Nebo Police Station Letterbooks 1916 - 1917

Police Station, Nebo Letterbook 23. 3.1916 - 6. 3.1917 A/20592 Queensland State Archives These letterbooks are held at the Queensland State Archives. The following extracts have appeared in my Queensland Aboriginal Notes series. Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 25. 3.1916 Sam not receiving wages 28. 3.1916 Neddy, old, sick at Nebo 1. 4.1916 Neddy sick at Nebo. Aged about 60 years. Lives in the Black's Camp at Nebo. 30. 4.1916 Molly, aged about 60 years, is sick at Nebo. Lives in the Black's Camp at Nebo. 6. 5.1916 The following were at Suttor Creek Stn William Chuckney and Tommy Stuckey 30. 6.1916 Paddy, aged about 65 years, is sick and destitute at Nebo. Lives in the Black's Camp at Nebo. 14. 7.1916 Paddy, aged about 65 years, still sick at Nebo. 31. 7.1916 Paddy, aged about 65 years sick again. 11. 8.1916 George Barker, H/C aged 23 years applied for exemption. He is a native of Nebo and single. 19. 9.1916 Death of an aged male Aborigine named Charley Watson at Oxford Downs Stn on 19. 9.1916. Mentions the Watson family. Aged about 64 years and had a wife and four children. 29. 9.1916 About Mueko Budby 21.12.1916 Michael Murphy, H/C, not in district 19. 1.1917 Boocalie not at Blenheim Stn. May be in Mackay. 19. 1.1917 Billy at Tipperary Stn, 9 miles from Nebo. 6. 2.1917 Bin Dek, Chinese, wants to marry an Aboriginal woman at Nebo. They have been living together for a number of years. She is about 30 years old and called Bijelli. She had a 4 year old child that died in 19. 3.1916. 1. 3.1917 Minnie is at Nebo. Born about Emerald. Parts of this book are faded and illegible.