Ingham Letters and Circulars Received from the C.P.A 1924 - 1936

Protector of Aboriginals, Ingham Letters and Circulars Received from the C.P.A., Brisbane 1. 4.1924 - 25. 8.1936 Item ID 5146 Previous System Location CPS12B/2; PRV6640/1/1 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1990 9. 5.1924 Monday (deceased) and children 5. 9.1924 Dick Clarke not granted Exemption 18.11.1924 Jimmy Johnson. Removal Order to Palm Island. Letter initially to P. of A., Townsville. Johnson has an account at Ingham. 1935 Ingham - Return of Blanket Distribution Seven blankets were distributed. names are hard to decipher. Annie May--- A-83 Peter P-78 Peter Coldwater P-77 Peter Morrison P-79 Rosie R-41 Rumber ? Sandy S-45 Pages glued to the back of the Register. Not dated. Again difficult to decipher. Looks like a census. Johnny Hammond Rosie Daphne Maggie Monday Peter Coldwater Jack Wilson Jimmy Johnson Joe Sullivan Anne Sullivan Peter Morrison Peter Morison Jenny Cassidy ? Rosie Fred Tooth Sandy Rumless Tally Ho Annie Nayyari Chuck Williams Eleven men and nine women.