Herberton Police Letterbooks 1926 - 1962

Police Station, Herberton, Letterbooks 14. 8.1926 - 24.12.1928 A/38023 Queensland State Archives 19. 8.1929 - 30. 5.1933 A/38024 Queensland State Archives 18. 7.1932 - 6. 1.1933 A/38025 Queensland State Archives 1. 6.1933 - 1. 9.1934 A/38025 Queensland State Archives 5. 9.1934 - 30. 6.1936 A/38026 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1936 - 1.11.1937 A/38027 Queensland State Archives 1.10.1938 - 8. 5.1939 A/38028 Queensland State Archives 3.11.1937 - 30. 9.1938 A/38029 Queensland State Archives 5. 5.1939 - 15. 2.1940 A/38030 Queensland State Archives 16. 2.1940 - 24.12.1940 A/38031 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1941 - 12. 5.1943 A/38032 Queensland State Archives 28.11.1945 - 26.12.1946 A/38033 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1947 - 23.12.1947 A/38034 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1948 - 27.12.1948 A/38035 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1949 - 28.12.1949 A/38036 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1950 - 31.12.1950 A/38037 Queensland State Archives 2. 1.1951 - 28.12.1951 A/38038 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1952 - 31.12.1952 A/38039 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1953 - 30.12.1953 A/38040 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1954 - 30.12.1954 A/38041 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1955 - 30.12.1955 A/38042 Queensland State Archives 2. 1.1959 - 31.12.1959 A/38043 Queensland State Archives 4. 1.1960 - 28.12.1960 A/38044 Queensland State Archives 3. 1.1961 - 29.12.1961 A/38045 Queensland State Archives 3. 1.1962 - 31.12.1962 A/38046 Queensland State Archives 26. 8.1929 Tracker George Bimrose 10. 9.1929 Charlie Broad works at Wondecla. 7.10.1929 Bob Flinders. Account transferred to Ravenshoe. 18.12.1929 Sambo Robinson. Account to Ravenshoe. 18.12.1929 Sambo Robinson. Account to Ravenshoe. Maudie. Account to Ravenshoe. 7. 1.1930 Robbie Go Sam wants to marry Maggie Dixon. Robbie is 23 years old and a native of Ravenshoe. His father is Chinese, dead, and his mother is an Aborigine now married to another Aborigine. Maggie is 18 years old. Her father is an Aborigine at Ravenshoe and her mother is an Aborigine who has been dead for a number of years. Maggie has a H/C child aged 6 months. Father is not named. 15. 1.1930 Looking for Willie Massey, recently at Merluna and Rokeby Stations. Aged 33 years. H/C Chinese/Aborigine. 15. 1.1930 Looking for Willie McMahon. May be same as Willie Massey. 16. 1.1930 Complaint that Police from Irvinebank bashed an Aborigine named Dick Watson. 5. 2.1930 Robbie Go Sam and Maggie Dixon are allowed to marry. 27. 3.1930 Tracker George Bimrose. His wife is Jessie Bimrose. 1. 4.1930 Telephone calls To Stannary Hills - Alice Raymond To Ravenshoe - Norman Doyle To Mt Garnet - Dandy Atkinson 3. 4.1930 Maudie was working at Malanda a short time ago. 12. 4.1930 Old Aborigine Bonnal lives at Ravenshoe. Wife is Kitty, also old. 2. 5.1930 Mentions agreements Charlie Broad Joe Haines Polly Haines Jonnie Haines Tommy Cross Alice Raymond Willie Dick Gordon Toby Wongalee Harry Weare Norman Doyle Mary Todd Sambo Alby Broad Maggie Dixon Jessie Charlie Broad Willie Woods 7. 5.1930 Inoperative accounts transferred to the Chief Protector Lovie Thornton Tombine Carter Topsy Nellie Carter Charlie Jenny Hull Kitty Jack Wairuna Tommy Martin Norman Keough Nellie Munro Mabel White Alby Jerrold Charlie Elsie Fox Jack Crowley Peter Ipping Shalo Rose Jonnie Are any in the surrounding area. 8. 5.1930 Mentions Bonnal. Maggie Cross is the wife of Tommy Cross. 9. 5.1930 Robbie Go Sam and Maggie Dixon were married on 7. 5.1930 at Herberton. 10. 5.1930 Lovie Thornton. Account to Atherton. 15. 5.1930 Jack Crowley. Account to Mossman. 20. 6.1930 Robbie Go Sam applied for exemption. 5. 6.1930 Albert Bennett. Account to Mareeba. 9. 6.1930 Jenny Hull. Account to Ravenshoe. Now known as Jenny Lynch. 14. 6.1930 Jenny Hull. Account to Ravenshoe. The following accounts to the Chief Protector. Tombine Carter Topsy Nellie Carter Charlie Jack Wairuna Tommy Martin Nellie Munro Mabel White Albie Jerrold Charlo Peter Ipping Shalo Rose 28. 6.1930 Albert Bennett. Account to Mt Mulligan. 1. 7.1930 Telephone calls To Ravenshoe - Norman Doyle To Mareeba - Leslie Quimbi leaving hospital To Ravenshoe - Mollie and Maggie To Ravenshoe - Bonnal To Ravenshoe - Maggie To Atherton - Willie Ledlie 6. 8.1930 Willie Ledlie or Willie 1 being removed to Palm Is. 30. 9.1930 Telephone calls To Mt Garnet - Tracker George Bremmer 1.12.1930 Bob Flinders alias Jack Clarke. Murdered. Also mentions Byron Winkel. 15.12.1930 Jonnie Haines and Molly Williams want to marry. Molly is pregnant. Jonnie is 22 years old. 16.12.1930 Willie Woods. 31.12.1930 Money to Bella at Ravenshoe. 2. 1.1931 Jonnie Haines and Molly Williams. Molly's parents are Friday and Una. 9. 1.1931 Bella to live at Evelyn in Ravenshoe district. 9. 1.1931 Willie Woods. Account to Cairns. 13. 1.1931 Tracker George Bimrose is resigning. Possible replacements are Dick Gordon Mick, from Ravenshoe Jack Ryan, from Atherton 19. 1.1931 Nancy, of the Ravenshoe district, gave birth to a child in late 1930. Kitty Major gave birth to a child in Herberton Hospital about the end of 1930. 6. 3.1931 Tommy Tiaro is the new tracker. He was never known as Clem Carroll. 25. 3.1931 Maggie Go Sam of Evelyn. Parents are Aborigines. Her mother died a long time ago. Robbie Go Sam. Father is Chinese and mother is an Aborigine. 8. 5.1931 Kitty Major died on 2. 5.1931 at Herberton Hospital. Husband is Norman. They have 4 children aged 7 years to 4 months. 19. 6.1931 Elsie Fox, aged 20 years, applied for exemption. She was taken from her mother, an Aborigine, when she was quite young. 23. 7.1931 Charlie Broad 27. 7.1931 Elsie Fox is exempt. 4. 9.1931 Accounts held by the Herberton Protector Joe Haines George Bimrose Johnnie Watsonville Charlie Broad Dick Gordon Jessie Toby Wangalee Harry Weare Albey Broad Tommy Tiaro Jonnie Haines Polly Haines Molly Williams Willie Woods 22.12.1931 Roddy Clark 12. 1.1932 Tracker Tommy Tiaro to resign. 23. 4.1932 Willie Sandy 24. 5.1932 Nellie Topsy at Millaa Millaa. Also mentions Topsy who is wife of Jimmy James. 7. 7.1932 Willie Woods back at Cairns. Aged about 40 years. A native of Cooktown. Also mentions Tracker Johnson. 1. 9.1932 Nancy is on Removal Order to Palm Island. 18.10.1932 Frank, also known as Big Belt, is at Palm Island. Old Aborigines say a boy called Frank was sent from Atherton to Palm Island some years ago. 7. 1.1933 Oscar Jones. Came from Palm Island to Herberton. 16. 1.1933 About living conditions of Maggie Muckami and her husband Johnnie Muckami. Both are at Watsonville, 9 miles from Herberton. 15. 3.1933 George Ross is in Herberton Hospital. 27. 3.1933 Tracker Captain Johnson is on leave. Local boy Herbert will take his place. 21. 4.1933 Sandy Boyd was in Herberton Hospital. 9. 5.1933 Removal Order from Herberton to Palm Island for George Ross also known as Mundie. 6. 6.1933 To Protector, Einasleigh Mentions Captain Johnson 17. 6.1933 To the Insurance Commissioner Re: Insurance of Aboriginals. Mentions Joe Haines Jonnie Haines George Bimrose Lucy 27. 6.1933 To IOPC Re: Palm Island escapees Claude Cooktown Mick Ryan Unable to locate them 28. 7.1933 To IOPC Half-caste single girl Lizzie Murray aged 25 years, late of Cashmere Station via Mount Garnet, gave birth to a child named Godfrey Murray at Herberton Hospital on friday 30. 6.1933. The father is John Tooth, a half-caste aborigine. He and Lizzie Murray have been living together for the last 10 years. They have four other children. They will live at Wondecla via Herberton. Lizzie Murray Her mother is a full blood aborigine named Dina at present employed at Mount Garnet. Her father is a white man William Murray last heard of at Innisfail. She was born at Cashmere Station. John Tooth His mother is a full blood Aborigine named Ginnie. His father is an unknown white man. John Tooth was born at Ingham. John Tooth and Lizzie Murray gained exemptions on 13.11.1929. Lizzie goes by the name of Murray or Tooth. 8. 8.1933 To IOPC In addition to the above letter dated 28. 7.1933 the other children of Lizzie Murray and John Tooth are Beryl 10 years John 8 years Gordon 6 years David 4 years. The births are not registered. 9. 8.1933 To Protector, Brisbane Aged Aborigine Maggie Muckmi needs relief. Her husband Johnnie does not need relief. 11. 8.1933 To CPAB Aboriginal agreements Joe Haines Jonnie Haines George Bimrose Lucy Willie Sandy Polly Haines Albey Broad Jessie Lizzie Ross 21. 8.1933 To IOPC Re: Ebu of Murray Island, Torres Strait Not in district 11. 9.1933 To IOPC Re: Tracker Herbert 21. 9.1933 To Protector, Brisbane Mrs Molly Haines states: Her father is a full blood Aboriginal named Friday. Her mother is a full blood Aboriginal named Una. At Woodleigh Station in the Mount Garnet District. Mr Jonnie Haines, half-caste Aboriginal states: His father is a full blood Aboriginal named Tom. His mother is a full blood Aboriginal named Polly. His grandmother is a full blood Aboriginal named Jinnie. Herberton Protector states both are half-castes. Molly is claiming maternity allowance for child. She has another child as well. 19. 3.1934 To IOPC Whereabouts of Sambo on removal order to Mona Mona. 27. 4.1934 To IOPC Tracker Herbert wants to marry gin Lucy. She is pregnant to him. Lucy is single and aged about 31 years. 21. 5.1934 To CPAB Willie Simmonds of Mount Garnet, Ident No 3. About 18 years old. 28. 5.1934 To CPAB Tracker Herbert and gin Lucy were married on 25. 5.1934 at the C.P.S. Office, Herberton. 15. 6.1934 To IOPC Aboriginal Sambo in lockup for grevious bodily harm of Alick Brown, Aboriginal. 28. 6.1934 To IOPC Re: Death of half-caste Aboriginal male child named Godfrey Tooth (Murray), aged one year, at Herberton Hospital on 14. 6.1934 4. 7.1934 To IOPC Wild Jimmy Hooligan Jacob Harry Jabuner Mounted patrol to search for the above who are wanted for the murder of Aboriginal Alick Brown on 8. 6.1934 at Wairuna Station near Mount Garnet. 11. 7.1934 To CPAB Death from natural causes of an old male Aboriginal Alex Johnson, aged about 75 years, at Wondecla via Herberton on 12. 7.1934. Buried by his tribe at Wondecla. Further reports on Aborigines involved in the murder of Alick Brown. All letters to IOPC. 27. 7.1934 Mewntions Jacob aged about 60 years. A Murray River Aboriginal. Hooligan aged about 50 years. A Murray River Aboriginal. Sambo aged about 45 years, married. Dave McLean aged about 21 years, single. Wild Jimmy alias Wild Tom, aged about 50 years. 31. 7.1934 To IOPC Description of Alick Brown. Full blood Aboriginal aged about 60 years. 5'10 tall. From Chillagoe tribe. Single. A native of Mount Garnet. 27. 8.1934 To IOPC Maggie Belson, single, half-caste Aboriginal aged 29 years old. Lives with a half-caste Malay named Jerry Henning who is the father of a new child Leonard Henning. They also have three other children. (Henning is referred to later as Anning) 23.10.1934 To CPAB Toby Wangalee aged about 68 years. 12.12.1934 To IOPC George Rutherford Billy Barlow Paggie Paddy Maggie Gordonvale All absconders from Palm Island. Not in district. 13.12.1934 To IOPC Re: male child whose mother is Lizzie Murray, a half-caste Aboriginal aged 26 years who lives with a half-caste Malay and has five children to him. Four are still living. Father of the new child is a half-caste Aboriginal named Robert Go Sam of Herberton. The child is called Roy Murray. Lizzie Murray and Robert Go Sam are both exempt. Lizzie Murray lives with Jonnie Tooth. Lizzie Murray's father is a white man William Murray who is at Mourilyan. Lizzie Murray's mother is a full blood Aborigine at Cashmere Station. 5.2.1935 To Protector, Ravenshoe Peter Purcel, Aborigine aged about 8 years, not in district. 15. 2.1935 To Protector, Brisbane. Tommy Miller Tommy Walker Bessie Walker Mollie Haines Maggie Belson Jerry Anning Harry Anning Kate Con Goo Archie Perrett 4. 3.1935 To IOPC Jessie McTavish, full blood Aborigine, registered an child in the name of Valmay Chong. She has three other children. 11. 4.1935 To CPAB Mary Todd M-214 George Bimrose, 28 years Albey Broad, 46 years Willie Simmonds, 19 years Jonnie Haines, 28 years Joe Haines, 42 years 17. 4.1935 To CPAB Tommy Walker, half-caste Aborigine. 19. 6.1935 To CPAB Willie Woods Tommy Reid Woree None are in the district. Johnny Watsonville lives at Watsonville near Herberton. 21. 6.1935 To CPAB Recommend the following be removed to Palm Island Sambo and Charlie Broad Tommy Nimber's gin Polly died a few months ago at Atherton. 23. 6.1935 To CPAB RE: Application to marry Archie Perrott, half-caste Aborigine and Mary Todd, full blood Aborigine. She is pregnant and about 20 years old. Archie Perrott is about 32 years old and a Chinese cross. His mother was a full blood Aborigine. His father was a Chinaman. 1. 7.1935 To CPAB Eva Robinson is an aged Aborigine in the district. 5. 8.1935 To CPAB Minnie Moran M-14, late of Millaa Millaa is not in the district. 5. 8.1935 To CPAB The following are not in the district Dinah Maud Merra Nellie A gin Nellie died at Flaggy Creek in 1933. A gin Nellie, also known as Polly, died at Atherton in 1934. This information was supplied by Aborigines. 5. 8.1935 To CPAB Minnie and Peter Walters are not in the district. 8. 8.1935 To CPAB The following are not in the district Arthur Croydon King, half-caste Charlie Walker The following are not in the district Bob Costello Larrakin Mari Shaw Jimmy Airey is now in the Herberton District. The following are not in the district Tommy Pershouse Tommy Munnachunka Charley Joe Chibberoo Jack Ingham Jimmy Darcy 9. 8.1935 To CPAB The following are not in the district Polly Lambert Jerry Toby Charlie Williams Lambert and Charlie Williams are possibly at Cardwell. 13. 8.1935 To CPAB Jimmy Airey and Bella want to marry. 1. 9.1935 To IOPC Re: Birth and death of an male child named Ronnie Todd, Aborigine, at Herberton on 19. 8.1935. Died 20. 8.1935. Mother was Mary Todd, single and full blood Aborigine. Father was Archie Perrott, a half-caste Aborigine. They have a permit to marry. 23. 9.1935 To CPAB The following marriages took place at the Herberton Methodist Church on 22. 9.1935 Jimmy Airey and Bella Archie Perrott and Mary Todd 7.10.1935 To CPAB The following are not in the district Billy Boolam Billie Nellie Nellie Crossland 8.10.1935 To Protector, Herberton Re: Cloie Matthews and child 11.11.1935 To IOPC George Sibley. Removal order to Palm Island. 8. 1.1936 To CPAB May Brown, nee Ezzy, wife of Bob Brown, M-151, died at Herberton Hospital on 4. 1.1936. She was buried on 5. 1.1936. 31. 3.1936 To CPAB Mentions Willie Simmonds W-59 11. 5.1936 To IOPC Half-caste Aborigine Fred Saunders is at Cairns 8. 6.1936 To IOPC Malcolm Brown, Aborigine, on Removal order to Palm Island, is not in the district. 13. 7.1936 Nancy James of Palm Island wants her child Teresa James sent from Evelyn Stn to Palm Island. Teresa is at Evelyn Stn with Ethel Perrott. Teresa's father is Dick Toohey who is at Ravenshoe. 28. 7.1936 Expenses incurred in removal of Aborigines for year ending 30. 6.1936. Mentions the following Sambo and Charlie Broad to Palm Island George Sibley to Palm Island 5. 8.1936 Agreement for George Bonning 20. 8.1936 Aboriginals in the Herberton district Albey Broad A-80, 48 yrs, single, now in Atherton Protectorate Bella B-174, 42 yrs, married to Jimmy Airey Dick Gordon D-80, 70 yrs Eva Robinson E-64, 60 yrs Herbert H-53, 28 yrs, married to Lucy Jessie J-162, 27 yrs, married to George Bimrose Jimmy Airey J-207, 63 yrs, married to Bella Joe Haines J-163, 51 yrs, married to Polly Haines Johnnie Watsonville J-165, 65 yrs, married to Maggie Muckani Lucy L-55, 35 yrs, married to Herbert, has 2 children Maggie Belson M-113, 31 yrs, married to Jerry Anning, has a large family Mary Todd M-214, 21 yrs, married to Archie Perrott Molly Williams M-114, 30 yrs, married to Johnnie Haines, has 4 children Polly Haines P-71, 44 yrs, married to Joe Haines Toby Wangalee T-98, 70 yrs, single Tommy Walker T-216, 30 yrs, married to Bessie Walker, has family Willie Simmonds W-59, 20 yrs, single, now in Mt Garnet Protectorate 31. 8.1936 Maggie Belson M-113 gave birth to a female child on 9. 8.1936 at Herberton Hospital. Child will be called Joyce Anning. Father is Jerry Anning, a Malay, who is also the father of Maggie's five other children. 10. 9.1936 About Maggie Anning (Belson) and Jerry Anning not being legally married. 21. 9.1936 Maggie Belson's mother is Annie F/B. Father is unknown. Mentions Jerry Anning 21. 9.1936 Application for marriage by Ida Leffoo (Lifu) and Jack Wason. Ida is at Atherton or Tolga and Jack is at Yungaburra. 29. 9.1936 Charlie Williams unknown in Herberton district. Jessie, late of Malanda, states an aged Aborigine named Charlie Williams died near Malanda a few years ago. Was known as Old Charlie 30. 9.1936 Catherine Sarah Johnson, 34 yrs, residing at Ravenshoe, gave birth to an male child on 17. 9.1936 at Herberton. Catherine is legally married to Johnson H/C of Ravenshoe. They have live apart for a consideralle time and Catherine lives with a man named Ernst who is the father of the child. Catherine is also known as Kitty Pool. 7.10.1936 The parents of Maggie Belson are Father is Paddy Atherton F/B. Mother is Annie F/B. 12.10.1936 Polly, 80 yrs old, is living with her son Jonnie Haines at the Aboriginal Camp at Herberton. Jonnie has a wife and 3 children. 13.11.1936 Mentions George Bonning 3.11.1936 Lucy Wason gave birth to an child at the Lady Wilson Hospital, atherton on 22.10.1936. 3.11.1936 Mentions George Bonning 31.12.1936 Telephone calls To Mt Garnet about Beryl Tooth H/C, employed at Gunnawarra Stn To Kaban about agreement for George Banning 5. 3.1937 Mentions Mrs Ada Con Goo 19. 3.1937 Removal order for Archie Matthews and his family from Herberton to Palm Island. They are in the Mt Garnet district. 22. 3.1937 Jessie Savallie not in Herberton district. There is a Jessie Williams here but this is not the same person. 1. 4.1937 Telephone calls To Ravenshoe about Henry To Mt Garnet about removal of Archie Matthews and family 5. 4.1937 Estate of Billy Carrow (Carrou) claimed by Ivo McKenzie. Billy Carrow died a long time ago. No trace in records at Herberton 12. 4.1937 Mentions dark boy Alexander Tomay inquired for by his father S Toomay of Yangan via Warwick. 17. 4.1937 Tracker Palmer arrived from Mt Molloy 18. 4.1937 Mentions Mick Richards 23. 6.1937 Identification cards for Dick Gordon D-80 George Bimrose G-59 George Bonning G-71 Herbert H-53 Jessie J-162 Jimmy Airey J-207 Joe Haines J-163 Jonnie Haines J-164 Johnny Watsonville J-165 Lucy L-55 Maggie Belson M-113 Mary Todd M-214 Polly Haines P-71 Toby Wangalee T-98 Identification card for Albey Broad A-80 will be sent to Atherton 23. 6.1937 From inquiries made Jimmy Cannon is said to have died at Cairns Frank Bungally is at Atherton Jessie Saville is at Palm Island, with her parents 1. 7.1937 Telephone calls To Atherton about Albey Broad To Ravenshoe about death of Robinson on the river bank at Ravenshoe 12. 7.1937 Accounts of Joe Haines George Bonning 27. 7.1937 Tracker Palmer leaving for Mt Molloy 3. 8.1937 The following married men do not want to be trackers Herbert Gordon Peter Airey 6. 8.1937 Whereabouts of Willie Anderson F/B unknown. Willie Sandy was sent from Herberton to Mona Mona . Willie Sandy is aged 30 yrs. Willie Simmonds is at Gunnawarra Stn, Mt Garnet. Aged about 20 years. 7. 8.1937 Beryl Tooth H/C, aged about 15 years, of Gunnawarra Stn, gave birth to an female child on 29. 7.1937 at the Herberton Hospital. Child will be named Elenor Joan Tooth. Father of the child is Billy Simmonds F/B of Gunnawarra. 10. 9.1937 Albert Bennett is employed at Almaden 22. 9.1937 The following are not in the Herberton district Alick McLeod Billy Micky Polly Calico Alick Brown died about June 1934 at Herberton Hospital. He was Murdered by the following Sambo Wild Jimmy Hooligan Jacob Dave McLean Alick Johnston, of Atherton or Malanda, died at Herberton about 1935 Billy Calico, known by the Malanda blacks, may be related to Polly Calico 1.10.1937 Telephone calls To Atherton about Tommy Twalla 26.10.1937 Maggie Belson M-113 wants to move to Tolga with her family. Her husband Jerry Anning H/C Malay works there. 28.10.1937 The following absconders from Palm Island are not in the district Jack Bruno Tommy Pitscombe Coglan 29.10.1937 Whereabouts of the following, late of Ingham, Jenny Dandy J-172 Johnny Hammond J-175 Rosie R-41 Sandy S-48 An Aboriginal named Dandy is at Wyandotte Stn, Mt Garnet Rosie is said to be the wife of Albert Wilson who works at Wairuna or Cashmere Stations. 1.10.1938 Telephone calls To Mareeba about removal of Vulcan to Palm Island 25.10.1938 Lora L-59 not known in district 2.11.1938 The following aborigines are still in need of medical treatment. Those still in the district are Rosie, adult F/B Jonnie Haines, adult F/B Tommy Miller, adult F/B Those who have left or been taken from the district are Sambo, adult F/B, escorted to Fantome Island Lizzie, H/C aged 8 years mentioned in the report is actually Lizzie Tooth, adult H/C, last heard of in Cairns 2.11.1938 Mentions Jonnie Haines still needing medical treatment 14.11.1938 Johnny Watsonville, also known as Johnny Muckani J-165, aged about 65 years, died 12.11.1938 at Watsonville via Herberton. Buried at a suitable place at Watsonville about 100 yards from the camp, and where other Aborigines had been buried. Johnny had been living with his gin Maggie Muckani in and around Watsonville for a number of years. Grave diggers were Billy Con Goo Henry Maudlove 16.11.1938 Agreement for Essy Woods, F/B girl aged about 15 years. 18.11.1938 Whereabouts of Toby Rifle T-250, late of Malanda, unknown. 28.11.1938 Eva Robinson E-64 died on 22.11.1938 at Herberton Hospital. 2.12.1938 Agreement for Albert Weiba A-15 cancelled. 12.12.1938 Maggie Belson M-113, who went to Tolga wishes to sell her camp at Herberton. Mutt M-216 wants to buy it. 14.12.1938 Bertie Johnson, wanted by the Protector at Malanda, is mining in the Dry River area. 31.12.1938 Telephone calls To Irvinebank about burial of Robinson, female To Mt Garnet about death of Eva Robinson at Herberton Hospital To Mt Garnet about J Tooth H/C breaking his arm To Cairns about the removal of Rosie and others 2. 1.1939 About the removal of the following from Herberton To Palm Island Jonnie Haines Molly Haines Beryl Haines Lena Haines Neville Haines John Haines Rosie, also known as Rosie Con Goo Mentions Joe Dossetta, Native escort 6. 1.1939 Mutt does not want Maggie Belson's camp. 12. 1.1939 Account of Jessie Kelly J-307 H/C has been transferred to Yungaburra 18. 1.1939 Whereabouts of Dick Maunder D-95 unknown 24. 1.1939 Jonnie Haines and family are at Palm Island 25. 1.1939 Beryl Haines, daughter of Jonnie Haines and Molly Haines is in Fantome Lock Hospital and is about 8 months old. 6. 3.1939 Mentions Jessie Kelly J-307 7. 3.1939 Bertie Johnson is said to be at Woodleigh Stn in the Mt Garnet Protectorate. 8. 3.1939 Johnny Martin J-73, late of Malanda, is known as Johnny Waller, and is employed at Hill Crest Farm via Malanda. Said to have had a quarrel with Peter of Millaa Millaa over a gin. Johnny Calico of Malanda can confirm this. 8. 3.1939 Whereabouts of Parker P-73 unknown. mentions a Parker H/C also known as Alex Wilson at Gunnawarra Stn, Mt Garnet. 8. 3.1939 Mentions Peter Airey Eddie Yatta, South Sea Islander Billy Simmons 10. 3.1939 Bill Massey committed suicide in the Lock-up at Atherton some 10 or 11 years ago. 23. 3.1939 The following are details of all the Aborigines in the Herberton District. Herbert H-53 Lucy L-55, his wife Mary, aged 4 years, their child Archie Perrott Mary Todd M-214, his wife Violet, aged 8 years, their child Tommy Walker T-216 Bessie Walker, his wife Renie Walker, aged 11 years, their child Doreen Walker, aged 10 years, their child Clive Walker, aged 8 years, their child Reta Walker, aged 6 years, their child Jean Walker, aged 3 years, their child Margaret Walker, aged 2 years, their child Jimmy Airey J-207 Bella Airey B-174, his wife Henry Airey, aged 16 years, their child Lullah Airey L-169, aged 14 years, their child Isabel Airey, aged 2 years, their child George Bimrose G-59 Jessie Bimrose J-162, his wife No children Joe Haines J-163 Polly Haines P-71, his wife No children Mutt M-216 Nellie N-107, his wife No children Maggie Muckani M-338 Renie R-117 Lullah L-169 Essy Woods E-115 Dick Gordon D-80 Albert Weiba A-15 Logan L-23 Toby Wangalee T-98 Billy Herberton B-264 Cario Minnie, ?his wife Polly The following are H/C Aborigines on exemption Elliott Lifu Reta Lifu, his wife Roman Lifu, aged 7 years, their child Samuel Lifu, aged 4 years, their child Elsie Lifu, aged 3 years, their child Caroline Lifu, aged 1 year, their child Peter Freeman Ada Freeman A-204, his wife Eileen Freeman, aged 11 years, their child Roy Freeman, aged 10 years, their child Peter Freeman, aged 8 years, their child Bessie Freeman, aged 6 years, their child Stan Freeman, aged 3 years, their child Harry Freeman, aged 4 months, their child Katie Con Goo Tommy Miller Nora Miller, his wife Stanley Miller, aged 18 1/2 years, their child Freddie Miller, aged 16 years, their child Lilly Miller, aged 12 years, their child Barclay Miller, aged 2 years, their child 28. 3.1939 Billy Herberton B-264 transferred to Cairns Protectorate 28. 3.1939 Mentions Peter Airey 29. 3.1939 Herbert H-53 and his wife Lucy L-55 request to be sent to Palm Island. They have a child named May who is about 3 years old. 1. 4.1939 Telephone calls To Atherton about Jessie Kelly To Ravenshoe about Browning, female To Mt Garnet about death of Monday on 22. 1.1939 To Atherton about Johnny Martin 11. 4.1939 Dave D-133, late of Ravenshoe, not in district. A H/C named Dave is said to be at Tolga or Atherton. 12. 4.1939 Mentions Albert Weiba A-15 18. 4.1939 Compensation claim by Polly Haines (nee Gosam) P-71 on account of her son Johnny Gosam who was killed in a lorry accident at Innisfail about 15. 2.1939. Polly Haines used to be the wife of a Chinaman named Go Sam who is now dead. Polly Haines is now the wife of Joe Haines J-163 and lives at the Aboriginal camp at Herberton. Johnny Gosam's brother is Bob Gosam. 20. 4.1939 Escort needed for Herbert and Lucy to be taken to Palm Island 8. 5.1939 Voluntary removal of Herbert H-53 and his wife Lucy L-55 to Palm Island. Mentions Native Troopers Sambo Conway J Dossetti Also mentions Mutt is the father of Herbert. 29.11.1937 To IOPC Arthur Collins, half-caste boy aged 17 years, resides at Spring Creek Station, Mt Surprise 7.12.1937 To CPAB Maggie Belson M-113 going to Tolga 28.12.1937 To IOPC The following are not in the district Jack Bruno Tommy Pitscombe Coglan 28.12.1937 To CPAB Logan L-23 of Cairns requests his bank account moved here 17. 1.1938 To CPAB Peter and Maggie Airey. Transfer Ingham to Herberton. 18. 1.1938 To CPAB Renie R-117. Transfer Ravenshoe to Herberton 4. 2.1938 To CPAB The following are at Herberton Jonnie Haines Jonny Watsonville Lucy Mary Todd Albey Broad A-80 in Atherton Protectorate 8. 2.1938 To CPAB Re: Burial of Aboriginal children Ceciley Toohey buried on 12. 6.1937, Herberton Henry buried on 26. 6.1937, Herberton Ceciley Toohey died at Herberton Hospital on 12. 6.1937. Her father is Dick Toohey, employed on Gunnawarra Station in the Mt Garnet Protectorate. Henry was born at Herberton Hospital on 25. 6.1937 and died on 26. 6.1937. His mother Lizzie was then at Gunnawarra Stn but lately in Cairns known as Lizzie Tooth, an exempt half-caste. Since sent to a Mission. 11. 2.1938 Lizzie Ross L-54 on Woodleigh Station, Mt Garnet. Said to be married to Charlie Hughes. 15. 2.1938 To CPAB Renie R-117 assumed to be 16 years old. 2. 3.1938 To CPAB Mutt M-216 in Herberton Protectorate. 4. 3.1938 To CPAB Peter Airey P-107 and wife Maggie Airey M-296 at Mt Garnet 24. 3.1938 A half-caste Aboriginal girl Camsie Barba of Cashmere Station via Mt Garnet gave birth to an female child to be called Marie Doreen Barba at the Herberton Hospital on 15. 3.1938. Camsie is single and aged 20 years. Father is Michael Nichols, a half-caste, who lives in Cairns. 12. 4.1938 To CPAB The following benefactors of the estate of Rody Cassidy are not in the district. Maggie Anderson Rene Cassidy Raymond Cassidy Victor Cassidy Doreen Cassidy 15. 4.1938 To CPAB Death of Aboriginal female child Joan aged 3 years, daughter of Herbert H-53 and Lucy L-55, at Herberton Aboriginal Settlement on 14. 4.1938. Buried Herberton Cemetery on 15. 4.1938. 18. 4.1938 To IOPC Half-caste Aboriginal woman Rita Marion Clarke gave birth to an female child named Caroline Luise Li Fu at Herberton Hospital on 4. 4.1938. Father is a half-caste Aboriginal named Elliott Li Fu. They have three other children namely Roman, 6 years old Samuel, 4 years old Elsie, 2 years old They all live at Herberton 12. 5.1938 To CPAB The following are not in the district George G-73 Harry H-20 20. 5.1938 To CPAB Death of Aboriginal child Helen aged 7 months. Daughter of Herbert H-53 and Lucy L-55. Died at the Aboriginal Reserve on 20. 5.1938 and is buried at the Aboriginal Reserve Burial Ground. 13. 6.1938 To CPAB Abo deaths are not usually registered, but reported to your office (CPAB) 12. 7.1938 To CPAB Jonnie Haines J-164 14. 7.1938 To CPAB Half-caste Thos Miller of Herberton is Exempt 19. 7.1938 To CPAB Albert Williams, known at Herberton as Albert Weiba A-15 27. 7.1938 To CPAB Jack Fettick not in district 2. 8.1938 To CPAB Mentions Polly Haines P-71 Jessie J-162 Maggie Belson M-113, gone to Atherton Toby Wangalee T-98 Jimmy Airey J-207 2. 8.1938 To CPAB Maggie Belson M-113 resides with Jerry Anning, a half-caste Malay, near Tolga and has a deformed leg. 12. 8.1938 To CPAB Re: Estate of Bob Brown deceased being given to Ada Freeman Bob Brown married May Ezzy M-151 about four years ago. May Ezzy died at Herberton Hospital on 4. 1.1936. Bob Brown received his wife's money on her death. Ada Freeman is the only child of May Brown, nee Ezzy, deceased, and is an exempt half-caste Aborigine and lawfully married to Peter Freeman, a half-caste Aborigine. Ada Freeman claims Bob Brown's estate. 3. 9.1938 To CPAB Lullah L-169 5. 9.1938 To CPAB Mentions Herbert Jessie Mary Todd Molly Williams Tommy Walker Polly 7. 9.1938 To CPAB Henry Walton is a son of Bella, wife of Jimmy Airey at the Aboriginal Camp at Herberton. He is employed in Ravenshoe Protectorate. 12. 9.1938 To IOPC Re: Removal of Vulcan to Palm Island. Vulcan is currently in Mareeba Hospital. 17. 5.1939 Sambo is at Ravenshoe. His wife is Rosie. 17. 5.1939 On 31.12.1938 Johnny Haines, wife and family left on a Removal Order to Fantome Island. Havent returned to Herberton. 17. 5.1939 Bob Go Sam, married, lately at Innisfail. 17. 5.1939 Renie turns 17 years in 1939. 25. 5.1939 Jessie is employed by Mrs May Deicke. 29. 5.1939 Mentions Peter Airey Eddie Yatta, SSI Brown Tanna 2. 6.1939 Leslie Airey of Yarrabah is at Atherton. His father is Jimmy Airey of Herberton. 19. 6.1939 Lizzie lives in the Aboriginal Camp, Herberton 27. 6.1939 Sambo and Rosie are at Herberton 3. 7.1939 Jessie McTavish gave birth to an child in 1935 at Chillagoe. Birth was registered at Herberton as Valmay Chong. Father was W R Chong. 13. 7.1939 Rosie, from Ravenshoe, died on 10. 7.1939 at Herberton Hospital. 13. 7.1939 Nellie is at the Aboriginal Camp, Herberton. 14. 7.1939 Katie Con Goo gave birth to an child at Herberton Hospital on 28. 6.1939. Katie is 25 years old and a H/C Chinese/Aboriginal. The father of the child is Henry Motlap who is 25 years old and a H/C Chinese/Aboriginal. The child will be called Desmond Motlap. 24. 7.1939 Hector, late of Mungana, is not at Herberton. 27. 7.1939 Kate Con Goo applied for maternity allowance. Her father is Con Goo, Chinese, deceased. Her mother is Rosie, F/B, on Palm Island Kate was born on 28. 6.1914 at Dry River, Herberton. 2. 8.1939 Simmonds family at the reserve, Herberton. 10. 8.1939 Jacky Cattlecamp not in the Herberton district 25. 9.1939 Whereabouts of Dick Maunder. Dick Gordon and Toby Newell are at Herberton. 25. 9.1939 Whereabouts of Tommy Mirra. 30.10.1939 Essy Woods has been employed by William Ezzy of Herberton. Essy Woods is pregnant to Albert Weiba and they want to get married. 4.11.1939 Tommy Walker applied for exemption. He has a wife and 7 children and lives on the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton. Wife's parents are Mr Dempster, a white man, and Rosie, Aboriginal. 16.11.1939 Polly Haines is the mother of Johnny Go Sam. He is dead. 16.11.1939 Jack Williams died at Atherton recently. His daughter is Nancy Williams who died at Palm Island. Nancy had a daughter named Teresa Williams, aged 12-13 years, living with a relative employed by Mrs Grant of Mount Lee. 30.11.1939 Polly, aged 70 years, died at the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton on the 28.11.1939. Her son is George Bimrose. Her daughter is Nellie Connolly. 2.12.1939 Polly was buried at Herberton Cemetery on 29.11.1939. 2.12.1939 Peter Freeman, wife and family live at Herberton. Peter is exempt. The exemption certificate is in the name of Peter of Gunnawarra Stn, Mt Garnet and dated 7. 9.1926. Maggie is at Herberton. 4.12.1939 Mentions George Bimrose Renie Joe Haines 25. 1.1940 Mentions Joe Haines George Bimrose Renie 5. 3.1940 Tribal name of Herberton is Oramunda. Name of the tribe of Herberton is Toongai. 5. 3.1940 Renie is now at Ravenshoe 5. 3.1940 Albert Weiba wants to marry Essy Woods. They want to live with Weiba's father at Atherton. 5. 3.1940 Emma Con Goo is stranded in Herberton with 2 children and an old woman named Rosie Con Goo. They came to visit from Palm Island and want to return. 27. 3.1940 Johnny Parkinson is at Herberton. Was at Malanda. 28. 3.1940 Mentions George Bimrose Nellie 14. 4.1940 Jimmy Brown is an absconder from Mona Mona. Not in district. 15. 4.1940 Mrs Rosie Con Goo was removed from Herberton to Palm Island on 31.12.1938. Jonnie and Molly Haines and 4 children were removed to Palm Island on 31.12.1938. 29. 4.1940 Mentions Bertie Johnson Henry Wardle, aged 19 years Lullah Wardle, sister of Henry Wardle 7. 5.1940 William Doyle must support his daughter Emma Doyle at Yarrabah. 12. 6.1940 David Wilson also known as David Watson. Supposed to have gone to Ravenshoe. 26. 8.1940 Mentions Jessie 28. 8.1940 Johnny Watsonville also known as Johnny Muckani died at Watsonville via Herberton on 12.11.1938. 18.12.1940 Whereabouts of Gracie Jacky Watson Jerry Kidner Joe Jumbo Minnie Mar-- Tommy Jimmy Warri None of them are in the district. 10. 1.1941 Peter Eromanga is not in district 10. 1.1941 The following absconders from Palm Island are not in the district J Dugong Bob Roberts Walker 5. 3.1941 Nellie Parkinson left for Yungaburra. Her husband was Jacky Parkinson, deceased Their children are Johnny Parkinson Rene Parkinson Lennie Parkinson Ted Parkinson 13. 3.1941 Willie Sandy is at Ravenshoe 17. 3.1941 Parents of Ada Freeman of Herberton are William Hayes, white, and a full blood. Ada was born in Mt Garnet. 17. 3.1941 Nellie has gone to Mt Surprise. 24. 3.1941 Bessie Walker, H/C Chinese/Aboriginal, resides with her husband Tommy Walker, H/C, and their 6 children at the Aboriginal Settlement, Herberton. Before marriage she was Bessie Con Goo and she was exempt. 31. 3.1941 Peter Wairuna is at Herberton on holidays from Ingham. Chloe Matthews had money advanced to her. 26. 4.1941 Bessie Walker (nee Con Goo). Her mother is Rose Con Goo (nee Smith) a F/B, now at Palm Island. Her father is Con Goo, Chinese, deceased. Also mentions William Con Goo. 28. 4.1941 Albert Weiba is in the Atherton district. 7. 5.1941 Katie Con Goo gave birth to an female child on 23. 4.1941 at Herberton Hospital. Katie is 26 years old. The child's father is Henry Motlap aged 24 years. The child's name is Esme Kathleen Motlap. Katie has 2 other children, aged 4 years and 2 years, to Henry. 15. 5.1941 About Katie Con Goo. Her father is Con Goo, Chinese, deceased. Her mother is Rosie Con Goo at Palm Island. Henry Motlap is a full blood. 19. 5.1941 Lizzie Simmonds is employed at Herberton 14. 6.1941 A daughter of Lizzie Simmonds is Chloe Simmonds employed at Herberton. 5. 7.1941 Mentions George Bimrose 8. 7.1941 Elsie Robertson of Palm Is is a H/C Chinese/Aborigine Her father was Ah Sam, Chinese, deceased. Mentions a Gracie Harding. 4. 8.1941 Larry Maunder died on 3. 8.1941 at Herberton Hospital. 13. 8.1941 Billy Calico to go to Malanda then Yarrabah. Also mentions Nellie Parkinson and 3 children. 16. 8.1941 About Peter Freeman, H/C. Employed at Gingerella Stn, Almaden. Exempt. Father possibly Sambo Mungana. Unable to determine. Mother was Bessie Tiger who once worked at Gunnawarra Stn. Bessie died a number of years ago. Ada Freeman, his wife, is at Herberton. 19. 8.1941 Maggie Muckani, 70 years, died at Petford not long ago. Notified by Clara who was with her. 19. 8.1941 Two very old Aborigines Clara and Minnie are at the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton. 19. 8.1941 Aboriginal families at Herberton eligable for benefit under the Child Endowment Act of 1941. Nellie Parkinson, widow of Jackie Parkinson Renie Parkinson, 13 years Lennie Parkinson, 10 years Teddie Parkinson, 6 years Tommy Cross Maggie Cross, his wife Victor Cross, son, 14 yrs, born 1926 Maggie Cross, daughter, 10 yrs Clem Cross, son, 5 yrs Tony Cross, son, 4 yrs Linda Cross, daughter, 1 yr 19. 8.1941 Quadroons, Half-bloods and Exempt Aboriginals eligible for benefit under the Child Endowment Acts of 1941. Tommy Walker Bessie Walker, his wife Irene Walker, daughter, 13 yrs, born 28.12.1927 Doreen Walker, daughter, 12 yrs, born 25. 2.1929 Clive Walker, son, 10 yrs, born 26. 2.1931 Rita Walker, , daughter, 8 yrs, born 3.10.1932 Jean Walker, daughter, 6 yrs, born 22. 6.1935 Margaret Walker, daughter, 4 yrs, born 7. 2.1937 Hazel Walker, daughter, 2 yrs, born 2. 6.1939 Family resides at the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton. Henry Motlap Katie Motlap, his wife Arnold Motlap, son, 9 yrs Desmond Motlap, son, 2 yrs, born 28. 6.1939 Esmie Motlap, daughter, 4 mths, born 23. 4.1941 Family reside at Dry River, Herberton William Joseph Con Goo, wife deceased Gracie Con Goo, daughter, 13 yrs Rosie Con Goo, daughter, 11 yrs Thomas Con Goo, son, 9 yrs Harry Con Goo, son, 7 yrs Freddie Con Goo, son, 4 yrs, born 24. 8.1936 Family reside at Dry River, Herberton Thomas Miller Norah Miller, his wife Lily Miller, daughter, 15 yrs, born 7. 8.1926 Barclay Miller, son, 5 yrs, born 21. 5.1936 Family reside at One Mile, Herberton, Exempt. Peter Freeman Ada Freeman, his wife Eileen Freeman, daughter, 14 yrs, born 16. 6.1927 Roy Freeman, son, 12 yrs, born 25.11.1928 Peter Freeman, son, 11 yrs, born 31. 7.1930 Bessie Freeman, daughter, 9 yrs, born 23. 2.1932 Stanley Freeman, son, 6 yrs, born 7. 5.1935 Harry Freeman, son, 2 yrs, born 15. 9.1938 Family reside at Herberton. Exempt. Elliott Lifu Rita Miriam Lifu, his wife Ramon Lifu, son, 10 yrs, born 20. 7.1931 Sam Lifu, son, 8 yrs, born 8. 6.1933 Elsie Lifu, daughter, 5 yrs, born 1. 2.1936 Caroline Lifu, daughter, 3 yrs, born 4. 7.1938 Nancy Lifu, daughter, born 18. 9.1940 Family reside at Herberton. Exempt. 4. 9.1941 Maggie Muckani returned to Herberton. Not dead after all. Could not get on with Clara. 10. 9.1941 Albert Weiba is with Charlie Woods at Mt Garnet. 23. 9.1941 Mentions Jessie Lizzie Simmons, aged 55 years 8.10.1941 Pocket Money Books OK for George Bimrose Lullah Wardle Bertie Johnson Joe Haines Victor Cross Chloe Simmonds 13.10.1941 Wherebouts of Lucy Herberton unknown. 13.10.1941 Mentions Charlie Williams at Mt Garnet 19.10.1941 George Tippo escaped from Palm Island 22.10.1941 Whereabouts of Biddy Herberton 31.12.1941 Mamie Simmonds, single, gave birth to an male child on 2.12.1941 at Herberton Hospital. Mamie is 19 years old. The child's name is John Grant. The child's father is Ernest Grant, H/C, 19 years and single. They will try to marry. 24. 2.1942 Chloe Simmonds has gone to Mt Garnet 2. 3.1942 Henry Wardle absconded from employment. At Ravenshoe. 24. 3.1942 Mentions Leslie Airey 29. 4.1942 Mentions William Joseph Con Goo and Mary Con Goo and child endowment payments. 5. 6.1942 Maintenance order for Robert Go Sam. 17. 6.1942 Katie Con Goo gave birth to an child on 16. 5.1942 at Herberton Hospital. 17. 6.1942 Mentions Jimmy Airey 2. 7.1942 Applications for ration books Nellie Parkinson and family Richard Gordon Lullah Wardle Jessie Bimrose George Bimrose Polly Haines Joe Haines Jimmy Airey Bella Airey and family Cara Wilson Minnie Tommy Cross Maggie Cross and family Also mentions Victor Cross Toby Wangalee 15. 7.1942 Jimmy Airey is married. His wife is Bella Airey. His daughter is Isobel Airey. They live at the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton 5. 8.1942 Bertie Johnson is now at Mt Garnet Chloe Simmonds is now at Mt Garnet Lizzie Simmonds is now at Mt Garnet Tommy Walker is now at Atherton 8. 9.1942 Mary Perrott (nee Todd) full blood. Her parents were full bloods from a tribe near Cardwell on the Murray River. Her parents lived in the bush all their lives and probably only had tribal names. 17. 9.1942 Logan is mining about 20 miles from Herberton and has done so for a number of years. 4.11.1942 Thumb print of May Gordon. 3.12.1942 Edie Madagan is not in the district 13. 1.1943 Death of an aged Aborigine named Cara also known as Cara Wilson on 12. 1.1943 at Herberton Hospital. His wife is Minnie who is at the Aboriginal Reserve at Herberton. 19. 1.1943 Death of Billy Anderson at Gunnawarra Station, Mt Garnet on the 25.12.1942. 5. 3.1943 Jack Joimbee not Joinbee is employed at Wondecla. 23. 3.1943 Elsie, wife of Gilpin, gave birth to a premature child on 22. 3.1943 at Herberton Hospital. The child died on 22. 3.1943. Buried Herberton Cemetery on 23. 3.1943. 26. 3.1943 Jack Joimbee applied for an exemption. Was once at Yarrabah. 26. 4.1943 Nellie Parkinson is about 6 months pregnant. The father of the child is unknown. Recommend that Nellie and her 2 youngest children are sent to Palm Island. 19. 1.1946 To DNAB Logan L-23 is now exempt. 23. 1.1946 To DNAB Re: Friday Gordon otherwise known as Friday Woodleigh F-50 Application for exemption. He is a full blood aged 60 - 65 years. Tribally married to an Aboriginal Una who is now at Woodleigh Station via Mount Garnet. They have one child named Peter, aged about 27 years. Friday and Una do not live together and do not want to. Friday is partially blind and works for Alfred Game, baker of Herberton. Recommend against exemption. 26. 1.1946 To DNAB Mentions Lallah Wardle L-169 Jimmy Airey J-207 Abby Broad (Left Protectorate December 1945 and not returned) Bella Airey (Too old to work) 30. 1.1946 To DNAB Friday Gordon also known as Friday Woodleigh F-50 31. 1.1946 To IOPC Re: Death of Aboriginal infant Jubilee Jackson aged about four months. Died at Wyandotta Station on 26.12.1945. 5. 2.1946 To DNAB Reuben Connolly R-49 Nellie Williams N-3 Nellie claims to be Reuben's wife. 5. 2.1946 Joe Haines J-163 6. 2.1946 To IOPC Re: Mick McTavish or Mick Fulford, absconder from Palm Island. Also mentioned 12. 2.1946. 20. 2.1946 To DNAB Mentions Lallah Wardle L-169 Jimmy Airey J-207 (aged) Elsie Cameron E-19 Ethel Cameron E-270 Came to Herberton from Mareeba on 2. 2.1946, then went to Edmonton. Peter Airey P-107 (deceased) Bella Airey B-174 Jessie J-162 21. 2.1946 To DNAB Mentions Lallah Wardle L-169 Jimmy Airey J-207 26. 2.1946 To DNAB Mentions Tommy Cross T-172 Jimmy Airey J-207 7. 3.1946 To Invalid, Old Age and Pensions Department Re: Maggie Cross M-440. Application for maternity allowance. She is a full blood, about 48 years old and illiterate. 20. 3.1946 To DNAB Tommy Cross T-172 Jimmy Airey J-207 Lallah Wardle L-169 Nellie Parkinson N-72 Renie Parkinson R-187 Previously of Malanda Alick Cross A-197 of Cairns 26. 3.1946 To DNAB Jessie J-162 Bella Airey B-194 8. 4.1946 To DNAB Re: Friday Woodleigh F-50. Application for exemption. Not recommended. 9. 4.1946 To DNAB Nellie Parkinson N-72. Her daughter is Renie Parkinson R-187. Another child is N-166 15. 4.1946 To DNAB Bella Airey B-174 17. 4.1946 To Atherton Hospitals Board Tony Cross is the infant son of Tommy Cross T-172. Also mentions Nellie Parkinson. 28. 5.1946 To DNAB Mentions Jimmy Airey J-207 Tommy Cross T-172 and son Tony Cross. 18. 6.1946 To DNAB Mentions Friday Woodleigh F-50 Nellie Parkinson N-72 Alick Cross A-197 21. 7.1946 To IOPC Mentions Bennie Sloper Mud. 6. 7.1946 To IOPC Bennie Sloper Mud, aged 14 years of Blancourt Station, Gilbert River. Admitted to Mareeba Hospital on 2. 5.1946 with a fractured femur. To return to Georgetown. See also 25. 6.1946, 22. 5.1946, and 10. 5.1946 2. 8.1946 Re: Nellie Parkinson N-72. Trustee for child N-166. Has five children. Husband is dead. 23. 8.1946 To DNAB Re: Child endowment for Nellie James of Palm Island. No record of birth at Herberton Hospital or Registrar of births, Herberton. 26. 8.1946 To DNAB Re: Tommy Cross T-172. Application to build a hut on the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton. 11. 9.1946 To DNAB Mentions Jimmy Airey J-207 Tom Cross T-172 3.10.1946 To DNAB Mentions Henry Waddle H-129. 4.10.1946 To Protector, Ravenshoe Mentions Henry Waddle H-129. 4.10.1946 To DNAB / To Protector, Mount Garnet Minnie M-478 resides at Mount Garnet beside an old Aboriginal exempt, Harry Weare and Cloe Reid. 4.10.1946 To DNAB / To Protector, Mount Garnet Mentions Norah N-204. 17.10.1946 To DNAB Mentions Alick Cross A-197. 18.10.1946 To DNAB Mentions Ethel Cameron E-270 Elsie Lester E-19 18.10.1946 To DNAB Mentions Nellie Parkinson N-72. 23.10.1946 To Superintendent Yarrabah Joe Trail Mary Train Both are employed at Herberton. 22.10.1946 To DNAB Mentions Alick Cross A-197. 27.10.1946 To Protector, Ravenshoe Mentions Alick Cross A-197. 26.10.1946 Statement of Joe Trail. Full blood, attached to Yarrabah, employed at Herberton and married. 27-28.10.1946 Prisioner's rations, Herberton Joe Trail, Aboriginal Tom Samuels, Aboriginal 6.11.1946 To DNAB Joe Trail Mary Trail Tom Samuels, half-caste All from Yarrabah. 18.11.1946 Statement of Paddy Knox. Aboriginal, aged about 65 years and resides at Tolga. 25.11.1946 To DNAB Tony Cross, aged 6 years and son of Tommy Cross T-172. Admitted to Hospital on 25. 9.1946. Discharged 1.10.1946. 31. 1.1947 Mentions Reuben Connelly R-49 Nellie Williams N-3 25. 2.1947 About Dolly Wiseman, F/B Her legal husband is at Yarrabah. She has gone to Mt Molloy with her children Dolly is living with a man named Williams at Mt Molloy and wants a divorce so she can marry him. Williams is a F/B. 25. 2.1947 Friday Woodleigh arrested. Possibly mentally ill 10. 3.1947 Mentions Friday Woodleigh 18. 3.1947 Friday Woodleigh sent to Townsville 19. 3.1947 Chloe Weare, C-108, exempt, died on 17. 3.1947 at Herberton. Buried at Herberton Cemetery. 19. 3.1947 Chloe Weare died at the residence of Archibald Perrott at the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton on 17. 3.1947. Her husband is Harry Weare, exempt. Harry and Chloe were married on 25. 7.1945 at Herberton. Archie Perrott is married with a family and is Chloe's brother. 8. 4.1947 George Bimrose applied for exemption. Also mentions Dolly Wiseman and family. 26. 5.1947 Lizzie Hughes is the wife of Charles Hughes of the Atherton Protectorate. She refused to return to her husband at Atherton. She lives at the Aboriginal Reserve Herberton. 20. 6.1947 Mutt, recently attached to Ravenshoe, is employed at Herberton. Very old man. 27. 6.1947 Alice Mitchell is a missing person. She is in Herberton with Don Johnson. She will not live with her husband at Kuranda. Her husband is Tom Mitchell of Kuranda. 12. 7.1947 Tottie Morris not in district. She is wanted on a removal order. She is about 13 years old and daughter of Mick Morris and Judy Morris. Mick is in Chillagoe, but the other family members are in Georgetown, Einasleigh, Kidston and Chillagoe Protectorates. 25. 8.1947 Mentions Peter Freeman og Gunnawarra Stn, Mt Garnet. 24.11.1947 Mentions expenses for removal of Alice Raymond to Palm Island. Escort was Arthur Ketchup. Also mentions Donald Robert Johnson. Alice Raymond also known as Alice Mitchell. .12.1947 Mentions Tottie Langdon 9.12.1947 Maggie Go Sam of Herberton gave birth to an male child on 16.11.1947 at Herberton Hospital. Maggie Go Sam was previously Maggie Dixon. Maggie lives apart from her husband Robert Go Sam who may be at Innisfail. Father of the child is Mick Murphy, council employee of Innisfail. Maggie, aged 35 years, was born at Ravenshoe and married Robert Go Sam about 17 years ago. Maggie and Robert had 5 children, namely Betty Go Sam, 18 yrs Kevin Go Sam, 16 yrs Lillian Go Sam, 11 yrs Margaret Rose Go Sam, 4 yrs Ruth Go Sam, 3 yrs The child's name is Joseph Go Sam. It lived 5 hours. Maggie states her father is Chinese and her mother is Aboriginal. Maggie was born at either Tumoulin or Ravenshoe. She was reared by Mrs Dixon till she married Robert Go Sam. Maggie states Robert Go Sam left her about 3 years ago and he now lives with Bessie Con Goo at Innisfail or Daradgee. Maggie lived with Mick Murphy after Go Sam left her. When Maggie got pregnant Mick Murphy took her to Herberton and left her there. 12.12.1947 Further about Maggie Go Sam. 16. 2.1948 About Jessie J-162. Recommend his removal to Palm Island. Jessie is the wife of George Bimrose. Also mentions George, H/C, from Ingham. Jessie's sister is Alice Raymont (Mitchell) who was removed to Palm Island last year. 8. 4.1948 Patricia Perrott may be returned to Herberton. Franklin Lionel Grant is not in the district. 8. 4.1948 Blankets for Jimmy Airey and Bella Airey 27. 4.1948 Mary Perrott (nee Todd) is the wife of Archie Perrott of Herberton. They were married on 22. 9.1935 at Herberton. Mary is exempt. 1. 5.1948 Arrest of Victor Cross. Also mentions George Bimrose Harry English Len Parkinson Charlie Hughes 14. 5.1948 Post Mortem of Tommy Tiger who was found dead at Mount Garnet on 7. 5.1948. 17. 5.1948 Criminal offence report on Len Parkinson. He is attached to the Malanda Protectorate and aged 18 years. 1. 6.1948 Mentions Len Parkinson. 25. 6.1948 Letter of complaint signed by a Jack Barlow. Mentions George Ezzy, now Bimrose Jessie Bimrose, his wife Tommy Cross Mutt Victor Cross Alex Cross Leslie Barlow 25. 6.1948 Jessie is the wife of George Bimrose. She left Herberton with a H/C named George from Ingham. 8. 7.1948 Leslie Walker jumped from a truck on 17. 6.1948 and was killed. Had been given a lift with two other Aborigines. 13. 8.1948 Namoi Fred also known as Mrs Hooligan of Mt Garnet gave birth to an male child on 11. 7.1948 at Herberton Hospital. Namoi is aged 17 years, married and resides at Mt Garnet. Father of the child is Mr Hooligan of Mt Garnet. Namoi is a coloured girl. 18. 8.1948 Bella Airey is the wife of Jimmy Airey. Both live at the Aboriginal reserve at Herberton. Bella is too old and infirm to work. 24. 8.1948 Mentions Logan. Also mentions H/C Lo Sam (Go Sam?) Also mentions H/C Henry Subloo 14.10.1948 Lizzie Hughes granted exemption. Her husband is Charles Hughes who lives in the Atherton Protectorate. 27.10.1948 Mentions M Go Sam Robert Go Sam R Go Sam 2.11.1948 Mentions George Fisher of Herberton 2.11.1948 Lucy Miller of Herberton gave birth to an male child on 8.10.1948 at Atherton Hospital. Lily is a H/C, 22 yrs old, born on 7. 8.1926. She keeps house for her father and small brother. Her mother has been dead for about 5 years. The father of the child is Ernest Gertz, H/C, of Atherton. They intend to marry. Child's name is Colin Stewart Miller. 10.11.1948 Peter Freeman needs to do a tax return 22.11.1948 Leslie Barlow was last heard of at Evelyn in the Ravenshoe Protectorate. 23.12.1948 Whereabouts of Len Parkinson L-344. He is at Kuranda with his mother. 22. 1.1949 Jimmy Brown died at the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton on 20. 1.1949. Wife was Maude Brown. Also mentions Mutt. 24. 1.1949 Jimmy Brown J-319, late of the Innisfail Protectorate, died on 20. 1.1949 at Herberton. Buried on 21. 1.1949 at the Aboriginal part of the Herberton Cemetery. 18. 2.1949 Nellie Chewinga died at Ravenshoe. Date not given. 22. 2.1949 Logan was exempt in 1944. Should be withdrawn. He was employed in Silver Valley. Also mentions Victor Cross Jack Woods 25. 2.1949 Logan, single, 56 yrs, exempt 28. 4.1949 Tommy Cross T-172 3. 5.1949 Annual supply of clothing for Jimmy Airey J-207 Bella Airey B-174 Minnie M-478 12. 5.1949 Freddie Con Goo, H/C aged 13 years. He was born on 24. 8.1936 Father is William Joseph Con Goo Mother is Ada Wan Con Goo William and Ada have 9 children and Freddie is the youngest. Rose Con Goo is a sister of Freddie. Also mentions the Walker family of Tolga. 31. 5.1949 child born to Elizabeth Con Goo of Silver Valley near Herberton on 5. 5.1949 at Herberton Hospital. Elizabeth was born at Gunnawarra, Mt Garnet on 16.10.1922. This is her third child to Robert Go Sam, who is aged 39 years.R Robert is married but lives apart from his wife who lives at Innisfail. Elizabeth and Robert have lived together since 1942. The child's name is Robert Howard Go Sam. 1. 6.1949 William Con Goo is the father of Freddie Con Goo. Freddie is going to Mareeba to stay with a married sister named Mrs Mary Patricia Wason. 9. 6.1949 Betty Woods, aged 6 yrs, of Innot Hot Springs, Mt Garnet, died on 8. 6.1949 at Herberton Hospital. She was born on 1. 4.1943. Her father is Charlie Woods Her mother is Jemima Woods, nee Robertson. 29. 7.1949 Aboriginal children Bertha Sailor Agnes Marappa Alby Geia All from Palm Island. Arrived at Herberton to go to school. Boarding at St Mary's c of E College. 11. 7.1949 Logan, exempt. Left Herberton district about a month ago. Also mentions William Con Goo. 24. 8.1949 Nellie Williams N-3 and child leave Herberton on 29. 8.1949 for Mt Surprise. Also mentions Reuben Connolly 5.11.1949 Hughie Woods H-143 applied for exemption 13.12.1949 Logan possibly in the Mourilyan district. Also mentions Jimmy Con Goo Robert Go Sam 16.12.1949 May Gordon M-216 aged 12 years old. Lives with Mutt and his gin Nellie at the Aboriginal Reserve Herberton. Mutt and Nellie are too old to work. May may come from Ravenshoe. Her parents are dead. 23.12.1949 Harry Weare is exempt 16. 1.1950 Logan is exempt. Also mentions Bourke, H/C 26. 1.1950 Audrey Warren, H/C, aged 25 yrs, single, applied for exemption. Has an child. 14. 2.1950 Patricia Perrott P-237. Arrived at Herberton with her 2 children. 8. 2.1950 John Woods, F/B, applied for exemption. His brother is Hughie Woods. His father is John Woods snr. Father and mother live at Innot Hot Springs. 13. 2.1950 Maggie Cross applies for maternity allowance. She is a full blood and her parents were full bloods. 23. 2.1950 Mentions Victor Cross Glen Cross Both employed at Freshwater via Cairns. 23. 2.1950 Both the following are at Herberton Nellie Williams N-3 Reuben Conolly R-49 17. 3.1950 Summons for Robert Go Sam 12. 4.1950 Wages for Charlie Hughes 5. 5.1950 Death of Kitty at Ravenshoe 29. 5.1950 Charlie Hughes employed at the Convent of Mercy, Herberton 15. 6.1950 Mrs Mary Perrott (nee Todd) claims for maternity allowance. her parents were both full bloods and are dead. Her husband is a half-caste. 6. 7.1950 Alison Warren of Yarrabah wants employment at Herberton. 25. 7.1950 Agreement for Patricia Perrott 4. 8.1950 Aborigines who visited the Cairns Show and have not returned to Yarrabah Fred Bedford F-134 Percy Woodward P-358 9. 8.1950 Lizzie Ross of Mt Garnet is working at Herberton. Granted exemption in 1948. Separated from her husband Charlie Hughes. 16. 8.1950 The following are from Palm Island Laura McLean Keith Walsh 13. 9.1950 Charlie Hughes granted exemption 22.11.1950 Leslie Barlow 23.11.1950 Reuben Connolly given exemption certificate 24.11.1950 Hughie Woods at Petford 14.12.1950 Hughie Woods given exemption certificate 29.12.1950 Nellie Williams (Nellie Connolly) applied for exemption 26. 1.1951 John Woods exempt 8. 2.1951 The following at the Aboriginal Settlement, Herberton need medical attention Bella Airey B-174 Jimmy Airey 21. 2.1951 Nellie Connolly (Williams) exempt 23. 2.1951 Wages for George Bimrose 27. 2.1951 Jimmy Airey Bella Airey, wife Isobel Airey, 16 yrs, daughter 14. 3.1951 George Bimrose and Logan in partnership. 2. 4.1951 Alison Warren A-326 exempt 14. 4.1951 Charlie Hughes, exempt, wants drivers licence 2. 7.1951 Mentions John Woods Hughie Woods 11. 7.1951 Birth of child to Choopa Hooligan of Herberton on 9. 6.1951 at Herberton Hospital. Choopa gave her name as Choopa Jack. She said she was married to Jack of Cashmere Stn. She gave her age as 22 yrs. She is actually single. Addo Jack came to the Hospital and wanted to marry her. They were married on 22. 6.1951 at Herberton. All have gone back to Mt Garnet. 20. 7.1951 May Gordon lives with her grandparents Mutt and Nellie. 30. 7.1951 Clem Cross C-397, son of Tommy Cross T-172, is at Herberton. 30. 7.1951 Mutt and his wife Nellie are in Herberton 3. 8.1951 Tommy Cross and Maggie Cross applied for exemption. They are legally married. They have 7 children. 7. 8.1951 George Bimrose is unfit to work again. His sister is Nellie Connolly. Also mentions Logan, exempt. 7. 8.1951 The following should be sent to Palm Island for discipline Joe Collins J-5 Henry Wardle Victor Cross 20. 8.1951 John Parkinson, 27 yrs, on trial 4. 9.1951 Harry Weare H-73 10. 9.1951 Mentions Joe Collins Henry Wardle Victor Cross 12. 9.1951 Mentions George Bimrose G-59 Logan, exempt Billy Le Grand B-44, F/B at Mt Garnet Mutt M-216, F/B at Herberton Joe Collins, F/B at Atherton Leslie Barlow L-67, F/B at Herberton Henry Wardle A-129, F/B at Mt Garnet George Varley, H/C at Innisfail Harry Weare, exempt at Herberton Larry Manning, H/C at Mareeba Ollie Manning, H/C at Mareeba Jack Cummings, H/C at Herberton Jimmy Con Goo, H/C at Herberton Mick Murphy, H/C at Innisfail Eric Wood, F/B at Innot Hot Springs 28. 9.1951 The following are working at Wondecla Clem Cross Tommy Cross 5.10.1951 Bobbie Putt, aged 37 yrs, was found dead at Ravenshoe on 15. 9.1951. Also mentions Tommy Cross Victor Cross Clem Cross Tony Cross Polly Haines 8.10.1951 George Bimrose died on 5.10.1951 at Herberton Hospital. Buried on 6.10.1951 at the Aboriginal part of the Herberton Cemetery. 12.10.1951 Nellie Gordon tribally married to Mutt 29.10.1951 Patricia Perrott 9.11.1951 Audrey Laurel Warren 26.11.1951 Mentions Robin D Wiseman R-204 Jimmy Airey J-207 also known as Quimba Robin Putt (dec) also known as Robin D Wiseman 27.11.1951 Mentions Reuben Connolly Nellie Connolly 30.11.1951 Patricia Perrott 4.12.1951 Henry Robinson H-141 19.12.1951 The following are not in the district Rosie Newbury Bella Tambo 27.12.1951 Frank Danniel not in district 2. 1.1952 Robert Go Sam hurt in road accident. 4. 1.1952 Henry Robinson H-141 gone to Malanda 8. 1.1952 Barney Callaghan B-255 not in district 8. 1.1952 Hughie Woods H-143 of Petford is exempt 29. 1.1952 Whereabouts of Frank Dannell. Toby McNamee, aged 82 years, died on 8. 8.1951 at Herberton Hospital. Toby McNamee may be Frank Dannell. Toby Atkinson T-172 from Ravenshoe died at Cairns Hospital just prior to Christmas 1951. 2. 2.1952 Billy Mickey B-208 is not in the district 5. 2.1952 Joe Haines J-163 and his wife Polly Haines. Both are old. 5. 2.1952 Reuben Connolly R-45 and Nellie Connolly N-3 are both exempt 18. 2.1952 Grace Kidner and family of Malanda. Grace's husband is going to Palm Island. 27. 2.1952 Robert Go Sam of Wondecla. Summons for Maintenance of his wife and child. 18. 3.1952 Expenses for the removal of Grace Kidner and family to Palm Island. Her children are Ronald Kidner, 5 yrs Irene Kidner, 3 yrs Rita Kidner, 9 mths Escort was Linda Griffith. 21. 3.1952 Mutt is old. 24. 3.1952 Rita Kidner, daughter of Gracie Kidner, was born on 24. 6.1951 at the Aboriginal Settlement, Ravenshoe. Rosy Gardiner attended the birth. 2. 4.1952 Barney Callaghan in Herberton prospecting 4. 4.1952 Reuben Connolly and Nellie Connolly are exempt 4. 4.1952 Whereabouts of Robert Go Sam 10. 4.1952 Charlie Woods at Innot Hot Springs 28. 4.1952 Logan is exempt 2. 5.1952 Reuben Connolly and Nellie Connolly are exempt 12. 5.1952 Gilpin Banning not known in the district 13. 5.1952 Child endowment balances for Maggie Cross M-440 Patricia Perrott P-237 14. 5.1952 Annual supply of clothes for the following who are all too old to work Jimmy Airey J-207 Bella Airey B-174 Joe Haines J-163 Polly Haines P-71 Mutt M-216 Nellie N-375 Minnie 14. 5.1952 Mentions Patricia Perrott P-237 Also mentions Hughie Woods, exempt of Herberton 29. 5.1952 Birth of Norma Clark is not registered. Her parents are Norman Clark and Clara Clark of Abingdon Downs, Georgetown. Her parents were married at Herberton under the names Norman and Clara (no surnames). Clara Clark died on 21.11.1950 at Georgetown Hospital after childbirth. She had the following children Norma Clark, 14 yrs Eddie Clark, 12 yrs Jack Clark, 6 yrs Joyce Clark, 2 yrs Jimmy Clark, 1 yr The birth register at Herberton also shows Harold born on 29. 6.1940., daughter of Clara Plate. On the marriage certificate Clara is shown as a widow. Norma may be from Clara's previous marriage. 5. 6.1952 Maggie Cross M-440 16. 6.1952 Estate of George Bimrose G-59 deceased Wife was Jessie who hasnt lived with him for many years. They had no children. Jessie lives with George Dennis at Malanda. George Bimrose's only known relatives are Nellie Connolly N-3 of Herberton Norman Doyle of Ravenshoe 25. 6.1952 Barney Callaghan in the Mt Molloy Protectorate 4. 7.1952 Mick Lucy M-215 at Ravenshoe 10. 7.1952 Harry Anning H/C 11. 7.1952 Whereabouts of Phillip Wallace who is alleged to be the father of the child born to Laura Meldrum L-249 of Mareeba. Wallace is not exempt. 25. 7.1952 Thomas King H/C of Mareeba wants to marry Maisie Cross M-566 of Herberton. Tommy is single and aged 41 years 5. 8.1952 Mentions Patricia Perrott P-237 12. 8.1952 Mentions Reuben Connolly and Nellie Connolly 8. 9.1952 Mentions George Bimrose G-59 10.11.1952 Mentions Robert Go Sam 5.12.1952 Dick Briggs D-205 gone to Malanda 11.12.1952 Patricia Perrott does not want to return to Yarrabah 11.12.1952 Bob Brown (Waratah) not in the district 11.12.1952 Maisie Cross M-566 living with Thomas King in the Mt Garnet Protectorate. They were refused permission to marry. 7. 1.1953 To DDNAB Re: Whereabouts of Peter Freeman, a half-caste who had been living at Atherton. 22. 1.1953 To Superintendent, Yarrabah Mission Sam Kynuna, an Aboriginal of Yarrabah Mission, left to go to the Mission on 19. 1.1953. 4. 2.1953 To DDNAB Child endowment account for Maggie Cross M-440 9. 2.1953 To DDNAB Re: Claim for child endowment by Isobel Airey, a full blood Aboriginal of Herberton. She gave birth to an child at Mareeba Hospital on 3. 1.1953. Isobel's parents are Jimmy and Bella Airey of Herberton. 12. 3.1953 To Superintendent, Yarrabah Mission Re: Proposed marriage between Harold Ronald Con Goo of Herberton and Lola Phyllis Kynuna of Yarrabah. Harold's father is William Joseph Con Goo of Herberton. Harold needed his parents consent for the marriage. Hand-written note included here Re: Isobel Airey child's name is Ellen Marie. Father is Ronald Walker of Innisfail, half-caste. 20. 2.1953 To DDNAB Re: Maggie Cross M-566 Returned to Innot Hot Springs with half-caste Thomas King. 10. 3.1953 To DDNAB Re: Isobel Airey I-117 Birth of child Helen Airey at Mareeba on 3. 1.1953 13. 3.1953 To DDNAB Re: Permission to marry for Harold Ronald Con Goo and Lola Kynuna. Con Goo is a miner, self-employed and half-caste. Family were never under Departmental control. 26. 3.1953 To DDNAB Re:Inspection of Herberton Aboriginal Settlement by Dr. T.J. Hansen of Herberton. Hut - Reuben and Nellie Connolly Hut - Cross family. Man, wife and seven children Four of these are grown men Hut - Bella and Jimmy Airey and their family Isobel Airey and Lullah Wardle. Isobel Airey has an child. Hut - Polly Haines and Joe Haines Hut - Mutt and Nellie Gordon and her daughter May Gordon. Also aged Aboriginal Minnie. Hut - Ravenshoe Aboriginals recently shifted to Herberton to live, namely Rene Doyle, her husband Paddy Cashmere and five children. Single men - Leslie Barlow, Michael Thomas and Matthew Samuel 2. 4.1953 To DDNAB Re: Claim for child endowment for Renie Doyle R-117, recently moved from Ravenshoe. Renie Doyle gave birth to an female child at Herberton Hospital on 18. 3.1953, her fifth child. The child is named Joan Ruth Cashmere. 13. 4.1953 To DDNAB Re: Supplies to indigent Aborigines Jimmy Airey J-207 Joe Haines J-163 Mutt M-216 Minnie M-478 Bella Airey B-174 Polly Haines P-71 Nellie N-375 13. 4.1953 To DDNAB Whereabouts of Alex Bolwarra. Was at Herberton Hospital. Gone to Ravenshoe. 22. 4.1953 To DDNAB Aboriginals at present residing at the Herberton Aboriginal Reserve. Paddy Cashmere, Renie Doyle and family. Children attend Herberton State School. Patricia Perrott and children. Till recently they resided with her employer, Mrs Weiland. Now they reside with exempt Aboriginal Hughie Woods, who is the father of one of her children. Believe she is pregnant again to Woods. Michael Thomas - since left Leslie Barlow Matthew Samuel - Exempt in 1951 when at Tolga. Left. 25. 5.1953 To Protector, Yarrabah Mentions Michael Thomas. 25. 5.1953 To DDNAB Re: Death of indigent Aborigine Minnie M-478 at the Herberton Aboriginal Settlement on 22. 5.1953. Believed to have two sisters. Buried at Herberton Cemetery on 22. 5.1953. Aged about 97 years. 26. 5.1953 To Protector, Yarrabah Mentions Christella Burns. 3. 6.1953 To DDNAB Re: Patricia Perrott P-237 and Hughie Woods. 9. 6.1953 To IOPC Re: Application for adoption of a child by William John Con Goo and Lily Con Goo of Herberton. Female applicant is the mother of the child, namely Colin Stewart Miller. The applicants were married at the Herberton Registry Office on 2. 3.1951. They have two female children, 2 years and 1 year old. The child for adoption was born at Atherton on 9.10.1948 and has been looked after, since birth, by the female applicant. Applicants are half-caste Aborigines of Herberton. 25. 6.1953 To DDNAB Mentions Bella Airey B-174, very old and Victor Cross V-34, nomadic and a drinker. 30. 6.1953 To IOPC Expenses incurred in the removal of the following Aborigines from Herberton to the Woorabinda Aboriginal Reserve. Removal Order 17/53 Patricia Perrott P-237 Mother Norma Evelyn Perrott Child Clifford Desmond Perrott Child Escorting Aborigine was Nobie Clay, female, from Woorabinda. 10. 8.1953 To Superintendent, Doomadgee Mission Re: Mavis Johnny M-436 Arrived at Herberton expecting a child. 8. 9.1953 To DDNAB Re: Half-caste James Con Goo and his application to marry. Not recommended. 15.10.1953 To Dept. Main Roads Whereabouts of John Cummins. Believed to be half-caste Jack Cummins. 11.11.1953 To DDNAB Applications for Exemptions Paddy Cashmere - Recommended Victor Cross - Not Recommended Victor Cross travels with his father Tommy Cross and brothers Victor and Tony. 30.11.1953 To Officer in Charge, Atherton Re: Roy Robert de Satche Half-caste left for Atherton with full blood Maggie Cross and her three small children. Believed they will travel to Danbulla to coloured people named Perrott. 7. 1.1954 To Superintendent, Mitchell River Mission Re: Registration of birth of Marlyne, daughter of Dorris and Clarence Gilbert. Birth registered as Marilyn not Marlyne. Born 13. 1.1951. 13. 1.1954 To Protector, Tolga Re: James Con Goo Half-caste. Left Herberton. Last seen in Tolga about December 1953. 3. 2.1954 To DDNAB Re: Wages collected and remitted for quarter ending 31.12.1953. Mentions Aborigine Stanley Doyle S-179. 16. 2.1954 Re: Huts for Paddy Cashmere and Norman Doyle. Norman Doyle is totally crippled and cared for by his daughter Renie Doyle, wife of Paddy Cashmere. He lives with that family. 2. 3.1954 To DDNAB Re: Stanley Doyle S-179 23. 3.1954 To DDNAB Re: Ida Mears I-101 Exempt Aborigine. Been in Herberton about three weeks. Supports parents. Can read and write. 29. 3.1954 To IOPC Re: Birth of child to Ruby Christina Simpson of Kaban on 25. 2.1954. Child's name is Ruby Christina Brown. Mother is 28 years old, half-caste and lives at Kaban via Ravenshoe. 29. 3.1954 To IOPC Re: Post mortem examination of the body of Aboriginal Una Woodleigh of Mount Garnet on 17. 3.1954. 5. 4.1954 To DDNAB Re: Huts for Paddy Cashmere and Norman Doyle. Stanley Doyle S-179 is the son of Norman Doyle and brother of Renie Doyle. 5. 4.1954 To DDNAB Re: Alick Cross Father is Tommy Cross. Consider his Exemption should be withdrawn. 13. 4.1954 To DDNAB Annual supply of clothing to indigent Aborigines in the Herberton Protectorate. Jimmy Airey J-207 Joe Haines J-163 Mutt M-216 Bella Airey B-174 Polly Haines P-71 Nellie N-375 20. 4.1954 To DDNAB Re: Roy Robert de Satche. Appears to be a half-caste. 20. 4.1954 To DDNAB Hughie Wood lives at Innot Hot Springs, tin scratching. 28. 4.1954 To IOPC Whereabouts of James Con Goo. Inquiry from Superintendent of Yarrabah Mission. Half-caste. Brother is Jack Con Goo. 29. 4.1954 To DDNAB Re: Ida Mears. Has left Herberton and is now in the company of half-caste Larry Manning of Mareeba. Ida's mother is looking for her. 24. 5.1954 To DDNAB Re: Alick Cross. Exemption revoked. 29. 5.1954 To IOPC Re: Birth of child to Elizabeth Go Sam of Herberton on 6. 5.1954. Elizabeth Go Sam (correct name Elizabeth Con Goo) of Herberton, aged 32 years, lives at Woollooman Creek, Silver Valley via Herberton with Robert Go Sam who is the father of her children. This birth is her fourth child. The child was born at Herberton Hospital on 6. 5.1954 and is to be registered as Lois Dawn Rose Go Sam. Child's parents are both half-caste Aboriginals. 31. 5.1954 To DDNAB Re: Death of Polly Haines P-71, indigent Aboriginal. Died at Herberton Settlement on 30. 5.1954, aged between 70 and 80 years. Husband was Joe Haines. To be buried at Herberton Cemetery. 1. 7.1954 To DDNAB Re: Wages Register. Accounts for Paddy Cashmere Stanley Doyle Leslie Barlow 7. 7.1954 To DDNAB Re: Rita Bolton R-342. 16. 7.1954 To DDNAB Re: Death of Joan Ruth Doyle aged 13 months. Died in Herberton Hospital on 8. 7.1954. Daughter of Renie Doyle R-117 and Paddy Cashmere. Buried at Herberton Cemetery on 9. 7.1954. 26. 7.1954 To DDNAB Re: Maisie King M-566 5. 8.1954 Re: Reuben Connolly and Nellie Connolly Both granted exemptions two years ago. Nellie had a stroke and is partially crippled. They live at Herberton. 9. 8.1954 To DDNAB Re: Paddy Cashmere P-195 12. 8.1954 To IOPC Re: Post mortem on body of Sandy Hughes, aged 95 years, of Ravenshoe, who was found dead on 11. 8.1954. Aboriginal. 28. 8.1954 To Protector, Cairns Re: Yarrabah girls for employment at St. Mary's School, Herberton. The following girls arrived at Herberton on 21. 8.1954 Nettie Solomon Mabel Max Lily Street Myrna Griven 27. 9.1954 To IOPC Re: Breach of Aboriginal Preservation and Protection Act Full blood Aboriginal Tommy Cross T-172. Coloured man Jimmy Anderson or Allan Muckan, aged 29 years, supplying grog to Aboriginals, especially a gin Maggie Cross, tribally married to Tommy Cross and has seven children, three under ten years. 27. 9.1954 To DDNAB Re: Death of Aboriginal Mutt M-216 at Herberton Hospital on 25. 9.1954 Aged about 90 years. Gin was Nellie Gordon and step-daughter May Gordon. Buried at Herberton Cemetery on 26. 9.1954. 9.10.1954 Re: Maggie Cross 20.10.1954 To DDNAB Re: Death of indigent Aboriginal Norman Doyle N-108. He died on 18.10.1954 at Herberton Aboriginal Reserve and was buried at Herberton Cemetery on 19.10.1954. 3.11.1954 To DDNAB Re: Tommy Cross T-172 Lives at the Aboriginal Reserve, Herberton. Has a family of eight children, three under sixteen years. Parted from tribal wife Maggie Cross. Aged over sixty years. 16.11.1954 To IOPC Whereabouts of Mick Lawson 16.11.1954 To DDNAB Re: Jimmy Airey J-207 who died at Herberton on 15.11.1954. Very old man. 22.11.1954 To DDNAB Re: Child endownment Maggie Cross M-440 2.12.1954 To Superintendent, Woorabinda Re: Leslie Airey L-5, son of Jimmy Airey 24.12.1954 To IOPC Re: Missing Aboriginal Raimus from Woorabinda. 4. 1.1955 Inquiry by Superintendent, Yarrabah Mission for Henry Wattle 18. 1.1955 To Superintendent, Woorabinda Re: Leslie Airey L-5. Holidaying from Woorabinda Settlement. Went to Innisfail and worked. 21. 1.1955 To IOPC Re: Birth of child to Lucy Manning of Mareeba on 28.12.1954. Child was born at Herberton Hospital on 28.12.1954. Lucy Manning is 26 years old and resides at Mareeba. Child was registered as Lorraine Patricia Manning, although the hospital was told Dorothy May Manning. Father is John Tooth, employed as a station hand on Glenruth Station, Mount Garnet. Parents are both half-castes. 23. 2.1955 To DDNAB Re: Norman Doyle N-109, deceased His son, Stanley Doyle, wants to purchase the hut built by his father. 23. 2.1955 To DDNAB Re: Application to marry by Rita Bolton R-342 to Frederick Miller of Herberton, half-caste. Frederick Miller is a half-caste, 31 years old and employed at Tinaroo. Rita Bolton R-342 is 18 years old and lives and works at Ravenshoe. She is pregnant and Miller is the father. Recommended. 2. 3.1955 To DDNAB Nellie Connolly is the wife of Reuben Connolly R-45. 9. 3.1955 To IOPC John Leon, Aboriginal is employed by Carl Aoss, a Wondecla farmer. 28. 3.1955 To IOPC Re: Birth of child to Maggie Go Sam of Herberton on 2. 3.1955 at Atherton Hospital. Maggie Go Sam is a married woman living apart from her husband and is the de facto wife of Michael Murphy. Both are half-caste Aboriginals. Maggie Go Sam does not know her age, cannot read or write but thinks she is about 43 years old. Baby was born at Atherton Hospital on 2. 3.1955 and registered as Daniel Murphy. Parents (Maggie and Michael) live in a humpy near the Aboriginal Settlement at Herberton. 18. 4.1955 Re: Roy Tooth of Kalunga, half-caste now at White Rock via Cairns. 19. 4.1955 To DDNAB Re: Barney Callaghan B-255 19. 4.1955 To DDNAB Re: Supply of clothing to indigent Aboriginals, namely Bella Airey B-174 Tommy Cross T-172 Nellie N-375 Joe Haines J-163 25. 5.1955 To DDNAB Re: Income tax payable to Stanley Doyle S-179 6. 6.1955 To DDNAB The wife of Paddy Cashmere P-195 is Renie. 6. 6.1955 To DDNAB Re: Birth of a female child to Renie Doyle R-117 on 22. 5.1955. Renie gave birth to a female child at Atherton Hospital on 22. 5.1955. The child was registered as Glennis Cashmere at Herberton. 6. 6.1966 To DDNAB Alick Cross A-197 is working at Wondecla 6. 6.1955 To DDNAB Re: Willie Maher W-23 23. 6.1955 To DDNAB Re: Water service to the cottage of Reuben and Nellie Connolly from the Herberton Aboriginal Reserve. 5. 7.1955 To DDNAB Re: Rita Miller nee Bolton. Exemption Certificate 95/55. 7. 7.1955 To Superintendent, Yarrabah Mission Stanley Freeman, half-caste, seen in the company of Nettie Solomon who is pregnant. 9. 7.1955 To IOPC Re: Whereabouts of Adrian Tranby, half-caste. Employed at Tinaroo Falls Dam site. Mentions Phillip Wallace, half-caste. 12.7.1955 To DDNAB Re: Aboriginal John Riddel alias Leon, full blood. 15. 7.1955 To DDNAB Withdrawls for May, namely Renie Doyle R-117 Paddy Cashmere P-195 Isobel Airey I-117 Tommy Cross T-172 Stanley Doyle S-179 3. 8.1955 To DDNAB Re: Reuben and Nellie Connolly, exempt aboriginals. Nellie Connolly N-3 requested her exemption be cancelled. She is paralysed down her side. Her husband will not keep her. Her daughter Margaret Connolly works for Mrs Thompson. 5. 8.1955 To DDNAB Re: James Con Goo Admitted paternity of the child born to Nita Ambrym on 26.11.1953. 10. 8.1955 To DDNAB Re: Child endowmnent accounts, namely Renie Doyle Maggie Cross 17. 8.1955 Re: May Gordon M-506 12. 9.1955 Re: Post mortem of Leonard Cashmere, aged 2 years, of Glen Ruth Station. 14. 9.1955 To DDNAB Re: Rita Miller nee Bolton 14. 9.1955 To DDNAB Re: Reuben and Nellie Connolly 10.10.1955 To DDNAB Re: Isobel Airey I-117 She has a small child born 3. 1.1953 which is looked after by her (Isobel's) mother Bella Airey. It is believed Isobel is chasing after an aboriginal named Barney Callaghan who is working at Tinaroo. He is known to have VD. This mating would not be desirable. Recommend Isobel and child be removed to a mission. 18.10.1955 To DDNAB Re: Reuben and Nellie Connolly 7.11.1955 Thumb print of Paddy Cashmere P-195 28.11.1955 To IOPC Re: Expenses removing Isobel Airey I-117 and daughter Helen to Mona Mona Mission. Removal Order 80/55 30. 4.1959 Taxation for Stanley Doyle S-179 30. 4.1959 Whereabouts of James Congoo H/C. Residing with his brother Jack Congoo at Innot Hot Springs 7. 5.1959 Accounts for Bobby Hooligan B-599 Henry Wardle H-129 They have been residing in the Herberton district for some months 15. 5.1959 Whereabouts of Stanley Freeman H/C Sister is Bessie Freeman of Wondecla who states he is living with a family named Anning at Tolga. 9. 6.1959 Henry Wardle H-129. Mentions his mother Bella Airey 22. 7.1959 Re James Congoo. Works as a tin scratcher 22. 9.1959 Ethel Perrott not known in district 18.12.1959 Whereabouts Stanley Freeman. Sister Bessie Freeman says Stanley is with his uncle. 14. 3.1960 Alick Cross gone to Cairns. Not exempt. Will need agreement if employed. 14. 3.1960 Mentions Henry Wardle 14. 3.1960 Mentions Bobby Hooligan B-19 now at Mt Garnet. His wife is Narda Hooligan. 21. 3.1960 Bella Airey was married in the Methodist Church at Herberton on 22. 9.1935. Jimmy Airey died 15.11.1954 21. 4.1960 Bella Airey now back at settlement 26. 4.1960 Whereabouts of Stanley Freeman Sister-in-Law Mrs Roy Freeman states he is in Mareeba with people named Chong. 1. 6.1960 Narda Hooligan, wife of Bobby Hooligan B-599 1. 7.1960 Re Logan of Herberton Exempt in 1944. Lives in Aboriginal Settlement in Herberton 14. 7.1960 Death of Joe Haines J-163 on 11. 7.1960 at the Herberton District Hospital. Buried at Herberton on 13. 7.1960 19. 7.1960 Mentions Henry Wardle H-129 19. 7.1960 Alick Cross A-197 went to Cairns 1. 8.1960 Mentions Henry Dennis, aged 29 years, of Minnamoolka Stn, Mt Garnet. Also mentions Bella Airey Bruce Morgason or Morgesson 16. 8.1960 Mentions Willie Maher W-23 15. 9.1960 Death of Harry Weare, exempt Aboriginal, about 62 - 64 years of age of the Herberton Aboriginal Settlement. Found dead in the Wild River, Herberton on thursday 1. 9.1960. Mentions residents of the Herberton Aboriginal Settlement namely Phildelma Lucy, middle-aged and married Stanley Doyle David Woods, cousin of Phildelma Lucy Lullah Tooth, middle-aged married woman 23. 9.1960 Re Joe Haines J-163, deceased. Aged. 12.10.1960 June Henry, coloured girl from Ravenshoe, at Herberton Hospital. Claims to be exempt and about 20 years old. 13.10.1960 Death of Harry Weare, exempt Aborigine. Mentions Phildelma Lucy, housewife, Herberton 13.10.1960 Harry Weare left no estate. 5.12.1960 Tony Cross T-473 at Redlynch. 5.12.1960 Mick Lucy M-215 and Phildelma Lucy P-180 appear to now reside at Herberton. 6. 1.1961 Stanley Doyle S-179. 11. 1.1961 Ted Cross at Yarrabah Mission 7. 2.1961 Logan 22. 2.1961 Paddy Cashmere P-195 wants to work at Murray Upper and transfer from Herberton Protectorate to Cardwell Protectorate. 22. 2.1961 Mick Lucy, formerly of Ravenshoe 15. 3.1961 Paddy Cashmere P-195 and his wife Renie Doyle are at Murray Upper at the moment. 13. 3.1961 Audit Report Herberton 1960 / 1961. Mentions Renie Cashmere R-117, child endowment Phildelma Lucy P-180, child endowment Tom Cross T-172 Bella Airey B-1744 Mick Lucy M-215 23. 5.1961 Francis William Atkinson not in district 1. 6.1961 Horace Fullerton not in district 19. 6.1961 Paddy Cashmere P-195 and Renie Doyle R-117, his wife at Murray Upper. 19. 6.1961 Stanley Doyle 27. 6.1961 Exempt Aboriginal Logan was found dead at his hut on the Herberton Aboriginal Reserve on 26. 6.1961. Accidentally burnt to death. Also mentions Tommy Thompson, exempt. 7. 7.1961 Agnes Costello (Lucey) is exempt. 27. 7.1961 Inquest into death of Logan, exempt, mentions King Costello Tommy Thompson 27. 7.1961 Francis William Atkinson not in district 7. 8.1961 Tony Cross T-473. Recently came to Herberton for the funeral of his aunt Bella Airey. 15. 8.1961 Willie Maher W-23 now at Chillagoe 21. 9.1961 Alick Cross A-197 in Cairns Protectorate 12.10.1961 Whereabouts of George Ryan jnr of Aitkenvale, Townsville is unknown. 23.10.1961 About hut belonging to Joe Haines at Herberton. Hut is occupied by Maggie Cross M-440 and her children. Maggie Cross is the wife of Tommy Cross T-172 but is not living with him. 3.11.1961 Mick Lucy M-215 wants Invalid pension. Aged in early fifties. 7.12.1961 Mick Lucy aged 50 to 60 years. Tribally married to Phildelma Lucy for about 25 years. 30. 3.1962 Victor Cross V-34 18. 4.1962 Paddy Cashmere and an old agreement. Paddy Cashmere at Murray Upper 28. 6.1962 Tony Cross T-473 of Herberton and June Henry of Ravenshoe want to marry. 2. 7.1962 Audit of Herberton books. Mentions Tom Cross T-142 Clem Cross C-397 Bella Airey B-174 Tony Cross T-473 Henry Wardle H-129 Mick Lucy M-215 Maggie Cross M-440, child endowment 17. 7.1962 Mick Lucy M-215 to Cairns Hospital 10. 8.1962 Agreement at Minnamoolka for Tony Cross T-472 14. 8.1962 Audit of account of Tommy Cross T-172 16. 8.1962 Proposed marriage of Tony Cross and June Henry Molly Robinson, mother of June Henry, will not give consent. 17. 9.1962 Birth of child to Betty Jackson B-59 of Mt Garnet. Betty Jackson was born on 26. 7.1943. Gave birth to a male child at Herberton Hospital on 13. 9.1962. Father of the child is a white man named Bill Payne of Mt Molloy. 18. 9.1962 Mick Lucy M-215 is at Cairns Hospital. Also mentions Tommy Cross T-172 1.10.1962 Re proposed marriage of June Henry and Tony Cross 25.10.1962 Tommy Cross T-172 badly burned on 6.10.1962. Son is Ray Cross, aged 17 years. 29.10.1962 Charlie Woods, aged about 60 years, died 28.10.1962 at Innot Hot Springs. 30.10.1962 Re injuries to Tommy Cross T-172 on 6.10.1962 Mentions the following Clem Cross, 29 years, son of Tommy Ray Cross, 17 yrs, son of Tommy 31.10.1962 Kenny Kennedy K-56 in Mt Garnet District 8.11.1962 Mick Lucy M-215 8.11.1962 Victor Cross V-34 1.12.1962 Tommy Cross T-172 at Herberton Hospital 18.12.1962 Henry Wardle H-129