Fantome Island Marriage Applications 1943 - 1948

Director of Native Affairs Office Health and Home Affairs Batch Files 1939 - 1966 Reference A/58881 (Particular Item uncertain but all have Access Category 30 years) Queensland State Archives Correspondence dated 1939 - 1948 about Fantome Island inmates marrying. Application to marry dated 1942 Lui George, born March 1911, father Islander, mother Islander and Emmie Hayden, born 22. 8.1915, father white, mother H/C Emmie has a child Tommy Hayden, born September 1932 Emmie and Lui have a child Getano George, born 31. 1.1942 Approval to marry granted. Application to marry dated 1943 Tom Lui and Dorothy Gyemore Married 19. 2.1944 Fantome Island Application to marry dated 1943 Percy Banning and May (Pixie) Luco Married 30. 5.1944 at Hughenden Letter dated 31. 3.1944 mentions Ivy Gala Jerry Dolo Queenie Hart Cedric Tiger Janie Salmon, single, 24 yrs, pregnant Norma of Lockhart River Letter dated 20. 7.1944 mentions Ivy Gala Jerry Dolo John Burton, at Palm Island Jimmy Walsh, at Cherbourg Letter dated 8. 7.1946 states the following couples are to be married on 17. 9.1946 Henry Brown, 31 yrs, H/C, admitted 1939 and Vera Lango, 30 yrs, F/B, admitted 1935. They have been together since 1939, first at Peel Island then at Fantome Island. They have 3 children, all born at Fantome Island, the youngest being 4 weeks. Toby Hunter, 33 yrs, H/C, admitted 1939 and Gracie Freeman, 30 yrs, F/B, admitted 1942. They have one child born at Fantome Island. Approval for marriage 1947 Dan Coleman, 30 yrs old, and Lorraine Hutton 23 yrs old Approval for marriage 1948 Sandy Boyd, 16 years old, and Valerie Mitchell, 16 yrs old, pregnant Correspondence dated 1948 About marriage of Percy Freeman, 19 yrs, and Esther Thompson, 17 yrs at Fantome Island. Approval given. About marriage of Joe Lee and Daisy Oliffe at Fantome Island. Approval given.