Herberton Memoranda of Agreement 1945 - 1954

Protector of Aborigines, Herberton Register of Memoranda of Agreement 8. 1.1945 - 5. 4.1954 Item ID 282678 Previous System Location A/38084; RSI2849/1/1 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 1945 Maisie Cross M-556 Friday Woodleigh F-50 George Bimrose G-50 Tommy Cross T-172 Alby Broad A-80 Bella Airey B-174 1946 Maisie Cross M-556 Friday Woodleigh F-50 Joe Haines J-163 George Bimrose G-50 Bella Airey B-174 Tommy Cross T-172 Lullah Wardle L-169 Alick Cross A-177 Rene Parkinson R-187 Ethel Cameron E-270 Elsie Cameron E-19 Nellie Parkinson N-72 Henry Wardle H-129 Victor Cross V-34 1947 Joe Haines J-163 Tommy Cross T-172 Lullah Wardle L-169 George Bimrose G-59 Mutt M-216 Maisie Cross M-556 Jessie J-162 1948 George Bimrose G-59 Lullah Wardle L-169 Joe Haines Tommy Cross T-172 1949 George Bimrose G-59 Alick Cross A-197 Charles Hughes C-2 Clem Cross Lullah Wardle L-169 1950 Alick Cross A-197 George Bimrose G-59 Nellie Williams N-3 1953 Patricia Perrott P-237 May Gordon M-506 Stanley Doyle S-179 1954 Stanley Doyle S-179 May Gordon M-506 Loose Correspondence Memorandum of Agreement dated 1933 for Lucy Loose sheet dated 24. 4.1939 mentions Albert Weiba A-15.