Instruction Papers Received from CPA 1921 - 1934

Crown Solicitor Instruction Papers Received from C.P.A. 1921 - 1934 CRS /X2 Queensland State Archives 1. Aboriginals v Rixon, Wages, 1919 - 1921 Ayr Wages owing to Aboriginal Arthur Mackay Mentions 1919 Henry Brown employed at Home Hill. Henry is old and married to Mary Ann Brown who is also very old. 2. Aboriginals v Landers, Wages, 1921, 1921 Rail fares and expenses for Herbert McKinley Agreement for Herbert McKinley with Coorabulka Stn, Boulia Recognizance for Herbert McKinley to be returned from Maree, South Australia to Birdsville. Herbert came from Barambah. Memorandum of Agreement for Herbert McKinley of Barambah 3. Protector of Aboriginals v Frederick Costello, maintenance of illegitimate child and confinement expenses, 1923 1923 Eugene Joseph Brown born 29. 6.1923 at Cleveland. Mother is Daisy Brown. Birth Certificate states Daisy is 32 years old and born at Southport. Father of child is Fred Costello. Notes on Daisy's testimony give the following details Daisy has a 15 or 16 year old child whose father is Enoch Ruska. Daisy has a 4 year old child whose father is Fred Campbell, her brother in law. Daisy's sister is Mabel Brown who is 30 years old and has one child whose father is Alfred Martin. 4. Protector of Aborigines v Queensland Coastal Product Co, Wages owing, 1924, Thursday Island 1924 Mentions Aborigines, namely Nagi Bob Kaigay Kadode Loco Deede E A Scott Sambo Murry and following who are H/C SSI and not Aborigines, namely Sam Andai Ware Billo Maloki Levi Kio Levi Fred Walters 5. Protector of Aborigines v McLean, Maintenance of illegitimate child of Maudie Sandow, 1924 McLean is the father. Case to be heard at Murgon. 6. Papers Protector of Aborigines v Frank Weatherall, Maintenance of illegitimate child of Maggie Alford, 1923 - 1924, Beaudesert Frank Weatherall is a half-caste as is Maggie. Child was born on 1. 9.1922 at the Salvation Army Home, Breakfast Creek. 7. Protector of Aboriginals v Alex Rolf, illegal employment of an Aborigine, 1921 8. Protector of Aborigines v P N Eastwell, maintenance of illegitimate child of Ivy Mary Kearns of Laidley. Child was born on 6. 7.1924 at Laidley. 9. Protector of Aboriginals v Mrs Lindores, Wages due to Violet Lennie, 1933, St George Violet employed by W J Lindores of Bidjanbah, St George. 10. Protector of Aborigines v A Paine, Wages due to Aborigines, 1933, Brandon. Wages due to Harry Bradford at Brandon via Ayr. 11. Protector of Aborigines v C C Weedon of Nerang, Wages due to Louisa Coulson H/C, 1933 Also mentions wages due to Billy Donovan by Mr M Mitchell of Magnetic Island via Townsville. There is a Memorandum of Agreement between Billy Donovan of Palm Island and M Mitchell of Magnetic Island. 12. Protecytor of Aborigines v Timothy Cahalane and William Oscar of Ingham, Habeas Corpus proceedings in respect of Nellie Lacey, 1932 13. Protector of Aborigines v A Panos of Cardwell, Wages due to Harry Marks of Palm Island, 1932 14. Protector of Aborigines v J Jesberg of Rosewood, Wages due to Jim Anderson and Bertie Beckett, 1932 Jim and Bertie are half-castes under control of Purga Mission. 15. Protector of Aborigines v Mrs Keys of Glendilla Stn via Cunnamulla, wages owing to Helen Hopkins, 1931 16. Protector of Aborigines v Holman, maintenance of illegitimate child of Ethel Murphy (nee Rosendale) of Palm Island by the father of the child who is Walter Gladwyn Holman of Cooktown. The child was born on 19.11.1930. 17. Protector of Aborigines v Carwardin, recovery of monies on prosecution, 1930 18. Protector of Aborigines v Claude Fletcher, recovery and maintenance expenses on behalf of Madeline Tyson of Barambah, 1926 Male child was born on 23. 1.1926. Claude is the father. 19. Protector of Aborigines v Frederick Smith, maintenance expenses on behalf of Jessie McEvoy, 1927 Child is Hedley McAvoy, born 1.10.1926 at Barambah Aboriginal Settlement. Mother is Jessie McAvoy aged 23 years and born in Clermont. Frederick lives in Rockhampton. Jessie got pregnant at Kilcummin Station where she was working. Frederick admitted paternity. Surname may be Jessie McEvoy. 20. Protector of Aborigines v A C Evans, wages due to Toby Degan and Frank Mears, Millaa Millaa, 1926 21. Protector of Aborigines v F J M Bowman, recovery of wages for Sid Serico H/C, Bundi Farm via yeulba, 196 22. Protector of Aborigines v Rev W H W Lavers, 1925 Married Aborigines Maggie Alford and Alexander Love without permission of the Chief Protector of Aborigines. 23. Protector of Aborigines v Chas A Rayment, wages due to Cubby, Galway Downs, Windorah, 1925 24. Protector of Aborigines v A Relf, wages owing, Yarraman, 1922 25. Protector of Aborigines v Len West, confinement and maintenance expenses for illegitimate child of Eileen Davidson H/C, 1925 26. Protector of Aborigines v William Wombie, breach of the Act, Normanton, 1925. Wages owed to Aborigines by William Wombie of Gum Hole Station. 27. Protector of Aborigines v Edward Leddy, 1924 28. Protector of Aborigines v Brice Henry, breach of the Act, 1925 29. Protector of Aborigines v S B Sutton of Mt Ubi via Kenilworth, wages owing to the following in 1934 Pauline Monkland Clifford Monkland