Chillagoe Police Letterbooks 1951

Police Station, Chillagoe Letterbook 1. 1.1951 - 4. 9.1951 QS 467/1 Queensland State Archives 30. 8.1951 New fingerprint samples and/or identification cards for Dick Southedge D-183 Brickey B-142 Nancy Brickey N-80 Willie Collins W-97 Robbie Highbury R-291 Silver S-91 8. 6.1951 Norman Mitchell N-79 not in Chillagoe Protectorate. Was employed at Nychum Stn, Chillagoe last year. Left to go to Mossman and left there. Was in Mareeba early this year. He frequents Mt Molloy and Einasleigh areas. 26. 5.1951 Mother of Daisy Thomas is a full blooded Aborigine who is not exempt. Daisy's father is an unknown white man. Daisy is 26 years old, not exempt and not entitled to Maternity Allowance. 26. 5.1951 Refers to Wilbur W-41 who is a native of Cooktown. 25. 5.1951 Wilbur W-41 works at the Mungana Hotel. 16. 5.1951 George Henry Ahlers, late of Maytown died 24. 3.1951 Aborigine Caesar Lee Chiu believed to be in his employ. 7. 5.1951 Chillagoe Police Tracker Davey Grogan D-90 in Mareeba Hospital. 7. 5.1951 Daisy Thomas is a half-caste Aborigine resident at Crystalbrook Stn. She is not exempt. Daisy had an illegitimate child named Eddie George Thomas. Father is Phillip Wallace P-390 who was also working at Crystalbrook Stn. Daisy has another child. 1. 5.1951 Norman Mitchell N-79 enquired for by the Cairns Hospital Board. Was in Mareeba Christmas 1950. Periodically visits Mt Molloy. 1. 5.1951 Jum Ned not in Chillagoe Protectorate. Was at Strathleven Chillagoe but he and Harry Ned left early this year. Jum Ned is at Strathgordon in the Coen Protectorate near the Edward River Mission. Harry Ned is said to be at the Edward River Mission. Identity cards needed for Doreen Brickey and Robbie Highbury. Protector will try and get them to marry if they are agreeable. Parents of Doreen Brickey are Brickey and Nancy Brickey. They are at Torwood Stn. Brickey must be 70 years old. 16. 4.1951 Ethel Cameron E-270 to be employed at Nychum Stn 8. .1951 Doreen Brickey has a child William Brickey. Rob Callaghan R-165, recently arrived at Wrotham Park Stn from Drumduff Stn, denies he is the father. Rob Callaghan is married to Lorna Callaghan. Father is Robbie Highbury who has a brother named Callaghan Wilson. 12. 4.1951 Maudie M-319 is identical with Maudie Byrne who is applying for an Old Age Pension. 1. 4.1951 Ethel Cameron on Agreement at Nychum Stn, 45 miles from Chillagoe. 21. 3.1951 Friday F-111 and wife Judy giving trouble in the Mitchell area. To be removed to Palm Island. Judy said to have TB. Judy may have a baby with her. Undated handwritten note gives the following information Ulay at Drumduff, one child named Dawn aged about 8 years with her. Winnie dead William, Strathgordon, 23 years Judy, with Friday F-111, no kids Jacky, Wrotham Park May's daughter Winnie from Coleman. Winnie, the mother at Drumduff living with a boy named Jim Posey. Coleman River. 14. 3.1951 Identification card for Lilly Wilson 19. 2.1951 Following family will reside at Chillagoe Nancy Johnson N-362, mother Jerry Johnson, born 1940 Evelyn Johnson, born 1946 Tommy Johnson, born 1949 Jack Johnson, born 1940 Nancy's husband was Johnson who died about 25. 5.1950. Family were residing on the Palmer River. 13. 2.1951 Nancy Johnson and family at Wrotham Park Stn. Johnson had two wives (1) Nancy Johnson. They had 4 children namely Daphne Johnson Jerry Johnson Evelyn Johnson Tom Johnson (2) May Johnson. They had 2 children namely Jack Johnson Dawn Johnson Is May identical with Minnie who is the mother of Jacky. Did she predecease Johnson. Handwritten note states Jacky here with Nancy. Dawn (boy) at Drumduff with Ulap. Minnie, William, Judy. Friday stole Judy. William at Strathgordon Stn. 16. 3.1951 Stanley Callaghan S-93 to be employed at Wrotham Park Stn. 5. 3.1951 Exemptions to be given to Larkie L-165 and Maudie Byrne to allow them to apply for the Old Age Pension. 15. 3.1951 Statement by Rob Callaghan R-165 about Doreen Brickey's baby. Rob is a full blood married to Laura also a full blood. States he is the father of the baby which was born April 1950. Conceived at Wrotham Park Stn. Baby born in Mareeba. 9. 3.1951 Ethel Ella Cameron gave birth to an illegitimate female child at Mareeba Hospital on 13.12.1950. Father is George Bertram Smith of Chillagoe. Child's name is Rhonda Grace Cameron. 2. 3.1951 Davey Grogan, Chillagoe Tracker wanted by Manager at Rookwood Stn to work at Rookwood Stn. 8. 3.1951 Statement by Davey Grogan, Police Tracker at Chillagoe Lives at Chillagoe. Married to Jessie Grogan. They have a child named Jessica Grogan. Wants to stay at Police Station as Tracker. 3. 3.1951 Stanley Callaghan S-93 employed at Wrotham Park Stn. 2. 1.1951 Letter from Mitchell River Mission about Friday. 2. 2.1951 Jessica Grogan born 20. 9.1949. Daughter of Jessie Grogan. 5. 2.1951 Rhonda Grace Cameron, daughter of Ethel Cameron E-353, born 13.12.1950. 13. 2.1951 Gladys Kenny G-276 wants Child Endowment for Fred Kenny born 14.10.1950. Gladys is a full blood. 14. 2.1951 Tracker Davey Grogan D-90, with wife and child, employed as Tracker 5. 2.1951. 9. 2.1951 The following are at Nychum Stn Jimmy Lefthand Dick Southedge 9. 2.1951 Warry W-88 is a half-caste residing at Chillagoe. 7. 2.1951 Birth of illegitimate female child to Ethel Ella Cameron E-270. Ethel is a full blood aged 21 years and the daughter of Elsie Cameron of Chillagoe. Her father is Roley Cameron, Police Tracker at Mt Molloy. Father of the child said to be George Bertram Smith, a white man, although he denies it. Child is a half-caste and named Rhonda Grace Cameron. 6. 2.1951 Larkie L-165 resides at Chillagoe 6. 2.1951 Crongy at Mount Mulgrave. 3. 2.1951 Mentions Tennyson Colin Marlene Massey 21.11.1950 Mentions Doreen Brickey Rob Callaghan 1. 2.1951 The following are at Wrotham Park Stn Nancy, mother Daphne, child Evelyn, child Jerry Shepherd, child? Tommy, child Jack, son of deceased sister of Nancy named Minnie who died some place on the Palmer River about 3 years ago. Father of Jack is Johnson, who died June 1950 at Strathleven Stn. Family above were nomadic. Johnson had two wives namely Nancy and Minnie. All lived oon the Palmer River Also mentions Friday F-111 22. 1.1951 Whereabouts of Willie Gibson W-142 unknown. 17. 1.1951 Mentions Lulu Williams previously of Mt Surprise, now deceased. 13. 1.1951 Whereabouts of Willie Gibson W-142. On agreement at Balwarra Stn. Supposed to be back at Chillagoe January 1. 31. 1.1951 Mentions Brickey and Nancy Brickey at Bolwarra Stn. 2.11.1950 Ethel Ella Cameron pronounced 8 months pregnant at Chillagoe Hospital. 12. 1.1951 Correspondence about Ethel Ella Cameron's pregnancy. She is the daughter of Elsie and Roley Cameron. Roley is the Police Tracker at Mt Molloy. Ethel's child is a half-caste born at Mareeba Hospital. Police are sure father of the child is George Bertram Smith, a white man. Statement by Ethel gives her date of birth as 3.10.1929 and she was born at Chillagoe. 12. 1.1951 Crystalbrook Stn. Stanley Highbury Hector Mitchell Daisy Thomas, pregnant Whereabouts of Phillip Wallace Unknown. Norman McTavish at Barwidgi 12. 1.1951 The following are both over 65 years old and are at Nychum Stn Jimmy Lefthand J-255 Dick Southedge D-183 9. 1.1951 Letter from Almaden mentions Willie Maher Davey and Jessie Grogan 6. 1.1951 Wages for Billy Thomas 10. 1.1951 About the following Larkie L-165 Maudie Byrne Both eligible for the Old Age Pension 8. 1.1951 Protector at Cairns able to operate on the following accounts Norman Mitchell N-79 Phillip Wallace P-390 Norman McTavish N-157 Willie Gibson 8. 1.1951 Police Tracker for Chillagoe Davey Grogan D-90, about 25 years old, full blood, married with one child. Wife is Jessie Grogan J-865, a full blood. Child is about 11 months old and named Jessica Grogan. 5. 1.1951 Rob Callaghan, putative child of Doreen Brickey's child is at Drumduff Stn. 6. 1.1951 Mentions Jessie Grogan, wife of Davey Grogan 5. 1.1951 Mentions Brickey Stanley Highbury Rob Callaghan 1. 1.1951 Lulu Williams L-30 deceased. Lulu's mother died in child birth at Devoncourt Stn, Cloncurry. Lulu's father was a native named Peter who was apparently old when Lulu was born and is probably deceased. He resided on Devoncourt Stn. Lulu had no living children.