Einasleigh Police Letterbook 1921 - 1953

EINASLEIGH POLICE LETTERBOOKS 1921 - 1953 These extracts have been taken from the letterbooks of the Einasleigh Police Station from 1921 to 1953 as follows 6. 6.1921 - 31.12.1923 A/36326 16. 1.1924 - 31.12.1925 A/37902 5. 1.1926 - 22.11.1927 A/37903 2.12.1927 - 31.12.1929 A/37904 10. 9.1931 - 26. 8.1934 A/37905 25. 8.1934 - 18.10.1935 A/37906 24.10.1935 - 11. 8.1937 A/37907 13. 8.1937 - 13. 6.1938 A/37908 30. 6.1938 - 5. 3.1939 A/37909 5. 1.1942 - 29. 6.1943 A/37910 1. 7.1943 - 27. 8.1944 A/37911 4. 9.1944 - 5. 9.1945 A/37912 2. 1.1946 - 1. 1.1947 A/37913 1. 1.1948 - 31.12.1948 A/37914 1. 1.1950 - 30.12.1950 A/37915 1. 1.1951 - 31.12.1951 A/37916 2. 1.1952 - 23.12.1952 A/37917 1. 1.1953 - 26.12.1953 A/37918 These letterbooks are held at the Queensland State Archives. The following extracts have appeared in my Queensland Aboriginal Notes series. Copyright Paul Mackett 2006 25. 6.1921 Mentions Edie Carter of Maytown, adult. She is applying for exemption. Edie moved to Einasleigh with her employer. 10. 8.1921 Nellie Asaki H/C aplied for exemption. 7.11.1921 Tracker Jimmy James 20.12.1921 Jimmy James wants leave 26. 7.1922 CPA looking for Joe White H/C. Not in district 15. 8.1922 Ex-Tracker Lu Lu and his gin Maggie staying at Einasleigh. Going to Mona Mona. 21.10.1922 Dick went to Cairns for medical treatment. Was at Carpentaria Downs Stn. Should go to a Mission. 30.11.1922 Jimmy James wants leave. 16. 8.1923 Edie assaulted at Carpentaria Downs Stn 9. 4.1924 Tracker Mitchell of Cairns Tracker Jimmy James of Einasleigh wants to return to Cairns. He came to Einasleigh in 1920. 7. 5.1924 Tracker Jimmy James 28. 7.1924 Tracker Jimmy James to resign. Bobby Brown, single, aged 25 years, native of Carpentaria Downs Station, willing to take his place. 20. 8.1924 Tracker Jimmy James resigned and going to Mareeba 20. 8.1924 Bobby Brown starting as Tracker 1.12.1924 Bobby Brown and Edie Lammamoor were married 1.12.1924 15.12.1924 Bobby Brown married Edie Lammamoor 1.12.1924. Edie F/B, 19 years old, native of Carpentaria Downs Station, never previously married and has no children. There was no marriage ceremory. Edie stated their parents told them that when the grew up they were to be husband and wife. 13. 5.1925 Yarrabah Mission looking for Amy Hyde and Bob Boomera. Not in district. 5. 2.1926 Edie Carter to be removed to Yarrabah. 18. 2.1926 Edie Carter to be removed from Einasleigh to Yarrabah tomorrow. Healthy and clear of all diseases. 25. 2.1926 Tracker Bobby Brown of Einasleigh is sick 25. 2.1925 Tracker Bobby Brown going to Chillagoe for medical examination 5. 3.1926 Bobby Brown is married. 14. 3.1926 Bobby Brown back at work. His gin is Edie Lamamoor. also mentions Edie Carter who was removed to Yarrabah. 18. 3.1926 Topsy, wife of tracker Jimmy James of Herberton, arrived at Einasleigh today. 28. 4.1926 Mentions Tracker Bobby Brown 17.12.1926 Mentions Trackers Bobby Brown wants to stay here Billy Collins wants to return to Mt Surprise 19.12.1926 Bobby Brown going to Mt Surprise. His gin staying at Einasleigh for the moment. Annie coming to Einasleigh from Mt Surprise. 1. 1.1927 Bobby Brown's gin Edie did not want to leave Einasleigh as she was born on Carpentaria Downs Stn. Also mentions Billy Collins who let his gin go to Mt Surprise. 22. 4.1927 Trackers Vouchers. Mentions Bobby Brown and gin Edie Lamamoor Billy Collins and gin Annie 29. 4.1927 Edie Lamamoor wants to go to Mt Surprise from Einasleigh Annie wants to come to Einasleigh from Mt Surprise 16. 7.1927 Billy Collins resigned. Sanko recruited 12.11.1927 Tracker Sanko's gin is Cherry 12.12.1927 The gin Cherry started residing with Tracker Sanko on 3.11.1927 17. 7.1928 Tracker Sanko wants leave 13. 8.1942 Eddie, wife of Tracker Bobbie Brown of Mt Surprise 24. 8.1928 Mentions Hubert Thompson H/C in Edmonton Police district 1. 7.1929 Tracker Sanko wants leave 11.12.1929 Tracker Kruger discharged from Einasleigh Hospital. He is from Fossilbrook. 30.12.1931 To IOPC Barney Wallace, tracker 2. 8.1932 To IOPC Discharge Barney Wallace Recruit Ned O'Neill from Mareeba 10.12.1932 To CPAB Fred Wellington not known 1. 1.1933 To Carpentaria Downs Station Jack at Lyndhurst, from Hughenden Cherry gone to her brother Jerry at Cairns 2. 3.1933 To P of A Cairns Cherry passbook No. 1234 5. 3.1933 To P of A Charters Towers Bob Johnson and Cora at Carpentaria Downs Station 1. 4.1933 To IOPC Tracker Ned O'Neill wants to resign 29. 5.1933 To Einasleigh Tracker Ned O'Neill discharged Tracker Captain Johnson to replace him 19. 8.1933 To CPAB Agreements at Einasleigh Jerry Bertie Barney Wallace Bob Johnson 28.12.1933 To CPAB Tracker Captain Johnson 2. 1.1934 To P of A Charters Towers Money for Barney Wallace Bob Johnson 2. 1.1934 Mentions Bartie Bob Johnson 5. 1.1934 To P of A Mareeba Ned A and Ned O'Neill are the same and at Mareeba 15. 1.1934 To CPAB Re: Bob Johnson and Cora Hoya Husband and wife. Employed on Carpentaria Downs Station Two children. Gone to Charters Towers. 31. 1.1934 To CPAB Ned A is same as Ned O'Neill. Account at Mareeba. 1. 3.1934 To CPAB Bertie was working at Carpentaria Downs Station. Aged about 30 years. 21. 4.1934 To IOPC Tracker Captain Johnson wants to resign. Ex-tracker Sanko aged 25 years and single wants to join. His mother Annie (mentioned 1. 5.1934) is at Georgetown 22. 5.1934 To IOPC Sanko is not coming 30. 5.1934 To P of A Brisbane Jerry (Jerry Croydon) is at Mungana. Barney Wallace is at Bolwarra Station, Chillagoe 31. 5.1934 To CPAB Peter is at Kidston 20. 6.1934 To IOPC Tracker Henry Surgeon arrived 5. 8.1934 To CPAB Henry Surgeon H-78 Bob Johnson B-98 at Charters Towers Captain Johnson C-64 at Cairns 4. 9.1934 Supply of goods to Bertie of Lyndhurst Stn 27. 9.1934 Agreements for work at Lyndhurst Stn for Johnnie Wogga 17.10.1934 Mentions Tracker Tommy Tiger 6.11.1934 Mentions Tracker Barney Wallace 17.11.1934 Mentions Ben Johnson and his wife Cora Hoya at Charters Towers. 24.11.1934 Harry Rouse employed on Carpentaria Downs Stn, Einasleigh. Harry states that when he was a young child, aged about 8 years old, he was taken with his mother Maggie fron Nanango to Purga Mission. Only thing he knows about his father is that his father was employed in the Nanango district when he was in Purga Mission. 4.12.1934 Meals supplied to Bertie 9.12.1934 Tracker Henry Surgeon, relieving at Forsayth, wants to return to Einasleigh 29.12.1934 Tracker Henry Surgeon wants to resign. 13. 1.1935 Mentions Harry and Jessie Croydon have left Almaden. Also mentions Bertie to be employed at Almaden. 13. 1.1935 Tracker Henry Surgeon discharged. Tracker Tommy Tiaro recruited. 29. 1.1935 Mentions at Lyndhurst Station Johnny Wogga 31. 1.1935 Tracker Tommy Tiaro has an account at Cooktown 2. 3.1935 Henry Surgeon H-78 employed at Rokeby Stn via Coen. 3. 3.1935 Mentions Henry Rouse Married with no children. married a girl from Purga Mission. Employed at Carpentaria Downs Stn 19. 3.1935 Maggie Rouse residing with her husband. 1. 4.1935 Mentions Wogga 5. 4.1935 Mentions Bertie at Rosella Stn, Mt Surprise 14. 4.1935 Mentions Tommy Tiaro 23. 4.1935 Joe arrived from Mt Surprise. Since gone. 26. 5.1935 Joe is patient at Townsville Hospital 28. 5.1935 Joe belongs to the Georgetown District 2. 6.1935 H (Henry) Rouse at Carpentaria Downs Stn was granted exemption in 1927. His wife is automatically exempt. 7. 6.1935 Paddy P-60 not in district 15. 6.1935 Mentions Mrs H Rouse 27. 7.1935 No girl by name of Louie in district. Some 18 months ago there was a girl named Louie at Mungana. From there she went to Chillagoe. She lived at Herberton before going to Mungana. 2. 8.1935 Peter and Minnie Walters, who have accounts at Mungana are not in the district. 5. 8.1935 Johnnie J-88 and Wogga W-96 are leaving Lyndhurst Stn and going to Normanton. They are natives of Normanton. 6. 8.1935 Bank accounts Minnie Moran M-14, account at Millaa Millaa Dinah ) Maud Merra ) accounts at Atherton Nellie ) None are in the district 9. 8.1935 Mentions Johnnie Wogga 11. 8.1935 Mentions Parker 22. 8.1935 Tracker Tommy Tiaro injured 6. 9.1935 Nipper being returned to Normanton 24. 9.1935 Mentions Johnnie J-288 and Wogga W-96 27. 9.1935 Joseph East H/C in Townsville Hospital. 25. 9.1935 Statement by Dick, employed on Spring Creek Stn 3.10.1935 Mentions Parker of Ingham 7.10.1935 Mentions Johnnie J-288 and Wogga W-96 18.10.1935 Mentions Joseph East 31.10.1935 Tracker Tommy Tiaro 1.11.1935 Jack McAlister, application for rations. H/C, exempt, returned soldier, aged 40 yrs. Mother is Maggie McAlister, aged 60 yrs, resident at Charters Towers. 12.11.1935 Maggie Rouse resides at Fresh Water Creek, Cairns. Husband is Harry Rouse. 11.11.1935 Johnnie J-288 26.11.1935 Johnnie J-288. Left Einasleigh for Normanton. 29. 1.1936 Johnnie J-288 6. 2.1936 Maggie Rouse (nee Davidson) M-208 now at Fresh Water Creek Cairns. Prior to coming to Einasleigh she was at Purga Mission till she married Rouse. 11. 2.1936 At Lyndhurst Station are Johnny Major 26. 2.1936 Johnny and Major 1. 3.1935 Tracker Tommy Tiaro 10. 3.1936 Johnny J-288 29. 3.1936 Mrs M Rouse 4. 4.1936 The following, late of Mungana, are not in the district Charlie Inkerman Henry Drumduff 18. 5.1936 Mentions Johnnie Tommy Tiaro 7. 6.1936 Johnnie 20. 6.1936 Tracker Tommy Tiaro wants to resign 9. 9.1936 Tracker Tommy Tiaro leaving. Tracker Willie Gibson to take his place. 11. 9.1936 ID card for Tommy Tiaro T-78 13. 9.1936 Tommy Tiaro 18. 9.1936 Mentions Tommy Tiaro Willie Gibson 20. 9.1936 Johnnie Killarney deserted his employer, Gumholes Stn. came from Mitchell River Mission. 1.10.1936 Mentions Tommy Tiaro Willie Gibson 5.10.1936 Tracker Willie Gibson injured 16.10.1936 Tracker Willie Gibson back on duty. He was relieved by Tracker George of Oaks. 1.11.1936 Mentions Tracker Willie Gibson Tracker George of Oaks (Kidston) 24.11.1936 Wages paid to Tracker Tommy Tiaro 25.11.1936 Wages paid to Tracker Tommy Tiaro 22. 1.1937 Mentions Tracker Tommy Tiaro 24. 1.1937 Mentions Tracker Tommy Tiaro 28. 2.1937 Mentions Major 28. 2.1937 Mentions Norman getting goods from Mareeba 27. 3.1937 Mentions the following getting goods from Mareeba Norman Major 30. 3.1937 Mentions agreements for Norman and Major at Lyndhurst Station 24. 4.1937 Mentions Tracker Willie Gibson 20. 5.1937 Mentions Norman 30. 5.1937 ID card for Willie Gibson W-142 19. 6.1937 Tracker Willie Gibson 24. 8.1937 Pocket money for the following for the Oak Races was sent to Kidston Henry 2 Harry Bunn Norman A Major 21. 9.1937 Good for Johnnie, employed at Normanton 24. 9.1937 Frank, from Laura, not in district 28.10.1937 The following, who have inoperative accounts at Ingham, are not in district Jenny Dandy J-172 Johnny Hammond J-175 Rosie 3 R-41 Sandy S-48 9.11.1937 Tracker Willie Gibson 12.11.1937 Mentions Willie Gibson Major 18.11.1937 Henry Brown and wife en route from Palm Island to employment at Collins Bros, Spring Creek, Mt Surprise. 21.11.1937 Arthur Collins, H/C, 18 yrs, employed at Collins Bros, Spring Creek, Mt Surprise, had an accident with a rifle. Brother is Archie Collins, also employed there. 26.11.1937 Willie Gibson 26.11.1937 Mentions Willie Gibson. His cousin is Teddy Tranby at Bungalow, Cairns 14.12.1937 Norman N-97 20.12.1937 Major M-186 going to Mareeba for Christmas. Accompanied by Tiger and Lily of Oaks, Kidston. 21.12.1937 Norman N-97, single. 28.12.1937 Mentions Jack J-183 Major M-186 Norman N-97 8. 1.1938 Norman N-97 7. 2.1938 Norman N-97 10. 3.1938 Mentions Major M-186 Norman N-97 21. 3.1938 mentions Willie Gibson W-142 2. 4.1938 Mentions Jack J-183 Willie Gibson W-142 18. 4.1938 Agreements for Jack J-183 Major M-186 Mentions Willie Gibson 14. 5.1938 Dan Lacy of Dagworth belongs to Georgetown. Employed at Dagworth Station. Sick. 15. 5.1938 Alfie Starlight at Carpentaria Downs. 27. 5.1938 Alfie Starlight 2. 6.1936 Major M-186 transferring to Kidston 6. 6.1938 Major M-186 14. 6.1938 Dan Lacey was at Einasleigh Hospital 20. 6.1938 The following are not in the district Maggie Anderson Rene Cassidy Raymond Cassidy Victor Cassidy Doreen Cassidy 23. 6.1938 Major M-186 at Kidston This bundle also contains loose correspondence to 11.12.1940. 3. 6.1938 Major M-186 25. 7.1938 Kitchener Brown, late of Cloncurry, not in district 3. 8.1938 Jack, aged, single, at Carpentaria Downs Stn. 22. 8.1938 Agreement for Tommy Dowling jnr at Carpentaria Downs Station. Also mentions Jack. 23. 8.1938 Bob Brown died on 28. 6.1938 at Yarrabah Mission. Reported to be a native of Carpentaria Downs Station. Jack J-183 may know of him. 31. 8.1938 Jack J-183 31. 8.1938 Larry L-62 of Chillagoe 2. 9.1938 Bob Brown died at Yarrabah Mission on 28. 6.1938. Jack J-183 of Carpentaria Downs Station states that Bob Brown has a niece and nephew at Mareeba named Eric Brown and Doreen Brown. Eric and Doreen's father was Bob Brown's brother. 26. 9.1938 Jack Fettick, late of Mount Garnet, is not in the district. 13.10.1938 ID card for Jack J-183 14.10.1938 Tommy Dowling leaving for Palm Island today. Also mentions Harry Bunn and Henry 2 at Carpentaria Downs Stn. 1.11.1938 Mentions at Carpentaria Downs Station Henry 2 Harry Bunn Larry 9.11.1938 Tracker Willie Gibson 28.11.1938 Tracker Willie Gibson 28.11.1938 Parker P-73, late of Lyndhurst Station, Kidston, not in district. 30.11.1938 Jack J-183 13.12.1938 Jack J-183 13.12.1938 The following are employed at Carpentaria Downs Stn Tiger T-112 Lily L-61 14.12.1938 Permission granted for Harry Bunn to marry Maisie Lorraine of Palm Island. 31.12.1938 Tracker Willie Gibson, single 4. 1.1939 Report mentions Dan Lacy of Dagworth 20. 1.1939 Jack J-183 20. 1.1939 Lora L-59 of Ingham not in district 30. 1.1939 Agreements for the following at Carpentaria Downs Stn Tiger T-112 Lily L-61 Jack J-183 Larry Major L-62 13. 2.1939 Willie Gibson W-142 20. 2.1939 Mentions at carpentaria Downs Stn Jack J-183 Larry Major Tiger Lily 27. 2.1939 Mentions Tiger Lily 7. 1.1942 Meals for Harry Herbert H-77 Archie A-171 Both are employed in the Mt Surprise Protectorate 8. 1.1942 Tom Mitchell of Cairns wants to work at Oak Park Station 31. 1.1942 Tracker Willie Gibson wants leave. Will not return. Mentions Henry Lacey in the Georgetown Police Division who is married without children. May be a replacement for Willie. 2. 2.1942 Sandfly S-26 is married with no children. May be be replacement for Willie Gibson. Currently employed at Oak Park Station 7. 2.1942 Dental treatment for Kitty Draper 14. 2.1942 Mentions Sandfly S-26 Kitty Draper K-6 Jack Shaw (Bowman) J-183 All are permanently employed in the Kidston Police District 22. 2.1942 Tracker Willie Gibson 25. 2.1942 Mentions Tracker Willie Gibson Henry Lacey 3. 3.1942 Application by larry L-62 to marry Ursula. Larry working at Wrotham Park Station near Chillagoe 16. 3.1942 Mentions Sandfly S-26 Kitty Draper K-6 Jack Shaw (Bowman) J-183 30. 3.1942 Re marriage of Larry Major L-62 to Ursula. No information available. Larry has left district. 7. 4.1942 Tracker Willie Gibson 14. 4.1942 Parky Atkinson supposed to be in Hughenden 23. 4.1942 Dental treatment for Kitty Draper K-6 30. 4.1942 Meals supplied to Jack Shaw J-183 en route to Chillagoe Hospital 14. 5.1942 Kitty Draper K-6 of Oak Park Station 11. 6.1942 Tracker Willie Gibson gone 15. 6.1942 Possible replacement for Willie Gibson is Chism in the Georgetown Police District. 17. 6.1942 Willie Gibson now living in Cairns 18. 7.1942 The following may be considered as trackers Jimmy Marks, employed at Lyndhurst Stn, married Banjo, Tracker at Mungana for nine years, married 28. 7.1942 Willie Gibson 23. 8.1942 Willie Gibson 22. 9.1942 New tracker is Ben Womera B-100. He is 40 years old Was at Abingdon Downs Station for several years. 3.12.1942 Sandy Gordon at Oak Park Station 8.12.1942 Edie Madigan not in district 23. 1.1943 Charlie Carmedy of cairns is unemployed. Possible employment at Werrington Station. 15. 2.1943 Charles Commity (see previous) sent to Werrington Stn. The station is in the Kidston Police district 11. 7.1943 Amos Kingburra at Carpentaria Downs Stn 13. 8.1943 George Wilson and Vera Wilson are at Carpentaria Downs Stn. Their nephew Tommy Kangaroo wants to live with them. 13. 8.1943 Tracker Ben Womera applied for leave 23. 8.1943 Statement by Mick Morris at Einasleigh, states Employed at Eva Creek Stn, Einasleigh Wife is Judy Morris Child is Totty Morris 19. 9.1943 Cancellation of leave for Tracker Ben Womera 26.11.1943 Ben Womera B-100 to Mareeba for medical treatment 9.12.1943 Ben Womera applied for leave 12.12.1943 File about death of Aboriginal child George at Croydon Hospital on 2.12.1943 received at Einasleigh by mistake. 30. 1.1944 Ben Womera B-100. Want to get rid of him. Mentions Michael Dot (Mitchell Dodd) , married, no family, of Yarrabah Mission. 31. 3.1944 Telephone calls To Mt Surprise Young Romeo To Mt Surprise Billy Collins 10. 4.1944 Ben Womera B-100 discharged 10. 4.1944 Mitchell Dodd M-561, aged 50 years, married with no children, now Tracker at Einasleigh. 30. 6.1944 Telephone calls To Kidston Alex Spencer To Mt Surprise Mission Dick to Mareeba, medical 24. 9.1944 Theft of suitcase from Tommy Mitchell at Cairns. Tommy employed at Oak Park Stn, 90 km from Einasleigh. Also mentions his aunt at Cairns and Janie thought to be from White Rock. 30. 9.1944 Telephone calls To Carpentaria Downs Larry and gin returning from Yarrabah To Mt Surprise Parker To Carpentaria Downs Gordon Amos 7.10.1944 Police Tracker wanted at Kidston. Mentions ex-Tracker Frank Williams at Mareeba. Tracker Mitchell Dodd wants to leave Einasleigh. Tracker Henry Lacey and gin want to leave Kidston 9.11.1944 Tommy Mitchell at Oak Park 17.11.1944 Mitchell Dodd M-561 sick 1.12.1944 Mitchell Dodd fit to resume work 2.12.1944 Tommy Mitchell of Oak Park. Mentions Sandy Gordon 31.12.1944 Telephone calls To Georgetown Mick leaving Everleigh To Georgetown Mistreatment of Judea, Everleigh To Kidston Charlie Omeenge To Everleigh Mick Morris To Georgetown Teddy Morris 25. 1.1945 Maurice English M-573 of Georgetown not a suitable Tracker 23. 2.1945 Jimmie Mark Wilson J-511 F/B , late of Oak Park Stn, now of Yarrabah Mission would like to be Tracker at Einasleigh. Married, no children, about 35 years old. 31. 3.1945 Telephone calls To Kidston Major and Eva To Mt Surprise Collins To Kidston Jimmy Marks To Kidston Henry Lacey To Forsayth Ursula 9. 4.1945 Mitchell Dodd 26. 4.1945 Caesar of Dagworth Stn, Mt Surprise 29. 4.1945 Mitchell Dodd and his gin Dolly Dodd 29. 4.1945 Mitchell Dodd wants to leave. Mentions Harry McNamara Tommy Burns 30. 4.1945 Mick Morris M-109 has wife and young son Peter Morris. 23. 5.1945 Archie Collins A-171 of Mt Surprise 1. 6.1945 Mitchell Dodd 4. 6.1945 Mark to be escorted from Mt Surprise to Mareeba Hospital ??. 6.1945 Mark of Mitchell River Mission got sick while droving and went to Mareeba Hospital 24. 6.1945 Poindy Harry and Leisha started work at Spring Creek Stn via Mt Surprise. Since Adelaide and Amos left Carpentaria Downs Stn, Larry and Ursula have wanted to leave. Also mentions Mitchell Dodd and Dolly Dodd. 24. 6.1945 Parkie Woolloogorang also known as Parkie Atkinson F/B causing trouble in Protectorate. Born at Woolloogorang Stn in the Northern Territory about 28 or 30 years ago. Came to Greenvale Stn, about 150 miles from Einasleigh, when he was 3 years old. Reared by James Atkinson. 21. 6.1945 Willie Temple, Lyndhurst Stn 30. 6.1945 Telephone calls To Mt Surprise Caesar To Kidston Henry Lacey To Mt Molloy Mitchell Dodd To Mareeba Mitchell Dodd To Cairns Mark To Mt Surprise Mark To Kidston Mick Morris To Forsayth Mick Morris 5. 7.1945 Removal Order for Parky Atkinson from Einasleigh to Palm Island. Parky currently involved in droving to Townsville. 2. 7.1945 At Carpentaria Downs Stn are Adelaide Kingburra Ursula Major 2. 7.1945 Mick Morris, Hospital at Forsayth Undated Amos Kingburra A-299 willing to leave Yarrabah and become Tracker at Einasleigh. He is married. Also mentions Mitchell Dodd and gin willing to go to Carpentaria Downs Stn Jimmie Mark Wilson and gin of Yarrabah want to come to Einasleigh 27. 7.1945 Gordon Amos G-191 going to Yarrabah on holidays. Wants to bring his wife and family back to Carpentaria Downs. Also mentions Larry Major and wife Ursula Major to return to Carpentaria Downs Stn. 5. 8.1945 Billy Herbert Collins B-250 employed at Einasleigh 4. 8.1945 Expenses for Mark 10. 8.1945 Charlie Dagworth died suddenly at Dagworth Stn on 8. 8.1945. Been working there ever since he was a small boy. He was caught on the Einasleigh River near Dagworth when he was a small piccaninny and reared at Dagworth. Aged over 80 years. Wife died at Dagworth Stn about 7 years ago and was buried there. Charlie believed to have a sister in the Georgetown Protectorate. 11. 8.1945 Judy Morris J-154 and husband employed at Kidston. Also mentions Mick Morris 17. 8.1945 Willie and 3 companions from Valley of lagoons arrived at Einasleigh. Returned to Normanton 14. 8.1945 Aborigines from Valley of Lagoons are Jerry Willie Daffney Patrick Paddy Johnnie 19. 8.1945 Whereabouts of Parky Atkinson unknown 19. 8.1945 Mick Morris M-109 19. 8.1945 Judy Morris J-154 child endowment account 22. 8.1945 Charles Parker C-344 at Wondavale, Charters Towers 6. 9.1945 Judy Morris J-154, wife of Mick Morris M-109 proceeding to Georgetown. Soon to give birth. 5. 9.1945 Charlie Dagworth buried on 8. 8.1945 at Dagworth Stn. 1. 1.1946 Telephone calls To Georgetown Ben Womera 3. 1.1946 Transfers of following trackers Mitchell Dodd from Einasleigh to Georgetown Willie Banjo from Georgetown to Einasleigh 23. 1.1946 Cancellation of transfers of Trackers Undated Billy Herbert Collins B-250 at Einasleigh 3. 3.1946 Billy Herbert Collins B-250 at Einasleigh Bundle of letters from 7. 6.1946 to 23. 9.1946 about Willie Temple W-200 and Barney B-102 and confusion of thumb prints 25. 3.1946 Mitchell Dodd M-561 31. 3.1946 Telephone calls To Kidston Spencer To Kidston Committy To Georgetown Lottie To Georgetown Removal Order, Frackleton To Cairns Removal Order,Frackleton, to Palm Island To Gilbert River Removal Order, Frackleton To Georgetown Morris English To Everleigh Stn Morris English To Mt Surprise Poindy Harry, Removal to Yarrabah 5. 4.1946 Willie Temple W-200 8. 4.1946 Mitchell Dodd M-561 13. 4.1946 Billy Herbert Collins B-250 at Einasleigh 16. 4.1946 Morris English M-573 at Ravenshoe. Originally from Weipa Mission 17. 4.1946 Billy E B-101 also known as Joe Burke, at Mareeba Hospital 22. 4.1946 Poindy Harry causing trouble at Spring Creek Stn, Mt Surprise 27. 4.1946 Mitchell Dodd on sick leave 10. 5.1946 Tommy Roley (or Barney Roley) wanted for employment at Carpentaria Downs. 23. 5.1946 Tommy Dowling and Hubert Dowling at Einasleigh 5. 6.1946 Poindy Harry and gin to Cairns 14. 6.1946 Cecil, David and Leo en route Pandamus to Dunbar Stn 30. 4.1946 Telephone calls To Carpentaria Downs Emma To Mt Surprise Nick Wallace 31. 5.1946 Telephone calls To Kidston Mitchell Dodd To Mt Surprise Nick Wallace To Kidston Maurice 19. 6.1946 Tottie Morris returning from Cairns. Sent to Forsayth. 26. 6.1946 Mitchell Dodd and Dolly Dodd 27. 6.1946 Wallaby absconded from Drover Conway in the Cloncurry district and wants to return to his tribal district in the Northern Territory. 30. 6.1946 Telephone calls To Carpentaria Downs Jubilee To Kidston Tottie Morris To Georgetown Tottie Morris To Forsayth Oscar and Jubilee, returning to Croydon To Wyandotte Stn Money to Cecil, Dave and Leo en route Pandamus to Strathmore Stn 5. 7.1946 Tracker Mitchell Dodd and gin Dolly Dodd 7. 7.1946 Mary Mitchell M-161 of Tullaroo Stn 8. 7.1946 Tommy Kangaroo 9. 7.1946 Emma Hudson Roley E-32 going to Georgetown for medical treatment 12. 7.1946 Willie Evans W-31 deceased. Mentions Willie Temple W-200, married to Jenny Redmond of Lockhart River Mission. Willie Temple supplied the following information about Willie Evans, namely, Willie Evans has a deceased brother sister is Jenny Monday, believed to be at Lockhart River Mission cousin is Romeo of Silver Plains, Laura or Coen 13. 7.1946 Tracker Mitchell Dodd and his gin Dolly Dodd deserted 15. 7.1946 Archie Collins A-171 6. 8.1946 Whereabouts of Mitchell Dodd unknown Sanko Ford at Georgetown 6. 8.1946 Alfie from Blackbraes Stn reports Mitchell Dodd is at Mareeba en route to Cairns thence Yarrabah. 31. 8.1946 Telephone calls To Mt Surprise Mary and Banjo refuse to return to work at Tullaroo To Mt Surprise Mary Mitchell returning to Georgetown To Forsayth Billy E discharged Georgetown Hospital 31. 7.1946 Telephone calls To Almaden Tracker Dodd To Georgetown Whereabouts of Emma To Chillagoe Whereabouts of Tracker Dodd, who is to replace Sanko Ford of Georgetown 16. 8.1946 Tommy Dowling to Mareeba for medical attention 16.10.1946 Tracker Henry Abingdon arriving from Forsayth 31.10.1946 Telephone calls To Mt Surprise Banjo 31.12.1946 Telephone calls To Mt Surprise Mary Mitchell To Kidston Kitty Gordon, Sandy Gordon Henry Lacey, Flora Lacey 27. 1.1948 Tracker Henry Abingdon 26. 1.1948 Ivy Edwards I-38 of Georgetown 31. 1.1948 Telephone calls To Georgetown Whereabouts of Oswald who left Carpentaria Downs and lost at Einasleigh 11. 3.1948 Tracker Henry Abingdon missing 8. 4.1948 Tracker Henry Abingdon returned 30. 4.1948 Telephone calls To Mt Surprise Mick Morris and Sandy Morris To Mt Surprise Spencer, female, passing through to Forsayth 10. 5.1948 Tracker Henry Abingdon to Mareeba for medical attention 21. 5.1948 Henry Abingdon wants to transfer to Cairns. Also mentions Manny or Spargo of Georgetown 28. 5.1948 Henry Abingdon returned 8. 6.1948 Wogga absconded from Drover Ossie Atkins near Abingdon Stn on 10. 5.1948. 25. 7.1948 Death of Aboriginal Leslie Walker and injuries sustained by his wife Millie Walker and daughter Charlotte Walker when jumping from a truck at Rex's farm between Mossman and Mt Molloy. 1. 8.1948 Henry Abingdon wants to leave. says he was offered the job of Tracker Captain at Cairns. Henry is single. Suggest elderly Toby Dandy become tracker here. 21. 9.1948 Mannie Fred, gin and 3 children are at Einasleigh en route to Kidston to become Tracker. 31. 8.1948 Telephone calls To Kidston Tommy Mitchell 21.10.1948 Expenses for Mannie Fred, wife and 3 children 7.12.1948 Child endowment due to Ethel Singleton of Einasleigh. No such person at Einasleigh. 1. .1950 Toby Dandy 23. 5.1950 Ivy Edwards also known as Ivy Mark has no desire to proceed to Einasleigh to marry Mick Morris. 9. 8.1950 Jimmie Yorkey J-435, Tracker at Einasleigh, wants to resign. Will accept position at Dagworth Stn. Also mentions Gilbert Hall G-216 F/B, born 1926 Weipa Mission, married with 2 children namely Gladys Hall, born November or December 1947 and Gilbert Edward Hall, born 9. 1.1950. Gilbert's wife is Sally Hall S-257 H/C, born 1926 Charters Towers. 2. 9.1950 Jimmie Yorkey and his wife Mary Yorkey resigned as Tracker at Einasleigh. Place taken by Gilbert Hall who was working at Dagworth Stn. 1. 2.1951 Rations for Tracker and family Gilbert Hall Sally Hall, his wife Gladys Hall, their child Gilbert Edward Hall, their child 16. 3.1951 Jerry, Tracker at Kidston. Also mentions Mick Morris 4. 4.1951 Permission for Gilbert Hall to visit his wife who is about to give birth at Mareeba. 3. 5.1951 Gilbert Hall returned to duty 23. 5.1951 Alec Spencer H/C of Carpentaria Downs Stn involved in motor accident. Aged 33 years, married. Also mentions Kitchener Brown aged 50 years. 7. 6.1951 Tracker Gilbert Hall wants to leave. 29. 7.1951 Tracker Gilbert hall discharged. Paul Mitchell is new Tracker. 27. 8.1951 Mentions Alec Spencer Kitchener Brown Frederick Footscray 31. 8.1951 Mounted Patrol report mentions Mannie Fred Paul Mitchell Gilbert Hall 8.10.1951 Tracker Jerry Shaun from Kidston 1. 1.1952 Rations for Tracker Paul Mitchell 21. 1.1952 Balance of wages at 30.11.1951 for Alick Spencer A-279 Arthur Frackleton A-157 Bruce Meldrum B-502 Clem Burton Meldrum C-88 Ethel Fred E-110 Flora Lacey F-32 Gilbert Hall G-216 Mannie Fred M-108 Paul Mitchell P-304 Sally Dallachy Hall S-257 Teddy Morris t-360 Willie Anderson W-274 Child Endowment accounts at 30.11.1951 are Ethel Fred E-110 Lizzie Green L-250 Mick Morris M-109 Sally Hall S-257 25. 1.1952 Antecedents of Maurice F/B supposed age 25 years who is committed for trial at Cairns. There are none. 29. 1.1952 Banjo Gregory is Tracker at Kidston 15. 3.1952 Jean Janite Spencer of Lyndhurst Stn via Einasleigh, single, about 20 years old, H/C, gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 2. 1.1952 at Gordonvale Hospital. Father is Benjamin Sydney Hussey of Lyndhurst Stn, a white man. Jean's father is Alex Spencer Jean's mother is Lizzie Spencer (Green) Jean was born at Barclay Downs Stn, Camooweal about 1932 and later received a Prep 3 education at Dajarra. Jean and Hussey live as man and wife, with Alex Spencer and Lizzie Spencer and their six children. 31. 3.1952 Wants to know date of birth of Gloria Hall. Parents are Gilbert Hall and Sally Hall. Sally says Gloria was born on 20. 4.1951 at Mareeba. To do with child endowment claim. 19. 4.1952 About Benjamin Sydney Hussey of Lyndhurst Stn, Einasleigh, breaching Aboriginal Protection and Preservation Act. Has been living as man and wife with Jean Janite Spencer H/C. Jean gave birth to an illegitimate child on 2. 1.1952. 23. 5.1952 More about Benjamin Sydney Hussey and Jean Janite Spencer 7. 6.1952 Permission for Benjamin Sydney Hussey and Jean Janite Spencer to marry. 14. 6.1952 Permission to marry delivered to Benjamin Sydney Hussey and Jean Janite Spencer 16. 7.1952 Benjamin Sydney Hussey and Jean Janite Spencer were married on 7. 7.1952 at the Registry Office, Herberton. 16. 7.1952 Tracker Paul Mitchell wants leave. 14. 8.1952 Tracker Paul Mitchell back at work 26. 8.1952 Tracker Paul Mitchell wants to leave 10.10.1952 Tracker Paul Mitchell still wants to leave 15.11.1952 Possible replacement Trackers are Gilbert Hall at Spring Creek Stn, was a Tracker, does not want job Mannie Fred at Tallaroo Stn, was a Tracker, does not want job Teddy Morris at Carpentaria Downs Stn, does not want job 2.12.1952 Tracker Paul Mitchell has left 15. 1.1953 Nickel Butcher willing to be Tracker. passed through Einasleigh on way to Georgetown with a droving party. Butcher is married with no children, a F/B and about 23 years old. Butcher is a resident of Normanton. 5. 6.1953 Mentions Paul Mitchell P-304 residing at Einasleigh. 10. 7.1953 Mentions Paul Mitchell of Einasleigh Teddy Morris of Carpentaria Downs Stn, 25 miles from Einasleigh 12. 7.1953 Nickel Butcher of Normanton still willing to be Tracker