Nebo Protector of Aborigines Letterbook 1931 - 1934

Protector of Aboriginals, Nebo Letterbook 10. 5.1931 - 27. 6.1934 Item ID 298379 Previous System Location A/51539; RSI3884/1/2 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1990 4. 6.1931 Mentions George Tommy Tommy Thorning George Budby 10. 5.1931 Mentions Kate - Young H/C girl, in her teens, at Byerwen Station and supposedly pregnant. Kate's mother is dead. Dick - Also at Byerwen Station. Claimed to be Kate's father although it is thought that a Jap is. Dick's wife was Kate's mother. Robin - H/C in charge at Byerwen. A full brother to Kate. Married. 4. 6.1931 Mentions Sandy Is he Sandy Donald, son of Donald. Frank Teare Agreement at Clermont Sandy About 16 years old. 8. 6.1931 Mentions Ivy Walter, native of Nebo 3. 4.1933 Mentions Billy Sullivan ) Both employed at Clermont Lilly Sullivan ) Loose pages dated 1933 Tommy Iffley Lilly Cook Annie Tier Allan Elphinstone Kate Hegarty Edie Havilah Archie Elphinstone George Budby Tommy Thorning Billy Sullivan Lilly Sullivan Johnnie Havilah Butcher Billy Sullivan Lilly Sullivan Mick Havilah Eddie Budby 19. 6.1931 Recommendation not to grant Exemption Certificate to Tommy Thorning, Male, 20 years, native of Nebo, single. Father - Full-blood Mother - Unknown 20. 6.1931 Recommendation not to grant Exemption Certificate to George Budby, male, 20 years, native of Nebo, single. Father - Half-caste Mother - Full-blood 22. 6.1931 Billy Emmerson going to Mackay 26. 6.1931 Name Location Bessie Watson Mackay Donald Wallace Collinsville Donald Clermont Leonard Bowen Mitchell St. Lawrence Esau Collinsville Sandy Clermont Jack Donald Clermont Arthur Gold Clermont Frank Clermont Archie Barambah ? 26. 6.1931 Recommendation not to grant Exemption Certificate to Archie Elphinstone, Half-caste, male, 23 years, native of Bowen River, single. Father - Chinaman Mother - Full-blood and believed to be at Goodna. 4. 7.1931 Johnny Turkey. Bank book to come back to Nebo from Clermont. 6. 7.1931 Re: Old aboriginal Waverley Tommy at Bundarra, Nebo. 10. 7.1931 Mentions Charlie Pinkapie Clermont Johnnie Havilah Collinsville Tommy George 17. 7.1931 Jacky Watson 10. 8.1931 John Turkey 20. 8.1931 List of aboriginals and half-castes in the Nebo District 1. Aboriginals - Full-bloods Dick Mick and gin Rosie Johnnie Havilah and gin Jacky Watson Butcher Janie Havilah Tommy Iffley and gin Eliza Walter Allan Elphinstone Annie Tier Edie Havilah Billy Emmerson Johnny Turkey and gin Eddie Budby and gin Waverley Tommy Billy Dalton Mary 2. Aboriginals - Half-castes Lily Tommy George Archie Elphinstone Rene Kate and child Robin and gin and four children Ivy Walters 2. 9.1931 Re: Bank Accounts at Nebo. Name Mar/Sin Sex Tommy Iffley M M Donald - M Leonard S M Mary M F Esau S M Tommy S M Rosie M F Frank S M Archie S M Allan Elphinstone S M Sandy S M Emily - F Edie M M Lily Widow F George S M Dick Widower M Eliza M F Rene S F Jacky Donald S M Mabel - F Butcher S M Donald Wallace S M Jacky Watson S M Mitchell S M Janie Havilah S F Mick M M Pompey Widower M Annie Tier S F Arthur Gold S M Edie Havilah S F Kate S F Billy Emmerson S M Walter M M Johnnie Havilah M M Archie Elphinstone S M Johnny Turkey - - 11. 9.1931 Re: Kate at Byerwen Station, female, half-caste. Male child born at Byerwen Station on 1. 6.1931 to Kate. Child's father is Tommy Iffley, aboriginal, who is married to a sister of Kate. Kate is about 16 years old. 18. 9.1931 Billy Dalton - old and crippled aboriginal at Nebo. Also known as Peter Boomerang. Aged 80 - 90 years. 6.10.1931 Re: Paddy - at Mt. Hope Stn. 27.10.1931 Archie or Archie Bolger Account to Brisbane Bessie Watson Account to Mackay Leonard Account to Collinsville Donald Wallace Account to Collinsville Frank (?Frank Teare) Mitchell At St. Lawrence Esau At Mt. Hope, Clermont 12. 1.1932 Ivy Walter is with Johnnie and Emily Turkey. 3. 2.1932 Mick No. 1 is employed at Collinsville 11. 2.1932 Archie Elphinstone is also known as Archie Lake 25. 4.1932 Mary Barker is now Mrs. John James O'Sing. Mary's mother was Laura, a full-blood, who died at Palm Island about two years ago. Polly, the mother of the female Connie, who is still in this district, was a sister to Laura. Polly is also said to be a full-blood and still at Palm Island. Sarah Thorning, said to be at Barambah, is a daughter of Laura, and a sister of Mary O'Sing, and full-blood. Maggie, mother of Laura and grand-mother of Mary O'Sing was full-blood and is now dead. Maggie (dead) Laura Polly (Died Palm Island c. 1930) (At Palm Island) Mary Barker Sarah Thorning Connie (Married to (At Barambah) (In Nebo District) John James O'Sing) 5. 9.1932 Mentions Young Paddy 21. 9.1932 Mentions Peter Darwin 21. 9.1932 Application to have Arthur Gold sent to a Mission. 22. 9.1932 Jacky Watson, formerly of Nebo, has a brother, Sam Watson, in Rockhampton. 22. 9.1932 Female Mabel has married a South Sea Islander George Budby, and lives at Saltbush Park, St. Lawrence. 24. 9.1932 Old aboriginal Dick No. 2 (also known as Dick Hegarty) died in Collinsville Hospital on 24. 8.1932. He has two daughters in the Nebo District, namely Eliza Iffley, wife of Tommy Iffley, now at Byerwen. Kate at Suttor Creek 26. 9.1932 Mentions Jacky Watson is at Murgon 29. 9.1932 Mentions Dick Clarke at Nebo 18.12.1932 Mentions Lizzie Brodie at Woorabinda 27.10.1932 Re: Dick Hegarty or Dick No. 2 Mother of Eliza Iffley and Kate was Lizzie, born at Blackdown Station. Worked for the late Mrs. Ferguson before 1902, after her marriage to Dick. Dick Hegarty was born at Avon Downs Station. Eliza Iffley was born at Byerwen Station in April 1912. Kate was born at Byerwen Station in January 1916. Father of Eliza is Dick, and she is a full-blood. Father of Kate is most likely a Japanese, Tannocky, who was employed at Byerwen Station. She is a half-caste. Dick Hegarty = Lizzie Tannocky (Born Avon Downs Stn, (Born Blackdown Stn) (Japanese) Died 1932 Collinsville) Robin = ? Eliza Hegarty = Tommy Iffley Kate (Born 1916 (Born 1912 (Born 1916 Byerwen Stn) Byerwen Stn) Byerwen Stn) Four children Son (Born 1931 Byerwen Stn) 31.10.1932 Esau is the same as James Tier. Aged 35 - 40 years old. Mother used to be employed at Plevina, Nebo. Father is John Francis, used to be employed at Plevina. 4.11.1932 Pompey - At Collinsville Jackie Donald - 18 to 20 years old. Son of Donald. Has a brother named Sandy, recently sent to Goodna Asylum. Mick No. 1 - At Collinsville. Also known as Eungella Mick. Old. Donald - At Mount Coolan in 1932. 4.11.1932 Dick Clarke on Glen Eva Station, which is owned by two aboriginal or half-caste women, one of whom is married to a half-caste Chinaman, Jack O'Sing. 11.11.1932 Ivy Walter - 16 to 17 years old. Jack O'Neil - Half-caste. Married with a wife and three children. 25.11.1932 Janey Havilah - Female aboriginal, about 19 years old. Pregnant. Baby expected next January. Her brothers are Archie and Allan Elphinstone. 2.12.1932 Mentions Jack Powell at Woorabinda in 1932. 6.12.1932 Mitchell - Wife is Maggie Mitchell. Maggie is the mother of Prince Albert who was a Police Tracker at Mount Coolan and died recently. 6. 1.1933 Some alternate names. Eddie Eddie Budby Mick Mick Havilah Walter No. 1 Walter Digaby Mary Mary Digaby Tommy Tommy Thorning Emily Emily Turkey Sandy Sandy Donald Eliza Eliza Iffley George George Budby Rosie Rosie Havilah Kate Kate Hegarty 6. 1.1933 Walter Digaby - His brother Arthur Digaby died about two years ago at Yacamunda Station. Arthur's gin Kitty died last year. 17. 1.1933 Mentions Eddie Budby - Married, about 43 years old. 6. 2.1933 Mentions Jacky Watson at Cherbourg. 10. 2.1933 Removal order for Dick Clarke to Woorabinda. Also gin Maud Clarke Also Jack Powell Girl Ivy Walter is in the same camp as Clarke and her step-father Johnny Turkey, and his wife Emily Turkey. Maud has a step-daughter Lorna (6. 3.1933) 8. 3.1933 Relatives of Sandy Teare, at present in an asylum. Donald Teare Father Police Tracker at Mt. Coolan Alex Teare Brother Palm Island Frank Teare Brother Mt. Coolan Annie Teare Sister 18 yrs. Nebo Jacky Donald or Teare - Eton or Mackay Violet Teare Sister 12 or 14 yrs. Mt. Coolan Ruby Teare Sister 10 or 12 yrs. Mt. Coolan 13. 3.1933 Re: James Tier, also known as Esau. Not identical with Donald Tier who was tried for assault of a Police Officer at Mackay on 7. 3.1929. Father of Esau is a white man, namely Hoppy Clarke. Mother of Esau is a full-blood Polly, now deceased. Donald Tier is now Police Tracker at Mt. Coolan. 20. 3.1933 Arthur Gold left Nebo for Palm Island on Removal Order. 20. 5.1933 Johnny and Emily Turkey left Nebo for Woorabinda today. McPherson and Coombera left Nebo for Woorabinda today. 8. 6.1933 Mabel Arkie at Palm Island. May Myles at Glenden Station, Nebo. From Palm Island. 18. 8.1933 Current agreements. Lily Cook Annie Tier Allan Elphinstone Kate Hegarty Tommy Iffley Edie Havilah George Budby Tommy Thorning Johnnie Havilah Mick Havilah Rosie Havilah Eddie Budby 5. 9.1933 Maggie Darwin - female aboriginal of Oakdale Station, Nebo. Wife of Peter Darwin, deceased. 5. 9.1933 Freddy Hall, ex Proserpine, at Nebo. 28.11.1933 From Suttor Creek Station, Nebo Death of Michael Angus on 10.10.1933.