Ingham Police Letterbooks 1929 - 1936

Police Station, Ingham Letterbooks 23. 1.1929 - 19.11.1929 POL 12G/G1 Queensland State Archives 12.11.1929 - 29. 4.1930 POL 12G/G2 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1931 - 29.10.1931 POL 12G/G3 Queensland State Archives 29.10.1931 - 19. 7.1932 POL 12G/G4 Queensland State Archives Extracted from index at start of Registers only. . 7.1936 - .10.1936 POL 12G/G5 Queensland State Archives .10.1936 - .12.1936 POL 12G/G6 Queensland State Archives Extracted from Register. Book POL 12G/G1 is often illegible. Pages 50-97 and 674-873 are missing. The index under 'Abo' gives the following Dandy died 34, 56, 57, 123 (pages) Trackers Palm Island, fares 51 Ministers Removal Orders 185, 936 Absconded from Palm Island 556 Mary 819 Tim, re: death of 846 George Daylight & Malcolm Brown 821 Removal Orders 974 Page 34 28. 1.1929 Death of Dandy at the Aboriginal camp near Railway Bridge, Ingham on 28. 1.1929. Mentions Tracker Jack of Ingham Charlie Miguel Arthur Ingham Jennie Alice Tommy Cooktown Jack Long Page 185 4. 3.1929 Removal of 13 Aborugines from Ingham district to Palm Island. Seven have gone. The following six are still to go. Joanna Child, aged about 5 years if still alive Tommy Norah Veena Tommy Squigger Page 556 3. 7.1929 Absconders from Palm Island. Not named. 11.12.1929 Page 120 Death of Doctor died 11.11.1929. Known as Doctor Dawson. Bank account was transferred from Charters Towers in 1922. 29. 1.1931 Page 68 Following want to stay at Palm Island Sam Boyd, getting old Lambert Coldwater, lazy and troublesome 9. 3.1931 Page 202 Property of Bluey Roberts which was left at Longpocket arrived here. 21. 4.1931 Page 357 Almost illegible About Billy Lightning 25. 5.1931 Page 467 Absconders from Palm Island Jack Gunnawarra Cecil Joe ------- William Barney Ernie Mummins Jack Tommy Tommy Said to be heading for their own country. 15. 6.1931 Page 529 Willie Lightning H/C Janie Lightning, his wife Gracie Lightning, their child, 3 1/2 years Paddy Lightning, their child, 2 years Willie Lightning, their child, 6 months They have been granted permission to go to Palm Island. Came from Blue Range near Greenvale. 16. 6.1931 Page 534 Bluey Roberts 2. 7.1931 page 604 Dick Shaw H/C from Mt Garnet. Bank account book not arrived yet. 15. 7.1931 Page 640 Darcy, known as Darcy Day, was in Charters Towers Hospital with a broken leg. 29. 7.1931 Page 682 The following were asked for by the Superintendent, Palm Island Willie Barney Cecil Sundown Jack Olville aka Jack Gunnawarra, native of Georgetown Ernie Mummins All are deserters from Palm Island 10. 8.1931 Page 718 The following stole a dinghy from Palm Island Lennie Jerome Bernard Turner Adrian Richardson 24. 8.1931 Page 770 Paddy proceeding to Palm Island at own request. Convicted on 14. 2.1921 at Townsville of manslaughter. Sentenced to 5 years in Stewart Creek gaol. Released 16.10.1930 Undated Page 828 Virtually illegible but appears to be about deserters from Palm Island as for pages 467 and 718. 15.11.1931 Page 64 Frank Casey H/C was at Ingham last July for a week then went to Innisfail. 14. 6.1932 Page 802 No trace of Bob Dixon in district 28. 6.1932 Page 869 Sudden death of an Aboriginal female named Alice on 25. 6.1932 at Crotons Creek near Ingham. Aged 65 years. Husband is Charlie No 2. Son is George Dennis, exempt 25. 7.1936 Rosie removed to Cairns for Yarrabah November 1935 8. 8.1936 Sudden death of Jack Island on 8. 8.1936 at Ingham 25. 8.1936 Peter Airey P-107 at Greenvale. Went to Palm Island for a visit. 27. 7.1936 Estate of Dick Gard. Brother is possibly Charlie Williams C-82. Attached letter dated 21. 3.1936 mentions the following whose whereabouts are unknown Jenny Dandy Johnny Hammond The following have inoperative bank accounts but are supposedly still in the district Jack Wilson J-171 Rosie R-40 Rosie No 3 R-41 Sandy S-48 Attached letter dated 5. 4.1934 mentions death of Aborigine / Kanaka named Jinnie on 4. 4.1934 at Hawkins Creek. Buried same day at Hawkins Creek. Husband is Ken Ken (Kin Kin). Married about 4 years. Also mentions Kanaka Tom Sandel. Ken Ken is a Kanaka. 6. 8.1936 Mentions Christie Palmerston C-82 12. 8.1936 Rations for the following from Palm Island who were searching for a dinghy which disappeared when some Natives escaped from Palm Island Peter Prior Liu George Laubey Sailor 13. 8.1936 Wages for Parker who was at Blue Range Station. Parker now at Valley of Lagoons Stn. 21. 8.1936 Account for medical treatment for Willie Erin W-61 of Ingham who is working at Prairie. 25. 8.1936 Removal order for Charlie Lewis of this district in abeyance. Conducts himself in a satisfactory manner. No need to act on Removal Order. 25. 8.1936 Money owed by Peter Wallace also known as Peter Eromanga who is late of this district and now at Palm Island. Debt incurred in 1930 1. 9.1936 Debt actually owed by Dick Look, Chinese Herbalist. 2. 9.1936 Wages due to Dandy Atkinson 17. 9.1936 Agreement for Frank Fernleigh 19. 9.1936 Airey working at Greenvale Stn. Going to Palm Island to get married. Husband and wife will work at Greenvale Stn. Letter dated 16. 9.1936 says Peter Airey Letter dated 17. 9.1936 mentions Peter Airey and wife to be Maggie Tyson F/B of Palm Island. Letter dated 2. 9.1936 mentions application to marry at Palm Island for Peter Airey and Maggie Tyson 3.10.1936 Jack Ingham inquired for by Chief Protector. Not in district 18. 9.1936 Parker at Valley of Lagoons Stn in Mt Garnet Protectorate. Transfer his account to Mt Garnet. 3.10.1936 Agreement for Jessie Sampson 7.10.1936 Expenses for escort of Harry Bunn H/C to Palm Island 3.11.1936 Fred Saunders has left Ingham district and is believed to have gone to Innisfail Letter dated 23.10.1936 states Fred Saunders H/C is married but does not live with his wife.