Mitchell Police Letterbook 1889 - 1921

Police Station, Mitchell Letterbooks 11. 7.1914 - 15. 5.1889 QS 636/1 (1) Queensland State Archives 15. 4.1901 - 21. 7.1903 QS 636/1 (2) Queensland State Archives 21. 7.1903 - 3. 4.1905 QS 636/1 (3) Queensland State Archives 6. 4.1905 - 4. 7.1906 QS 636/1 (4) Queensland State Archives 5. 7.1906 - 24. 5.1907 QS 636/1 (5) Queensland State Archives 27. 5.1907 - 15. 8.1908 QS 636/1 (6) Queensland State Archives 15. 8.1908 - 4.12.1909 QS 636/1 (7) Queensland State Archives 7.12.1909 - 28. 1.1911 QS 636/1 (8) Queensland State Archives 30. 1.1911 - 18.11.1912 QS 636/1 (9) Queensland State Archives 18.11.1912 - 25. 4.1914 QS 636/1 (10) Queensland State Archives 27. 4.1914 - 7. 5.1915 QS 636/1 (11) Queensland State Archives 1. 4.1916 - 29. 5.1917 QS 636/1 (12) Queensland State Archives 30. 5.1917 - 17. 9.1918 QS 636/1 (13) Queensland State Archives 29.12.1919 - 15.10.1920 QS 636/1 (14) Queensland State Archives 18.10.1920 - 3.10.1921 QS 636/1 (15) Queensland State Archives 11. 7.1914 - 15. 5.1889 QS 636/1 (1) This is an old register running from 1888 to 15. 5.1889. The earlier part has been reused by cutting the original page and sticking in circulars running from 11. 7.1914 to 26.10.1914 Harry Cooke H/C escaped from Police near Sexton, Kingaroy line whilst being escorted on Removal Order from Barambah to Hull River. Harry is about 35 years old. Removed to Barambah in 1908. Recently seen in Gayndah area and making for Taroom. 27. 5.1915 Escapees from Taroom are Alice Jerome H/C Albert Wilson Percy Gundy Percy has since returned to the settlement. Albert and Alice supposedly making for Goondiwindi. Alice has a 2 year old child with her. 16. 6.1915 Alice Jerome H/C and child and Albert Wilson recaptured east of the Condamine yesterday. 11. 8.1916 Following escaped from Barambah Jack Cameron, aged 38 years, came from Maytown Albert Palmer, aged 45 years, came from Palmerville Peter, aged 60 years, came from Cooktown. All are going north. 10.11.1916 George Brown on way to Taroom Settlement. All his gear can be sold. 15. 4.1901 - 21. 7.1903 QS 636/1 (2) This register is in very poor condition and not very legible. 6. 8.1901 Aboriginals for removal. Sam, at East Woodlands, to go to Mitchell Clara and two children living in the bullock paddock at Forest Vale with a blackfellow who is living with McCarthy H/C. 9. 8.1901 Pretty illegible but mentions Sam 10. 8.1901 The following to come to Mitchell Sam Clara and two children 16. 8.1901 Mentions the following going out with the Police Tracker Charley Coppa Prince H/C 2. 9.1901 Rations supplied to the Tracker and Banjo 11. 9.1901 Patrol to recover Lottie. Mentions Tracker Charley Coppa Banjo Lottie, at East Woodlands Located Thompson's camp near Drysdale Ponds. 12. 9.1901 Mentions Clara smoking opium near town 5.10.1901 George and William Jeal took two Aboriginl gins from Warrego Stn. They were aged 16 and 20 years. Their mother is an old gin named Lizzie. One of the young gins names is Allen. This happened a few months ago. The gins were removed to Brisbane by Meston. Also mentions the notorious Harry Corbett. 7.10.1901 Vouchers for Aborigines for Brisbane. Mentions Topsy, suffering VD Banjo, engaged to help track Lottie 6.11.1901 The Jeal brothers are at Amby Creek and the two gins with Harry Corbett, Aborigine, in the hills in the vicinity. 14. 5.1902 Mentions Tracker Willie 5. 8.1902 About murder of Aboriginal Walker at Forest Vale. Walker was speared and died 25. 7.1902 and was buried on a sandhill about 200 yards from the camp. Mentions Judy Ida Mick, now believed to be at Redford, speared Walker Frank, son of Walker Toby 22. 9.1902 Mick is alleged to be a very dangerous Aboriginal. He is about Hillside scalping. 25.10.1902 Mick, aged 55 years 5. 1.1903 Jack Bowman, aged about 15 years, stated William Thompson assaulted him. 21. 1.1903 Assault of Jack Bowman by Mr Thompson. 25. 6.1903 Renewal of Agreement between William Thompson, a scalper, and Jack Bowman, a black boy aged about 14 years. Thompson brought him here from N.S.W. about 3 years ago. William Thompson, a scalper on Forest Vale, wants to employ Sophie, a half-caste aged about 10 years. Sophie's father is a white man named Smith on Forest Vale Stn. No objection. 25. 7.1903 Arthur Gill wants to employ black boy Joe Flanagan who is aged about 11 years. Boy was given to Gill at Augathella by boy's brother. This brother stated that another younger brother died of starvation. 29. 6.1903 William Currie H/C was in district last April. 9. 6.1903 William Jackson of East Woodlands has a half-caste woman living with him. She has one child to him. He admits paternity. Her name is Clark and she is aged about 21 years and from St George. The child is perfectly white. Jackson previously had a gin living with him and they had 4 or 5 children. She died in hospital in Roma about 18 months ago. Jackson has all the children at East Woodlands. 21. 7.1903 - 3. 4.1905 QS 636/1 (3) 30. 7.1903 Mentions black boy Henry aged about 7 or 17 years. 10. 8.1903 Henry who was sick is now recovering and no longer in need of medical treatment. 10. 8.1903 Sick Aboriginal Henry Combo interviewed at Albany Downs Station. Henry camped with other Aboriginals in the Horse Paddock at Albany Downs. 10. 8.1903 Mentions Boney of Albany Downs who obtained some cyanide from Bob Hart H/C who is now scalping on Albany Downs. Also mentions Prince H/C 14. 9.1903 Mentions Alick H/C caught with opium supplied by Wilfred White. Wilfred White was living with Clara H/C who is about 22 years old and a native of Hoganthella. She used to live at Euralla near Amby. Also mentions Alice H/C aged about 23 years with White. Alice had been living with White since last January. 26.10.1903 Mentions Moses, a boy, with a man named Thompson suspected of having opium. 30.10.1903 Alice H/C still at Mitchell 2.11.1903 Mentions Police and Bluie, Aboriginal, leaving Mitchell on Police business at 40 Mile. Mentions Charlie Cameron, Aborigine. .10.1903 Aboriginal and Protection October 1903 Alice H/C awaiting removal to Brisbane Prince H/C removed from Woodlands to Roma for medical treatment 7.11.1903 Rations for Alice H/C 7.11.1903 James Stanley living with Rosie H/C near East Woodlands. Rosie has one child to James Stanley. 23. 6.1904 Bob McAuley H/C of Amby arrived at Mitchell to adopt a child given to him by Willie Turbayne H/C at Amby. The mother of the child died about 3 months ago. Bob has a gin and they have no children of their own. 8. 8.1904 Lottie, Aboriginal gin aged 17 or 18 years is pregnant. She was reared on Albany Downs by Mrs Thompson. Then sent to Roma but couldnt live among the blacks there. Finally sent to Mitchell. Father of the child is a white man. Should be removed to Brisbane. Undated Pages 335, 336 and 337 List of Aborigines at Forest Vale Name Sex Age Caste Employment Davey M 50y F/B Scalping Toby M 40y F/B Scalping Charley M 52y F/B Scalping Willy M 52y F/B Scalping Dick M 51y F/B Scalping Alick M 50y F/B Scalping Doctor Jack M 48y F/B Scalping Charcoal M 40y F/B Scalping Frank M 16y F/B Scalping Jumbo M 20y F/B Scalping Booyar M 19y F/B Scalping Billy Peter M 25y F/B Scalping Davey M 40y F/B Scalping Mary Ann F 40y F/B Scalping Nelly F 40y F/B Scalping Lily F 60y F/B Scalping Judy F 29y F/B Scalping Ada F 16y F/B Scalping Clara F 25y F/B Scalping List of Aborigines at East Woodlands Name Sex Age Caste Employment Roley M 4y F/B At camp Bazey M 3w F/B At camp Jackey M 8y F/B At camp Podgey M 7y F/B At camp Archey M 6y F/B At camp Sam M 6y F/B At camp Henry M 2y F/B At camp Lanny M 6y F/B At camp Joseph M 9y F/B At camp Victor M 7y F/B At camp Sixteen adults employed at East Woodlands from 17 to 80 years of age. Teresa F 6y F/B At camp Moody F 12y F/B At camp Amey F 4y F/B At camp Nellie F 8y F/B At camp Seven gins employed at East Woodlands from 17 to 70 years of age. List of Aborigines at Warren Park Name Sex Age Caste Employment Bob M 30y F/B Labourer Frank M 50y F/B Labourer List of Aborigines at Mitchell Name Sex Age Caste Employment Brandy M 50y F/B Labourer Sandy M 25y F/B Labourer George M 23y F/B Labourer Ned M 30y F/B Labourer Polly F 50y F/B Working about town Annie F 80y F/B Working about town Aggie F 20y F/B Working about town Alice F 24y F/B Working about town List of Aborigines at Forest Vale Name Sex Age Caste Employment Bruce M 4y H/C At camp Sandy Walker M 20y H/C Labourer Moses M 4y H/C At camp Luke M 24y H/C Scalping Ned M 23y H/C Scalping Victor M 3 1/2y H/C At camp Leslie M 25y H/C Scalping Charley M 24y H/C Scalping Emily F 35y H/C Scalping Jessie F 10y H/C At camp Sophy F 10y H/C At camp Ida F 30y H/C Scalping List of Aborigines at East Woodlands Name Sex Age Caste Employment Jessey Wilson F 8y H/C At camp Nina F 10y H/C At camp Edie Robinson F 6y H/C At camp ---nge F 4y H/C At camp ----- F 4y H/C At camp List of Aborigines at Albany Downs Name Sex Age Caste Employment Bob Hart & family M 40y H/C Scalping This half-caste keeps his own family by scalping, also the other four below. Topsy F 14y H/C Scalping Maudey Smith F 10y H/C At camp Cinderella F 22y H/C Scalping Female F 2y H/C At camp List of Aborigines at Mitchell Name Sex Age Caste Employment Boney M 25y H/C Labourer Prince M 45y H/C Labourer 1. 9.1904 Wilfred White requests to marry Alice H/C 5. 9.1904 Pepper has syphilis. Says he got it from Annie H/C at Roma. 12. 9.1904 Mentions Assistant Tracker George. 6. 4.1905 - 4. 7.1906 QS 636/1 (4) 20. 5.1905 Aboriginal girl Lily arrested at Amby for theft. Lilly is about 11 years old. Her mother is Lizzie who is unable to control her. 22. 5.1905 Mentions Tracker Johnny 12.12.1905 Tracker Johnny wants to leave. 21.12.1905 About Aboriginals. Mentions Lizzie who was sent to Roma sick March 1905 died in the Hospital there. Prince and Pepper were sent to Roma for medical treatment. Aggie was attended by the Doctor. She died during October. 5. 1.1906 Tiger waiting to go back to Barcaldine with Mr Houcher. They sold the cattle below Mitchell. 14. 2.1906 Johnny Bowman is new Tracker at Mitchell. He is a native of Benarba?, N.S.W. and aged 2 years. 13. 3.1906 Jack West, Aborigine, refused to sign Agreement unless he got the money direct. He has a gin. 2. 5.1906 Destitute Blacks on Forest Vale Station. Mentions Tinnenburra Mick, blind Forest Vale Dick, blind Leslie, cripple Moses H/C child 6. 5.1906 Blacks at Forest Vale Station. Attached is following list Half-caste children on Maranoa River Name Sex Age Mother Father Residence Bruce M 8y Nana Unknown Forest Vale Moses M 8y Dead Dead Forest Vale 2 females F 12m Dead Unknown Forest Vale Children F 9m Dead Unknown Forest Vale Jessie F 12y Jessie John Smithers Forest Vale (white man) Nina F 12y Lucy Unknown Albany Downs Edie F 10y Lucy Unknown Albany Downs Freddy M 5y Lucy Unknown Albany Downs Gracey F 1y Lucy Unknown Albany Downs Tommy M 12y Mary Unknown Hillsborough Nina F 12y Unknown Unknown Hillsborough Josel M 2y Sally Unknown Foyle View Victor M 10y Sally Unknown Foyle View Jessie F 11y Annie Captain H/C Foyle View Theresa F 7y Annie Captain H/C Foyle View Rolly M 5y Annie Captain H/C Foyle View Benny M 9m Annie Captain H/C Foyle View Millie F 12y Nany Hector Drysdale Leslie M 10y Nany Hector Drysdale Poggie M 10y Dead Simon Drysdale Archie M 9y Dead Not given Drysdale Nessy F 5y Dead Yellow Prince Mitchell Young Prince M 3y Dead Yellow Prince Mitchell Forest Vale Stn is 50 miles from Mitchell. Albany Downs Stn is 52 miles from Mitchell. Hillsborough Stn is 75 miles from Mitchell. Foyle View Stn is 60 miles from Mitchell. Drysdale Stn is 65 miles from Mitchell. 9. 5.1906 Tiger intends to stay about Mitchell until near Christmas when he will go to Longreach. Has a job at Albany Downs. 15. 5.1906 Half-caste children to go to reformatory. 24. 5.1906 About Forest Vale Blacks. Bruce, aged 8 years, and Moses, aged 8 years, both H/C boys now at Tooloombilla Stn, are the only two Forest Vale half-castes worth sending to the Reformatory. Jessie, aged 12 years, has been married by the blacks to a blackfellow and is now camped a few miles from Forest Vale Station. 25. 5.1906 Bruce, Moses and Jessie should be brought in. Jessie's arranged marriage was solely to prevent her removal. 5. 7.1906 - 24. 5.1907 QS 636/1 (5) This register is water damaged. 5. 7.1906 Relief for the followingAboriginals at Forest Vale Stn Lily, aged 60 years Dick, aged 65 years Willie, aged 60 years None are willing to go to a Mission 7. 7.1906 Mentions Tracker Johnny 14. 7.1906 Tinenburra Mick, an old blackfellow, was brought in from up the Maranoa near Forest Vale. Almost blind. Originally he came from around Bollon. Should be sent to a home. 17. 7.1906 Tinenburra Mick, an old blackfellow, was brought in from up the Maranoa near Forest Vale a few days ago. Originally he belonged to about Bollon. Three half-castes arrived today from Forest Vale. Suggest Mick go with them when they leave Mitchell. 18. 7.1906 Following half-castes picked up at Forest Vale Jessie Moses Victor Johnson They were brought in to Mitchell and sentenced to 7 years at the Barambah Industrial School. Mentions Bruce and some other blacks had left Silverleaf going towards Eddystone Vale. 19. 7.1906 The following left Mitchell for Barambah Jessie H/C, aged 12 years Moses H/C, aged 6 years Victor H/C, aged 6 years Mick Jessie, Moses and Victor going to the Industrial School. 13. 8.1906 Lily, aged 11 years, neglected child sentenced to seven years at Barambah Industrial School. Also mentions Billy Brown H/C and his gin. They had all been working a bullock team. 16. 8.1906 About Dan Johnson agreeing to support his illegitimate child at Barambah Industrial School. 1.10.1906 Charles Ross and Alice, Aboriginal gin, were married in Mitchell on 1.10.1906 by Arch-daecon Trotter, Church of England Clergyman. 5.10.1906 Maintenance paid by Dan Johnson for his child Victor Johnson in the Tufnell Orphanage. 4. 1.1907 Mentions Tracker Johnny 7. 1.1907 Annual report Aboriginals for 1906 Marriage of Charles Ross, European, and Alice F/B. Prince Albert H/C tried for theft but not guilty 16. 1.1907 Bruiser, native of Mungallala, willing to be Tracker at Mitchell. Aged about 19 years. 18. 1.1907 Bob Ban H/C absconded from employment near Augathella. 9. 2.1907 Tommy Teeswater, recently arrived in Mitchell from Albany Downs Stn, and a native of there, is willing to be a Tracker. He is about 18 years old 1. 3.1907 Mrs Clayton H/C ordered in Roma Gaol on Certificate of Dr Seccombe, Government Medical Officer. Her husband is droving in New South Wales. 7. 3.1907 Mentions rations for Tracker Johnny Bowman 20. 3.1907 About Clara H/C and an alleged white girl living among the blacks at Dalby. Clara was a child on Forest Vale Station but not known if she was born there. Worked at Forest Vale for several years till 1894 when she left, then being a girl and 16 years old. Next seen camped on the Hermitage Selection, 20 miles from Mitchell and 30 miles from Forest Vale. Next heard of near Amby and at Forest Vale in 1901. She then had a little girl Jessie about 18 months old and ready to give birth to another which she did about July 1901. Jessie had white hair and Clara states Jessie's father was Jack Nichols of Eurella Stn. Jessie is the one who was found amongst the blacks at Dalby. Clara and her 2 children were taken probably to Deebing Creek about August 1901. Clara married in Ipswich. Mentions Tracker Copla at Mitchell in 1901. 22. 3.1907 Mentions Bruce H/C, aged 9 years Maryann H/C, aged about 7 years Several younger children Frank, aged 40 years, nearly blind Jack, nearly blind, aged 50 years Peter Possum, old and near sighted Charlie, old and near sighted All at Forest Vale. 6. 4.1907 Drover T Clarke and Aboriginal boy Jimmy Murdock. Should be nearing their destination Anabella. 7. 4.1907 Patrol to Forest Vale. In a camp on the bank of the creek about one and one half miles from the Station were Dick Charlie Leslie Lilly Maryanne All very old and unable to hunt or work. There is also a child H/C, aged about 2 years. At Tooloombilla Stn there is a half-caste Sandy living with a half-caste woman named Sophie. They have one child aged 7 months. Also mentions Ada with a H/C child. Names, ages etc of Half-caste Aborigines on Forest Vale and Tooloombilla Stations, Mitchell Police Sub-district Name Sex Age Mother Father Residence Mabel F 2y Ada Unknown Forest Vale Alice F 6y Nellie Unknown Tooloombilla ) Bruce M 9y Nellie Unknown Tooloombilla ) Maryann F 18m Judie Unknown Tooloombilla Harry M 4y Dead Unknown Tooloombilla Daisy F 4y Everlena Unknown Tooloombilla Alice F 5y Ida Unknown Tooloombilla ) Paddy M 8m Ida Unknown Tooloombilla ) Alice and Bruce are brother and sister. Alice and Paddy are brother and sister. Names and approximate ages of old blacks at Forest Vale and Tooloombilla Stations. Name Sex Age Ailments Residence Dick M 55y Blind Forest Vale Frank M 60y Nearly Blind Tooloombilla Charley M 45y Nearly blind Forest Vale Leslie M 30y Deformed Forest Vale Doctor Jack M 55y Nearly blind Tooloombilla Lillie F 45y Very thin, nearly blind Forest Vale Maryann F 45y Blind Forest Vale Peter Possum M 55y Nearly blind Tooloombilla Forest Vale is 50 miles from Mitchell. Tooloombilla is 62 miles from Mitchell. 8. 4.1907 Payment for Dr Seccombe for examination of Mrs Elizabeth Clayton H/C who was arrested at Byzantium on 28 February last on suspicion of being of unsound mind. She was found to be of unsound mind. Sent to Roma for further examination. 27. 5.1907 - 15. 8.1908 QS 636/1 (6) 15. 7.1907 List of Prisioners confined in Mitchell Watch-house from 1. 7.1906 to 31. 6.1907 Jessie, neglected child, sentenced 7 years Barambah Industrial School Mavis, neglected child, sentenced 7 years Barambah Industrial School Victor Johnson, neglected child, sentenced 7 years Barambah Industrial School Lily H/C, neglected child, sentenced 7 years Barambah Industrial School Ivory, disorderly conduct Ivory, drunkenness Lucy Albert, drunkenness 16. 9.1907 Mentions Tracker Bruiser 15.11.1907 Two boys belonging to Frank and Yellow Annie are about 12 years and 9 years old and are at Forest Vale. 15.11.1907 None of the gins who have half-caste children are willing to go to Barambah. Children should be removed from their guardians forcibly. Also mentions Bunda, formerly of Forest Vale, but now about Mt Hutton. 24.12.1907 Frank is a half-caste boy aged 12 years. Grace is a full blood Aboriginal aged 13 years. Both have been with Mr Green since infancy and are currently with him at Merivale Stn, 95 miles from Mitchell. They came to Merivale from Ardock Stn in the Thargomindah district. 26. 1.1908 Police went to Forest Vale to get Frank's two boys (See 15.11.1907). Frank, his gin and the two boys had left for Merivale way some 4 or 5 days previously and Frank was reported to have said he would give the Police a good go for it when they came to take his two boys from him. 31. 1.1908 Mentions Aboriginal boys Percy and ?Pickwick to be removed to Barambah. 1. 2.1908 Aboriginal gin Mary Jane O'Brien arrived from Brisbane. Brisbane Jack will come in from Merivale to meet her. 6. 2.1908 Mary Jane O'Brien is too ill to work and wants to return to Brisbane. Her illegitimate infant appears delicate as well. 10. 2.1908 Illegitimate half-caste Aboriginal male child named Jack O'Brien born in Salvation Army Home, Breakfast Creek. The child and its mother, Mary Jane O'Brien, arrived Mitchell 1. 2.1908. Mary Jane was sent from Brisbane to go to Merivale Stn. to marry Brisbane Jack F/B. Mary Jane says the father of the child is a white man in Brisbane whose name she thinks is Jack. 3. 3.1908 Half-caste Chinese boy named Larimer not in district. 11. 3.1908 Expenses for medicine for Mary Jane O'Brien. 23. 6.1908 Aboriginal and half-caste children for Barambah. Mentions Bruce H/C boy, neglected child Bismark Lucy All going to Barambah 23. 6.1908 Mentions Bruce H/C boy, neglected child Bismark Lucy Bismark and Lucy are on Removal Order for Barambah. Bruce will go to Barambah Industrial School. 23. 6.1908 Thomas Johnson Bunda is now around Forest Vale Stn. 30. 6.1908 Agreement between Rutland Stn and Willie Bundung 3. 7.1908 Bruce H/C aged 10 years, son of Nellie, was sentenced to seven years at the Barambah Industrial School as a neglected child. Also mentions children Bismark and Lucy. There are seven other half-caste children to be rounded up namely Mabel Alice Maryann Harry Daisy Alice Paddy 29. 7.1908 Prisioners confined in the Mitchell Lockup between 1. 7.1907 to 30. 6.1908 Frank, obscene language Frank B-----, drunkenness Bruce, neglected child 15. 8.1908 - 4.12.1909 QS 636/1 (7) 19.10.1908 About employment of H Woods, H/C boy, by H Bunton, a selector near Mitchell. Father of H Woods is in St George. 3.11.1908 Alcohol supplied to Ivory at Mitchell. 12.11.1908 Searching of Sam Kee's camp at Forty Mile on the Mitchell St George Road for opium. Opium found. Wife of Sam Kee is a H/C Aborigine. 14.12.1908 Half-caste Aboriginal children. The following children were brought from Forest Vale, namely Mabel H/C Alice H/C, also called Susie Harry H/C, also called Albert Alice H/C Also brought in was the boy Arthur Brown who is very neglected. 15.12.1908 Whereabouts of three half-caste Aboriginal children named Munze said to have come to Mitchell from Roma. Also Dolly, H/C gin, and black-boy Harry. No trace of any of the above in the district. 15.12.1908 Five children were today committed to the Barambah Industrial School, namely Mabel Alice, also called Susie Harry, also called Albert Alice H/C Arthur Brown Will leave Mitchell tomorrow. 12. 1.1909 Mentions Tracker Bruiser 22. 1.1909 H J B Halloran applying to have six Aborigines in his employ made exempt. Halloran is a drover from Townsville and has two Aborigines with him under Agreement from Townsville who have been with him for about 20 years. They are Ted F/B, better known as Huggy, aged 21 years Johnny F/B, aged 35 years The other 4 Aborigines are with Mrs Halloran in Townsville and have also been with Halloran for a number of years. 3. 4.1909 Daisy, female H/C child, to be sent to Barambah as a neglected child. 12. 4.1909 Daisy, H/C child, to go to Brisbane on 14. 4.1909. Sentenced to 7 years at Barambah Industrial School. 19. 8.1909 Wages due to Herbert Woods H/C from H Bunton. 7.12.1909 - 28. 1.1911 QS 636/1 (8) 10. 1.1910 Annual Report Aboriginals for 1909 There are 80 to 90 Aborigines in the district including children. Daisy H/C, was arrested at Forest Vale and sentenced to seven years at Barambah, as being a neglected child. 31. 1.1910 Mentions Tracker Bruiser 26. 2.1910 Whereabouts of Aboriginal Willy Billy not known at Mitchell. There was a boy Willy Roma sent her with his gin and two children in November last year from Brisbane by the Aboriginl Department., en route to Merivale Station. They are still there. Jack Saunders states Willy Billy probably went to Crystalbrook. 20. 4.1910 Aboriginal Jack Flanagan, arrested for theft in Goondiwindi, not known here. Description matches Bulberry who recently escaped from Barambah with Aborigine Billy Browse. 3. 6.1910 Female half-caste Aboriginal child named Maryann committed to Barambah Industrial School for seven years as a neglected child. Maryann aged about 5 years. Following a report from this station No 95 of 7. 4.1907, the removal of Maryann was authorised by the Chief Protector of Aboriginals in May 1908 together with a number of other half-castes. Maryann left for Brisbane on 2. 6.1910. 25. 6.1910 About Aboriginal Billy Roma wanting money. Billy was injured at Merivale Station and wanted the money to go to the doctor. 14. 9.1910 Girley Brown, H/C gin, came to Mitchell after leaving St George and only remained here for a few days, and then left for Charleville. The Blacks here state she was accompanied by someone who looked like a foreigner. 1.10.1910 Mentions Tracker Bruiser. 5.10.1910 Whereabouts of half-caste Girley Brown. Girley and someone who looked like an Assyrian passed Redford Station about five weeks ago looking for work. Left Redford Stn on the road to Augathella or Tambo. 18.10.1910 There is a camp of Aboriginals on Albany Downs Station. Amongst them are 4 half-caste children namely Harold, aged 5 years Oscar, aged 4 years Edie, aged about 9 years Gracie, aged about 7 years The mother of Harold and Oscar is Cinderella, an Aboriginal. The mother of Edie and Gracie is Lucy, an Aboriginal. The H/C children are in the Blacks camp and camping out with other Blacks on the Maranoa River. Children will become opium addicts if allowed to stay in the district. 12.12.1910 Application for exemption for H/C Aboriginal boy on Merivale Station by Manager of Station. Boy's name is Frank and he is about 14 years old. He was brought to this district by his present employer, Mr Green, about 3 years ago, from Audock Stn in the Thargomindah district. Mr Green, manager of Merivale, has had Frank since infancy. 6. 1.1911 Annual Report Aboriginals for 1910. There are about 70 to 80 Aborigines, including children, in the district. Maryann, H/C child, was sentenced to 7 years at Barambah Industrial School as a neglected child. 24. 1.1911 Arthur Johnson (Arthur Johnston), Aborigine, died 9. 1.1911 in Mitchell Hospital. Sent to Hospital from Begonia Stn in the Surat district. 30. 1.1911 - 18.11.1912 QS 636/1 (9) 6. 2.1911 Money due for Post Mortem of Arthur Johnson who died at Mitchell Hospital on 9. 1.1911. 11. 2.1911 Mentions Sandy Walker 1?. 2.1911 Sandy Walker H/C and his gin Sophie H/C at Forest Vale Station. They have two H/C children. They wish to get legally married. 18. 2.1911 Exemption Certificate for Frank H/C at Merivale Stn. 7. 3.1911 Expenses for burial of Arthur Johnson 8. 5.1911 Police Tracker Bruiser sick. 20. 5.1911 Rosey Cressbrook wants support for her children from her husband John Cressbrook. John Cressbrook left Mungallala with a gin named Grace who is aged about 30 years for Morven. John Cressbrook is a white man aged about 35 years. 23. 6.1911 John Cressbrook states he is the father of one of Rosey cressbrook's children only. States he will send support at some stage. Intends to get a divorce from Rosey. 4. 7.1911 Jack cressbrook arrested at Goondiwindi. 3. 8.1911 Tracker Wylie wants to marry Nellie, a F/B gin of this district. Nellie is 23 or 24 years old. 7. 9.1911 Tracker Wylie married Nellie on 16. 8.1911 19.10.1911 Mentions Sam Hubert Woods H/C recent arrival in district. In employ of J H Bunton also a recent arrival in district. 26.10.1911 Money due to H Woods paid by Bunton. 27.10.1911 Sarah Kendall H/C under Agreement at Armadilla Stn. 13.11.1911 Herbert Woods H/C is about 12 or 13 years old. His father is Walter Woods H/C. Walter has 4 or 5 other children. They are about Brisbane and Walter supports them. 1. 1.1912 Albert came from James? Cluny Station with T Gill. Albert was at Aberglassie and Byzantium. Being detained at Mitchell. Albert states he is a native of the Cooper River in Queensland. Employed for 3 years off and on at ?Arrabury Stn on the Queensland South Australian border. 25. 1.1912 Edith Wilson to stay in Mitchell for the moment. 31. 1.1912 Annual Report Aboriginals for 1911. There are 70 to 80 Aborigines, including children, in the district. 13. 3.1912 Edith Wilson going to Miles. Was in service at Grassmere Stn near Bollon for 9 or 10 months. She was sent there from Brisbane. 21. 3.1912 Complaint about opium being supplied to Aborigines. Report (2 letters) mentions Sandy Walker H/C, aged 30 or 35 years Sophie Walker H/C, aged about 25 years, his gin, pregnant Bertie Walker, aged 8 years, their child Eric Walker, aged 3 years, their child Sandy and Sophie were married in Roma last year. 21. 3.1912 Aborigines and half-castes in the Mitchell Police district recommended for removal to Taroom. Bob McCauley H/C, male, aged ?30 years, addicted to drink, resident Mitchell, husband of Lizzie McCauley Frank, male, aged 65 years, nearly blind, resident Mitchell Charlie, male, aged 50 years, addicted to drink, resident Mitchell Lizzie Mccauley, female, aged 50 years, addicted to drink, resident Mitchell, wife of Bob McCauley Polly, female, aged 60 years, nearly blind, resident Mitchell Annie (Big annie, female, aged 60 years, addicted to drink, resident Mitchell Annie (Little Annie), female, aged 50 years, addicted to drink, resident Mitchell All above resident near the Mitchell Township Davie, male, aged 65 years, nearly blind, resident Silverleaf Peter Possum, male, aged 60 years, nearly blind, resident Silverleaf Charlie, male, aged 50 years, nearly blind, resident Silverleaf, husband of Nellie Nellie, female, aged 50 years, weakly, resident Silverleaf, wife of Charlie Silverleaf is about 75 miles from Mitchell Harold H/C, male, aged 7 years Asese? H/C, male, aged 6 years Edie H/C, female, aged 11 years Gracie H/C, female, aged 9 years All are neglected and sleeping out in the open air at Hillsborough Station about 90 miles from Mitchell. 1. 4.1912 Mentions Sandy Walker. Can get employment anywhere. 3. 4.1912 Expenses for Edith Wilson H/C in Mitchell 8. 4.1912 Complaint about opium being supplied to Aborigines. Report mentions Sandy Walker H/C, aged 30 or 35 years Sophie Walker H/C, aged about 25 years, his gin, pregnant Bertie Walker, aged 8 years, their child Eric Walker, aged 3 years, their child Sandy and Sophie were married in Roma last year. Also mentions Eric H/C aged 5 or 6 years, son of Ada F/B and both at Forest Vale. 7. 6.1912 Burial expenses of John McCarthy, a H/C Aborigine and native of New South Wales, aged about 56 years. Died 4. 5.1912 at the Mitchell Hospital. Brought to Mitchell Hospital from Mungallala. 7. 6.1912 Expenses for gin Annie for treatment for arm burnt in a camp fire while she was asleep. 13. 9.1912 The following are not in the district Fred Tommy Tommy, escaped prisioner Bob Tommy Tommy 29.10.1912 Ivy Jackson H/C gave birth to an illegitimate female child on 15. 9.1912at her father's residence at West Woodlands. Ivy is 20 years old and lives with her parents at an outstation of Maranoa Downs, about 70 miles from Mitchell. Father of the baby is George Saunders, Aborigine, aged about 21 years. Grandmother of the child is Elizabeth Jackson F/B married to William Jackson, a white man. 12.11.1912 Agreement between Bilba, male Aborigine, and Mathew Roberts. 18.11.1912 - 25. 4.1914 QS 636/1 (10) 27.12.1912 Mentions crippled boy aged 16 years employed at Hillsborough Station about 95 miles from Mitchell. He is able to ride on horseback. Neddie (another person) is living with a half-caste gin who has a 13 year old half-caste girl. Mentions another half-caste girl aged 10 years. 2. 1.1913 Boney, employed by S J Fuller, accused of theft. Sentenced to one month in Roma Gaol with hard labour. 2. 1.1913 Mentions Boney again. Describes him as a fair horseman, young, active and very willing to work. Described as making a good Tracker. 8. 1.1913 Wages for Boney collected from S J Fuller. Boney currently in prison. 14. 1.1913 Robert Hart H/C wants to employ Teresa Kee H/C. Robert well respected on all Stations in the district. His wife was a full blood who died 2 years ago. He had 4 children. 20. 1.1913 Desiribality of removing eight Blacks from around Hillsborough Station to a Settlement. They are Willie, orphan, male, aged 14 years, single, obtains living by hunting in the bush, is mostly naked and badly fed Hornet, orphan, male, aged 5 years, single, fed by Blacks in general, looks neglected Davie, orphan, female, aged 10 years, single, fed by Blacks, neglected Neddie, male, aged 40 years, married, hunting ---- ----, living chiefly in idleness, married to Cinderella Cinderella, female, aged 30 years, married, obtains living by hunting, chiefly idle, wife of Neddie Amy, H/C, female, aged 12 years, single, kept by her mother Cinderella, very often without sufficient food Harold, H/C, male, aged 9 years, single, kept by her mother Cinderella, very often without sufficient food Oscar, H/C, male, aged 7 years, single, kept by her mother Cinderella, very often without sufficient food Neddie is not the father of Amy, Harold and Oscar. All reside on Hillsborough Station. 20. 1.1913 About Aboriginal servant Maud Gibbons. Maud wished to go with Eddie who is a half-caste and has only been in the district 4 or 5 months. He came from the border of New South Wales near Mungindi. Not employable in district. Cannot recommend marriage. Recommend Maud be sent to a Settlement. Unable to tell if Maud is pregnant. Maud employed by Mrs Marsh. 23. 1.1913 Relative to Nakahara, a Japanese, and Alex Little, a half-caste, who are leper patients who escaped from Peel Island. Not in district. 24. 1.1913 Alleged rape of Annie, Aborigine, by a man named Spreadborough at Albany Downs. Annie is 18 or 19 years old and has been living at Albany Downs for some time. 29. 1.1913 Annual Report for Aborigines for 1912 There are 70 to 80 Aborigines in district of whom only about eight live about the town. Only one removal took place, namely of Edith Wilson H/C who was sent to Taroom Settlement. 30. 1.1913 Ethel Cobbo H/C leaving tonights train for Brisbane. 3. 2.1913 Maud Gibbons H/C leaving tonights train for Brisbane. 4. 2.1913 Application by A J Rancland, a drover, to employ Aborigine named Joe Barney. None of these people known in district. 14. 2.1913 Evidence only for assault on Annie. Mr Spreadborough pleaded guilty. 3. 3.1913 Relative to three Aborigines reported seen near Carnarvon. Aborigines described as two about 28 years of age and one about 45 years of age. All were full bloods and all were carrying spears. They are probably three Aborigines who absconded from service at Moongool near Yeulba in January. Also mentions George Daniels @ George Douglas wanted for murder at Turkey Station. 4. 3.1913 As for above. 8. 3.1913 About Willie Joe Barney of Barambah. Being held at Mitchell. 8. 3.1913 Fred Walters H/C drunk. Two pounds fine or one months jail at Roma. Fine not paid son sent to Roma Gaol. 10. 3.1913 Myrtle Douglas left Mitchell for Mungallala on March 3. Still at Mungallala. Appears to be male. 12. 3.1913 Myrtle Douglas, male, has left Mungallala for Tongy Stn in the Bollon Police District. 20. 3.1913 Barney (Joe Barney) leaving for Brisbane. 21. 3.1913 Willie Joe Barney sent to Brisbane. 25. 3.1913 Constable leaving Mitchell tomorrow for Miles escorting eight Aborigines for Taroom, three adult and the remainder children. 25. 3.1913 Removal of eight Aborigines from Hillsborough Stn to Taroom, namely Willie, aged 14 years Hornet, aged 5 years Dovie, aged 10 years Neddie, aged 40 years Cinderella, aged 30 years Amy, aged 12 years Harold, aged 9 years Oscar, aged 7 years 1. 4.1913 Myrtle Douglas said to be at Tongy Stn in company with a half-caste who is said to be a native of New South Wales. Said to be heading for St George then N.S.W. 7. 4.1913 Aborigines recommended for removal from Tommo Stn Prince Albert, male Georga Combo, male Zoe Combo, female 22. 4.1913 Sale of Neddy's horses, buggy, etc 23. 6.1913 Following have left Tomoo Stn and are said to be at Tongy Stn in the Bollon district Prince Albert, aged 28 years George Combo, aged 22 years Zoe Combo, aged 15 years 24. 6.1913 Ministers Order for removal of following Prince Albert George Combo Zoe Combo 11. 7.1913 Employment of male and female Aborigines without Agreements Forest Vale Sandy Walker H/C Tom Smith H/C George Jackson F/B Tomoo Fred Clayton H/C Tooloombilla Nil Merivale Frank Young H/C, has been with the manager Mr Green since childhood and is exempt. Aberglassie Nil 14. 7.1913 Constable escorting three Aborigines to Taroom 14. 7.1913 Removal of following to Taroom Prince Albert George Combo Zoe Combo They were found at Clifton Stn about 160 miles from Mitchell in the Bollon district. Prince Albert has a gin, Ada, at Grassmere Stn in the Bollon district and 4 children namely Nancy, aged 11 years Dolly, aged 8 years Amis, aged 4 years Cyril aged 2 years George Combo has a gin named Kate and a child named Alma aged 19 months at Clifton Stn. 14. 7.1913 Recommend gins Ada and Kate and their children be removed to Taroom with their husbands. 4. 8.1913 The following have been removed to Taroom Prince Albert George Combo Zoe Combo 8. 8.1913 Agreement for Sophie Nulla with Mrs Finn. When Sophie's mother died Mrs Finn took Sophie from a H/C woman named Bird at Tartulla near Roma, Sophie then being about 8 years old. Has been with Mrs Finn since then. 11. 9.1913 Neddie did not have a bank account at Mitchell 12.11.1913 Skeleton found on the Mitchell downs Run about 12 miles from Mitchell. Skeleton is from an old gin named Jinney who had previously come from the Surat district and aged 50 to 60 years. Mentions Bob McAuley H/C. 13.11.1913 Mentions Jinney above and Bob McAuley Tracker Wylie 25.11.1913 Nellie, wife of Tracker Wylie, seriously ill. 12.12.1913 Wylie, late Tracker of Mitchell, convicted of stealing, and sentenced to 6 months jail in Brisbane. 26. 1.1914 Annual Report Aboriginals for 1913 There are 60 to 70 Aborigines in the district including children and only about 9 around the town. Eleven removals this year namely Neddie Cinderella Willie Davie Harold Oscar Hornet Amy All from Hillsborough Station to Taroom on 26. 3.1913 Prince Albert George Combo Zoe Combo All from Tomoo Stn to Taroom on 14. 7.1913 16. 2.1914 Nellie Woods is wife of Wylie, former Police Tracker of Mitchell. She left Mungallala in company of James Callinan, a scalper, about a fortnight ago. They are at Redford Stn about 100 miles from Mitchell. 24. 2.1914 Nellie Woods near Redford Stn scalping with her mother and father. She and her parents arrived here in the company of James Callinan. Callinan now supposed to be at Charleville. Nellie's husband is at Barambah. Nellie is willing to join him. 26. 2.1914 Tracker Leslie Murray wishes to marry Grace, a F/B native of this district. Grace is about 25 years old. 12. 3.1914 Leslie Murray and Grace married 11.3.1914 at Mitchell. Undated (page 968) Sandy left Mitchell for Tooloombilla Stn. Going under name of Taylor. 27. 4.1914 - 7. 5.1915 QS 636/1 (11) 25. 7.1914 Joe Barney in employment 15. 8.1914 Ivy Jackson, aged 22 years, gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 8. 7.1914, at her fathers residence on an outstation of Maranoa Downs about 70 miles from Mitchell. Father of the child is George Saunders, Aborigine aged 23 years who also works at the outstation. Ivy Jackson has a sister named Elizabeth Jackson. Mrs Jackson, grandmother of the illegitimate child, is a full blood Aborigine married to a white man named William Jackson. 31. 8.1914 Wages due to Sophie Nulla H/C at Mitchell 28. 9.1914 Sophie Nulla wants new employment 30. 9.1914 The following two old Aborigines are camped near Forest Vale Station, namely Boss Davey Possum Peter 1.10.1914 Employment for Charlie Wheelbarrow 23.10.1914 The following are to be removed to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement from Forest Vale Stn Boss Davey Possum Peter 26.10.1914 Teresa Kee H/C is at Hillsborough Station. 28.10.1914 About removal of Boss Davey and Possum Peter from Forest Vale to Taroom. Station will not help with transport. Also mentions at Forest Vale Jerry Tom Brown H/C 10.11.1914 Boss Davey and Possum Peter on way to Taroom Settlement 24.11.1914 Teresa Kee is about 35 years old and is a native of Eurella, near Roma. Was married to a Chinaman named Sam Kee at Roma about 10 years ago. Sam went home to China about 5 years ago. Teresa has a female child about 3 years old. Teresa has a brother named Percy Smith who is working at Aberglassie Station. Teresa is pregnant to Robert Hart who was her employer. The baby is due January or February 1915. Teresa now at Hillsborough Station. She is going to some H/C friends of hers named Jackson at Maranoa Downs. Teresa was sent to Hart's from Taroom Aboriginal Settlement. Robert Hart is a H/C Aborigine. 30.11.1914 Wages due to Sophie Nulla 1.12.1914 Ada, female Aborigine, arrested at Mitchell on suspicion of being of unsound mind. 1.12.1914 Ada came to Mitchell from Womblebank Station with her husband about 6 months ago. Husband has gone back to the district he came from. 7.12.1914 Property belonging to Donald Davidson H/C left at Mitchell Police Station. 11.12.1914 Tracker Leslie Murray wants to leave the Police 14.12.1914 Harry Cooke H/C, who escaped from the Police at Sexton, Kingaroy line, not in district. 31.12.1914 Prince Albert H/C of Glentullock, owes money for doctor attending his wife. 1. 1.1915 Arthur Lovell, European, applies for permission to marry Mary Whitmore, an Aboriginal. 4. 1.1915 Sale of property of Donald Davidson H/C 6. 1.1915 Josey, a little black girl, supposed to be consumptive at Forest Vale 6. 1.1915 Tracker Murray and his gin do not want to go to Roma. 8. 1.1915 Christy Makon, Aborigine, not in district 11. 1.1915 Teresa Kee now staying with friends named Jackson on an outstation of Maranoa Downs. Robert Hart still employed at Cyprus Downs Station. 12. 1.1915 About Josey at Forest Vale 29. 1.1915 Tom Wilson left Mitchell with Jack Maher about three weeks ago for Riverview, 120 miles from Mitchell. 1. 2.1915 Willie Victor applying for job of Tracker at Mitchell. Was Tracker at Bollon for 4 years and left 10 years ago. Aged 28 years, a native of the district and single. Recommend he replace Leslie Murray. 11. 2.1915 Details on Teresa Kee and Robert Hart. Teresa Kee married to Sam Kee on 2. 4.1901 at Roma. Sam Kee left Teresa about 5 years ago and said he was going to China or the Northern Territory. Teresa hasnt seen him since. Teresa will not return to Robert Hart. Teresa expects to be confined any day now. 19. 2.1915 Prince Albert H/C paid expenses for his wife Ada who was suspected of being of unsound mind. Ada was sent to Willowburn Asylum. 12. 3.1915 Josey medically examined and lungs OK. Josey is about 9 years old. Perhaps Josey and her mother should be sent to Taroom. 17. 3.1915 Teresa Kee H/C, married but living apart from her husband Sam Kee a Chinaman, gave birth to a female illegitimate child at West Woodlands Station about 70 miles from Mitchell on 10. 3.1915. The child died on 12. 3.1915. Also mentions Mrs Jackson. Child buried on West Woodlands Station. Father of child was Robert Hart H/C. Teresa has a little girl aged about 3 years. Teresa going to Hillsborough Station. 25. 3.1915 Teresa Kee to return to Taroom Settlement 29. 3.1915 Arthur Lovell consents to pay confinement expenses for Mary Whitmore H/C. 1. 4.1915 Expenses for removal of Teresa Kee and child to Taroom 1. 4.1915 Expenses for removal of Teresa Kee and child to Taroom Also mentions Mrs Jackson 1. 4.1915 Nellie Walker and her daughter Josey Walker are at present at Forest Vale Station. Nellie is about 55 years old. 2. 4.1915 Teresa Kee owes Mrs Jackson money for confinement. 3. 4.1915 Details as for 17. 3.1915 3. 3.1915 Details as for 17. 3.1915. 5. 4.1915 Nellie Walker's husband is dead. Nellie has only Josey living with her. She also has three sons over 20 years old, two married and one single. About 5 years ago three of her children, two girls and a boy, were sent to Taroom. Nellie Walker and her daughter Josey should also be sent there. 8. 4.1915 Details similar to 17. 3.1915. House where child born at West Woodlands is owned by William Jackson. 8. 4.1915 Details similar to 17. 3.1915 17. 4.1915 Tom Wilson working at Riverview about 120 miles from Mitchell. 30. 4.1915 Maternity bonus for Teresa Kee. Mentions Mrs Jackson. 4. 5.1915 Tom Wilson will not return to Riverview. He is now in Mitchell. 5. 5.1915 Arthur Lovell paid confinement expenses for Mary Whitmore. 1. 4.1916 - 29. 5.1917 QS 636/1 (12) 3. 4.1916 Death of illegitimate male half-caste child on 9. 3.1916 at Teeswater Station about 43 miles south of Mitchell. Child was born at Nurse Robinson's house, Mitchell on 9. 1.1916. Mother of the child is named Edie, a half-caste aged about 18 years. Child was buried at Teeswater Station on the day of its death. Dead child has a brother. 5. 4.1916 Leslie Murray said to be scalping on Redford Station with an American half-caste named Jack Woods. Jack Woods is married to the mother of Leslie Murray. Mother is described as an Aboriginal gin. 4. 4.1916 Charlie Wheelbarrow charged with being unlawfully on premises. Convicted and sentenced to one months imprisonment in Roma Gaol. 10. 4.1916 Money for Boney 10. 4.1916 Money for Charlie Wheelbarrow 11. 4.1916 No half-caste family named Hart in district. There is a half-caste family named Hart at Cypress Downs Station in the Bollon district. 11. 5.1916 Agreement between Cossack and Teeswater Station. 20. 5.1916 E Jones employed as a boundary rider at Bonus Downs Station and is married to a half-caste girl, a daughter of Robert Hart of Cypress Downs. The Jones couple have one child aged about 1 months. E McBride is scalping between Deace's Selection and Tongy Station. He is married to a daughter of Robert Hart of Cypress Downs. They have either one or two children. 24. 5.1916 Mentions old blanket belonging to Charlie Wheelbarrow at Mitchell. 31. 7.1916 Aborigines employed by S J Fuller Rolley Winton Harry Corbett Boney 31. 7.1916 Frank Inley returned to Mitchell from Bindango Stn. 3. 8.1916 Oscar Collins H/C currently employed by a drover near Redford Station. Hughie Gadd H/C not in district. 4. 8.1916 Sophie Nulla will travel from Mitchell to Brisbane. 9. 8.1916 Sophie Nulla will leave Mitchell on the fourteenth. 29. 8.1916 Unmarried half-caste woman named Elizabeth Jackson, aged about 24 years, gave birth to an illegitimate male child named Arthur Archibald Jackson on 9. 7.1916 at Woodlands Station about 75 miles from Mitchell. Father of Elizabeth is W Jackson, occupier of the Station and a white man married to an Aboriginal gin. Father of the child is George Saunders, Aboriginal. 15. 9.1916 Agreement between Frank Inley and Merivale Station. Frank returning to Mitchell. Half-caste Brown at Merivale but refuses to sign Agreement. 25. 9.1916 Mentions statements taken from Sandy and his gin Charlotte. 30. 9.1916 Robert Black was under agreement at Warronga. Was discharged from there. Arrested for drunkenness. Suggest he be sent to an Aboriginal Settlement. 28. 9.1916 Fred Mungallala detained at Mitchell 9.10.1916 Lists charges against George Brown half-caste. Also mentions house of Sophie Walker half-caste, who resides in Mary St Mitchell with her children. George has a son aged 9 years who is in the charge of a half-caste woman named Collins at Mitchell. Recomend he and his son be sent to a Settlement. Date illegible. George Brown H/C going to Roma Gaol. 11.10.1916 Leslie Bowman, half-caste aged 11 years lives with his mother at Forest Vale. 12.10.1916 Maudie Queary H/C leaving Mitchell for Brisbane today. 13.10.1916 Maudie Queary arrived at Mitchell from Westgrove Stn en route to Barambah Aboriginal Station. 16.10.1916 Prince Wiseman is aged 50 to 60 years. Born at Angledool New South Wales. Father was a whiteman and mother was an Aboriginal of New South Wales. Came to Queensland when he was 5 years old, with his parents, and went to Waterloo Station in the St George district. Has lived in Queensland ever since and for the last 22 years lived in the Mitchell district. He is married to a Queensland Aboriginal gin and resides with her at the Black's Camp at Mitchell. They have no family. 24.10.1916 Robert Black was under Agreement at Mitchell. Will not work. Also mentions half-caste Brown in Roma Gaol. 25.10.1916 Oscar Collins H/C employed at Warren Ville Station which is on the other side of Redford in the Mungallala district. 6.11.1916 George Brown and son to go to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement. 9.11.1916 Fred Queary left Westgrove Station because his gin Maudie Queary was carrying on with some of the Station employees. Maudie went to Barambah Aboriginal Settlement. Fred now at the Blacks Camp at Mitchell waiting for a pass to Taroom. Sent back to Westgrove to fulfill his agreement. 11.11.1916 Mantions Fred Queary 11.11.1916 Fred Queary returning to Westgrove 13.11.1916 Mentions property of George Brown 13.11.1916 Sophie Nulla agreed to stay in employment at Mitchell 16.11.1916 Mentions Fred Queary going to Westgrove Stn 18.11.1916 Annie, aged about 40 years, died in the Mitchell Hospital on 17.11.1916. Buried in the Mitchell Cemetery. She lived in the Blacks Camp at Mitchell 20.11.1916 Mentions property of George Brown H/C 8.12.1916 Harry Corbett employed by a drover 8.12.1916 Details wanted for Archie Robertson at Crystalbrook Stn 8.12.1916 Details wanted for Alf MacArthy of Crystalbrook Stn 9.12.1916 Leslie Murray of Merivale Station sick and in Mitchell Hospital 9.12.1916 Emily, aged about 50 years, died 9.12.1916 at the Blacks Camp at Mitchell. Has been in Mitchell for years. Buried at the Blacks Burial Ground. 14.12.1916 Mentions Tracker Sandy of Mitchell Exemption application for the following Thomas Smith H/C Harry Murray H/C Thomas Smith is 23 years old and a native of Isisford. His parents were half-castes. Harry Murray is 29 years old and a native of Hornet Bank Station in Taroom. His father was George Murray, a white man, and his mother was an Aboriginal native of Taroom, and died when he was very young. 15.12.1916 Application for exemption by Alf MacArthy H/C. Alf is aged 16 years and a native of Forest Vale Station. His father was a half-caste American Negro and his mother was a half-caste Aborigine. Father died about 4 years ago. 15.12.1916 Application for exemption by Archie Robertson H/C. Archie is 31 years old and a native of Bindebango West Station. Parents were half-castes. 22.12.1916 Application for exemption by Jack Walters H/C. Jack is about 19 years of age and a native of Maranoa near St George. Mother is a half-caste Aborigine. Father is a Chinaman who died some years ago. Jack has been at Albany Downs Stn for the past 10 years. 28.12.1916 Mentions Tracker Sandy of Mitchell 3. 1.1917 Jack Hayes Tracker at Mungallala. Boney sent from Mitchell to Mungallala to be Tracker. Boney is about 20 years old and single. 6. 1.1917 Leslie Murray died 6. 1.1917 at Mitchell Hospital. His gin was Gracie Murray, now living at the Blacks Camp at Mitchell. 15. 1.1917 Mentions Archie Robertson H/C and his wife. 18. 1.1917 Exemption certificate for Harry Murray. 3. 2.1917 Extension of Agreement for Harry Corbett 9. 2.1917 Rolley Winton, employed by a drover, broke his leg in an accident at Mitchell. 15. 2.1917 Rolley Winton in Mitchell Hospital. 15. 2.1917 Mentions Leslie Murray, deceased. 17. 2.1917 Prince Albert refuses to sign Agreement at Tooloombella Station. He is a half-caste who has a gin and has been living about the Maranoa for some years. 28. 2.1917 Agreement for Frank Inley at Merivale Station. 23. 2.1917 Exemption certificate for Thomas Smith at Womblebank Station. Also mentions Harry Murray H/C as his whereabouts are unknown. 24. 2.1917 Maudie Queary H/C is wife of Fred Queary. Maudie is pregnant. Mentions half-caste woman named Collins at Mitchell. Collins will look after Maudie during her confinement. Collins has a house at Mitchell. 28. 2.1917 Agreement for Bob McCauley H/C expired. Bob is married to an Aboriginal gin and lives with her in the Aboriginal Camp at Mitchell 9. 3.1917 George A Wallis not a suitable person to employ George Duncan. . 3.1917 Faded letter mentioning Dora Tottie Cressbrook H/C, mother of Dora and one other child Willie Cressbrook Norman, father of Dora Tottie Cressbrook has two children, one of which is Dora, and lives with Mrs Jackson H/C who is married to a white man. Tottie sometimes lives with Willie Cressbrook F/B. 15. 3.1917 Permit to employ George Duncan H/C 23. 3.1917 Frank Inley refuses to sign agreement 26. 3.1917 Clyde Combo, absconder from Taroom. Caught at Albany Downs Stn. 19. 4.1917 Harry Murray left Womblebank Station to go north to do some droving. 23. 5.1917 Maudie Queary H/C arrived from Westgrove Station and is in the care of Dina Collins H/C at Mitchell. About 10 days ago she gave birth to a female child. She is now ready to go to Taroom. Her husband Fred Queary is in Mitchell and ready to go to Taroom. 24. 5.1917 Half-caste and full blood Aborigines for enlistment in the AIF. Three H/C Aborigines enlisted during the Show and Races held at Mitchell last week, namely Tom Smith of Womblebank Stn Charlie Parker, of Mitchell Harry Harper of Tomoo Stn Fred Collins H/C of Abbieglassie Stn intends to enlist. 25. 5.1917 Harry Corbett applies for three pounds. 27. 5.1917 Teeswater Stn requests agreement with Podge be cancelled. 30. 5.1917 - 17. 9.1918 QS 636/1 (13) 30. 5.1917 Fred Queary and his gin Maudie Queary going by train from Mitchell to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement 2. 6.1917 About Aboriginal gin Gracie Murray. Her husband is Leslie Murray who died on 6. 1.1917 at Mitchell Hospital. Gracie doesnt want to be in employment. She is said to be a prostitute and to be pregnant. Recommend removal to an Aboriginal Settlement. 11. 6.1917 Voucher for Dina Collins H/C for maintenance and looking after of Maudie Queary H/C while in Mitchell to be confined. 15. 6.1917 Money for Jack Walters H/C of Albany Downs Station. 18. 6.1917 Whereabouts of Billy Brenolia who left employment at Cracow Stn, Taroom. Not in district. 21. 6.1917 Removal order from Mitchell to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement for Gracie Murray. Mentions another gin and two children at Miles who will go to Taroom with Gracie. 25. 6.1917 Aboriginal Joe Sullivan not in district 25. 6.1917 Property of Gracie Murray en route to Taroom 1 tin trunk, 2 ladies dresses 4 handkerchiefs, 1 new rug 1 old rug an amount of ladies underclothes 25. 6.1917 Gracie Murray left Mitchell for Taroom on 5. 6.1917 29. 6.1917 Jack Hayes absconded from employment and is supposed to be camped on Forest Vale Stn. 16. 7.1917 Jack Hayes arrested at Forest Vale Stn. Ordered to return to employment. 17. 7.1917 Joe Sullivan not in district 24. 8.1917 Aboriginal gin Gracie. Not known to the Aborigines at Mitchell and not the same as Gracie Murray. 29. 8.1917 Police Tracker Sandy 3. 9.1917 Refers to the daughter of Lennie H/C who is at Foyleview Station about 50 miles from Mitchell. 5. 9.1917 About agreement for Lennie H/C. If he doesnt agree he will be sent to Taroom. lennie also worked at Teeswater Stn. 5. 9.1917 Agreement for Violet Lennie with Foyleview Stn. 19. 9.1917 Agreement for Lennie H/C at Tartulla Stn 28. 9.1917 Tracker Sandy 29. 9.1917 Sale of liquor to Sophie Nulla H/C. 20.10.1917 Circumstances of Harry Harper H/C and Alf McCarthy H/C. Harry employed by the owner of Aberglassie and Crystalbrook stations. Harry enlisted in the Army but was discharged as medically unfit. Harry has applied for Exemption Alf applied for Exemption some time ago. 29.10.1917 A gin named Jennie aged about 70 years died 28.10.1917 at the Black's Camp, Mitchell. Buried by the other Blacks in a cemetery near the Black's Camp. 2.11.1917 Sophie Nulla H/C does not want Agreement. 2.11.1917 About Harry Harper H/C. Harry is aged 25 years and a native of the Bollon district. He is single. Discharged as medically unfit from the Army. 10.12.1917 White man named Patrick O'Meara found in a hut occupied by a H/C female Aborigine named Sophie Walker. Sophie's husband is Sandy Walker H/C who is employed at Forest Vale Stn. Sophie has 4 children, 3 of whom attend the Mitchell State School. Sophie is suspected of being a prostitute. 10.12.1917 More about Sophie Walker. 18.12.1917 Sophie Walker and her children taken by her husband Sandy Walker to Forest Vale Stn where he is working. 24.12.1917 Tracker Sandy 28.12.1917 Supply of liquor to Teeswater Tommy F/B. 29.1.1917 W Cressbrook under Agreement at Crystalbrook Stn. Has a wife and two children. 2. 1.1918 Willie Cressbrook, wife and two children 4. 1.1918 Jack Hayes at Merivale Station 4. 1.1918 Billy Murray at Crystalbrook Stn 4. 1.1918 Albert Gallagher about 50 years old. Not currently employed 4. 1.1918 Tommy Teeswater was detained at Mitchell Police Station. 5. 1.1918 Mentions Prince Alfred H/C and Frank Walker F/C employed at Tooloombilla Stn. Both have gins. 8. 1.1918 Mentions agreements for Podge Willie Cressbrook 9. 1.1918 The wife and two children of Willie Cressbrook are boarding at the residence of a H/C named Johnson at Mitchell. Willie is at Crystalbrook Stn. Children are aged 4 and 2 years. Willie is leaving Crystalbrook. Employment should be found for him outside Mitchell. 11. 1.1918 Agreement for Jack Hayes 12. 1.1918 Wages due to Gracie Murray now at Taroom Settlement 15. 1.1918 Parcel arrived at Mitchell for Albert Gallagher and was delivered to him 17. 1.1918 Rations for Willie Cressbrook at Mitchell 24. 1.1918 Whereabouts of Lennie H/C who was employed at Tartulla Stn. 26. 1.1918 Tracker Sandy 31. 1.1918 Mentions Clyde Combo 2. 2.1918 No employment here for Willie Cressbrook. Send him and his family to Roma. 5. 2.1918 Recommend removal of Frank Inley from Mitchell to an Aboriginal Settlement. He is 35 to 40 years old and will not work. 5. 2.1918 Frank, aged about 75 years and almost blind, and Annie, about 65 years old, are in the Black's Camp at Mitchell. Not capable of looking after themselves. Recommend they be sent to a Settlement. 8. 2.1918 Mentions Tommy Wilson 11. 2.1918 Wife of Willie Cressbrook is Tottie Cressbrook. Willie is now employed in the Roma district. Duncan George H/C is at Mitchell Downs Stn Charlie Parker H/C is in the AIF at the Front Cossack and Moonlight are old Aborigines and are camped at the Albany Downs Blacks Camp with their gins. Too old to work. Bob McCauley is in the Mitchell Camp with his gin. 15. 2.1918 Billy Rookwood arrived in Mitchell about a week ago. He came from St George where he was employed at New cashmere Stn. He is married and left his gin at St George. Has an agreement with a drover at Mitchell and will return to St George when finished. 1. 3.1918 Mentions Frank Inley 4. 3.1918 Mentions Victor Johnson H/C 4. 3.1918 Tracker Sandy 22. 3.1918 Removal Order from Mitchell to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement for Frank and Annie. Annie left on 21. 3.1918. Frank is in Mitchell Hospital. 22. 3.1918 Frank Inley left Mitchell, in company with Annie, by train for Taroom. 25. 3.1918 Frank died 23. 3.1918 in Mitchell Hospital. Buried in the Aboriginal Cemetery on 24. 3.1918. 10. 4.1918 Mentions Billy Rookwood 11. 4.1918 Mentions Prince Alfred H/C 11. 4.1918 Mentions Frank Wake 13. 4.1918 Burial of Frank at Mitchell on 24. 3.1918. Frank was aged about 70 years and under removal order to Taroom. Buried by the Aboriginals at the recognised burial ground about a half a mile from their camp at Mitchell. 15. 4.1918 Wages for Clyde Combo at Bonus Downs Stn. 19. 4.1918 About application by Dina Collins to receive allotment of Military Wages on behalf of her sons Fred Collins and Edward Collins. Dina is a half-caste, has no education, not intelligent enough to handle money to advantage, addicted to drink, bears a bad character morally, lives in a private house on her own but is frequently in the blacks camp at Mitchell. The allotment currently goes to Dina's daughter Elsie Mitchell. 24. 4.1918 Following employed at Forest Vale Station Victor Johnson H/C and Jessie Bowman 26. 4.1918 Mentions Frank Robertson 26. 4.1918 Mentions Jack Hayes 26. 4.1918 Mentions Tommy Wilson 26. 4.1918 Mentions Charcoal 29. 4.1918 Tracker Sandy 2. 5.1918 Mentions Alf McCarthy 11. 5.1918 Archie Roberts (Archie Robertson) at Tomoo Stn. Granted exemption in January 1917. 16. 5.1918 Clyde Combo at Bonus Downs Stn 22. 5.1918 Aboriginals and half-castes employed by pastoralists and grazing farmers in the Mitchell sub-district Name Station George Jackson Forestvale Jessie Bowman Forestvale Victor Johnson Forestvale Harry Rookwood Warren Point Frank Roberts Merivale Tommy Wilson Merivale Jack Hayes Merivale Billy Murray Crystalbrook Alf McCarthy Crystalbrook Podge Crystalbrook Moonlight Maranoa downs Tommy Teeswater Mitchell Downs George Duncan Mitchell Downs Clyde Combo Bonus Downs Prince Alfred Tooloombilla Frank Walker Tooloombilla 28. 5.1918 Mentions Tommy Teeswater .1918 Mentions Victor Johnson H/C 7. 6.1918 Agreement for Clyde Combo at Bonus Downs .1918 Mentions Moonlight 10. 6.1918 Jack Hayes discharged from Merivale and sent to Mitchell 11. 6.1918 Military Allotments for Dina Collins 21. 6.1918 Wages due to Jack Hayes late of Merivale Stn. Jack is now at Aberglassie Stn 22. 6.1918 Two parcels of clothes arrived for Frank Roberts Tommy Wilson 23. 6.1918 Mentions Podge 24. 6.1918 Mentions Billy Murray 28. 6.1918 Wages due to Moonlight 29. 6.1918 Receipts needed for parcels of clothing for Frank Roberts and Tommy Wilson 1. 7.1918 Mentions Jack Hayes 1. 7.1918 Tracker Sandy 4. 7.1918 Military Allotment to Dina Collins from her sons Fred Collins and Edward Collins 5. 7.1918 Wages due to George Duncan H/C. His wife is a full blood so George cannot be granted an Exemption. 3. 7.1918 Mentions Trooper Fred Collins, 20th Reinforcements, 11th Light Horse Regiment. Dina Collins, his mother Elsie Collins, his sister Ida Collins, his sister 15. 7.1913 Mentions Dina Collins 25. 7.1918 Mentions Prince Alfred 25. 7.1918 Mentions Frank Walker 26. 7.1918 Mentions Charcoal 27. 7.1918 Mentions Victor 27. 7.1918 Mentions Billy Rookwood 29. 7.1918 Tracker Sandy .1918 Mentions Jessie Bowman 5. 8.1918 Mentions Tommy Wilson 5. 8.1918 Mentions Frank Roberts 5. 8.1918 Mentions Frank Roberts 5. 7.1918 Mentions Clyde Combo 5. 8.1918 Mentions Harry Rookwood 7. 8.1918 Wages for Harry Corbett 10. 8.1918 Mentions Victor 21. 8.1918 Agreement for Kathleen Bourke H/C with Thomas Brodie. 23. 8.1918 Application by S J Fuller, drover to employ two Aboriginal boys. He already employs Billy Rookwood 24. 8.1918 Current whereabouts of Reedy unknown 26. 8.1918 Reedy and Victor at Tomoo Stn 28. 8.1918 Mentions Victor Johnson 3. 9.1918 Tracker Sandy 3. 9.1918 Mentions Prince Alfred 3. 9.1918 Mentions Frank Walker 3. 9.1918 Mentions Alf McCarthy H/C 3. 9.1918 Wages due to Violet Lennie and Agreement form for another 12 months 4. 9.1918 Mentions Military Allotments for Fred Collins 5. 9.1918 Mentions Tommy Teeswater 7. 9.1918 Wages for Prince Alfred Frank Walker 29.12.1919 - 15.10.1920 QS 636/1 (14) 29.12.1919 Tracker Sandy left . 1.1920 Dead body of Aboriginal Albert Gallagher found about 12 miles from Forest Vale Station on 29.12.1919. He was about 70 years old and had recently been in Mitchell Hospital. He was single with no dependents. 10. 1.1920 Agreement between boy Teeswater and Merivale Station 13. 1.1920 Charlie Parks and his wife in Brisbane, presumably for a trip. 16. 1.1920 Mentions Mrs Rabbitt of Binda 16. 1.1920 Agreement for Jessie Johnson H/C working at Forest Vale Station 5. 2.1920 Exemption Certificate given to Niney McDonald 5. 2.1920 Exemption Certificates received for Fred Collins H/C Edward Collins H/C The are away from Mitchell at the moment. 7. 2.1920 Alleged break and enter by Norman George who is employed at Mungalla Station 13. 2.1920 Albert Gallagher died at Forest Vale Station. His savings sent to Chief Protector, Brisbane. 12. 2.1920 Norman George who was employed at Mungulla Station and under Agreement from Purga Aboriginal Settlement was charged at Mitchell with breaking and entering. Will be tried at Mitchell. .1920 About Exemption application by Tom Smith H/C. Tom has been absent from Mitchell for some time. 18. 2.1920 About Norman George. He is a H/C from Deebing Creek Settlement. 1. 2.1920 George Bollon, Police Tracker from Surat, is on holiday at Mitchell. 4. 3.1920 Report wanted from Police Charleville about John Boke who is currently in the Mitchell Blacks Camp. Recommend he be sent to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement. 12. 3.1920 Letter to Superintendent at Purga stating Percy Daylight has returned to employment with Mr N J Barry. .1920 Exemption Certificates delivered to Fred Collins and Edward Collins .1920 Norman George pleaded guilty and was released. Then charged with assault and sentenced to two months gaol at Brisbane. .1920 Can Police at Mungallala find employment for the Lingwoodock couple. .1920 Jack Kearns H/C, returned soldier is currently unemployed at Mitchell. Living with Mrs W Jackson at Ann St Mitchell 9. 4.1920 Money for Charlie Parks H/C 12. 4.1920 Boko died 31. 3.1920 at the Mitchell Hospital. He was buried a pauper by the Mitchell Hospital. 10. 4.1920 Maud Hart, an unmarried woman, gave birth to an illegitimate child at the house of Mrs Jackson in Ann St, Mitchell on 11. 2.1920. Mrs Jackson is a H/C Aboriginal. Maud Hart is a H/C Aborigine. The father of the child is Edward Jones, also a H/C Aborigine. Edward and Maud are now married. The child's name is Ada Elizabeth hart. 15. 4.1920 Minga no longer employed at Forest Vale Station. Permit required to employ Annie H/C at Forest Vale. 15. 4.1920 Jessie Johnson at Forest Vale Station. She is married. Forest Vale want to get rid of her. 16. 4.1920 No accomodation for Emily Dilbin at the Mitchell Police Station. .1920 Ex-trooper Edward Smith is possum trapping at Munaweena near Tooloombilla Station via Mitchell. His mother is Annie Smith, an Aborigine, who is currently at the Aboriginal Camp at Toomo Station near Mungallala. 22. 4.1920 About intended marriage of Charles Alley and May Coulahan. Charles is a H/C Maori and a returned soldier. He states he wont marry May. 24. 4.1920 Letter to Mungallala to find out what has happened to the Lingwoodock family. 16. 5.1920 Mentions John Woods, H/C American Negro, was about Mitchell February last. Woods now in the Augathella Police sub-district. .1920 Exemption application forms completed for Jack Kearns H/C. He is a stranger in Mitchell and recently came from Charleville. 27. 5.1920 Charles Parkes currently employed at Teeswater Stn, about 30 miles from Mitchell. He is married. 15. 6.1920 Willie Cressbrook to be paid five pounds at Augathella. 19. 6.1920 Jack Woods, H/C American negro, at Tomoo Stn, Mungallala. 4. 7.1920 Alex Stanley H/C is a stranger in Mitchell. He was employed at Mitchell Downs Station for two months and left there three weeks ago for Brisbane. He is a returned soldier and claims to be a H/C Maori. .1920 No arrears of wages for Bob McCawley (McAuley) who was employed at Mitchell. 22. 7.1920 Application for War Gratuity Bond by Edward Smith H/C. Edward's father was a white man named Smith and his mother was a F/B Aborigine. Edward is married to a 1/4C native of Queensland and was married about 18 months ago. There is no family. He has been residing in the district for a number of years. Recommended to allow him to get the Bond. 22. 7.1920 Harry Murray H/C applied for War Gratuity Bond. Father is a white man named Murray and his mother is a F/B Aborigine. Harry is single and has no dependents. Harry is employed at Womblebank Stn and is Exempt. Recommend he be allowed to get the Bond. .1920 Request for Protector at Mungallala to deliver Exemption Certificate to James Lingwoodock. 4. 8.1920 Leslie Bowman H/C employed by Mr Lethbridge at Mungallala. Leslie is about 16 years old. 5. 8.1920 Roy Murphy, Aborigine, inquired for by the Public Health Department. Needs to be treated for VD. Roy is not known in these parts. Mentions Hughie Gadd H/C at Hoganthella or Canarvon Stations. 17. 8.1920 Roy Murphy H/C alleged to have VD. Located at Mitchell. Roy states he had treatment at Barcaldine Hospital and is now cured. 18. 8.1920 Police Tracker Sandy of Mitchell did duty at Roma. 25. 8.1920 Remains of an old Aborigine named Bulleyed Jimmy, aged about 70 years, were found about three weeks ago in the bush about 25 miles from Forest Vale. Remains buried where found. He was from the Warrego district. 6. 9.1920 Police Tracker Sandy discharged. A suitable replacement is Hector Watson who is about 30 years old and has recently been employed at Forest Vale. He is a native of Warrego. He has a H/C gin named Annie, recently employed at Forest Vale. Annie has a H/C boy aged 10 years. Tracker Sandy and his gin will work at Forest Vale. 7. 8.1920 Mentions Jack Kearns, returned soldier, employed by a drover. .1920 Exemption application form for Alex Stanley states he is 23 years old, born Thargomindah, parents half-castes, and is single. 13. 9.1920 Mrs Dina Collins, mother of Trooper Fred Collins of the 11th Light Horse resides at Mitchell. Her children are Fred Collins and Edward Collins. 17. 9.1920 Money for James Lingwoodock at Mungallala. 27. 9.1920 Frederick Collins has Exemption. George South not in district. Hector Watson is Tracker at Mitchell. Does he have a bank account at Augathella. 27. 9.1920 Does Hector Watson have a bank account at Springsure. 30. 9.1920 Sydney Roberts, H/C soldier, applied for War Gratuity Bond. 1.10.1920 Has the certificate concerning military allotments issued to Annie Smith of Tomoo Stn been forwarded to the Defence Department. 5.10.1920 Unnamed gin living with Jack Hayes at Tomoo Stn. 6.10.1920 Mentions Mrs Diana Collins and her daughter Elsie Collins. Diana at Hoganthella Stn and Elsie at Crystalbrook Stn. 12.10.1920 Sydney Roberts of Tomoo Stn. 15.10.1920 Agreements for Sandy Charlotte Working at Forest Vale. 15.10.1920 Agreement for Tommy Teeswater at Mitchell Downs. 18.10.1920 - 3.10.1921 QS 636/1 (15) 21.10.1920 Sandy Walker H/C died 16.10.1920 at Mitchell Hospital of pneumonia. Had been employed for some years at Forest Vale Stn. He was married to a H/C and they had 5 children aging from 3 years to 14 years. Oldest son is 14 years and works at Forest Vale Stn. His wife (widow) is pregnant and wants to go to Forest Vale Stn to live. 25.10.1920 List of wages and deductions for Aboriginals and half-castes in Mitchell district between 1. 7.1919 and 30. 9.1920 Bob McAuley, married Charcoal, single Clyde Combo, single Harry Corbett, single Jessie Johnson, married Johnny Peak, single Leslie Bowman, single Mabel Roberts, single Prince Alfred, married Sandy, married Tommy Teeswater, single Tommy Wilson, single Violet Lennie, single Victor, single Victor Johnson, married Willie Cressbrook, married Ada Walker, single Bertie, single Minga, single Cossack, married Moonlight, married Hector Watson, married Annie, married 24.10.1920 List of Aborigines and half-castes in the Nitchell district who receive one pound or more per week under Agreements or permits Johnny Peak H/C, single, no dependents Victor Johnson H/C, married, no dependents Tommy Teeswater F/B, single, no dependents Tommy Wilson F/B, single, no dependents Charcoal F/B, single, no dependents Rob McAuley H/C, married, no dependents Moonlight F/B, married, 3 children. Now left district. Cossack F/B, married, one child. Now left district. Harry Corbett F/B, single, no dependents Bertie F/B, single, no dependents Victor F/B, single, no dependents Prince Alfred, married, no dependents 29.10.1920 Crongy H/C and Clifton George H/C employed at Toomoo Station. Their bank accounts are at Bollon. 29.10.1920 Agreement for Jimmy H/C 30.10.1920 Mentions Hector the Tracker. 8.11.1920 Sophie Walker and her five children to be removed from Mitchell to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement. Sophie and one child are at Mitchell and the other four children are at Forest Vale Station. 16.11.1920 Sophie Walker and her five children have left Mitchell en route to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement. Sophie was the wife of Sandy Walker who died at Mitchell Hospital on 26.10.1920. 22.11.1920 Mentions removal of Sophie Walker and five children to Taroom and property of Sandy Walker at Forest Vale Station. 22.11.1920 Witness to mark of Bob McAuley on a voucher for fifteen pounds. Bob is currently employed at Forest Vale Station. 26.11.1920 Mentions Tracker and his gin. 29.11.1920 Gin Annie Smith now at Tongy Station. 6. 9.1920 George Foster H/C currently at Mitchell. He had a bank account at Roma. Billy Rookwood is at Forest Vale Station. Moonlight and Lennie supposed to be in Bollon or Augathella. Ted Wheeler, Harry Harper, Ben Roberts and Harry Roberts are supposed to be about Augathella or Bollon but may be located at Toomoo Stn as they frequently visit there. 7.12.1920 Mentions Sandy Walker's estate 29.12.1920 Mentions Sandy Walker's estate 10. 1.1921 The George Hart, sought by the Superintendent of Taroom Aboriginal Settlement, is not in district. A George Hart H/C had been an inmate of Mitchell Hospital recently but this George Hart is a native of the Maranoa and has never been at Taroom. 9. 1.1921 The two children Emma Gordon and Bill Gordon at present reside with Mrs Jackson H/C at Mitchell. Their father is Jimmy Gordon 1/4C who is employed at Womalilla near Mitchell. Because Jimmy is addicted to drink it is recommended that the children be placed in the care of the Department. The children are about 4 and five years old. 5. 2.1921 Death of Half-caste Aboriginal Jack Walters who was accidentally killed at Albany Downs Station on 3. 2.1921. Jack was single and had no dependents except his mother who is a full blooded Aborigine aged about 60 years and at present living with an old Aboriginal boy named Cossack somewhere in the Bollon district and who occasionally visits Albany Downs Stn. Exempt in January 1917. 5. 2.1921 Death of Jack Walters on 3. 2.1921. Report mentions Jack Walters, about 23 years old, stockman Jack's mother is Nellie F/B, currently at Homeboin Stn Jack buried at Albany Downs Stn. 8. 2.1921 Mentions Tracker Podge 12. 2.1921 Death of Jack Walters at Albany Downs Stn. 8. 3.1921 James Thomas Gordon, father of Emily Gordon and James Gordon, left Mitchell for Brisbane with the children. The children are to go to the Diamantina Receiving Depot, Kedron Park Road, Wooloowin to be admitted as State Children. Undated Exemption certificates received for Edward Smith and George Saunders. Undated Exemption certificate application for Victor Johnson H/C. Victor is about 21 years old and a native of Forest Vale Station. His father is a white man named Mr Johnson who died some years ago and his mother is a full blooded Aborigine who is now living with a half-caste Aborigine named Prince Alfred. Prince Alfred is employed at Forest Vale Station. Victor is married to Jessie Bowman H/C and they have a child. Recommend exemption. 7. 4.1921 Joey Weazel of the Aboriginal Settlement Murgon unable to be employed at Bonus Downs Station at present. 14. 4.1921 Aboriginal Victor is now Tracker at Roma. Undated Deductions from wages for 1/2 year ending 31. 3.1921 Bob McAuley Charcoal Harry Corbett Johnny Peak Leslie Bowman Mabel Roberts Prince Alfred Sandy Tommy Teeswater Tommy Wilson Violet Lennie Bertie Hector Watson Charlotte Jimmy Undated Victor Johnson at Warrong Stn, about 100 miles from Mitchell. Exemption handed to his solicitor. Mentions Victor's wife Jessie Johnson. Undated Mother of Jack Walters, exempt half-caste, deceased, is a full blood Aborigine aged about 60 years who is living with an old Aborigine named Cossack who is aged about 60 years. They generally walk between the Stations Maranoa Downs, Albany Downs and Hellsborough where they obtain food and clothes. 22. 4.1921 Gin Mingo employed at Forest Vale Station. 16. 3.1921 Harold Doyle H/C scalping at Dumfries about 24 miles from Muckadilla. He has the boy Cossie Waterton H/C with him. 16. 5.1921 Unmarried half-caste Aboriginal woman named Ida Collins gave birth to twin illegitimate children on 6. 4.1921 at Forest Vale Station. The mother of the woman who gave birth is Bina Collins H/C. The children are named Elsie Collins and Henry Mick Collins. The father of the children is Mick ?Tartan who is a stockman residing at Hoganthella Station in the Augathella District. 25. 5.1921 Money Order for Tommy Teeswater at Bollon 1. 6.1921 Ada at the Mitchell Hospital with a broken leg. When mended she will go to Roma to marry Tracker Victor. Ada H/C previously lived with Prince Alfred but was not married to him. Ada is about 60 years old and has been a patient at the Willowburn Asylum on two occasions. May also be Ida. 1. 6.1921 Alex Stanley left Mitchell months ago intending to go to Boombah Station via St George. Was at Charleville in February 1921. Undated Money order for Harry Corbett who is now said to be at Charleville. Undated Money for Bob Roberts H/C said to be at Charleville or Augathella. Undated Frank Inley, Aborigine who recently came from Taroom to Mitchell, states George Bango died at Taroom some time ago. 6. 7.1921 Olive McCarthy no longer needed at Mitchie. 12. 4.1920 Boko died 31. 3.1920 at Mitchell Hospital. He was buried as a pauper by the Mitchell Hospital. Also known as John Brooks or John Boko of Angelalla Downs, Morven. Had a bank account at Charleville. Has no relations or dependents at Mitchell. 26. 7.1921 Joe White H/C seen at Roma in October 1920. Said he was going to Warrinilla Stn near Rolleston. Probably still there. 4. 8.1921 Bertie's bank book sent to Roma. 8. 8.1921 Minga in Mitchell Hospital with VD. 19. 8.1921 Order for removal of 14 Aborigines from Tomoo Station to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement. Seventeen Aborigines were picked up at Toomo, 7 of whom were not in the original order. Four adults and three children were kept at Mitchell and the following, who were mentioned on the order, left under escort for Taroom Elizabeth Roberts and her three children Nelly Roberts and her three children Hector, Nelly and -----. Four adult Aborigines mentioned in the order, namely Jackson, Brandy, Davey and Bluey left Tomoo Stn about a fortnight ago and could not be found. Following are particulars of the Aborigines detained at Mitchell Albert about 30 years old, his wife about 23 years old and their children aged 2 years and 8 months respectively. Rene, female aged about 22 years, and her child aged about 8 months Mrs Clayton, female H/C, daughter of Elsie Roberts who is one of those mentioned in the removal order. Mrs Clayton is married to Mr Clayton H/C who is head stockman at Toomoo Stn. She has returned there. None of the Aborigines have banking accounts at Mitchell. Albert, his wife Gracie and their two children, together with Benie (Rene) and her child are at Mitchell and cannot get employment. Recommend they be sent to Taroom. 20. 8.1921 Order for removal of 14 Aborigines from Toomoo Station to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement. Mentions Hector Nellie Lizzie Tilly and her 3 children Thelma (5 yrs), Marcus (3 yrs) and Assie (10 mths) Three children of Eliza Roberts namely Janie Roberts (15 yrs), Gillie Roberts (8 yrs) and Chira Roberts (8 yrs). Eliza Roberts was at this time detained at Mitchell Brandy Bluie Davey Jackson Albert, his wife Janie, and their two children Beanie and her child Mrs Clayton, daughter of Eliza Roberts Lizzie mentioned in the original order goes by the name Lucy. 20. 8.1921 Order for removal of 14 Aborigines from Toomoo Station to Taroom Aboriginal Settlement. Mentions the following left Mitchell by train en route to Taroom Elizabeth Roberts and her 3 children, one of which was not included in the order but at her request was sent with her Tilly Roberts and her 3 children Hector, adult Nellie, adult Lizzie also known as Lucy The following could not be found Jackson Brandy Davey Bluey The following were detained at Mitchell Albert (30 yrs), his wife Gracie (23 yrs) and their two children aged 13 months and 2 years respectively Rene (22 yrs) and her child aged about 3 months Mrs Clayton H/C, daughter of Elizabeth Roberts above. Married to Mr Clayton, head stockman at Toomoo Stn. Has returned to Toomoo. Recommended for removal to Taroom are Albert, Gracie and their two children Rene and her child Harry Corbett, aged about 60 years Minga, aged about 35 years Ida, aged about 50 years. This is the definitive account of this saga. 2. 9.1921 Ex-tracker Hector Watson and his gin at Mitchell. They belong to the Maranoa district. Were previously employed at Forest Vale. 6. 9.1921 With those above who left Mitchell for Taroom was Brandy who is aged about 90 years. Undated Cossack, aged 65 years, and his gin Nellie, aged 67 years are at Mitchell Hospital. Recommend removal to taroom on their release. Also mentions Harry Corbett's bank account. 17. 9.1921 Children of Tilly Roberts were not sick before they left Mitchell. Undated Wages due to Jimmy and Harry Corbett. Undated Mentions H/C Returned Soldier Alex Stanley who is employed by a H/C Returned Soldier named Fester about 9 miles from Bollon. 23. 9.1921 Cossick and Nellie to be removed to Taroom. 28. 9.1921 Cossick and Nellie have left Mitchell on way to Taroom