Epidemic Reports - Leprosy, 1940's

Director of Health and Medical Services Epidemic Reports, 1940's Item ID 8887 Previous System Location HHA/6; PRV7616/1/4 Access Category 30 years Copyright Paul Mackett 1989 N.B. MR = Mitchell River MRM = Mitchell River Mission Interim report on the investigation of leprosy among aboriginals in north Queensland by Graham Croll, 25.10.1939. Amplification and extended details of work carried out in Cattle Stations in the base of Cape York. List of patients seen at various stations, and examined by Dr. Croll, circa 1939. Place Name Locality of Origin Rutland Mitchell MR Johnson MR Iffley MRM Barney MRM Lucy MRM & Staaten River Bully MRM & Alice River Barbara MRM Jubilee MR Dunbar Minnie MRM Doris MRM Watson MRM Bobina Dunbar Kathleen MRM George Dunbar Sloper MRM Meggie MRM Sweat Normanton Elsie MRM Annie MRM Smiler MRM Vernon MRM Sydney MRM Alfie Hudson Mapoon Johnson Normanton Possum MRM Antony Mark MR Jimmie Normanton Brassie MRM Koolatah Mona MRM Nellie Alice River Native camp in Doris Palmer River the vicinity Long Nellie MR of Koolatah Old woman -- Old man -- Koolatah Mamoose Alice River Out-station Victor MR Peter MRM Ben MRM Jimmy MRM Rory Staaten River Henry Alice River Mitchell MRM Miranda Sandy Gordon Cooktown Station Lina Gordon Normanton Phyllis Miranda Station Gilbo MRM Bob Footscray Aurukun Clem Bernard MRM Norman Martin Burketown Joe Berr MRM Koolatah Barney MRM Joseph MRM Paddy MRM Lily Normanton Syd Miranda Nellie Normanton Ezera MRM Logan Burketown Foley Webber Burketown Vanrook Paddy MRM Moonlight Delta Station Robbin MRM Mick Staaten River Stumpy Dick Croydon Jerry Hudson Mapoon Queenie Delta Station Betty Vanrook Sally Corncob Staaten River Sterling Bert Norman Aurukun Maggie Marconi Station