Mundingburra Police Letterbooks 1890 - 1924

Police Station, Mundingburra Letterbook 4. 8.1890 - 18. 7.1898 QS 480/1 (1) Queensland State Archives 23. 5.1904 - 25. 4.1907 QS 480/1 (2) Queensland State Archives 25. 4.1907 - 1. 1.1911 QS 480/1 (3) Queensland State Archives 21. 8.1919 - 30. 8.1920 QS 480/1 (4) Queensland State Archives 16. 6.1922 - 23.11.1922 QS 480/1 (5) Queensland State Archives 3. 6.1924 - 3.12.1924 QS 480/1 (6) Queensland State Archives 29. 7.1895 Mentions Trackers Hughes and Tommy. mentions about 200 Blacks camped on the Clark in the vicinity of the Telegraph Station about 5 weeks ago awaiting the distribution of blankets. They had done this for 4 or 5 years. They came from all parts. 26. 8.1895 Mentions Trackers Hughie and Tommy 30. 3.1896 About report of a black boy who was camped in the Ross River near Aitkenvale being stabbed. Mentions Tower, at the camp, stabbed George, did the stabbing Billy Cockfield, owned the knife Maggie, gin of Towers Towers taken to Hospital. George and Billy Cockfield escaped to the ranges. 16. 4.1897 Mentions Trooper Tommy 26. 4.1897 Mentions Trooper Tommy 30. 5.1897 Mentions Tracker Wills 16. 7.1904 Mentions the following brothers James Lawson Charles Lawson H/C, deceased 9. 8.1904 Douglas drunk and disorderly at Hermit Park on 8. 8.1904 22. 8.1904 No employment available for the following about Mundingburra Jack Billy Tommy Major Also several local boys about here unable to get employment 26.10.1904 Disappearance of Jacko from Mr Quinn's at Ross River. Jacko said he would commit suicide. No trace found. 27.10.1904 Jacko seen in Flinders St near the Central Hotel. Also mentions boy named Barber who may be Aboriginal. 24.11.1904 Jimmy inflicted grevious bodily harm on Charley and Lena at the camp near Ross River. Lena is Charley's gin. 5.12.1904 Mrs Pritt's pony illegally used by Rutherford's black boy at Stewarts Creek. 23.12.1904 Illegal supply of liquor to the following Jack Charley Lena Maggie 21. 1.1905 Patrick Joseph Huston attacked by Aborigines on the road between Kerrama Stn and Cardwell. 30. 1.1905 Mentions Andy at Kerrama Stn. 4. 2.1905 Supply of liquor from the Hermit Park Hotel to Aboriginals. Mentions Trooper Willie Mundy Tommy 5. 6.1905 Mentions Aborigines removed from Pullens Paddock. Also mentions Charlie and his gin Jennie. 1. 9.1905 Sam and his gin Eva are camped at Ross River. They have two children aged 2 years and one week. They are in need of rations. 18. 6.1906 Recognizance to be entered into by James Heenan (?Keenan) for the return of Jenny. 9. 7.1906 Recognizance for Jenny to be returned to Atherton has arrived. 1. 9.1906 Monkey sick at Rose Bay. Not been able to walk for some years. . 5.1907 Aboriginal boy Joe or Pengue now around Ayr. 26. 6.1907 Pacific Islander Sukar and his gin Annie wanted at the Courthouse. 2.11.1907 Mr Vidler states he employed a black boy known as Jack Palmer who is said to be about North Ward. 16.12.1907 Jimmy Wyrum arrived Townsville on 13.12.1907 17. 1.1908 List of persons whose Agreements with Aborigines have expired A Hannon (?Hannow) Will renew Agreement Arthur Buck Will renew Agreement with Billy Arthur Buck Will not renew Agreement with Ernest Anderson H J B Halloran Will renew Agreement with Johnny and Ted H J B Halloran Will not renew Agreement with Jack M Rheubens States Ted has left him J P Ransom States Albert has left him J J Fanning Will renew Agreement with Tommy Dodd S L Wakeford Will renew Agreement with Jack Jones J Cummins Will renew Agreement with Toby 27. 1.1908 William Kirkwood, drover supposedly employing Aborigines without a permit. The boys were Charley Willie Guy Two were Aborigines and one was a Aboriginal/Kanaka half-caste 28. 1.1908 William Kirkwood to be prosecuted for employing Charley, Willie and Guy without a Permit. Kirkwood now at Ingham. 21. 4.1908 Supply of liquor to an Aborigine named Cloden at a Chinaman's place on the Charters Towers Road. 12. 7.1908 Fight at the Black's Camp at Aitkenvale. Mentions Mundy Charlie Maggie, gin of Charlie 29. 7.1908 Charlie sentenced to 14 days in Stewarts Creek Gaol 30. 7.1908 Expenses in trial of Charlie 4. 8.1908 Ted Wicker is employed at Woodlands, Hyde Park 11. 9.1908 Annie is about 24 years of age and has a H/C son. Mr Rheubens Black Boy said Annie is staying with some woman near the Courthouse. 1. 7.1909 Aboriginal boy with an ulcerated leg sick at Aitkenvale 3. 7.1909 Sick Aboriginal boy at Aitkenvale is Tommy 14. 7.1909 Tommy, who was sick at Aitkenvale, is better 27. 8.1909 Girl chased by Aboriginal boy at Louisa. No proof. Boy was named Albert. Also mentions boy named Black. 25.12.1909 George now Stewart Creek Gaol for unlawfully entering premises. From the Cooktown district 10. 3.1910 Chuckey charged with stealing horse and saddle. 14. 6.1910 Chuckey charged with theft of horse and saddle. He is supposed to have a gin at Ingham. He is a native of Cooktown. 23.11.1919 Mentions Murray who owned two horses and sold one to Mr Harry 2.12.1919 Aborigines and half-castes loitering around the locality of Mundingburra. There are none. Those here are under Agreement. 3. 5.1920 CPA enquiring for Freddie Murdock. Not in district. 5. 1.1922 Eric and Tommy found a steer that had been shot, in Hayes Paddock. 20. 3.1922 Frank Martin employed by T A Gulliver at Hyde Park. Wants to return to his home or Palm Island. 3. 5.1922 Jerry suspected of theft. Amongst others stole clothing from Frank Martin. 18. 6.1922 Tommy Duncan and Powder served with liquor at the Aitkenvale Arms Hotel, Aitkenvale. 21. 6.1922 Rosie and Powder are married. Neither want to keep it that way. Powder wants to go to Palm Island and have the marriage finished. 18. 8.1922 Willie Sullivan absconded from the fishing boat Seymour. Also mentions Mrs Bargo, kanaka Bradford Mick, usually employed at Lochinvar Stn 9.10.1922 The following deserters from the pearling ketches Brian and Tranton are not in the district Willie Toby 3. 6.1924 Florrie H/C is general help to Mrs Mary Robertson of Townsville. She does not get any pay but is given sufficient clothing and money as she needs it. 19. 8.1924 Fred Watson alias Fred Johnson, a half-caste, assaulted a prostitute named Gaby Louis of Hermit Park. Fred had been in Gaol for 6 months for vagrancy. 15. 9.1924 Willie Riley left employment at Drynie via Brandon without permission. 19.10.1924 Dan Kyle, discharged from Stewart Creek Gaol some time past, was residing with kanakas at Cluden but has gone either to Giru or Lochinvar Stn. 1.12.1924 Florrie H/C is employed by Mrs Mary Robertson of Rifle Range, Cluden, Townsville. Florrie is about 16 years old. Florrie's mother is at Yarrabah.