Kilcoy Police Letterbook 1919 - 1942

Police Station, Kilcoy Letterbooks 4. 1.1919 - 6. 7.1921 POL 2A/G1 Queensland State Archives 5.11.1922 - 20. 6.1924 POL 2A/G2 Queensland State Archives 20. 6.1924 - 20. 7.1925 POL 2A/G3 Queensland State Archives 21. 7.1925 - 25. 8.1926 POL 2A/G4 Queensland State Archives 31. 8.1926 - 31.12.1927 POL 2A/G5 Queensland State Archives 2. 1.1928 - 5. 8.1930 POL 2A/G6 Queensland State Archives 5. 8.1930 - 5. 4.1932 POL 2A/G7 Queensland State Archives 11. 4.1932 - 5.11.1933 POL 2A/G8 Queensland State Archives 7.11.1933 - 12.10.1934 POL 2A/G9 Queensland State Archives 12.10.1934 - 2. 8.1935 POL 2A/G10 Queensland State Archives 4. 8.1935 - 20. 2.1936 POL 2A/G11 Queensland State Archives 24. 2.1936 - 25.10.1936 POL 2A/G12 Queensland State Archives 26.10.1936 - 15. 5.1937 POL 2A/G13 Queensland State Archives 1. 6.1937 - 12.10.1937 POL 2A/G14 Queensland State Archives 8.10.1937 - 30. 6.1938 POL 2A/G15 Queensland State Archives 30. 6.1938 - 31.12.1938 POL 2A/G16 Queensland State Archives 4. 1.1939 - 4. 8.1939 POL 2A/G17 Queensland State Archives 7. 8.1939 - 27.11.1939 POL 2A/G18 Queensland State Archives 28.11.1939 - 11. 3.1940 POL 2A/G19 Queensland State Archives 2. 7.1940 - 9.12.1940 POL 2A/G21 Queensland State Archives 18.12.1940 - 21. 6.1941 POL 2A/G22 Queensland State Archives 25. 6.1941 - 20.10.1941 POL 2A/G23 Queensland State Archives 21.10.1941 - 28.12.1942 POL 2A/G24 Queensland State Archives Extracts Letters are marked Hopetown Station, Kilcoy 21. 2.1919 Re Agreement under Aborigines Protection Act. The boy Norman is now holidaying at Redcliffe and wil return in about another week when the matter will be attended to. 4. 3.1919 Agreement between the half-caste boy Norman and Mr W H Atthow handed in and also wages. 31.12.1919 Annual Report for the year 1919 - Aboriginals. There is only one half-caste boy in the district who is Norman Charles, aged 10 years, under Agreement to H Atthow. 31.12.1922 There are no Aboriginals in the District. 15.10.1923 Accounts of wages owing to the half-caste boy Norman were handed to Mr Walter Highwood Atthow today. 31.10.1923 Wages for Norman not received by the Chief Protector. If not paid Norman will be removed at no further notice. 6.11.1923 Norman with W Atthow's brother at Avoca, Linville, Moore District. Will get the matter sorted out. 31.12.1923 There are no Aboriginals or half-castes male or female in this Police District and there has been no work in connection with Aboriginals during the year with the exception of two short patrols made to Woolmar to interview W H Atthow with regard to wages due to half-caste boy Norman Young employed at Linville. 13. 1.1924 Re Wages due on Agreement to Chief Protector of Aborigines by Walter Highwood Atthow of Kilcoy for half-caste boy Norman Young. Norman has not been seen in the district for about two years. He is with the brother of W H Atthow, namely Albert Reginald Atthow at Linville. Perhaps the Moore Police could follow it up. 31.12.1924 There are no Aboriginals or half-castes in the district 23. 5.1925 Reply to a circular. There do not appear to be any Aboriginals or half-castes who left the district to go to the late war. 4. 8.1925 Two Aboriginal skeletons found in caves at Mount Kilcoy. Apparently the Mount Kilcoy Range was the boundary line between the Dawson and Durundu tribes. The Dawson blacks used to come to this range fifty years ago. The remains of a dilly bag were found with one skeleton. 14. 8.1925 Doctor Park of Kilcoy stated the two skeletons were female. 31.12.1925 There are no Aboriginals or half-castes in the district 27. 4.1926 Letter to the Assistant Superintendent, Barambah Aboriginal Mission states that George Logan and family would provide a good home to a married couple. Dont appear to have employed Aboriginals before. 31.12.1926 There are no Aboriginals or half-castes in the district In August 1927 the correspondence is addressed as Kilcoy Station. 20. 1.1928 No Aboriginals in this division at present or in the past twelve months. 8. 1.1929 No Aboriginals in this district at present or in the past twelve months. 4. 1.1930 No Aboriginals in this district at present or in the past twelve months. 30.12.1930 Re Nationality of a half-caste woman Mrs Eva May Willis of Jimna via Kilcoy. Her father is white and her mother is Aboriginal. Eva's husband is also a half-caste Aboriginal. 18. 1.1932 No Aboriginals in this district at present or in the past twelve months. 4.10.1933 Mr A R Atthow resides at Kingham in the Imbil Police District. Inquired for by the Chief Protector of Aborigines. 30. 8.1934 Re Informing Eileen Willis, wife of Eddie Willis of Jinna that the Chief Protector of Aboriginals had sanctioned her admission to Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement and of informing Eddie Willis of the Protectorates decision. Children are mentioned one of which was named Cedric Willis. 1.11.1934 Re Eileen Willis, half-caste. She lives with her husband, Edward Willis at Jimna. Eileen has a mother and step-father. Edward is very cruel to Eileen and hits her badly. This letter is missing about one inch on the right hand side so the following is what I assume the letter says. Edward Willis has a sister probably in the area. Edward is not the father of Eileen's son. Eileen is pregnant and Edward is the father. Eileen has a sharp temper and the two should be separated. 7. 1.1935 Re Order for Removal of Eileen Willis from Jimna to Cherbourg Mission Station. Order will be held at Kilcoy in case they can work out their differences. 30. 1.1935 Re Half-caste Aboriginal boy named Norman for Removal. Not employed in the Kilcoy district. Apparently employed at Kingham which is either in the Goomeri or Imbil Police districts. 20. 2.1935 Re conduct of Mr and Mrs Willis of Jimna. Edward Willis' father also lives at Jimna. Apparently the Willis family now live happily together. Removal Order has been returned. 17. 5.1935 Re Domestic relations of Eileen Willis and Edward Willis of Jimna Mill. Apparently are now happy together. Eileen Willis will soon enter St Margarets Private Hospital at Kilcoy as an expectant mother. 1.10.1935 Telephone Trunk Calls for the quarter ending 30. 9.1935 To Police Imbil, 15. 7.1935, about Aboriginals at Jinna 28.10.1935 Mr Atthow is the only person employing Aboriginals in the Kilcoy Police Division. 10.12.1935 About Lennie Jerome, half-caste, inquired for at the instance of the Superintendent of the Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. No trace of him in the district. Also no information on Roy Charleville and Alf Starlight who are supposed to be accompanying him. 30. 6.1936 Telephone Trunk Calls for quarter ending 30. 6.1936 To Chief Protector of Aborigines, 24. 4.1936, About complaint Willis, Jinna. 9. 7.1936 Re William Bargo, Aboriginal, wanted for removal to Townsville. He was working for Mr D Logan at Pineview via Kilcoy. He was apprehended on 12. 6.1936 30. 9.1936 Telephone Trunk Calls for quarter ending 30. 9.1936 To Inspector Fortitude Valley, 9. 7.1936, Arrest of W Bargo To Senr. depot., 10. 7.1936, Van escort for Bargo To Chief Protector of Aborigines, 13. 7.1936, Arrest of Bargo 19. 3.1937 There are no Aboriginals in the Kilcoy Police Division. 30. 6.1937 Telephone Trunk Calls for quarter ending 30. 6.1937 To W H Atthow, Jinna, 27. 4.1937, about Norman Young, Aborigine 26. 4.1938 Re Mr W A Atthow, Kingham, Kilcoy, employer of half-caste Aboriginal Norman Young. Inquiry at instance of Chief Protector of Aborigines. Kingham Station is about 50 miles from Kilcoy. Correspondence about Agreements. 22. 6.1938 Re Norman Young, Aboriginal, working in the employment of W H Atthow at Kingham Station via Kilcoy. Inquired for by the Chief Protector of Aborigines. 30. 6.1938 There are no Aboriginals in the Kilcoy Police Division for the year ending 30. 6.1938 30. 6.1938 Telephone Trunk Calls for Quarter ending 30. 6.1938 To Mt Atthow, Kingham, about Norman Young, Aboriginal. To Chief Protector of Aborigines, about Norman Young, Aboriginal. 31.12.1938 Information required by the Chief Protector of Aboriginals. There are no Aboriginals, Native Camps or Reserves within the Kilcoy Police Division. 1. 7.1941 There are no Aboriginals in the Kilcoy Police Division and the Annual Return for the year ended 30. 6.1941 is nil. 10.11.1941 There are no male Aboriginals or Half-castes in the Kilcoy Police Division. 10. 1.1942 There are no Aboriginals, native camps or Reserves within the Kilcoy Police Division. 12. 1.1942 Relative to the sudden death of Mitchell Kilcoy, also known as Darky Mitchell, an Aboriginal native, aged about 75 years, at a place known as The Squeak, on the eastern bank of the Brisbane River, in portion of Yabba Station. No suspicious circumstances. Buried in the Kilcoy Cemetery according to the rites of the Church of England. He lived at Cherbourg prior to his death. 1. 6.1942 Relative Enrolment of Aboriginals under the National Security (Man Power) Regulations. The Following Kenny, Aboriginal, resident on Yabba Stn, Jimma Super, Aboriginal, resident on Yabba Stn, Jimma Norman Young, half-caste, resident on Kingham Stn, Jimma have completed the necessary forms under the Regusations. 18. 7.1942 Expenses for the burial of Mitchell, Aboriginal, on 23. 2.1942