Cardwell Protector of Aborigines Letterbook 1915 - 1925

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Cardwell Letter-book of the Protector of Aborigines 25. 1.1915 - 16. 2.1926 CPS 12J/G2 Queensland State Archives Some Extracts This letterbook is held at the Queensland State Archives. The following extracts have appeared in my Queensland Aboriginal Notes series. (L.D. Letter Dated) Copyright Paul Mackett 2006 L.D. 21. 8.1917 Aboriginal MEENDRI died in the ranges on the head of Saltwater Creek about the 1st instant, of fever. No known next of kin. L.D. 29.10.1917 Permission requested for the marriage of half-caste LUCY to full blood TED CURRAPOON. Lucy's father is on the Murray River. N.B. Married by February, 1918. L.D. 27.10.1920 Deduction made for wages earned by aboriginals in the Cardwell District, 1. 6.1919 - 30. 9.1920. Name Married / Single Digby Denham Married Norman Married Johnny Kibrey Married Mango Married Joe Chibberoo Married Barry Warran Married Siemon Single Toby Charro Single Jimmy Booboo Married Tommy II Married Tommy I Married Joe Woolunga Married Larry Innan Single Charlie Married Tommy III Married Charlie Boolbool Married L.D. 13. 1.1921 Removals of old Hull River Settlement deserters to Palm Island. Those arrested were : Name Age Sex Charlie Churriman 35 M Tommy Springcart 30 M Billy Ginger 23 M Paddy Onogur 17 M Nellie Rag 35 F Johnny Manngun 23 M Johnny Irgoraman 25 M Willis Ingham 35 M Charlie Mailman 60 M Yankey Charlie 50+ M Nellie 45 F Fred Elmurra 23 M Tommy Jarquin 17 M Joe Kingin 26 M Maggie 17 M Toby Smoko or Toby Hutchinson 25 M Bob 30 M Pollie 35 F Poppett 22 F Redbill 50 M Minnie 48 F Tommy Weebill 35 M Johnny Mickey 55 M Tommy Chinga Chinga 35 M (Escaped Townsville Hospital) Lizzie Chinga 35/55 F (Escaped Townsville Hospital) All but the last two were sent to Palm Island sometime between 8. 8.1918 and 13. 1.1921. L.D. 9.10.1915 Aboriginal and half-caste males aged 18 to 45 years under agreement. Name From Willie Murray Cardwell Red Bill Murray River Norman Murray River Bigera Tully River Charlie Guynne Cardwell Charlie No. 7 Murray River Johnny Beugroo L.D. 9.10.1915 Aboriginals and half-castes with money to credit. Books held at Cardwell. Name Sex Adult / Child Davey M A * Jimmy Bunting M A * Johnny Kilroy M A Tommy Mundie M A * Tommy Brook M A * Bob M A * Tommy Murraywifer M A * Jimmy Killanjiu M A * Charlie VI M A * Wm. Choolinjohn M A * Sandy M A * Ginnie F A ?Johnny Mingon M A * Charlie Murinindi M A * Norman M A Charlie Churriman M A * Joe Charbon M A * Harry Brown M A * Davey Billy M A * George (h/c) M A * Dilly Boy M A * Bigera M A Red Bill M A Johnny Irgoroman M A Ted Currapoon M A Willie Dean M A Billy Pumbilo M A * Charlie Newanly M A Jimmy Chumbil M A Mango M A Tommy VI M A Hughie M A * Harry M A Joe Houston M A * Jinga Jinga M A * Tommy Chickambes M A * Hooplan Jack M A Tommy VII M A * Larry M A * Paddy II M A * Tommy VIII M A Tommy Webber M A * Beecher M A * Harry M A * Charlie V M A * Jimmy M A * Jimmy Peekin M A * Jacob M A * Johnnie Mickie M A * Charlie VII M A Sambo Wurnincul M A * Sambo Coolundra M A * Willie Murray M A Tommy Jimbine M A * Charloon M A * Albert M A Jimmy Toomie M A * Fred M A * Frank M A * Mungan Billy M A * Colin Quimka M C Sambo Hilliar M A * Johnny ----- M A Joe Kingin M A Toby Eumera M A * Billy Neugara M A * Digby Denham M A Davie Splaine (h/c) M A * Tommy Sore Foot M A * Charlie Splaine M A * Moody Orabundy M A * Billy Ginger M A Charlie Jero M A * Maggie F A * Meendri M A Nellie F A * Billy Barlow M A * N.B. All names marked * are at present on the Hull River Settlement or controlled by it, although their Savings Books are held at Cardwell. In the original the * is represented by a red S which is badly faded in parts. As far as I can tell the above marks are correct Protector of Aboriginals, Cardwell Letterbook 25. 1.1915 - 16. 2.1926 CPS 12J/G2 Queensland State Archives Extracts 25. 1.1915 Lizzie, half-caste 8. 2.1915 Hector. Permission to travel to Townsville 23. 2.1915 Tommy McKenzie Frank Pickering Two wives and one infant 20. 3.1915 List of Aboriginals removed to the Hull River Settlement. Charlie King William Choolijohn Jimmy Killinjin Charlie Splaine Davie Splaine (Half-caste) Jacob Old Man Johnnie Monkey Old Billy Arthur George (Half-caste) Billy Pumbilo Harry Brown Frank Dandy Sambo Jimmy Bookal Old Man Jimmy Old Man Billy Romlee Tommy Bigera Jimmy Wairuna Jimmy Bulgroo Tommy Coochloo Soldier Nellie Murray Dulu Daisy Nellie (1) Fat Nellie Short Maggie Yama Yama's unnamed infant Topsy Annie Jinnie Nellie King Nellie (2) Louisia Ivy May Lizzie Nancy Nellie (3) Dilly Boy Jimmy Baldhead Jimmy Tuesday Big Mick Tommy Runaway Bob Tommy Maund Jimmy Iudibungi (or Fish) Long Paddy Sambo Wurruncul Tommy Murrumwifer Tommy Wycoograh Tommy Wambinin Jacco Jimmy Darcy Wallaby Fred Blackman Short Paddy Harry Charlie Jimmy Toby Tommy Brook Johnnie Mickie Peter Sambo Coolundra Sandy Willie Dean Tommy Webria Tommy Sore Foot Paddy (2) Willie One Eye Joe Houston Tommy Boongarry Tommy Chickambee Sambo Hilliar Job Toby One Finger Moody Oorabundy Billy Neugara Toby Eumera Jimmy Toomie (?Goomie) Albert Charlow Tommy Jimbine Jimmy Beekin Tommy Beecher Jinga Jinga Tommy Benarabedge Jimmy Chumbil Charlie Newanly Davey Billy Charlie Churriman Charlie Murisindi Tommy Pigweed Tommy Mundow Billy Old Man Jack Old Man Jimmy Mick One Eye Harry Minnie Violet Polly Rosie (1) Lizzie Old Woman Maggie Ginnie Maggie (1) Minnie Biddy Kitty Ena Rosie (2) Polly Jenny Maggie (2) Maggie (3) Old Granny Judy Maggie (4) Polly Annie Cissie Alice Mary Ann Nellie (4) Nellie (5) Lya Lulu Rosie (3) Maggie (5) Jenny Lulu Wairuna Wonga Kitty Maggie (6) Maggie Murisinda Maggie (7) Sarah Norah Minnie Bella Maggie (8) Fanny Nellie (6) Trilly Maggie (9) Kitty Winby Nellie (7) Maggie (10) Polly Robinson Old Woman Nellie 24. 5.1915 Application for marriage Harry Ai Orr (South Sea Islander) and Minnie (Aboriginal) Minnie is a widow. Both are morphine addicts. 5. 5.1915 Long Paddy 31. 7.1915 Removal to Hull River Tommy Wycoograh Jenny Rosie or Lulu Wairuna and her two children Christie (Half-caste), and Bubley (female) 15. 8.1915 Removal to Hull River Charlie Splaine Davie Splaine William and family 9.10.1915 Mentions deceased Aborigines Tommy Benerabedge Toby Tommy Pigweed Moody Toby has a brother Job at the Hull River Settlement. Maggie, wife of Jack Oblain, at Hull River, is the daughter of Moody. 20.12.1915 Hector Thomas. Permission to travel to Cooktown 11. 7.1916 Do not recommend request to marry by Wash Wash, South Sea Islander, and Topsy, Aboriginal. Topsy is a deserter from Hull River. .1916 Accounts: George (1) Tom Paddy (1) George (6) Harry Tommy Bigera Larry Harry Charlie Red Bill Joe Charboon Ted Currapoon Johnny Irgoraman Colin Quimpa Johnny Kahngar Joe Kingun Billy Ginger Lizzie Johnny Bendigo 21.11.1916 Willie Murray Rosie Both at Ingham 5. 3.1917 Johnny Kibrey 29. 5.1917 Ginnie died at Hull River. She has a half-caste son, Willie, aged about 9 years, at Hull River 16. 6.1917 Lizzie Kyle, Half-caste 4.10.1917 Sambo Coolundra Removal Order Hull River to Barambah 1.12.1917 Mad Tommy to Reception House, Townsville 5.12.1917 Fred arrested at Innisfail 4. 2.1918 Norman, native of Normanton, is at Innisfail 16. 5.1918 Tommy Rosser Polly, his gin Both at Hull River Settlement 30.10.1919 Palm Island Settlement Flora Old Charlie Horning 6. 3.1920 Paddy Lulu 13. 5.1920 Removals to Palm Island Red Bill Minnie Tommy Weebill Johnny Mickey Also mentions Melbadera Joe Kingin Ted Kurrapoon Johnny Nguriman 10. 7.1920 Suspected VD cases Charlie Poppet, gin now at Palm Island Bob Oalmabady, now at Palm Island 30. 8.1920 Tommy Dodd 18. 9.1920 Joe Woolunga 18.10.1920 Toby Charro Charlie Boolcool Tommy (3) 31.12.1920 Tommy Chinga Chinga Lizzie, gin 13. 1.1921 To be sent to Palm Island Settlement George Sandy George 25. 2.1921 Re: whereabouts of Hooligan Alick Jack Tommy - ?died Herberton River Gorge in December 1920 Wild Jimmy 22. 3.1921 To Palm Island Settlement Nellie, gin, absconder Also mentions: Ted Keriban 15. 7.1921 Agreements Charlie Wills Bob Oolamabady 19. 7.1921 Accounts of Aboriginals removed from Cardwell and Innisfail. No accounts now held at Cardwell. Nellie Charlie Churriman Billy Ginger Johnny Manngunn Jinga Jinga, a.k.a. Tommy Chinga Chinga Johnny Irgoraman Joe Kingin Maggie Red Bill Johnny Mickey 7.10.1921 The following information was provided about missing Aborigines by the Aboriginals recently removed from Banyan to Palm Island. It may not be correct. All comments are preceded by 'said to be at' or 'said to have died at'. Jimmy Jamie On lower Liverpool Ck, Mourilyan Dis. Jimmy Gomerah Palm Island Johnny Palm Island Jimmy Jury Jury Palm Island Toby Booban Goondi Paddy Changa Palm Island Jimmy Konglow Palm Island Tommy Eye Palm Island (a.k.a. Big Eye) Tommy Davidson Palm Island Sam McCutcheon Palm Island (under another name) Joe Chipie Identical with Willie Chipie, now on Liverpool Creek Major Palm Island Michael King Japoon Trooper McDonald Identical with Toby Kinabroo of Innisfail Johnny Moran a.k.a. Sandy. Innisfail Tommy Murchin Died Goondi Jimmy Russell Died Goondi Jimmy Ongal Died Goondi Willie Monday Innisfail Peter Warchow Died Innisfail Jack Murchin Mourilyan District Sharlo Rose Herberton Powder Palm Island Charlie Sore a.k.a. Charlie Plenty. Innisfail Billie King a.k.a. Booingie. Innisfail Dan Wooribindi a.k.a. Billy Silkwood Toby Sugden a.k.a. Toby Woogerah. Innisfail Frank Meron Died Innisfail 7.10.1921 Additions to Removal Order for 40 natives from Banyan to Palm Island Settlement. Harry Sophie Charlie 14.10.1921 Palm Island Trackers at Cardwell Tommy King Toby King 19.11.1921 Accounts for Aboriginals recently removed from Cardwell to Palm Island Settlement. Norman Paddy Jimmy Meehan a.k.a. Jimmy (1) Tommy Ginbin Toby Charro 3. 2.1922 Aboriginals removed to Palm Island. Jack Bunting Adult Kitty Aduct Rosie Child 24. 2.1922 Charlie Wills Bob Willie Moffat 18. 5.1922 Mentions death of Isaac Henry. Also Bob Deserted from Palm Island, escaped from Cardwell Nellie Deserter from Hull River. Removal to Palm Island 29. 6.1922 Jack Thomas Grant 6. 7.1922 Johnny Clumppoint 25. 7.1922 Buttick - Died in Charters Towers Hospital 23. 8.1922 Jack Toorak At Palm Island Jack Wilson At Townsville Tommy Jackson Whereabouts unknown. Wanted for removal to Palm Island. 29. 8.1922 Mentions Bigera's gin, Rosie 22.11.1922 Whereabouts of Jack Anderson, half-caste. His father is Billy Anderson 20.12.1922 There is a half-caste aboriginal chinese boy living on the Tully River with his mother, an aboriginal gin, and the mother's husband, an old aboriginal named Jimmy. All are deserters from Hull River Settlement. 21. 3.1923 Malay Charlie Ruddy pays maintenance to support his illegitimate child, of which Nellie, aboriginal gin, is the mother. She is now at Palm Island. 12. 6.1923 Bob Romelo Exemption Certificate delivered to him. 4. 2.1924 Sambo 6. 2.1924 Marriage of Jack Tomiki and Jenny, aboriginal, has not yet taken place. 3. 3.1924 Spider, aboriginal boy 23.10.1924 Sullivan 13.10.1925 Whereabouts of Charlie Ruddy 22.12.1925 Re: Illegal Employment. Mentions: Sambo Tommy Jerry William Frank Paddy Charlie Clark Kennedy 7. 1.1926 Whereabouts of Sullivan of Palm Island. Teddy absconded from Cashmere Station. 18. 1.1926 Whereabouts of Charlie Ruddy 30. 1.1926 Cardwell deductions towards the Aboriginal Provident Fund for the 6 months ending 31.12.1925 Davey Half-caste Mick White Dave McLean Siemon George Beeron Fred Jerry Harry Warren Joe Chibbero Charlie Boolbool Willie Murray Tommy Eelmurra Billy Walgie Charlie Williams 16. 2.1926 George Beeron Fred