Dalby Police Letterbooks 1928 - 1943

Police Station, Dalby Letterbooks 6. 7.1928 - 15. 5.1930 POL 4/J1 Queensland State Archives 12. 3.1931 - 16. 1.1932 POL 4/J2 Queensland State Archives 7. 4.1933 - 5. 5.1934 POL 4/J3 Queensland State Archives 13. 4.1935 - 7. 6.1935 POL 4/J4 Queensland State Archives 17. 6.1936 - 29.12.1936 POL 4/J5 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1937 - 30. 6.1937 POL 4/J6 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1937 - 30.12.1937 POL 4/J7 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1938 - 30. 6.1938 POL 4/J8 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1938 - 30.12.1938 POL 4/J9 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1939 - 30. 6.1939 POL 4/J10 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1939 - 30.12.1939 POL 4/J11 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1940 - 30. 6.1940 POL 4/J12 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1940 - 29.12.1940 POL 4/J13 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1941 - 30. 6.1941 POL 4/J14 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1941 - 31.12.1941 POL 4/J15 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1942 - 30. 6.1942 POL 4/J16 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1942 - 31.12.1942 POL 4/J17 Queensland State Archives 30. 6.1943 - 1. 1.1943 POL 4/J18 Queensland State Archives 31.12.1943 - 1. 7.1943 POL 4/J19 Queensland State Archives 10.10.1929 Irregular attendance of Brenda Hazzard and Stanley Hazzard at the Dalby State School in August 1929. Their mother is Mrs Sarah Hazzard. Brenda Hazzard is 12 years old. Their father is working on a Station near Goondiwindi. 1.11.1929 An Aboriginal named Jack Davis inquired for by a Prisioner named F Johnson of Stewarts Creek Prison. F Johnson is a half-caste Aboriginal, arrested at Jandowae in September 1926 on a charge of rape and sentenced to 15 years hard labour at the Circuit Court, Dalby on 28. 9.1926. No trace of Jack Davis in the district. 27.11.1929 Half-caste woman named Margaret Christopher, single woman, aged about 65 years, taking an epileptic fit in Cunningham St. Removed by Ambulance to her home in Condamine St, Dalby. 13.12.1929 Statement from Nellie Alexandra Combarngo, wife of Oliver Combarngo. Details as follows - Nellie residing with her mother Mrs I Hazard in Drayton St, Dalby. When Nellie first went to Surat she lived with her husband's sister Mrs Ruby Miller, wife of Robert Miller. Oliver Combarngo's mother is Mrs Nellie Combarngo who lives in Surat. Robert and Ruby Miller have children. Apparently something terrible happened to Ruby or the children or both, and whatever it was, was caused by Ruby. 1. 1.1929 Only six Aboriginals in this Police Division. 3. 5.1930 Tommy Teeswater has no funds from which to pay Mr J McCabe of Dalby. 1. 4.1931 Trunk line telephone calls To Toowoomba about Aboriginal girl Woodlands leaving employment of Mrs Wilson. To Toowoomba about Aboriginal girl Woodlands, particulars of sending girl away. To Toowoomba about Aboriginal girl Josie Raveneau, inquired for by Goondiwindi Police, located at Dalby. 29. 4.1931 Wages for Tracker Jack Brown. 28. 6.1931 Removal of fifteen Aborigines from Tongy Station to Mitchell on 21.10.1929. Full report wanted. Amongst those mentioned are Dolly Button, gin Walter South, stayed, his mother went Minnie South John Wogler Removed to Barambah. 1. 7.1931 There are six male, sixteen female and eight children, all half-castes, in this Police Division. None come under the Aboriginals Protection Act. 17. 7.1931 Tracker Jack Brown's wages. 29. 7.1931 Miss Eileen Mary Hazard gave birth to an illegitimate male child at St Margaret Private Hospital, Dalby on 23. 7.1931. Eileen is single, aged 21 years and a native of Dalby. Father of the child is Arthur Brady of Dalby. Arthur intends to marry Eileen when she leaves the Hospital. Eileen's parents reside in Dalby and are both half-caste Aborigines. Childs name is Claude Morris Hazard. 31. 8.1931 Relative to an Aboriginal named Ted Edwards in connection with him being the father of the illegitimate child born to a half-caste woman named Josephine Raveneau of Toobeah in the Goondiwindi district. Ted admits he is the father and is willing to pay maternity expenses and maintenance. Ted employed at St Ruth Station. Ted would marry Josephine but her mother will not allow it. 8. 9.1931 Statement from Ted Edwards that he is a half-caste Aborigine, a shearer and resides at Drayton St, Dalby. He is the father of the illegitimate child of Josephine Raveneau, half-caste. Willing to pay maintenance. 18.10.1931 Aborigine's Corroboree held on the night of 17.10.1931 after the Camp Draft. 9.11.1931 Collection of maintenance from Ted Edwards for child of Josephine Raveneau. 14.12.1931 Ted Edwards unemployed and unable to pay maintennce for child of Josephine Ravenaeau. 16.12.1931 Relative to obtaining a signed statement from Vivian Bligh (female), in connection with illegitimate child of Mamie Cressbrook. Vivian thinks father of the child is William Burney and not Peter Koosney. Vivian says Mamie and Peter only went out once while Mamie and William went out lots till Mamie left Listowel Downs Station in January 1931. Peter Koosney and William Burney are half brothers and they are half-caste Aborigines. Mentions statements should be got from Gertrude Serico and Eileen Gala of Barambah. Vivian Bligh works at Pirrinuan. 23.12.1931 Leave granted to Tracker Jack Brown. 1. 1.1932 Thirty Aborigines and half-castes in Police District. 17. 4.1933 Application by Mrs R J Hazzard of Dalby for the discharge of her daughter, Brenda Amelia Hazzard, from State Control. Parents of Brenda have four children under the age of fourteen years. Parents and the four children live in a two roomed cottage and cook outside. Not recommended to release Brenda. 19. 4.1933 Bones of a skeleton of a female Aborigine found at Brigalow near Warra on 1. 6.1932. Sent to Wueensland Museum. 28. 4.1933 Wages for Tracker Jack Brown. 1. 7.1933 There are eight male, sixteen female and four male and four female children, all half-castes, in this Police Division. None come under the Aboriginals Protection Act. 1. 1.1934 There are thirty Aborigines and half-castes in the Police District 7. 5.1935 Interviewing Robert Miller, half-caste. Robert agrees to half his wages being collected by the Chief Protector of Aborigines and banked to his credit in an Aboriginal Savings Bank Account, and a reasonable amount being withdrawn for the maintenance of his illegitimate children. 3.11.1936 Mentions Tracker Jack Brown 27.10.1936 Mentions Mrs Isabella Hazzard, of Bunya St Dalby Mrs Sarah Hazzard Mrs Ada Kelly Mrs Sarah Ryder George Hazzard Sarah Hazzard's husband is at Bombine Station. Corresondence about a letter for Sarah Hazzard which arrived unsealed and missing a cheque. 6. 8.1936 When Jack Tommie Tommie was at Dalby he said he was employed at Boombine Station via Meandarra, in the Surat Police District. He came to Dalby with his brother Bobby Tommie Tommie who was sick. Bobby died in Dalby General Hospital. Bobby also worked at Boombine Station. 28. 7.1936 Bob Tommy (Bob Tommy Tommy) died 24. 7.1936 at the General Hospital, Dalby. 27. 7.1936 Bob Tommy (Bob Tommy Tommy) has been buried under the contract for Pauper Burials. 26. 7.1936 Details of the death of Bob Tommie (Bob Tommie Tommie). Died 24. 7.1936 at Dalby General Hospital. Brought to Dalby Hospital from Boombine Cattle Station, some 30 miles from Meandarra by his brother Tommie Tommie (Jack Tommie Tommie). Admitted to Dalby Hospital on 22. 7.1936 Bob is 74 years old. Bo was buried 25. 7.1936. 1. 7.1936 Aboriginals in district, all are half-castes. Seven males, nine females, four male children and two female children. 5. 4.1937 Interviewing Mrs R Weribone. Currently resides in Wood street, Dalby. Mentions Weribone at Toomelah Mission. Weribone's daughter needed a slight operation in Dalby Hospital. Mrs Weribone is the grandmother of the little girl Ivy Weribone, and has custody of this child at present. 1. 4.1937 Trunk Line Telephone Calls at Dalby Police Station 17. 2.1937 To Toowoomba, about Aboriginal Mrs Harvey giving birth to a child at Toowoomba. 2. 1.1937 Relative to Jack Tommy Tommy and Jimmy Tyson being inquired for by the Superintendent, Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement, Murgon. Mentions Bob Tommy Tommy dying on 24. 7.1936 at the General Hospital, Dalby. Another Aboriginal came to Dalby with Bob Tommy Tommy. This person said his name was Tommy Tommy and he was a brother of Bob. He returned to Boombine Station. This man is probably Jack Tommy Tommy. A man named Arnold Tyson was in Dalby on 25.11.1936, was destitute and wanted to go to Woorabinda. He left for Brisbane en route to Woorabinda. He said he came from Chinchilla and that his father had been at Chinchilla. Possibly Jimmy Tyson is the father of Arnold Tyson. 1. 1.1937 Trunk Line Telephone Calls at Dalby Police Station 10.12.1936 To Toowoomba, about Tracker Brown to come to Dalby to track stolen horses. 25.11.1936 To Toowoomba, about Arnold Tyson proceeding to Woorabinda 27.11.1937 Antecedents of Thomas Little, a three quarter caste Aboriginal, who stands committed for sentence on a charge of breaking and entering a dwelling house at Lamington Siding near Beaudesert on 13.11.1937. He is not known in the Dalby district. 20.10.1937 Relative to the attached Memorandum from the Director, State Childrens Department, Brisbne, relating to the application made by Mrs Sybil Elizabeth Harvey for monetary assistance towards the support of four of her children. The children are Frederick Harvey Gladys Harvey Beveline Harvey Jean Harvey There are six children in the family, the other two being Leslie Thomas Harvey, aged 2 years Margaret Isabella Harvey, aged 8 months Sybil is at present living near the Trucking Yards at Dalby and the children are not properly cared for. Sybil is a half-caste Aboriginal. Her husband is Leslie Thomas Harvey, residing at Blackall, a white man. Sybil and family exist on Government Relief Rations. 11. 8.1937 Princess King, inmate of Dunwich Institution has made application for the Old Age Pension. Her son is John King who is employed at the Windsor Hotel, Dalby. Princess King is about 76 years old according to John King who is 52 years old. Princess King also has a daughter. According to Mr Bellingham of Malakoff near Dalby, Princess King was born Princess Ashmore on 10. 7.1863 on what was then Old Chinchilla Station. He states she is 74 years old. The mother of Princess King was an Aboriginal woman. Princess's mother brought Princess, when she was born, into the Station and asked Mrs Bellingham's mother what she should call her. Mrs Bellingham's mother said to call her Princess. 9. 7.1937 Les Atfield, Aboriginal, inquired for with a view of having him returned to Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Apparently he is heading for Cherbourg. No other information known about him. 4. 7.1937 Relative to the attached letter from the Dalby Town Council relating to the conditions in which Louisa Christopher and Margaret Christopher are living under. These women are half-caste Aborigines, twins and aged 67 years. They have lived in Dalby all their lives. Both receive the Old Age Pension. They never married. They are law abiding women. There is nothing the Police can do about them. 1. 7.1937 Inquiries at Dalby in connection with whereabouts of Les Atfield,, Aboriginal of Cherbourg. He is well known in Dalby. Les has been seen in Dalby by Mrs Hazard's grandson and husband. Mrs Hazard is a half-caste woman. 1. 7.1937 Return of Aboriginals for year ended 30. 6.1937 There are 22 half-castes in the district. 28. 6.1938 Application by Mrs Sybil Elizabeth Harvey for monetary assistance from the State Childrens Department, Brisbane towards the support of her illegitimate daughter Florence May Harvey. Sybil is a half-caste Aboriginal, living apart from her husband Leslie Thomas Harvey, who resides at Blackall. She has five children under the care of the State Childrens Department and there are two other children besides Florence May Harvey living with her at the trucking Yards, Dalby. Florence May Harvey was born on 20. 4.1938 at Dalby and the putative father died 30. 5.1938 in Surat General Hospital. 23. 6.1938 Relative to two Aborigines Archie and Harry Carlo, who escaped from Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Not in the district. 27. 5.1938 Sybil Elizabeth Harvey, married woman of Dalby, gave birth to an illegitimate child on 20. 4.1938 at Dalby Hospital. Has been living apart from her husband, Leslie Thomas Harvey, since 1936. Child is named Florence May Harvey. Putative father is Robert John Davis, who Sybil was living with at Dalby. He is now at Surat. Sybil is a half-caste Aboriginal woman. 3. 3.1938 Whereabouts of Robert Leslie Dixon who is inquired for by the Chief Protector of Aborigines. Looking for his father who is a white man. Money involved. 12. 3.1938 Joe Clevin and Vera Fitz, half-caste Aborigines, inquired for by Chief Protector of Aborigines, Brisbane, with a view to having them complete an Application for Permission to Marry. Not in district. 22.10.1938 Skeleton of an aged male Aborigine found on portion of Jondaryan Station property near Kommammarra Siding on 19.10.1938. Very old. Sent to Police, Toowoomba. Appeared to have been buried in a crouched up position. 20. 9.1938 Leslie Thomas Harvey, Acacia Avenue, Blackall, who is inquired for by the Director, State Childrens Department, Brisbane, regarding maintenance of his children, namely Frederick Harvey Gladys Harvey Beveline Harvey Joan Harvey His wife was Sybil Elizabeth Harvey who resides at Matheson St, Dalby. She will advise Police if her husband returns to Dalby. 7. 9.1938 Relative to, antecedents of Lila Taylor who was committed for trial at the Police Court, Brisbane on the 2. 9.1938 to the Criminal Sittings of the Supreme Court on 3.10.1938 on a charge of stealing from the person. Lila Taylor's mother is a half-caste who resides at Dalby and is camped in a hut. Lila is a prostitute of the lowest type and a close associate of convicted criminals and subjected to drink. Arrested at Dalby on 9.10.1937 on a charge of drunkenness and obscene language. 5. 8.1938 Inquiries at Dalby regarding Alex Walker, half-caste Aborigine, applicant for exemption from the Aboriginal Protection Act and Regulations. Not known in the district. 2. 8.1938 Relative to, Melroy Fogarty, half-caste boy aged 5 years, residing in Beasley Street, Dalby, placing four Dog Spikes on the railway line near Dalby. 1. 7.1938 Mrs Sybil Elizabeth Harvey applying for monetary assistance from State Childrens Department, Brisbane, towards the support of her illegitimate child Florence May Harvey. 1. 7.1938 Return of Aboriginals for year ended 30. 6.1938 There are 22 half-castes in the district. 5. 5.1939 Relative to, George Hazard (half-caste) who is required to be interviewed in connection with a transaction between Edward Thomas Donovan and John Hayes in connection with a Wristlet Watch. George has gone on a droving trip to Moree, N.S.W. and is not expected to return for three weeks. 22. 4.1939 Relative to, Leslie Thomas Harvey who is inquired for by the State Childrens Department, Brisbane, in connection with contributing to the support of his four children now under State Control. Leslie is now employed by the Wambo Shire Council, Dalby, at Moola, near Bell. He lives with his wife and children, when in Dalby, with his mother-in-law Mrs George Hazzard in Matheson Street, Dalby. 17. 2.1939 Relative to, Four half-castes, namely Harold Blair Robert Arnold Lindsay Boland Timmy Tyson absconding from Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Not in district. 2.10.1939 Relative to, H M Bourne inquired for by Protector of Aboriginals, Brisbane. Not known in district. . 8.1939 Wages etc for the following of Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement, namely Tom Twaddle Alick Boson They will be leaving Dalby for Cherbourg via Kingaroy, tomorrow. 25. 7.1939 Relative to, inquiries at Dalby with a view to locating two half-caste Aborigines, namely Mabel Mitchell Elsie Coolwell who are inquired for by the Superintendent, Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Not in district. 24. 7.1939 Relative to, George Hazzard inquired for by the Commissioner of Taxes, Brisbane. Correct name is James Hazzard or ?Henry James Hazzard, but he is known about this district as George Hazzard. He is a half-caste Aboriginal, married with one child under 16 years, and a labourer employed at Coomoomie via Glenmorgan. 1. 7.1939 Return of Trunk Telephone Calls for Quarter ended 30. 6.1939 11. 4.1939 To Toowoomba, Tracker Brown for inquiry and report 19. 4.1939 To Toowoomba, about Aborigines L Dillon and C Saunders suffering from Gonorrhoea 19. 4.1939 To CPA Brisbane, about Aborigines L Dillon and C Saunders suffering from Gonorrhoea 19. 4.1939 To Toowoomba, to meet Aborigines L Dillon and C Saunders returning to Moree 1. 7.1939 Return of Aborigines for year ending 30. 6.1939 There are 22 half-castes in the district. 2. 3.1940 Relative to, Herbert McPherson, a coloured man, inquired for by Western Motors, St George. Not known in this district. 29. 3.1940 Relative to, Mr H M Bourne who is inquired for by the Director of Native Affairs, Brisbane, in order to have him maintain his illegitimate child of whom an Aboriginal girl named Ivy Cairns is the mother. He is not known in the district. Full name is Herbert Mansel Bourne. Inquiries in Dalby made of, amongst others, the following Hazzard family, of Aboriginal half-caste descent Jack Brown, for many years Native Police Tracker at Dalby and Toowoomba 25. 3.1940 Relative to, Making inquiries at Dalby with a view to ascertaining the whereabouts of two Aborigines named Bessie Bradley and Edgar Saunders, both of whom absconded from the Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement about the 15. 2.1940. They are not in this district. 6.12.1940 Relative to, Making inquiries at Dalby with a view to ascertaining the whereabouts of two Aborigines named Bessie Bradley and Edgar Saunders, both of whom absconded from the Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement about the 15. 2.1940. They are not in this district. 30. 7.1940 Return of Aboriginals for year ending 30. 6.1940 There are 27 half-castes in district. 24. 3.1941 Information required by the Director of Native Affairs who is investigating the question of Hospital treatment and Medical Care of Aborigines. Number Aboriginal patients treated at Hospital for the year ending 31.12.1940 was 8. 13. 2.1941 Relative to, Bessie Bradley, an Aboriginal woman, who is an absconder from Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement and inquired for by the Director of Native Affairs, Brisbane. Bessie came to Dalby with Edgar Saunders, Aboriginal, about June last and stayed with a coloured woman named Mrs Hazzard in Mathieson Street, Dalby. Saunders only stayed a few days then left to go further West. The woman Bradley stayed with Mrs Hazzard who is not a relative. Mrs Hazzard said Bessie stayed with her for a few weeks then left for Brisbane. Bessie was last seen about August last year on a train at Mitchell. 10.12.1941 Relative to Mrs Minnie Lawton, who is an applicant for Child Endowment and inquired for by the Director of Native Affairs, Brisbane. She is the wife of William Lawton. They have four children. All will be returning to Mitchell in the near future. 19. 8.1941 Relative to Aboriginals eligible for benefit under the Child Endowment Act of 1941. There are no Aboriginals eligible in the district. The following part-Aboriginals already receive Child Endowment Edward Kelly and his wife Ada Savina Kelly who reside in Matheson Street, Dalby. Leslie Thomas Harvey and his wife Sybil Elizabeth Harvey who reside in Matheson Street Dalby. William Henry Ryder and his wife Sarah Ryder who live in Edward Street Dalby. The persons mentioned herein have a strain of Aboriginal blood, but they are living in their own homes as whites; working and maintaining their families as such; receiving the Child Endowment for the children and are capable of utilising the money in the best interests of the Children. 30. 7.1941 Relative to Ted Edwards, a half-blood Aboriginal who is inquired for by the Director of Native Affairs, Brisbane, in connection with the maintenance of his child born to Josephine Ravenau of New South Wales. Ted left Dalby about two months ago for Mungindi, N.S.W.. If not there he may be about Dirranbandi of Cunnamulla. 9. 5.1942 A coloured man alleged to have chased two children on their way home from Ducklo State School. Not identified. 6. 1.1942 Relative to Harold Gadd, c/o Post Office Mitchell, who is inquiring for his two children Gloria Gadd and Joyce Gadd. Mrs Gadd left Dalby about two months ago and went to Brisbane, leaving her two children Gloria and Joyce Gadd in the care of a half-caste woman named Mrs Isabella Hazzard, who resides in William St, Dalby. Isabella Hazzard was interviewed and said that Mrs Jack Brown, wife of ex-Police Tracker Brown, who resides with her in Dalby, took the Gadd children to Brisbane. They were met, on their arrival in Brisbane, by their mother. Mother and children reside at 102 Birdwood Terrace, Brisbane. 2. 1.1943 Arthur Hippi is employed at Dalby and resides with a coloured family named Jack McPherson. Has lived with them most of his life. Arthur has money in a trust account with the Aborigines Welfare Board in Sydney, N.S.W.. 6. 2.1943 Edward Daniel Hazzard was born at Dalby on 15. 2.1921 and lives with his mother in Dalby. His mother is a half-caste Aborigine and she was born in the Dalby district. Edward is a half-caste Aborigine. 13. 2.1943 Inquiries about the breeding of two girls named Doreen Johnson and Vera Conley for the Director of Native Affairs. Doreen Johnson is known to the Hazard family of Dalby and Doreen is a quarter caste Aborigine. The parents of Vera Conley (nee Hazard) are half-caste Aborigines. Vera's father is dead and her mother, Isabel Hazard, lives in Dalby. Vera's grandmother was a full blood and her grandfather was a white man. Vera was married at Dalby to James Conley of Toowoomba. Vera is a half-caste. 9. 6.1943 Arthur Hippi inquired for by the Director of Native Affairs, Brisbane. Arthur Hippi's father was a quarter caste Aborigine and his mother a half-caste Aborigine. Both Arthur's parents are dead. Arthur is single. Arthur lives in Dalby with a quarter caste family named McPherson. This family has reared and cared for Arthur since he was a little boy of about 13 years of age. Arthur is now about 40 years old. Arthur wants to stay with the McPhersons. Cheque from the Aboriginal Welfare Board, Sydney for Arthur. 1. 7.1943 No full blood or half-caste Aborigines in district.