Cooktown Hospital Patients Admitted and Discharged 1945 - 1953

Cook Hospitals Board, Cooktown Hospital Registers of Patients Admitted and Discharged HOS 13/43 1.12.1945 - 30. 4.1948 HOS 13/44 . 1.1949 - 18. 9.1951 HOS 13/45 19. 9.1951 - 31.12.1953 Extracts Name Notes 1946 Daisy Emma Toby Gordon Edna Robin Gilbert Dolly Lily Gracie Gilbert Gilbert Charlie Gladys Signed Gladie Banjo Ben Peter Jacob Baira Charlie Wallace George Marriott Romeo Veronica Rade Jimmy Charlie Ida Noodgee Also Nudgee Doris Bloomfield Frank Campbell Jack Bloomfield Baby Toby Gordon Charlie Billy Minnie Nandi Elsie Mordaunt ? Morden Daisy Kenny Norman Died 2.12.1946 Charlie Ball Hettie Ralph Harry Billy Stanley 1947 Name Notes Eric Doreen Alma Minnie Katty Sandy Sandy Tiger Lila Bloomfield Absconded 10. 5.1947 Fred King Toby Dandy Adelaide Bloomfield Violet Bloomfield Curly Harrigan Violet Bloomfield Billie Salt To Cairns Wally Sambo To Cairns Lizzie Lizzie Lizzie Lizzie Lizzie Lizzie Bridie King Ruby Thompson Died 19.10.1947 Norman Monday Gilbert Molly Minnie Maternity Lindsay Rachael Lacey Queenie Lindsay Eileen Nandy Queenie Lindsay Rachel Lacey Eva Roberts Maternity Clare Nellie Elsie 1948 Name Notes Johnnie Johnston Eileen Ivy Linda Infant John Warwick Jacky Williams Nina Henry Louisa George Clement Absconded Mitchell Roberts At this stage in the book there is a small section pinned up and labelled maternity. There is only one entry. Kitty 1947 1949 Name Notes Minnie Nandy Robert Roberts Fred Grogan Kitty Woolbur Died 14. 5.1949 Dora Polly Gibson Ernest McGreen Ernest McGreen George Bowen Charles O'Burn Charles O'Burn George Rosendale Toby Gordon Henry Bloomfield Lila Bloomfield Harry Johnny Bamboo Friday Lena Elsie Doris Bloomfield Lindsay Percy Major Mullin Darkan Minnie Nandy To Cairns Rex Moses Mitchell Robert Charlotte Walker Refused to stay Tolu Gordon To Cairns 1950 Name Notes Mary Maternity Doris Bloomfield Minnie Maternity Lena Fred Grogan Lena Died 18. 1.1950 Charlie Taylor To Cairns Steven Bloomfield Tolu Gordon Emily Martin James At own risk Percy Major Polly At own risk Mullin Darkan Polly Black At own risk Polly Binnie Mavis Doris Ben At own risk Babe Ben Lizzie Binnie Mitchell Roberts Mrs. Millie Ball Charlie Ball Polly Died 22. 4.1950 Minnie Jacob Dan Charlie Fred Grogan Mullin Darkan Billie David To Cairns Peter O'Burn Worker's compensation Georgina At own risk Leo Rosendale George Bowen Jacko Fred Grogan Stan McIvor Tolu Gordon Dan Charlie Sid McIvor David Deemal Jack McIvor Yoki To Cairns Queenie May Dick Henry Benny Mary Benny May Dick Paddy Wallace Worker's compensation Lyla Bloomfield Louise Bloomfield Adelaide Bloomfield Mary Benn Doris Benn Toby Christy Lizzie Maudie Bloomfield Steven Bloomfield Henry Walker Dolly Ball Jimmy Ball Garry Bob Michael Queenie Harrigan Maternity Margaret Creek Steven Bloomfield Gertie Gibson Gwen Wallace (Humpy) Maternity Doris Ben Died 5.10.1950 Mary Ben Martin James Herbert McGreen Johnny Flinders Henry Bloomfield Carl Cobus Eileen Michael Steven Bloomfield Clive Micky Dripping Hector Michael Lily Christensen Maternity to Cairns Minnie Nandy Doris Bloomfield Maternity Dora Wallace George Dick To Cairns Violet Gordonvale Eileen Michael Mitchell Roberts To Cairns Hilda Laurence Rootsey George Bowen To Cairns Nancy Bowen Maternity Lila Bloomfield Martha Christie Lily Derral William H. Rootsey Eileen Pearson George Bowen Gordon Charlie Michael McGreen Michael May Dick To Cairns Doris Bloomfield To Cairns Martha Christie Topsy Gordon Lily Derral 1951 Name Notes Charlie Taylor Trixie Bloomfield Barty Deemal Jellicoe Lorraine Beard Maternity Michael Beard May Dick Roslyn Dick Mavis Friday Wilma Nandy Annie Bloomfield Toby Christie This is the last entry designated 'Aboriginal' or similar. The following are a selection of assumed Aboriginal entries to the end of HOS 13/44. Name Notes Edward Derrall Freddie Cape Bedford Micky Dripping Danny Dick Doris Bloomfield Mavis Bloomfield Laura Walker Mother Erica Walker Baby Daisy Kenny Minnie Nandy Maternity Ivy Charlie Stanley Charlie Tom Charlie Vera Nandy Wilma Nandy Minnie Nandy Lindsay Nipper Tom Charlie Carl Cobus Gordon Charlie Laura McGreen Margaret Creek Eileen Michael Lizzie Mundy Hector Michael Mary Gordon Barbara Yogi Maternity Minnie Nandy Alice Nandy Ivy Charlie Stanley Charlie Carl Cobus Lily Deeral Maureen Darken Daphne Darken Minnie Nandy Alice Nandy Roy Nandy Tommy Nandy Sandy Nandy Wilma Nandy Queenie Stumpy Lindsay Stumpy Senior Lindsay Stumpy Kitty Friday Allan Friday Terry Friday Mavis Friday No attempt was made to extract information from HOS 13/45.