Adavale Protector of Aborigines Letterbook 1918 - 1938

Protector of Aborigines, Adavale Letterbook 10. 4.1918 - 3.12.1938 Item ID 282341 Previous System Location A/36291; RSI2692/1/1 Access Category 30 years Copyright Paul Mackett 1989 10. 4.1918 Agreements dated 1918. Fourteen aboriginals employed in the district. Nipper Paddy Martin J. Mack J. Powell Ben Bitula Tinker G. Taylor Trooper Jimmy Tommy (known at North Comongin as Tommy) C. Wheelbarrow Beechel Bob Bulloo Jack Downey 24. 5.1918 Aboriginals mentioned. Duncan Charlie Nickavilla Bob Bulloo Jack 6. 8.1918 Aboriginal Brolga found dead on Comongin Station. Dead for 10 or 11 days. About 70 years old. Suffered badly from V.D.. Buried at Comongin. 22. 6.1918 Deceased Jimmy Mack. 3. 7.1918 Deceased Jimmy Mack. Married to a half-caste gin, Kita. 19. 6.1918 Deceased Jimmy Mack. Child now about 12 months old. Letters in this interim period are water damaged and illegible. 5. 7.1919 Statement of wages due to the Protector at Adavale for aboriginals employed at North Comongin for the Quarter ending 30. 6.1919. Single Men Age Married Men Age ---------- --- ----------- --- Nipper 41y Tinker 58y Bitula 24y Trooper 58y Geo. Taylor 56y Jimmy Tommy 61y Wheelbarrow C. 61y Beechal Bob 61y Downey 19y Bulloo Jack 51y Ben Edwards 51y Nickavilla Bob 49y Georde Bronco 26y 21.10.1919 Aboriginal Bronco. His gin Polly soon to be confined of a child. Would like to return to Barambah. 3. 3.1920 Death of aboriginal Albert Curls. 23. 8.1920 List of accounts (16) transferred to the Protector of Aboriginals, Quilpie, where they reside. Nipper J. Powel (Too old to be useful) Ben Bitula Tinker G. Taylor Trooper Jimmy (Otherwise Tommy) C. Wheelbarrow Beechal Bob Bulloo Jack Downey Dundoo Charley Nickavilla Bob Prince William Anderson 25.10.1920 No aboriginals in the district of Adavale under Agreement. Transferred to the care of the Protector, Quilpie district. 12. 1.1924 Half-caste boy George Washington. Been employed at Milo Station for a number of years. Not yet 21 years old. 3.12.1938 Mentions aboriginal youth Denever Willie aged 15 years. Parents on Comongin Station, Quilpie.