Mungindi Police Letterbook 1924 - 1939

Police Station, Mungindi Letterbooks 30. 6.1924 - 14. 5.1925 QS498/1 (1) Queensland State Archives 12. 7.1933 - 15. 3.1935 QS498/1 (2) Queensland State Archives 30. 9.1936 - 28.12.1939 QS498/1 (3) Queensland State Archives 24. 7.1924 Albert hazzard died on Mugan country on 19. 7.1923 and was buried by the Police. His horses were taken back to Tara. 14. 8.1924 Albert Hazzard was buried by the Police on 21. 7.1923 at Mugan Station. 14. 8.1924 Albert Hazzard died on the stock route about 24 miles from Mungindi from an influenza epidemic. 15. 8.1924 Chief Protector states Albert Hazzard was not an Aboriginal. Chief Protector is not going to pay burial fees. 27. 8.1924 Margaret McGowan, Half-caste Aboriginal, died 23. 8.1924 at Platt's Woolshed, Dareel. She was single. Margaret and her mother had lived for about two weeks in the woolshed. Margaret has a number of brothers working around Dareel. She is a native of there. Her mother has been living for about 30 years with James McGowan, a white man. Margaret was buried on 24. 8.1924. 29. 8.1924 Maggie McGowan H/C died 23. 8.1924 at Platt's Woolshed, Dareel. Her mother, Eliza McGowan a gin, and a number of half-castes were camped there and had done so for a couple of weeks. 6. 9.1924 Ronnie McGowan, half-caste, gave birth to a female illegitimate child on 13. 8.1924 at Dareel, about 16 miles from Mungindi. Both mother and child are living with Mrs George Knox, sister of Ronnie McGowan, at Dareel. 9. 9.1924 About death of Albert Hazzard and whether burial expenses can be recovered. 9. 9.1924 Margaret McGowan was about 35 years old. 16. 9.1924 About Ronnie McGowan. Her mother was a full blood Aborigine and her father was a white man named James McGowan. She has several brothers and sisters living around Dareel. They live as white people and are mostly married to half-castes. They do not possess the habits of Aborigines and all work for a living. Ronnie and her mother live with them. Wants to know if Ronnie should have an Exemption Certificate. 14. 9.1924 Vera Bareman, New South Wales half-caste, gave birth to an illegitimate child at Thallon. Police want to know if she is exempt. 13.10.1924 About Ronnie McGowan and her illegitimate child. Now living about 30 miles from Mungindi with a family named Fing. 2. 3.1925 Margaret Emily Fing, born 8. 8.1909 Mungindi, gave birth to an illegitimate child in 28. 2.1925. Her mother is Emily Fing. Father of the child is Thomas McGowan, half-caste. He lives with the Fings at Border Gate, 25 miles from Mungindi. 9. 3.1925 Doris Fing, illegitimate daughter of Margaret Emily Fing, died 28. 2.1925 at Mooney Border Gate. Father of child was Thomas McGowan. 31. 3.1925 Medical attention for Tracker Wilpie. 27. 7.1933 Jack Laidley is Tracker at Mungindi 25. 9.1933 Bella Moore, single Aboriginal woman aged 26 years, gave birth to an illegitimate female child on 11. 9.1933 at Mungindi Memorial Hospital. Bella is a full blood who resides with a full blood named Charlie Mackie, as man and wife, at Mungindi, New South Wales. Charlie Mackie is the father of the child. The child's name is Merle Priscilla Moore or may be Merle Priscilla Mackie. 29. 9.1933 Money for Tracker Jack Laidley. 3.10.1933 Re Mrs Ethel May Deen. She was born on 20. 4.1907 (Year may be incorrect). Father is European and mother is a half-caste Aborigine. Her grand-parents were European and half-caste Aborigines respectively. 19.10.1933 Money for Tracker Jack Laidley 10. 1.1934 Money for Josie Raveneau at Mortourn Station, about forty miles from Mungindi. 2. 7.1934 Tracker Jack Laidley discharged on 30. 6.1934 20.12.1934 Elizabeth Haines gave birth to an illegitimate male child, named William Charles Haines, on 15.11.1934 at Mungindi Memorial Hospital. Elizabeth Haines is a half-caste aged 36 years who lives at Mungindi, New South Wales, where she is known as Mrs Dennison. She is living with the father of the child, namely Roy Dennison, a coloured boy. 20.12.1934 Merle Priscilla Moore, an illegitimate female child, died 3.12.1934 at the Memorial Hospital Mungindi. Merle was aged 14 months. Mother is Bella Moore who resides at Mungindi, New South Wales. 4. 2.1935 Mentions Frank Snowden suspected of theft. 4. 2.1935 Mentions the Mujan tribe who owned country around Mungindi. Apparently there are no surviving members. Should check with Kitty Dunn and Harry Lang at Boomi Settlement, New South Wales, who are old Mungindi Aborigines. 9. 3.1935 Jack Laidley is unemployed and would like to go to a Settlement. 9. 2.1937 Report states no native camps or reserves in district. No full blooded Aborigines in district. Three male and three female half-castes in district employed locally. 4. 3.1937 Was a family named Arnold at Dareel, about 12 miles from Mungindi. 31.12.1937 Property of deceased Harry Nelson H/C, aged 60 years who was murdered and found burned at Gnoolooma on 23.12.1936 29. 3.1938 Superintendent of Cherbourg Settlement seeking Tom Simpson H/C Kathleen Black H/C No trace in district 30. 6.1938 No Aborigines in district 30. 6.1939 One Full Blood makes his home with Mr Allison, Delapool, Mungindi. He goes to NSW at intervals and returns. There is a 1/4 caste, who is married to a H/C, working at Mr Thomas, Burranbah. He is from NSW and only here temporarily.