Taroom Police Letterbooks 1907 - 1911

Police Station, Taroom Letterbook 10. 2.1907 - 4. 4.1911 QS 646/1(1) Queensland State Archives 29. 1.1883 Toby, charged with attempted murder. Toby and his gin were caught by the Police and in the ensuing struggle Toby and one of the Police were killed. Toby is said to have been one of the few survivors of his tribe following their virtual extermination as a sequel to the Frazer massacre. He was a child at the time. This is a typed letter stuck onto cardboard. 23. 3.1907 About Tommy Lake Was sentenced to four months in Brisbane Gaol. Has now returned to Taroom. His gin is Mary Bundi H/C. Mary was removed to Deebing Creek in November 1904. Tommy went after her and brought her back. Tommy is a troublemaker. 4. 4.1907 About employment of Tommy, a Bollon Aborigine Sydney Sharkey was supposed to return Tommy to Bollon. 29. 4.1907 William Smith, half caste, naturalised, married to a white woman, died today. 7. 5.1907 William Smith H/C on the Electoral Roll 9. 7.1907 About Tommy Lake Sentenced to two months in Brisbane Gaol for assault. Still has a half caste gin here 16. 7.1907 Details on widow of William Smith H/C Name Teresa Smith Age 27 years Children Mary Ellen Smith, age 10 years Teresa Catherine Smith, aged 6 years Eva Clara Smith, aged 4 years Rosey Bell Smith, aged 20 months Expecting another child. William Smith is the father of them all. Her sister is Eva Lehr?, aged about 20 years, with an illegitimate child aged 27 months, named John Edward Lehr?. Eva and Teresa's mother died last month. 15. 8.1907 Fat Paddy died in the Black's Camp at Taroom a fortnight ago. Has a brother named Carrabah George at Taroom. Carrabah George is looking after two little Aboriginal girls whose parents are dead. 7.12.1907 William Smith is described as a H/C Aboriginal. 7.12.1907 Relatives of Teresa Smith are Eva Lehr, sister, Taroom Elizabeth Lehr, sister, Taroom William Lehr, brother, Taroom Page 182 Additional relatives of Teresa Smith John Lehr, brother Minnie Brennan, sister 31.12.1907 Unclaimed property at Taroom Police Station. Mentions Billy Palmtree found a gold ring 4. 1.1908 About seventy Aborigines and half-castes in the district. 4. 2.1908 Following four children of Teresa Smith approved for admission to St Vincents Orphanage, Nudgee. Mary Ellen Smith Teresa Catherine Smith Eva Clara Smith Rosey Bell Smith 28. 4.1908 About Mary Lake @ Mary Bundi, wife of Tommy Lake who is at Barambah Aboriginal Station. Mary lives at the Blacks Camp. Like most Aboriginals about Taroom she lives by prostitution. 6. 5.1908 Smith and Lehr families to be sent to Brisbane. 20. 5.1908 Fat Paddy's estate spent on Carrabah George and his two little girls. 26. 8.1908 About 60 to 70 Aborigines in the district. Mentions Fat Tommy whose gin, Minnie, died in Taroom Hospital. 4. 1.1909 About 70 Aborigines and half-castes in district 16. 3.1909 Mentions youngest child of Teresa Smith was dead. 21. 4.1909 John Barnie employed as Tracker for a while. Also employed for a while was Charlie Wallor. Also mentioned is Joe Barme (Joe Barney). 8. 5.1909 Charlie Wallor employed as Tracker to search for Dick Normanton, a deserter. 8. 6.1909 Joe Barney working at Bauhinia Downs. Was also employed as a temporary Tracker at Taroom 4. 9.1909 About Archie H/C formerly employed by Mr H Richter, a travelling piano tuner. Archie's parents are in the Blacks Camp at Taroom. 3. 1.1910 About 80 Aborigines and half-castes in district 22. 1.1910 Harry Tommy Tommy sentenced to two months in Brisbane Gaol for being illegally on premises. Harry belongs to the Condamine but has been at Taroom for about twelve months. 4. 3.1910 On the 1. 3.1910 Hornet Bank Peter reported that a half-caste named Harry Murphy murdered his gin Tilly at daylight that morning at Hatfords Camp on Kinnoul Creek about 5 miles up the Creek from Kinnoul Station. There were 8 adults and 2 children in the camp, namely Bella Tottee Cissey Tilly Peter Davey Alick Harry Murphy Tilly's two children Tilly's brother is Davey Bella's husband is possibly Jack Hatford H/C who was away shooting. 24.10.1910 Harry Tommy Tommy free but has not yet come to Taroom. 8. 6.1910 Mentions a row at the Black's Camp and mentions Tommy Gulf Sandy Fanny, Sandy's gin 11. 7.1910 Harry Tommy Tommy at Gwambeguine Station, Taroom 30.12.1910 About 90 Aborigines and half-castes in district 7. 2.1911 Moonshee, an Indian, wants to employ Moses, an Aborigine.