbi Road, Childers on 5. 2.1924. Child's name is Doris Jean Blackman. Father is Joseph Thomas Le-Blowitz, residing at Marule near Booyal. Emily and Joseph have been living together for the past 12 months and intend to keep doing so. 30. 6.1924 Return of Aboriginals in the district Full bloods 1 Half-caste 1 11. 9.1924 Interviewing Tommy Jaro (otherwise Tommy Costello), concerning the infant of Dolly Saunders of Taroom Settlement, and also in connection with his Exemption Certificate. Tommy Jaro has no knowledge of being issued an Exemption Certificate. He remembers getting a form about 4 years ago but thinks he left it with the Military Authorities at Victoria Barracks. He has no certificate now in his possession. Tommy Jaro denies knowing Dolly Saunders and only went to the Settlement to see the boys. 31.12.1924 Annual Report of Aboriginals in district Full bloods 1 Half-caste 2 19. 1.1925 Relative to Aboriginal Cobbo Williams wanting to visit Woonai, an Aboriginal at Woodgate. Woonai is a half-caste. They are good friends. 30.12.1929 Annual Report of Aborigines in district. Numbers are Full bloods 1 male and 2 female adults, 1 male child and 1 female child Half-castes 3 adult male 27. 5.1930 May Aust (nee Blackman) gave birth to an illegitimate female child on 14. 5.1930 at Apple Tree Creek, about 4 1/2 miles from Childers. May is living apart from her husband. May has been living with Peter Appoo for the past 18 months and he is the father of the child. She still intends to live with him. May's mother is Jessie Blackman and Jessie was present at the birth. May is a half-caste aged 31 years and was married to a man named Frank Aust about 10 years ago. She has been living apart from him for the last 7 years. Childs name is Evelyn May Appoo. 16. 6.1930 Chief Protector enquires after Miss May Blackman. May Blackman is a half-caste Aboriginal whose parents are Alf Blackman (deceased) and Jessie Blackman, both of whom are half-castes. May resides with a Singalese named Peter Appoo. May's mother also resides in the same house. May was legally married to a man named Frank Aust about 10 years ago but has been separated from him for the past 7 years. 23. 6.1930 Further about May Aust (nee Blackman). Jessie Blackman, mother of May Aust, resides with May Aust and Peter Appoo at Apple Tree Creek in the same house. Jessie Blackman is 62 years old and get a pension. She is a widow. May Aust (Blackman) and Peter Appoo have been living together fot the past 12 months at Wallaville and Apple Tree Creek. They had a female child born 14. 5.1930. Peter is the father. May wants a divorce from her husband who is an Australian. In the opinion of the Police at Childers May and Jessie should not be regarded as half-caste Aborigines (as described in the Act) as they have never associated with Aboriginals. Thus Peter Appoo is not committing an offence (under the Act) by living with May. 26. 6.1930 Further about May Aust (nee Blackman). May Blackman married Francis Joseph Aust on 20. 9.1922 in the Christ Church of England at Tweed Heads. Francis Aust is a native of England, being born in Reading. He now resides at Cooloongatta. Frank and May came to Childers in 1923 and lived there with May's mother, namely Jessie Blackman. Francis left in 1925 and has never returned. May and Francis had a son who was born in April 1923 and named Dudley Francis Aust. In July 1925 they had a daughter named Olive Jessie Aust. Then follows details, as above, about May and Peter Appoo living together. Peter Appoo is 29 years old and was born at Doolbi near Childers. 19. 7.1930 May Aust was born in the Childers district. 31.12.1938 Annual Report on Aborigines in district The only Aborigines in the district are Woppi, aged 62 yrs Susy, aged 70 yrs, his gin They reside at Woodgate, about 30 miles from Childers 16. 1.1939 Further information about Aborigines in district wanted by Chief Protector Alf Woppi Susy Woppi Both are half-castes and reside at Woodgate about 25 miles from Childers. Both are over 60 years and no children have ever been born to them. 24. 5.1939 Removal Order issued for Mrs Madge Warnes and her four children who are now at Apple Tree Creek. Removal to Cherbourg. 26. 5.1939 Madge Warnes of Apple Tree Creek via Childers, applies for monetary assistance from the State Childrens Department for her four children, who are Ruth Warnes, born 15.10.1934 Charles Warnes, born 14. 5.1935 Norman Warnes, born 11. 6.1937 Keith Warnes, born 10.10.1938 Madge has only been at Apple Tree Creek for a few weeks. She used to reside at Urangan. She is currently living with a family named Richards. She is a half-caste. Her husband is dead. She and the children are under a Removal Order to Cherbourg. 31. 5.1939 Madge Warnes and family have returned to Pialba. 21. 8.1939 Masie Gala, single girl aged 22 years of Childers, gave birth to a female illegitimate child at the Isis District Hospital, Childers on 1. 8.1939. Masie currently living with her sister, Mrs W Rainbow, of South Isis via Childers. Father of the child is Stanley Brown, single man. Childs name is Eileen Margaret Gala. Masie has been holidaying for a few months and will return to Cherbourg. 4. 9.1939 Masie (Maisie) Gala has gone to Cherbourg.