Halifax Police Letterbooks 1930 - 35

Police Department, Halifax Letterbooks 3.12.1930 - 23.11.1931 POL 12E/G20 Queensland State Archives 23.11.1931 - 11. 1.1934 POL 12E/G21 Queensland State Archives 12. 1.1934 - 5. 5.1935 POL 12E/G22 Queensland State Archives Extracts 9. 5.1931 Escapees from Palm Island are Jack Gunnawarra Cecil Joe Rosetta Willie Barney Ernie Mimmins Jack Tommy Tommy 21. 8.1931 Inquiry about parents of Mary Tanna, wife of Jack Tanna. Father is a South Sea Islander Mother is Aboriginal 1.12.1931 Mentions Daylight of Palm Island 7.12.1931 Fred Toomba is an absconder from Palm Island. Not in district 12. 4.1932 Escapees from Palm Island are two old men named Harry and Jonni. 2. 5.1932 Abraham Sailor located near Gentle Anne and escorted to Townsville en route to Palm Island 28. 6.1932 Maryann, aged about 80 years died in her humpy on Robino's property, off Victoria Road about 6 miles from Halifax on 21. 6.1932. Maryann lived with Harry Tongwa, a South Sea Islander, until his death on 23. 3.1932. No indication of how long they lived together. 8. 7.1932 Inquest into Death of Maryann. Mentions Rose Dennis, coloured woman Rhoda Mammon, coloured woman 26. 7.1932 Rosina is in Toowoomba with the Protector of Aborigines, Ingham's wife and family. 6. 9.1932 Arthur Marshall or Bingra is unknown here. Tommy Curley claims to be identical with Tommy Halifax. A Tommy Curley was removed from Cordelia to Palm Island with his mother some years ago. He later left the Island and was employed in Ingham. He is 23 to 24 years old and his real name is Tommy Aramango. A Luigi Halifax resided is this area for a number of years. He returned to Palm Island and it is alleged he died there. He was about 60 years old. 17.12.1932 George Prior employed at North Gairlock via Ingham 7. 1.1933 Whereabouts of Dick Clark H/C. Staying with Jack Tanna of Halifax 31. 1.1933 Leslie Ross H/C aged 17 years and Rosie Hall H/C aged 18 to 19 years, both from Palm Island, have run away from their employer at Macknade. 3. 2.1933 Sailor was arrested at Macknade. He will be removed from Macknade to Palm Island. 3. 2.1933 Sailor's wife is Nellie who is fairly old and is living at the camp at Macknade. 4. 2.1933 The following Aborigines were found after their boat overturned. They are from Palm Island. Jimmy Banfield George Rutherford Victor Quartney Jimmy Harvey 25. 2.1933 Nellie, wife of Sailor, is quite happy in the camp at Macknade and will not go to Palm Island. 18. 3.1933 Wages due to G Prior sent to Palm Island 18. 3.1933 A coloured woman Ethel Taylor, living apart from her British husband, wants to visit relatives named Loch and Harvey who are on Palm Island. Mentions Jimmy Banfield. Ethel currently lives with Tom Puglisi. 28. 7.1933 Abraham Sailor applying for exemption. Aged 26 years and born on Thursday Island. Parents natives of Murray Island. Abraham is supposed to have been married by Rev Gribble at Palm Island to Theresa Coutts of Halifax who is the daughter of South Sea Islanders. They had one child, a boy aged 1 year old. Jack Tanna is the Stepfather of Theresa Coutts. 11. 9.1933 Dick Clarke H/C of Mt Garnet is holidaying at Halifax with his cousin Jack Tanna. 12. 9.1933 Chief Protector of Aborigines is seeking the whereabouts of a native of Murray Island named Ebu, his wife and four children. 14.11.1933 Escapees from Palm Island are Clive Beckett Jack Albert George Daylight 4.12.1933 Charles Lawrence owed wages. 4.12.1933 Ebu H/C is also known as Golgay Harris. Granted exemption in 1930. Married to a H/C Kanaka by whom he has 4 children aged 10, 5, 3 and 2 years. Wife's name is Alli. 1.12.1933 Mentions follow up for Dr Cilento's visit. People mentioned are Gladys Peter (Gewe) No 515 Polly (Karapar--) No 517 Nellie (Mungalopa) No 518 4. 1.1934 Mick Murphy H/C applying for exemption. Full name is Michael Patrick Murphy, born 16. 6.1897 in Brisbane. Father was British and mother was Aboriginal. Mick is married and has two children, a boy 3 years old and a girl aged 18 months. 11. 1.1934 Susie Fulford absconded from her employer at Bemerside. Aged 24 years, married with a husband at Palm Island. Has a sister near Ingham. Susie is in Ingham and may now be at Palm Island. 7. 2.1934 Employment of Eric Lymburner of Palm Island 17. 2.1934 Gladys Peter (Gewe), No 515, female, old taken to Ingham for medical examination. No sign of venereal. 17. 4.1934 Edward Bungarra alias Eddie Bungarra alias Eddie Russ alias J Russ. Married. Mother in Gordonvale. 26. 7.1934 Chief Protector of Aborigines enquiring for Emily McDonald alias Emily Gordon alias Emily Robinson. She was living with a man named Henderson and assumed that surname. When Henderson died she lived with a H/C named Gordon and assumed that name. Gordon is also deceased. Watchhouse charge book states 24.12.1916 Emily Gordon arrested for being drunk 25.12.1916 Emily Gordon released on bail Memoranda of Agreement Books show 26. 5.1913 Emily employed as general servant. Agreement cancelled. Also employed at the same time by the same employer were Harry, general servant Bob, General servant Willie, general servant Edward, general servant Simon, general servant 3. 9.1934 Jimmy Julian employed by Olindo Venturato. 5. 9.1934 Enquiry about financial position of Bob Halifax by Ingham Police. Not known in district. There was a man named Jack placed under agreement on 29. 3.1915. 20. 3.1935 Lizzie Nell and her adopted child Greta Nell. Greta is a half-caste or of half-caste parents who are George Palmer and Maria Palmer, natives of Cooktown. Greta adopted 2.11.1925. Lizzie Nell's husband Tom Nell died in 1926 at Tweed Heads, NSW, aged 38 years. Buried in the cemetery at Tweed Heads. Maria Palmer died 3. 9.1924 at halifax and is buried at the Ingham Cemetery. George Palmer died in 1927.