Eidsvold Police Letterbooks 1935 - 1956

Police Department Eidsvold, Letters (Reports) 1. 1.1935 - 31.12.1935, POL 3G/G1 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1936 - 21.12.1936, POL 3G/G2 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1941 - 21.12.1941, POL 3G/G3 Queensland State Archives 2. 1.1944 - 26. 9.1945, POL 3G/G4 Queensland State Archives 19. 7.1948 - 29.10.1948, POL 3G/G5 Queensland State Archives 29.10.1948 - 24. 3.1949, POL 3G/G6 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1951 - 16. 7.1951, POL 3G/G7 Queensland State Archives 18. 7.1951 - 30.12.1951, POL 3G/G8 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1952 - 30. 6.1952, POL 3G/G9 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1952 - 31.12.1952, POL 3G/G10 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1953 - 30. 6.1953, POL 3G/G11 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1953 - 31.12.1953, POL 3G/G12 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1954 - 30. 6.1954, POL 3G/G13 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1954 - 31.12.1954, POL 3G/G14 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1955 - 30. 6.1955, POL 3G/G15 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1955 - 29.12.1955, POL 3G/G16 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1956 - 30. 6.1956, POL 3G/G17 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1956 - 31.12.1956, POL 3G/G18 Queensland State Archives 19. 1.1935 Elsie Willieboy left employment at Cracow and is on way to Cherbourg. 28. 1.1935 Aboriginal - European Halfcastes in district = 76 Aboriginal - Asian Halfcastes in district = 2 Children born to H/C parents in last 3 years = 3 25. 2.1935 Recently arrived from Cherbourg were Tom Blair and Ella Blackman. 18. 4.1935 Ron Purcell is working in the Longreach area. His wife left here about 3 weeks ago for Longreach. 15. 5.1935 Alick Little wilfully destroying house of Flossy Perkins at Eidsvold. 15. 5.1935 Ivy Clancy gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 28. 4.1935 at the Eidsvold Hospital. The child died 2. 5.1935 at Eidsvold Hospital. Ivy was aged 17 years on 9. 9.1934. Child's father was Joe Chapman, Ivy's step-brother. 16. 5.1935 Following is a list of Aboriginal people in the Eidsvold District. Sam Kipper Frances Kipper, his wife Both are very old and reside at Glencoe Stn. Crabbie Chapman Ada Chapman, his wife Audrey Chapman, daughter, aged 6 years Larry Chapman, son, aged 3 years Ivy Clancy, daughter, aged 17 years Linda Clancy, daughter, aged 15 years Lily Clancy, daughter, aged 10 years Tunney Clancy, aged 11 years The Clancy children belong to Mrs Ada Chapman. Reside at Cheltenham. Tim Chapman, shooting at Narayen Mark Chapman Beryl Chapman, his wife Bernie Chapman, son, aged 3 years Diana Chapman, daughter, aged 2 years Rita Chapman, daughter, aged 5 months Mark Chapman is a stockman at Yarilla Stn. James Chapman Agnes Chapman, his wife Doris Chapman, daughter, aged 8 years James Chapman, son, aged 6 years David Chapman, son, aged 4 years James Chapman is shooting at Coonambula Stn. Charley Chapman, droving Joe Chapman, droving Alick Little, in jail Fanny Little Sheila Little, daughter, aged 13 years Reggie Little, son, aged 10 years Tommy Little, son, aged 7 years Eddie Little, son, aged 6 years They all live in Eidsvold Harry Blutcher Queenie Blutcher, his wife Edward Blutcher, son, aged 18 years Tom Blutcher, son, aged 16 years Edgar Blutcher, son, aged 11 years Kathleen Blutcher, daughter, aged 10 years Edith Blutcher, daughter, aged 9 years May Blutcher, daughter, aged 8 years Isabel Blutcher, daughter, aged 7 years William Blutcher, son, aged 5 years They are all at Riversleigh. Bunda Collins Jennett Collins, his wife Joe Collins, son, aged 7 years Una Collins, daughter, aged 4 years Ivan Collins, son, aged 2 years Edna Collins, daughter, aged 5 months Mrs Jennett Collins also has her three sisters living with her, namely Fanny Chapman, aged 18 years Eva Chapman, aged 14 years Desman Chapman, aged 12 years All reside at Coonambula Stn. Cyril Logan, aged 14 years, at Coonambula Stn Billy Plummer, shooting on Barrule Mick Chapman, aged 15 years, at Coonambula Stn Beatrice Stanley, wife of Wilfred Stanley Maureen Mavis Stanley, daughter, aged 6 years Frederick Kevin Stanley, son, aged 10 months Wilfred Stanley is a Maori Halfcaste Harry Hart Maud Hart, his wife Temporary residents at Old Coonambula. Reside in Gayndah. Patrick Perkins Flossy Perkins, his wife Evelyn Perkins, daughter, aged 18 years Mabel Perkins, daughter, aged 15 years Jannett Perkins, daughter, aged 14 years Amy Perkins, daughter, aged 12 years Patrick Perkins, son, aged 9 years Gladys Perkins, daughter, aged 6 years They are share farming at Abercorn. Roy True, at Abercorn Willie Wag Doreen Wag, his wife Violet Wag, daughter, aged 17 years Rachael Wag, daughter, aged 19 years Raymond Wag, son, aged 16 years Amy Wag, daughter, aged 9 years Mary Wag, daughter, aged 8 years William Wag, son, aged 5 years Mervyn Wag, son, aged 4 years Glen Wag, son, aged 2 years They are on Eidsvold Station. William Heathwood Cissy Heathwood, his wife Eva Heathwood, daughter, aged 3 years Donal Heathwood, son, aged 3 months They are picking cotton. Stanley Tabby Grace Tabby, his wife Alfred Tabby, son, aged 3 years Stanley Tabby, son, aged 8 months They are at Old Coonambula. James McDermott, at Eidsvold Station. Charles Ingra Cosy Ingra, his wife Nancy Ingra, daughter, aged 7 years Cedric Ingra, son, aged 4 months They are at Coonave (?Clonave). 24. 5.1935 Suggest Alick Little be sent to a settlement. 30. 5.1935 Whereabouts of Evelyn Chapman, wife of Tim Chapman. Tim's brother Jim Chapman says that Tim and Evelyn have been parted for some time. 13. 6.1935 One of Alick Little's children is in a Lazaret. 27. 6.1935 Herbert Little returned from Gayndah. 17. 7.1935 Alick Little and family moved to the Dawson. 15.11.1935 Joyce Purcell (not Doreen) is at present residing at Eidsvold Station with her mother. She has a male child, Kevin Purcell, with her. Her husband, Ronald Purcell, was in the Charleville district when she last heard of him. 23.12.1935 Joyce Nora Purcell and infant son Kevin Purcell are in Southport with Joyce's sister Mrs James McDermott 11. 8.1936 Daisy Dodd, now married to George West, gave birth to a male child on 23. 7.1936 at Eidsvold Hospital. Father of the child is possibly Lindsay Sinclair or Colin Jamieson of Monto. Daisy's father is Tommy Dodd who was exempt in 1919. Tommy's wife is dead. Also mentions Bertha Fuller who is in Cracow. 17. 8.1936 Bunda Collins is applying to marry Janet Chapman. They have been living together for 8 years and have 4 children aged 8 years, 5 years, 3 years and 19 months. 1.10.1936 Bunda Collins and Janet Chapman are allowed to marry. Bunda's father is Chinese and mother is Ada Logan H/C. Janet's father is Crabby Chapman and mother is dead. 12.10.1936 Joe Chapman, aged 23 years, is in the Eidsvold District. His mother is dead. Also mentions George West and Daisy West. 7.11.1936 Joe Chapman on Removal Order to Cherbourg. Also mentions Arthur Stanley, escort for Joe, and George Law and Emily Gala returning to Cherbourg. 1. 1.1941 Telephone calls To Cherbourg - Escort for Tommy Hayden To Cherbourg - Removal of D Chapman to Mission To Cherbourg - Removal of Doris Fuller to Mission 2. 1.1941 Henry George Williams, H/C of Eidsvold, was born on 28. 1.1894 at Cania Gold Fields. Parents are both halfcastes. Henry resides in Eidsvold with Mrs Logan, H/C. Wants to know if he can get alcohol at a hotel. 4. 1.1941 Mrs Ida Chapman, H/C of Eidsvold, has a son named Tim Clancy, H/C at Hawkwood Stn. Also mentions Sharkie Chapman. 20. 1.1941 Ethel Fuller gave birth to a male child on 1. 1.1941 at Eidsvold Hospital. Her husband is Thomas Fuller. Child's name is Irvan John Fuller. 25. 1.1941 Desima Chapman, employed by Mrs W Walsh, is pregnant. Father of child is Percy Saltner, H/C. 30. 1.1941 Mentions Henry George Williams H/C. Also stated no full-bloods in district. 6. 2.1941 Mentions Bertha Fuller. 10. 2.1941 Robert Clancey and Amy Dodd want to marry. Robert, aged 24 years, was born in May 1916 and is employed on Calrossie Stn. Amy, aged 21 years, was born at Gayndah. Her parents are Fred Dodd and Queenie Dodd, who are employed on Moocooraba Stn, near Camboon. 12. 2.1941 Raymond Cressbrook left Eidsvold for Cracow on 8. 2.1941 15. 2.1941 Mentions Percy Saltner Desima Chapman 17. 2.1941 Jessie Boota, F/B, resides at Eidsvold with a family named Fuller. She arrived about 2 weeks ago. She is 24 years old and came from Gayndah to Eidsvold. The following absconded from Cherbourg about 3 months ago Jessie Boota Bella Gundy, at Kilkivan Theo Combo, at Gayndah. 4. 3.1941 Mona Fuller given rations 14. 3.1941 Denny Fuller, H/C, resides with the Hayden family 19. 3.1941 Removal of Jessie Boota to Cherbourg. Escort was Ada Mack. 1. 4.1944 Desima Chapman removed from Eidsvold to Cherbourg on 17.12.1940 because she was pregnant to Percy Saltner. Desima is aged 16 years and was born at Eidsvold. Her sister is Mrs Bunda Collins. Percy Saltner has a wife and six children and lives at Eidsvold. Also mentions Tommy Blutcher. 4. 4.1941 Whereabouts of Tommy Dodd. Left Theodore. Employed at Goomeri. 7. 4.1941 Daisy West of Auburn Stn via Chinchilla gave birth to a female child on 27. 3.1941 at Eidsvold Hospital. Child's name is Rachel West. 9. 5.1941 Jim Edwards enquired for by D.N.A. Also mentions Jimmy Dodd, Ronald Blyth and Denny Fuller. All reside in Eidsvold. 14. 5.1941 Further about Desima Chapman. She was employed by Mrs Walsh at Moocooraba Stn 65 miles from Eidsvold and 40 miles from Theodore. At present the following girls are employed in the district without permits Amy Wagg at Eidsvold Stn Mary Wagg at Eidsvold Eva Chapman at Coonambula Stn Blanche Ross at Glencoe Stn Edith Pope, 15 yrs, at Eidsvold. Edith's parents are Beirne Pope and Alice Pope. Beirne is at Coonambula Stn and her mother is at Eidsvold. 30. 6.1941 Whereabouts of Jimmy Edwards. Maintenance for his child by Marjorie Landers. He is at Eidsvold. 23. 7.1941 H/C Aborigines residing in the Eidsvold district who desire to go to the Industrial Training Colony at Purga William Heathwood, 44 yrs, married Cissie Heathwood, 38 yrs, wife Eva Heathwood, 9 yrs, child Donald Heathwood, 6 yrs, child Muriel Heathwood, 4 yrs, child Owen Gregory Heathwood, 1yr 9 mth, child William Heathwood's father is white and mother is May Quinn, a three-quarter caste. Cissie Heathwood's parents are Archibald Kiddel, white, and Minnie, Aborigine. Beirne Pope, 37 yrs, married Alice Pope, 39 yrs, wife Edith Pope, 14 yrs, child Herbie Pope, 13 yrs, child Kathleen Pope, 10 yrs, child Ernest Pope, 8 yrs, child Richard Pope, 5 yrs, child Lurline Pope, 3 yrs, child Mavis Clarice Pope, 1 mth, child Beirne's parents are Ernest Pope, H/C, and Wonga, F/B. Alice's parents are Jack Brown, white, and Louise Armstrong, F/B. Percy Saltner, 30 yrs, married Rachael Saltner, 31 yrs, wife Irene Saltner, 12 yrs, child Norman Saltner, 11 yrs, child Howard Saltner, 7 yrs, child Barbara Saltner, 6 yrs, child Betty Saltner, 3 yrs, child Ian Saltner, 1 yr 2 mth, child Percy's parents are Jack Saltner, white, and Lottie, H/C. Rachael's parents are Tommy Dodd, H/C, and a half-caste. 23. 7.1941 Births at Eidsvold Hospital 2. 7.1941 William McDermott son of William McDermott and Violet McDermott 5. 7.1941 Mavis Clarice Pope daughter of Beirne Pope and Alice Pope 23. 8.1941 Identification card for Ida Chapman of Eidsvold Born About 1890 at Kilkivan Father Wickton Davie H/C Mother Kitty Law H/C Husband Crabbie Chapman H/C who died in Maryborough some 3 years ago. 9. 9.1941 Mentions Nickler Wragge of Riverview via Eidsvold. 9. 9.1941 Births at Eidsvold Hospital 28. 8.1941 Darcy Chapman son of Mark Chapman and Beryl Chapman 4. 9.1941 Audett Collins daughter of Bunda Collins and Janet Collins 5. 9.1941 Harold Thomas Dodd son of Dan Dodd and Fanny Dodd 16. 9.1941 Aboriginals in the Eidsvold District eligible for child endowment Beirne Pope, F/B Alice Pope H/C Edith Pope, 14 yrs, born 9.11.1926 Herbie Pope, 14 yrs, born 15. 5.1927 Kathleen Pope, 11 yrs, born 8. 9.1930 Ernest Pope, 9 yrs, born 5. 8.1932 Richard Pope, 5 yrs, born 13. 4.1936 Lurline Pope, 3 yrs, born 27. 6.1938 Mavis Clarice Pope, 2 mth, born 5. 7.1941 (dates and ages as above) 16. 9.1941 Half-caste and Quadroons in Eidsvold Police District eligible for child endowment James Bayles, white Ada Bayles, H/C Eileen Jane Bayles, born 24.10.1929 Harold James Phillip Bayles, born 11. 6.1931 Edna Violet Bayles, born 22. 3.1933 Clare Phoebe Bayles, born 17. 5.1939 James Chapman, H/C Agnes Chapman, H/C Doris Chapman, born 27.10.1927 James Chapman, born 24. 9.1929 Dave Chapman, born 21.10.1931 Oscar Chapman, born 28. 9.1935 Frederick Chapman, born 10.12.1938 Mick Chapman, H/C Linda Chapman, H/C Tex Chapman, born 16. 7.1938 Kay Jocelyn Chapman, born 15. 1.1940 Mark Chapman, H/C Beryl Chapman, H/C Beirne Chapman, born 16. 8.1931 Diana Chapman, born 4. 4.1933 Rita Chapman, born 21.11.1934 Mervyn Chapman, born 3. 3.1936 Stella Chapman, born 22.11.1937 Neville Chapman, born 1. 9.1939 Darcy Chapman, born 28. 8.1941 Ida Chapman, H/C, widow Audrey Chapman, born 23. 2.1929 Larry Chapman, born 30. 7.1930 Bunda Collins, H/C Janet Collins, H/C Joe Collins, born 7. 6.1928 Una Collins, born 17.11.1930 Ivan Collins, born 22. 2.1933 Edna Collins, born 21.11.1934 Audett Collins, born 4. 9.1941 Dan Dodd, H/C Fanny Dodd, H/C Allan Clarence Dodd, born 8. 7.1939 Harold Thomas Dodd, born 5. 9.1941 William Heathwood, H/C Cissy Heathwood, H/C Eva Heathwood, born 27. 6.1932 Donald Heathwood, born 5. 3.1935 Muriel Heathwood, born 13. 6.1937 Owen Gregory Heathwood, born 12.10.1939 Douglas Law, H/C Grace Law, H/C Delphi Law, 18 yrs Victor Law, born 16.10.1926 Edgar Law, born 23. 8.1927 Josephine Winifred Law, born 9. 3.1929 Lockwood Law, born 2. 9.1932 Nancy Law, born 9. 6.1934 Monica Law, born 13. 7.1936 Mervyn Law, 12 mths Grace Law (Grace Simpson) has left Douglas Law and now lives with Denny Fuller near Hawkwood. William McDermott, H/C Violet McDermott, H/C Joyce McDermott, born 28. 3.1933 Hazel McDermott, born 19. 8.1939 William McDermott, born 2. 7.1941 Percy Saltner, 1/4C Rachael Saltner, H/C Irene Saltner, born 17.10.1928 Norman Saltner, born 1. 6.1930 Howard Saltner, born 12.12.1933 Barbara Saltner, born 7. 6.1935 Betty Saltner, born 30. 9.1937 Ian Saltner, born 6. 5.1940 Roy Smith, H/C Daisy Smith, H/C Gwen Smith, born 15.12.1925 Mervyn Smith, born 16. 8.1926 Maurice Smith, born 8. 2.1928 Valma Smith, born 17. 7.1933 Colin Wagg, H/C Barbara Evelyn Wagg, H/C Rawdon Wagg, born 13. 9.1937 Winifred Wagg, born 10. 8.1939 William Wagg, H/C Doreen Wagg, H/C Mary Wagg, born 18. 1.1927 William Wagg, born 14. 4.1929 Mervyn Wagg, born 4. 5.1931 Glennie Wagg, born 14. 9.1933 Shirley Wagg, born 5. 3.1935 Dan Wagg, born 24. 6.1937 Donald Wagg, born 5/6. 4.1939 Nicholas Wragge, H/C Dulcie Wragge, H/C Vera Wragge, born 21. 8.1925 Charlotte Wragge, born 1. 5.1928 Colin Wragge, born 10.11.1930 Phillip Wragge, born 1. 5.1932 Monica Wragge, born 7. 9.1934 Amy Wragge, born 17. 9.1935 Mona Fuller, H/C, single Norman Fuller, born 24.12.1934 Dorothy Norma Fuller, born 5.10.1940 Mona's mother is Bertha Fuller 11.10.1941 Jimmy Edwards for maintenance of his child named Owen Landers. 30.10.1941 Amy Clancy, H/C of Camboon, gave birth to a male child on 18.10.1941 at Eidsvold. Her husband is Robert Clancy. Child's name is David Clancy. 17.11.1941 Amy Clancy, with only one child, is not entitled to child endowment. 24.11.1941 Agnes Chapman, H/C of Coonambula Stn, gave birth to a female child on 11.11.1941 at Eidsvold Hospital. Child's name is Valma Chapman. 28.11.1941 Linda Constant Chapman, H/C of Eidsvold, gave birth to a female child on 19.11.1941 at Eidsvold Hospital. Child's name is Elane Beryl Chapman. 17.12.1941 Alfred Tyson in Eidsvold Court. Also mentions Mark Chapman Cyril Logan George Ross John Barra 12. 1.1944 Horney Nebo, QX23399 21. 2.1944 Whereabouts of relatives of deceased Willie Mittee. None in district. Also mentions Tom Yerrier of Cherbourg. 7. 3.1944 Complaint by Blanche Ross of Glencoe Stn. 20. 3.1944 Cedric Doyle called into Eidsvold 27. 5.1944 Child endowment for the Law children. Delphi Bligh (nee Law) looks after the children. Delphi's husband is Martin Bligh in the Forces. The children being cared for by Delphi are Josephine Winifred Law Lockwood Law Nancy Law Monica Law Mervyn Law resides with his mother Grace Law. 31. 5.1944 Ken Sickett 5. 6.1944 Removal order for Vince Serrico Frank Pitt Ken Sickett 26. 6.1944 Clothing for Ernest Pope and wife. 13. 7.1944 Grace Margaret Simpson, H/C, single, gave birth to an illegitimate child on 13. 6.1944 at Eidsvold Hospital. The child's father is Dennis Fuller, H/C. They have been living together for the last 2 years. The child's name is Gwendoline Frances Simpson. Grace used to live with Douglas Law, H/C, and had 8 children to him. 28. 8.1944 Removal of Vince Serrico Frank Pitt Ken Sickett Frank Pitt was working with Bunda Collins. Now at Cracow. 29. 8.1944 Ernie Pope and wife should go to Cherbourg 17.10.1944 Mabel Saunders working at Eidsvold Hospital 17.10.1944 Ernest Pope and wife do not want to go to Cherbourg 17.10.1944 The following are employed at Eidsvold Bernard Pope Denny Fuller Tom Blair Joe Chapman Sid Williams jnr is at Cracow 1.11.1944 Mabel Saunders is at Eidsvold 14.11.1944 Tom Blair is at Eidsvold 6. 4.1945 Harry Hornet in Eidsvold at Christmas 23. 7.1948 Whereabouts of Claude Anderson, H/C. Lives with his wife and family at Mundubbera. 24. 7.1948 Norman Saltner, 18 yrs, escorted from Eidsvold to Cherbourg on 23. 7.1948. Was born at Mundubbera. Also mentions Una Collins, H/C aged 17 yrs Mrs Collins, mother of Una Cyril Bligh, Native Policeman 27. 7.1948 Illegitimate female child born on 15. 5.1948 at Eidsvold Hospital to Linda Constance Chapman of Eidsvold. Linda is a widow. Her husband was Mick Tex Chapman who was killed in a fight at Eidsvold on 7. 6.1948 (sic). They had five children Tex Chapman, 9 yrs Kay Chapman, 8 yrs Elaine Chapman, 6 yrs Hector Chapman, 4 yrs Joss Chapman, 2 1/2 yrs Linda lives with her mother in law at Eidsvold. Father of this child is her late husband's brother named Joe Chapman, an invalid pensioner, aged 31 yrs, of Eidsvold. Child's name is Joyce Constance Chapman. 2. 8.1948 Mentions Norman Saltner Cyril Bligh, Native Policeman 3. 8.1948 Leslie Hornet Sent to Palm Island in September 1944. Father is Jack Hornet. 10. 8.1948 Leslie Hornet Parents at Yarilla Stn 10. 8.1948 Charlie Chapman employed at Yarilla Stn 1. 9.1948 Keith Walsh sentenced to Boggo Rd Gaol 7. 9.1948 Ethel Fuller being removed to Cherbourg. Also mentions Cyril Chapman, Native Policeman 8. 9.1948 About Charlie Chapman Full brother of James Chapman. Father is Crabby Chapman, H/C. Mother is a full blood Employed at Coonambula Stn 8. 9.1948 Tom Bray or Tom Brady, H/C Single. Also mentions James Chapman 8. 9.1948 James Fuller working at Riverview via Eidsvold 9. 9.1948 Escort of Ethel Fuller to Cherbourg. Also mentions Native Policeman Cyril Chapman 15. 9.1948 More about Ethel Fuller's removal. Her daughter is Nancy Fuller Her son is Brian Fuller Brian is being looked after by Mrs Tunny West, a dark woman of Camboon Stn. 20. 9.1948 Netta Mi Mi is at Gayndah 20. 9.1948 Agreement for Charlie Chapman 4.10.1948 Charlie Chapman at Yarilla Stn 6.10.1948 Wonga Pope, an old Aboriginal woman, died on 30. 8.1948 at Eidsvold Hospital. She was a F/B aged 90 yrs. Buried on 31. 8.1948 at Eidsvold Cemetery. Her husband died some years ago. 12.10.1948 Douglas Kina, absconder from Palm Island, is not in the district. 12.10.1948 The following are not in the district Keith Walsh Reg Little 15.10.1948 The children of Ethel Fuller, who is at Cherbourg, are Nancy Fuller, aged 15 yrs Erwin Fuller, aged 6 yrs Their father is at Fantome Island Also mentioned is Eileen Dodd, single, seven months pregnant, of Camboon. 25.10.1948 mentions Harry Hornet of Eidsvold Nelson Saltner 30.10.1948 Nancy Fuller and Erwin Fuller being escorted to Cherbourg. Mentions Native Policeman Arthur Bond. 1.11.1948 Whereabouts of Henry Thomas Couchy 22.11.1948 Mentions James Fuller 26.11.1948 Jack Hornet wants his son, Leslie Hornet, released from Palm Island. 26.11.1948 Sam Garvey of Woorabinda wants to work at Ceradotus Stn with Nelson Saltner. Nelson is a half-caste married to a white woman. 4.12.1948 Sambo Garvey at Ceradotus Stn 4.12.1948 Mentions Tom Bray or Tom Brady 4.12.1948 Whereabouts of Willie Blackman. Not in district. 15.12.1948 Sambo Garvey at Cherbourg Also mentions Saltner. 23.12.1948 Sambo Garvey at Mulgeldie 24.12.1948 Mentions Lydia Pickwick living with coloured people at Eidsvold. Her unnamed child was buried. 28.12.1948 An illegitimate male child was born to Eileen Jane Bayles of Eidsvold on 12.12.1948 at the Eidsvold Hospital. Eileen is single, aged 19 years, born at Mundubbera, and living with her parents at Eidsvold. The child's name is Ray Alexandra Bayles. Father of the child is Keith Anderson, H/C. Bayles family have Aboriginal blood. 28.12.1948 Joseph Hegarty wanted at Tweed Heads, NSW. Not in Eidsvold district. Also mentions Ruby Duncan, also not in Eidsvold District. 29.12.1948 Cyril Logan on a Station near Taroom. 13. 1.1949 An illegitimate male child was born to Una Jean Collins of Eidsvold Station on 5. 1.1949 at Eidsvold Hospital. Una is single, aged 18 years, born at Mundubbera and lives with her parents. Father of the child is Norman Saltner, H/C, who was removed from Eidsvold some months ago and sent to Cherbourg. The child's name is Stephen Joseph Collins. 28. 1.1949 Expenses for the removal of Harry Hornet from Eidsvold to Woorabinda 24. 2.1949 Identification Card for Teddy Hornet. Also mentions Harry Hornet being removed to Woorabinda 10. 3.1949 Ippi Derriwine employed by Roy Tait (Tate) of Monto. 3. 1.1951 Jack Hornet, father of Harry Hornet, is at Coonambula Stn 1. 2.1951 Louisa Hornet applied for an old age pension. Her husband, Jack Hornet also known as Fred Hornet, died at Mundubbera Hospital on 21. 1.1951. Louisa states her father is white. However Louisa Hornet (nee Mi Mi) was tribally married to Dodo Mi Mi before marrying Jack Hornet about 16 years ago. Louisa is about 63 years old and a full blood. 3. 2.1951 Selma Swan, H/C, of Pialba, claims her husband Digger Swan mistreats her. They have a baby. Digger is at Hawkwood Stn, Mundubbera. They were married on 6.11.1950 at Cherbourg. The father of her child is Cassius Chenana of Pialba. Digger is not exempt. 22. 2.1951 About Louisa Hornet. Mentions Chapman's Teddy Hornet, her son Leslie Mi Mi Ernie Bond 23. 2.1951 Edna Bayles, aged 16 years, was admitted to Eidsvold Hospital on 20. 2.1951 after a miscarriage. Was about 4 months pregnant. Father of the child is Lloyd Bert Beasley also known as Bunny Beasley, whose father was a quarter caste Aborigine and whose mother was Indian. Edna's parents are James Phillip Bayles and Ada Bayles. Edna's sister is Eileen McCann. Edna was born on 22. 3.1933 (may be 1935) at Pigott. Edna gave birth to a child named Phyllis May Bayles when she was 14 years old. Phyllis died aged 2 1/2 years. 5. 3.1951 Whereabouts of Roy Willoughby. Wanted for Maintenance for Phyllis Con Goo. Also mentions Ernie Bond Kathleen Pope of Mundubbera 8. 3.1951 Edna Bayles fully recovered 12. 3.1951 Colleen Audrey Chapman, an illegitimate female child aged 5 days, died on 2. 3.1951 at Eidsvold Hospital. Mother is Linda Constance Chapman aged 30 years. 14. 3.1951 Ivy Kathleen Blucher of Eidsvold applied for maternity allowance Her father is Thomas Clancy His father is white His mother is a half-caste Her mother is Ada Chapman Her father was a quarter caste Her mother is a Half-caste Ivy is not under the Act. 19. 3.1951 Louisa Hornet is exempt 9. 4.1951 Teddy Hornet is employed by Ernie Bond of Eidsvold 5. 5.1951 Harry Hornet did not return to Woorabinda. Also mentions his father Jack Hornet 9. 6.1951 Teddy Hornet, aged 17 years of Eidsvold, applied for exemption. 2. 7.1951 Teddy Hornet granted exemption 4. 7.1951 Albert Williams and his wife Agnes Williams, both Half-castes, applied to adopt a Half-caste Aboriginal child aged 5 years and male. 11. 7.1951 Jack Anderson not in district 23. 7.1951 Roy Hennessey (Charleville) supposed to be around Gympie 23. 7.1951 Ferny Wragge in Wondai or Gympie 23. 7.1951 Today James and Daphne Smallwood were informed of the date of birth of their adopted child Robert Salmon. 26. 7.1951 Amy Clancy applied for Maternity allowance Her father is Freddie Dodd His father is a Full blood His mother is a half-caste Her mother is Queenie Dodd Her father is a Half-caste Her mother might be a full blood 6. 8.1951 Harry Hornet not in district 16. 8.1951 Expenses in the removal of Jimmy Dodd to Cherbourg Native Escort Joe Button. 17. 8.1951 About John Barra and his wife Eva Barra. The Protector wants their exemptions cancelled and wants them removed to a Settlement. John's half-brother is Horney Nebo. Also mentions Fred Dodd Fay Barra, step-daughter of John Barra, 11 yrs The Barra family is John Barra Eva Barra (nee Chapman), wife Fay Barra, step-daughter of John, 11 yrs Winnie Barra, their daughter, 6 yrs Eva Barra is the daughter of Crabbie and Ada Chapman 17. 8.1951 Mentions Horney Nebo Vera Nebo (nee Almat), wife, born NSW George Nebo, their son, 5 yrs They should be sent to a reserve 4. 9.1951 Harry Hornet at Kildare Cattle Stn 13. 9.1951 Nancy Valma Beazley applied for Maternity Allowance Her father is Douglas Law, H/C, exempt 1929 Her mother is Gracie Law, H/C 2.10.1951 Birth of an illegitimate male child on 11. 9.1951 at Mundubbera Hospital to Mary Phyllis Roberts (white). The father is a coloured man named Peter Byers. Child's name is Allen Roberts 12.10.1951 William Plummer died on 15. 7.1951 at Eidsvold. His daughter is Tilly Plummer. 24.10.1951 Ruth Marion Cummins of Eidsvold applied for a maternity allowance. Her father is Charles Richards His father is white His mother is Full blood Her mother is Kanomie Richards Her father is white Her mother is supposed to be a Full blood .1951 Mrs L Hornet is at Gayndah 24.10.1951 Roy Willoughby not in district. Also mentions Robin Cobbo Alec Little 12.11.1951 Horney Nebo 14.11.1951 Denis Fuller and Grace Margaret Fuller are gone to Cracow. Want to interview them about Denis Cedric Fuller who was committed to Woorabinda on 1.11.1951 14.11.1951 Want to interview Mrs Grace Margaret Fuller about Monica Margaret Law who was committed to Woorabinda on 1.11.1951 14.11.1951 Parents of John Frederick Willmott, who was committed to Woorabinda, wanted. Also mentions Denis Fuller Grace Margaret Fuller 15.11.1951 Margaret Kathleen Saltner gave birth to an illegitimate child on 9.10.1951 at Chinchilla Hospital. Margaret's father is Frederick Saltner. Margaret Saltner married Allen Dullahide at Chinchille shortly after the birth of the child. He is the father of the child. 11.12.1951 Leslie Hornet not in district 16.12.1951 Ian James wanted for maintenance payments to Ruth Duncan. 30.12.1951 Grace Margaret Fuller inquired for by the State Children's Department in connection with her daughter Monica Margaret Law. Grace is at Dawson Park via Theodore. 14. 1.1952 Roy Willoughby not in district 8. 2.1952 Kitty Fisher and her 3 children, from Cherbourg, want to visit Bessie Mason of Eidsvold. 23. 2.1952 The following are absconders from Cherbourg Charlie Warner Alan Mickelo Henry Willis 25. 2.1952 Roy Willoughby not in district Also mentions Native Escort Nat West of Cherbourg 4. 3.1952 Doreen Wagg of Eidsvold seeking whereabouts of her son Raymond Wagg aged 26 years 4. 3.1952 Harry Hornet at Eidsvold. Diabetic 7. 3.1952 Whereabouts of Harry O'Malley Also mentions Lui George, married man Both gone to Mundubbera 21. 3.1952 Ballard Williams in the Gayndah district. Father is Sid Williams of Eidsvold 21. 3.1952 Harry O'Malley and Lui George not in district 28. 3.1952 Removal of Harry Hornet from Eidsvold to Woorabinda. Native Escort is Leo Freeman. 9. 4.1952 Application by Mr R Birchley of Eidsvold for the discharge of Marion Margaret Law from State Control to the care of her 2 sisters at Eidsvold namely (a) Mrs Delphine Bligh (nee Law) who is living apart from her husband and has 2 boys aged 8 yrs and 6 yrs and lives at Eidsvold. Hasnt lived with her husband for 3-4 years. (b) Josephine Law, single and 22 yrs old, mother of an illegitimate child, and resides at the same address as Delphine. 15. 4.1952 Whereabouts of Harry O'Malley 21. 4.1952 Mentions Horney Nebo 7. 5.1952 Doreen Wagg of Eidsvold seeking whereabouts of her son Raymond Wagg 16. 6.1952 Mentions Harry O'Malley Lui George 16. 6.1952 Mentions Vincent Bond 18. 6.1952 Removal of Vincent Barnes from Eidsvold to Cherbourg. Mentions Native Escort Herbert Fisher 18. 6.1952 Removal of the following from Eidsvold to Cherbourg Leslie Mi Mi David Twaddle Also mentions Native Escort Herbert Fisher 27. 7.1952 Mentions Mark Chapman 8. 8.1952 Mentions Harry Williams of Redbank Stn, Eidsvold. Also mentions Dave Twaddle 11. 8.1952 Relative to Eileen Jane Williams, aged 4 years, and Doreen Williams, aged 3 years, illegitimate children of Alice Williams, deceased, late of Cracow and now in the custody of their grand-parents namely William Henry Virco Williams and Alice Laura Williams. Mr Williams appears to have Aboriginal blood. 3.10.1952 Mentions Mark Chapman 7.10.1952 Whereabouts of Sambo Garvey 14.10.1952 Roy Willoughby on removal to Cherbourg. Escort is Nat West 16.10.1952 Mentions Nellie McIvor of Cherbourg Matthew Crowe also known as Jack Thompson Nugent Wragge Ferny Wragge Roy Willoughby 16.10.1952 Expenses in the removal of absconders to Cherbourg Molly Weizel Leslie Mi Mi Native Escort is Nat West. Also mentions Roy Willoughby 16.10.1952 Mentions Matthew Crowe also known as Jack Thompson Nugent Wragge Ferny Wragge Roy Willoughby 25.10.1952 Mrs Doreen Wagg asking after her son Raymond Wag. Mentions the Fraser Aboriginal family of Bourke, NSW 30.10.1952 Mentions Eddie West, 25 yrs, son of Dick West (exempt 1917) Freddy Saltner Teddy Hornet, 19 yrs, exempt Natty Kined George West, 19 yrs 11.11.1952 Jack Harrison, absconder from Woorabinda not in district 13.11.1952 Mentions the West family George West, H/C, 55 yrs Daisy West, wife, 38 yrs Robert West, born 27. 9.1942 Ronald West, born 9. 4.1946 Joan Edith West, born 2. 1.1948 Harry West, born 30. 7.1949 Millie West, born 30. 9.1950 George West, born 29. 8.1952 Daisy's father is Tommy Dodd. 18.11.1952 Frank Doyle, absconder from Cherbourg, not in district 1.12.1952 Raymond Wagg located. Mrs Doreen Wagg told. 1.12.1952 Mentions Clifford John Cowborn 9.12.1952 Neglected children Robert West, 10 yrs Ronald West, 8 yrs Joan Edith West, 4 yrs Harry West, 3 yrs Millie West, 2 yrs George West, 3 mths Parents are George West and Daisy West Also mentions Mrs Agnes Chapman Children were declared neglected and sent to Cherbourg with their mother. 9.12.1952 Fred Dodd is not in the district Has a wife and children at Woorabinda 16.12.1952 Mentions Eddie Saltner also known as Eddie West Jim Edwards Bob Lambeth Teddy Hornet George West Eddie's sister is Mrs Ted Heggett. 19.12.1952 Mentions Mrs Lily Dodd of Eidsvold. Her husband is Fred Dodd. Lily has 4 children. The eldest, Kathleen Dodd, is aged 13 1/2 yrs, and is not Fred's child 29.12.1952 Raymond Wagg is at Charleville. His mother is Mrs Doreen Wagg 9. 1.1953 Mrs Doreen Wagg looking for her son Raymond Wagg. Found at Charleville. 30. 1.1953 Mentions Robert West Bernard West Jean Edith West Harry West Billie West George West 24. 2.1953 Whereabouts of Ballard Williams. His father is Sid Williams. Ballard now lives with his father and sister, Mrs Mason, at Eidsvold 25. 2.1953 Whereabouts of Alf Webster. He is in Eidsvold but is going to NSW. Gives his name as Alfred Avery. 9. 3.1953 Mentions Ballard Williams 14. 4.1953 Whereabouts of Mervyn Carbine. His father is in Woorabinda. 18. 4.1953 Whereabouts of John Gee Gee, Cecil Gee Gee and Howard Saltner. Also mentions Claude Anderson. 6. 5.1953 Whereabouts of Lawrence Holt whose brother is Clare (Clarence) Holt at Camboon Station. 8. 5.1953 The following are to go to Woorabinda John Gee Gee Cecil Gee Gee Geoffrey Carbine Also mentions Mervyn Carbine 7. 8.1953 Mentions Herbert Pope, coloured man 20. 8.1953 George West left Eidsvold and apparently went to Chinchilla with his brother Ted West. 12. 9.1953 Diana Chapman of Eidsvold gave birth to an illegitimate female child on 30. 8.1953 at the Mundubbera District Hospital. Diana was born on 4. 4.1932. The child is to be named Vera Jean Chapman. Father of child is Maurice Platz who is about 18 years old and comes from Miles. Diana's mother is Beryl Chapman of Eidsvold. 29. 9.1953 Nicholas Wragge aged 62 years applied for admission to Cherbourg aboriginal Settlement. Born 1891 Ban Ban, Gayndah. Father was a white man and mother was H/C Aboriginal / Chinese. Other records refer to mother as H/C White / Aboriginal. Nicholas is married and has seven children. Wife is Dulcie Wragge (nee Law). Nicholas granted Exemption 1937/62. 10.10.1953 Mentions James Chapman Bernard Chapman, aged 22 years Jacky Law, aged 22 years Oscar Chapman, aged 18 years, son of James Chapman Mervyn Chapman, brother of Bernard Chapman, born 3. 3.1936 Gayndah Edna Collins Kathleen Pope 2.11.1953 Sudden death of Mrs Una Jean Pope, wife of Herbert Pope, in the Mundubbera Hospital on 27.10.1953 Una's mother is Janet Collins. Herbert Pope's mother is Alice Pope. 2.11.1953 Inquiries for Norman Fred Warner who is sought by The Superintendent of Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Not in the Eidsvold district. 26.11.1953 Mentions Thomas Bray Lyle Matheson 27.11.1953 Mentions Norman Saltner 11.12.1953 Inquiries for Russell Fisher H/C who is sought by The Superintendent of Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. May be at Cracow. 23.12.1953 Russell Fisher H/C arrived at Eidsvold. 18. 1.1954 Kathleen Elizabeth Pope of Eidsvold gave birth to an illegitimate child at the Eidsvold Hospital on 29.12.1953. Child's name is Bruce Richard Pope. Father of child is Ivan Collins of Eidsvold. 25. 1.1954 Leslie Hornet (Mi Mi) alias Leslie Roy Willoughby is sought by the Director of Native Affairs. Exempt about 2 years ago. He is aged about 23 years. Also mentions James Chapman Agnes Chapman 27. 1.1954 Application by Mrs Janet Collins for child endowment in respect of the two children of Herbert Pope of Eidsvold. 26. 1.1954 The children are Noel and Noeline. Their paternal grandmother is Mrs Janet Collins 8. 2.1954 Mentions Moses Mason Robert Martin 13. 2.1954 Herbert Pope left for Chinchilla with Dick West and family. Also mentions Tunnie West. 25. 3.1953 Leslie Mi Mi of Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Mother is Mrs Louisa Hornet of Yerilla Station, Eidsvold. Also mentions Mrs Agnes Chapman of Eidsvold 5. 4.1954 Netta Mi Mi sought by the Director of Native Affairs. 8. 5.1954 Lockwood Donald Law also known as Jacky Law Born 9.10.1932 at Camboon Stn, Theodore Father H/C Aboriginal / White (may have some Chinese blood) Mother is Grace Law (nee Simpson) 1/4 Aboriginal 3/4 White Sister is Mrs Delphine Bligh 13. 5.1954 Mentions Lockwood Donald Law aka Jacky Law Delphine Bligh, his sister. Delphine is married to Martin Bligh who deserted her 7 or 8 years ago. Delphine is 32 years old. 7. 6.1954 Jane Punch, Aboriginal absconder, sought by Superintendent of Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement. Also mentions Jack Saltner Accomapnying her. Also mentions Mark Chapman. 2. 8.1954 Rosie Margaret Dodd H/C gave birth to a male illegitimate child on 12. 7.1954 at the Eidsvold Hospital. Rosie aged 19 years. Rosie's sister-in-law is Mrs Amy Clancy Rosie's father is Fred Dodd Putative father of child is Gerald George Kennedy aged 19 years. 19. 8.1954 Leslie Hornet alias Leslie Mi Mi alias Leslie Roy Willoughby sought by Director of Native Affairs. Sister is Neta Mi Mi of Eidsvold. 28. 8.1954 Application for old age pension by Ada Williams aged about 70 or 71 years. Her oldest son is Bunda Collins who is aged about 52 years and born 1902. Ada has lived with three husbands in a tribal way, namely a man named Collins, a man named Logan and lastly a man named Williams who recently died at Eidsvold. 5.11.1954 Mentions Herbert Pope 22.12.1954 Mentions Nugent Phillip Barra Horney Nebo 24.12.1954 Leslie Hornet alias Leslie Mi Mi alias Leslie Roy Willoughby sought by Director of Native Affairs. Arrested at Helidon under the name of John Robeson. 6. 1.1955 Inquiries for Raimus, an aged Aborigine of Foleyvale Stn near Woorabinda. Not in district. 21. 2.1955 Diana Chapman of Eidsvold gave birth to an illegitimate female child on 22. 1.1955 at Eidsvold Hospital. Diane is 23 years old and lives with her parents. She had another female illegitimate child born on 30. 8.1953. Father of child is Mosey Anderson aged 22 or 23 years Diane's mother is Mrs Beryl Chapman. 22. 2.1955 Larry Henry Chapman 1/4C and his wife Zillah Chapman H/C wish to adopt a child of whom the female applicant is the mother Larry was born on 5. 7.1931 at Eidsvold. Larry's mother is Mrs Ida Chapman of Eidsvold Zillah Chapman (nee Crowe) was born on 23.12.1933 at Cherbourg. Zillah Crowe became exempt in 1952 (54/52). Larry and Zillah were married on 17. 8.1954 at the Methodist Church at Gayndah. The child Katherine Annette Crowe will be known in future as Katherine Annette Chapman Larry and Zillah have another child named Penelope Iris Maud Chapman aged six weeks. 24. 2.1955 Absconders from Cherbourg Settlement are Henry Willoughby Charlie Bell 1. 3.1955 Absconders from Woorabinda Settlement are David Langlo Lloyd Doolan David Waterton They were located at Eidsvold and returned to Woorabinda on removal order 18/55. Also mentions Native Policeman Jack Davidson of Cherbourg 7. 3.1955 Lorraine Joan Fuller, aged 17 years, of Eidsvold, gave birth to a male illegitimate child on 22. 2.1955 at the Eidsvold Hospital. Lorraine was born on 14. 8.1937 at Eidsvold Lorraine's father is Edward James Fuller Lorraine's mother is May Janet Fuller Child will be named James Joseph Fuller Father of child is Ivan Gregory Collins, son of the people Lorraine and child are staying with. Ivan is 22 years old . 11. 4.1955 Bertie Barber absconded from Cherbourg Settlement Not in district. 11. 4.1955 John Bond absconded from Cherbourg Settlement. Employed in Eidsvold district. Permitted to stay. Also mentions Charlie Chambers and Sydney Williams jnr of Eidsvold. 19. 5.1955 Lockwood Donald Law aged 22 years and stockman of Eidsvold 21. 5.1955 Mary Roma and family are on a holiday at Eidsvold with Sid Williams, father of Mary Roma. Has 4 children. Mary's husband is at Woorabinda. 15. 7.1955 Victor Bond is in the employ of Sidney Williams, usually known as Ike Williams 10. 8.1955 Mentions James Chapman 27. 8.1955 Mabel Saunders sought by Superintendent of Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Mabel is currently staying with her sister Mrs Mason at Eidsvold. 28. 9.1955 Mentions the folowing Selwyn South Frank Fisher John Barra Ivan Gregory Collins Thomas Henry French 7.10.1955 Mrs A Clancy of Eidsvold applies to have her mother Queenie Dodd released from Woorabinda Settlement. Mrs Clancy's husband is Robert Wellington Clancy 10.10.1955 Lawrence Joseph Alberts was located at Eidsvold and handed over to Native Policeman Jack McGrath for return to Cherbourg Settlement. Removal order 67/55. 10.10.1955 Samuel Carlo aka Samuel Blair, a quadroonaged 16 years, absconded from Cherbourg Settlement. Also mentions Thomas Henry French Selwyn South Bob Landers Mrs Saunders Mrs Bessie Mason Samuel working at Monto. 11.10.1955 Mentions Children of Sidney Williams and Mabel Williams of Eidsvold not going to school, namely Roger Williams, born 10. 7.1942 Geoffrey Williams, born 1. 3.1944 Isaac Williams, born 22.10.1946 Dawn Williams, born 17.11.1947 Mabel Williams gave birth to a child on 20. 9.1955 at Eidsvold Hospital. Also mentions sister-in-law of Mabel Williams, namely Mrs Bessie Mason 11.10.1955 Mentions the children of Doris Law not going to school, namely Lorraine Law, born 10. 4.1946 Edward Law, born 17. 3.1947 Patricia Law, born 8. 1.1949 Doris' husband is Edward Douglas Law. 11.10.1955 Mentions the children of Ethel Doctor not attending school, namely Muriel Doctor, born 23. 4.1948 Kenneth Doctor, born 24. 5.1949 Family now at Gayndah 11.10.1955 Mentions the children of Mrs Emmie George not attending school, namely Kailu George, born 3. 3.1947 Janie George, born 13.12.1943 Wya George, born 26. 1.1945 Jimmy George, born 7. 3.1948 William George, born .10.1949 Mrs George's husband is Lui George. Mrs George is a 1/4C. Lui George is a F/B South Sea Islander and is exempt. 13.10.1955 Mentions the children of Frank Fisher not attending school namely Norman Fisher, born 9. 1.1944 Lillian Fisher, born .12.1947 Florence Fisher, born 21. 7.1949 The sister of Frank Fisher's wife is Mrs Bessie Mason. Mrs Fisher died at Wondai some months ago. 13.10.1955 Mentions children of Mrs Bessie Mason not attending school, namely Margaret Mason, born 16. 8.1942 Joyce Mason, born 16. 8.1942 Clifford Mason, born 24. 3.1944 Albert Mason, born 29. 4.1945 Joan Mason, born 11. 9.1949 Bessie's husband Mosey Mason deserted her some 4 years ago. Also mentions the Fisher family 24.10.1955 Mentions Richard Pope, born 13. 4.1936 at Eidsvold 24.10.1955 Mentions Edward Fuller aged 19 years, son of Ted Fuller and Bertha Fuller. Also mentions Richard Pope. 26.10.1955 Muriel Doctor and Kenneth Doctor not attending school Mother is Mrs Doctor. 5.11.1955 Mentions Children of Sidney Williams and Mabel Williams of Eidsvold have not missed school since the last warning Roger Williams, born 10. 7.1942 Geoffrey Williams, born 1. 3.1944 Isaac Williams, born 22.10.1946 Dawn Williams, born 17.11.1947 5.11.1955 Mentions the children of Doris Law have not missed a day of school since the last warning Lorraine Law, born 10. 4.1946 Edward Law, born 17. 3.1947 Patricia Law, born 8. 4.1949 5.11.1955 Mentions the children of Mrs Emmie George not missing a days school since the last warning Kailu George, born 3. 3.1947 Janie George, born 13.12.1943 Wya George, born 26. 1.1945 Jimmy George, born 7. 3.1948 William George, born .10.1949 9.11.1955 Heather Fisher aged 17 years gave birth to a female illegitimate child on 30. 9.1955 at Eidsvold Hospital. Heather was born at Wondai and is exempt. Heather's grandfather is Sidney Williams snr of Eidsvold. Heather's uncle is Ike Williams who is married Child will be named Katherine Franchessca Fisher Father of the child is George West aged 22 years 15.11.1955 Sidney Mason born 16. 4.1935 at Woorabinda 13.10.1955 Mentions the Fisher children whose guardian is Mrs Bessie Mason have not missed a days school since the last warning Norman Fisher, born 9. 1.1944 Lillian Fisher, born 12.12.1947 Florence Fisher, born 21. 7.1949 16.11.1955 Mentions children of Mrs Bessie Mason have not missed a days school since the last warning Margaret Mason, born 16. 8.1942 Joyce Mason, born 16. 8.1942 Clifford Mason, born 24. 3.1944 Albert Mason, born 29. 4.1945 Joan Mason, born 11. 9.1949 1.12.1955 Mentions Fernie Wragge at Eidsvold Jack Wragge, his brother at Fantome Island 7.12.1955 Mentions Sidney Mason aged 20 years. Working at Dawsonvale, Taroom 20.12.1955 John Bond arrested at Eidsvold and handed over to Native Policeman Eric Duncan for removal to Cherbourg thence to Palm Island 16. 1.1956 Sidney Mason, aged 20 years, currently employed at Dawsonvale 27. 1.1956 Mrs Eileen Cressbrook recently came to Eidsvold from Woorabinda. Currently staying with Mrs Fuller at Theodore 16. 2.1956 Virgil Paris was working at Mundubbera 20. 2.1956 Sydney Mason, aged 20 years 5. 3.1956 Charlie Chambers, aged 19 years, Aboriginal extract, single, stockman, of Rockybar, Eidsvold, was accidentally shot while kangaroo shooting 7. 3.1956 Cyril Cressbrook and Eileen Cressbrook left Eidsvold. Cyril may be at Camboon Station and Eileen at Theodore. Exemption certificates Nos 20 and 21, 1956 12. 3.1956 Charlie Chambers, aged 19 years, Aboriginal extract, single, stockman, of Rockybar, Eidsvold, was accidentally shot while kangaroo shooting. Was an inmate of Cherbourg. 23. 3.1956 Whereabouts of Cyril Cressbrook and Eileen Cressbrook. Exemptions sent to Theodore Police. 14. 4.1956 Arrest cases for 12 months ended 31.12.1955 David Langlo, escorted to Woorabinda Lloyd Doolan, escorted to Woorabinda David Waterson, escorted to Woorabinda Lawrence Joseph Alberts, escorted to Cherbourg John Bond, escorted to Cherbourg There are other Aboriginal people in this list but these are the ones who were removed to settlements. 1. 5.1956 Heather Fisher, holder of Exemption Certificate 56/54. Aged 18 years, daughter of Frank Fisher, and at present residing the residence of Sidney Williams jnr at Eidsvold. Mother of two illegitimate children, the first born on 4. 7.195? at Wondai Hospital and named Graham Fisher, and the second born on 30. 9.1955 at Eidsvold. Sidney Williams jnr is Heather's uncle. Frank Fisher's other children are in the care of Mrs Bessie Mason, and are Lily Fisher about 9 years old and Florence Fisher about 10 years old. Recommend Heather be sent to Cherbourg. Sidney Williams jnr is also known as Ike Williams. 24. 5.1956 Removal order 38/56 for Heather Fisher and her two children from Eidsvold to Cherbourg. Children are Graham Fisher and Katherine Fisher. Also mentions Native Policeman Allan Arnold of Cherbourg. 16. 6.1956 Herbert Theodore Woods wanted for support of his child Garry Herbert Woods, born 10. 3.1956. May be at Gayndah. Also mentions Stewart Couchy, a cousin of Herbert. 27. 6.1956 Mentions the following Joss Wayne Chapman, aged 11 years, son of Linda Constable Couchy (formerly Chapman) and Mick Chapman who died some years ago. Step-father is Stewart Jeffrey Couchy. John Wragge, aged 11 years, son of Nicholas Wragge and Dulcie Wragge. 28. 6.1956 Diane Chapman of Eidsvold gave birth to a male illegitimate child on 30. 5.1956 at the Eidsvold Hospital. 14. 7.1956 Diane Chapman of Eidsvold gave birth to a male illegitimate child on 30. 5.1956 at the Eidsvold Hospital. Child is named Stephen Mark Chapman. Diana's mother is Beryl Mona Chapman of Eidsvold Diana's father is Mark Chapman of Eidsvold 29. 8.1956 Herbert Theodore Woods wanted for support of his child Garry Herbert Woods. Child's mother is Mrs Thelma Joyce Woods. They lived together in Eidsvold as man and wife. 9.10.1956 Mentions the following Owen Gregory Heathwood, aged 16 years, occasionally known as Owen Wheatman, aged 18 years. Owen Heathwood was born 12.10.1937 and his mother is Mrs Cissie Heathwood. Frederick Logan Unnamed Fogarty Norman Saltner Tommy Sando 19.10.1956 Stanley John Graham said to be residing at Morris Pickering's old residence at Gayndah. 20.10.1956 Thelma Dodd, 3/4C, aged 14 years, of Moocoorooba Stn, Camboon, gave birth to a female child on 14. 5.1956 at Lady Goodwin Hospital, Rockhampton. Father of child unknown. Also mentions Leonard Clancy, aged 17 years, stockman of Yerilla Station Eidsvold, born 7.10.1939. Mother is Mrs Ivy Blucher, wife of Thomas Blucher of Eidsvold. 14.11.1956 Lurline Mavis Pope, aged 18 years, domestic of Eidsvold, gave birth to an illegitimate female child on 1.11.1956 at Eidsvold Hospital. Lurline was born on 27. 6.1938 at Eidsvold. Child will be named Lynette Karen Pope. Father of the child is Lockwood Law, aged 24 years, of Aboriginal extraction. Lurline and Lockwood live as man and wife. Lurline's father is Bernard Pope. 24.11.1956 Steven Arnold Waterton, aged 16 years, lately of Woorabinda Settlement, on unconditional exemption certificate 162/55 arrested at Eidsvold. Guardian is Mrs Alice Pope. Sentenced to care of Dept of Native Affairs, Woorabinda. Also at Eidsvold is Fred Mi Mi, aged 17 years, on removal to Woorabinda. 13.12.1956 Fred Mi Mi removed from Eidsvold to Woorabinda on removal order 67/56. Also mentions The Pope family of Eidsvold Steven Arnold Waterton, aged 16 years Native Policeman Raymond Shepherd This is the last of the Eidsvold Letterbooks.