Croydon Police Letterbooks 1925 - 1964

Police Station, Croydon Letterbooks 30.11.1925 - 23.11.1926 A/45039 Queensland State Archives 9. 8.1928 - 3. 7.1930 A/45040 Queensland State Archives 7. 7.1930 - 15. 7.1932 A/45041 Queensland State Archives 18.12.1933 - 23. 3.1937 A/45042 Queensland State Archives 14. 7.1937 - 7.10.1937 A/45043 Queensland State Archives 30.10.1937 - 30.12.1940 A/45044 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1942 - 31.12.1942 A/45045 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1949 - 28. 9.1950 A/45046 Queensland State Archives 1.10.1950 - 19. 6.1952 A/45047 Queensland State Archives 26. 6.1952 - 23.12.1952 A/45048 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1953 - 18.11.1953 A/45049 Queenaland State Archives 1. 1.1954 - 10.12.1955 A/45050 Queensland State Archives 16. 1.1956 - 8.12.1956 A/45051 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1957 - 1. 1.1959 A/45052 Queensland State Archives 21. 1.1959 - 30.12.1959 A/45053 Queensland State Archives 4. 1.1960 - 28.12.1960 A/45054 Queensland State Archives 12. 1.1961 - 1. 6.1961 A/45055 Queensland State Archives 5. 6.1961 - 18. 5.1964 A/45056 Queensland State Archives Extracts 15. 1.1926 Mentions Diamond 26. 1.1926 Alice A, half-caste Herbert, deceased Aborigine Alice has an illegitimate child 9. 3.1926 Tracker Echo 1. 5.1926 Bemi Ball, H/C 18. 5.1926 Daisy Anderson, H/C, applied for exemption. Has children. Not recommended. 23. 5.1926 Father of Bemi Bell is Charles Dalton Bell. 8. 6.1926 Bemi Bell 28. 7.1926 Tracker Echo and O'mar 3. 8.1926 Removal of following from Normanton to Palm Island. Left Hand Jack Brumby 13. 8.1926 Mentions daughter of H/C Daisy Anderson 16. 8.1926 Mentions Tracker Echo Daisy Anderson's 2 year old daughter. 20. 9.1926 Tracker Echo and his gin Topsy want to leave. Left Hand Charlie of Croydon wants to be tracker. He is 40 years old and a widower with one child. Says he has a gin Lucy at Normanton who he intends to bring to Normanton. 3.10.1926 Mentions Tracker Echo Left Hand Charlie 1.11.1926 Left Hand Charlie left for Normanton to get married. Also mentions Tracker Echo. .10.1928 Mentions Lefthand Charlie .11.1928 Mentions Lefthand Charlie 15.12.1928 Bemi Bell at Ellend Stn, Croydon .12.1928 Mentions Lefthand Charlie . 1.1929 Mentions Lefthand Charlie 22. 2.1929 Mentions Bemi Bell, exempt. 8. 3.1929 Lefthand Charlie on leave. 20. 3.1929 Insane patient Mickey received on remand from Normanton, committed to Goodna. . 3.1929 Mentions Lefthand Charlie 29. 7.1929 Mentions Tracker Charlie, the Gilbert River tracker Jimmy, a Strathmore Aborigine Tracker Lefthand Charlie, the Croydon tracker 16. 7.1929 Conveying Pompey and Weary Willie, under removal order to Palm Island, from Croydon to Forsayth by car. . 8.1929 Mentions Lefthand Charlie 6. 9.1929 Lefthand Charlie to Croydon Hospital 9. 9.1929 Statement by Alice - I am a half-caste, aged 17 years, and pregnant. The father of the child is Dick Smerdon or Dorrie Dorrizzie. 14. 9.1929 Lefthand Charlie back to work. 14. 9.1929 Lefthand Charlie wants to leave. 14. 9.1929 Johnny Anderson died on 12. 9.1929 at Croydon Hospital. Buried by his countrymen on the same day. Age was 45 years. Uncle is Short Charlie. Johnny was only young when his parents died. 4.10.1929 Tracker Sam to replace Lefthand Charlie. Sam is single. 10.10.1929 Removal order Croydon to Palm Island for Short Charlie and Gipsey. Mentions Tracker Sam. 11.10.1929 Tracker Lefthand Charlie discharged. .10.1929 Removal order Croydon to Palm Island for Gipsey and Short Charlie. 22.10.1929 Gipsey and Short Charlie have left Croydon. 4. 1.1930 The following arrived from Normanton under escort and Minister's Order en route to Yarrabah. Maudie Sloper, child 1. 3.1930 Birth of Jessie Dickson, illegitimate child of Alice Dickson aged 21 years, born on 20.11.1929 at Croydon Hospital. Child's father is Richard Smeardon of Croydon. Alice's mother is Dolly, deceased. Alice's father is Sam Sing, a Chinaman. 17. 3.1930 About Alice Dickson's child Jessie Dickson. Richard Smeardon and Derry Dorrizzi say they are not the father. 29. 3.1930 Myrtle, aged 13 years, halfcaste, lives in the Croydon Camp with her mother. 14. 4.1930 Richard Smeardon probably not father of Alice Dickson's child. 30. 6.1930 Norma Beatrice Bing Chew, illegitimate child of Minnie Bing Chew, was born on 29. 4.1930. Minnie was cared for by Annie Ah Sam, H/C, during the confinement. Minnie is the mother of 5 children, the oldest being 18 years. Minnie is a half-caste aged 34 years. Minnie was married to Bing Chew, a Chinaman, some years ago at Normanton. He went back to China and never returned. The child's father is Edward Ah Foo who is a half-caste Chinese Aborigine. 30. 6.1930 Herbert Ah Tie, illegitimate child of Dorothy Ah Tie, was born on 8. 4.1930 at Croydon.Dorothy lives with her parents, Ah Tie, Chinese, and Lucy Ah Tie, half-caste. Dorothy is single and was born in October 1911. The child's father is Arthur Hughes. They will be married later. 31. 7.1930 Birth of Norah, illegitimate child of Maudy, on 25. 6.1930 at Croydon Hospital. Father is supposed to be John O'Brien of Croydon. 2. 8.1930 Wages due to Maudy. 10. 8.1930 Mentions Maudy 24.11.1930 Robbery at the house of Minnie Bing Chew. Minnie is a H/C married to Bing Chew, a Chinaman. Also mentions Peter Bing Chew Charlie, H/C Norman, H/C 1.12.1930 Tracker Sam discharged. Tracker Charlie A to take his place. 4.11.1930 Maitland under removal order to Palm Island. 4.12.1930 Charlie A is a half-caste, native of Croydon, aged 25 years and single. 2. 3.1931 Removal of the following from Croydon to Palm Island Edith Sargent Alice Sargent, child Leslie Sargent, child Vena Sargent, child Edward Sargent, child Maudie Norah, infant Alice Jessie, infant Mitty, aged 10 years 19. 5.1931 The following are on removal order from Normanton to Palm Island Jimmy Foot Friday Peter Thompson committed for trial from Normanton to Cairns. 15. 6.1931 Mentions Peter Thompson 1. 8.1931 The child Friday is returning to Normanton from Cairns. 22. 8.1931 Whereabouts of J G Barry, H/C. Not known in district. 9. 9.1931 Death of Andy North who was killed at Miranda Stn on 5. 8.1931. A dray overturned. 21. 1.1932 Conveyance of Goggle-eye from Croydon to Forsayth. On removal order from Normanton to Palm Island. 8. 3.1932 Birth of an illegitimate child on 13. 2.1932 at Croydon to Ethel Thompson, H/C, aged 21 years and single. Child's name is Roy Thompson. Putative father is Herbert Marshall. 25. 3.1932 Birth of an illegitimate child on 5. 3.1932 at Croydon to Dorothy Gladys Ah Tie, aged 20 1/2 years. Child's name is Mervyn Godfrey Ah Tie. Putative father is Arthur Hughes of Croydon. Arthur is also supposed to be the father of a child of Dorothy born in 1930. Dorothy's mother is Lucy Ah Tie. Dorothy's father is Ah Tie, a Chinaman. 11. 4.1932 Esme Florence Bing Chew is the illegitimate child of Mary Bing Chew, aged 18 1/2 years. Putative father is Edward Hughes. He pays maintenance. Mary's mother is Minnie Bing Chew, a half-caste Aborigine. Mary's father is a Chinaman. 5. 6.1932 Ivy Ah You (also known as Ada Ah You) is pregnant. She is 14 years old and was born on 4. 3.1918 at Normanton. Her mother is Mrs L Ah You. Her mother's brother is John Ah You of Cairns. Ivy's sister is Molly Ah You. A man named Eaton lives with Molly as man and wife. Mrs L Ah You is a half-caste Aborigine. Ivy's father is a Chinaman and lives in China. Eaton is the father of Molly's illegitimate child. Ivy refuses to name the father of her illegitimate child. . 7.1932 Aged Aborigine Paddy is Missing. 6. 3.1934 Mentions Tracker Bungy of Croydon. George II is at Croydon. 16. 3.1934 Mentions Tracker Bungy. Also Gilbert, an old tracker, is married. 13. 5.1934 William Cuffe, a stockman at Mayvale Stn, shot Henry Trimble, Aboriginal, at Coralie Stn on 8. 5.1934. Henry died on 8. 5.1934. 22. 7.1934 Removal order from Croydon to Cairns. Gin Louie and her children William, Leslie, Eric, Gordon and infant Myrtle. Female attendant was Gipsy. 15. 8.1934 Mentions Tracker Bungy. 16. 9.1934 The King versus the following Aborigines Sambo Wild Jimmy Hooligan Jacob Dave McLean All charged with the murder of Alick Brown. 20. 9.1934 Harry Wix is at Summerville Stn. Myrtle, H/C, is at Croydon. Also mentions Frank Diamond Herbert Douglas 16. 9.1934 Rex versus the following Aborigines Sambo Wild Jimmy Hooligan Jacob Dave McLean All charged with the murder of Alick Brown. .12.1934 Moved from Croydon to Forsayth was Fitztom, on trial for murder. Came from Normanton. . 1.1935 First page of report missing. Myrtle's child is dead. It was born on 19. 9.1934 at the Aboriginal Camp, Croydon. Myrtle says the father is F McLelland. 14. 1.1935 Mentions Tracker Bungy. 20. 2.1935 Charlie Kelliher is missing from his employment at Croydon. he is about 70 years old. Also mentions Tracker Bungy and George Booby. Charlie is scared he and all the old Aborigines will be rounded up and sent to Palm Island. 6. 3.1935 Mentions Myrtle's deceased child. 16. 3.1935 Charlie Kelliher is back. 4. 4.1935 Mentions Fitztom. 10. 7.1935 Death of Wallace, H/C, who died on 1. 1.1935 at Esmerelda Stn. His mother is Myrtle. Inquest held. . 7.1935 Mentions George Norman Gilbo All at Miranda Stn. 22. 7.1935 Mentions Lefthand Charlie. 30. 9.1935 Peter is in the Croydon Watchhouse. He was arrested at Normanton on 5. 9.1935. Sent to Croydon for medical examination. 15.10.1935 Death of an old Aborigine Charlie Secombe at Ellendale Stn on 13.10.1935. His wife is Clara and they have 2 children. He was a tracker at the Gilbert River Police Station. 28.11.1935 Daisy Anderson gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 24.10.1935 at Prospect Station. The father is Edward Willcox of Ellendale Stn. Daisy is about 35 years old and has 2 other illegitimate children namely Pearly Anderson, born on 2.11.1923 at Croydon and Norman Anderson aged 10 years. Pearly's birth was registered but Norman's was not. 15. 1.1936 Illegal employment of Norman Gilbo by the Vanrook Pastoral Company. 15. 4.1936 Mentions Tracker Bungy Frank Peter Bing Chew, H/C Chinese Aborigine, exempt. 17. 4.1936 Death of old Aborigine Magaville Tommy on 6. 4.1936 at the Aboriginal Camp, Croydon. Buried on 6. 4.1936 at the Aboriginal Cemetery. 20. 5.1936 Peter Bing Chew was born on Strathmore Stn, Croydon in August 1912. He is a H/C Chinaman. 24. 6.1936 Peter Bing Chew is single. His father is a Chinaman who has returned to China. His mother lives with E Ah Foo in Croydon. He supports her and her 2 young children. 20. 7.1936 Tracker Bungy is on leave. Mentions Frank, to be tracker at Mt Surprise, aged 27-28 years. 2. 8.1936 Mentions Herbert Marshall Mary Bing Chew, H/C Chinese Aborigine 24. 8.1936 Daisy Anderson claims Edward Wilcox is the father of her illegitimate child. 24. 8.1936 At Esmerelda Stn are Billy Morton Mitchell 9.12.1936 Whereabouts of Victor Parker, H/C. Was in Richmond about 3 weeks ago. 20. 7.1937 Order for the removal of Daisy Anderson and child from Prospect Stn to Mona Mona. 2.10.1937 Whereabouts of Frank of Laura. Not in district. 1.10.1937 Birth of an illegitimate female child on 21. 9.1937 at Croydon Hospital. Mother is Edith Daisy Ah Sam. 6. 9.1937 Daisy Anderson and child on way to Mona Mona. 30.10.1937 Edith Daisy Ah Sam of Croydon gave birth to an illegitimate female child on 21. 9.1937 at Croydon Hospital. The child's name is Evelyn Frances Ah Sam. Edith is 19 years old. The father of the child is Charlie A, of Forest Home, Gilbert River. Edith is a Chinese/Aborigine. 24.11.1937 Jubilee is lost in the bush between the Gilbert and Carron Rivers. Also mentions Sandy Connors, H/C Tracker Bungy 31.12.1937 Telephone calls Money for Charlie Coleman Medical examination for Nimble Search for Jubilee 31. 3.1938 Telephone calls Alick deserted from Gilbert River Agreements from Forest Home Stn, Gilbert River for Charlie A, ------, Minnie Lopdell Arrival at Cairns of Sambo and Lizzie Lane Return of Frank Douglas to Croydon 6. 4.1938 Removal of Archie from Croydon to Palm Island Page 13 Also mentions Nancy and Gordon being removed from Normanton to Palm Island 6. 4.1938 Tracker Bungy is getting married to an aged gin he has been living with for some years. Her name is Maryanne. They have 2 children aged 12 years and 7 years. 26. 5.1938 Removal of Archie from Croydon to Palm Island 30. 6.1938 Telephone calls Removal of Archie from Normanton Employment of Frank Douglas at Inourie Stn Mabel at Strathmore Stn 8. 7.1938 Expenses for removal from Normanton to Fantome Island of McGillvary Callaghan, child Native Trooper Peter Ross 30. 9.1938 Telephone calls Admission of Rosie to Croydon Hospital Agreements for Gillies and Sandy at Strathmore Stn Employment of Sam Owens and Topsy at Wallabdan Stn Admission of Polly to Normanton Hospital 29.10.1938 Ivy Alice Dunbar is pregnant 15.11.1938 Ivy Alice Dunbar of Inkerman Stn was born on 4.10.1922 at Croydon. Her father is Dick Dunbar, born at Ivory Police Camp, Maytown and a H/C. Her mother is Molly also known as Molly Morgee, born at True Blue, Croydon and a H/C. Molly and Dick were married on 14.11.1922 at Croydon when Dick was aged 27 years and Molly was aged 19 years. Molly died on 15.10.1931. Dick and Molly had a son named Norman Henry Dunbar born on 11. 1.1925. Ivy was 2 years old at the time. 10.12.1938 Ivy Alice Dunbar, 1/4C, gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 18.11.1938 at Croydon Hospital. She lives at Inkerman Stn, Normanton and is 16 years old. Child's name is Kevin John Dunbar. Child's father is John Simpson although some people say the child resembles L E W Henry of Inkerman Stn. Ivy's father, Dick Dunbar, is at Van Rook Stn. Ivy's mother died at Normanton in 1931. 15.12.1938 Mentions Daniel Murphy, H/C 31.12.1938 Myrtle Douglas, H/C of Inourie Stn, is pregnant. Child's father is Willie Ah Sam. Myrtle's brothers are Herbert Douglas, F/B, and Frank Douglas, H/C. Myrtle's father is Ah Wrightson, a Chinaman who lived at Croydon some years ago. Myrtle's mother is Edie, F/B at Esmerelda Stn. Myrtle had another child born 19. 9.1934 and died 1. 1.1935. Also working at Inourie Stn are 2 H/C Chinese/Aborigines named Willie Ah Sam and Bertie Ah Gum. Also mentioned at Inourie Stn are Albert and Alex. Willie Ah Sam's father is Sammy Ah Sam of Croydon. Willie Ah Sam's mother is Annie Ah Sam, H/C. 31.12.1938 Telephone calls Identification numbers for Sandy Gillies Gilmartin Smiler Blue Bob Return of Polly to Croydon from Normanton Ivy, wife of Blue Bob, sent to Normanton for confinement 1. 4.1939 Topsy, F/B, injured at Inourie Stn. 1. 4.1939 Telephone calls Birth of child by Ivy Dunbar. 12. 5.1939 Myrtle Douglas of Inourie Stn, Croydon, H/C, gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 24. 4.1939 at Croydon Hospital. Myrtle is 22 years old. Child's name is William Francis Douglas. Child's father is Willie Ah Sam of Paramount Stn, Georgetown. Myrtle had another illegitimate child some years ago but it only lived about 6 months. 20. 5.1939 Dan Murphy, H/C 30. 6.1939 Telephone calls Topsy injured at Chadshunt, Gilbert River Approval for rations for Janey 30. 9.1939 Telephone calls Admission of Dulcie to Normanton Hospital. Employment of Ethel at Esmerelda Stn. 7.10.1939 Expenses incurred on the removal to Palm Island of Jerry Tommie Brown Tommy Koongurra Jinny Kitty Rosemarie Jannet Oscar, child 13.11.1939 The following moved from the Croydon District to the Richmond district without approval Jacky Douglas Edmond 20.12.1939 Tracker Bungy 8. 1.1940 Native Policeman George Pryor of Palm Island 10. 1.1940 Expenses in the removal to Palm Island of Edie Colin, child Rene, child 18. 5.1940 Norman Henry, 17 years, at Prospect Stn 28. 5.1940 Norman Henry, H/C, at Prospecy Stn, Croydon 29. 5.1940 Leslie Airey, absconder from Yarrabah 24. 6.1940 Ada Lucas, H/C, looking after Mrs Elizabeth McIntyre. 19. 7.1940 Expenses in the removal of Nimbie to Palm Island 3. 9.1940 Mentions Douglas Frank Douglas Edmond Sam Owens Jimmy Strathmore 19. 9.1940 Mentions Frank Douglas Jimmy Strathmore Sam Owens 25.10.1940 Mentions Sam Owens Jimmy Strathmore Douglas 23.12.1940 Tracker Bungy, wife and child 18. 3.1942 Police Tracker Charlie A of Gilbert River 28. 7.1942 Tracker Bungy 28. 9.1942 Search for Michael, H/C aged 18 years, lost on Claraville Stn, 60 miles south of Croydon. Michael came from Mornington Island. Also mentions Tracker Bungy Georgie 19.11.1942 Lost boy Michael presumed dead. 9.12.1942 Expenses for meals at the Croydon Watchhouse Toby Kilpatrick Gertie Kilpatrick Alban Dennis Corncob 11.12.1942 No trace of Edie Madagan who absconded from Townsville 23.12.1942 Annie Ah Sam, widow aged 42 years, gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 13.11.1942 at Normanton Hospital. Annie was born on Strathmore Station near Croydon and her maiden name was Bing Chew. She is a H/C Chinese and exempt. Annie was married to Ah Sam on 7. 1.1917 at Croydon. Ah Sam died on 24. 5.1941 at Croydon. Annie and Ah Sam had two children named Edie Ah Sam, aged 24 years, and Willie Ah Sam, aged 25 years. Annie's illegitimate child is named Walter Phillip Ah Sam. Walter's father is Obadiah Phillip Lucas aged 31 years. 26. 4.1949 Coach fare from Croydon to Forsayth for Limpy Lily. 21. 6.1949 Croydon Tracker Harry Daphney, aged 28 years Daisy Daphney, his wife Norris Daphney, their child, aged 2 years 22. 6.1949 Lizzie Lane, aged 80 years, died on 22. 6.1949 at the Aboriginal Camp, Croydon. She was a widow. Also mentions Lefthand Charlie and Topsy. 18.10.1949 Tracker Harry Daphney's parents are at Mitchell River Mission. 1. 8.1950 William Daphney, son of Tracker Harry Daphney and his wife Daisy Daphney was born on 24. 7.1950 at Croydon. 15.11.1950 Tracker Harry Daphney wants leave. 21.12.1950 Mentions Jackie Sergeant who used to be a Tracker at Gilbert River. 16. 4.1951 Removal of the following from Croydon to Palm Is Lefthand Charlie Hannah Charlie Dulcie Charlie Gregory Charlie Sydney Charlie Betty Charlie 3. 5.1951 Expenditure in removal of the following from Croydon to Palm Island Charlie Ke------ Lefthand Charlie Hannah Charlie, wife Dulcie Charlie, child Gregory Charlie, child Sydney Charlie, child Betty Charlie, child Native Policeman Lee Corello 31. 5.1951 Tracker Sandy arrived from Normanton 13. 7.1951 Minnie Bing Chew, a widow aged about 65 years died on 11. 7.1951 at Croydon Hospital. She has relatives at Croydon and Cunnamulla. Her parents were Olford and Daisy, both Aborigines. Her husband was Thomas Bing Chew. Her children are Peter Thomas Bing Chew, 38 years Mary Dowling, 37 years Marjorie Edith Diehm, 25 years Norma Beatrice Bing Chew, 21 years 5.12.1951 Norma Beatrice Bing Chew gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 18.10.1951 at the Womens Hospital, Innisfail.Child's name is Wayne Bing Chew. Norma's sister is Mrs E W Diehm of Croydon. 5. 5.1952 Rations for native Tracker and family Harry Daphney Daisy Daphney, wife Norris Daphney, child William Daphney, child 5. 5.1952 Podgy is to be tracker at Croydon. He is aged about 36 years and married with no family. 1. 8.1952 Rations for Tracker and his wife. Podgy Ella, his wife 2. 3.1953 Rations for Tracker and family Podgy Ella, his wife John, their child born 23. 1.1953 at Croydon Hospital 6. 3.1953 Mentions Edwin Wheeler Jackie Douglas Herbert Douglas Ronald Horrace 30. 6.1954 John, the son of Tracker Podgy and Ella, died at Croydon Hospital on 13. 6.1954 3. 9.1954 Gordon Thomasson, manager of Strathmore Stn, and Sloper Mud missing on the Red River 28. 9.1954 Jessie Richie, aged about 40 years, of Prospect Stn via Croydon died on 19. 9.1954 at Croydon Hospital. Had a stillborn child. Husband is Richie. 9.11.1954 Tracker Podgy wants to resign. Mentions Orphias currently in Croydon. Orphias is 22 years old, a F/B and single. 18. 1.1955 Raimus disappeared from Foleyvale Stn, near Duaringa on 5.12.1954 25. 7.1955 Orphias also known as Orpheus Callope Wants to go to Mapoon for a holiday. His father is Arthur Callope at Mapoon. 25. 8.1955 Willie Archie at Little Pine mustering 10. 9.1955 Mentions Evon Douglas, female, aged 7 years Willie Archie 29.10.1955 Transport of Shirley Toby from Esmerelda Stn to Croydon. 5.12.1955 Peter Bing Chew, late of Strathmore Stn, Gilbert River 13. 3.1956 Peter Bing Chew of Croydon .12.1955 Rations for Tracker Orphias O-44 25. 4.1956 Replacement Tracker for Johnny A Cooper J-398 at Gilbert River who died suddenly on 19. 4.1956. Possibility is Tomy Heineman at Mapoon. Details are Name Tommy Heineman, 35 yrs old Wife Eileen Heineman, 29 yrs old Children None Married About 1943 Worked Croydon area 7 years . 4.1956 Rations for Tracker Sandy and his gin Mary Alex over night at Croydon. rations for Tracker Orphias Callope. 24. 4.1956 Tracker Sandy S-129 and his gin Mary Alex M-276 on transfer from Normanton to Kidston. 16.10.1956 Norma Beatrice Bing Chew is about 25 years old and was born in Croydon. Lived here all her life. Marjory Ellen Diehm is about 30 years old and married to E W Diehm. They have three children. 3.11.1956 The maiden name of Marjory Ellen Diehm is Marjory Ellen Bing Chew. She is the sister of Norma Beatrice Bing Chew. 16.10.1956 James Charger of Mapoon is a possible Tracker for Croydon. 14.11.1956 Single Aboriginal girl named Mary Sergeant, employed by Mrs A E Fawkes of the Police Residence, Croydon is pregnant. Mary is about 17 years old. Mary's mother is Kathleen Sergeant K-59. Putative father not named but is possibly a single Policeman at Georgetown. 22.11.1956 Further to the above. Mentions Stanley Bynoe who is employed at Strathmore Station, Gilbert River. Also mentions Terry McMahon, Policeman of Georgetown Mervyn Hughes of Croydon Jackie Sergeant, Mary's father Father of Mary's child may be Terry McMahon or Mervyn Hughes or other. 17.12.1956 Mentions Lockett Rogan in association with Mary Sergeant. 8.11.1959 Gladys Dorothy Ah Tie alleges her son named Cedric Arthur Pringle Hughes, aged 6 years, was assaulted by a school teacher at Croydon State School. Gladys has been living with Arthur Herbert Hughes for a number of years and is the mother of 4 illegitimate children. Gladys is a Half-caste Chinese and Aboriginal. 10. 7.1958 Vera Douglas of Croydon claims seven pounds was taken from her case at the Townsville watchhouse. She is employed at Strathmore station. Went to Palm Island with her seven children with the purpose of leaving 4 of them there. Stayed overnight at Townsville watchhouse on the way back. 4. 6.1958 Mentions Dale Owens aged 6 years finding money at Croydon 21. 5.1958 Mother of Dale Owens is Una Owens, exempt. Father of Dale Owens is Herbert Owens, employed at Iffley Station. Grandmother of Dale Owens is Topsy, employed by Mr Reese. Also mentions other children Alfred Pringle Hughes Ray Ecenarro 12. 2.1958 Money found by Aboriginal boy Dale Owens Alfred Pringle Hughes was born on 12. 4.1948. His mother is Dorothy Gladys Ah Tie. 28.10.1957 Leave for Tracker Orphias Callope. 8.11.1957 Dale Owens, son of Una Owens and Herbert Owens found money at Croydon. 5. 1.1957 Iffley I-66 seeking position as Tracker at Croydon. Aged 48 years, married tribally to Limpy Lily L-102, no children under 14 years. 8.12.1959 About Pickering's cattle. Mentions Paddy York, F/B, 39 years old, employed at Claraville Stn, Croydon, born at Weipa Mission. Robert Rose Alex A Herbert 4. 8.1959 Tracker Caesar Rolly 22. 5.1959 Edgar employed by Pickering. 19. 5.1959 Tracker Caesar Rolly 18. 5.1959 Tracker Orphias resigning. Tracker Caesar Rolly to take his place. 18. 2.1959 Trackers Orphias Callope and Tommy Heineman. 1. 5.1960 Tracker Caesar Rolly resuming duty at Croydon 30. 3.1960 Tracker Caesar Rolly needs medical treatment at Cairns 30. 1.1961 Les Sergeant sought by the Superintendent of Palm Island. Last seen at Redlynch camp by Ella Douglas who visited Cairns at that time. Check with Edie Williams who is the mother-in-law of Ella Douglas. 8. 3.1961 Caesar Rolly plans to marry Gladys Logan of Palm Island. Gladys Logan has 3 children in the custody of the Superintendent of Palm Island. Caesar wants them to stay there. 1. 4.1961 Rations for Tracker Caesar Rolly 21. 4.1961 Removal of Alex Sailor F/B from Normanton to Palm Island. Also mentions Jim Stanley. 21. 4.1961 Tracker Caesar Rolly going to Palm Island to marry Gladys Logan. Gladys Logan has 3 children. 1. 6.1961 Rations for Tracker Caesar Rolly 1. 7.1961 Rations for Tracker Caesar Rolly 1.12.1961 Rations for Tracker Caesar Rolly 1.02.1962 Rations for Tracker Caesar Rolly 30.06.1962 Rations for Tracker Caesar Rolly 11. 7.1962 Mary Lou Howard of Croydon died 13. 5.1962 at Cairns Hospital. Daughter is Mrs Ethel Marshall of Croydon. Daughter states her mother was Mary Ann Bungy, and Mary Ann Bungy married Bungy Howard about 30 years ago. She took his Christian name as her surname. 1.10.1962 Rations for Tracker Caesar Rolly 31.10.1962 Tracker Caesar Rolly wants to resign. Tommy Heinemann, aged about 45 years, of Croydon will accept position. Tommy is married to Eileen Heinemann. They have no children under 16 years of age. 30.10.1962 Rations for Tracker Caesar Rolly 16.11.1962 Tracker Caesar Rolly being discharged and Tracker Tommy Heinemann taking over. 30.11.1962 Rations for Tracker Tommy Heineman and his wife Eileen Heineman, and Caesar Rolly 30.11.1962 Clothing for Tommy Heinemann 1.01.1963 Rations for Tracker Tommy Heineman and his wife Eileen Heineman 18. 1.1963 Clothing for Tommy Heinemann 1.02.1963 Rations for Tracker Tommy Heineman and his wife Eileen Heineman 1.10.1963 Rations for Tracker Tommy Heineman and his wife Eileen Heineman 23.10.1963 Annual Leave for Tommy Heinemann 1.12.1963 Rations for Tracker Tommy Heineman and his wife Eileen Heineman 26.11.1963 Request by Jackie Sergeant J-132 to have his son Noel Sergeant, of Palm Island, spend Christmas with him. 11.12.1963 Lockhart Bee 1. 1.1964 Rations for Tracker Tommy Heineman and his wife Eileen Heineman .12.1963 Lockhart Bee 18. 1.1964 Outstanding wages for Bernice Douglas Georgie Charlie 1. 5.1964 Rations for Tracker Tommy Heineman and his wife Eileen Heineman 1. 5.1964 Mentions Lockhart Bee of Normanton