Mount Molloy Police Letterbooks 1904 - 1960

Mount Molloy Police Letterbooks 1904 - 1960 These extracts have been taken from the letterbooks of the Cardwell Police Station from 1916 to 1934 as follows Police Department, Mount Molloy, Letterbooks 26. 2.1904 - 28.12.1905 A/43140 24.10.1912 - 25. 3.1914 A/43141 3.12.1917 - 28. 9.1920 A/43142 1.12.1925 - 31. 1.1927 A/43143 11. 1.1927 - 1. 1.1933 A/43144 1. 1.1928 - 31. 1.1929 A/43145 1. 2.1929 - 23.12.1929 A/43146 1. 1.1930 - 27. 8.1930 A/43147 1. 9.1930 - 27.12.1937 A/43148 14. 2.1933 - 22. 4.1936 A/43149 30. 4.1936 - 28.12.1938 A/43150 5. 1.1939 - 31.12.1939 A/43151 3. 1.1939 - 14.12.1939 A/43152 15. 3.1940 - 27. 6.1940 A/43153 7. 1.1940 - 16. 3.1941 A/43154 30. 3.1940 - 6. 4.1940 A/43155 1. 6.1940 - 25. 5.1940 A/43156 1. 6.1940 - 29. 9.1942 A/43157 4. 7.1940 - 18. 5.1942 A/43158 7. 3.1941 - 16.10.1941 A/43159 14. 3.1942 - 27. 7.1945 A/43160 19. 6.1942 - 16.12.1942 A/43161 1. 1.1943 - 30.12.1944 A/43162 1. 1.1945 - 30.12.1946 A/43163 1. 1.1947 - 30.12.1948 A/43164 1. 1.1949 - 30.12.1949 A/43165 1. 1.1950 - 30.12.1950 A/43166 1. 1.1951 - 30. 6.1951 A/43167 6. 7.1951 - 30.12.1951 A/43168 1. 1.1952 - 4. 6.1952 A/43169 2. 7.1952 - 30.12.1952 A/43170 3. 1.1955 - 30.12.1955 A/43171 1. 1.1954 - 30. 4.1954 A/43172 1. 5.1954 - 5. 8.1954 A/43173 9. 8.1954 - 29.12.1954 A/43174 1. 7.1955 - 30.12.1955 A/43175 2. 1.1957 - 31. 7.1957 A/43176 1. 8.1957 - 30.12.1957 A/43177 11. 8.1958 - 25.12.1958 A/43178 1. 1.1959 - 30.12.1960 A/43179 These letterbooks are held at the Queensland State Archives. The following extracts have appeared in my Queensland Aboriginal Notes series. Copyright Paul Mackett 2006 21. 8.1905 Patrol to Mareeba to arrest Paddy. 27. 8.1905 Paddy 17. 3.1913 Mentions Willie Grogan under agreement. Mentions Paddy Hanna alias Wabash under agreement. 22. 4.1913 Mentions Paddy Hanna Willie Grogan Annie 7. 5.1913 Maggie Grogan in the Black's camp near Mt Carbine 11. 6.1913 Alick and Oscar of Southedge Stn .11.1913 Attempted rape of Alice Annie O'Connor by an Aborigine 23.11.1913 Mentions Billy Ord 15.12.1913 Mentions only eleven Aborigines living at Mt Molloy and all the males are under agreement. Report is very blurred. Paddy and ------, his gin Billy Ord and Maggie, his gin Rolley Emu aged about 16 years, mother is Maggie Paddy and his gin Ruby Tommy Carr and his wife Alice or Alma Fullerton? May be others. 10. 1.1914 Charlie Snider 11. 1.1914 Paddy 15. 1.1940 Charlie Snider 12. 2.1914 Harry 12. 2.1914 Mentions the illegitimate H/C male child George Spence and his mother Annie Spence near Mt Molloy. Annie is about 20 years old 17. 2.1914 Annie Spence, mother of George Spence. Father of George is George Cebilie H/C Aborigine at Gunnawarra Stn. 19. 2.1914 Harry 1. 3.1914 Alick Richards 17. 4.1920 Annie Green H/C taken to Southedge Stn by Police. Also mentions Tappo. Annie's husband is Jack Madigan who is in gaol. They have 2 or 3 children. 1. 7.1920 Telephone calls To Mareeba about Tappo 13. 7.1920 Tappo is in Cairns Gaol. 22.12.1925 Application by Paddy Groves H/C for exemption 4. 1.1926 There is only one native camp in this district situated about three miles from Mt Molloy. There are approximately 6 males and 8 females. There are no children at the camp. 4. 5.1926 Caroline O'Brien applies for exemption. Reared by Mrs Johnson since she was 12 months old. 15. 6.1926 Bally, absconder from Palm Island, gone to Mossman. Also mentions Jerry of Mt Molloy. 1. 8.1926 Application for Peter Jackson to be Mt Molloy Tracker. Aged about 35 years, married to Nellie Jackson. Mentions Jimmy Douglas who was Tracker at Mt Carbine. Mentions Davey and his gin 13. 9.1926 Tracker Peter Jackson has taken up duty. Mentions his wife Nellie Jackson. They have no children. 13.10.1926 Billy Eccles at Mt Molloy. No trace of George Kelly. Both were at Mt Carbine last year about New Years Day. 3. 1.1927 There are two native camps in the district, one at Mt Molloy about three miles from town containing about 10 males, 12 females and no children. The other at Mt Carbine about twenty eight miles from Mt Molloy containing about 14 males and 20 females. 2. 9.1930 Medical treatment for Peter Jackson 22. 9.1930 Peter Jackson is married 22. 9.1930 Archie Mitchell treated at Mareeba Hospital 18.10.1930 Bob Flinders on trial at Herberton 7.11.1930 10.12.1930 Inoperative accounts in the district Jimmy Roberts, now said to be in Springvale, Cooktown Douglas, now said to be in Springvale, Cooktown Billy Roberts, now said to be at Granite, Laura Sandy No 2, now said to be at Palm Island 1. 1.1931 Telephone calls To Mareeba (Southedge) about Bob Flinders @ Jack Clarke To Mareeba about Monty 14. 1.1931 Maria and Polly are wives of Mitchell Earl of Palm Island. Maria is said to be at the Granite near Maytown and has her child Ethel with her. Tommy is at Curraghmore Stn and Harvey and Norman are at Brooklyn Stn. Polly is at Mt Carbine and does not wish to join her husband at Palm Island. Hector is still in the district. Angus is supposed to be with his father at Palm Island. 19. 1.1931 Aboriginal camps in the area. First is about two miles from Mt Molloy and contains about 15 males, 20 females and 3 children. The second is about twenty seven miles from Mt Molloy at Mt Carbine and contains about 10 males, 5 females and no children. 17. 2.1931 Alice Roberts H/C applies for exemption. Recommended. 13. 3.1931 Billy McNamara employed at Mt Windsor. 1. 4.1931 Telephone calls To Mareeba about Norman To Port Douglas about Johnny 1. 5.1931 Wages for Tracker Palmer 30. 6.1931 Telephone calls To Chillagoe about Billy Maher To Mossman about Johnny Grainer 1.10.1931 Telephone calls To Mareeba about burial of Mavis To Mareeba about Monty 31.12.1931 Telephone calls To Mareeba about sick Billy 31. 3.1932 Telephone calls To Mareeba about sick Billy To Mossman about Reuben To Mareeba about death of Larry 11. 5.1932 About transport costs for Larry from Mt Molloy to Mareeba 3. 8.1932 Expenses for burial of Larry 30. 8.1932 Dick is exempt and at Southedge. 30. 8.1932 Harvey is at Brooklyn Stn 1.10.1932 Charlotte died on 16. 9.1932 at Mareeba Hospital and was buried at Mareeba. Paddy, aged about 70 years, died on 29. 9.1932 near Mt Carbine. He was buried the same night. 30. 9.1932 Telephone calls To Mareeba about employment of Dick 21.10.1932 Charlotte died on 16. 9.1932 at Mareeba Hospital. She was married to Tommy. Tommy's brother will pay burial expenses. 1. 1.1933 Telephone calls To Southedge about Agreement for Johnny To Mareeba about Charlie 2. 1.1928 Aboriginal camps in the area. First is about three miles from Mt Molloy and contains about 8 males, 6 females and no children. The second is about twenty eight miles from Mt Molloy at Mt Carbine and contains about 12 males, 18 females and 3 children. 19. 1.1928 Frank Mitchell's account has been sent to Brisbane. Dora has no account at Mt Molloy. 17. 4.1928 Application for exemption by Shelly Groves H/C. His brother Paddy Groves was granted an exemption on 12. 1.1926. Shelly Groves was reared by Mrs Groves near Mt Molloy. Recommend exemption. 18. 7.1928 Mentions Frank Mitchell and wife wanted on removal to Palm Island. 1. 8.1928 Frank Mitchell and his wife Dora were arrested at Mt Alto and taken to Mareeba for removal to Palm Island. 8. 8.1928 Telephone calls To Mt Mulligan Buller To Mareeba Frank Mitchell 10. 8.1928 The following were arrested at Mt Molloy and taken to Mareeba for removal to Palm Island Mitchell Angus 1.10.1928 Telephone calls To Mareeba and Cairns about Frank Mitchell To Chillagoe about Monty To Mareeba about Mitchell 7.12.1928 Tim died in the Mareeba Hospital Monty has an account at Mt Molloy Dolly, wife of Sambo, was lately employed at Brooklyn Stn, has no account and was never under agreement Sambo has an account Dolly was admitted to Hospital and died about a month after being discharged This correspondence to do with payment of Hospital charges 18.12.1928 The following are wanted for removal to Palm Island Jack Bullfrog Toby Douglas 26.12.1928 Mentions Frank Mitchell and his wife Jack Bullfrog, escaped twice from the Settlement near Cooktown Toby Douglas Mitchell Angus, son of Mitchell 1. 1.1930 Telephone calls To Southedge about Monty 3. 1.1929 Aboriginal camps in the area. First is about two miles from Mt Molloy and contains about 15 males, 20 females and 3 children. The second is about twenty seven miles from Mt Molloy at Mt Carbine and contains about 6 males, 5 females and no children. 6. 2.1929 No trace of Walter Whitefoot who is under agreement to Butchers Creek. 8. 2.1929 No trace of Walter Whitefoot. Trying to arrest Toby Douglas, wanted on removal order to Palm Island. 15. 2.1929 Patrol searching for Toby Douglas. No trace of Him. Also mentions Frank Mitchell Angus Both previously arrested. This caused the Aborigines to keep moving around. The following group of six stick together Toby Douglas Larry Clibber? Tiger White Paddy Ah Beau (Ah Bue), H/C Chinese Toby, from Cooktown They appear to move around the Mt Windsor, Mt Kumbe Kumbe and Granites Range area. Toby Dandy has been at Mt Molloy since 1928 Jack Douglas, arrested at Cooktown 16. 2.1929 Walter Whitefoot belongs to Mona Mona Mission. He has a brother at Cairns . 3.1929 No trace of Walter Whitefoot 27. 3.1929 Application for Exemption by Elsie Roberts H/C. Resides with Mrs Pedrazzina at Curraghmore Stn 1. 4.1929 Telephone calls To Mareeba and Mona Mona about Walter Whitefoot 24. 5.1929 Mentions Tracker Peter Jackson Also mentions Palmer 23. 5.1929 Toby Douglas, wanted on removal to Palm Island, not able to be located 11. 8.1929 Tracker Peter Jackson breaks his leg Palmer will replace him. 27. 9.1929 Mentions Larry Bulloo or Buller Frank Mitchell George Dodd, Mungana Toby Douglas 22.10.1929 Sick leave for Peter Jackson 15.11.1929 Sick leave for Peter Jackson 13.12.1929 Sick leave for Peter Jackson 1. 1.1930 Telephone calls To Police Mareeba about condition of Tracker Peter Jackson 10. 1.1930 Application for leave for Tracker Peter Jackson who is a patient in the Mareeba Hospital 17. 1.1930 Report on Aborigines in the Mt Molloy area Camp two miles from the township contains 15 males, 20 females and 3 children. Camp 27 miles from Mt Molloy contains about 6 males, 5 females and no children. No trace of Toby Douglas in the area. He is wanted on a removal order. 5. 2.1930 Application for leave for Tracker Peter Jackson who is a patient in the Mareeba Hospital 22. 2.1930 Lizzie, who lives in the Aboriginal camp two miles from Mt Molloy, to be sent to Mareeba for examination by a doctor. 4. 3.1930 Application for leave for Tracker Peter Jackson who is a patient in the Mareeba Hospital 2. 4.1930 Telephone calls To Mareeba Peter Jackson To Mareeba Lizzie To Mareeba Maudie 18. 4.1930 Tracker Peter Jackson unable to work. Palmer who is a temporary Tracker at Mt Molloy could take his place. 24. 4.1930 Lizzie returned from Mareeba 1. 7.1930 Telephone calls To Mareeba Peter Jackson 9. 7.1930 Jack Mitchell or Mitchell Earl wants his wife and children to join him at Palm Island. The wife is named Maria and has left Mt Carbine and is at Granite Creek. 22. 7.1930 Wife of Peter Jackson, ex-tracker, is Nellie Jackson. 26. 8.1930 Maria, wife of Jack Mitchell or Mitchell Earl, is between Mt Carbine and Mt Windsor, about 60 or 70 miles from Mt Molloy. 4. 4.1932 Billy died and was buried on 3. 3.1932 at Mt Molloy. Had been an inmate of the Hospital. On 21. 3.1932 an old Aborigine named Larry who belongs to Granite, Cooktown district came to Mt Carbine very sick and was taken to Mareeba Hospital where he died a few days later. 8. 4.1932 Mentions Harvey, at Brooklyn Stn Norman, left Brooklyn Stn and came into the Mt Molloy Camp on 10. 2.1932 4. 7.1932 Reuben is currently at Mossman. 11. 7.1933 Barbara Dunbar very sick at her camp. Found to be carrying a dead child. Operated on in Mareeba Hospital on 3. 7.1933 Johnny Hammond, no relation to Barbara, also mentioned. 8. 9.1934 Nancy Mitchell, single, H/C, gave birth to a stillborn female child at Mareeba Hospital on 31. 8.1934. Nancy Mitchell died on 2. 9.1934 and was buried at Mareeba Cemetery. Father of the child was Rupert R-60, a H/C from the Mt Carbine Camp. Nancy Mitchell is the daughter of Mick Mitchell M-157 of Mt Molloy. Nancy's child was buried at Mareeba on 31. 8.1934. Nancy has a bank account at Mossman. 11.11.1934 Harvey and Topsy are employed at Brooklyn Stn. 11.12.1934 Mentions the following Palmer Jack Crowley and wife Johnny Hammond 15. 5.1935 Davie and Tommy are employed at Curraghmore Stn 28. 3.1936 Polly and Hector reside together at Mt Carbine. Polly is aged. 31. 3.1936 Agreements for Topsy Jimmy Flanigan Harvey Harry McNamara Frankie McNamara Jimmy Douglas 1. 4.1933 Telephone calls To Mossman about Mitchell 30. 6.1933 Telephone calls To Mossman about Mick Mitchell 2.10.1933 Telephone calls To Mossman about Mitchell To Port Douglas about Hector 2. 1.1934 Telephone calls To Mossman about Nancy To Mareeba about Manning 31. 3.1934 Telephone Calls To Mareeba about Green To Mareeba about Crowley To Port Douglas about Hector To Mossman about Peter Jackson 1. 7.1934 telephone calls To Mossman about P Jackson To Mossman about George 1.10.1934 telephone calls To Mossman about Hector 4. 5.1935 Expenses for Hector Mitchell in Mareeba Hospital 5. 5.1935 The following are escapees from Mona Mona Johnnie Grainer Lizzie Walsh Also mentions Police Tracker Palmer. Johnnie and Lizzie are not in the district 6. 5.1935 Mentions Johnny Cummings, at Byrimine Pastoral Company, Mt Surprise Mick Mitchell Tommy and Davie at Curraghmore Stn Jimmy Flanigan and Johnny Hammond at Brooklyn Stn Rupert R-60 Peter Jackson P-113 6. 5.1936 Mr G H Ahless of Maytown wants to employ Rupert and Jimmy Flannagan 17. 5.1935 Rupert at the Palmer river near Maytown and probably wont return to Mt Molloy. 6. 6.1935 Escapees from Mona Mona are Johnnie Grainer Lizzie Walsh Tommy Dandy states Johnnie Grainer may have gone to Mt Mulligan. 20. 6.1935 Tommy Dandy states Thomas Grey supplying liquor to Aborigines at a camp near Mt Carbine. 6. 7.1935 Rupert back at Mt Molloy. Mentions death of Nancy. Lizzie Jubilee, camped near Mt Carbine, has been associated with a white man named Thomas Grey. 6. 7.1935 Wages for Mick Mitchell. King, previously from Cairns, has been at Mt Molloy for about 12 months. Also mentions Charlie Roberts Climber, at present in Maytown Jimmy Flanagan, wants to buy a horse 17. 7.1936 Tommy Dandy 5. 8.1935 About Trust Accounts Billy Boolam B-92 Billie B-93 and Nellie Nellie Crossland N-55 No trace of the above three in Mt Molloy district King, in Mt Molloy district for about 12 months Tommy Reid Woree No trace of above two in Mt Molloy district Freddie, no trace in district Billy Tracker, at Mt Carbine Davie and Tommy, at Curraghmore Stn Rupert R-60, employment available at Redlynch Johnny Hammond, at Brooklyn Stn 27. 8.1935 Mentions the following Johnny Hammond Lizzie Jubilee, associating with Thomas Grey (white man) The following have accounts at Cardwell. They are not in the Mt Molloy district. They are Jimmy Pershouse Tommy Munnachunka Charley Joe Chibberoo Jack Ingham Jimmy Darcy The following have accounts at Malanda. They are not in the Mt Molloy district. They are Polly Lambert Jerry Toby (may be Jerry and Toby) Charlie Williams The following have accounts at Cairns. All except King are not in the Mt Molloy district. They are Arthur Croydon Willie Woods Woree Tommy Reid King H/C, at Mt Molloy Charlie Walker The following have accounts at Mt Garnet. They are not in the Mt Molloy district. They are Bob Costello Larakin Mari Shaw George G-73, came from Mossman to Mt Molloy for a while but has disappeared. Mentions Tracker Palmer. The following has account at Millaa Millaa. She is not in the Mt Molloy district. She is Minnie Moran The following have accounts at Atherton. They are not in the Mt Molloy district. They are Dinah Maud Merra Nellie The following have accounts at Mungana. They are not in the Mt Molloy district. They are Minnie (may be Minnie Walters) Peter Walters Jimmy Flanagan, not necessary for him to buy a house 31. 8.1935 Nellie, aged, died on 28. 8.1935 at Mt Carbine Nellie was a widow, her husband Jimmy having died some years ago on the McLeod River via Mt Carbine. Buried in the Native Burial Grounds about a mile from Mt Carbine. 19. 9.1935 Lizzie Jubilee is living with her husband Charlie Jubilee at Mt Carbine. Thomas Grey (white man) has left district. 25. 9.1935 Old and infirm Aboriginals, being destitute at Mt Carbine Billy Lorney Charlie Maggie Barry Nellie Polly Mitchell 18.10.1935 The following are wanted for removal to Palm Island Johnnie Grainer Lizzie Walsh Not in Mt Molloy district. Also mentions Tracker Palmer. 22.11.1935 Rupert not employed. Also mentions Johnny Hammond. 31.12.1935 Mentions Major now back at Mossman 1. 1.1936 Telephone calls To Mareeba about Hector 3. 1.1936 The following are not in the district Johnny Grainer Lizzie Walsh 6. 1.1936 Jack Oswald aka Jack Gunnawarra is wanted for removal to Palm Island. No longer in district. Mentions Tracker Palmer. 18. 2.1936 Rupert H/C wanted for removal to Palm Island. Now in the Palmer River district. 20. 2.1936 The following are wanted for removal to Mona Mona Charlie Dawes Lizzie Sally Roy Ida Not in the district 14. 4.1936 The following are not in the district Johnny Grainer Lizzie Walsh They are escapees from Mona Mona. 24. 5.1936 The following were arrested at Mt Carbine for removal to Mona Mona Hector Polly 23. 6.1936 The following are wanted for removal to Mona Mona Charlie Dawes Lizzie Sally Roy Ida They are not in the Mt Molloy district. Also mentioned Hector and Polly who were sent to Mona Mona. 6. 7.1936 Tracker Palmer applying for leave. 21. 7.1936 Tracker Palmer is single 27. 7.1936 Rupert wanted for removal to Palm Island. Now at the Palmer river 30. 7.1936 Tracker Palmer on leave 30. 9.1936 Telephone calls To Mareeba about B Dunbar 10.11.1936 The following absconded from Palm Island on 7. 8.1936 Jimmy Julian Willie Larry Bertie Ross Gregory Brodie Not in Mt Molloy District 23.11.1936 Tracker Palmer in Mareeba Hospital 16.12.1936 Death of female Aboriginal named Maria, aged about 46 years, married, took place on 7.12.1936 at an Aboriginal camp on the Mitchell River about 5 miles from Mt Carbine. Maria was the wife of Billy Tracker. They were tribally married about 8 or 9 years ago at Maytown. On 6.12.1936 Maria gave birth to a stillborn child. Also mentions the following present when Maria's child born namely Nellie Jackson and Dolly Curraghmore. About 3 years ago Maria gave birth and nearly died on that occasion. Also mentions Maggie Groghan and Charlie Curraghmore . Maria and the baby were buried at the Aboriginal camp at Mt Carbine. 28.12.1936 Tracker Palmer resuming duty 31.12.1936 Telephone calls To Mareeba about Tracker Palmer To Mareeba about Jack Madigan To Oak Forest about Hector 26. 3.1937 Expenses for removal of Herbert to Palm Island 1. 4.1937 Telephone calls To Mareeba about Lizzie To Mareeba about Madigan To Mareeba about Rupert To Cairns about Ruperts 14. 4.1937 Tracker Palmer to help out at Herberton 10. 6.1937 Death of a female Aboriginal named Nellie Mitchell, aged about 80 years, took place on 8. 6.1937 at the Aboriginal camp at Mt Carbine. Also mentions Maggie Groghan Tommy Scheihowski (Aboriginal) Charlie Curraghmore Nellie was buried about 100 yds from the Aboriginal camp at Mt Carbine 23. 6.1937 Death of an Aboriginal named Charlie Jubilee, about 60 years of age, took place on 22. 6.1937 at the Aboriginal camp at Mt Carbine. Also mentions Charlie Curraghmore, brother of Charlie Jubilee Toby Dandy Charlie Jubilee's wife died about 6 months ago. 1. 7.1937 Telephone calls To Mareeba about Madigan To Mareeba about death of N Mitchell To Mareeba about death of Jubilee 5. 7.1937 Mentions Jack Williamson Johnny Ahlers Jackey Gostelow, at Coen 29. 7.1937 Tracker Palmer returned to Mt Molloy 7.10.1937 Location of Frank of Laura is unknown 24.11.1937 The following absconded from Palm Island on 6.10.1937 Jack Bruno Tommy Pitscombe Coglan Not in Mt Molloy district 1. 1.1938 Telephone calls To Mossman about Bowman 28. 1.1938 The following escaped from Fantome Island on 22.12.1937 Frank Missionary Willie Anderson Not in the Mt Molloy district 19. 2.1938 The following escaped from Fantome Island on 22.12.1937 Frank Missionary Willie Anderson Not in the Mt Molloy district 1. 4.1938 Telephone calls To Mareeba about G Mildrum To Mareeba about Fred Keating To Mareeba about Willie Anderson 11. 5.1938 Fred Keating to be returned to Palm Island. Also mentions Rupert 21. 6.1938 Carnal knowledge of female H/C Kleba 1. 7.1938 Telephone calls To Mareeba about Bill Lorney To Mareeba about Jack Crowley To Mossman about food for Diamond and children 16. 7.1938 Mentions Charlie Archer H/C 22. 7.1938 Willie Anderson escaped from Fantome Island on 22.12.1937 May be going to Daintree 8. 8.1938 Tracker Palmer resumed duty 16. 8.1938 Death of a female Aboriginal named Jinny, about 65 years of age, took place on 15. 8.1938 at the Aboriginal camp at Mount Carbine. She was the wife of Johnny Hammond. Also mentions Laura Nellie Jackson Buried at the Aboriginal Burial Ground at Mt Carbine. 26. 8.1938 Illegal employment of Aborigines by Daniel Murphy Mentions Tracker Palmer Toby Dandy, aged about 60 years Norman Mitchell, aged about 27 years, N-79 Charlie Curraghmore, aged about 73 years, aka Charlie Roberts C-110 Palmer Lee Chew Sandy Koolburra Bob Jack Gould, exempt, from Western Australia 14. 9.1938 Mentions Norman Mitchell now in Cairns. 1.10.1938 Telephone calls To Mareeba about Jack Crowley To Mareeba about Annie Crowley To Cairns about Norman Mitchell 2.12.1938 Charlie, inquired for by Protector, Cairns. Not in district. Also mentions Willie Maher, at Mt Carbine Macaroni, wife of Charlie 2.12.1938 Mary, inquired for by Protector, Cairns. Not in district. Mary may be at China Camp. Also mentions Willie Maher, at Mt Carbine 24. 2.1939 Percy Babinda aka Percy Fourmile aka Percy Cannon is an absconder from Palm Island. Not in district. also mentions Tracker Palmer Paddy Julian Jimmy Julian, no relation to Paddy Julian 29. 5.1939 Tracker needed for Oaks Station. Possibility is Norman Mitchell. Norman wants to marry a girl named Trixie from Mossman. 1. 9.1939 Jack Sambo wanted on removal order, suspected of stealing clothing of Doris of Mareeba. Also mentions Nicholas Wallace, at Brooklyn Stn 16. 9.1939 Jackie Sambo supposed to be in Mossman Division in the company of Charlie of Daintree. Also mentions Johnnie Tracker Palmer 8.11.1939 Tracker Palmer applied for annual leave 27.11.1939 Death of Johnny Hammond, Aborigine, aged about 59 years, on 26.11.1939 at the Aboriginal Reserve at Mt Carbine. Also mentions Tracker Palmer Billy Snider Toby Daniel, brother of Johnny Ted Palmer, step-brother of Johnny Johnny Hammond J-249 was married to Jenny who died some years ago. There are apparently no children. 30. 3.1940 Tracker Palmer in Mareeba Hospital 30. 3.1940 Death od Aboriginal Dan Coleman, aged about 60 years, took place on 27. 3.1940 at the Aboriginal Reserve, Mt Carbine. Also mentions William Snider aka Billy Snider. 12. 6.1940 Tracker Siemond recruited. Aged 40 years, native of Murray River, previously tracker at Cardwell. Also mentions Tracker Palmer. 10. 7.1940 Police Versus the following Tommy Springcart Spider Mosely Tracker Siemond is a witness. 1. 8.1940 Expenses for Tracker Siemond 24. 9.1940 The following are not in the Mt Molloy district Billy Bluegum Jinny, his wife Toby Togan They escaped from the launch Noddy about 40 miles North of Cooktown 16.10.1940 Police Versus the following Tommy Springcart Spider Mosely Tracker Siemond is a witness. 30. 3.1940 Escapees from Palm Island are J Hancock Harold Blane F Bruno Not in district 3. 4.1940 Tracker Palmer sick 30. 3.1940 Death of Dan Coleman. 12.11.1941 Tracker Simon of Mt Molloy wants to return to his family at Tully. Replacement could be Freddie Cook aged 19 years and under agreement to the Brooklyn Pastoral Company. 1.11.1941 Oscar Upton, escapee from Palm Island. Apprehension of Harvey for transfer to Woorabinda. 8.12.1941 Freddie Cook employed as Tracker at Mt Molloy. Aged 19 years. Identification number F-104. Single. 27. 4.1942 To P of A Mareeba Tommy Lilly T-116 and wife and child 7. 5.1942 To P of A Cairns Half-caste George Sibley. Whereabouts unknown 14. 1.1942 Dolly died on 5. 1.1942 at the Aboriginal Reserve, Mt Carbine. Aged about 60 years. Also mentions Elsie Cook, half-caste Jack Lawyer, tribal husband of Dolly 13. 4.1937 Loose sheet Mentions Tracker Palmer 27. 6.1942 Advance to Tommy Lilly T-116 8. 7.1942 Doris D-64 wants to marry Jack Cummings J-248 They live together and want to marry in the Church of England at Mt Molloy. 8. 7.1942 Mentions permits for Barbara Dunbar B-133 and claim for child endowment for Maudie M-301 5.10.1942 Florrie H/C, wife of deceased Harry Davis H-132 is in possession of property of the deceased. Florrie now lives with George Bremer H/C. 11.12.1942 Elsie Madigan E-167 H/C gave birth to a male child named Arthur William Madigan on 18.11.1942 at Mt Molloy Public Hospital. Birth has been registered. 27. 3.1943 Mentions Lizzie L-74, previously at Mossman and has also been at Mareeba. States she will return to Mareeba with Mick. 4. 6.1943 Agreement for Ted Palmer T-113 9. 4.1943 Jack Madigan J-248 is in Mareeba Hospital. 27. 5.1943 Mentions The following Paddy Julian is tin scratching on the Palmer River and around Maytown Rupert Burton H/C is tin scratching on the Palmer River and around Maytown. His wife is with him. Paddy Ah Buh H/C Aboriginal/Chinese and some relation to Rupert. Paddy and Rupert are wanted. 13. 6.1943 Permits for Billy B-112 Dave Crowley D-98 . 7.1944 Re Maggie Womble, Aboriginal, deceased. Maggie Kruger was also known as Maggie Anderson or Maggie Vallelly. She is the mother of Frank Fallon H/C. Maggie Womble appears to be the same person as Maggie Kruger aka Anderson aka Vallelly. 26. 9.1944 Mentions Doris D-64 26. 9.1944 Mentions Barbara Dunbar B-133 26. 9.1944 Prospects for employment of Buller and Jimmy of Mt Carbine, young Aboriginal boys. Buller and Jimmy are sons of Tungaburra. Buller is about 12 years old and Jimmy is about 10 1/2 or 11 years old. 27. 9.1944 Mentions Freddie Cook F-104 of Mt Molloy. 27. 9.1944 Rupert Burton R-60 is living with his wife and two young children about 12 miles from Mt Carbine. .10.1944 Mickey Cameron, tracker at Mt Surprise, wants to be tracker at Mt Molloy for health reasons. Mt Molloy tracker Freddie Cook could transfer to Mt Surprise. 20.10.1944 About Doris D-64. Doris is married to Jackie Cummings J-248 Requeset Doris be sent to a Mission, perhaps Mona Mona. 27.10.1944 Doris D-64 10. 1.1945 Dental attention for Topsy T-138 H/C. Topsy first started working for Mr Hawkins in 1925 when Hawkins was manager of Lawn Hills Station, Burketown. Topsy was then about 9 or 10 years old. They came to Mt Molloy about 15 years ago when Hawkins purchased Brooklyn Station. On 18. 5.1944 Topsy married Frank McNamara H/C, an exempt Aborigine. Topsy was born at Lorraine Station, which is between Cloncurry and Burketown. 8. 1.1945 Topsy McNamara T-138 14. 2.1945 Topsy McNamara H/C of Brooklyn Station is exempt. Father was white and mother was an Aborigine. 23. 2.1945 About Doris D-64. Husband is Jack Cummings J-248. Do not recommend removal. 18. 4.1945 dates of birth of children of Rupert Burton and Queenie Burton are George Robert Burton, born 10. 6.1942 Lennie Burton, born 12. 1.1944 1. 5.1945 Dave D-105 1. 5.1945 Estate of Sid Kerr, deceased. Mentions Jack Cummings Ted Palmer Toby Douglas Kitty Docherty Harry Grasshopper Rupert Burton of Mt Carbine, late of Palm Island Does nor appear to be any blood relation between Sid Kerr and Toby Douglas, Kitty Docherty or Harry Grasshopper. 16. 5.1945 Tracker wanted for Einasleigh. Mentions Harry McNamara working at Brooklyn Station. Also mentions Tom Burns, not in Mt Molloy district. Mickey Cameron, ex-tracker of Mt Surprise Mitchell Dodd, tracker at Einasleigh Freddie Cook, tracker at Mt Molloy 25. 5.1945 Mentions Barbara Dunbar B-133 Doris D-64 Maggie Grogan M-570 29. 5.1945 About Martin Thomas Quinlan, deceased white man. Frank McNamara H/C is the alleged illegitimate son of Quinlan. 27. 7.1945 Mona Palmer is living at Mt Carbine. Mona wants to marry Harry McNamara but he doesnt want to marry her. 27. 7.1945 Mentions Rupert Burton . 7.1945 Buller and Jimmy will be placed in employment. Their father is Billy Tracker. 21. 8.1945 Exemption application for Charles J Archer and wife of Mt Molloy. Charles' father is Charlie Archer C-112 of Mt Carbine. 24. 9.1945 Outstanding wages for Doris D-64. 3.10.1945 Removal order 66/45 for Mona Palmer from Mt Molloy to Palm Island. escort was Delta Arthur. 4.10.1945 Mona Palmer removed to Palm Island with Delta Arthur as escort. 5.10.1945 Children of Ted Palmer are Elsie Cook H/C, aged 18 - 20 years Mona Palmer F/B, aged 16 - 17 1/2 years Mavis Cockaburry F/B, aged 5 - 8 years Freddie Cook, tracker at Mt Molloy, aged about 22 years 9.10.1945 Child endowment for Queenie Burton Q-18 21.12.1945 Tracker Freddie Cook applied for leave. 11. 1.1946 Whereabouts of Aboriginal woman Sudy who absconded from Cairns District Hospital on 14.10.1945. No trace in Mt Molloy district. 11. 1.1946 Removal order 99/45 for Queenie Burton and Rupert Burton from Mt Molloy to Yarrabah. 15. 1.1946 Tracker Freddie Cook back from leave. 9. 4.1946 Claim for expenses for burial of George Palmer at Mt Molloy. 16. 4.1946 Death of George Palmer at Mt Molloy Aboriginal Reserve on 10.11.1945. Buried in the Aboriginal Section of the Mt Molloy Cemetery. 28. 8.1946 Death of George Dodd aged 80 - 90 years at the Mt Carbine Aboriginal Reserve on 25. 8.1946. Also mentions Jack Lawyer. George Dodd was married and his wife is also on the Reserve. 2. 8.1946 Mitchell Dodd, ex-native tracker, absconded from his duties at Einasleigh. Came to Mt Molloy with his wife. The wife's father was George Dodd. They are going to live at Yarrabah. . 9.1946 About Mitchell Dodd. Wife is looking after her mother, widow of George Dodd. . 9.1946 Mentions George Palmer 16.10.1946 Mitchell Dodd 1. 1.1947 Tracker Freddie Cook 26. 5.1947 Tracker Freddie Cook left Mt Molloy. Ex-tracker Mickey Cameron at Mt Surprise . 7.1947 Thomas Roley, Tracker at Mt Molloy . 8.1947 Re: Claude Barry Williams, coloured boy, employed at Mt Molloy. Dolly Williams, who came from Yarrabah Mission, resides with him. Claude Barry Williams is ?22 years old. His father is Barry Williams, half-caste and exempt. His mother was a S.S.I.. He is going to Mossman. 3.10.1947 Jimmy at Mt Molloy .10.1947 Peter Jackson Davie D-105 27.10.1947 Jack Lawyer Ponto 22.11.1947 Re: Freddie Cook F-104 In Mareeba. 25. 2.1948 Dolly Wiseman D-317. In Mossman. Living with Claude Williams. 2. 6.1948 Whereabouts of Willie Apia. Bessie Hippi, at Mt Carbine on holiday, says she is not the mother of Willie Apia, but raised him from a boy. 15. 6.1948 Topsy McNamara and husband Frank McNamara are lawfully wed. Their eldest child was born October 1944 Next two (twins) were born January 1946 Awaiting birth of fourth child Both Topsy and Frank are exempt . 7.1948 Leslie Walker, Millie his wife and Charlotte his daughter were injured in an accident on Mossman Road. 24. 9.1948 Son of George Meldrum of Mareeba is employed at Mt Molloy 22.12.1948 Re: Exemption for Frank Mitchell Townsville No. 96/47. Recommend total exemption. 29. 3.1949 Natives at Mt Carbine supposedly in employment Dolly Curraghmore, wife of Charlie Curraghmore (deceased) Alice Roberts (Curraghmore) H/C, exempt Elsie Roberts (Pedrazzini or Bedrazzini), sister of Alice Roberts Mavis Cockabury, daughter of Ted Palmer T-113, a young girl Reuben, identical with Rupert Burton H/C, husband of Queenie Burton Ponto P-83 6.12.1948 Native population of Mt Carbine is as follows Willie Tung Sing (Dung Sin), about 50 years old, H/C Abor / Chinese, wife is Dinah Tung Sing (Dung Sin) F/B who is about 39 years old. Willie is almost totally blind Dolly Curramore F/B, about 55 years old Alice Curramore H/C, age unknown, has 2 sons namely Iki Curramore, a minor Edie Curramore, a minor Elsie Pedracini H/C Davie Curramore H/C Frank Mitchell F/B, about 65 years old, believed to be exempt Willie Douglas F/B, about 50 years old, exempt Jimmy Douglas F/B, age unknown Tommy Koski F/B, very old Paddy Ah Bu (Ah Bue) H/C Chinese, old and blind, wife is Sarah Ah Bue (Sarah Ah Bue) Peter Jackson F/B, very old Nellie Jackson F/B, about 54 years old, wife of Peter Jackson Paddy Julia H/C, about 48 years old Rosie Hippy F/B or H/C Kanaka, about 60 years old Rueben H/C, about 39 years old Queenie Moonlight or Burton F/B, about 39 years old, children are Willie Moonlight (Burton) Robbie Moonlight (Burton) Baby girl Maggie Grogan F/B, about 60 years old, wife of Jimmy Douglas Biddy F/B, very old Dottie, now at Mareeba with her daughter Dolly Mitchell Dodd Mavis F/B 22.11.1948 Attached to above letter. Mentions removal of the following who are too old and feeble to look after themselves Maggie Mango Biddy Dottie Maggie Mango is now deceased. Dottie lives with her married daughter Dolly Dodd 4. 6.1949 Dolly Violetta Susan Wiseman D-317 signed child endowment card. 4. 6.1949 Beryl Hay and Maurice Ryan do not wish to get married. Beryl has a child whose father is Melbourne of Aurukun Mission. Melbourne is shortly to be married to an Aurukun girl. Beryl works at Brooklyn Stn. 10. 6.1949 Mentions Buller B-440 10. 6.1949 Mentions Norman Mitchell N-79 15. 6.1949 Mentions the following Barbara Dunbar B-135 Dave Crowley D-196, husband of Barbara Dunbar, aged 60 - 70 years 13. 6.1949 Mentions Sarah Arbu (Ah Bue), very old, born at Mt Carbine or Mt Mulligan. Parents were full bloods. Sarah married Paddy Arbu (Ah Bue) who was Chinese or of Chinese descent. Paddy Arbu (Ah Bue) died 29. 5.1949 at the Brisbane Mental Hospital. Also mentions Queenie Burton Q-18 Rupert Burton R-266, husband of Queenie Burton 21. 6.1949 Tracker at Mt Molloy is Roley (Cameron) aged 47 years His wife is Elsie Cameron (nee Lester), not living with the tracker They have no children. The tracker has a daughter Helen Cameron aged 19 years who lives with her mother. 24. 6.1949 Mentions Ponto P-85 2. 7.1949 Mentions Harry McNamara H-123 Beryl Hays B-369 2. 7.1949 Tracker Roley wants Annual Leave 14. 7.1949 Tracker Roley R-21 14. 7.1949 Mentions Peter Jackson Biddy They live at Mt Carbine, 24 miles from Mt Molloy 25. 7.1949 Mentions Davey Curramore D-105 1. 8.1949 Relief for Sarah Arbu (Ah Bue) 15. 7.1949 Mentions Queenie Burton Q-18 16. 7.1949 Mentions Frank McNamara. Wife is Topsy McNamara 29. 7.1949 Estate of Ponto P-83, deceased, has been distributed in favour of Nellie Jackson N-78. 19. 7.1949 Letter attached to the above states relatives of Ponto are as follows Mother Maggie Father Unknown Niece Nellie Jackson N-78 Nephew Tommy Mitchell T-316 Nephew Hector Mitchell H-209 Nephew Frank Mitchell F-205, exempt The niece and nephews were all children of Benny Mitchell and Annie Mitchell. Ponto never married. 22. 7.1949 Do not consider the following suitable for exemption Barbara Dunbar B-133 Dave Crowley D-198, aged 56 years 28. 7.1949 Tracker Roley 8. 8.1949 Mentions Buller B-440 Davie D-105 Harry McNamara H-123 12. 8.1949 Mentions Biddy Mango B-486 12. 8.1949 Mentions Mavis Cockabury aged 13 years. Mother died when she was a few months old. 12. 8.1949 Mentions Queenie Burton 25. 8.1949 Jimmy Henry J-584 of Cooktown is staying with Claude Williams of Mt Molloy. 29. 8.1949 Tommy Mitchell T-136 is at present in Mareeba 13. 9.1949 Food ration cards for Beryl Hays Yvonne Rita Hays 6. 9.1949 Mentions Beryl Hays and her 10 month old daughter Yvonne Rita Hays, said to be born 20.11.1948 at Mareeba Hospital. 28. 9.1949 Mentions Frank McNamara droving in the Hughenden district 27. 9.1949 Tracker Roley with Mareeba Police 7. 9.1949 Mentions Beryl hays B-369 Buller B-440 Harry McNamara H-123 Hector (Mitchell) H-209 Jimmy (Baker) J-739 19.10.1949 Jimmy Henry J-584 returning to Cooktown via Daintree 4.11.1949 Mentions Beryl Hays, Mt Molloy Buller, Brooklyn Stn Davie, Curraghmore Stn Harry McNamara, Mt Molloy Hector Mitchell, Brooklyn Stn Jimmy Baker, Brooklyn Stn Roley Cameron, Mt Molloy Tommy Mitchell, Brooklyn Stn 24.11.1949 Mentions Davie D-105 14.10.1949 Mentions Sarah S-324 30.12.1949 About exemption for Elsie Cameron and her daughter Ethel Cameron. Elsie is the wife of tracker Roley Cameron but they are not living together. Exemption not granted. 18.10.1949 Mentions Elsie Cameron was living with a man named Jacky Thomas at Chillagoe. 31. 5.1950 Mentions Jimmy Douglas J-246 Aged 56 years, born Butchers Hill Station, Cape York Father is Toby Earle F/B Mother is Susan Earle F/B Living with Maggie Grogan M-570 F/B Exemption is recommended 24. 1.1950 Hector Mitchell H-209 usually known as Paddy Mitchell, at present at Crystalbrook Stn, Chillagoe. 11. 3.1950 Norman Callaghan N-69 at Brooklyn Stn 31. 1.1950 Norman Callaghan or Fox N-69 at Brooklyn Stn 1. 2.1950 Rations for Tracker Roley. 4. 2.1950 About renewal certificates for Child Endowment for Dolly Wiseman D-317 Queenie Burton Q-18 16. 2.1950 Barney Callaghan B-255 31.12.1949 Wages due to Aboriginal workers at Brooklyn Stn. Mentions Jimmy Baker J-739 Tommy Mitchell T-136 Hector Mitchell H-209 Buller B-440 2. 3.1950 Reggie Gibson R-272 was a Mossman Protectorate native his account was transferred to Cooktown on 11.11.1948. 3. 4.1950 Sammy Olive S-36 and Rosie Olive R-130 are living in Mt Molloy. 1. 3.1950 Sammy Olive S-36 is a native of Cooktown. Wife is Rosie Olive. 21. 6.1950 About Frank McNamara, exempt. 4. 3.1950 Frank McNamara's wife is Topsy McNamara. Frank is also known as Frank Quinlan. 4. 3.1950 Frank Mitchell F-88 11. 3.1950 Peter Jackson 11. 3.1950 Jimmy Henry J-584 left Mt Molloy Protectorate on 19.10.1949 to return to Cooktown 11. 3.1950 Young Wallaby Y-13 28. 3.1950 Sarah Arbu (Ah Bue) S-324 31. 3.1950 Davie at Curraghmore Stn 24. 4.1950 Peter Jackson 26. 4.1950 Philip Wallace P-390 believed to be at Mt Mulligan 15. 6.1950 Death of Sarah Arbu (Ah Bue), aged about 77 years, on 18. 5.1950 at the Aboriginaql Reserve, Mt Carbine. Tribally married to Paddy Arbu (Ah Bue). Believed to have two children who are deceased. Brother in law is Willie Ah Bue (Arbu), H/C exempt No 32/1938. Wife of Willie is Diana Ah Bue (Arbu). Buried at the Mt Carbine Aboriginal Burial Ground. As with all the Mt Molloy correspondence there are numerous letters about the death bundled together. 31. 5.1950 Sarah Arbu (Ah Bue) buried 19. 5.1950 7. 6.1950 Tommy Mitchell T-136 in Mareeba with cattle. Works at Brooklyn Stn 20. 7.1950 Child endowment claim by Beryl Hays for Yvonne Rita Hays born on 8.11.1948. 22. 7.1950 Paddy Stumby (Stumpy) escaped from Cairns lockup. Has been recaptured. 17.10.1950 Frank McNamara 11. 8.1950 Wife of Frank McNamara is Topsy McNamara (nee Parker) 11. 8.1950 Child endowment for Queenie Burton 13.10.1950 Dolly Wiseman D-317 25. 8.1950 Dolly Wiseman D-317 lives with Claude Williams who is exempt. Dolly has two daughters who are of school age. 26. 8.1950 Harry McNamara H-123 31. 8.1950 Jimmy Douglas exempt No 51/50. Born at Butchers Hill Cattle Stn, Cape York Peninsula in 1894. 31. 8.1950 Jimmy Baker J-739 and Hector Mitchell H-209 went to Crystalbrook Stn, Chillagoe. 18. 9.1950 Sammy Olive S-36 29. 9.9150 Jimmy Douglas J-246 died 20. 9.1950 at the Mareeba Hospital. Held exemption certificate No 51/50. Buried on 21.9.1950 at Mareeba Cemetery. Other correspondence states Jimmy used to say Maggie Grogan M-570 of Mt Molloy was his wife. 24.10.1950 Davie Curramore D-105 25. 9.1950 Application for exemption for Davie (Curramore) D-105 Aged about 32 years, born Butchers Hill Stn, Cape York Peninsula Father is Ah Chow, Chinese Mother is Dora F/B 5.10.1950 Jimmy Douglas 19.12.1950 Roley Cameron taking action for divorce from his wife. 31. 8.1950 Roley Cameron was married in August 1926. Wife left him about 6 years ago and is living with another man at Chillagoe. Roley now has another girl, namely Charity Dorothy Baker of Mona Mona 5.12.1950 About Mavis Cockabury. Mrs Roberts should be getting child endowment for her. 24.11.1950 Mavis Cockabury is 13 years old and lives with Mrs Roberts of Mt Carbine. 19.12.1950 Davie D-105 is in Mareeba Hospital 26.12.1950 Dave Crowley 15. 1.1951 Billy Douglas at Halifax 21. 2.1951 Davie D-105 at Curraghmore Stn 9. 2.1951 Beryl Hays 13. 2.1951 Dave Crowley 23.12.1950 Frank McNamara, money for wife and children 17. 4.1941 Top letter of correspondence about removal of Beryl Hays and her daughter Yvonne Rita Hays to Palm Island. Yvonne is 2 1/4 years old. Removal Order 13/51 Mentions escort Molly Governor 7. 3.1951 Bank balances for Barbara Dunbar B-133 Roley R-21 15. 3.1951 Barbara Dunbar B-133 5. 4.1951 Expenses for removal of Beryl Hays and her daughter Yvonne Rita Hays to Palm Island on Removal Order 13/51. Also mentions Molly Governor. 11. 4.1951 Toby Dandy is at Mt Carbine 13. 4.1951 Frank McNamara and Topsy McNamara. Maintenance proceedings 8. 5.1951 Identification card for Biddy B-486 states Name Biddy B-486 F/B Protectorate Mt Molloy Tribal name Biddy Born Maytown Father Jimmy Cabbage F/B Mother Maggie Cabbage F/B Husband Paddy McNamara F/B, tribally married 10. 5.1951 Applications for Exemptions for the following Rupert Burton R-266 Tommy Mitchell T-136 Jimmy Baker J-739 Buller B-440 Barney Callaghan B-255 All are wolfram mining at Mt Carbine 7. 6.1951 Correspondence about Roley Cameron's application for divorce proceedings. Does not wish to proceed. His wife was living with Jack Thomas in Chillagoe. Wife now at Nychum Station and Jack Thomas in Chillagoe. 23. 6.1951 Norman Mitchell at Mt Mulligan 20. 7.1951 Correspondence about the removal of George Meldrum and Bruce Meldrum from Mt Molloy to Woorabinda. Removal Order Number 18/51. 19. 6.1951 Davie D-105 28. 6.1951 Harry McNamara, single 27. 6.1951 Correspondence about Tommy Scheikowski T-137 aged about 80 years and Lizzie Scheikowski L-383 aged about 70 years. Both were born at Maytown and lived in the Palmer River and Mt Carbine area all their lives. 23. 6.1951 Norman Mitchell at Mt Mulligan 28. 6.1951 The horses owned by Harvey Mitchell when he went to Woorabinda Settlement are in the possession of Tommy Mitchell who is said to be Harvey's brother. Harvey was removed about seven years ago. 3. 7.1951 Young Wallaby is now in the Mossman Protectorate 4. 7.1951 Philip Wallace employed at Mt Molloy 4. 7.1951 Tracker Roley Cameron applied for leave 17. 7.1951 Tommy Scheikowski T-137 died on 15. 7.1951 at Mareeba Hospital. 31. 7.1951 Buller (Mitchell) 31. 7.1951 Phillip Wallace 24. 8.1951 Lizzie Scheikowski L-383 died 19. 8.1951 at Mareeba Hospital 27. 8.1951 The following are employed at Julatten in the Mossman Protectorate, namely Alick A-225 Barney B-125 Paddy Crosseye P-376 Paddy Buchanan P-296 25. 9.1951 Phillip Wallace P-390 10.10.1951 Correspondence about the paternity of the child of Daisy Thomas. Daisy Thomas D-426 is single and resides at Crystal brook Stn, Chillagoe. She has two children Linda Thomas, aged 2 years Eddie George Thomas, aged 4 months Issue is the paternity of Eddie. Also mentions Philip Wallace. 25.10.1951 Barney Callaghan B-255, last heard of at Mareeba Buller B-440, at Mt Carbine Tommy Mitchell T-136 at Mt Carbine 8. 1.1952 The following are at Mt Carbine Buller Schnider Tommy Mitchell 29.11.1951 Harry McNamara 6.12.1951 Correspondence about the trial of Claude Henry Williams. Born 8.11.1924 at Boompa via Maryborough, single Father is Henry Williams H/C, died about June 1940 at Beaudesert Mother is Mary Tanner SSI, died about 20 years ago at Beaudesert Brother is Charles Colin Williams of Innisfail Brother is Leslie Crowtundy of Pialba Step-brother is Herbie Tanner of Urangan Step-brother is George Tanner of Pialba Step-sister is Mrs Gladys Robe of Pialba Step-brother is Johnnie Tanner of Pialba Step-sister is Mrs Winnie Dawson of Longreach Letter from Department of Native Affairs dated 27.11.1951 mentions the following Claude Williams whose parents were William or Billy Williams and Mary Williams. Mary Williams of Beaudesert exempt in 1913 William Williams exempt in 1926 Claude Williams was living at Mossman in 1948 as man and wife with Dolly Wiseman who originally came from Yarrabah. 21.11.1951 Maggie Grogan M-570 20.12.1951 Roley Cameron R-21 13.11.1951 Biddy 7. 1.1952 Correspondence about Claude Henry Williams Letter dated 26.12.1951 states Claude never came under the Act. He lived with Dolly Wiseman for about 6 years at Herberton, Mossman and Mt Molloy. Dolly Wiseman's daughters are Edna Wiseman, agout 18 years old Beryl Wiseman, about 10 years old Dolly has been living apart from her husband for some years and he died at Herberton several months ago. 28.12.1951 Indigent relief for Dave Crowley Biddy 30. 7.1952 Frank McNamara injured January 1952 30. 1.1952 Whereabouts of Siemon S-19 unknown 7. 4.1952 Correspondence about removal of Dolly Wiseman and her two daughters Edna Wiseman and Beryl Wiseman from Mt Molloy to Woorabinda on Removal Order Number 28/52. Mentions escort Arthur Delta Dolly Wiseman born 29. 8.1917 Edna Grace Wiseman born 14.12.1940 Beryl Ann Wiseman born 24. 1.1942 Correspondence about Claude Henry Williams Father is Henry Williams H/C Mother is Mary Rombo or Mary Tanner who died at Gympie on 17. 3.1928. Claude does not come under the Act. Claude states his next of kin are Brother is Charles Colin Williams of Innisfail Brother is Leslie Crowtundy of Pialba Step-brother is Herbie Tanner of Urangan Step-brother is George Tanner of Pialba Step-sister is Mrs Gladys Robe of Pialba Step-brother is Johnnie Tanner of Pialba Step-sister is Mrs Winnie Dawson of Longreach 28. 2.1952 Tax returns prepared for Harry McNamara H-123, single Norman Callaghan N-69, single Davie Curraghmore D-105, single 22. 4.1952 Norman Mitchell N-79 at Mt Carbine 19. 3.1952 Correspondence about Exemption application for Phillip Wallace P-390 Born 4. 7.1930 at Cooktown Father is Lex Wallace (white man) Mother is Doris Cummings (formerly Christie, nee Jacko) F/B Exemption not recommended 11. 3.1952 Barney Callaghan B-255 is in Herberton 11. 3.1952 Correspondence about child endowment for Ted Palmer Children are Elsie Palmer or Elsie Cook E-203, born 20. 7.1926 Mona Palmer M-557, born 8. 7.1929, possibly died at Palm Island about three years ago Mavis Palmer or Mavis Cockabury, born 20. 2.1937, at Mt Carbine 15. 4.1952 Expenses in removal of Dolly Wiseman and her two daughters Edna Wiseman and Beryl Wiseman from Mt Molloy to Woorabinda. Also mentions escort Arthur Delta 24. 4.1952 Maggie Grogan M-570 5. 9.1952 Charlie Davis C-266 and his wife Katie Davis K-77 who are both exempt, are going to Cairns to work. 6. 6.1952 Barney B-125 is in the Mossman Protectorate 30. 7.1952 Related letters about the removal of the following from Mt Molloy to Palm Island Jimmy Baker J-739 Norman Mitchell N-79 Escort will be Assam Sam. Also mentions the following Tommy Mitchell Paddy Julian, exempt 18. 6.1952 Sambo S-50 is at Mt Carbine 23. 7.1952 Related Correspondence about Dolly Wiseman wanting to return to Mt Carbine from Woorabinda to marry Claude Williams. Permission refused. Dolly was born about 1917 in Mareeba. She married Bob Wiseman in 1937 and he died in 1951. Dolly left her husband and lived with Claude since 1946. Dolly and her 2 daughters were sent to Woorabinda recently. 29. 7.1952 Tracker Roly returned to work 15. 7.1952 Tracker Roly Cameron R-21 to visit Cairns 8. 9.1952 Phillip Wallace P-300 is the father of the child of Laura Meldrum born on 3. 6.1952 21. 7.1952 Phillip Wallace P-390 21. 7.1952 Davie Curraghmore D-105 24.10.1952 Correspondence about Frank Mitchell. Exempt in 1949. Also mentions the following step-brothers of Frank Tommy Mitchell Norman Mitchell Also mentions Jimmy Baker who is the son of Frank's step-mother. Jimmy is a step-brother to Tommy and Norman but not related to Frank. Frank's father married twice and his step-mother later married a man named Tungaburra or Tungaborough 21.10.1952 Correspondence about the death of Biddy Looney. Biddy Looney, aged at least 80 years, died 31. 7.1952 at the Mt Carbine Aboriginal Reserve. Was married twice, first husband dying about 20 years ago, and second husband dying about 4 years ago. Father was Jimmy Cabbage F/B Mother was Maggie First husband was Paddy Wonacott (tribal marriage) Second husband was Billy Looney (tribal marriage) 4. 8.1952 Death of Biddy B-468, aged at least 80 years, F/B, widow, on 31. 7.1952 at the Mt Carbine Aboriginal Reserve. Also mentions Nellie Jackson N-78, grand-daughter Harry McNamara H-123, grand-son Buried on 1. 8.1952 at the Mt Carbine Aboriginal Burial Ground. 7.10.1952 Davie Curraghmore D-105 exempt No 51/52 Aged about 34 years, born Butcher's Hill Stn, Cape York Father is Ah Chow (Chinese) Mother is Dora F/B David is single 4.11.1952 Agreement for Mavis Cockabury M-828 17. 9.1952 Wages due to Paddy Buchanan P-296 29.12.1952 Whereabouts of Stella Rogers is unknown. She ceased living with Tommy Mitchell T-136 and left Mt Molloy about one month ago. Stella is actually married to William Rogers but not living with him. 13.11.1952 George Stewart G-77 at Mt Carbine. Inherited the estate of his cousin Joe Stewart, deceased. 25. 1.1955 Whereabouts of Raimus who left Foleyvale Stn in 1954 unknown. 7. 2.1955 Agreements for the following Harry McNamara H-123 Norman Callaghan N-69 2. 3.1955 Thomas Allen T-301 of Yarrabah Mission is working at the Mt Molloy Timber Mill. 11. 3.1955 Davie Curraghmore wants to buy a vehicle. 3. 3.1955 The father of Douglas Wake died on 15. 2.1955 at Proserpine. 12. 4.1955 The daughter of Thomas Allen of Yarrabah is getting married. Thomas currently not working. 27. 4.1955 Percy (Ikey) Roberts is getting married and wants to register details of his birth and that of his sister. The births do not appear to have been registered. Percy Roberts born 31. 3.1925 at Curraghmore Stn Father is Albert George Roberts, deceased, part owner of the Station Mother is a H/C , exemption number 8/1931 Adelaide Roberts was born on 6.12.1926 at Curraghmore Stn Father is Albert George Roberts, deceased, part owner of the Station Mother is a H/C , exemption number 8/1931 19. 4.1955 Tracker Roley's wages 4. 5.1955 Whereabouts of Tennyson Colin or Stevens unknown. Admitted paternity of a child born to Marlene Massey of Yarrabah Mission early in 1951. 11. 5.1955 The following are at Curraghmore Stn Norman Callaghan N-69 Harry McNamara H-123 26. 7.1955 Buller B-440 working for N Mazlin of Palmerville 13. 7.1955 Buller or Buller Mitchell 16. 6.1955 Mentions Norman Callaghan N-69 Harry McNamara H-123 9. 1.1954 Maggie Grogan M-570 29.12.1953 The following are going from Palm Island to Mt Molloy for employment Bob Fullerton Nancy Fullerton 25. 1.1954 Mentions Barney Callaghan B-255 8. 2.1954 Tracker Roley resuming work 8. 2.1954 Bob Fullerton, injured worker 19. 2.1954 Income Tax returns completed for Norman Callaghan N-69 Harry McNamara H-123 Roley Cameron R-21 25. 2.1954 Bob Fullerton warned he may be returned to Palm Island 22. 2.1954 Maggie Grogan M-570 died on 13. 2.1954 at Mareeba Hospital and she was buried on 15. 2.1954 at Mareeba Cemetery. 21. 4.1954 Norman Callaghan N-69 at Curraghmore Stn 7. 4.1954 Caesar Lee Cheu C-115 working at Bell View Stn via the Walsh. 12. 4.1954 Tommy Mitchell T-136 11. 6.1954 Norman 28. 7.1954 Tracker Roley Cameron taking leave 13. 7.1954 Bob Fullerton 16. 8.1954 Bob Fullerton and Nancy Fullerton returning to Palm Island. 27. 8.1954 Paddy Julian's account closed at Mossman 30. 7.1950. Now exempt and at Mt Carbine. 27.10.1954 Roley R-21 12.11.1954 Willie Douglas at Mt Carbine Holds exemption certificate number 70/1945. Born about 1880 at Roma. 15. 9.1954 Income tax returns for Roley R-21 Harry McNamara H-123 Norman Callaghan N-69 25. 7.1955 Davie Roberts (Curraghmore) D-105 wants to buy a fridge. 20. 9.1954 Whereabouts of Barney Callaghan B-255 unknown. Was employed at Chillagoe Stn in 1953. 20. 9.1954 Application for sickness benefits by George Stewart who is exempt. 28. 9.1954 George Stewart G-77 29. 9.1954 Agreement for Mavis Cockabury M-828 16.11.1954 Mavis Cockabury M-828 29.12.1954 Tommy Mitchell T-136 19. 7.1955 Tommy Allen currently employed in district. His daughter Shirley Harris was recently married to Bert Harris. Tom has heard his daughter's baby died and wants to know how his daughter is. 25. 7.1955 Mentions Herbert McLean who comes from Cooktown and says he is exempt. 23. 8.1955 Davie Roberts (Curraghmore) D-105 buying a fridge. 17. 2.1956 Income tax returns for Roley R-21 Harry McNamara H-123 Norman Callaghan N-69 30. 8.1955 Roley Cameron R-21, Police Tracker 20.10.1955 Mentions Paddy Julian of Mt Carbine Bill Douglas of Mt Carbine, exempt, aged 85 years 24. 9.1955 Mentions Buller B-440 Harry McNanara H-123 Norman Callaghan N-69 22.11.1955 George Stewart, exempt 8.11.1955 Frank Mitchell, exempt, claims he was assaulted. Frank aged 56 years. 23.11.1955 Mentions Frank McNamara, exempt and his wife Topsy Mcnamara. 23.11.1955 Maggie Grogan M-570 died 13. 2.1954 22.11.1955 Harry Mcnamara 5.12.1955 Ted Palmer T-113 injured. 8.11.1955 Invalid pension for Paddy Julian. He married Rosie Hippie on 13. 5.1949 at Mossman. 9.12.1955 Maggie Grogan M-570 expenses 22.12.1955 Agreements for Harry McNamara H-123 Norman Callaghan N-69 29.12.1955 Agreement for Buller terminated 3. 1.1957 Norman Callaghan N-69 20. 2.1957 Details about Davie Curraghmore (Roberts). Was living with a H/C Aboriginal woman who had been married to a white man namely Kathleen Burton. She had left the white man. Davie's number is D-105. 12. 2.1957 Husband and wife Thelma Richards and Ron Richards. Their daughter Diana Richards died on 17. 1.1957 and was buried on 18. 1.1957. Correspondence about child endowment. 5. 2.1957 No objection to exemption for Ron Richards. 23. 2.1957 Tommy Mitchell T-136 16. 2.1957 Roley R-21 26. 2.1957 Agreement for Mavis Cookabury M-828 25. 2.1957 Norman Callaghan 27. 2.1957 Tommy Mitchell T-136 at Freshwater via Cairns 6. 3.1957 Norman Callaghan N-69 at Brooklyn Stn 16. 3.1957 Thelma Richards and Ron Richards 16. 4.1957 Frank McNamara supporting his wife Topsy Mcnamara who resides at Mt Molloy 24. 4.1957 Mentions Davie Roberts D-105 Norman Callaghan N-69 26. 4.1957 Wages owed to Buller Mitchell B-440 2. 5.1957 Workers Compensation for Harry McNamara 3. 5.1957 Roley R-21 14. 5.1957 Tommy Mitchell T-136 27. 6.1957 Exemption arrived for Ron Richards, his wife Thelma Richards and family. 16. 8.1957 Agreement for Harry McNamara H-123 17. 9.1957 Ida Nudgee I-79 not known in the area. Has a bank account at Cooktown but has left that area. 11. 9.1957 George Bremmer G-74 at Mt Molloy 17. 9.1957 Whereabouts of Jimmy Baker J-739 unknown. Last in Mt Molloy in 1952. Rupert Burton living in and around Mareeba. 28.10.1957 Income tax returns for Harry McNamara H-123 Norman Callaghan N-69 Roley Cameron R-21 29.10.1957 Harry McNamara 11.10.1957 Harry McNamara wants to buy a car 26. 9.1957 Frank Mitchell wants old age pension. Allegedly born in the year 1896. Mr Francis Augustine McNamara states that he knew Frank Mitchell in 1911 at Mt Carbine and and that Frank was 21 years old then. Perhaps the Mitchell born in 1896 was a different Mitchell. 4. 7.1957 Expenses incurred in the removal of Clifford John Davis on Removal Order No 32/57 to Woorabinda. 5. 7.1957 Tracker Roley Cameron R-21 8. 7.1957 Frank Mitchell 23. 7.1957 Group Certificate for Buller Mitchell 26. 3.1958 Exemption given to Ted Palmer. Daughter and son-in-law are Mr and Mrs Percy Roberts at Springmount Stn 15. 1.1958 Employment for Mavis Cookabury M-828 12. 2.1958 Workers Compensation claim for Norman Callaghan 12. 3.1958 Willie Boxer married Ruby Tiers on 11. 9.1954 at Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement 13. 2.1958 Willie Boxer exempt. 11. 2.1958 Victor Fox V-13 24. 2.1958 Victor Fox V-13 and gin 17. 3.1958 Willie Boxer and Ruby Boxer at Chillagoe 19. 3.1958 Roley Cameron is the husband of Elsie Ethel Cameron. Roley has been separated from his wife for about 10 years and lives in Mt Molloy with another coloured woman. Roley and Elsie were married about 20 years ago at Chillagoe. Elsie left Roley while they were in Cairns for Jack Thomas. 21. 3.1958 Ted Palmer applying for Invalid Pension. Daughter is Mrs P Roberts of Springmount Stn. 24. 4.1958 Account of Lena Highbury L-1888? transferred from Herberton to Mt Molloy. 15. 7.1958 Exemption given to Clem Meldrum 30. 4.1958 Agreements for Norman Callaghan Mavis Cookabury 19. 2.1958 Buller Mitchell 13. 5.1958 Norman Callaghan N-69 at Brooklynn Stn 10.11.1958 Fred Fulford 29. 5.1958 Money owed to Buller Mitchell 6. 6.1958 Employment for Harry McNanara 6. 6.1958 John Burt Grainer, exempt Aborigine, applied for old age pension. Aged over 65 years 6. 6.1958 Norman Callaghan N-69 11. 6.1958 Patricia Catherine Richards, daughter of Thelma Richards, born 30. 3.1958 at Mareeba. 10. 6.1958 Buller Schneider Mitchell B-440 14. 7.1958 Old age pension for Ted Palmer. Daughter is Elsie Roberts who has left Mareeba. Ted is exempt. Ted also has a younger daughter. 14. 7.1958 John Burt Grainer 23.11.1957 Harry McNamara 6.11.1957 Norman Callaghan or Fox. Mother is Lucy Fox, now married to Friday Bush, of Palm Island. 14.11.1957 Katie Rogers and Charlie Rogers are now on a station in the Mt Surprise area. They have a child Cedric Rogers at Palm Island 8. 1.1958 Harry McNamara 30.12.1957 Whereabouts of Charlie Rogers and Katie Rogers unknown. 31.12.1957 Roley R-21 8. 8.1957 Rupert Burton is at Mareeba. Wife, Queenis Burton, and family are at Palm Island. 30. 7.1958 John Burt Grainer 2. 9.1958 Norman Callaghan 3. 9.1958 John Burt Grainer 2. 9.1958 Norman Callaghan N-69 9.10.1958 Income Tax Returns for Roley Cameron R-21 Norman Callaghan N-69 Harry McNamara H-123 25.11.1958 Lucy L-79 and Willie Rogers. Lucy was married to a Walter Gordon at Mt Surprise. She has not lived with him for a number of years but is not divorced. She will not return to Walter who is at Wrotham Park Stn. 8.12.1958 Harry Mcnamara H-123 left employment 7.11.1958 Outstanding wages Buller Mitchell B-440 Harry McNamara H-123 21.12.1960 Harry McNamara 12. 3.1960 Mavis Cook 11. 1.1960 Robbie Miller was escorted to Palm Island in 1959 17.12.1959 Victor Fox V-13 of Chillagoe in Mt Molloy district 29. 1.1960 Does Harry McNamara want to get married 1. 2.1960 Roley Cameron wants exemption. 1. 2.1960 Roley Cameron resigned 26. 2.1960 Exemption given to Roley Cameron. 5. 3.1960 Roley Cameron claims Invalid Pension. Born at Chillagoe before turn of century. Exempt. Married at Chillagoe about 25 years ago but living apart from his wife for about 10 years. Father Micky Atherton Mother Chloe 12. 3.1960 Harry McNamara 12. 3.1960 Mavis Cook M-828 wants to marry Harry McNamara. Mavis living near Granite Creek with another family of Aborigines. 12. 9.1960 Mavis Cook M-828 at Mareeba 30. 8.1960 Mavis Cook 17. 8.1960 No record of Harry Grogan at Mt Molloy 17. 8.1960 Mavis Cook M-828 15. 6.1959 Victor Fox V-13 25. 6.1960 Mentions Davie Roberts Harry McNamara Millie Flanagan 23. 6.1960 Elsie Mildren of Mareeba was granted an exemption in 1946/1947 when she was at Mt Molloy.