Duchess Police Letterbooks 1938 - 1941

Police Station, Duchess Letterbooks A/48345 1. 7.1938 - 23. 1.1939 Queensland State Archives A/48346 3. 7.1939 - 14.12.1939 Queensland State Archives A/48347 2. 8.1941 - 31.12.1941 Queensland State Archives Extracts 11. 7.1938 To C.P.S., Cloncurry Mick McCabe of Dajarra, aboriginal half-caste, in Cloncurry District Hospital. Has a wife and 5 or 6 children at Dajarra. 27. 7.1938 To Inspector of Police, Cloncurry Re: Doris Parker of Dajarra, aboriginal half-caste, whose death took place at 3.00am on 25. 7.1938, 13 hours after the birth of a son. Her husband was Arthur Wallace Parker. They were married on 20. 9.1936 at Urandangie when she was 17 years old. Also mentions other half-caste women: Linder Craigie Nora Nathem Jane de Satge Child is being cared for by Mrs. Jack Craigie of Dajarra, who is a half-caste and sister to the deceased. 25. 8.1938 To Protector of Aborigines, Cloncurry Doris Parker is Doris D-88 16. 9.1939 To Protector of Aborigines, Cloncurry Re: Doris Parker Her husband Arthur Wallace Parker is white. Her parents are William Wilson, half-caste and Daisy Wilson, half-caste. 1. 8.1939 To Inspector of Police, Cloncurry Re: Enid Crawley of Dajarra, aboriginal half-caste, aged between 15 and 17 years, residing with a half-caste Indian/Aboriginal woman, Mrs. Frederick Bornan. There is also a male half-caste staying with Mrs. Bornan. 3.11.1939 To Inspector of Police, Cloncurry Re: Woman Mary Craigie of Dajarra giving birth to a still-born daughter on 2.11.1939. Half-caste Peter Craigie says Mary Craigie, wife of his brother Joseph Craigie gave birth to a child on 2.11.1939 and the baby was dead. Mary attended by half-caste woman Jane de Satchey. The child was buried in Dajarra Cemetery on 2.11.1939. 2.10.1941 To Inspector of Police, Cloncurry Phone call to Mt. Isa Police on 23. 7.1941 about George, aboriginal. 15.11.1941 To Inspector of Police, Cloncurry Re: Half-caste aboriginal James Wilson, alias Jack Spreadborough who died at Pilgrim Hut, Chatsworth Station between 5.11.1941 and 11.11.1941. Aged 50 to 60 years. Father Tom Spreadborough, who has a dairy farm near Mt. Isa. Body buried in a grave near hut. Statement made 15.11.1941. Also mentions George G-133, aboriginal.