Emerald Police Letterbook 1917 - 1925

Police Station, Emerald Letterbooks 26. 3.1917 - 23.11.1917 QS477/1 (1) Queensland State Archives 10. 7.1918 - 20. 2.1919 QS477/1 (2) Queensland State Archives 8. 2.1922 - 2. 6.1925 QS477/1 (3) Queensland State Archives 20. 4.1917 Tracker George Lacey of Emerald 10. 4.1917 Tracker Charlie Anderson's gin is deceased. Her name was Emily. Emily was actually the wife of Charley Mummin, who is now at ----babeer Stn, Banana. Emily's proper name was Amy Mummin. 17. 4.1917 To Blackwater. Why are Donkey, his gin and children not heading for Emerald where he is employed. 21. 4.1917 Relative to removal order for Murray. Being sent to Barambah. He is aged about 30 years. He is useless in the Duaringa district and feared in the Blackwater district. Undated Murray has left Emerald for Barambah 23. 4.1917 Diver Mitchell was reared by Mr Donaldson of Medway Stn, Bogantungan. Mr Donaldson wants Diver to be Exempt. Diver is supporting his three children in the Meteor Park Orphanage in Rockhampton. Diver's wife is dead. Diver is now on Surbiton Stn, Alpha district. 28. 4.1917 Tracker Anderson wants to go to Barambah 10. 5.1917 Diver Mitchell is not exempt from the Act and cannot get exemption because he is a full blood. 11. 5.1917 About money for Sedgeford Aboriginal Jackey. 19. 5.1917 No half-caste or full blood Aborigines in the district are willing to enlist. 28. 5.1917 To Mr E G Carlsson, Withersfield. William Barnes will not be made exempt. If he refuses to enter into Agreement he, his wife and children will be sent to Barambah. He has been working at Rutland Station. 31. 5.1917 William Barnes is employed at Rutland Station for all of 1917. Not employed by Carlsson. 13. 6.1917 Nellie recently came to Emerald from Duaringa district. She is about 50 years old. She should be sent to Barambah. 15. 6.1917 Bank book for Mick McIntyre is at Rolleston. 29. 6.1917 Query about goods purchased by Luke Don. 24. 7.1917 Mentions Ted, under agreement at Duck Ponds, and recently at Lily Vale. 28. 7.1917 Luke Don will pay account 13. 8.1917 Pass book for Mick McIntyre. Mick was in the Rolleston district. 16. 8.1917 Nellie had no bank account at Emerald, not any money in her possession. 5.10.1917 Mentions Tracker Charlie Anderson 22.10.1917 Mona arrested at Emerald. 24.10.1917 About illegitimate child of Bessie Hill. Bessie is a half-caste Aboriginal and is exempt. 12.11.1917 Tracker Charlie Anderson will be in Springsure for three or four months. 12. 8.1918 Queenie Foote, half-caste, left for Meteor Park Orphanage on August 5. 8. 8.1918 Tracker Charley Clark arrived Emerald 15. 8.1918 Aboriginal Scratcher venereal. 16. 8.1918 Relative Aboriginal Scratcher requested to be removed to Barambah. Emerald doctor says he has venereal disease. The gin he got it from some 4 years ago has died. Doctor says he should be sent to Barambah. 16. 8.1918 Scratcher to be treated at Hospital. Do not recommend he be sent to Barambah now. 20. 9.1918 To Clermont. Aboriginal Mitchell Kilcoy came through Emerald on way to Franklin Station some time ago. Was given money and food as he had none. 30. 9.1918 Quarterly return of phone calls. Mentions Jack Powell, 5. 7.1918 Mentions Tom Croydon, 8. 7.1918 Mentions Dempsey, 10. 7.1918 Mentions Donkey, 14. 8.1918 Mentions Ted, 6. 9.1918 Mentions Scratcher, 24. 9.1918 6.12.1918 Mentions Jumbo and his gin, Biddy. Jumbo is about 50 years old. Undated Asks Chief Protector is order dated May 1916 for removal of Jumbo and Biddy still exists. It included Jimmy Collins who was forwarded to Baramba 25. 5.1916. 9.12.1918 Tracker Cobia going to Clermont 10.12.1918 Relative to Aboriginal Biddy removed to Barambah. Original removal order dated May 1916 included Biddy Jumbo Jimmy Collins Jimmy Collins was removed in 1916. Biddy and her child Fred were secured on 10.12.1918 for removal to Barambah in accordance with the removal order. The actual order went to Barambah with Jimmy Collins. 17.12.1918 Mentions agreement for Norman, aged about 9 years. 31.12.1918 Quarterly return of telephone calls To Emerald Downs about Tottie H/C, 15.10.1918 To Doctor Daniel about Jockey, 13.12.1918 About T Croydon, 20.12.1918 About Podge, 28.12.1918 To Mrs Connors about Maggie, 29.12.1918 11. 1.1919 Norman Quinlan of Emerald wants to take Podge droving to north west Queensland. 21. 1.1919 Passbook for Jack Podge sent to Brisbane. Jack Podge is now at Barambah. 12. 2.1919 Norman Quinlan no longer wants Podge 12. 2.1919 Relative to Queenie Foote, half-caste Aboriginal female child, removed 6. 6.1918 from Emerald to Meteor Park Orphanage. Cheque sent to Orphanage for her. 10. 2.1922 Wants bank book of Arthur forwarded from Rolleston. 14. 8.1922 Mary being escorted to Rockhampton on removal order to Barambah. 16. 8.1922 Mary has been escorted to Rockhampton. 18.12.1922 Relative to deceased Aboriginal C Cooliman, probably from Queensbrook Stn. Aboriginals there are supervised by the Protector at Springsure. 27. 1.1923 Relative to statement by Mary Jaro about her pregnancy. Mary Jaro alias Mary Donkey. According to Police possibilities for the father are William McKendry, white Arthur (?Arthur Powell), black Jack Powell, black Mr Walsh, white Mr Hollgate, white Mr Bloxom, white to mention only a few at Emerald Mary Jaro was sent to Barambah because she was totally immoral and beyond control. 16. 4.1923 Recommend Thomas Teiswater (Teeswater) be sent to Barambah. He has left Bogantungan and supposedly gone to Mitchell. Joseph Rolleston is under agreement in Springsure and working at Ducabrook. Harry Cadd, half-caste, is not under agreement and resides two miles from Bogantungan with his family. 2. 7.1923 Quarterly return of telephone calls To Springsure about Tommy Tieswater (Teeswater), April 1923 To Springsure about Billy Peter running away from employment, 5.11.1923 To Springsure about Billy Peter, no trace, 11. 6.1923 28.12.1923 Aboriginal woman gave birth to a child on the train and the child died between Emerald and Yamala. There were two gins on the train. The real story was that a four year old male child had died on the train between Weemah and Yamala. With the child were its mother and grandmother. Child's name supposedly War James. Archie, who came with them on the train from Blackwater stated that their name was Chubb and they lived at Walton. 14. 3.1924 Charlie Burns, under agreement to Mr Copland of Emerald Downs, wants to buy a horse, sulky and harness. Charlie is old. 27. 1.1925 Order for removal of Jackie Powell to Barambah is cancelled. He is now under agreement for six months.