Queensland Removals 1912 - 1939 (Further information added.)

        This is a work in progress which will hopefully combine references
        to removals from all the resources I have. The base information
        was obtained from the Home Office Registers and then added to from
        various outher sources. These Registers are as follows

        Aboriginal Removal Correspondence 1912 - 1939

        Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
        1912,  HOM/B40 Queensland State Archives
        1913,  HOM/B42 Queensland State Archives
        1914,  HOM/B44 Queensland State Archives
        1915,  HOM/B46 Queensland State Archives
        1916,  HOM/B48 Queensland State Archives
        1917,  HOM/B50 Queensland State Archives
        1918,  HOM/B52 Queensland State Archives
        1919,  HOM/B54 Queensland State Archives
        1920,  HOM/B56 Queensland State Archives
        1921,  HOM/B58 Queensland State Archives
        1922,  HOM/B60 Queensland State Archives
        1923,  HOM/B62 Queensland State Archives
        1924,  HOM/B64 Queensland State Archives
        1925,  HOM/B66 Queensland State Archives
        1926,  HOM/B68 Queensland State Archives
        1927,  HOM/B70 Queensland State Archives
        1928,  HOM/B72 Queensland State Archives
        1929,  HOM/B74 Queensland State Archives
        1930,  HOM/B76 Queensland State Archives
        1931,  A/4736  Queensland State Archives
        1932,  A/4737  Queensland State Archives
        1933,  A/4738  Queensland State Archives
        1934,  A/4739  Queensland State Archives
        1935,  A/4740  Queensland State Archives
        1935A, A/4741  Queensland State Archives
        1936,  A/4742  Queensland State Archives
        1937,  A/4743  Queensland State Archives
        1938,  A/4744  Queensland State Archives
        1939,  A/4745  Queensland State Archives

        Pre  1915 is Aboriginals Generally section of the Register.
        Post 1915 is Removal Orders section of the Register.

        Years 1922 - 1935 often have a "reason" for the Removal.

        Paul Mackett 22. 3.2013

        Italics refer to information from other sources.

        Copyright P. J. Mackett, 1998, 2013

        Abbreviations in the "To" column are as follows

        AU   Aurukun
        B    Barambah
        BH   Brisbane Hospital
        BI   Badu Island
        C    Cherbourg
        CA   Cairns
        CAH  Cairns Hospital
        CB   Cape Bedford
        CBY  Cape Bedford and Yarrabah
        CC   Cowal Creek
        CI   Coconut Is
        CP   Chief Protectors Office
        D    Doomadgee
        DC   Deebing Creek
        DI   Darnley Island
        DI   Darnley island
        DM   Doomadgee
        EI   Eclipse Island Mission
        ERM  Edward River Mission
        FI   Fantome Island
        GA   Gayndah
        HI   Hammond Island
        HM   Home Mission
        HR   Hull River
        LON  Longreach
        LRM  Lockhart River Mission
        MA   Mapoon
        MI   Mabuiag Island
        MI   Mornington Island
        MM   Mona Mona
        MOR  Mornington Island
        MRM  Mitchell River Mission
        MUI  Murray Island
        MY   Maryborough
        NI   Naghir Island
        P    Purga
        PI   Palm Island
        R    Rockhampton
        SG   St George
        TA   Taroom
        TV   Townsville
        U    Urangan
        W    Woorabinda
        WM   Weipa Mission
        Y    Yarrabah
        YA   Yarrama
        @    Alias

        Additional information

        COB              - Cooktown Occurrence Book
        PCR Roma         - Police Correspondence Register
        PLB Halifax      - Police Letterbook Halifax
        WCB-MTG          - Watchhouse Charge Book Mt Garnet
        WCB - Croydon    - Watchhouse Charge Book Croydon
        WCB - Herberton  - Watchhouse Charge Book Herberton

        Removals for 1908 - 1916 (except 1915) appeared in the following
        Queensland Aboriginal Notes Series
        QAN Vol  7 (1990)  1908, 1909
        QAN Vol  9 (1990)  1910
        QAN Vol 13 (1990)  1911
        QAN Vol 18 (1990)  1912, 1913
        QAN Vol 20 (1990)  1914
        QAN Vol 22 (1990)  1916

        These have been reorganised and either added to existing listings
        or listed separately below.


      Removals 1908

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      WCB - Croydon 1. 1.1908 Echo. Aboriginal. Rations while awaiting removal to Baramba.
      Sent to Baramba Mission Station on 10. 1.1908.

      Nellie                                 Inglewood          Brisbane
      Ida                                    Stewart's Creek    Goodna
      John                                   Weipa Mission      Barambah
      Morgan Brothers                        Ipswich            Yarrabah
      Polly and Mary                         Prarie             Barambah
      Daisy and Albert Norman, Kitchener     Nebo               Barambah
      Louise Langlo                          Mt. Morris         Barambah
      Albert MacDonald                       Rockhampton Gaol   Barambah
      Fred                                   Mungindi           Barambah
      Polly Fishier                          Cairns
      Ellen Smith and 4 children             Roma               Barambah
      Neddy                                  Nebo               Barambah
      Black Harry                            Nebo               Barambah
      Archie Tweedie                         Brisbane Gaol      Barambah
      Blind Dick and gin                     Rockhampton        Barambah
      Billy Newman                           Stewarts Ck Gaol   Barambah
      Charlie and Rosie Blair                Normanton          Barambah
      Mick                                   Torrens Creek      Barambah
      Yellow Harry                           Mackay             Barambah
      Dick (Mainwaring) and 2 others         Vanrook, Dunbar    Barambah
      Bella McLean                           Brisbane           Barambah

      Ida Morgan, Ruby, Maggie Alford        Croydon            Barambah
       (WCB - Croydon 2. 6.1908 Ida Morgan (H/C, 24 yrs), Willian Edward Goldfinch (4 yrs),
       Joseph Thomas Eckford (2 yrs). All en route to Baramba Mission Station.)

      Jimmy Goodiman                         Myrtletown         Barambah
      Eliza Kirk                             St George          Barambah
      Jackie, Gilbert                        Stateen River      Barambah

      Minnie, Crooked legged Tommy,          Brighton Downs     Barambah )
      Jimmy Fox, King Peter                  Brighton Downs     Barambah )

      Adelaide                               Ingham             Yarrabah
      Ethel, Norman, Arthur                  Charleston         Barambah
      Hilda                                  Brisbane           Barambah
      Mary Daylight (3 yrs)                  Brisbane           Yarrabah
      Rose                                   Bundaberg          Barambah
      Zoe and three children                 Hughenden          Barambah
      Harry, King (Cancelled)                Coen               Barambah
      Minnie Watekin                         South Townsville   Barambah
      Billy Lillas                           Mackay             Yarrabah
      Tommy Condomingo                       Ukalunga           Barambah
      Jack Scraggs                           Yeulba             Barambah
      Alice Walker                           Inglewood          Brisbane
      Annie Simpson                          Brisbane           Barambah
      Fanny Coolagie                         Clump Point        Yarrabah
      Biamba                                 Clump Point        Barambah
      Mickey                                 Townsville         Barambah
      Garibaldi                              Rockhampton        Barambah
      Henry                                  Boggo Rd Gaol      Yarrabah
      Dilbin                                 Emerald            Barambah
      Paddy                                  Cloncurry Hosp     Barambah
      Laura Broom, Barbara, Grace Pentecost  Bundaberg          Singleton Mission
      Nellie Douglas                         Cooktown           Yarrabah

      Bob, King Barney, King Tommy Silver    Hughenden          Barambah )
      Tommy Flinders, Mary                   Hughenden          Barambah )

      Fred, Johnny                           Croydon            Barambah
       (WCB - Croydon 28.10.1908 Fred, Johnny Aboriginals. For rations.
        En route to Baramba Station. Sent to Baramba on 30.10.1908.)

      Captain                                Vanrook Stn        Barambah
      Annie Weasel                           Cairns             Yarrabah
      George Munro                           Chinchilla         Barambah
      Spider                                 Stewart's Ck Gaol  Barambah
      Billy, Jimmy                           Cairns Goal        Barambah
      Tommy Campbell                         Emu Park           Barambah
      Margaret Mary Moumaule and child       Thursday Is        Mapoon
      Fanny and 2 children                   Cloncurry          Yarrabah
      Tommy Costello, Paddy                  Cooktown Gaol      Barambah
      Grouchy, Craigie                       Rutland Plains     Barambah
      Tribe (app 28)                         Blackwater         Barambah
        (HOM/J47 9.11.1908 Lists unemployed aboriginals and half-castes at Blackwater,
        Emerald Police District.
        Jackey (45), Polly his gin (38), Robert his son (4)
        Blanche H/C (24) and her children Aggie (4) and baby (1)
        Lena  (35) and her children Boy (8), Eileen (5) and Mona (2)
        Annie (41) and her children Aggie H/C (17) and Lena H/C (14)
        Polly (45) and her children Trixie (22), Freda (9) H/C, Alice (20) and Arthur (11)
        Molly (20), Monica (19) and her child Mickey H/C (2)
        Sandy (50), Aggie H/C (18), Toby (65), Mick (44)
        HOM/J47 4.12.1908 Letter about removal of the following Aboriginals from Blackwater
        to Barambah. Mentions
        Jackey, Polly and Robert, Blanche and Aggie, Lena and her three children
        Annie and Aggie, Polly and her four children, Molly, Sandy, Aggie, Toby and Mick
        Those removed were most likely some or all of these.)

      Mabel, Alice, Harry,                   Forest Vale        Barambah )
      Alice Brown, Arthur Brown              Forest Vale        Barambah )

      Lenny, Gilbert                         Bowen              Barambah

      Removals 1909

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Rosy and 3 h/c girls                   Normanton, etc     Barambah
        (Deferred. Normanton, Gilbert River and Delta Camp)
      Bulberry                               Boggo Rd Gaol      Barambah

      Annie Cairns, Lizzie Cairns            Dirranbandi        Barambah)
      Jack Cairns                            Dirranbandi        Barambah)

      George Tyson                           Boonah             Barambah
      Friday                                 Townsville Gaol    Barambah
      Christinia                             Ingham             Yarrabah
      Tommy the Rat                          Cooktown Gaol      Barambah
      Billy Lillas                           Wondai (Kilkivan)  Barambah
      Amy King                               Brisbane           Yarrabah

      Gracie Shay, Charlie and Annie,        Rolleston          Barambah )
      Missie, Jackey and 3 H/C children      Rolleston          Barambah )

      Bob                                    Granville          Yarrabah
      Maud Anderson                          Brisbane           Yarrabah

      Mary Ann, Lizzie or Luya,              Tambo              Barambah )
      3 old males, 1 old female              Tambo              Barambah )

      Billy Wilson                           Townsville         Barambah
      Euchre                                 Stewart's Ck Gaol  Barambah
      Charley Barney                         Townsville         Barambah
      Jackey                                 Cloncurry          Barambah
      Dinah                                  Port Douglas       Yarrabah
      Moira Dawson                           Goondiwindi        Yarrabah
      Jackey Brambey                         Oxley              Barambah
      Jack                                   Cooktown Gaol      Barambah
      Archie Frazer                          Brisbane           Barambah
      Jack Warwick and his wife              Sunnybank          Barambah

      Billy Wambarr (Tracker),               Brisbane           Barambah )
      Billy Wagtail and Bella Wagtail        Brisbane           Barambah )

      Toby                                   Cairns Gaol        Barambah
      Neba                                   Condamine          Barambah
      Billy, King George, Annie, Nellie      Saxby Downs        Barambah
      Eric (6), Currie                       Hughenden          Barambah
      Henry                                  Rockhampton Gaol   Barambah
      Maggie and her child                   Georgetown         Barambah
      Minnie                                 Roma               Barambah
      Minnie, Harry                          Charleville        Barambah
      Maudie                                 Rockhampton        Barambah
      Mother and her 3 H/C children          Seven Rivers       Mapoon
        (Mother since allowed to remain)
      Wap & Family                           Thursday Is, etc   Yarrabah
        (Thursday Island and Saibai Island)
      Tommy                                  Cooktown Gaol      Barambah
      Peter                                  Cooktown Gaol      Barambah
      Billy Brown                            Mooney River       Barambah
        (Ingleston, Mooney River)

      Removals 1910

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Starlight                              Cairns             Barambah
      Joe                                    Brisbane           Barambah
      Peggy Patterson                        Esk                Barambah
      Minnie, Polly Strahan, 4 children      Wilson River       Barambah
      Mabel Jupiter, Norman Cambridge         Richmond           Barambah
      Jackey                                 Cooktown Gaol      Barambah
      Harry Tommy Tommy                      Brisbane Gaol      Barambah
      George Murray                          Brisbane Gaol      Barambah
      Tommy Tommy, Jessie                    Goondiwindi        Barambah
      Bulberry, Billy Brown                  Goondiwindi        Barambah
      Tommy alias Tommy Dodd                 Tewantin           Yarrabah
      Albert                                 Rockhampton Gaol   Barambah
      Alick                                  Cairns             Yarrabah

      Jimmy Douglas, Jimmy Nichol, Jack,     Ebagoolah          Barambah )
      Toby Platt, Romeo                      Ebagoolah          Barambah )

      Superbird                              Townsville         Barambah
      Dan, Dave                              Rockhampton        Barambah
      Noble                                  Boulia             Barambah
      King Tommy Noosa                       Maryborough        Barambah

      Princey Carlo & daughters Nellie       Maryborough        Barambah )
      and Maggie, 2 children, Annie, Willie, Maryborough        Barambah )
      Mary, Archie, Lily                     Maryborough        Barambah )

      Kitty                                  Cooktown Gaol      Barambah
      Fred Queary, wife Mary & 2 children    Toowoomba          Barambah
      Jessie, Ivy                            Emerald            Barambah
      Tommy                                  Cairns Gaol        Barambah
      Pilot and gin, Mammas                  Weipa Mission      Barambah
      George Bath and his gin                Eumundi            Barambah

      Galbraith, Mrs Galbraith, Michael,     Hawkwood           Barambah )
      Tootie, Sylvia, Minnie Mi Mi,          Hawkwood           Barambah )
      Billy Bundai, Seyman                   Hawkwood           Barambah )
      Seyman                                 Hawkwood           Barambah )

      Ducie                                  Somerset           Barambah

      Jack, Jumbo, Brandy, Peter, Charlie,   Torrens Creek      Barambah )
      Taylor, Charlie (Junior), Cissy        Torrens Creek      Barambah )
      Topsy, Molly                           Torrens Creek      Barambah )

      Edie Hinch (12 yrs)                    Tallwood           Barambah
      Jack Carbine, wife & five children     Mt Hollow Oak      Barambah
      Casey                                  Maryborough        Barambah

      King Paddy, King Malvern Jack,         Isisford           Barambah )
      King Jim Inniskillen, George Bull,     Isisford           Barambah )
      Harry Ruthven, Micky Ruthven,          Isisford           Barambah )
      Albilah Jim                            Isisford           Barambah )

      Big Jeanie, Maggie                     Isisford           Barambah
      Barger                                 Hughenden          Barambah

      Splinter, Lochnager Major, Kangaroo,   Trubanaman Mission Barambah )
      Malcolm, Waterloo Tommy                Trubanaman Mission Barambah )

      Jerry                                  Hughenden          Barambah
      Willie Smiler                          Yorke Downs        Barambah
      Maudie                                 Townsville         Barambah
      Jemima                                 Longreach          Barambah
      Speechaley                             Boulia             Barambah
      Piggy and his gin                      Laura              Barambah
      Billy            Brown                 Milea              Barambah

      WCB - Croydon 28. 3.1910 Podgee Bell (10 yrs, R.C.), George Bell (7 yrs, R.C.), Gipsy Bell (3 yrs, R.C.),
      Charley Bell (14 mths, R.C.), Polly Ellen Steele (H/C, 26 yrs, R.C., read and write),
      Minnie (abo, 36 yrs). Awaiting removal to Baramba Mission Station.

      Removals 1911

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Tibby McAndrew                         Cooktown           Yarrabah
      Moss                                   Coen               Barambah
      Frederick Dunne                        Brisbane Goal      Barambah
      Long Charlie                           Townsville         Barambah

      Natives removed from Ayr to Barambah listed as follows
      Peter Hegarty and gin, Jenny and 6 H/C children,Frank Fisher and gin, Rosie and 4 H/C children,
      Fred Weeds and gin, Jemima, Harry and his gin Fanny, Raymond Duncan and his H/C gin Mary & child,
      Johnny Ryan and gin, Maudie, Tommy Maryboro, Wondai (25)

      Carbo                                  Cairns             Barambah
      Quilp                                  Brisbane           Barambah
      One Arm Charlie                        Maryborough        Barambah

      Charlie Boreham, Charlie Skyring,      Bundaberg          Barambah )
      Willie Watts , Paddy Brewery, Tommy,   Bundaberg          Barambah )
      Tommy Wilson                           Bundaberg          Barambah )

      Dummy                                  Mareeba            Barambah
      Jerry Lai Fook, Tommy Twaddle, Frank   Laura              Brisbane
      Chuckey                                Cooktown           Barambah
      George Collins, William Collins        Boonah             Barambah
      Johnson Ah Mee                         Charleville        Barambah
      Chalk                                  Nebo               Barambah
      Daisy                                  Port Douglas       Yarrabah
      Amy, Billy                             Innisfail          Taroom
      Polly, Margaret                        Roma               Taroom
      Pigeon, Malcolm, Snowball              Normanton          Taroom

      Molly Riley (male), his gin Mary       Croydon            Taroom )
      and his child Bison, Tully             Croydon            Taroom )

      Darby, wife and 3 children             Eulo               Taroom

      Paddy Gilbert, Balby, Tiger, Rosey,    Laura              Taroom )
      Topsy and child                        Laura              Taroom )

      Albert                                 Stewart's Ck Gaol  Taroom
      Jessie Thompson                        Nanango
      Jimmy Martin                           Stewart's Ck Gaol  Taroom

      Eva Query, Cob Query, Billy Woods,     ......             Taroom )
      Jenny, George Bowen,                   ......             Taroom )
      Lottie and& 2 children,                ......             Taroom )
      Clara and 3 children                   ......             Taroom )
      Molly Myers and 4 children             ......             Taroom )

      Spider                                 Richmond           Barambah
      Ida (12), Nellie (8)                   Barclay Downs      Barambah
      Ruby Cressbrook, Violet Cressbrook     Goondiwindi        Barambah
      Dora                                   Hughenden          Barambah
      Blow                                   Nerang             Barambah
      George and Minnie his gin              Jundah             Taroom
      Paddy Tocal                            Barcaldine Hosp    Barambah
      Paddy                                  Laura              Taroom

      Natives removed from Roma to Taroom listed as follows
      Jack Saunders (25), wife Lottie (20), Combo (55), Lucy (30), Clyde (13), Claudie (10), Johanna (41),
      David McDough (47), Normie (50), William Turbane (40) and Jessie Turbane (35) and  Willie Turbane (8 mths),
      Alex Cox (28) and Kittie Cox (26) and Bella Cox (2) and Clara Cox (1),
      Jacob (60) and Ada (35) and Felix (5) and Jimmy (1), Roma Harry (35), Combo (70), George Quinton (50),
      Tommy Walker (70), Roma Charley (70), Jack (70), Joe (60), Yorkie (59), Toby (48), Ivory (49),
      Charles Bourke (50), Annie Anderson (40) and Percy Anderson (10), Teresa Kee (40), Bollon Mary (50)

      Nooroom                                Tiaro              Barambah
      Noble                                  Boulia             Taroom
      Lily Boyd and child                    Myora              Barambah
      Edith                                  Gilberton          Taroom
      Alice Nicholson                        Cooktown           Brisbane

      Removals 1912

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1912,
      HOM/B40 Queensland State Archives

      Dooley, Tracker at Warra, to Taroom
      Katey Atkins, removal from Kilkivan Settlement
      Saxby, from Hughenden to Barambah
      Tom Thumb, from Taroom to Barambah
      Jacob @ M Ruthven or H Ruthven, from Taroom to Barambah
      Little Fanny, from Eidsvold to Barambah
      Rosie, from Geraldton to Cape Bedford
      Annie Uhr, to Barambah
      Geo Speechley, recommends be allowed to return to own district
      Little Fanny, wife of leper, now in good hands
      Mary, Mary Tyson. From Meteor Downs to Barambah
      George Bengilla, recommends prisioner be sent to a settlement
      Chas Foley H/C, from Moreton Island to Taroom
      Kangaroo, from Stewarts Creek to Barambah
      2 H/C children, from Duaringa to Barambah
      Dan Brodie, permission to marry a H/Caste aged sweet 16
      Fanny Little and children, from Eidsvold to Barambah
      Ned Cullen, from Brisbane Prison to Barambah
      Charley, Lucy, from Longreach to Barambah
      Nellie Grogan, from Port Douglas to Yarrabah
      Percy Query, from Boggo Road Gaol to Taroom
      Harry Jerome, from Brisbane to Taroom
      Syphilitic gin, from Normanton to Barambah
      Ned Cullen, wants wife and child brought to Barambah
      Sick boy, from Cumberland to Yarrabah
      Ivy H/C, to Barambah
      Two gins, from Meteor Downs
      Nipper, vouchers for expenses for deportation and rations
      Polly Holdsworth, wishes to return to Cooktown to marry Philip Tipo
      Lucy, re a black boy running away with her. Permission to marry Wombi
      Tommy Nerang, to Taroom
      Billy Goram, that his wife, Mary Brown, be sent to him at Taroom
      Charley, now in gaol for assaulting Police. That he be removed
        on discharge, and gin Biddy be also sent service or removal
      Billy Murray, from Avondale to Reserve
      Bunberradubera, re removal from Mitchell. Misconduct with married girls
      Jack New Fong, suffering from a diseased arm, to Barambah
      Friday, from Cooktown district to Taroom or other Mission
      Sandy, about his refusal to leave Mt Perry and go to Barambah
      Charley, recommends removal of George from Weipa to Barambah. Murdering his wife.
      Ben, dumb boy, to a reserve
      Toby, Amy, from Wrights Creek to a reserve
      Bella, immorality with a white man, from Kanuna to a reserve
      Binda Binda, Boxer, Wollolunga, Fred. Cattle stealing
      Bessie Broom H/C
      Nellie Brown, Corporal Gilbert's step daughter be removed to a Mission

      Queensland Aboriginal Notes Volume 18 (1990) Removals 1912

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Teddy Myers, Billy Bowen, Ruby Bowen,  Dalby              Taroom )
      three children (Bowen's)               Dalby              Taroom )
      Mickey             Dooley              Warra              Taroom
      Katey              Atkins              Kilkivan           Barambah
      Saxby                                  Hughenden          Barambah
      Louisa Campbell, Minnie McKenzie,      Brisbane           Taroom )
      Edith Wilson, Ruby McPhie, Lena Buck,  Brisbane           Taroom )
      Ida Davis                              Brisbane           Taroom )
      Edward             Boyd                Myora              Barambah
      Janey Morton and child                 Myora              Barambah
      George Bradley                         Myora              Barambah
      Mrs Enoch and children                 Myora              Barambah
      Jack West, Harriet West and child      Myora              Barambah
      Dick Coleman                           Myora              Barambah
      Ida Curtis                             Myora              Barambah
      Joe Purcell                            Myora              Taroom
      Sally Winchester                       Myora              Taroom
      Jerry                                  Bowen              Barambah
      Tom Thumb                              Taroom             Barambah
      Jacob @ Mickey @ Hoory Ruthven         Taroom             Barambah
      Annie Uku (Ukr, Uhr)                   Townsville         Barambah
      Nellie (10), Dollie (8), Harold (5)    Mayneside          Cape Bedford
      Mary, Mary Tyson                       Rolleston          Barambah
      Rosie                                  Georgetown         Cape Bedford
      Charles            Foley               Moreton Is         Taroom
        (Cancelled on condition he remain on Myora)
      Kangaroo                               Stewarts CK Gaol   Barambah
      Dolly (12), Pearlie (10)               Duaringa           Barambah
      Fanny Little and 2 children            Eidsvold           Barambah
      Larry                                  Maryborough        Goodna
      Ned Cullen                             Brisbane Gaol      Barambah
      Toby                                   Cairns             Taroom
      Mary Tie and child                     Winton             Barambah
      Charley, Lucy                          Jericho            Taroom
      Nellie Grogan                          Mossman            Yarrabah
      Percy Queary                           Brisbane Gaol       Taroom
      Harry Jerome @Armstrong                Brisbane           Taroom
      Mary Ann, Maggie, Sarah, Davey, Mick   Eulo               Barambah
      Ivy                                    Walton             Barambah
      Doughboy                               Rockhampton        Taroom
      George Lane, Lucy Lane, Darby, Lizzie  Maryborough        Barambah
      Polly Holdsworth                       Thursday Is        Taroom
      Cobbo                                  .....              Taroom
      Fighting Tommy                         Lloyd Bay          Taroom
      Bob                                    Coen (Mein)        Barambah
      Matty, Toby                            Charters Towers    Barambah
      Ledie, Peka                            Klondyke           Barambah
      George                                 Batavia River      Barambah
      Simeon                                 Cooktown           Taroom
      Jimmy                                  Finch Hatton       Barambah
      Ruby Bowen and 3 children              Deebing Creek      Taroom
      Roma Tommy                             Rolleston          Barambah
      Willie Murray                          Toowoomba          Barambah
      Bessy, Lily (granddaughter, 4 yrs)     Mount Bay          Barambah
      Polly                                  Hughenden          Barambah
      Billy Goram                            Maryborough        Taroom
      Alick                                  Cairns Gaol        Barambah
      Jemima                                 Normanton          Barambah
      Tommy Nerang                           Willowburn         Taroom
      Friday                                 Cooktown           Taroom
      Charley, Biddy                         Rockhampton Gaol   Barambah
      Bunberradeeburra                       Trubanaman         Taroom
      Billy Murray                           Avondale           Taroom
      Sandy                                  Mount Perry        Barambah
      Kitty                                  Naranga            Barambah
      George                                 Weipa Mission      Barambah
      Toby, Amy                              Cairns             Taroom
      Bella                                  Cairns             Taroom
      Ben                                    Cloncurry          Barambah
      Binda Binda, Boxer, Wollolunga, Fred   Burketown          Barambah
      Bessie Broom                           Avondale           Barambah


      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1913
      HOM/B42 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1913

      Jimmy, from Miriam Vale to Barambah
      Ned Cullen, Barambah. Asking to go home to his wife and boy
      Black Violet. Declining to allow transfer to Mrs Tooth of Pialba
      Percy Query, Taroom. Disobedience. Punished by having rations stopped
      Bessie Brown H/C, to Taroom
      Hillsborough. Desirability of moving blacks to a Mission
      Gins, Cape York. Impossible to obtain names. Authority to remove them all.
      Hammond Islanders. Recommend removal to Moa Island
      Jimmy, from Port Douglas to Brisbane Hospital
      Geo Lacey or Spider, on release from Cairns Gaol, to a Reserve
      Lizzie Wiseman, that she be permitted to stay in Brisbane
      W D Brown, wants separation from his wife, a H/C
      Five Aboriginal absconders from Taroom are detained by Banana Police and whether he shall return them to Taroom
      Saibai - Gabba, Recommend removal from Saibai to Gabba (25 miles south)
      Dolly Parker, H/C, Recommend she be removed to an institution
        for treatment. Suffering from hereditary syphilis.
      Dick Landsborough, to a reserve
      Davey, a nuisance at Capella, to Barambah
      Bumble, from Croydon to Barambah
      Jackey, reporting death on 23. 3.1913, one of three receiving relief and recommending
        that the others be allowed money for three months
      Kitty, Charlotte, venereal gins, from Emerald to a Reserve
      Prince Albert, George Combo, Zoe Combo. To a reserve
      Edward Dunn, aggravated assault on a female, to Taroom
      Percy Gundy, convicted but not punished for stealing a watch, to a reserve
      Daylight's children. Recommend Police take proceeding to have them committed to the
        Deebing Creek Industrial School as neglected children
      Connolly. Inveterate opium smoker and believed to be in league with cattle duffers
      Jackey Fook, bush lawyer, an educated blackfellow and inveterate schemer and loafer, to Taroom
      Nellie H/C, will not remain in employment and frequents Chinese dens.
      Edward Dunn. Recommend remission of balance of sentence of 4 months and removal to Taroom
      James Turner. Report - European married to a H/C
      Esau, removal to a mission for stealing
      Jack Duncan, serving one month for assaulting a gin, to a reserve
      5 Aborigines at Longreach, wont work, to a reserve
      Bob, George have returned to Coen from Barambah and recommend they be sent back
      Wabash. Recommend removal. At present serving one month for assaulting a gin
      H Macauley, an inveterate drunkard, to Barambah
      Absconsion of 5 Aborigines from Barambah. They are Ned Cullen, Maggie, Jacob, Mickey Ruthers,
        Harry Ruthers. Recommend Commissioner of Police take action against them.
      Sambo, nuisance and habitual drunkard, to Barambah
      Mary Ann Carr, of Myora. Reporting death from burns 7. 7.1913
      Lily, addicted to opium, to a mission
      Sambo, a great nuisance to the Community, to a reserve
      Maggie, a drunkard and immoral character, to Barambah
      May Hunkin from Mabuiag, misconduct with Samoan teacher. Recommend removal.
      Harry Wilson, Emma Wilson, both unmanageable, to Barambah
      Bertie Brown, Stanley Brown, Willie Culham, Bessie Culham to Barambah
      Percy Mitchell, addicted to drink and becoming a nuisance, to Barambah
      Cissie, Annie, 2 H/Cs, for being immoral
      Ada and children, to Taroom
      T Murray, for absconding from Barambah, removal from Barambah
      Ethel Davey, to Barambah
      Spider, to Barambah
      Tommy, from Tiaro to Barambah
      3 destitute children, from Augustus Downs to Cape Bedford (Augustus Downs about
        80 miles from Burketown)
      Charley, Paddy. Deserting and stealing a dinghy. To Barambah
      George, cancellation of removal order. He has reformed Annie Jackson. That her child
        be handed over to the State Childrens Department
      Mick, will not work, indulges in opium, to Barambah
      6 boys from Coen to Taroom
      6 Aboriginals from Roma to Taroom
      4 children from Fossilbrook to Cape Bedford
      Harry Moutrell, to Barambah
      Nellie Nicholls, Annie, from Mackinade to Yarrabah
      Albert Wilson, to Taroom
      Kitty, Charlotte. Escaped from Lock Hospital, Rockhampton, now in Emerald district. Removal to Barambah
      Albert, from Palmerville to Barambah
      Johnny, from McIvor River to Barambah
      Linda and 3 children, from Charters Towers to Barambah
      Charlie. Recommend removal. Serving 1 month in Cairns Gaol
      Alick Hoffman, wife and child, to Barambah
      Gundy family, when agreement expires, to Barambah
      Archie Weedy, from Ipswich to Taroom
      Alfred Chilly, Herbert Chilly, Charlie Chilly, from Landsborough district to Taroom
      Elsie Beard, to Cape Bedford
      Dolly Daylight. Transfer to Barambah Industrial School
      Roy Fogarty, Charles Fogarty, to Deebing Creek
      Toowoomba, recommend removal of natives from Moonie to Taroom, wandering about
      Maggie, to Taroom, from Norley Station
      Barney, from Thargomindah to Taroom
      Eliza Gregorio, from Thursday Island to Barambah
      Dick Holman, from Cairns Gaol to Barambah
      Geo Lacey, from Mt Perry to Barambah
      Willie Watts & 6 others, from Maryborough to Barambah
      Paddy, a cripple for treatment, to Barambah

      The Miscellaneous section of this register contains references to the following removals

      Sergt Brown, Susan Brown. Recommend removal Tewantin to a reserve
      Lizzie Hickson, Certificate of Exemption
      Monday, tranfer to Taroom
      Paddy Lisha, transfer to Taroom
      Pompey, transfer to Taroom
      Alick Molons, transfer to Taroom
      H/C women & children, from Mt Carbine to Barambah

      Queensland Aboriginal Notes Volume 18 (1990) - Removals 1913

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Norah and her illegitimate child       Townsville         Barambah
      Joe Murray                             Brisbane Gaol      Barambah
      Tommy Slocum                           Stewart's Ck       Barambah
      Sergeant Brown, Susan                  Maryborough        Barambah
      Bessie Broom                           Bundaberg          Taroom
      Daisy                                  Bundaberg          Barambah
      Willie, Hornet, Douie, Neddie,         Roma               Taroom )
      Cinderella, Amy, Harold, Oscar         Roma               Taroom )
      Alex Robinson, wife and 2 children,    Boonah             Taroom ]
      Bella, Gertie, Bessie Long,            Boonah             Taroom ]
      Julia Mitchell, Aggie Mitchell         Boonah             Taroom ]
      Henry Mundugan, Willie Cummings        Boonah             Barambah
      George Lacy @ Spider                   Cairns             Barambah
      Sinbad                                 Townsville         Barambah
      Tommy Patterson                        Rockhampton        Barambah
      Toby Wilson                            Rockhampton        Barambah
      Dolly Parker                           Croydon            Brisbane
      Davey                                  Rockhampton        Barambah
      Bumble                                 Croydon            Barambah
      Dick Landsborough                      Toowoomba          Taroom
      Prince Albert  (28),                   Roma               Taroom )
      George Combo (22), Zoe Combo (15)      Roma               Taroom )
      Percy Gundy (15)                       Tiaro              Taroom
      Edward Dunn and wife                   Brisbane Gaol      Taroom
      Jackey Foote                           Bundaberg          Taroom
      Connolly                               Forsyth            Barambah
      Nellie                                 Innisfail          Barambah
      Wabash                                 Cairns             Taroom
      Jack Duncan                            Rockhampton Gl     Taroom
      Alick Craven and wife Susannah         Longreach          Barambah
      Alick Riley and Lucy, Cubbin           Longreach          Barambah
      Esau                                   Cloncurry          Barambah
      Herbert McKinlay                       Clermont           Barambah
      Bob, George                            Coen               Barambah
      Sambo                                  Bundaberg          Barambah
      Billy Anderson alias Sambo             Cairns Prison      Barambah
      Lily                                   Georgetown         Barambah
      Maggie                                 Miles              Taroom
      Kate Armstrong and her                 Goondiwindi        Taroom )
      two children 6 yrs and 2 yrs           Goondiwindi        Taroom )
      Maggie                                 Bundaberg          Barambah
      Paddy Williams                         Cairns             Taroom
      May Hankin                             Mabuiag Is         Mapoon
      Harry Wilson, Emma                     Clermont           Barambah
      Bertie  Brown                          Gaol               Barambah )
      Stanley Brown, Willie & Bessie Culham  Beaudesert         Barambah )
      Percy Mitchell                         Maryborough        Barambah
      Cissie, Annie                          Cairns             Barambah
      Ada Combo (wife of Albert Combo) and   Bollon             Taroom )
      children Jessie, Nancy, Willie, Albert Bollon             Taroom )
      Tommy                                  Miva               Taroom
      Ethel Davey                            Cooroy             Barambah
      Spider                                 Springvale         Barambah
      Delvin West                            Gayndah            Barambah
      George Oaky, Charlie                   Gladstone          Barambah
      Mick                                   .........          Barambah
      Dick, Willie Lakeland, Peter,          Coen               Taroom )
      Old Dick, Jimmy, Old Harry             Coen               Taroom )
      Brisbane Jack, Arthur, Jimmy,          Roma               Taroom ]
      Annie Anderson, Alice, George Hart     Roma               Taroom ]
      Harry Mantrell (?Montrell)             Charters Towers    Barambah
      Albert Wilson                          Bundaberg          Taroom
      Dolly (16), Mabel (4), Eva (5mths),    Fossilbrook        Cape Bedford )
      Ned (6)                                Fossilbrook        Cape Bedford )
      Nellie Nicholls, Annie                 Macknade           Yarrabah
      Albert                                 Palmerville        Barambah
      Kitty, Charlotte                       Emerald            Barambah
      Johnny (Alias Mechen Euchen)           McIvor River       Barambah
      Alick Hoffman and wife Wina            Charters Towers    Barambah )
      and their child Arthur                 Charters Towers    Barambah )
      Charley                                Cairns             Barambah
      Gundy, wife and six children           Maryborough        Barambah
      Bert Brown and wife Linda and their    Charters Towers    Barambah )
      Tottie (12), Jack (10) and Lily (8)    Charters Towers    Barambah )
      Muriel, Maudie, Seamore                August Downs       Cape Bedford
      Herb Chilly, Charles Chilly,           Glenview           Taroom )
      Alf Chilly                             Glenview           Taroom )
      Archie Weedy                           Ipswich            Taroom
      Florrie                                Cairns             Barambah
      Dolly, Annie, Dinah, Jessie,           Cairns             Mona Mona )
      six half-caste children                Cairns             Mona Mona )
      Monday                                 Maytown            Taroom
      Alick                                  Stewarts Ck Gl     Taroom
      Paddy Lisha (Tisha)                    Stewarts Ck Gl     Taroom
      Dolly Parker                           Brisbane           Barambah
      Maggie                                 Longreach          Barambah
      Pompey                                 Townsville         Barambah
      Elsie Beard                            Cairns             Cape Bedford
      Mechen Euchen wife and children        McIvor River       Barambah
      Jack Normanton                         Deebing Ck Mis     Barambah
      Eliza Gregorio                         Thursday Is        Barambah
      George Lacey                           Mt Perry           Barambah
      Dick Holman                            Cairns Gaol        Barambah
      Maggie                                                    Taroom
      Ex Tracker Barney                      Thargomindah       Taroom
      King Tommy Tommy, Billy Brown,                            Taroom
      Hector, Myrtle, Gordon                                    Taroom
      Paddy                                  Kings Plains       Barambah
      Willie Watts, Archie Fraser,           Maryborough        Barambah )
      Gilbert Gable, Fred Norman,            Maryborough        Barambah )
      Kitty Norman, Bob White, Polly White   Maryborough        Barambah )
      Jenny                                  Prairie            Barambah
      Maud Santo, Nellie                     Atherton           Barambah
      Nellie Miller                          Auchenflower       Barambah


      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1914
      HOM/B44 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1914

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Jenny                                      Hughenden         B
      Jackie. Removal from Henderson's employ at Herberton
      G Tyson and P Hegarty, punishment for absconding from Aboriginal Reserve
      New Fong. No objection to family returning to Myora
      George                                                       TA
      Maud                                                         B
      W H Westaway complains of removal of his stockman Charlie Chillie to Taroom
      Edith                                                        B
      Christie Hill                                                TA
      Hughie                                     Burketown         B
      Nellie                                     Nelson, Cairns    B
      Maggie West. Asks whether she could be admitted to Diamantina
      Nellie. Further re half-caste and her child being taken away by Police
      Coolwell family. For advice about moving whole family to Taroom
      Marie                                      Jericho           B
      Osca Bradfield and wife                    Cloncurry         B
      Neba Brighton                              Maryborough       TA
      Paddy Murray                                                 B
      Maudie Santo and Nellie Santo, her mother. Protesting against
        deportation to Barambah. Johnny Santo claims custody.
      Granny                                     Townsville        B
      Jacky, on release from St Helena                             TA
      Walter Page                                Brisbane Jail     TA
      Warrigal                                   Hambledon         B
      Tommy Tocal                                Barcaldine        B
      Mable Brown                                                  TA
      Balser                                     Ebagoolah         B
      Maggie, Nellie                             Tambo             B
      Colin, Phoeba                              Cairns            B
      Bella Bosco, King Davey                    Bell              TA
      Roger Bell and family                                        TA
      King Billy                                 Sellheim          B
      Tommy Shickey                              Laura             B
      Donnor                                     Boulia            B
      Removal of 5 old natives                   Retreat Stn       B
      Coolwell family. Whether Police were right in removing them to a Mission.
      Annie Hibbett                                                TA
      Amica, Atima                               Thursday Island   B
      Frank, on release from Cairns Gaol                           B
      Frank, assaulting a girl                                     B
      Jessie Kennedy                             Pialba            TA
      Mrs R Bell                                 Beaudesert        TA
      George, now out of agreement               Weipa Mission     B
      Billy, on release from Cairns Gaol                           B
      Peter Clarke, Wagga                        Jericho           LON
      Bob Bond                                   Richmond          TA
      Minnie Osca                                Maryborough       TA
      Victor                                     Brandon           B
      Rosie Andrews                                                B
      Strathmore Stn gins, about 30                                B
      Norman Roy, on release from Brisbane Gaol                    B
      Fat George                                 Herberton         B
      Jack Wilson                                Townsville        B
      Byromine Stn. Recommend 8 old Aborigines be transferred to Barambah. Cost 10/- a head to Cloncurry.
      Joe Nungarra                               Innisfail         B
      Amy Seppie (SSI). That she be sent to Yarrabah. Cost of fare
        To Cairns six pounds one and sixpence.
      Alf Chillie. That Mrs Warnes is in the family way to Alf Chillie,
        and that he be released from Taroom to marry her (i.e. Mrs Warnes).
      Donnor (Venereal) Boulia. That he be sent to a Hospital instead
        of Barambah as he is suffering from Venereal in an advanced stage.
      Dinah, from Yarrabah to Mrs Cobb of Mossman
      Minnie. That her removal be withheld at present.
      Rosey Ching                                Maryborough       B
      Koudia. That 18 month old child of Koudia be returned from Taroom
        to Orphanage, Thursday Island.
      Mrs Warnes. Further about release of Alf Chillie from Taroom
      Byromine Stn Blacks. Recommend removal order be rescinded and
        one pound a week ration be allowed.
      Seven old natives                          Ravenswood        Y
      Tommy Jumbaroo                             Liverpool Ck      B
      Cissy                                      Gordonvale        B
      Jessie                                     Lawn Hills Stn    MA
      Nellie (for her own protection)            Yungaburra        CB
      Siberia. That part of removal order with respect to Siberia be rescinded.
      Jack Tommy Tommy, on release from Brisbane Gaol              TA
      Jack West (for insubordination)            Barambah          TA
      Maria (living an immoral life)             Halifax           TA
      Willie, on release from Stewarts Creek Gaol                  HR
      Nellie (living an immoral life)            Mourilyan         Y
      Annie Currie (to join her husband)                           TA
      G Noble, Molly                             Yarrabah          MM
      Tottie                                     Innisfail         Y
      Duncan, Nancy                              Tallwood          TA
      Prince Davie, if acquitted of murder       Cardwell          TA
      Jimmy Dutchie                              Hughenden         B
      Nellie Coulsen                             Cairns            B
      Arthur Murray                              Westbrook Reform. TA
      Jerry Jerome                                                 TA
      Joe Purcell, Sally Winchester                                TA
      Tommy King                                 Wetheron          B
      Topsy                                      Burketown         MA
      May Hunkin, recommend release from Mapoon
      Harry Cook                                 Barambah          HR
      Robert                                     Rolleston         B
      George. Recommend discharge from Barambah to Weipa
      Jack Robinson, transfer prisioner on his release to Yarrabah
      Jeanie (venereal case)                     Cloncurry         CAH
      Several natives                            Nanango           DC
      Strathmore Stn. Threatening proceedings unless gins allowed to remain with their
        husbands there, as no notice to termination of agreement was given.
      Mullen and wife                            Merinda           Y
      Fraley                                     Aramac            DC
      Natives                                    Bowen             Y
      Jimmy                                      Chillagoe         Y
      Elma, Elsie                                Station Ck        CB (Station Creek, Chillagoe)
      Pigeon (for immorality)                    Sarina            B
      Katie and child                            Tomoo             TA
      Norah, Eileen, Polly, H/Cs                 Tomoo             DC
      Donald Davidson                            Bendena Stn       DC
      Jennie (unable to provide for herself)     Gladstone         B
      T O'Shea, Jack Hempie                      Mona Mona         B
      Annie Currie or Page (removal rescinded)   Beaudesert        TA
      Jerry Jerome. Recharging his expenses of removal to Taroom
      Sambo, Kara                                Cairns            Y
      Pollie Gray                                Clermont          B
      Tim                                        Longreach         B
      Hughie                                                       HR
      Curry, about the case of this half-caste woman of Beaudesert,
        whose daughter it is proposed to remove to a Settlement
      Samuel Maiquick, wife and family           Yarrabah          B

      Queensland Aboriginal Notes Volume 20 (1990)  1914

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      George                                 Cairns             Taroom
      Nanny, Gracey, Winnie, Aggie           Capella            Cape Bedford
      Tommy Tomahawk                         Brisbane           Taroom
      Jack Bullyell                          Brisbane           Taroom
      Edith                                  Coen               Barambah
      Christie Hill                          Bundaberg          Taroom
      Huey                                   Turn-off Lagoon    Barambah
      Nellie                                 Cairns             Barambah
      Maria                                  Jericho            Barambah
      Neba Brighton                          Maryborough        Taroom
      Paddy Murray                           Jericho            Barambah
      Oscar James William Bradfield and wife Cloncurry          Barambah
      Granny                                 Christmas Ck       Barambah
      Edward Coolwell and wife Lucy and      Beaudesert         Barambah )
      children Willie, Grace and Alfred      Beaudesert         Barambah )
      Jackey                                 St Helena          Taroom
      Walter Page                            Brisbane Gaol      Taroom
      Warrigal                               Cairns             Barambah
      Tommy Tocal                            Barcaldine         Barambah
      Balser and wife Minnie and child Sambo Ebagoolah          Barambah
      Mabel Brown                            Yeulba             Taroom
      Collin and wife Phoeba                 Cairns             Barambah
      Maggie, Nellie                         Tambo              Barambah
      Belle Bosco, King Davey                Bell               Taroom
      Roger Bell and wife Ada and children   Hillview           Taroom )
      John, Willie, Janet, George Bell, Mary Hillview           Taroom )
      Jackey                                 Mourilyan          Yarrabah
      Tommy Stuckey                          Laura              Barambah
      King Billy                             Sellheim           Barambah
      Sam, Davey, Polly, Mary Ann            Longreach          Barambah
      Frank                                  Cairns Gaol        Barambah
      Annie Hibbett                          Hebel              Taroom
      Frank                                  Cairns Gaol        Barambah
      Jessie Kennedy                         Pialba             Taroom
      Condia and infant                      Thursday Is        Mapoon
      Amcia Usop, Atima Ahwang               Thursday Is        Barambah
      Billy                                  Cairns Gaol        Barambah
      Donnor                                 Boulia             Fitzroy Island
      Bob Bob Bon @ Bob Bond                 Richmond           Taroom
      Minnie Osca                            Maryborough        Taroom
      Victor                                 Brandon            Barambah
      Peter Clarke and his gin Wagga         Jericho            Barambah
      Jack Nungarra                          Innisfail          Barambah
      Norman Roy and wife                    Brisbane           Barambah
      Rosey Ching                            Fraser Is          Taroom
      Jackson                                Thursday Is        Barambah
      King Tommy, Jimmy Murray, Douglas,     Ravenswood         Yarrabah )
      Tommy Massey, Billy Sullivan,          Ravenswood         Yarrabah )
      Mary Ann, Annie                        Ravenswood         Yarrabah )
      Tommy Jumbaroo                         Liverpool Ck       Barambah
      Cissey                                 Gordonvale         Barambah
      Jessie                                 Lawn Hills         Mapoon
      Mary Ann, Naghir, May                  Seven Rivers       Cape Bedford
      Nellie                                 Gungaburra         Cape Bedford
      Bertie Blackman                        Townsville         Barambah
      Jack West and wife                     Barambah           Taroom
      Tottie                                 Innisfail          Yarrabah
      Willie                                 Stewart Ck Gl      Hull River
      George Noble and wife Molly and        Yarrabah           Mona Mona )
      child George                           Yarrabah           Mona Mona )
      Nellie                                 Mourilyan          Yarrabah
      Jacky Jacky (60), King Charlie (65),   Byromine Stn       Barambah )
      The Dwarf (30), Mauley (60),           Byromine Stn       Barambah )
      Larry (70), King Dougall (70),         Byromine Stn       Barambah )
      Hoppy (female, 65), Old Queen (70)     Byromine Stn       Barambah )
      Duncan, Nancy and child                Tallwood           Taroom

      Natives removed from Mareeba to Monamona listed as follows
      Frank, Nancy, Ioline, Tommy Shea, Molly, Johnny, Billy Carroll, Maudie,
      Billy's gin, George, Kingsborough and gin, Toby, Jimmy Reilly and gin,
      T. Dodd's mother, Jimmy, Florrie, Jimmy, Bella, Maggie, Lupo Jack,
      Tommy and gin, Old Tommy, Old Nellie, Lily, Two old gins at Brewery Camp,
      Violet, Lulo, Johnny, Willie Fearon, Young Paddy, Violet, Rosey, Gracie,
      14 unnamed children

      Jimmy Dutchie                          Hughenden          Barambah
      Arthur Murray                          Westbrook          Taroom
      Joe Purcell, Sally Winchester          Myora              Taroom )
      and three children                     Myora              Taroom )
      Topsy                                  Burketown          Mapoon
      Nellie Coulsen and 3 children          Cairns             Barambah
      Jerry Jerome, wife Alice and           Brisbane           Taroom )
      their four children                    Brisbane           Taroom )
      King Tommy                             Wetheron           Barambah
      Agnes Ferguson, Agnes Johnson,         Brisbane           Taroom )
      Mary Carlo                             Brisbane           Taroom )
      Robert                                 Rolleston          Barambah
      Janie Darlow and her child             Brisbane           Taroom
      Harry Cook                             Barambah           Hull River
      Jack Robinson                          Cairns Gaol        Yarrabah
      Boss Davey, Possum Peter               Mitchell           Taroom

      Natives removed from Strathmore Station to Yarrabah listed as follows
      Charlie Hippy (55), Jennie (50), Bella (18), Tin-eye Billy (50), Sophie (30),
      Jackey (15), Maizie (10), Willie (7), Norman (6), Madeline (2 1/2), Elsie (15),
      Infant (5 weeks), Sandy (92), Peggie (20), Annie (4), Eddy (2), Tommy Dodd (50),
      Emily (25), Reggie (6), Donald (3), Nethie (45), Woggley (50), Amy (16), Eli (55),
      Mary Ann (35), Sambo (19), Tommy King (25), Alice (21), Willie (13), Rodger (60),
      Carlisle (55), Maggie (60), Polly (60), Mabel (19), May (1), Charley Horning (50),
      Flora (26), Billy Lightning (35), Alice (30), 15 stock-boys allowed to remain

      Harry Murphy                           Brisbane Gaol      Barambah
      Christmas Davies                       Cooktown           Yarrabah
      Harry, Toabinga, Louisa,               Nanango            Deebing Creek )
      Lizzie and her 3 children,             Nanango            Deebing Creek )
      2 children of Maud (deceased),         Nanango            Deebing Creek )
      Maggie Rouse and 3 children            Nanango            Deebing Creek )
      Fraley                                 Aramac             Deebing Creek
      Mullen, Minnie                         Merinda            Yarrabah
      Nellie Bly, Clara, Maudie, Willie,     Bowen              Yarrabah )
      Connie, Nellie, Peter, George,         Bowen              Yarrabah )
      Tommy, Leonta, Charley Waite, Emily    Bowen              Yarrabah )
      Lily Carroll and her child             Cairns             Mona Mona
      Jimmy                                  Chillagoe          Yarrabah
      Donald Davidson, Lizzie, Dinah,        Roma               Deebing Creek )
      Jessie, Jack, Leslie, Janie            Roma               Deebing Creek )
      Norah, Eileen, Polly Richards          Roma               Deebing Creek
      Katie and her child Edgar              Roma               Taroom
      Tommy O'Shea, Jack Hempie              Mona Mona          Barambah
      Pigeon                                 Sarina             Barambah
      Jennie                                 Gladstone          Barambah
      Elma, Elsie                            Station Ck         Cape Bedford
      Annie Currie and her 4 children        Beaudesert         Taroom
      Sambo, Kara                            Cairns             Yarrabah
      Tim                                    Longreach          Barambah
      Polly Gray                             Clermont           Barambah
      Hughie                                 Cardwell           Hull River

      Natives removed from Clump Point, Maria, Liverpool and Murdering Creeks
      to Hull River as listed below
      Charlie Biambi, Fanny Coolagie, Jumbo and wife Rossie, Paddy and wife Lily,
      Moodie, Chookie and wife Kitty, Little Harry, Powder, Emily, Tommy Aki,
      Larry (9), Bombi, Panny, Toby and wife Nellie, Brow and wife Nellie,
      Arthur Waluia and wives Polly and Kitty, Maggie, Frank (a cripple),
      Tom Malapii, Jimmy (blind), Maugagabin, Jumbralla, Old Man Billy,
      Toby and gin Maggie, Long Charley, Old Man Billy, Moongoon Billy,
      Tom Gaborra and wife Jenny, Tommy (H/C Kanaka), Jimmy, Davey, Jimmy,
      Old Man Barry, Maggie and her H/C child 7 yrs, Barney (old man),
      Toby Joig, Pompey Tucker, and any other natives in the district not herein mentioned

      Cassowary, Billy, Mungulburra          Clump Point        Hull River
      Jessie                                 Taroom             Barambah


      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1915
      HOM/B46 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1915

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Nellie                                     Cairns            MM
        (22.10.1915 WCB-MTG - Nellie, aboriginal and baby in arms.
         Order for removal of aborigines to MonaMona for their
         own benefit (dated 23. 9.1915). Sent to Cairns under
         escort on 23.10.1915.

      Coulahan Family                            Many Peaks        B
      Robert McMaster                            Cooktown          Y
      Mourilyan and Cardwell. Recommend removal 23 persons to Hull River
      Mick                                       Barambah          HR
      Nora                                       Valley of Lagoons HR
      Charlie Snider. That he be kept at Mona Mona
      Nelly (unable to work)                     Mowbray Vale      MM
      Ida M Cavanagh and 3 children              Bundaberg         B
      Charlie Lawrence, Katie Lawrence           Myola (Cairns)    HR
      Gilbert                                    Clermont          TA
      Coen. Recommend removal 17 H/C children to Yarrabah
      Wm Donaldson @ Geo Davis. Recommend removal to Taroom on his release from Brisbane Jail
      Paddy Williams. Recommend removal to Taroom on his release from Brisbane Jail
      Bippa and 2 children                       Keeroongooloo Stn TA
      Jerry Carver, Frank Imbil,                 Gympie            TA   }
      Polly Carver, Lizzie Kelly, Bella Crowe    Gympie            TA   }
      Jimmy                                      Cairns            B
      Charlie, Tiney                             Port Stewart      Y
      Jimmy. Recommend removal to a settlement for committing tribal murder.
      Cairns district. List of 8 children to Yarrabah
      Possum                                     Chillagoe         HR
      Barbara                                    Sparon (Maryb'gh) B
      Samuel Maiquick, wife & 2 children         Yarrabah          HR
      Ernest Pope, wife & 3 children             Eidsvold          B
      Dinah and children                         Attack Ck (Coen)  Y
      Claridge & child, Joe Foremile             Woree, Cairns     Y
      Norah                                      Mt Dunrobin Stn   B
      Belley Walker and child                    Mitchell          TA
      Rosie                                      Clermont          B
      Willie McMahon                             Saxby Downs       HR
      Mareeba. For inclusion 56 Aborigines in removal order to Mona Mona for disciplinary reasons
      Tully, Murray Rivers (Cardwell) to Hull River. Recommends removal of 159 Aborigines.
      Ida                                        Clermont          B
      Rosey Cressbrook and 3 children            Goondiwindi       TA
      Sally Winchester. Re her being compelled to live with Joe Purcell at Taroom
      Tommy Carr, Alma Carr, Maudie Garbit       Mona Mona         HR
      Douglas Riley                              Clermont          B
      Willie Watts, Annie, Jessie Lumber         Frasers Island    TA
      Mary Ann, Nellie, Nendy, Maggie            Rolleston         B
      Mad Tommy                                  Stone Rv, Ingham  HR
      Kitty Clarke and 3 children                Yungaburra        HR  (Marriage to Leandro Illin, Russian)
      Rosey. Recommend recission of order as affecting Rosey (Coen)
      Alfred McEwan                              Ipswich           TA
      Charley Woree, Eliza Woree (wife)          Edmonton          HR
      Sambo. Recommend removal Cairns to Yarrabah
      Lottie Lane                                Clifton           TA
      Nendy. For exclusion from order and for authority to spend 6 pounds for conveying Aborigines from Rolleston
      Peter Monkey                               Ebagoolah         HR
      Fly                                        Coen              Y
      Blind Sally                                Glencoe Stn       B   (Glencoe Stn, Maryborough)
      Albert Wilson. Hull River on release from Brisbane Jail.
      Willie Pyne, Dolly Pyne & their child      Edmonton          Y
      Florrie                                                      Y
      Strathmore Stn blacks. Six more to Hull River.
      May                                        Gairlock, Ingham  Y
      Louie Brown, Alice Brown,                  Charleville       TA   }
      Jessie Brown, Clara, Jack Sandow           Charleville       TA   }
      Daisy                                      Granada Stn       B
      Yorkie                                     Thursday Island   HR
      Mick Doolan and gin                        Roma              TA
      Peter                                      Charters Towers   HR
      Toby, Rosy                                 Chillagoe         HR
      Alice McDonald                             Bauple            B
      Stingaree, Balutu                          Gulf Coast        HR   (Gulf Coast, Normanton)
      Philip Halpins. Recommend removal from Mt Garnet
      Blankets. Queensland Woollen man advise commandeering of Mill by military authorities.
        Usual supply not forthcoming this year.
      Hannah Thompson                            Goondiwindi       TA
      Nellie Nicholls                            Yarrabah          HR
      Harry Mummin, Harriett Mummin              Duaringa          B
      Charley, Boney, Soapy, Dick                Comongin Stn      TA
      Billy Brown, Duncan Daniels                Brisbane          B
      Emily Gala and 3 children                  Pialba            B
      Winnie (?Minnie) Balser and child Sambo to join husband Jimmy at Barambah
      Nellie and 2 children                      Gurrumba, Cairns  MM
      Sambo and his wife                         Yarrabah          MM
      Willie McMahon                             Hull River        B
      Dan Wall, H/C aged 8 years. Protests against his removal from Chillagoe
      Freddy Murdock. That removal order to Hull River from Brisbane be rescinded
      Peggy Patterson                            Barambah          TA
      Annie Weazel                               Townsville        B
      21 Aborigines from St George (Roma) to Taroom.
      13 H/C children from Rossville, Bloomfield River and China Camp to Yarrabah
      6 Aborigines ask for transfer from Yarrabah to Hull River
      Ned Dunne                                  Taroom            B
      Kathleen, Alice. From Meteor Downs and The Lagoons, Rockhampton to Barambah
      Lucy Brown and 2 children                  Glenmore          B
      Don Wall. Re removal from his father at Chillagoe to a Mission
      Daniel King                                Brisbane          TA
      Jack Cavanagh., Barambah. That he be brought under control more fully.
      Friday and his wife                        Rossville         HR
      Minnie. Protests against taking H/C children from their mothers.
      Eaglefield (Townsville district). Rations unprocurable to Hull River.
      Johnny Quartpot                            Brisbane          TA
      Jack Bradley & gin, Willie Laing & gin     Emerald           B    (and their children)
      Jack, Kitty. From Curranwillinghi Stn (Roma) to Taroom
      Billy Neal                                 Hughenden         B
      Minnie, H/C. George Waldron protests against her removal from his employ at Collingwood to a reserve
      Dandy, his gin and son                     Ingham            HR    (For rescission of removal order as affecting these three)

      Removals 1915 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Elizabeth Coulahan and her children    Many Peaks         Barambah )
      Leslie Vivian, Victor Adolph,          Many Peaks         Barambah )
      and Violet Agnes                       Many Peaks         Barambah )
      Freddy Murdock                         Brisbane           Hull River

      Natives removed from Mourilyan and Cardwell to Hull River as listed below
      Maggie and husband Jimmy, Charlie and wife Lizzie, Annie, Nellie, Jennie, Rosey,
      Sam, Kitty, Lilly, Tommy, Nellie, Maggie, Neil, Jimmy Yarchie and wife Molly,
      Peter Margan and wife Maggie and child Willie, Paddy, Willie, Charlie, Nellie,
      Willie Murchin, Joe Bachaus, Nellie and any others in the district

      Robert MacMaster                       Cooktown           Yarrabah
      Mick                                   Pentland           Hull River
      Charlie Snider                                            Monamona
      Norah                                  Valley of Lagoons  Hull River
      Pouran, Kinga & 2 children,            Clump Point        Hull River )
      Yikki                                  Clump Point        Hull River )
      Nelly                                  Mowbray Vale       Monamona
      Ida Mary Cavanagh & her 3 children     Bundaberg          Barambah
      Nellie Edwards                         Brisbane           Barambah
      Tommy McGrath & his 4 children         Inglewood          Deebing Creek
      Charlie Laurence, Katie Laurence       Myola              Hull River
      Gilbert                                Clermont           Taroom

      Natives removed from Coen to Yarrabah as listed below
      Tommy, Billy, Georgie, Willie, Devey, Gundie, Mick, Willie,
      Frank, Jimmy, Rosie, Rosie

      Maggie, Florrie, Rosie, Minnie, Rosie  Coen               Yarrabah
      William Donaldson                      H.M. Prison        Taroom
      Paddy Williams                         H.M. Prison        Taroom
      Bippa and her son and daughter         Keerongooloo Stn   Taroom
      Jimmy                                  Cairns             Barambah
      Jerry Carver, Frank Imbil,             Imbil              Taroom )
      Polly Carver, Lizzie Kelly,            Imbil              Taroom )
      Bella Crowe                            Imbil              Taroom )
      Children Tiney and Charlie             Port Stewart       Yarrabah

      Natives removed from Cairns, Edmonton and Fishery Creek to Yarrabah as listed below
      Keith Bowman, Allan Walsh, Jimmy, Daisy, Davie, Minnie Ah Yet, Elsie, Nora

      Possum                                 Chillagoe          Hull River
      Barbara                                Sharon             Barambah
      Ernest Pope and hiw wife Wonga and     Eidsvold           Barambah )
      children Burnett, Eileen and Aggie     Eidsvold           Barambah )
      Samuel Maiquick, wife and 2 children   Yarrabah           Hull River
      Dinah, Ciss, Belview, Violet,          Attack Creek       Yarrabah )
      Jim, Victor                            Attack Creek       Yarrabah )

      Natives removed from Mareeba to Monamona listed as below
      Harry Sambo and wife Dolly, Charlie Donald and wife Kitty, Monah, Charlie Walsh,
      Nellie Walsh, Daisy Walsh, Tommy Schoskie, Lizzie Schoskie, Paddy Ferguson,
      Ruby Ferguson, Jimmy Riellie, Lizzie Riellie, Nora Riellie, George Riellie,
      Spider and his wife Nellie and child Paddy, Peter Fagan, Violet Fagan and her child Stephen,
      Mick and wife Nellie and their 3 children Stanley, May and Bill, George and wife Nellie,
      Charty, Rosey, 3 children Teddy, Allen, Violet, Lizzie, Tommy Hempie, Bella Hempie,
      Walter Hempie, Ruby Hempie, Teddy Hempie, Tommy Carr, Alma Carr, Lulu and wife Grace,
      Lucy H/C, Annie Hempie, Johnnie Shepherd, Ioline Shepherd, Kathleen Shepherd, Nancy O'Shea,
      Johnnie Garbit, Maudie Garbit, Bob Fulton, Willie Molloy, Namo, Old Bob (Rob)

      Norah                                  Wee Dunrobin Stn   Barambah
      Willie Macmahon                        Saxby Downs        Hull River
      Nellie Walker and child Josie          Mitchell           Taroom
      Claridge and child, Joe Foremile       Woree              Yarrabah

      Natives removed from Tully and Murray River to Hull River as listed below
      Charlie King, William Choolinjohn, Jimmy Killinjin, Charlie Splaine, Davie Splaine H/C,
      Jacob, Old Man Johnnie, Monkey, Old Billy, Arthur, George H/C, Billy Pumbilo, Harry Brown,
      Frank, Dandy, Sambo, Jimmy Bookal, Old Man Jimmie, Old Man Billy, Romlee, Tommy Bigera,
      Jimmy Wairuna, Jimmy Bulgroo, Tommy Coochloo, Soldier, Nellie Murray, Lulu (Dulu),
      Daisy, Nellie (1), Fat Nellie, Short Maggie, Yama and unnamed infant, Topsy, Annie, Jinnie,
      Nellie King, Nellie (2), Louisia, Ivy, May, Lizzie, Nancy, Nellie (3), Dilly Boy, Jimmy Baldhead,
      Jimmy Tuesday, Big Mick, Tommy Runaway, Bob, Tommy Maunds, Jimmy Iudibungi or Fish, Long Paddy,
      Sambo Wurruncul, Tommy Murrumifer, Tommy Wycoograh, Tommy Wambinin, Jacco, Jimmy Darcy, Wallaby,
      Fred Blackman, Short Paddy, Harry, Charlie, Jimmy, Toby, Tommy Brook, Johnnie Mickie, Peter,
      Sambo Coolundra, Sandy, Willie Dean, Tommy Webria, Tommy Sore Foot, Paddy No 2, Willie One Eye,
      Joe Houston, Tommy Boongarry, Tommy Chickambee, Sambo Hilliar, Job, Toby One Eye, Moody Oorabundy,
      Billy Neugara, Toby Eumara, Jimmy Toomie, Albert, Charlow, Jinbine Tommy, Jimmy Pee Kin,
      Tommy Beecher, Jinga-Jinga, Tommy Beuarabedge, Jimmy Chumbil, Charlie Newauly, Davey Billy,
      Charlie Churrimaw, Charlie Murisindi, Tommy Pigweed, Tommy Mundow, Billy, Old Man Jack,
      Old Man Jimmy, Mick One Eye, Harry, Minnie, Violet, Polly, Rosie (1), Lizzie, Old Woman Maggie,
      Ginnie, Minnie, Biddy, Maggie (1), Kitty, Ena, Rosie (2), Polly, Jennie, Maggie (2), Maggie (3),
      Old Granny, Judy, Maggie (4), Polly, Annie, Cissie, Alice, Mary Ann, Nellie (4), Nellie (5), Luja,
      Lulu, Rosie (3), Maggie (5), Jenny, Polly, Lulu Wairuna, Wonga, Kitty, Maggie (6), Maggie Murisinda,
      Maggie (7), Sarah, Norah, Minnie, Bella, Maggie (8), Fanny, Nellie (6), Trilly, Maggie (9), Kitty,
      Winby, Nellie (7), Maggie (10), Polly Robinson, Old Woman Nellie

      Ida                                    Clermont           Barambah
      Tommy Carr and gin,                    Monamona           Hull River )
      Johnny Garbit and gin                  Monamona           Hull River )
      Willie Watts, Annie, Jessie Lumber     Frazer Island      Taroom
      Douglas Riley                          Clermont           Barambah
      Mary Ann, Nellie, Nendy, Maggie        Rolleston          Barambah
      Mad Tommy                              Stone River        Hull River
      Kitty Clarke and her 3 children        Yungaburra         Hull River
      Alfred McEwan                          Ipswich            Taroom
      Charlie Woree and wife Eliza           Edmonton           Hull River
      Peter Monkey                           Ebagoolah          Hull River
      Fly                                    Coen               Yarrabah
      Blind Sally                            Glencoe Stn        Barambah
      Albert Wilson                          St Helena          Hull River
      Willie Pyne, gin Dolly and their child Edmonton           Yarrabah
      Florrie                                Chillagoe          Yarrabah
      Billy Skene, Sandy Parker,             Strathmore         Hull River )
      Charlie Horning, Rodger, Tommy Dod,    Strathmore         Hull River )
      Billy Lightning                        Strathmore         Hull River )
      Sophy, Peggy, Flora, Carlile,          Yarrabah           Hull River ]
      Emily, Alick                           Yarrabah           Hull River ]
      May                                    Gairlock           Yarrabah
      Daisy                                  Granada Stn        Barambah
      Louie Brown, Alice Brown,              Charleville        Taroom )
      Jessie Brown, Clara, Jack Sandow       Charleville        Taroom )
      Peter                                  Charters Towers    Hull River
      Norah, Bertha, baby                    Hull River         Yarrabah
      Alice McDonald                         Bauple             Barambah
      Toby and gin Rosey                     Chillagoe          Hull River
      Stingaree, Nalutu                      Gulf Coast         Hull River
      Tottie Lane                            Clifton            Taroom
      Harry Mummin, Harriet Mummin           Duaringa Stn       Barambah
      Charley, Boney, Soapy, Dick            Comongin Stn       Taroom
      Hannah Thompson                        Goondiwindi        Taroom
      Emily Gala and her children            Pialba             Barambah )
      Grace, Eileen and a child              Pialba             Barambah )
      Peter and gin Bella                    Hillgrove          Barambah
      Nellie and 2 children                  Gurrumba           Monamona

      Natives removed from Yarrabah to Hull River as listed below
      Eddie, Reggie, Donald, Willie, Maudie, Connie, Leonta, Nellie Bly, Mary,
      Phyllis, Norman, Maizie, Elsie

      Duncan Daniells, Billy Brown           Brisbane           Barambah
      Kate, Myrtle, Bella, Linda,            Taroom             Barambah )
      Nancy, Tommy, Dan                      Taroom             Barambah )
      Peggy Patterson                        Barambah           Taroom
      Sambo, Annie Walsh, Keith Bowman,      Yarrabah           Monamona )
      Allan Walsh                            Yarrabah           Monamona )
      Willie McMahon                         Hull River         Barambah

      Natives removed from St George to Taroom as listed below
      Arthur (said to be at Narrabri NSW), Amy, Nina, Lucy, Ruby, Dan, Ellen and infant,
      Cyril, Dina, Tom, Delar, Mick Tonson, Annie Tonson, Jack Murra, Bundoo Billy,
      Maria, Fanny Doctor, Eva Doctor, Connie Doctor, Albert (cannot be traced),
      Ellen Hocking (said to be at Inverell NSW)

      Charlie Waite, Tom Prior, Emily,       Yarrabah           Hull River )
      Peter, George, Willie                  Yarrabah           Hull River )

      Natives moved from Rossville, Bloomfield River and China Camp to Yarrabah as listed below
      Ivy, Charlie, Jimmy. Micky, Milgabee, Billy, Nicholas, Blucher, Walker,
      Nipper, Ruby, Minnie, Alma
        (COB - 2.11.1915 On removal to Yarrabah, half-castes.
        Alma, Minnie, Ruby, Nipper, Walker, Blucher
        Left for Yarrabah on 10.11.1915.)
        COB - 14.11.1915 Arrived from Bloomfield.
        Ivy, Milgabee, Jessie, Toby, Billy, Willie, Walker
        Left on 17.11.1915.

      Annie Weazel                           Townsville         Barambah
      Jackey Thomas                          Brisbane           Barambah
      Ned Dunne                              Taroom             Barambah
      Kathleen                               Meteor Downs       Barambah
      Alice                                  The Lagoons        Barambah

      Natives removed from Hull River to Barambah as listed below
      Jack Obolin and gin Maggie, Sambo Coolundra and his gin, Tommy Boongarry and his gin,
      Joe Davison and his gin, Minnie, Albert

      Fred Queary and his gin Maudie         Barambah           Taroom
      Topsy and child                        Winton             Barambah
      Lucy Brown, Ida Mary Brown,            Glenmore           Barambah )
      Violet Brown                           Glenmore           Barambah )
      Daniel King                            Brisbane           Taroom
      Jack Cavanagh                                             Barambah
      Jackey Thomas and his gin Emily        Beaudesert         Taroom
      Mabel, Mary Ann, Annie Parker, Maysie  Yarrabah           Hull River
      Tommy Rosser, Polly and child          Hughenden          Hull River
      Johnny Quartpot                        Brisbane           Taroom
      Friday and his gin                     Rossville          Hull River
      Jack Bradley and Willie Laing and      Emerald            Barambah )
      their 2 gins, 2 picaninnies            Emerald            Barambah )
      Jack, Kitty                            Currawillinghi Stn Taroom
      Billy Neal                             Hughenden          Barambah
      Tiger, Monkey, Jinnie, Nellie,         Ukalunda           Hull River )
      Jimima, Eliza, Elsie

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1916
      HOM/B48 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1916

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Johnnie, Robbie                            Thursday Island   HR
      Harry Ord, Topsy Ord & child, to stay at Deebing Creek
        (Harry Ord, Topsy (gin) and child 3 years old)
      Charlie George, Katie George (wife) and Princess George (daughter).
        Detention in Deebing Creek.
      Ginang, wife and family                    Eidsvold          B
      Billy Mitchell, wife and children          Brisbane          B
      Jack Carbine, wife and children            Brisbane          B
      Zaube Boota                                Murray Island     B

      Report on complaints by G Waldon and W C Knowlton against removal of H/C children
      from Rossville, Bloomfield River and China Camp.
      (Letter from Rossville Station, Cairns Police District, dated 26. 9.1915 to the
      Protector of Aborigines, Cooktown, lists 13 Aboriginal children from Rossville,
      China Camp and Bloomfield River who are to be removed to Yarrabah.
      Ivy 7 yrs female, Charlie 17 yrs male, Jimmy 10 yrs male, Micky 7 yrs male,
      Milgabee 7 yrs female, Billy 9 yrs male, Nicholus 15 yrs male, Blucher 9 yrs male,
      Walker 10 yrs male, Nipper 7 yrs male, Ruby 9 yrs female, Minnie 17 yrs female,
      Alma 5 yrs female)

      Dick Moffit, Jerry, Nanny                  Emerald           B
      Springsure Camp of old Aborigines          Springsure        B
      Bina Queary                                Hawkwood          TA
      Louise Taabinga                            Deebing Creek     B
      Edward Mitchell, Lucy Mitchell & family    Talwood           B
      Caesar                                     Selheim           HR
      Mick McMahon                               Atherton          HR
      Ivy Bison                                  Springsure        B
      William Green                              Springsure        B
      23 Aborigines                              Palm Island       HR
      Willie Wimmera                             Innisfail         B
      Peter III, Tottie, 17 others with children Emerald           B
      Ruby Tanna                                 Mossman           B
      Robert, Edie and children                  Chillagoe         HR
      Larry, Rosie, 8 others                     Rockhampton       B
      George Cross                               Toowoomba         TA
      Johnnie                                    Moray Downs       B
      Friday and gin                             Rossville         B
      Frank Tyson, Banana, 4 others              Banana            B
      Ada                                        Rockhampton       B
      Billy Neal, recommend recission of order   Hughenden         B
      Jai Jenap                                  Thursday Island   HR
      Jacob, Thompson, 5 others                  Many Peaks        B
      Springsure, protest against removal of Aborigines
      Arthur                                     Stewarts Creek    HR
      Peter, Jimmy, from Back Creek near Ebagoola (Cairns) for the murder of Arthur
      Jimmy Collins, Jumbo, Biddy, from Comet and Emerald to Barambah
      Paddy and gin                              Laura River       B
      Minnie and children                        Charters Towers   B
      22 Aborigines                              Thornborough      Y
      Maude Broom                                Bundaberg         B
      Roy                                        Emerald           B
      15 Aborigines                              Clermont Camp     B
      Jacob, Lucy, conveyance from Cairns to Many Peaks
      Strathmore, Minnie Mullen, Tom King        Yarrabah          HR   }
      Alice King, etc                            Yarrabah          HR   }
      John Perry                                 Clermont          B
      Anderson and gin, protest against removal
      Billy Grogan                               Cairns            B
      Emily                                      Coen              Y
      Peter Wonburr                              Hull River        B
      Mrs Travers, about removals from Springsure
      Jacob                                      Burketown         B
      Broncho, rescinds removal order            Archer River      B
      Charlie Wheelbarrow                        Roma              TA
      Half-caste daughter of Rosie and another   Port Douglas      Y
      Jack Cameron                               Maytown           B
      Tommy                                      Cape Bedford      Y
      Jemsey (?Jimmy) Anderson, restoration of gin Bella Anderson from Banana Station to Barambah
      Toby Hutchinson                            Ravenshoe         HR
      Paddy, Willie, about rescission of order to Mona Mona
      Charlie Murgan                             Brisbane          TA
      Dinah Gordon                               Clermont          B
      Jacky Foote, detention at Barambah
      Billy Bowen                                Brisbane          TA
      Polly, Charlie, 6 others                   Annan, Endeavour) Y    (Annan, Endeavour and Starke Rivers)
      Emma Johannson                             Rockhampton       B
      Gilbert King                               Hughenden         HR
      Harry                                      Innisfail         HR
      Billy                                      Maytown           HR
      Abby                                       Ingham            HR
      Esa Usop, Napse Usop                       Thursday Island   MA
      Charlie Wills                              Charters Tower    HR
      Patrick Mick                               Rockhampton       B
      Alec, Mabel                                Irvinebank        MM
      Peter, Jimmy                               Irvinebank        HR
      Andrew Ball, 4 others                      Cooran            HR
      Frank                                                        MM
      Maggie Bennett's girl and boy (children)   Irvinebank        Y
      Wayson                                     Deebing Creek     TA
      Jimmy Blanket, Lily Blanket & children     Rossville         HR
      Jacky Booran                               Yungaburra        Y
      Lucy Toorak, Jack Toorak and children      Dotswood Stn      HR
      Tommy Mindy and gin                        Granite Creek     HR
      Neddie                                     Cairns            B
      Sam Murray                                 Ukabunda          B
      Female H/Cs 12-18 years old                Burrows Point     Y
      J Marrawa and 13 others                    Redlynch          HR
      Nellie                                     Rockhampton       B
      Nipper, Bamboo, Julian and gin             Rossville         HR
      Johnson                                    Cooktown Gaol     HR
      Johnny Sullivan                            Cooktown          HR
      Paddy Mills                                Alpha             B
      Dolly                                      Normanton         MA
      Harry Roberts                              Emerald           B
      Possum, Toby                               Almaden           B
      Annie Level, wages owing by Mrs L Sturmfels
      Ethel Ban Ban, wages owing by Rev E Garnle
      Fred Mungallala                            Donga Stn         TA
      Norman Roy, George Tyson                   Brisbane Jail     TA
      Diana, cancellation of order
      Tommy                                      Cairns Gaol       HR
      Tommy Dod or Bowden                        Dunwich           DC
      Robert Black                               Roma Jail         TA
      George Brown and son                       Roma              TA
      Stingaree, Balatu, recommend cancellation of order
      Topsy Ord                                  Deebing Creek     TA
      A McKinlay, G McKinlay & children          Dunrobin Stn      B
      Jimmy Womiacotta, gin and 2 others         Maytown           HR
      Jessie R Terare, recommend order be rescinded
      Albert Hayden and 6 others                 McKenzie River    B
      Eringie and 2 others                       Thargomindah      TA
      William Murray, Rosie Murray               Cardwell          B
      Fred Johnson                               Marlborough       B
      Lucy                                       Lockhart River    MA
      Lizzie Kyle, M Kyle, 5 others              Townsville        HR
      Larry, Lucy                                Clermont          B
      Peter                                      Saltwater River   Y
      Moss, recommend cancellation of order
      Harry Staines                              Port Douglas      HR
      Billy Daylight                             Yeulba Stn        TA
      Bob                                        Batavia           B
      Jack                                       Cooktown Jail     HR
      Larry Hann                                 Ravenshoe         HR

      Queensland Aboriginal Notes Volume 22 (1990) - Removals 1916

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Harry Ord, his gin Topsy and child (3) Deebing Ck         Deebing Creek
      Johnnie, Robbie                        Thursday Is        Hull River
      Charlie George, wife Katie             Deebing Ck         Deebing Creek )
      and daughter Princess                  Deebing Ck         Deebing Creek )
      Ginang, Bella, Ruby, Cloreen, Clenis   Eidsvold           Barambah
      Zaube Boota                            Thursday Island    Barambah
      Billy Mitchell and wife and child      Buaraba            Barambah )
      Jack Carbine and wife and 3 children   Buaraba            Barambah )
      Dick Moffitt, Jerry and his wife Nanny Emerald            Barambah

      Natives removed from Springsure to Barambah listed below
      Old Bundle, Maggie Bundle, Harry Bundle, Amy Bundle, Dolly Bundle,
      Billy Sugar, Jack Bell, Minnie Warra, Short Dick, Peter, Polly,
      Sandy, Rheubin, Joker, Larry, Long Dick, Nancy, Chookey

      Bina Query                             Hawkwood           Taroom
      Louisa Taabinga                        Deebing Ck         Barambah
      Edward Mitchell and wife Lucy and      Tallwood           Barambah )
      children Doris and Jack                Tallwood           Barambah )
      Caesar                                 Sellheim           Hull River

      Natives removed from Kuranda to Monamona as listed below
      Mary Ann, Barney, Jackey, Willie Hobler, Larry, Charlie King, Harry,
      Biddy, Dinah, Starlight, Jimmy Barson, Tambo, Harry, Mickey, Billy,
      Billy Hobler, Mary Hobler, Jimmy Hobler, Jimmy, Charlie, Nellie,
      Polly, Biddy, Jinny, Maudie, Maggie, Molley, Minnie, George, Tommy Vievers,
      Tommy Hobson, Tommy Gray, Tommy Newburn, Paddy, Jinny, Linda (Liuda),
      Maggie, Bertie, Peter, Peter, Paddy, Eric, Gilbert, Alice, Dennie, Elsie,
      Minnie, Kitty, Davey, Willie, Lilly, Molley, Maggie, Kitty, Bobby, Nellie,,
      Minnie, Rosie, Meddie, Lea, Maggie, Annie, Buttercup, Cecil

      William Green                          Springsure         Barambah
      Mick McMahon                           Atherton           Hull River
      Ivy Bison                              Springsure         Barambah

      Natives removed from Palm Island to Hull River as listed below
      Flora, Bob, Peter, Dick (Small), Edward, Thompson, Diamond, Mickey,
      Jinny, Minnie, George, Big Dick, Frank, Willie, Biddy, Reggie, Maudie,
      Harold, Jeffrey, Fanny, Mary, Kitty

      Natives removed from Emerald to Barambah as listed below
      Peter 3 and his gin Tottie and their children Queenie and Harry,
      Luke and his gin Clara and their children, Florie, May, Barrow,
      Mick McIntyre and his gin Jennie McIntyre and their child May McIntyre,
      Colena and his gin Jennie, Paddy, Charlie, Tommy

      Ruby Tanna                             Mossman            Barambah
      Robert, Edie and 3 children            Chillagoe          Barambah

      Natives removed from Rockhampton to Barambah as listed below
      Larry and his gin Rosey and their child Jessie, Joe Flynn, Prince Albert,
      Charlie Pinkapie, Albert Twist, Jerry, Wombi Charley, Kitty

      George Cross                           Toowoomba          Taroom
      Johnnie                                Moray Downs        Barambah
      Friday and his gin                     Rossville          Barambah
      Frank Tyson, Banana, Violet, Bella,    Banana             Barambah )
      Duke, Polly                            Banana             Barambah )
      Jacob, Thompson, Lucy, Florie,         Many Peaks         Barambah )
      Mabel, Rose, Yorkey                    Many Peaks         Barambah )
      Juap Jai                               Thursday Is        Hull River
      Ada                                    Rockhampton        Barambah
      Arthur                                 Stewarts Ck Gaol   Hull River
      Peter, Jimmy (died 28. 5.1916)         Ebagoolah          Barambah
      Jimmy Collins, Jumbo and wife Biddy    Comet & Emerald    Barambah
      Minnie and her two children            Charters Towers    Barambah
      Paddy and his gin                      Laura River        Barambah
      Maud Broom                             Bundaberg          Barambah

      Natives removed from Thornborough to Yarrabah as listed below
      Paddy Kilpatrick, Barney, Peter, Willie, Mary, Johnnie, Rosie, Larry
      Tommy, Connie, Cissy, Bob, English Billy, Lizzie, Tommy Dod, Dinna,
      Harry, Rosie, Alick, Rosie, Springheel Jack, Mary

      Roy                                    Emerald            Barambah
      Minnie Mullen, Tom King,               Yarrabah           Hull River )
      Alice King, May King                   Yarrabah           Hull River )
      John Perry                             Clermont           Barambah
      Emily                                  Coen               Yarrabah
      Billy Grogan                           Cairns Gl          Barambah
      Jackey Foote                                              Barambah

      Natives removed from Clermont Camp to Barambah as listed below
      McEvoy, Bighead Jimmy, Paddy, Jimmy, Abraham Johnson, Billy, Alpha Bob,
      Moonlight, Maggie McEvoy, Minnie, Polly McEvoy, Mary Ann, Jimmy, Maudie,

      Peter Wombur                           Hull River         Barambah
      Jacob                                  Escott Stn         Barambah
      H/C female daughters of Rosie deceased Port Douglas       Yarrabah )
      aged 8 years and 5 years               Port Douglas       Yarrabah )
      Broncho                                Archer River       Barambah
      Charlie Wheelbarrow                    Roma               Taroom
      Tommy (then sent to Goodna)            Cape Bedford       Yarrabah
      Jack Cameron                           Maytown            Barambah
      Toby Hutchinson                        Ravenshoe          Hull River
      Dinah Gordon                           Clermont           Barambah
      Charlie Morgan                         Brisbane           Taroom
      Jimmy Anderson                         Banana             Barambah
      Billy Bowen                            Brisbane           Taroom

      Natives removed from Annan, Starkie and Endeavour Rivers to Yarrabah as listed below
      Polly and her child, Charlie, Billy, Nelly, Peter, Kitty, Hilda

      Emma Johannsen                         Rockhampton        Barambah
      Gilbert King                           Hughenden          Hull River
      Harry                                  Innisfail          Hull River
      Billy                                  Maytown            Hull River
      Alby                                   Ingham             Hull River
      Esa Usop,     apse Usop                Thursday Is        Mapoon
      Daima                                  Adam Island        Cape Bedford
      Patrick Mick                           Rockhampton        Barambah
      Charlie Wills                          Charters Towers    Hull River
      Alec, Mabel                            Irvinebank         Monamona
      Peter, Jimmy                           Irvinebank         Hull River
      Jimmy                                  Irvinebank         Hull River
      Andrew Ball, Annie Ball,               Cooran             Barambah )
      Lucy Monkland, Clifford Monkland,      Cooran             Barambah )
      Evelyn Monkland                        Cooran             Barambah )
      Frank                                                     Monamona
      Girl (5 yrs) and boy (4 yrs)           Irvinebank         Yarrabah
      Wayson                                 Deebing Ck         Taroom
      Jimmy Blanket, wife Lily               Rossville          Hull River )
      and their two children                 Rossville          Hull River )
      Jacky Borran                           Yungaburra         Yarrabah
      Lucy Toorak, Jack Toorak,              Dotswood Stn       Hull River )
      Eric and Mary                          Dotswood Stn       Hull River )
      Tommy Mindy, Dolly                     Granite Ck         Hull River
      Female H/Cs 12 to 18 years             Barrows Point      Yarrabah
      Neddie                                 Cairns             Barambah
      Sam Murray                             Ukalunda           Barambah

      Natives removed from Redlynch to Hull River as listed below
      Jimmy Marrawa, Jimmy Keiper, Jack Miwee, Tommy Hinji, Mickie Keepie,
      Charley Juangee, Harry Niewee, Tommy Pingaree, Violet Peudtuelba,
      Violet (picaninny), Kitty Milga, Kitty  (picaninny), Nellie Brown,
      Nellie Jinari

      Nellie                                 Rockhampton        Barambah
      Nipper, Bamboo, Julian and his gin     Rossville          Hull River
      Johnson                                Cooktown Gaol      Hull River
      Paddy Mills                            Alpha              Barambah
      Johnny Sullivan                        Cooktown           Hull River
      Dolly (11 yrs)                         Wernadinga Stn     Mapoon
      Harry Roberts                          Emerald            Barambah
      Possum, Toby                           Almaden            Barambah
      Fred Mungallala                        Dongo Stn          Taroom
      Charlie Morgan                         Taroom             Barambah
      Norman Roy, George Tyson               H M Prison         Taroom
      Bertie Doolan                          Taroom             Barambah
      Mrs Terare and her 4 children          Childers           Barambah
      Tommy Dod                              Dunwich            Deebing Creek
      Tommy                                  Cairns Gaol        Hull River
      Robert Black                           Roma Gaol          Taroom
      Topsy Ord                              Deebing Ck         Taroom
      Anthony McKinlay and wife Grace        Dunrobin Stn       Barambah )
       and children Mary and Billy           Dunrobin Stn       Barambah )
      George Brown and son George Brown      Roma               Taroom
      Jimmy Womiacotta, Jenny,               Maytown            Hull River )
      Bessie, George Pegus                   Maytown            Hull River )
      Albert Hayden                          Mackenzie Rv       Barambah )
      Clara and her children Alex, Lexie,    Mackenzie Rv       Barambah )
      Elsie, Jack and baby                   Mackenzie Rv       Barambah )
      Willie Murray and gin Rosie            Cardwell           Barambah
      Eringie and gin Marjorie & child Lena  Morley Stn         Taroom
      Fred Johnson                           Marlborough        Barambah
      Lucy                                   Lockhardt River    Mapoon
      Magdalena Kyle and children            Rose Bay           Hull River )
      Lizzie (15), Dannie (11), Andrew (9),  Rose Bay           Hull River )
      Elsie (6), Robert (3), Phyllis (1)     Rose Bay           Hull River )
      Larry and gin Lucy                     Clermont           Barambah
      Peter                                  Saltwater River    Yarrabah
      Billy Daylight                         Yeulba             Taroom
      Harry Staines and gin Maggie           Port Douglas       Hull River
      Bob                                    Batavia            Barambah
      Larry Hann                             Ravenshoe          Hull River
      Jack                                   Cooktown Gaol      Hull River
      Dick                                   Mt Garnet          Yarrabah
      Toby Brown, Amy Brown,                 Duaringa           Taroom )
      Toby Dixon, Cissy Watt                 Duaringa           Taroom )

      Natives removed from Surat to Taroom listed below
      Clara Matthews  and her children Dora (7), Arthur (6), Frank (2 1/2), Mabel (1 1/4).
      Harry Combarngo, Nellie Combarngo and children Myrtle (13), Perely (12), Nina (10), Colin (6).
      Billy Combarngo.

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1917
      HOM/B50 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1917

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Clara Matthews and children                Surat             TA
      Billy Combarngo, Henry Combarngo,          Surat             TA   ]
      Nellie Combarngo & children                Surat             TA   ]
      Toby Brown, Amy Brown,                     Duaringa          TA   }
      Toby Dixon, Cissie Watts                   Duaringa          TA   }
      Dick                                       Mt Garnet         Y
      Charlie Morgan                             Taroom            B
      Jack Weribone                              Goondiwindi       TA
      Murray                                     Duaringa          B
      Clara                                      Cloncurry         HR
      T Lake, Dick West, Jack Clancy             Piggott           TA
      Tommy Goody                                McIvor River      HR
      Jerry Jerome, suggest removal to Frazer Island
      Leonard Banks, Maisey Banks                Barambah          TA
      Willie, Willie Pagel                       Mackay            B
      George Ward                                Barambah          TA
      Fred Pagel                                 Mackay            B
      Kitty                                      Capella           B
      Mrs Billy Combarngo, protests against removal from Surat to a Mission
      Cissy Watts, protests against removal to Taroom
      Daylight                                   Charters Towers   HR
      Jessie Cotherstone, Charlie Cotherstone    Capella           TA
      Peter Rouse                                Brisbane Jail     DC
      Hella                                      Urandu            TA
      Fred Dunne, Lena Dunne                     Barambah          TA
      Totty Waddy                                Roma Jail         B
      Sambo Walsh, wife and 2 children           Mona Mona         HR
      Nellie Fogarty                             Roma Hospital     TA
      Alice Tanna, Maletta                       Thursday Island   HR
      Tilly, King Toby                           Mackay            HR
      Maggie and children                        Colorada Stn      B
      Jack                                       Mackay            HR
      Arthur                                     Tambo             B
      Carbine, Elsie, Yarrai with gin & children Springsure        B
      Bony                                       Ravenswood        HR
      Annie Sullivan and 2 children              St George         TA
      Charlie Francis                            Cairns Jail       B
      Charlie Gordon                             Brisbane          TA
      Nellie                                     Rockhampton       B
      Willie Lee                                 Brisbane          TA
      Willie Reilly, Dolly Reilly                Townsville        HR
      Jennie                                     Cooktown          HR
      Gracie Murray                              Mitchell          TA
      Chilla                                     Cairns            HR
      Nellie                                     Emerald           BA
      Willie Gill                                Townsville        HR

      Long George, Frank, 2 gins to be removed from Laura to Yarrabah
      (COB  9. 7.1917 The following also arrived en route to Yarrabah.
       Long George, Frank, Ida, Nellie. Left for Yarrabah on 11. 7.1917.)

      Jessie Boyce                               Ayr               HR
      Melba                                      Cloncurry         Y
      Mad Tommy                                  Cardwell          B
      Mamie                                      Cloncurry         HR
      Norman Wylie & gin,                        Maroochy River    TA   }
      Albert Williams & 2 sons, Lucy, Susan      Maroochy River    TA   }
      Tommy Johnson Bunda, Sarah Bunda           Bundaberg         B   ]
      Alick Craven, Susie Craven, B Numbo        Bundaberg         B   ]
      Simon, Biddy                               Trubanaman        Y
      Andy Morrison                              Maryborough       B
      Bunda, Sarah, asks removal be suspended
      Daisy                                      Cooktown          HR
      Jack, Tommy, Nellie, Lena                  Mackay            HR
      Maggie, Nellie                             Cairns            HR
      Nellie                                     Port Douglas      HR
      Billie Bradley, gin and children           Nebo              B
      Charlie Clarke and gin                     Suttor Creek      B
      Alick                                      Kendall River     B
      Charlie Yabba Yabba                        Laura             B
      George Munro                               Gayndah           B
      George Brumby                              Toowoomba         TA
      Jack Bundai                                Brisbane          B
      Sidney Toby                                Rockhampton       B
      Elsie and son                              Banana            B
      Mona                                       Emerald           B
      Oedal                                      Yam Island        HR
      Harry Marks                                Stewarts Creek    Y
      Mad Tommy                                  Ingham            HR
      Ilgree                                     Ingham            HR
      Norah                                      Cardwell          B
      Jimmy, Noble, Willie, Friday,              Sandy Creek       HR   }
      Toby, Peter, Jinny                         Sandy Creek       HR   }
      Jupiter, Jack, Harry, Paddy, Tommy         Millchester Ck    HR
      Billy Hays                                 Townsville        Y
      Alf Downey, Annie White                    Ayr               Y
      Ginnie, Bingy                              Thargomindah      TA   (children of murdered gin Munda)
      Jimmy Wonnacott, Tommy Mindy & gin         Maytown           B
      Bobby                                      Duaringa          B
      Emu                                        Mareeba           MM
      Jack Thompson                              Chillagoe         HR
      Tommy McKenzie, Jenny Lind, Mary Smith     Charleville       TA   }
      Biddy Williams, Toby Smith                 Charleville       TA   }
      Herbert Brown, Ethel Brown                 Beaudesert        B
      Alick Morgan, Maud Morgan                  Innisfail         B
      Gibson                                     Port Stewart      HR

            Removals 1917 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Weribone Jack                          Goondiwindi        Taroom
      Murray                                 Duaringa           Barambah
      Clara (4)                              Cloncurry          Hull River
      Tommy Lake and wife Rosey              Piggott            Taroom )
      Dick West and wife Lottie and children Piggott            Taroom )
      Fred (9), Kathleen (7) and Percy (5)   Piggott            Taroom )
      Tommy Goody                            McIvor River       Hull River
      Leonard Banks, Maisey Banks            Barambah           Taroom
      George Ward                            Barambah           Taroom
      Willie, Willie Pagel                   Mackay             Barambah
      Fred Pagel                             Mackay             Barambah
      Kitty                                  Capella            Barambah
      Daylight                               Charters Towers    Hull River
      Fred Dunne, Lena Dunne                 Barambah           Taroom
      Jessie Cotherstone,                    Capella            Taroom )
      Charlie Cotherstone                    Capella            Taroom )
      Peter Rouse                            Brisbane           Deebing Creek
      Hella                                  Urandu             Taroom
      Sambo Walsh and wife Annie and         Monamona           Hull River )
      children Aubry and Jimmy               Monamona           Hull River )
      Nellie Fogarty                         Roma Gaol          Taroom
      Children Maggie, Harry, Maude, Baby    Colorado           Barambah
      Tilly, King Toby                       Mackay             Hull River
      Totty Waddy                            Roma Gaol          Barambah
      Alice Tanna, Maletta                   Thursday Island    Hull River
      Jack                                   Mackay             Hull River
      Arthur                                 Tambo              Barambah
      Annie Sullivan, daughter (2),          St George          Taroom )
      and son (6 mths)                       St George          Taroom )
      Carbine, Elsie, Yarrai, Cungie (gin),  Springsure         Barambah ]
      children Maude, Vera, Olive            Springsure         Barambah ]
      Bony                                   Ravenswood         Hull River
      Tottie Lane                            Brisbane           Barambah
      Johanna Bowen                          Brisbane           Taroom
      Charley Francis                        Cairns Gaol        Barambah
      Nellie                                 R'pton Lock Hosp   Barambah
      Charley Gordon                         Brisbane           Taroom
      Willie Reilly and gin Dolly            Townsville         Hull River
      Gracie Murray                          Mitchell           Taroom
      Jennie                                 Cooktown           Hull River
      Chilla                                 Cairns Gaol        Hull River
      Willie Lee                             Brisbane           Taroom
      Nellie                                 Emerald            Barambah
      Willie Gill                            Townsville         Hull River
      Jessie Boyce                           Ayr                Hull River
      Melba                                  Cloncurry Camp     Yarrabah
      Long George and gin, Frank and gin     Laura              Yarrabah
      Mad Tommy                              Cardwell           Barambah
      Norman Wylie and gin, Albert Williams  Maroochy River     Taroom )
      and his two sons, Lucy, Susan          Maroochy River     Taroom )
      Tommy Johnson Buuda and his gin Sarah, Bundaberg          Barambah ]
      Alick Craven and his gin Susie,        Bundaberg          Barambah ]
      B. Numbo                               Bundaberg          Barambah ]
      Mamie                                  Cloncurry          Hull River
      Andy Morrison                          Maryborough        Barambah
      Simon, Biddy                           Trubanaman         Yarrabah
      Jack, Tommy, Nellie, Lena              Mackay             Hull River
      Daisy                                  Cooktown           Hull River
      Billy Bradley, his gin and 2 daughters Nebo               Barambah
      Charlie Clark, Maud                    Suttor Creek       Barambah
      Nellie                                 Port Douglas       Hull River
      Maggie, Nellie                         Cairns             Hull River
      Alick                                  Kendall River      Barambah
      Charlie Yabba Yabba                    Laura              Barambah
      George Munro, wife Queenie and         Gayndah            Barambah )
      daughter Florie                        Gayndah            Barambah )
      George Brumby                          Toowoomba          Taroom
      Jack Bundai                            Brisbane           Barambah
      Sidney Toby                            R'pton Gaol        Barambah
      Elsie and H/C son 6 yrs                Banana             Barambah
      Mona                                   Emerald            Barambah
      Harry Marks                            Stewarts Ck Gaol   Yarrabah
      Mad Tommy No 2                         Ingham             Hull River
      Slgree (Ilgree)                        Ingham             Hull River
      Norah                                  Cardwell           Barambah
      Jimmy, Noble, Willie, Friday, Toby,    Charters Towers    Hull River )
      Peter and gin Jinny, Jupiter, Jack,    Charters Towers    Hull River )
      Paddy, Harry, Tommy                    Charters Towers    Hull River )
      Alf Downey, Annie White                Ayr                Yarrabah
      Billy Hayes @ Wongai                   Townsville         Yarrabah
      Munda's 4 children, Ginnie, Bingy      Thargomindah       Taroom
      Jimmy Wonnacott, Tommy Mindy and gin   Maytown            Barambah
      Emu                                    Mareeba            Monamona
      Bobby                                  Duaringa           Barambah
      Jack Thompson                          Chillagoe          Hull River
      Alick Morgan and wife Maud             Innisfail          Barambah
      Tommy McKenzie, Jenny Lind,            Charleville        Taroom )
      Mary Smith, Biddy Williams,            Charleville        Taroom )
      Toby Smith                             Charleville        Taroom )
      Herbert Brown and wife Ethel           Beaudesert         Barambah
      Willie Ingham                          Stewarts Ck Gaol   Yarrabah
      Sheridan, Sarah Sheridan,              Banana             Barambah )
      Collie (7), Nellie (5)                 Banana             Barambah )

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1918
      HOM/B52 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1918

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Willie Ingham                              Stewarts Creek    Y
      Roy                                        Cloncurry         Y
      George Tippo                               Charleville Jail  TA
      Sheridan and family                        Banana            B
      Jack Ryan @ Jack McLeary                   Atherton          HR
      Willie King                                Gordonvale        Y
      Billy Ugly Mug                             Roma              TA
      Annie Sullivan                             Taroom            B
      Nelly, Dolly                               Townsville        HR
      Jessie Hislop                              Roma              B
      Wallaby                                    Mossman           Y
      Jack Bell, Sam, Henry                      Mackay            Y
      Frank Inley                                Mitchell          TA
      Frank, Annie                               Mitchell          TA
      Hugh                                       Batavia River     MA
      Jack Toorak, Albert Toorak                 Hillgrove Stn     HR
      Jimmy, Paddy, Polly, Jacky Katooni         Tambo             B
      Absconders from Yarrabah returning to the Station
      Tommy Gray                                 Cairns            Y
      Tommy Hero, wife & children                Ayr               HR
      Harry, Annie his gin
      Toby Wilson                                Brisbane          B
      Billy Duncan, Toby                         Stewart Creek     HR
      Mornington Island murder. Recommend removal of 8 Aborigines indicated in same to Hull River
      Harry Green                                Hillview          TA
      Robin Listowel, Maggie Listowel            Charleville       TA
      Copra Charlie                              Thargomindah      TA
      George Toorak, Albert Toorak, asks that he be allowed to stay at Charters Towers
      Dick, Albert, with gins and child          Cairns            B
      Billy Mango, Charley, 2 gins               Laura             Y
      Harry Green, asks that he be allowed to return to Hillview
      Alfred Downey, asks R.O. be cancelled
      Billy Mungo                                Maytown           B
      Charlie Darakee                            Gordonvale        Y
      Nellie                                     Thargomindah      TA
      Nellie Mahratta                            Woree             B
      Percy King, Maudie                         Bowen             B
      Eva, Queenie                               Ayr               B
      Bob Davis                                  Goodai Stn        TA
      Tommy Hempie and 3 children                Mona Mona         B
      George McEvoy and 3 children               Listowel Downs    B
      Harrickew                                  Townsville Gaol   B
      Starlight, George                          Coen              B
      Queenie Foote                              Emerald           B
      Charlie Wingee, Jack Moogal                Gordonvale        B    }
      Kitty Moogal, Marapa, Arthur               Gordonvale        B    }
      George Sims, Peter Tarree                  Cairns Jail       B
      Bill Combarngo, asks for return of his wife and children
      Roberts and family, Jackey                 Hillview          TA
      Arthur Hopkins and family                  Cooyar            TA
      Leichhardt                                 Duaringa          B
      Tommy Hero, Harry Dawson & families        Yarrabah          PI
      Lulu                                       Babinda           Y
      Jack Rankin, wife & children               Quilpie           TA
      Bertie Tobane                              Warwick           B
      Bob, Susie                                 Barcoo River      B
      Pilot                                      Tambo             B
      Absconders from Palm Island to be returned from Innisfail, Ingham and Cardwell
      Obah Ellison and family                    Yarrabah          B
      Norman Ayr, Eugene and families            Yarrabah          PI
      Jimmy, Charlie                             Townsville South  PI
      Billy                                      Cairns            PI
      Robbie Mapoon, Caesar                      Palm Island       Y
      William Donaldson @ George Davis           Brisbane Jail     PI
      Joe Carr                                   Stewarts Creek    B
      Amy Thomas and child, asks that R.O. be cancelled to allow her to return to her husband at Cryon, NSW
      Mary Gilbert, Charley Gilbert              Nebo              Y
      Polly Campbell, Charley Campbell           St Lawrence       B    }
      Duringa Billy, Paddy                       St Lawrence       B    }
      Fritz Raynald, asks for R.O. Yarrabah to Barambah
      Chas S Coots, asks for R.O. from Yarrabah
      Desley, Neata, Florrie, Queenie, Pearl     Eidsvold          B
      Friday, Polly                              Ukalemda          Y
      Superbird                                  Taroom            B
      Jack Thomas, Jimmy Harvey                  Cairns            PI
      Ellison Obah, wife and children            Yarrabah          PI
      Tommy Lake, Rosie Lake, absconders from Taroom to be returned to Settlement
      Fred Bunda, Dolly Bunda (wife)             Richmond          PI
      Peter Long, Queenie Long and children      Hillview          B
      Deserters from Yarrabah                    Thornborough      PI
      Clara, Harry                               Hawkwood Stn      B
      Agnes Dean                                 Yarrabah          PI
      Frank                                      Laura             PI
      Jack Cullen, Lucy Cullen (gin)             Wetherby          PI
      Goodarrie                                  Longreach         B
      Roley Armstrong                            Goondiwindi       TA
      Maria Mori                                 Ingham            PI
      Tommy Hobson                               Cairns            PI
      Maroon                                     Innisfail         PI

      Removals 1918 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Roy (9)                                Cloncurry          Yarrabah
      George Tippo                           Charleville Gaol   Taroom
      Willie King                            Gordonvale         Yarrabah
      Billy Ugly Mug                         Roma Gaol          Taroom
      Jacky Ryan alias McLeary               Atherton           Hull River
      Annie Sullivan                         Taroom             Barambah
      Hessie Hislop                          Roma               Barambah
      Jack Bell, Sam, Henry                  Mackay             Yarrabah
      Nellie, Dolly (7)                      Townsville         Hull River
      Wallaby                                Mossman            Yarrabah
      Jack (16), Albert                      Hillgrove Stn      Hull River (Rescinded)
      Frank Inley                            Mitchell           Taroom
      Frank, Annie                           Mitchell           Taroom
      George Duringee, Tommy Gray            Cairns Gaol        Yarrabah
      Jimmy, Paddy, Polly, Jacky Katooni     Tambo              Barambah

      Natives removed from Thornborough to Yarrabah as listed below
      Paddy Kilpatrick and his gin Maggie, Lizzie, Harry, Rosie, Willie,
      Mary, Johnny, Mary, Aleck and his gin Topsy

      Natives removed from Ayr to Hull River as listed below
      Tommy Hero and his wife Topsy and their 3 children Rennie, Paddy and Sarah,
      Harry and his gin Annie

      Billy Duncan                           Stewarts Ck Gaol   Hull River
      Harry Green                            Hillview           Taroom

      Natives removed from Townsville to Hull River as listed below
      Myall Jimmy, Big Billy, Bill, Darkie, Barney, Charlie,
      Monkey, Jack

      Bill, Darkey, Barnie, Monkey           Townsville         Yarrabah
      Myall Jimmy, Big Billy, Charlie, Jack  Townsville         Taroom
      Toby Wilson                            Brisbane           Taroom
      Robin Listowel, Maggie Listowel        Charleville        Taroom

      Natives removed from Ayr to Yarrabah as listed below
      Tommy Hero and his wife Topsy and their 3 children Rennie, Paddy and Sarah
      Harry and his gin Annie

      Dick and his gin,                      Cairns Gaol        Barambah )
      Albert, his gin and their child        Cairns Gaol        Barambah )
      Billy Mango, Charlie, their two gins   Laura              Yarrabah
      Charlie Darakee (Murringee)            Bowen              Barambah
      Billy Mungo                            Maytown            Barambah
      Nellie Mahratta                        Woree              Barambah
      Nellie                                 Thargomindah       Taroom
      Eva, Queenie                           Ayr                Barambah
      Bob Davis                              Goodna Stn         Taroom
      Tommy Hempie and his three children    Monamona Mission   Barambah )
      Teddy, Walter and Ruby                 Monamona Mission   Barambah )
      Frank Harrickew                        Townsville Gaol    Barambah
      Starlight, George                      Coen               Barambah
      George McEvoy, Logan McEvoy and his    Listowel Downs     Barambah )
      wife Maggie and their three children   Listowel Downs     Barambah )
      Queenie Foote                          Emerald            Barambah
      Billy Ugly Mug                         Brisbane           Barambah
      Charlie Wingee,                        Gordonvale         Palm Island )
      Jack Moogal and wife Kitty,            Gordonvale         Palm Island )
      Marapa and his son Arthur              Gordonvale         Palm Island )
      George Sims, Peter Tarree              Cairns Gaol        Yarrabah
      Leichhardt                             Bluff              Barambah
      Arthur Hopkins and wife and their      Cooyar Stn         Taroom )
      four children                          Cooyar Stn         Taroom )
      Herbery William Jackey,                Hillview           Taroom ]
      Steve Roberts & wife & 3 children      Hillview           Taroom ]
      Tommy Hero and children Rennie,        Yarrabah           Palm Island }
      Paddy and Sarah,                       Yarrabah           Palm Island }
      Harry Dawson and his gin Annie         Yarrabah           Palm Island }
      Lulu (Cotty - 7 or 8 yrs)              Babinda            Yarrabah
      Jack Rankin, wife & 4 children         Quilpie            Taroom
      Bob, Susie                             Barcoo River       Barambah
      Bertie Tobane                          Warwick            Barambah
      Pilot                                  Tambo              Barambah
      William Donaldson                      Brisbane           Palm Island

      Natives removed from Yarrabah to Palm Island as listed below
      Norman Ayr and his wife Annie and their child,
      Eugene and his wife Susie and their child,
      Robbie Mapoon, Caesar

      Billy                                  Cairns             Palm Island
      Jimmy, Charlie                         South Townsville   Palm Island
      Robert Bundi                           Brisbane           Barambah
      Joe Carr                               Stewarts Ck Gaol   Yarrabah
      Polly Campbell, Charlie Campbell,      St Lawrence        Barambah )
      Duringa Billy, Paddy                   St Lawrence        Barambah )
      May Gilbert, Charlie Gilbert           Nebo               Yarrabah
      Desley (16), Neata (15), Florrie (16), Eidsvold           Barambah )
      Queenie (17), Pearl (16)               Eidsvold           Barambah )
      Friday and wife Polly                  Ukalunda           Yarrabah
      Superbird                              Taroom             Barambah
      Ellison Obah and wife daisy and        Yarrabah           Palm Island )
      their two children                     Yarrabah           Palm Island )
      Tommy Lake and wife Rosey              Cracow Stn         Taroom
      Jack Thomas, Jimmy Harvey              Cairns             Palm Island
      Peter Long and wife Queenie and        Hillview           Barambah )
      their two children                     Hillview           Barambah )
      Fred Bunda and wife Dolly              Richmond           Palm Island
      Harry, Rosie, Alex, Topsy,             Thornborough       Palm Island )
      Willie, Maggie, Lizzie                 Thornborough       Palm Island )
      Clara, Harry                           Hawkwood Stn       Barambah
      Aggie Dean                             Yarrabah           Palm Island
      Frank                                  Laura              Palm Island
      Jack Cullen and his gin Lucy           Wetherby           Palm Island
      Tommy Hobson                           Cairns             Palm Island
      Goodarrie                              Longreach          Barambah
      Roley Armstrong                        Goondiwindi        Taroom
      Maria Mori                             Ingham             Palm Island

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1919
      HOM/B54 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1919

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Mrs Harry Hogie and children               Pialba            B
      Bob Anderson and family, order to detain at Deebing Creek
      Celare                                     Rolleston         B
      Alf Palmer, Minerva                        Herberton         PI
      Pluto No 1                                 Ayr               PI
      Jimmy Martin                               Taroom            B
      Clive Martin, Edward Martin                Myora             B
      W Anderson                                 Cooktown          YA
      Lizzie Smith                               Purga             B
      King Billy                                 Herberton         PI
      Mrs Hoggie and children                    Pialba            B
      Alick Collins, Davey Collins, to be detained at Taroom
      Jimmy Johnson, Frank Matthews, Esau, Cocky Ingham            Y
      Norman Shiels                              Purga             TA
      Oscar Collins                              Springsure        B
      Sela family                                Darnley Island    PI
      William Carney                             Innisfail         Y
      Harry Myall and family                     Mossman           Y
      Tommy Wilson, Annie Wilson, Harry Wilson   Townsville        PI
      Friday                                     Cairns            PI
      Bertie Beckett, Dan Cabbo                  Gayndah           B
      Nipper, Long Jack, Rupert                  Coen              PI
      Louie                                      Richmond          PI
      Charlie Babinda, Toby Babinda              Innisfail         PI   }
      Wilcox, Jennings, Aloomba                  Innisfail         PI   }
      Willie Murray, Rosie Murray                Cardwell          PI
      Minnie                                     Maytown           Y
      Rivet                                      Cooktown          Y
      Waterloo Tommy                             Barambah          TA
      Dan Kyle, to join wife & family            Silkwood          PI
      Charlie Nichol                             Cairns Faol       PI
      5 Aborigines                               Turn Off lagoons  PI
      Joe                                        Alva Downs        Y
      Leopold & his gin                          Rolleston         B
      Ben Lavers                                 Charlotte Plains  TA
      Eva Turner, detention at Yarrabah
      Jack Weribone                              Taroom            B
      Jarro                                      Eidsvold Hospital B
      Ned, Nelly                                 Deebing Creek     Ta
      Dickey Alley                               Riverstone        CB
      F A Edington                               Deeral            CB
      28 Aborigines                              Halifax           PI
      Lizzie                                     Ingham            PI
      Polly                                      Almaden           MM
      Cork Harry, Billy, Maria Jeffries          Hughenden         Y    (and three children)
      Budge Darlow                               Tambo             B
      Maud Morgan                                Tambo             TA
      Hinda                                      Edmonton          Y
      5 Aborigines                               Endeavour River   CB
      10 Aborigines                              Mossman           Y
      Ted, to be detained at Barambah
      Mary Jarret                                Myora Reserve     B
      B Byrnes                                   Ebagoolah         Y
      Ruby Pyrke                                 Atherton          Y
      Minnie, Arthur, Alex, Ida Thomas           Gordonvale        PI
      Cock, Biddy                                Ingham            PI
      Charlie Gordon                             Bowen             PI
      Charlie Fogarty                            Deebing Creek     TA
      Mickie Weebie                              Edmonton          Y
      Daisy                                      Cloncurry         PI

      F Kenny, Coglan, Jackey                    Gunnawarra Stn    Y
        (Freddy Kenny, Coglan and Jackey)
        (WCB-MTG 28.11.1919 Freddy Kenny, Coglan and Jackey (Abor.)
         Removal order to Yarrabah. Taken to Cairns on 29.11.1919.

      E Williams, H Baker                        Brisbane          B
      Ivy                                        Bald Hills        CB
      Dolly                                      Cooktown          Y
      Ruby and her child Katie                   Cooktown          PI
      Charlie Savannah and family                Victoria Downs    PI
      Bob Lovelock and wife                      Richmond Hospital PI
      7 Aborigines                               Ayr               PI
      Lorna Cabbo                                Goodna Asylum     B
      Huey or Hully                              Normanton         PI
      Billy Bondi                                Gilbert River     Y
      William Carney                             Innisfail         PI
      Paddy, wife and 3 children                 Georgetown        Y
      10 Aborigines                              Coopers Creek     TA
      Nancy, Peter                               Kings Plains      CB
      Peter Williams                             Atherton          Y
      Stanley Cullen                             Atherton          Y
      28 Aborigines                              Atherton          Y
      Willie Doyle                               Innisfail         PI
      Spider                                     Turn Off Lagoons  MI

      Removals 1919 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Pluto No 1                             Ayr                Palm Island
      Bob Anderson and family                                   Deebing Creek
      Mrs Harry Hoggie and her children      Pialba             Barambah )
      Maud, Eileen, May, Alfred              Pialba             Barambah )

      Natives removed from Darnley Island to Palm Island as listed below
      Bob Sela and wife Mugusie and their two childdren,
      Charley Sela and wife and two children

      Charlie Nichol                         Cairns Gaol        Palm Island
      William Carney                         Innisfail          Yarrabah
      King Billy                             Herberton          Palm Island
      Alick Collins, Davey Collins                              Taroom

      Natives removed from Ingham to Yarrabah as listed below
      Jimmy Johnston, Frank Matthews, Esau and his wife and children,
      Cocky and his wife and children

      Oscar Collins                          Springsure         Barambah
      Norman Shiels                          Purga              Taroom
      Harry and Polly Myall                  Mossman            Yarrabah
      Tommy Wilson & wife Annie & son Harry  Townsville         Palm Island
      Dan Cabbo, Bertie Beckett              Gayndah            Barambah
      Friday                                 Cairns             Palm Island
      Nipper, Long Jack, Rupert              Coen               Palm Island
      Lorne                                  Richmond           Palm Island
      Charlie (Babinda), Toby (Babinda),     Innisfail          Palm Island )
      Willie Wilson, Dick Jennings,          Innisfail          Palm Island )
      Charlie Aloomba                        Innisfail          Palm Island )
      Dan Kyle                               Silkwood           Palm Island
      Minnie                                 Maytown            Yarrabah
      Rivet                                  Cooktown           Yarrabah
      Waterloo Tommy                         Barambah           Taroom
      H/C femage aged 5 yrs                  Turn Off Lagoon    Mapoon
      Murdering Billy, Mundo, Pocket,        Turn Off Lagoon    Palm Island )
      Murdering Jackie, Goggle Eye Toby      Turn Off Lagoon    Palm Island )
      Joe                                    Alva Downs         Yarrabah
      Leopold and his gin Jemima             Rolleston          Barambah
      Eva Turner                                                Yarrabah
      Weribone Jack                          Taroom             Barambah
      Ben Lavers                             Charlotte Plains   Taroom
      Jauro (Jarro)                          Eidsvold           Barambah
      Ned Kelly                              Deebing Creek      Taroom
      Fred Albert Edington                   Deeral             Cape Bedford

      Natives removed from Halifax to Palm Island as listed below
      King Louie (72)*, Fat Louie (54)*, Little Louie (60), Billy (61), Jimmy (60)*,
      Simon (63), Kitty (59)*, Billy Gregory (61), Kitty (67), Kitty (49), Tommy (60),
      Peter (63), Tommy Jackson (58), Kitty (53), Charlie Hives (40), Eleu (43), Rosie (40),
      Charlie (69)*, Sam (60), Charlie (65), Tommy (34), Charley Chuck (40)*, Bob (51),
      Lizzie (51), Annie (41), Eliza (32), Jimmy (50), Jenny (52)
      * = marked dead

      Dickie Alley                           Riverstone         Cape Bedford

      Natives removed from Hughenden to Yarrabah as listed below
      Cork Harry, Billy, Maria Jeffries and husband Herbert and
      their three young children

      Polly                                  Almaden            Monamona
      Lizzie                                 Ingham             Palm Island
      Budge Darlow                           Tambo              Barambah
      Maud Morgan                            Tambo              Taroom
      Hinda                                  Edmonton           Yarrabah
      Alick (11), Charlie (10), Ettie (10),  Endeavour River    Cape Dedford )
      Major (10), Tommy (10)                 Endeavour River    Cape Dedford )

      Natives removed from Mossman to Yarrabah as listed below
      Charley and his wife Minnie and their two children,
      Douglas and his wives Maggie and Hilda and their three children

      Minnie & her children Arthur & Alec,   Gordonvale         Palm Island )
      Ida Thomas                             Gordonvale         Palm Island )
      Ted                                                       Barambah
      Bally Byrnes                           Ebagoolah          Yarrabah
      Mary Jarret                            Myora Reserve      Barambah
      Ruby Pryke                             Atherton           Yarrabah
      Charlie Gordon                         Bowen              Palm Island
      Cocky, Biddy                           Ingham             Palm Island
      Charlie Fogarty                        Deebing Creek      Taroom
      Mickie Weebie                          Edmonton           Yarrabah
      Daisy                                  Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Freddy Kenny, Coglan, Jackey           Gunnawarra Stn     Yarrabah
      Ernest Williams and                    Brisbane           Barambah )
      Harry Baket (Arthur Conlon)            Brisbane           Barambah )
      Ivy                                    Bald Hills         Cape Bedford
      Dolly                                  Cooktown           Yarrabah

      Natives removed from Victoria Downs to Palm Island as listed below
      Charlie Savannah, two children aged 7 and ten years, Daisy Savannah (5 yrs)

      Ruby and her child Katie (5)           Cooktown           Palm Island
      Bob Lovelock and wife Maria            Richmond Hospital  Palm Island
      Mary, Dimon, Bob and wife Nellie,      Ayr                Palm Island )
      Nellie Patterson, Davey, Mary          Ayr                Palm Island )
      Hughie (Hully)                         Normanton          Palm Island
      Billy Bondi                            Gilbert River      Yarrabah

      Natives to be detained at Yarrabah as listed below
      Paddy and wife Mary Ann and their children Albert, Norman, Violet and Jessie

      Natives removed from Coopers Creek Waterholes to Taroom as listed below
      Doogie (38), Wilkie (21), Peter (54), Rosie (27), Child (12 mths),
      Nappa Merrie Peter (39), Sam (50), Clara (54), Florrie (11), Johnny Williams (38)

      Willie Doyle                           Innisfail          Palm Island
      Peter Williams                         Atherton           Yarrabah
      Stanley Cullen                         Atherton           Yarrabah
      Nancy (6), Peter (11)                  Kings Plains       Cape Bedford

      Natives removed from Atherton to Yarrabah as listed below
      Willie Favier (28), Frank Davidson (10?), Gracie (57), Bob Gillumrobin (21),
      Barnell (53), Dickie Godfrey (41), Lucy (41), Harry Wear (17), Jacky Arro (43),
      Nellie Wongalie (47), Eva Baker (10), Charlie Peak (60), Charlie Warambie (62),
      Jimmy Urgin (30), Goney (6), Polly Santo (52), Jacky Manka (50),
      Dickie Wee Wee (35), Ruby (40), Tommy Kittie (45), Byron (60), Jimmy (62),
      Kitty (60), Bessie (50), Annie Abella (40), Sarah Barlow (25), Stanley Cullen (9),
      Peter Williams (10)

      Spider                                 Turn Off Lagoon    Mornington Island
      Aggie                                  Fossilbrook        Palm Island
      Arthur Cooktown                        Cloncurry          Palm Island

      Removals 1920

      HOM/B54 Queensland State Archives
      Removals 1920
      HOM/B56 Queensland State Archives

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Aggie                                      Fossilbrook       PI
      Bijelle & children Ethel & Rosie           Nebo              PI
      Billy Weaver                               Selwyn            PI
      Elsie, Doreen                              Yacamunda Stn     PI
      Bunda                                      Goolburrum        BA
      Arthur Conlon                              Barambah          TA
      William Cummings                           Gayndah           BA
      Felicia                                    Mabuiag Is        PI
      Tommy Lame                                 Yungaburra        Y
      Rosey Buck, Billy Buck                     Townsville        PI
      Brooker                                    Mt Garnet         Y
      Cobbo, Mabel Cobbo, Ronald Cobbo           Gayndah           BA
      Tommy Smyth                                Herberton         Y
      Arthur East                                Gilbert River     Y
      Chism                                      Kidston           Y
      Alick Riley, Topsy Riley                   Southport/Brisbane BA
      Peter Byers                                Longreach         BA
      Niggir McDonald                            Brisbane          BA
      Alice                                      Emerald           BA
      Sheila, Hector                             Mungana           Y
      Leo                                        Walsh             CB
      M Gela, L Gela, J Gela, I Gela             Pialba            BA
      Nancy                                      Cairns            PI
      Keechamp family                            Maytown           PI
      Duncan Daniells                            Talwood           BA
      Harry                                      Coen              PI
      Bob Jeffries, protest against removal
      Georgie and mother                         Yelversoft Stn    PI
      Cecil                                      Euroka Springs    PI
      May Smallwood                              Ayr               PI
      Bob Sela, Charlie Sela, recommend removal be deferred
      Rob or Bob                                 Laura             PI
      Romeo                                      Mackay Hospital   PI
      Bob Nixon, Milly                           Cooktown          Y
      Flora Duck, Rosie Duck, protest against removal from Nebo
      Murdering Tommy                            Burketown         Y
      Daisy                                      Cloncurry         Y
      Florrie Kemp                               Rockhampton       BA
      Topsy Neary                                Frazers Island    BA
      Bijelli and 2 daughters                    Nebo              PI
      Maud Saunders and 3 children               Tinnenburra       TA
      William Murray                             Townsville        Y
      John Johnson @ Johnny Doolan               Emerald           BA
      Billy Barlow                               Targa             PI
      Willie Sandy                               Dagworth Stn      PI
      William Donaldson                          Palm Island       Y
      Arthur Braikenridge                        Mossman           PI
      John Gala, Pialba, protests against the removal of his two youngest children
      Albert Fred Edington, asks for his return from Cape Bedford
      Tommy Bobby                                Coomera           BA
      Tommy Smyth                                Herberton         Y
      Linda                                      Gilliat           PI
      Maud Gundy                                 Toowoomba         BA
      Minnie Bond                                Barambah          TA
      Charley Brodie, wants reasons for his removal
      Pompey                                     Townsville        PI
      Lily Smith                                 Selheim           PI
      Willie Nuggin                              Myora             BA
      Ida Coleman                                Brisbane          BA
      Willie Goram, recommend detention at Barambah
      Donkey, Topsy                              Emerald           BA
      Unnamed gin of 60 years                    Hughenden         PI
      Charlie Moreton                            Myora             BA
      George, Rhoda                              Coen              PI
      Topsy, that she be allowed to return to her husband at Frazers Island
      George Charlie, wife and child             Deebing Creek     TA
      Tappo                                      Cairns Gaol       PI
      Jack                                       Cloncurry         PI
      Bessie                                     Hughenden         PI
      Broncho, asks for release from Mission station
      Joe Salmon                                 Ayr               PI
      Jackie, Maggie                             Gordonvale        PI
      Junilee                                    Croydon Hosp      Y
      Lucy, Lena, Polly, Sandy                   Fishery Creek     PI
      Ossie Dick, Raby Dick (wife)               Barambah          TA
      Dora Tanna                                 Edmonton          PI
      George Duringee                            Cairns            PI
      Harry Marks                                Cairns            PI
      Jimmy Captain                              Mackay            PI
      Daisy, Nancy                               Teneriffe         PU
      Garry Owen and 5 children                  Pialba            BA
      Tommy Maund, Roger, Biddie, Charabuka                        PI
      Billy Hayes                                Townsville        PI
      Robin & family, Brady & family             Walsh River       PI
      Wild Jemmy                                 Kirrama           PI
      Albert                                     Paroo River       TA
      Billy                                      Wandoorah         BA
      Charlie                                    Duaringa          BA
      Dolo and 6 others                          Strathleven Stn   PI
      Tommy Buck                                 Barambah          TA
      Sunday Thompson, Bob Betheridge            Batavia Goldfield PI
      Edward Mitchell, Lucy Mitchell & 3 children Goondiwindi      TA
      Bob Gillumrobin and 13 others, deserters from Yarrabah to Palm Is
      Andrew & wife, Sandy                       Mackay            PI
      Hooligan, Alick, Jackson, Tommy            Cardwell          PI
      Sandy Walker, wife and 5 children          Mitchell          TA
      Robinson, Ned                              Tin Creek         PI
      Beaty, for release of her son from Taroom
      Jimmy Daylight                             Cleveland         DC
      Charlie Snider and family                  Maytown           PI
      Tom Play, Alice Khaki, Billy Emmerson      Gaynday           BA
      Lava                                       Valley of Lagoons PI
      Gidee, Tommy Kitty                         Atherton          PI
      Arm Jack                                   Thursday Island   PI
      Margery Coochie                            Rocky Springs     BA
      Florrie, Phillis Gainsford                 Charters Towers   PI
      Limerick                                   Jericho           BA
      Jim Fisher                                 Barambah          TA
      Scratcher                                  Emerald           TA
      Peter                                      Duchess           PI
      Rosey Thompson, Annie Thompson             Coen              PI
      Jimmy Percy                                Yarraden          PI
      Harry Albert                               Barambah          TA
      Clarence                                   Cairns            PI
      Long Tommy and 3 others                    Yarraden (Coen)   PI
      Annie                                      Townsville        PI
      Mary Ann                                   Atherton          PI
      George, Sandy, George                      Townsville        PI
      Thomas Dalton and family                   Cleveland         TA
      Expenses for removal of 5 Aborigines       Turn Off Lagoon   PI
      12 Aborigines                              Townsville        PI
      5 Aborigines                               Koolburra         PI
      7 Aborigines                               Hawkswood         BA
      Open Order for Aborigines from Old Hull River Settlement to Palm Island
      7 Aborigines                               Babinda           PI
      15 Aborigines                              Ingham            PI
      Removal of Aborigines from Bald Hills, Cooktown, to Cape Bedford
      14 Aborigines                              Deebing Creek

      Removals 1920 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Pluto No 1                             Ayr                Palm Island
      Billy Weaver                           Selwyn             Palm Island
      Bijelli or Flora Dim Duck and her      Nebo               Palm Island )
      children Ethel (14) and Rosie (6)      Nebo               Palm Island )
      Bunda                                  Goolburrum         Barambah
      Elsie (12), Doreen (6)                 Yacamunda Stn      Palm Island
      Willie Cummings                        Gayndah            Barambah
      Arthur Conlon                          Barambah           Taroom
      Felicia                                Mabuiag Island     Yarrabah
      Tommy Lame                             Yungaburra         Yarrabah
      Brooker alias Broncho                  Mt Garnet          Yarrabah

      Natives removed from Townsville to Palm Island as follows
      William Anderson, Jessie Anderson and child, Kitty, Nellie Tanner, Jimmy White, Jennie White,
      King Billy, Tommy, Old Peter, Tommy Braven, Willie Tungaroo

      Rosey, Billy Buck                      Townsville         Palm Island
      Cobbo & wife Mabel & child Ronald      Gayndah            Barambah
      Tommy Smyth                            Herberton          Yarrabah
      Arthur East (8)                        Gilbert River      Yarrabah
      Peter Byers                            Longreach          Barambah
      Alick Riley                            Southport          Barambah
      Topsy Riley                            Brisbane           Barambah
      Niger McDonald                         Brisbane Gaol      Barambah
      Sheile (H/C, 6), Hector (Abor, 4)      Mungana            Yarrabah
      Leo                                    Walsh              Cape Bedford
      Alice                                  Emerald            Barambah
      Myrtle Gela (18), Lottie Gela (17),    Pialba             Barambah )
      Joe Gela (11), Ivy Gela (8)            Pialba             Barambah )
      Nancy                                  Cairns             Palm Island

      Natives removed from Maytown to Palm Island as follows
      Tommy Keechamp and his wife Nellie and their children Annie, Arthur, George, Maudie,
      Spider Keechamp (H/C)

      Nellie (50), child (5 mths),           Koolburra          Paul Island )
      Larry (15), Jack (55), Lucy (50)       Koolburra          Paul Island )
      Duncan Daniells                        Talwood            Barambah
      Harry                                  Coen               Palm Island
      George and his mother                  Yelvertoft Stn     Palm Island

      Natives removed from Hawkwood to Barambah as follows
      Sid Williams and wife Lizzie and children Albert (14), Bessie (12), Sid (10),
      May (8), Kitty (7) and Mary (5)
      Bob Johnson, Billey Davey, Henry Hart, Watcho and wife and child Doris,
      Old Maggie, Coolan

      Cecil                                  Euroka Springs     Palm Island
      May Smallwood                          Ayr                Palm Island
      Bob                                    Laura              Palm Island
      Bob Dixon, Milly                       Cooktown           Palm Island
      Romeo                                  Mackay Hospital    Palm Island
      Florrie Kemp                           Rockhampton        Barambah
      Murdering Tommy                        Burketown          Yarrabah
      Daisy (6)                              Cloncurry          Yarrabah

      Natives removed from Innisfail and Cardwell to Palm Island as follows
      Tommy, Spider, Nellie *, Kitty *, Biddy, Chuckie *, Rose 1, Rose 2, Charlie Churriman (35),
      Tommy Springcart (20), Billy Ginger (23), Paddy Chogur (17), Nellie Rag (35), Johnny Manngun (22),
      Johnny Irgoraman (25), Willie Ingham (35), Charlie Mailman (60), Yankey Charlie (50), Nellie (45),
      Fred Elmurra (22) *, Tommy Jarquin (17), Joe Kingin (26), Maggie (17), Toby Smoko alias Toby Hutchinson (25),
      Bob (30) *, Pollie (35), Poppett (22), Redbill (50), Minnie (48), Tommy weebill (35), Johnny Mickey (55) *,
      Tommy Chinga Chinga (..), Lizzie Chinga (35), Robie or Robben, Billy, Jimmy Monaia otherwise Jimmy One Eye,
      Nellie, Tommy One Eye, Bob *, Nellie *, Chuckie *, Jack Bunting, Kitty *, Rosie, Jimmy Wairuna

      Topsy Neary                            Frasers Island     Barambah
      Maud Saunders and 3 children, also 4th Tinenburra         Taroom )
      child & old abor Caroline Saunders     Tinenburra         Taroom )
      Frank Murray                           Townsville         Yarrabah
      William Donaldson                      Palm Island        Yarrabah
      Sandy Willie                           Dagworth Stn       Palm Island
      Arthur Brackenridge                    Mossman            Palm Island
      Billy Barlow                           Targa              Palm Island
      Johnson alias Johnny Doolan                               Barambah
      Tommy Bobby                            Coomera            Barambah
      Tommy Smyth                            Herberton          Yarrabah
      Linda (8)                              Gilliat            Palm Island

      Natives removed from Babinda to Palm Island as follows
      Jimmy Lalley and wife Mary Ann, Jackey Barringa, Jackey Nugent,
      Dick and his wife Nellie, child Jack (their children)

      Maud Gundy                             Cooyar             Barambah
      Minnie Bond and her children           Barambah           Taroom )
      Percy, Rosie and Arthur                Barambah           Taroom )
      Lily Smith and her child (2 1/2 yrs)   Sellheim           Palm Island
      Pompey                                 Townsville         Palm Island
      Willie Nuggin and wife Maud and        Myora Reserve      Barambah (deferred) )
      children Tom (10) and baby (3, female) Myora Reserve      Barambah (deferred) )
      Ida Coleman and her child Dick         Brisbane           Barambah
      Donkey and wife Topsy                  Emerald            Barambah
      Willie Goram                                              Barambah
      Female abor 50 - 60 yrs                Hughenden          Palm Island
      Charlie Moreton Jnr                    Myora Reserve      Barambah
      George and wife Rhoda                  Weipa Mission      Palm Island
      Tappo                                  Cairns Gaol        Palm Island
      Charlie George and wife Katie          Deebing Creek      Taroom )
      and son Norman                         Deebing Creek      Taroom )
      Bessie                                 Hughenden          Palm Island
      Jack                                   Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Jubilee                                Croydon Hospital   Yarrabah
      Joe Salmon                             Ayr                Palm Island
      Ossie Dick and wife Raby               Barambah           Taroom
      Jacky, Maggie                          Gordonvale         Palm Island
      Lucy, Lena, Polly, Sandy               Fishery Creek      Palm Island
      Dora Tanna                             Edmonton           Palm Island
      Harry Marks                            Cairns             Palm Island
      George Duringee                        Cairns             Palm Island
      Jimmy Captain                          Mackay             Palm Island
      Daisy (19), Nancy (10)                 Teneriffe          Purga
      Paddy Maunds, Tommy Roger,             Ravenshoe Camp     Palm Island )
      Tommy Biddie, Charlie Churabaka        Ravenshoe Camp     Palm Island )
      Billy Hayes                            Townsville         Palm Island
      Garry Owen, Margaret (17), Edie (13),  Pialba             Barambah )
      Celilia (11), Isaac (5), Willie (3)    Pialba             Barambah )

      Natives removed from Pialba to Barambah as follows
      Robin and his wife and her children Nellie H/C (11) and Gracie H/C (9)
      Brady and his wife and child

      Wild Jimmy                             Kirrama            Palm Island
      Charlie                                Duaringa           Barambah
      Billy                                  Wandoorah-Toorilla Barambah
      Albert                                 Paroo River        Taroom

      Natives removed from Strathleven Station to Palm Island as follows
      Dolo, Rosie Rosendale, Amy H/C, Robin, Maudie and her daughters Gracie H/C and Nellie H/C

      Tommy Buck                             Barambah           Taroom
      Sunday Thompson, Bob Betridge          Batavia Gold Field Palm Island
      Andrew and wife Janie?, Sambo          Mackay             Palm Island

      Natives removed from Atherton to Palm Island as follows
      Bob Gillumrobin, Jimmy Urgin, Byron, Dickie Wee Wee, Dickie Godfrey, Willie Favier,
      Jackey Manka, Polly Sunto, Charlie Peak, Barnell, Charlie Warrambie, Ruby, Kitty,
      Tommy Lame, Lucy (wife of Dickie Wee Wee)

      Edward Mitchell and wife Lucy and      Goondiwindi        Taroom )
      children Doris (11), Jack (7) and      Goondiwindi        Taroom )
      ?2 other children                      Goondiwindi        Taroom )
      Hoolican, Alick, Jack, Tommy           Cardwell           Palm Island
      Sandy Walker's wife and 5 children     Mitchell           Taroom
      Robinson, Ned                          Tin Creek          Palm Island
      Jimmy Daylight                                            Purga
      Charlie Snider and wife Annie and      Maytown            Palm Island )
      children Bobie, Silas & baby (5 mths)  Maytown            Palm Island )
      Ton Hay (... wife), Allie Khaki and    Gayndah            Barambah ]
      her husband Billy Emmerson and         Gayndah            Barambah ]
      their infant child                     Gayndah            Barambah ]
      Lava                                   Valley of Lagoons  Palm Island
      Grace, Tommy Kitty                     Atherton           Palm Island
      Arm Jack                               Thursday Island    Palm Island
      Margery Coochie and infant son         Rocky Springs      Barambah
      Open Order names                       Bald Hills         Cape Bedford
      Scratcher                              Emerald            Barambah
      Jimmy Fisher                           Barambah           Taroom
      Peter                                  Duchess            Palm Island
      Jimmy Percy                            Yarraden           Palm Island
      Harry Albert                           Barambah           Taroom
      Clarence                               Cairns             Palm Island
      Long Tommy, Georgie One Eye,           Yarraden           Palm Island )
      Billy Kulburra, George Doherty         Yarraden           Palm Island )
      Annie                                  Townsville         Palm Island

      Natives removed from Ingham to Palm Island as follows
      Tommy, Harry, Norman, Fred Coldwater, Jimmie, Tommy Bennie, Flanagan,
      Sam, Rodger, Jonnie, Alice, Annie, Fred, Harry No 2

      Florrie, Phillis Gainsford             Charters Towers    Palm Island
      Limerick                               Jericho            Barambah

      Natives to be detained at Purga as follows
      Dick Richards and his wife Florrie and their children Randal, Makery and McLennon,
      Andrew Richards and his wife Jessie and their children Leslie, Milda and Andrew,
      Harry Thompson and children Douglas, Charlie and Vida

      Rosey Thompson, Annie                  Coen               Palm Island
      George, Sandy, George                  Townsville         Palm Island
      Mary Ann Hughes, Nellie Solomon        Atherton           Palm Island

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1921
      HOM/B58 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1921

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Elsie, Doreen (both Half-caste)            Yacamunda Stn     PI   (Cost of conveyance twenty one pounds)
      Edward Mitchell                            Talwood           TA
      Bobby                                      Sth Comongin Stn  TA
      Norman Mosman, Charlie Mosman              Richmond          PI
      Billy Malone Dalby                         Barambah          TA
      Willie Murrie                              Ingham            PI
      Mareja Doolah                              Thursday Is       DI
      Constable T Smith, claim for supplying rations to Aborigines
      Weary Willie                               Laura (Mt Garnet) PI
      Normanton Dick                             St Helena         BA
      Albert Mummin                              Rockhampton       BA
      Jessie Tanna, Cissy Tanna, Herbert Tanna   Gladstone         BA
      Cobbo Williams, Billy Bundi                Taroom            BA
      Little Dick, George McDermott              Nocundra          TA
      Sambo, Billy, and 4 others                 Laura             PI
      Frank Rawbelle and 9 others                Hawkwood          TA
      12 Aborigines                              Georgetown        PI
      Polly Holdsworth                           Cooktown          PI
      Frank Pickles, wife and 2 children         Cairns            PI
      Paddy Millchester                          Stewarts Ck       PI
      Willie Solomon                             Cairns Gaol       PI
      George Long, Jimmy, Peter, Ned             Thornbury Stn     PI
      Peter, Lefthand Billy                      Mt Surprise       PI
      Cora Emmerson                              Proserpine        PI
      Gordon Carter                              Duaringa          BA
      Arthur of Gordonvale. A Lock complains boy is being hounded by Police
      Hector                                     Stewarts Ck       PI
      16 Murray Island natives                                     PI
      Tiger                                      Glengyle Stn      TA
      Choloie                                    Ingham            PI
      Mrs Emmerson, petition from residents of Proserpine against her removal to Palm Island
      Ruth Kuren Chand                           Cairns            PI
      Frank Wolfgram                             Normanton         PI
      Jimmy Gibson, wife and child               Birdsville        PI
      Coby                                       Nesbitt River     Y
      Georgy, Mathy, Jack                        Port Stewart      Y
      Arthur Conlon                              Barambah          TA
      Hannah                                     Mackay            PI
      Jacky Arro                                 Atherton          PI
      Jimmy Breeza and wife                      Lakefield         PI
      Lizzie Carroll, Essie Carroll              Lockinvar Stn     PI
      Justene Billy, to be detained at Palm Island
      Tommy Huddy and wife                       Coen              PI
      Susy                                       Kendall River     PI
      Polly, Biddy                               Batavia           PI
      Bob Tommy Tommy                            Goondiwindi       TA
      Louisa                                     Darnley Is        Y
      Charlie, Bella                             Cooktown          PI
      Billy Wilson, wife and children            St Lawrence       PI
      Nancy                                      Beechal Stn       TA
      Etheridge, Jackey, Finnegan, Billy London  Georgetown        PI
      Harry White                                Rockhampton       BA
      Florrie                                    Cooktown          CB
      Jimmy Garvey, wife and children, Lily Gayton Barambah          TA
      Lawrence Davey                             Ravenswood Jn     PI
      Paddy Flynn                                St Helena         PI
      Pansy Davis, Hazel Davis, Edgar Davis, Kathleen  Edmonton          MM
      Friday                                     Mackay            PI
      Mailman , Dick                             Laura             CB
      42 Aborigines from Banyan and Silkwood Camps, Cardwell district to Palm Island. Cost twenty one pounds.
      Albert Blackman                            Rockhampton       BA
      Willie                                     Tolga             MM
      14 Aborigines from Tomas Stn, Mitchell to Taroom
      Nosey Alick                                Stone River       PI
      Charlie Armitage                           Townsville        PI
      Johnson                                    Thursday Island   PI
      Mrs Julia Assam and 4 others               Cloncurry         PI
      Hammond Island Natives protest against removal to Adam Island
      Charlie McQuaker                           Mt Surprise       PI
      Willie Duke, Nellie Duke                   Richmond          PI
      Toby                                       Laura             CB
      18 Aborigines from Mitchell to Taroom and Mingha Cossack and Nellie
      Murdering Tommy                            Cairns            PI
      Benny, Billy Davis                         Townsville        PI
      Sam                                        Proserpine        PI
      9 Aborigines                               Bowen             PI
      Paddy Ah Bue, Willie Ah Bue and wives      Maytown           Y
      Eliza                                      Cairns            PI
      John Cabbo                                 Gayndah           BA
      Lena, Tommie                               Laura             Y
      Jacky Heinemann                            Coen              PI
      Aggie Roberts and child                    Myora             BA
      Katie Welch                                Mundubbera        BA
      Paddy Flynn                                Palm Island       Y
      Maggie Narrison, complaint by her husband Willie Narrison about her
        removal from Bowen to Palm Island
      Sambo                                      Cape York         PI
      Diamond Harry                              Gin Gin           BA
      Captain, Peter Lefthand, Paddy             Kendall River     PI
      20 Aborigines                              Cooktown          CB
      Jimmy Lena, Frank                          Cape York         PI
      Willie Douglas, Jenny                      Mt Carbine        PI
      Maudie Gundy                               Blackbutt         BA
      Charlotte and 3 others                     Forest Vale Stn   TA
      10 Aborigines                              Batavia & Tin Cks Y
      Harry Skeen                                Cairns            PI
      Zachariah                                  Mabuiag Is        PI
      Minga                                      Mitchell River    BA
      Moonlight, wife and family                 Mitchell          TA
      Lottie Croydon, Tom Croydon                Rockhampton       BA
      Edward Moreton                             Purga             BA
      Dan Coleman                                Townsville Gaol   MM
      Rokeby Sam, Jackson, Henry, Sullivan       Watson River      PI
      10 Aborigines                              Stone River       PI

      Removals 1921 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Natives removed from Cleveland to Taroom as follows
      Thomas Dalton, wife Lizzie and their daughter Nellie and her illegitimate
      child  (4 mths) and their daughter Mary (3 yrs)

      Edward Mitchell                        Talwood            Taroom
      Bobby                                  South Comongin Stn Taroom
      Norman Mosman and Charlie Mosman       Richmond           Palm Island
      Billy Malone Dalby                     Barambah           Taroom
      Willie Murrie                          Ingham             Palm Island
      Mareja Doolah                          Thursday Island    Darnley Island
      Dick Normanton                         St Helena          Barambah
      Weary Willie                           Lava District      Palm Island
      Jessie Tanna, Cissy Tanna (mother),    Gladstone          Barambah )
      Herbert Tanna (3)                      Gladstone          Barambah )
      Albert Mummin                          Rockhampton        Barambah
      Cobbo Williams, Billy Buddi            Taroom             Barambah
      Little Dick, George McDermott          Nocundra           Taroom
      Sambo, Billy, Sarah, Nellie,           Laura              Palm Island )
      Young Nellie, Topsy                    Laura              Palm Island )

      Natives to be detained at Taroom as follows
      Frank Rawbelle, Willie Jones, Molly Jones, Willie Healy, Sammy, Mate Mate, Dolly Mate Mate,
      Old Frank Fanning, Walter Barney, Mate Mate's five children

      Polly Holdsworth                       Cooktown           Palm Island

      Natives removed from Georgetown to Palm Island as follows
      Tommy (Gaol Bird), Long Tommy (Policeman), Nellie, Minnie, Lucy, Friday (alias Billy),
      Jimmy (alias Alick), Crankey Johnny, Tottie H/C, Mary Ann, Jacky Warner and his wife Bubly

      Frank Pickles, wife Eva and children   Cairns             Palm Island )
      Frank (5) and Steve (3 or 4)           Cairns             Palm Island )
      Paddy Millchester                      Stewarts Ck Gaol   Palm Island
      Willie Solomon                         Cairns Gaol        Palm Island
      George Long, Jimmy, Peter, Ned         Thornbury Stn      Palm Island
      Peter, Lefthand Billy                  Mt Surprise        Palm Island
      Cora Emmerson                          Proserpine         Palm Island
      Gordon Carter                          Duaringa           Barambah
      Hector                                 Stewart Ck Gaol    Palm Island
      Choie                                  Ingham             Palm Island
      Tiger                                  Glengyle Stn       Taroom
      Ruth Kuren Chand                       Cairns             Palm Island

      Natives removed from Murray Island to Palm Island as follows
      Sabon, Boney, Golge, Wailo, Esaka, Fred, Munday, Wagoon, Naina, Pedio,
      Jauna, Sweeney, Samuel and wife, Maitaiki, Topon

      Frank Wolfgram                         Normanton          Palm Island
      Coby H/C female (14)                   Nesbit River       Yarrabah
      George (12), Matty (13), Jack (12)     Port Stewart       Yarrabah (Matty & Jack same person)
      Jacky Arro                             Atherton           Palm Island
      Arthur Conlon                          Barambah           Taroom
      Jimmy Gibson, wife Annie & their child Bairdsville Gold.  Palm Island
      Hannah                                 Mackay             Palm Island
      Jimmy Breeza (Balzer) and wife Minnie  Lakefield          Palm Island
      May Coulahan                           Brisbane           Purga
      Billy Instene                                             Palm Island
      Lizzie Carroll (6), Cissie Carroll (4) Lockinvar Stn      Cape Bedford
      Polly (22), her H/C daughter (12 mths) Batavia            Palm Island )
      and Biddy (18)                         Batavia            Palm Island )
      Susy (20)                              Kendal River       Palm Island
      Tommy Huddy and wife Molly             Coen               Palm Island
      Bob Tommy Tommy                        Goondiwindi        Taroom
      Louisa                                 Darnley Island     Yarrabah
      Charlie, Bella                         Cooktown           Palm Island
      Nancy                                  Beechal Stn        Taroom
      Billy Wilson, wife & 4 children        St Lawrence        Palm Island
      Harry White                            Rockhampton        Barambah
      Etheridge, Jacky Fraser, Finnegan,     Georgetown         Palm Island )
      Billy Loudon                           Georgetown         Palm Island )
      Florrie (6)                            Cooktown           Cape Bedford
      Jimmy Garvey, wife Violet and their 3  Barambah           Taroom )
      children, Lily Gayton                  Barambah           Taroom )
      Davey Lawrence, wife & children        Ravenswood         Palm Island
      Paddy Flynn                            St Helena          Palm Island
      Pansy Davis (11), Hazel Davis (10),    Edmonton           Mona Mona )
      Edgar Davis (5), Kathleen (2 1/2)      Edmonton           Mona Mona )
      Friday                                 Mackay             Palm Island
      Mailman (11), Dick (11)                Laura              Cape Bedford
      Albert Blackman                        Rockhampton        Barambah

      Natives removed from Toomoo Station to Taroom as follows
      (Bluey (80), Hector (80), Daisy (85), Brandy (90), Lizzie (Lucy) (90), Jackson (80), Nellie (80),
      Eliza Roberts (60) and her 2 children a boy (6) and a girl (14),
      Tilly Roberts (26) and her children Chira (3) and Marcus (2) and Archer (1)

      Willie (10)                            Tolga              Monamona
      Nosey Alick                            Stone River        Palm Island
      Removal Order Banyan and Silkwood Natives
      Charlie Armitage                       Townsville         Palm Island
      Johnson                                Thursday Island    Palm Island

      Natives removed from Cloncurry to Palm Island as follows
      Mrs Lulu Assam (26), her male child (6 weeks), Katie Assam (12),
      Emily (20) and her daughter (4)

      Charlie McQuaker                       Mt Surprise        Palm Island
      Benny and Billy Davis                  Townsville         Palm Island

      Natives removed from Mitchell to Taroom as follows
      (Albert (30) and Gracie (23) and their two children  18 mths and 2 yrs,
      Pene (22) and her child 8 months, Ida (50), Harry Corbett (60)

      Toby                                   Laura              Cape Bedford
      Willie Duke and wife Nellie Duke       Richmond           Palm Island
      Sam                                    Proserpine         Palm Island

      Natives removed from Bowen to Palm Island as follows
      Toby Bowen, Jacko, Billy Waite, Jack Bowen, Nellie, Lily, Maggie, Maggie, Andrew

      Paddy Ah Bue and wife and son,         Maytown            Yarrabah )
      Willie Ah Bue and son                  Maytown            Yarrabah )
      John Cabbo                             Gayndah            Barambah
      Eliza                                  Cairns             Palm Island
      Lena, Tommie                           Laura              Yarrabah (Lena since sent to Palm Island)
      Jackey Heinemann                       Coen               Palm Island
      Katie Welsh                            Mundubbera         Barambah
      Aggie Roberts & son Claudie (2)        Myora              Barambah
      Tommy Cherry, Tommy Sperritt,          Cooktown           Palm Island )
      Eileen, Lena, Maggie                   Cooktown           Palm Island )
      Willie Munro, Dick Manning             Mt Mulligan        Mona Mona
      Sambo                                  Cape York          Palm Island
      Garry Diamond                          Gin Gin            Barambah
      Captain, Peter Lefthand, Paddy         Kendall River      Palm Island
      Minga, Cossick, Nellie                 Mitchell           Taroom
      Jimmy Lena, Frank                      Cape York          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Cooktown to Cape Bedford as follows
      Eileen (25), George Baru (30), Maudie (26), Bauai (40), Kitty (36),
      Ganggal (2), Harry (ex-Trooper) (50), Sarah (52), Jackie (Red Point) (54),
      Clara (58), Chrristie (55), Jimmy (58), Toby (50), Charlie (40),
      Jackie Wallace (22), Ngalngor (50), Alice (22), Ngolanego (21),
      Dalngaiga (54), Rosie (60), Jackie Bullfrog (32), Tiger (28),
      Charlie Webb (36), Tommy (32), Jack (38), Andy (45), Clara (34),
      Clara (28), Dala (50)

      Natives removed from Batavia and Tin Creek to Yarrabah as follows
      Mary Ann, Rose Ann, Kitty Pluto, Lizzy, H/C child, Nancy, Mick (female),
      Annie, Little Annie, Maggie Williamson, Sambo H/C, Paddy (female),
      Emily, Sullivan, Jackie Fat, Charlie, Dick, Bob Whelan, Friday Wilson

      Harry Skeen                            Cairns             Palm Island
      Minga                                  Mitchell Hospital  Barambah
      Moonlight, wife Stella and children    Mitchell           Taroom )
      Sweenie (6) and Alice (2)              Mitchell           Taroom )
      Lottie Croydon and husband Tom         Rockhampton        Barambah
      Edward Moreton                         Purga              Barambah
      Zachariah                              Mabuiag Island     Palm Island
      Dan Coleman                            Townsville         Mona Mona
      Rokeby Sam, Jackson, Henry, Sullivan   Watson River       Palm Island

      Natives to be detained at Palm Island
      Jimmy, Willie, Ralph, Billy Thomas, Billy Barlow, Old Man Willie,
      Old Man Billy, Sam, Frank Comba, Diado

      Natives removed from BBanyan and Silkwood Camps to Palm Island as follows
      Toby and wife, Billy Six Fingers, Jack Bunting, Maggie, Nellie,
      Kitty and Norman, Dilly Boy, Maggie, Polly, Lily, Fat Jimmy,
      Old Moody, Jimmy Meehan, Bob, Margee, Billy Barlow, Rosie, Old Tommy,
      Emma, Broken Mouth Billy, Jimmy Toumi, Maggie, Maggie, Johnny, 6 babies,
      Kitty, Rosie, Nellie Queenslander, Tommy, Billie One Pound, Paddy,
      Tommy Niooda, Tommy Beechoro, Tommy Ginbin, Nellie

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1922
      HOM/B60 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1922

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Mornington Dick                            St Helena Gaol    PI  (Prisioner. To go to Palm Island on release.)
      Boomera Bob                                St Helena Gaol    Y   (Prisioner. To go to yarrabah on release.)
      Jacob                                      St Helena Gaol    TA  (Prisioner. To go to Taroom on release.)
      Joe, Toby Hutchinson, Billy Ginger         St Helena Gaol    Y   (Prisioners)
      Billy King, Charley Oakey, Charlie Maua    St Helena Gaol    PI  (Prisioners)
      Dan Coleman                                Stewarts Ck Gaol  MM  (Prisioner. To go to Mona Mona on release.)
      Thomas Coogan                              Tambo             B   (Unable to work)
      Willie Moffat                              Cardwell          PI  (For his own benefit)
      Tiger Jimmy                                Charters Towers   PI  (Almost blind)
      Frank Wilson, Maggie Wilson                Port Douglas      PI  (Agitators)
      Lena of Palm Island. Detention Order to be under the authority of the Superintendent)
      Topsy Lovell                               Yaamba            B   (Admitted prostitute)
      William Alberts, wife and 5 children       Gladstone         B   (In poor circumstances)
      Violet Lennie                              Mitchell          TA  (Incorrigible and uncontrollable)
      Noble, Mary, Laura                         Laura             B   (Making mischief among Aborigines)
      Bob Dixon, Leslie, Billy Vance, Edwin      Cairns            PI  (Deserters from Yarrabah)
      Tiger Thornton, recommend cancellation of order 21. 4.1921
      Tommy Campbell                             Tanby Creek       PI  (Suffers from delusions)
      Eight Aborigines                           Georgetown        PI  (Prevent other boys from working)
      Hammond Island natives protesting against removal
      Zachariah. Recommend removal order be held in abeyance for 12 months.
      George Romelo, Willie Wockol, Maggie       Townsville        PI  (Incorrigible)
      Harry Ambrym                               Townsville        Y   (Released from Jail)
      Tommy Dodd                                 Normanton Gaol    PI  (Undesirable)
      Tommy Toy                                  Maytown           Y   (------- (illegible))
      Billy Bowen                                Taroom            B   (Confirmed agitator)
      Charlie Kangaroo, Mickey Kangaroo          Laura             Y    }
      Topsy Kangaroo and children                Laura             Y    }
      Jacky Woods, Willie, Big Sandy             South Johnstone   PI   ]
      Nellie, Tommy and 5 others                 South Johnstone   PI   ]
      Larry Manning, wife and children           Thornborough      Y
      Billy Bowen, for authority Mr College, going on leave, to escort to Brisbane
      Peter Williams                             Barambah          TA  (For his own protection)
      Peter Burns (aka Peter)                    Thornborough          (About removal of J Burns)
      Cissy Alberts, about removal of Mrs Alberts and family from Murray's Creek to Barambah)
      Tommy Bumban                               Innisfail         PI  (Suffers from delusions)
      Dick                                       Maytown           CB  (Half-caste aged 10 years. To receive schooling.)
      Harry                                      Laura             CB  (Aged 12 years. To receive schooling.)
      Billy Malone, Harry Albert                 Brisbane          BA  (Deserters from Taroom)
      Paddy Brooks, Joe Phinea                   Millaa Millaa     Y   (Very Quarrelsome)
      Hector Foot                                Laura             CB  (To receive schooling)
      Willie Burns                               Port Douglas      PI  (Much addicted to drink)
      Albert                                     Mossman           PI  (Addicted to drink)
      Billy Mango, Nancy , Peter                 Maytown           PI  (Addicted to stealing)
      Jim Bush, seven Aborigines, etc            Coen              PI  (For their own good)
      Dick Manning                               Mt Mulligan       PI  (Old, order amended)
      Dick Props                                 Mackay            B   (Lazy and useless)
      Cecil Jack                                 Augathella        TA  (Dangerous and lazy)
      Charlie Archer Point, Old Charlie, Tommy Sugar, George Miro, all prisioners. Suggestion by
        Brown Prosecutor, Cooktown, that they be removed to Palm Island
      Harry Springer                             Ewan Stn          B   (Threatening folk and spying)
      Frank Murray                               Cairns            PI  (Escapee from Yarrabah)
      Brumby, wife and child                     Mt Molloy         PI  (Does not work. Suspected cattle stealing.)
      Roy Fogarty                                Purga             B   (Causes considerable trouble)
      Peter Constant                             Port Stewart      PI  (Repeated acts of stealing)
      Jerry Barney                               Townsville        PI  (At present serving sentence for stealing)
      Jack, Jonathan                             Longreach         PI  (Perfect larrakin, too old to work)
      Annie Queary                               Dirranbandi       B   (Has a bad character)
      Bird                                       Weengallon        TA  (Will not work)
      Maggie, Walter                             Laura             Y   (Prostitute, for schooling)
      Billy May, Harry Coen                      Herberton         Y   (Stealing)
      Junie and her child                        Cargoon Stn       PI  (For their protection)
      Jacky Wilson, Dinah and child              St Lawrence       PI  (A source of annoyance)
      George Barry and wife                      Cape Bedford      PI   }
      Trooper Harry and wife                     Cape Bedford      PI   } (Causing trouble)
      Leonard and family                         Cape Bedford      PI   }
      Willie Barney                              Barambah          PI   (Refusing to work)
      Tippo, Julia                               Ingham            PI   (Trading his gin for immoral purposes)
      Goonta                                     Goondiwindi       TA   (Defies authority)
      Jack Combo, Eva Combo and family,          Gayndah           B    } (Loafers)
      Alf Combo                                  Gayndah           B    } (Loafers)
      Sambo and four others, absconders from Palm Island. To be returned.
      Horace, wife and children                  Myora             TA   (Destitute and undesirable)
      Alick Gibson                               Mungindi          B    (Deserter)
      Eveline Joker                              Mitchell          TA   (As no one will employ her. Thief, etc.)
      Tommy Watson, Winnie Watson                Longreach         PI   (Wasters, lazy, etc)
      Tiger, Tommy, Kitty                        Cooktown          PI   (Would desert from Cape Bedford)
      Mary                                       Emerald           B    (Utterly immoral)
      Lily Parker and three children             Cargoon Stn       Y    (For her own protection)
      Frank Peterson                             Ingham            PI   (A drunkard and bad example)
      Frank Stephens                             Cooktown          PI   (Blucher murder case)
      Willie, Willie Dan                         Coen              PI   (Cattle killing and for his own good)
      Ruby Johnson, has had 2 illegitimate children while in the employ of Mrs J H Kerr of Cunnamulla.
        Recommends removal order be carried out.
      Ethel Hooper, Cunnamulla. Protest against removal to a mission from his employ
      Norman Kenny, Billy Noble                  Laura            CB & Y   (For schooling, etc)
      Printa Sambo, and three children           Hughenden        PI    (By his own wish)
      Sam, Alice                                 Blackall         B     (Loose moral character)
      Nellie Moran                               Cairns           Y     (To receive schooling)
      Murray                                     Cunnamulla       TA    (Destitute)
      Paddy Morrell                              Innisfail        PI    (Obscene language)
      Florrie Daradgee                           Innisfail        PI    (For her own protection)
      Mickie Weebie                              Cairns           PI    (Drunkenness. Escapee from Yarrabah.)
      Stanley William Brown, Mary Brown          Beaudesert       TA    (Indecent exposure)
      Tommy Chapman, wife and 2 children         Mt Molloy        PI    (Will not work)
      Henry, Betty                               Gilbert River    PI    (Diseased. To receive medical attetion.)
      Joe Ellis                                  Townsville       PI    (Causes dissension amongst Aboriginals)
      Fifteen Aborigines                         Cloncurry        PI    (Loafers, agitators, prostitutes, etc)
      Davey Collins                              Barambah         TA    (Deserter to be removed and dealt with)
      Willie Sloan, Tottie (Norah)               Georgetown       PI    (Addicted to drink)
      Donny Moss, Barambah. Formal order to legalise detention of.
      Nebo Raper                                 Townsville       PI    (Neglected. Just out of Hospital.)
      Lucy Pease                                 Yungaburra       Y     (Bad influence and misconduct)
      Dick                                       Cairns           PI    (Cannot work because of ill health)
      Peter Jackson, Nellie Jackson              Mt Carbine       PI    (Assaulting his employer)
      Frank Martin                               Bundaberg        TA    (Not working, drinking)
      Tommy Watson, Minnie Watson                Aramac           B     (Lazy and impudent)
      Lily Parker, Pentland. Asks to delay removal of.
      Jack, Mewa, Annie and child              Innisfail & Goondi PI    (Stealing and addicted to opium)
      Milo                                       Blackall         B     (For his own benefit)
      Dolly                                      Cairns           Y     (For her own benefit)
      Paddy Black, Colin No 1                    Townsville       PI    (Will not sign on)
      Seven children                             Georgetown       Y     (To receive schooling)
      Jimmy                                      Gunnawarra Stn   PI    (Bad tempered and abusive)

      Removals 1922 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Thomas Coogan                             Tambo              Barambah
      Dick Mornington                           St Helena Gaol     Palm Island
      Billy King, Charlie Oakey, Charlie Maria  St Helena Gaol     Palm Island
      Boomera Bob                               Stewarts Creek     Yarrabah
      Jacob                                     St Helena Prison   Taroom
      Joe, Toby Hutchinson, Billy Ginger        St Helena Gaol     Yarrabah
      Willie Moffatt                            Cardwell           Palm Island
      Tiger Jimmy                               Charters Towers    Palm Island
      Frank Wilson and wife Maggie              Port Douglas       Palm Island
      Lena                                                         Palm Island
      Topsy Lovell                              Yaamba             Barambah
      William Alberts, his wife and children    Gladstone          Barambah )
      Henry (13), Jack (11), Billy (5),         Gladstone          Barambah )
      Fred (2) and Alice (1)                    Gladstone          Barambah )
      Violet Lennie                             Mitchell           Taroom
      Noble, Mary, Laura (child)                Laura              Yarrabah
      Bob Dixon, Leslie, Billy Vance, Edwin     Cairns             Palm Island

      Natives removed from Georgetown to Palm Island as follows
      Monday and his wife Lilly, Sam Smith, Cranky Johnnie, Billy @ Moggill,
      Charlie Yellow, Long Tommy and his wife Lucy

      Tommy Campbell                            Tanby Creek        Barambah
      George Romelo (16), Willie Wockol (24),   Townsville         Palm Island )
      Maggie                                    Townsville         Palm Island )
      Harry Ambrym                              Townsville         Yarrabah
      Tommy Dodd                                Police Gaol        Palm Island
      Tommy Toy                                 Maytown            Yarrabah

      Natives removed from Laura to Yarrabah as follows
      Charlie Kangaroo, Mickie Kangaroo and his wife Topsy and their children
      Daisy (8), Elder (6) and Pero (2 1/2)

      Billy Bowen                               Taroom             Barambah

      Natives removed from South Johnstone to Palm Island as follows
      Jacky Woods @ Jacky Spear, Willie, Big Sandy and his wife Nellie, Tommy and wife,
      Jimmy Willoway, Old Nellie, Jimmy Queenslander, Johnny Sailor

      Larry Manning, wife and 2 children        Thornborough       Yarrabah
      Oscar Wallace                             St Helena          Barambah
      Peter Williams                            Barambah           Taroom
      Tommy Bumban                              Innisfail          Palm Island
      Dick (H/C 10 yrs)                         Maytown            Cape Bedford
      Billy Malone, Harry Albert                Brisbane           Barambah
      Harry (12)                                Laura              Cape Bedford
      Paddy Brooks H/C, Joe Phinea              Millaa Millaa      Yarrabah
      Hector Foot (14)                          Laura              Cape Bedford
      Nancy wife of Billy, Billy Mango,         Maytown            Palm Island )
      Peter                                     Maytown            Palm Island )
      Willie Burns                              Port Douglas       Palm Island
      Albert                                    Mossman            Palm Island
      Dick Manning                              Mt Mulligan        Palm Island
      Dick Props                                Mackay             Barambah
      Cecil Jack                                Augathella         Taroom
      Harry Springer                            Ewan Station       Barambah
      Frank Murray                              Cairns             Palm Island
      Charlie Archer Point, Tommy Sugar,        Cooktown           Palm Island )
      Old Charlie, George Miro                  Cooktown           Palm Island )
      Brumby, wife and child                    Mt Molloy          Palm Island
      Roy Fogarty                               Purga              Barambah
      Jerry Barney                              Townsville         Palm Island
      Peter Constant                            Port Stewart       Palm Island
      Annie Queary                              Dirranbandi        Barambah
      Jack (19), Jonathan (70)                  Longreach          Barambah
      Bird                                      Weengallon         Taroom
      Billy May, Harry Coen                     Herberton          Yarrabah
      Maggie, Walter                            Laura              Yarrabah
      Junie, her child                          Cayson ..          Palm Island
      Jim Bush, Elsie, Mary Ann H/C child,      Coen               Palm Island )
      Anne Jenkins H/C child                    Coen               Palm Island )
      Jacky Wilson, Dinah, child                St Lawrence        Palm Island
      Willie Barney                             Barambah           Palm Island
      Tippo and Julia                           Ingham             Palm Island

      Natives removed from Cape Bedford to Palm Island as follows
      Leonard and family, George Baru and wife, Ex-Trooper Harry and wife

      Natives removed from Gayndah to Barambah as follows
      Jack Combo, his wife Eva and their children Gladys, Roland and Theo, Alf Combo (son)

      Sambo, Johnson, Old Man Weipa, Jimmy      Somerset           Palm Island
      Horace Dalton, wife and 2 children        Myora Reserve      Taroom
      Eveline Joker                             Mitchell           Taroom
      Tommy Watson, Minnie Watson               Longreach          Palm Island
      Tiger, Tommy and wife Kitty               Cooktown           Palm Island
      Mary                                      Emerald            Barambah
      Lily Parker and her 3 children            Cargoon Stn        Yarrabah
      Frank Peterson                            Ingham             Palm Island
      Sambo, wife Printa, children              Hughenden          Palm Island )
      Tommy (9), Jack (6) and Sambo (3)         Hughenden          Palm Island )
      Sam and wife Alice both 40 yrs            Blackall           Barambah
      Nellie Moran (12)                         Cairns             Yarrabah
      Paddy Morrell                             Innisfail          Palm Island
      Murray                                    Cunnamulla         Taroom
      Florrie Daradgee (20)                     Innisfail          Palm Island
      Mickie Weebie                             Cairns             Palm Island
      Tommy Chapman, wife & children 2 & 1 yrs  Mt Molloy          Palm Island
      Stanley Wm Brown, Mary Brown              Beaudesert         Taroom
      Tippo No 2 and wife Lizzie and            Ingham             Palm Island )
      child Marjorie (9), Short Erin            Ingham             Palm Island )
      Linda                                     Chillagoe          Palm Island
      Johnny                                    Ingham             Palm Island
      Henry and wife Betty                      Gilbert River      Palm Island

      Natives removed from Cloncurry to Palm Island as follows
      Henry Brown and wife Minnie, Peggy, Bridie, Carlo, Kitty, Elsie and her child,
      Ivy (child), Archie Fraser, Jock, Sandy, Rosie, Jerry, Lonie Spring

      Joe Ellis                                 Townsville         Palm Island
      Davey Collins                             Barambah           Taroom
      Willie Sloan, Tottie (Norah)              Georgetown         Palm Island
      Donny Moss                                                   Barambah
      Nebo Raper                                Townsville         Palm Island
      Lucy Pease                                Yungaburra         Yarrabah
      Dick                                      Cairns             Yarrabah
      Peter Jackson and wife Nellie             Mt Caebine         Palm Island
      Frank Martin                              Bundaberg          Taroom
      Tommy Watson and wife Minnie              Aramac             Barambah
      Milo                                      Blackall           Barambah

      Natives removed from Innisfail and Goondi to Palm Island as follows
      Jack Mewa, Annie (his sister) and her child Lucy (2)

      Polly (6)                                 Cairns             Yarrabah
      Black Paddy, Colin No 1                   Townsville         Palm Island

      Natives removed from Strathmore, Forest Home and Green Hills Stations to Yarrabah as follows
      Fannie (6), Paddy (7), Gypsey (8), Henry (7), Clara (5), Gertie (6), Fannie (5).

      Jimmy                                     Gunnawarra Stn     Palm Island

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1923
      HOM/B62 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1923

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Roger                                      Townsville        PI   (Prisioner)
      Blanche and child                          Duaringa          B    (Bad language to employers)
      Harry Davis                                Pialba            B    (Deserter from employment)
      Pincher                                    Duaringa          B    (Old and indigent)
      Jimmy Gough                                Cooktown          PI   (Murdering another Aborigine Tommy Letter)
      Eight Aborigines                           Cooktown          PI   (To join their mothers and fathers)
      George Graham, wife and child              Brandon           PI   (Too lazy to work)
      Charlie Collins                            St Helena         TA   (Prisioner. To be sent to Taroom on release.)
      Hilda                                      Cooktown          PI   (When discharged from Hospital.)
      Tommy Sturt                                Cooktown          PI   (Detained in lockup.)
      George McLean                              Edmonton          PI   (Refuses to return to employment)
      Jack Hunter, Annie Hunter                  Mulligan River    PI   (Lazy and will not work)
      Willie Munro                               Mossman           PI   (Morphia fiend)
      Rosie and child Maggie                     Cloncurry         PI   (For their own good)
      Seven Maytown Aborigines                                          }
      Three                                      Maytown           PI   }
      Four                                       Maytown           Y    }
      D J Walsh of Camboon.Certificate of Exemption refused.
      Six Aborigines                             Tanbar Stn        TA   (Old and destitute)
      Nellie Mango                               Herberton         Y    (Serving sentence for assault)
      Charlie Dick                               Townsville        PI   (When cured of VD)
      Thirteen Aborigines                  Coobilla & Boomera Stns PI
      Robert Power                               Cloncurry         PI   (Refuses to be placed under agreement)
      Sam Mitchell, Esther Ford                                    TA   (Convicted of stealing)
      Sam                                        Coen              PI   (Concerned in spearing at Weipa)
      Jack Bird                                  Taroom            B    (Of unsound mind)
      Kirig  At Mapoon, order for Super to have authority over her
      Rosie, Nipper                              Cooktown          PI   (Violent temper and dangerous)
      Milo. Howe family, Blackall, ask for return of Milo from Barambah.
      Three young children of Dora (deceased) at Quilpie. Recommend that they be brought to Taroom.)
      Evelyn Coolwell                            Coolangatta       B    (For her own protection)
      Charlie, wife and 4 children               Charters Towers   PI   (Ill treated by station employees)
      Walter Marley                              Talwood           TA   (Causes disturbances)
      Charlie Kerr                               Cooktown          PI   (Will not work under Agreement)
      Sarah Loder                                Brisbane          B    (Deserted husband and children)
      Peter McInnes                              Townsville        PI   (Will not remain at work)
      Peter Murkin's son aged 8 years            Innisfail         Y    (To receive schooling)
      Frederick Braikenridge at Mossman. Recommend exemption be revoked and removal to Palm Island)
      Sarah Loder, asks for her return from Barambah
      Joe Chatfield                              Chillagoe         Y    (Aged and not likely to obtain work)
      Wonda, Mary                            Dobbyn and Cloncurry  PI   (Blind and at own request)
      Booyah                                     Mackay Gaol       PI   (Ferocious and dangerous Aborigine)
      Jack Mewa, Joe Ambella                     Stewarts Ck Gaol  PI   (On expiry of sentence)
      Billy Corbett                              Townsville        PI   (Discharged from Stewart Creek Goal)
      Neddy and family                           Homevale Stn      PI   (Unable to do station work)
      Alice Brown. Detained at Barambah instead of sending her to gaol.
      Mabel M Priestley and 5 children           St George         TA   (Cripple, unable to work)
      Yellow Boy, Rosie                          Lake Elphinstone  PI   (Both very old)
      Fred Johnson at Barambah. Order required to give Superintendent authority over him)
      Bob Fulton                                 Mona Mona         PI   (Sets bad example to others)
      Widgee Jimmy                               Wooroorooka       TA   (Annoyance to residents)
      Lilly Ah Sam                               Euroka Springs    PI   (Bad character)
      Mrs Priestley at St George. Asks for her exemption to prevent her (being sent to a Mission)
      Joseph McGregor                            Talwood           TA   (Drinks and is a menace to district)
      Billy Chisholm and daughter                Cloncurry         PI   (Indigent and convicted of stealing)
      Oliver and 3 others                        Cairns            PI   (Wife inclined to immorality)
      Garry Diamond                              Murray's Creek    B    (Absconder)
      Wondai                                     Townsville        PI   (Unreliable and addicted to drink)
      Hector Gibson, Polly Seagren               Cooktown          Y    (Absconds from employment)
      Seventeen Aborigines                       Metal Creek       MM   (All destitute)
      Minnie Brown                               Blackall          B    (For her own protection)
      Connie Williams and 2 children             Rockhampton       B    (Too lazy)
      Tantam's widow and 4 children              Boulia            PI   (Unable to get employment)
      Chillagoe Natives. Local residents consider proposed removal to Mission Station too drastic and quite unnecessary.)
      Charlie Fogarty                            Taroom            B    (Frightens white women)
      Aggie                                      Gregory Downs Stn MI   (Conduct not good)
      Jimmy Hart, Topsy Hart (wife)              Laura             PI   (Charged with stealing)
      Zaube Boota                                Thursday Island   MA   (Immoral and defies authority)
      Monkira Jack, wife and children            Currawilla        TA   (Will not work)
      Sambo, wife and 3 children                 Helenvale         Y    (Quarrelsome, etc)
      Jack Smith, wife and child                 Charters Towers   PI   (Addicted to drink, etc)
      Jimmy and 3 others                         Ingham            PI   (Destitute)
      Tiger, Nellie                              Cooktown          PI   (Threatening residents)
      Wallaby                                    Mossman           PI   (Very cheeky and addicted to drink)
      Kathleen                                   Cairns            Y    (For her own protection)

      Removals 1923 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Roger                                      Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Harry Davis                                Pialba            Barambah
      Pincher                                    Duaringa          Barambah

      Natives removed from Cooktown to Palm Island as follows
      Rosie and children Charlie and Major, Dora and child Alice,
      Nellie, Biddy and child Mick

      Jimmy Gough                                Cooktown          Palm Island
      George Graham (40), wife Daisy (25) and    Brandon           Palm Island )
      child aged 6 months                        Brandon           Palm Island )
      Charlie Collins                            Brisbane Prison   Taroom
      Hilda                                      Cooktown          Palm Island
      Tommy Sturt                                Cooktown          Palm Island
      George McLean                              Edmonton          Palm Island
      Jack Hunter and wife Annie                 Mulligan River    Palm Island
      Willie Munro                               Mossman           Palm Island
      Rosie (30) and her child Maggie (4)        Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Elsie (19) and her child aged 1 year,      Maytown           Yarrabah )
      Sarah (8), Topsy (14)                      Maytown           Yarrabah )
      Charile Lai Fook, wife Lizzie              Maytown           Palm Island ]
      and their child                            Maytown           Palm Island ]

      Natives removed from Tanbar Station to Taroom as follows
      Jimmy King, Polly King, Kitty, Old Sally, Billy, Bessie

      Mango and wife Nellie                      Herberton         Yarrabah
      Robert Power                               Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Sam Mitchell, Esther Ford                                    Taroom
      Charlie Dick                               Townsville        Palm Island
      Sam                                        Coen              Palm Island

      Natives removed from Coolulla and Boomera Stations to Palm Island as follows
      Jock Patterson (27), Jack Blackman, Fred Lucas and wife Louie and 2 children,
      Archie Dalton and his wife Lottie and their 2 children, Percy (20, abor.),
      Bobby Malcolm (?) and Duke Howard (27)

      Jack Bird                                  Taroom            Barambah
      Kirig                                                        Mapoon
      Rosie and husband Nipper                   Cooktown          Palm Island
      Evelyn Coolwell                            Coolangatta       Barambah

      Natives removed from Charters Towers to Palm Island as follows
      Charlie and wife Minnie and their children Dolly, July, Johnny and Lucy

      Charlie Kerr                               Cooktown          Palm Island
      Sarah Loder                                Brisbane          Barambah
      Walter Marlay                              Tallwood          Taroom
      Peter McInnes or Huddy                     Townsville        Palm Island
      Peter Murkin's son aged 8 yrs              Innisfail         Yarrabah
      Frederick Braikenridgs                     Mossman           Palm Island
      Joe Chatfield                              Chillagoe         Yarrabah
      Wonda, Mary                                Dobbyn, Cloncurry Palm Island
      Booyah                                     Mackay Gaol       Palm Island
      Jack Mewa, Joe Ambella                     Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Billy Corbett                              Townsville        Palm Island
      Neddy, wife and children                   Homevale Stn      Palm Island )
      Sarah (14) and Tommy (9)                   Homevale Stn      Palm Island )
      Charlie Collins                            Brisbane Prison   Barambah

      Natives removed from St George to Taroom as follows
      Mrs Priestley and her children Rita (15), Brusher (8), Russell (7), Bessie (3) and Jean (19 mths)

      Yelloe Boy and wife Rosie                  L Elphinstone Stn Palm Island
      Fred Johnson                                                 Barambah
      Alice Brown                                                  Barambah
      Widgee Jimmy                               Wooroorooka       Taroom
      Lilly Ah Sam                               Euroka Springs    Palm Island
      Bob Fulton and wife Nancy                  Monamona          Palm Island
      Joseph McGregor                            Talwood           Taroom
      Billy Chisholm and daughter Ettie          Cloncurry         Palm Island

      Natives removed from Metal Creek to Monamona as follows
      Sambo (45), Jackie Hackett (48), Barlow (35), Tommy (68), Flash Tommy (60), Larkey (32),
      Tommy Templeton (50), Jack Wood (70), Paddy (80), Sam (75), Jimmy (70), Dina (60), Maudy (45),
      Annie (60), Tiger (66), Jennie (68), Annie (6)

      Hector Gibson, Polly Seagren               Cooktown          Yarrabah
      Wondai                                     Townsville        Palm Island
      Garry Diamond                              Murray's Creek    Barambah
      Oliver (34), Jeannie Maytown (34),         Cairns            Palm Island )
      James Oliver (11) and Pauline Muriel (8)   Cairns            Palm Island )
      Minnie                                     Blackall          Barambah
      Connie Williams and children               Rockhampton       Barambah )
      Cissie and Florence                        Rockhampton       Barambah )
      Friday Gough                               Port Stewart      Palm Island
      Tantam's widow and four children           Boulia            Palm Island
      Louis Ah You                               T'ville Orphanage Yarrabah
      Aggie (14)                                 Gregory Downs     Mornington Island
      Jimmy Hart and wife Topsy                  Laura             Palm Island
      Zaube Boota                                Thursday Island   Mapoon
      Monkira Jack, wife Nellie, his 2 children  Currawilla        Taroom
      Sambo, wife Polly and children             Helenvale         Yarrabah )
      Allen, Sam and Jack                        Helenvale         Yarrabah )
      Jack Smith, wife Georgina and              Charters Towers   Palm Island ]
      child Maude (5-6 yrs)                      Charters Towers   Palm Island ]
      George                                     Coen              Palm Island
      Jimmy, Nellie, Harryu, Ginny               Ingham            Palm Island
      Tiger and wife Nellie                      Cooktown          Palm Island
      Wallaby                                    Mossman           Palm Island

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1924
      HOM/B64 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1924

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Lyla Tiger, Chrissie Tiger - Protest against removal
      Tommy - Protest against removal of his half-caste son.
      5 Aborigines at Yarrabah. To be detained. Authority to be given to Superintendent to detain them.
      Charlie Towers                             Cairns Gaol       PI   (To Palm Island on discharge)
      Leslie Hatfield                            Rockhampton       B    (On discharge from jail)
      Paddy Brooks                               Millaa Millaa     PI   (Causes discontent, etc)
      Matty Davey, wife and 3 others             Maroochy River    B    (Quarreling, etc)
      14 Aborigines at Bloomfield River          China Camp        CB   (Destitute)
      Billy Chaplain & 2 children Sandy, Nelly   Mistake Ck,Dobbyn PI
      Teddy Maranoa, George Reid                 Tinnenburra Stn   TA   (Lazy and useless)
      Lizzie Dunrobin & 2 children               Clermont          B    (Smokes opium)
      Joe Sullivan and 4 others                  Townsville        PI   (Witnesses in murder case)
      Charlie                                    Kidston           PI   (Refusing to sign on, thieving, etc)
      Sylvia Dalton,  Lulu                       Brisbane          TA   (Prostitutes)
      Pincher Evans                              Blackall          B    (A loafer and a nuisance)
      Herbert                                    Camooweal         PI   (Leaves employers and causes trouble)
      Monday's three orphan children             Ingham            PI   (From Victoria Estate, Ingham)
      Joe Martin                                 Cairns            PI   (Opium smoker and will not work)
      Tommy Teeswater, Ada Walker                Mitchell          TA   (Drinks and loafs)
      Jimmy Rutherford                           Charters Towers   PI   (Too old to work)
      Emma                                       Cloncurry         PI   (Uncontrollable, immoral, thief)
      Eileen Davidson                            Brisbane          B    (For her own welfare)
      Mackay Harry                               Townsville        PI   (Discharged prisioner)
      Jack Bird                                  Barambah          PI   (Ex-prisioner and dangerous)
      Henry                                      Mt Surprise       PI   (A drunkard, abusive and dangerous)
      Jacky To Palm Island. Absconder from Yarrabah. Not wanted at Mornington Island
      Douglas, Epinie? (Esmie?)                  Port Douglas      PI   (Wont work, quarrelsome, etc)
      Jimmy Muldoon                              Croydon           PI   (Unable to obtain employment)
      Willie Reilly                              Townsville        PI   (Upon discharge from jail)
      George Williams                            Cooktown          PI   (A bad character and causes trouble)
      Emma, H/C at Yarrabah, Uncontrollable, immoral, thief
      Jack Gala's child. Protest against proposed removal Pialba to Barambah
      10 Aborigines                              Normanton         PI   (Spearing cattle, etc)
      Walter Marley                              St Helena Gaol    TA   (Upon discharge from prison)
      Albert Ranji                               Taroom            PI   (Dangerous sexual maniac)
      Andy                                       Ravenshoe         Y    (To receive some education)
      Monkira Jack & family. Authority for car fare of fourteen pounds to go from Windorah to Quilpie.)
      Johnny Thompson                            Cairns Gaol       PI   (On discharge from jail)
      Harry Williams and 3 sons                  Blackbutt         TA   (Will not work)
      Peter Murkin                               Innisfail         PI   (A bad example to other Aborigines and an opium fiend)
      Mick, aged 9 yrs                           Millaa Millaa     Y    (Has no relatives)
      Romeo                                      Townsville        PI   (On discharge from prison)
      Toby Murray                                Cairns            PI   (On discharge from prison)
      Tommy or Charlie and wife                  Ravenshoe         PI   (Frightens women and begs food)
      Craven                                     Yandaran          B    (Addicted to drink and quarrelsome)
      Maggie                                     Currawilla        TA   (Not employed and lives with a Chinaman)
      Rob, Annie                                 Mossman           PI   (Absconders from Mona Mona Mission)
      Jimmy Johnson Mossman                      Mossman           PI   (Stealing and undesirable)
      Ivo B McKenzie, wife & 3 children          Herberton         PI   (Addicted to drink, etc)
      Ivy Gala                                   Pialba            B    (As her father will not support her)
      Lame Frank. Crown Prosecutor, Cairns recommends his removal to Palm Island.
      Lame Frank                                 Cairns            PI   (Agitator and concerned in the murder of another Aborigine)
      Chuckie                                    Cooktown          PI   (An agitator)
      Fred McTavish                              Cairns            PI   (On discharge from jail)
      Normanton. Twenty five pounds ten shillings for rations supplied 8 Aborigines. Arrested on Mitchell River.)
      Albert Hippi                               Richmond          PI   (Frightens women and tries to get liquor)
      Roy Fogarty                                Beaudesert        B    (Absconder from Barambah)
      Jimmy Johnson                              Townsville        PI   (Upon discharge from jail)
      Sydney Jack. Detained at Barambah. Young lad to join his mother.
      May                                        Barcaldine        B    (Parents unable to control her)
      Billy, Louie, Arrauman                     Kendall River     PI   (Leaders of three fighting tribes)
      Ethel Hooper                               Cunnamulla        TA   (For her own protection)
      Ruby Johnson                               Cunnamulla        TA   (For her own protection)

      Removals 1924 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Kathleen                                   Cairns            Yarrabah
      Larry No 2 and Amy Stewart                 Townsville        Yarrabah )
      and their two children                     Towneville        Yarrabah )
      Carl                                       Cape Bedford      Yarrabah
      Charlie Towers                             Cairns Gaol       Palm Island

      Natives to be detained at Yarrabah as follows
      Dick Richards (50) and wife Emily (50), George Christian (50) and wife Lena (50), Oscar (30)

      Leslie Hatfield (21-22 yrs)                Rockhampton Gaol  Barambah
      Paddy Brooks                               Millaa Millaa     Palm Island

      Natives removed from the Maroochy River near Yandina to Barambah as follows
      Matty Davey and his wife, Andrew Morris, Charlie Brown and Roger Bennett

      Natives removed from China Camp Cooktown to Cape Bedford as follows
      Joe and Dave sons of Catighue, Mick and George sons of Jerry, Sandy son of Minnie,
      Willie son of Chubby, Lena daughter of Nellie, Sandy son of Nellie, Lilly daughter of Tommy,
      Colley son of Millie, Tiger son of Pidgeon, Jacky son of Topsy, Jacky son of Maggie,
      Ogilbil ? son of Annie

      Teddy Maranoa                              Tinenburra Stn    Taroom
      Georgie Reid                               Barringun         Taroom

      Natives removed from Mistake Creek near Dobbyn to Palm Island as follows
      Billy Chaplain and his two male children, Sandy and his wife Nellie

      Lizzie Dunrobin and her two children       Clermont          Barambah

      Natives removed from Townsville to Palm Island as follows
      Joe Sullivan and his gin Annie, Ned Coldwater, Cannon Dalley or Dalby, Arthur

      Charlie                                    Kidston           Etheridge (Palm Island)
      Pincher or Pincher Evans                   Blackall          Barambah
      Sylvia Dalton, Louisa or Lulu Dalton       Brisbane          Taroom
      3 children of deceased abor. Monday        Ingham            Palm Island (Victoria Estate Ingham)
      Joe Martin                                 Cairns            Palm Island
      Eileen Davidson                            Brisbane          Barambah
      Emma                                       Cloncurry         Palm Island / Yarrabah
      Harry Mackay                               Townsville        Palm Island
      Jimmy Rutherford                           Charters Towers   Palm Island
      Henry and his wife Kitty                   Mt Surprise       Palm Island
      Jackie                                                       Palm Island
      Jack Bird                                  Brisbane Prison   Palm Island
      Douglas and his wife Esmie                 Port Douglas      Palm Island
      Jimmy Muldoon                              Croydon           Palm Island
      Willie Reilly                              Townsville        Palm Island
      George Williams                            Cooktown          Palm Island
      Boy Andy Robinson                          Ravenshoe         Yarrabah

      Natives removed from Normanton to Palm Island as follows
      Peter, Bendigo, Bob Patterson, Bighand, Lefthand Jack, Simon Rio, Paddy, Brumby

      Albert Rangi                               Taroom Settlement Palm Island
      Walter Marley                              St Helena Prison  Taroom
      Johnny Thompson                            Cairns Gaol       Palm Island
      Harry Williams & sons Jimmy, Jack & George Blackbutt         Taroom (Waterhole Gully Blackbutt)
      Romeo                                      Townsville        Palm Island
      Boy Mick (9 yrs)                           Millaa Millaa     Yarrabah
      Toby Murray                                Cairns            Palm Island
      Tommy or Charlie, Maggie                   Ravenshoe         Palm Island
      Craven                                     Jandaran          Barambah
      Maggie                                     Currawilla        Taroom
      Peter Murkin                               Innisfail         Palm Island
      Jimmy Johnson Mossman (or Maund)           Mossman           Palm Island
      Ivo Bligh McKenzie and wife Jemima         Herberton         Palm Island )
      and their three children                   Herberton         Palm Island )
      Ivy Gala                                   Pialba            Barambah
      Lame Frank                                 Cairns            Palm Island
      Chuckie                                    Cooktown          Palm Island
      Rob, Annie                                 Mossman           Palm Island
      Albert Hippi                               Richmond          Palm Island
      Roy Fogarty                                Beaudesert        Barambah
      Jimmy Johnson                              Townsville Gaol   Palm Island
      Jack Sydney                                                  Barambah
      May                                        Barcaldine        Barambah
      Billy Naumpanimna, Louie Onymingpuma,      Kendall River     Palm Island )
      Arranman Ootnka                            Kendall River     Palm Island )
      Ethel Hooper and infant,                   Cunnamulla        Taroom ]
      Ruby Johnson and her two children          Cunnamulla        Taroom ]

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1925
      HOM/B66 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1925

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      George @ Chuckie, Jim                      Cooktown          PI    (Drunkenness, etc)
      Jackie Powell                              Emerald           B     (Nearly blind and unemployable)
      Harry Moyden and wife                      Thursday Island   MA    (Dangerous character and in prison)
      Ned Motlop                                 Merriwa           MAB   (To live with and support his wife)
      Long Arthur and wife                       Ayr               PI    (Drinks, loafs and bullies)
      George Sibley, wife and children           Mt Molloy         PI    (Will not work and drinks)
      Ruby Johnson, Cunnamulla. J H Kerr asks that her removal be cancelled
      Billy                                      Fossilbrook       Y     (Being exploited and in dirty condition)
      Ethel Hooper.  Protest by A Johnson against her removal to Taroom
      Daisy Brown. Permission for her to live on Myora Reserve.
      Louie Arauman, Billy                       Kendall River     PI    (Recommend removal order be rescinded)
      Charlie Gee Hoy                            Townsville        PI    (On discharge from Stewarts Creek)
      Mitchell River. Ring leaders in cattle spearing, tribal fighting, etc. Simon, Rio be sent
        to Palm Island 6 others to be kept at Mitchell River Mission.
      Jack Toorak                                Townsville        PI    (On discharge from prison)
      Tommy Poideckir                            Laura             PI    (Assault of employers)
      Baldy                                      Mt Molloy         PI    (Will not work. Thieves and drinks)
      Jackie Thomas                              Kaban             Y     (Attempting to commit offence)
      Tottie Cubby and child                     Charleville       TA    (Wont take employment)
      Zachariah, Palm Island. Recommends be allowed to Return to Mabuiag Island.
      Johnny, Maggie. Detained at Palm Island.
      Tommy Kangaroo, Douglas Lyon. Detained at Yarrabah.
      Tommy Black, Punch                         Townsville        PI    (On discharge from jail)
      Mitchell                                   Port Douglas      PI    (Attempted assault of young girl)
      George Sibley, wife & children. For reasons for removal. From Mount Molloy to Palm Island.)
      Joe McKenzie, Charlie Deighton             Mackay            PI    (Opium smokers)
      Larry                                      Cooktown          PI    (Addicted to drink. Threatening others.)
      Maud Newman                                Rose Bay          PI    (A prostitute)
      Endeavour River. Toby & 3 others to Yarrabah. Haunt Chinese farms.
      Eva Dalton                                 Woomley           B     (Immoral and uncontrollable)
      George                                     Cooktown          Y     (Very weak and needs care)
      George Long                                Meteor Downs      B     (Old and becoming dangerous)
      Lily and 3 children                        Laura             Y     (Immoral association with a white man)
      Bessie Jackson                             Brisbane          B     (For disciplinary reasons)
      Maude                                      Babinda           Y     (For her own protection)
      Mick Merandie, Ruby Merandie               Eromanga          TA    (Lazy. No station will employ him.)
      Tommy Silver                               Cairns            PI    (Addicted to drink and frequents Chinatown)
      Harry Coen @ Harry McManus                 Cairns            PI    (Will not work and addicted to drink)
      Gilbert Murray                             Douglas           TA    (Old, lazy and disobedient)
      Billy Donovan                              Townsville        PI    (Indecent offence. Frightening women.)
      Fred Ingham                                Stewarts Creek    PI    (On release from jail)
      17 Aborigines                              Cooktown          Y     (Destitute, etc)
      Elsie                                      Yarrabah          PI    (Continually absconding)
      Anna Manantan                              Thursday Island   MA    (Prostitute)
      Maria Dubbins                              Thursday Island   MA    (Immoral)
      George Logan                               Tambourine Mts    TA    (Has no permanent employment)
      Janet                                      Stewarts Creek    PI    (On discharge from jail)
      Willis                                     Cairns            PI    (Preventing Aborigines from working)
      Georgie                                    Laura             PI    (Stealing from prospectors)
      Willie Bumbum, Stanley Bunbun              Hawkwood          PU    (To attend school)
      Fred King, Ada King (wife)                 Ripple Creek      PI    (Becoming a nuisance)
      Markey                                     Stewarts Creek    PI    (Unlawfully using a horse and stealing a saddle and bridle)
      Topsy                                      Coolangatta       TA    (Bad behaviour)
      Jemima McKenzie and children               Herberton         PI    (To join husband and immoral)
      John Con Goo                               Stewarts Creek    Y     (On discharge)
      Eliza Roberts and 2 children               Tatala            TA    (Absconder from Taroom)
      Jean Moltara                               Mossman           Y     (Living with an Aborigine)
      Amy Hyde                                   Normanton         Y     (Deserter. To be returned to her husband.)
      3 old female Aborigines                    Palm Creek        PI    (Old and feeble, opium smokers, etc)
      James Lomas, Eliza Lomas                   Tweed Heads       PU    (For their own good. Not cared for.)
      Bob Gunnawarra                             Stewart Creek     PI    (To finish life sentence for murder.)
      Wilfred Wragge, wife and child             Gayndah           B     (Loafs and lives on wife?s earnings)
      Joe                                        Cloncurry         PI    (Tired of work)
      Jenny Mungo                                Cloncurry         PI    (Old and unable to work)

      Removals 1925 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Thomas Coogan                             Tambo              Barambah
      George @ Chuckie and his gin              Cooktowm           Palm Island )
      and children (if any)                     Cooktowm           Palm Island )
      Jackie Powell                             Emerald            Barambah
      George Sibley, wife and children          Mt Molloy          Yarrabah
      Long Arthur, Rosie                        Ayr                Palm Island
      Ned Motlop                                Merriwa            Mabuiag Island
      Harry Moyden and his wife                 Thursday Island    Mapoon
      Billy                                     Fossilbrook        Yarrabah
      Charlie Gee Hoy                           Stewarts Ck Gaol   Palm Island
      Simon, Rio                                Mitchell River     Palm Island

      Natives to be detained at Mitchell River as follows
      Peter Bendigo, Bob Patterson, Bighand Phil, Lefthand Jack, Paddy, Brumby

      Jack Toorak                               Townsville         Palm Island
      Tommy Poideckir                           Laura              Palm Island
      Baldy                                     Mt Molloy          Palm Island
      Toby Massey                               Ayr                Palm Island
      Fred Murray and wife Maggie               Palm Island        Barambah
      Tottie Cubby and her child                Charleville        Taroom
      Eli McCallum                              Longreach          Barambah
      Evelyn McLean                             Charters Towers    Palm Island
      Johnny, Maggie                            Halifax            Palm Island
      Tommy Kangaroo, Douglas Lyon                                 Yarrabah
      Tommy Black, Punch                        Townsville         Palm Island
      Larry                                     Cooktown           Palm Island
      Maud Newman                               Rose Bay           Palm Island

      Natives removed from Endeavour River to Yarrabah as follows
      Toby and wife, Charlie Webb and wife, Tommy One Toe and wife, Long Andy and wife

      Eva Dalton                                Woombye            Barambah
      Long George                               Meteor Downs       Barambah
      George                                    Cooktown           Yarrabah
      Lily (40) and her children Teresa (16),   Laura              Yarrabah )
      Hilda (4) and Elsie (3)                   Laura              Yarrabah )
      Bessie Jackson                            Forest Hill        Barambah
      Maude (9)                                 Babinda            Yarrabah
      Mick Merandie and his wife Ruby           Eromanga           Taroom
      Harry Coen @ Harry McManus                Cairns             Palm Island
      Tommy Silver                              Cairns             Palm Island
      Gilbert Murray                            Douglas            Taroom
      Billy Donovan                             Townsville         Palm Island
      Fred Ingham                               Stewarts Creek     Townsville

      Natives removed from Schultz Camp, Marnay Camp, Cobbs Camp and others to Yarrabah as follows
      Jimmy Mossman and wife Jerry (Jenny?) and children Mick (7), George (7) and an infant,
      Nellie and children Sandy (7) and Lena (9), Topsy and child Jacky (9),
      Annie and child Ogilbil (8), Pigeon and child Tiger (8), One Leg, Woman and children,
      Joe who is Catighur's son, Dave who is Catighur's son, Sandy who is Minnie's son,
      Willie who is Chubby's son, Lily who is Tommy's daughter, Collsy who is Millie's son,
      Jacky who is Maggie's son, any mothers not married who are in indigent circumstances)

      Elsie                                     Yarrabah           Palm Island
      Anna Manantan                             Thursday Island    Mapoon (married 28. 8.1926 to Waria of Badu)
      Maria Dubbins                             Thursday Island    Mapoon
      George Logan                              Tambourine Mts     Taroom
      Janet                                     Stewart Ck Gaol    Palm Island
      Starlight                                 Barambah           Palm Island
      Georgie                                   Laura              Palm Island
      Willie                                    Cairns             Palm Island
      Willie Bunbun, Stanley Bunbun             Hawkwood           Purga
      Markey                                                       Palm Island
      King Fred and his wife Ada                Ripple Creek       Halifax
      Topsy                                     Brisbane           Taroom
      Eliza Roberts and two children,           Tatala             Taroom )
      William Hector                            Tatala             Taroom )
      John Con Goo                              Stewarts Creek     Yarrabah
      Jean Moltara                              Mossman            Yarrabah
      Jemima McKenzie and her children          Herberton          Palm Island
      Old Nellie (about 65), Dinah (about 45)   Palm Creek         Palm Island )
      and Kitty (35 - 45)                       Palm Creek         Palm Island )
      James Lomas, Eliza Lomas                  Tweed Heads        Purga  (from Tweed Heads and Currumbin)
      Jack Jones                                Brisbane           Barambah
      Bob Gunnawarra                            Stewarts Ck Gaol   Palm Island
      Jenny Mungo                               Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Joe                                       Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Wilfred Wragge and his wife Marian and    Gayndah            Barambah )
      their child (7 months)                    Gayndah            Barambah )
      Eric Brown, malcolm Brown,                                   Purga ]
      William Mitchell                                             Purga ]


      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1926
      HOM/B68 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1926

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Florrie Robertson protests against removal to Yarrabah from Townsville
      Lefthand Jack, Brumby                      Mitchell River    PI    (Absconder from Palm Island)
      Toby Gorringe                              Glengyle Stn      PI    (Dangerous and treacherous)
      Edie Carter                                Einasleigh        Y     (Uncontrollable and for her own good)
      Ruth Davis                                 Urangan           BA    (Incorrigible)
      Corbi Tobi, wife and child                 Millaa Millaa     PI    (Wife will not sign on, etc)
      Florrie Robertson                          Townsville        Y     (For her own good)
      Topsy Yaccumilla                           Hambledown        PI    (Prostitute)
      Billy Bogan, wife and daughter             Springsure        B     (Unable to work, etc)
      Rae Coolwell                               Tweed Heads       B     (Uncontrollable)
      Ivo McKenzie, wife and family              Palm Island       Y     (Alays in trouble)
      Jack Con Goo                               Yarrabah          PI    (To save complications with Jemima McKenzie)
      Major, Lizzie, Billy Stapleton & 2 others  Nebo              B     (Loafers, useless, etc)
      Thirteen Aborigines                        Long Pocket       PI    (Being exploited, immoral, etc)
      Vivienne Marmion                           Dalby             TA    (Obstreperous and dangerous)
      Little Harry                               Coen              PI    (Ring-leader in cattle spearing)
      Madaline Tyson and child                   Rockhampton       B     (Epileptic and for her own benefit)
      Peter Long, wife and children              Hillview          PU    (Does very little work. Wife has to keep him.)
      Eva Dalton                                 Caloundra         B     (Uncontrollable. Of loose character.)
      Johnny and 3 others                        Coen              PI    (Nuisances. Suspect of cattle spearing)
      Yangee and wife                            Cairns            PI    (Refuse work. Bad effect on other Aborigines)
      Robin, George                              Townsville        PI    (Release from prison)
      Eric Brown, Malcolm Brown, Wm Mitchell. Detention at Purga, to give Superintendent control over them.
      Nellie Roberts                             Hillview          B     (For her own good)
      Sambo and wife                             Small River       PI    (Absconder)
      Araman, George                             Archer River      PI    (Murder of Aboriginal women)
      Jimmy Cannon                               Brisbane Gaol     PI    (On release from prison)
      Stanley Bell. Detention at Purga. To give Superintendent authority over him.
      Jack, Alice, George                        Cardwell          PI    (Hindering Police by aiding criminals to escape.)
      Harry (4), King, Harrison, Jerry           Hillview          B     (Not fond of work)
      Jack Maworth?                              Cairns            PI    (Stealing)
      Loder family                               Buderim           B     (In need of relief)
      L Brown & children, Drumley & children,    Beaudesert        B     (For their own safety)   }
      and two others                             Beaudesert        B     (For their own safety)   }
      M Brown, F Mitchell                        Purga             B     (Attempting to assault Officer)
      Tommy Anderson, wife and children          Innisfail         PI    (Does no work, etc)
      Paddy Brown and wife                       Stewarts Creek    PI    (On discharge. Assaulting his wife)
      Nelson                                     Stewarts Creek    PI    (On discharge from jail)
      Malone, Queenie, and children              Plantation Creek  PI    (Too lazy to work)
      Jack Clark, Gregory Clarke                 Thursday Island   PI    (Danger to girls)
      C Anderson & wife, Polly                   Ravenshoe         MM    (Assisting Aborigines to evade arrest)
      Amy                                        Yarrabah          PI    (Insubordinate and uncontrollable)
      Fernie Wragge, Nugent Wragge               Gayndah           B     (Wont work under Agreement)
      Protests about removal of Aborigines from Beaudesert
      Bugler Nicholson                           Kidston           PI    (Uncontrollable)
      Albert Kyle                                Stewarts Creek    PI    (Spends his money on drink)
      R Fogarty, E Brown                         Purga             TA    (Interfering with the young girls)
      Dick Bartman                               Tallwood          TA    (Continually drunk and general nuisance)
      Tom Blackman                               Gin Gin           B     (Heavy drinker, etc)
      Nellie McDonald, Alby Edwards              Roma              TA    (Addicted to drink)
      Trooper McDonald                           Innisfail         PI    (Addicted to opium and liquor)
      Jacky Ernst, Mick Collins                  Ravenshoe         PI    (Serious assault on another Aborigine)
      Kitty Solomon                              Daradgee          PI    (Likely to cause tragedy through Lover's jealousy)
      Arthur Rowe and 4 others                   Urangan           B     (Always drinking and gambling)
      Jack Jeffries                              Stewarts Creek    PI    (On discharge)
      Nellie and 3 children                      Laura             CB    (No visible means of support)
      Donald                                     Quilpie           TA    (Nobody will employ him as he aileth much)
      Mossman. For Police to forward to Daintree by motor boat some certain Aborigines.
      Harry Owen                                 Pialba            B     (Lazy Loafer. Tragedy may eventuate.)
      Frank                                      Lakefield Stn     PI    (Chases cattle from waterholes. Impudent.)
      John Skinner and wife                      Gayndah           B     (Menace to town and unemployed)
      Sipau                                      Dauan Island      PI    (Serious assault on young girl)
      William Pagel                              Mackay            PI    (Very lazy and a nuisance)
      Wibber family of Miles. Removal to a settlement
      Jackey                                     Laura             CB    (To go to school)
      Jessie Carroll                             Charters Towers   PI    (Absconded from employment)
      Elsie Ernst                                Ravenshoe         PI    (To join her husband)
      Eva Ah Gun                                 Cooktown          Y     (Three Mile, Cooktown. For her own protection)
      Ernest Captain, Jack Sandow                Taroom            B     (Deserters. For disciplinary reasons.)
      Ned Dunne                                  Purga             B     (Causing trouble at Mission)
      Pompy                                      Turn Off Lagoons  PI    (Uncontrollable)
      Micky Kangaroo, Topsy Kangaroo             Yarrabah          PI    (Suffering from VD)

      Removals 1926 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Left Hand Jack, Brumby                    Mitchell River     Palm Island
      Toby Gorringe                             Glengyle Stn       Palm Island
      Ruth Davis                                Urangan            Barambah
      Edie Carter                               Einasleigh         Yarrabah
      Toby Corbi and wife Emma Raymond and      Millaa Millaa      Palm Island )
      their child aged 2 years                  Millaa Millaa      Palm Island )
      Florrie Robertson                         Townsville         Yarrabah
      Billy Bogan and his wife Maria and their  Springsure         Barambah )
      daughter Popsy and her child              Springsure         Barambah )
      Topsy Yaccumilla                          Hambledon          Palm Island
      Ray Coolwell (17)                         Tweed Heads        Barambah
      Queenie                                   Mackay             Palm Island
      Jack Con Goo                              Yarrabah           Palm Island
      Ivo McKenzie, wife Jemima & 3 children    Palm Island        Yarrabah

      Natives removed from Nebo to Barambah as follows
      Major and wife Lizzie, Billy Stapleton and wife Rosie, Dick Clark

      Natives removed from Long Pocket to Palm Island as follows
      Herbert, Annie, Joanna, One Arm Jack, child about 2 years, Annie (30) and her children girl (11) and boy (5),
        Tommy (aged), Norah (11), Toby (40), Werna (40), Tommy Squigger (40).
        Also mentioned Jennie, Rosie, Polly, Eva, One Eyed Jennie, Minnie

      Vivienne Marmion                          Dalby              Taroom
      Little Harry                              Coen               Palm Island
      Peter Long, wife Queenie & 5 children     Hillview           Purga
      Eva Dalton                                Caloundra          Barambah
      Madaline Tyson and her infant             Rockhampton        Barambah
      Johnny, Tommy, Rubert, Billy              Coen               Palm Island
      Yangee and wife Jenny                     Cairns             Palm Island
      George                                    Townsville         Palm Island
      Robin                                     Townsville         Palm Island
      Nellie Roberts and her 4 children         Hillview           Barambah
      Araman, George                            Archer River       Palm Island
      Sambo and his wife                        Small River        Palm Island
      Jimmy Cannon                              Brisbane Gaol      Palm Island
      Stanley Bell                              Purga              Purga

      Natives removed from Hillview to Barambah as follows
      Bob Yarry, Syd Yarry and his wife, Sam Yarry, Gilbert King, Dillon Harrison, Herbert Jerry and his wife Cissie

      Alice, Jack, George                       Cardwell           Cardwell (P.I.)
      Eric Brown, Malcolm Brown,                                   Purga )
      William Mitchell                                             Purga )
      Jimmy Cannon                              Brisbane Gaol      Palm Island
      Jack Meworth                              Cairns             Palm Island
      Frank Mitchell, Malcolm Brown             Purga              Barambah

      Natives removed from Beaudesert to Barambah as follows
      Lexie Brown and her 2 children, Emily Drumley and child aged 19 mths,
      Lexie Drumley and her twin children, Theresa Curry (14), Kitty Blow (16)

      Tommy Anderson, Betsy Anderson,           Innisfail          Palm Island )
      Jock (4) and Tommy (18 mths)              Innisfail          Palm Island )
      Paddy Brown, Biddy Yuel                   Stewarts Ck Gaol   Palm Island
      Queenie Munro and her 2 children          Plantation Ck      Palm Island
      Nelson                                    Stewarts Ck Gaol   Palm Island
      Jack Clark (20), Gregory Clark (18)       Thursday Island    Palm Island
      Charlie Anderson and wife Elsie, Polly    Ravenshoe          Monamona
      Amy (21)                                  Yarrabah           Palm Island
      George Martin, Willie Hutks (Hutchson),   Cairns             Palm Island )
      Heon                                      Cairns             Palm Island )
      Fernie Wragge, Nugent Wragge              Gayndah            Barambah
      Bugler Nicholson                          Kidston            Palm Island
      Dick Bartman                              Tallwood           Taroom
      Robert Fogarty, Eric Brown                Purga              Taroom
      Albert Kyle                               Stewarts Ck        Palm Island
      Tom Blackman                              Gin Gin            Barambah
      Fred Silas                                Stewarts Ck        Palm Island
      Trooper MacDonald                         Innisfail          Palm Island
      Nellie McDonald and son Alby Edwards      Roma               Taroom
      Jack Ernst, Mick Collins                  Ravenshoe          Palm Island
      Kitty Solomon                             Daradgee           Palm Island

      Natives removed from Urangan to Barambah as follows
      Arthur Rowe and his wife Grace, Jack Noble, Willie Kruger, Roger Bennett

      Jack Jefferies                            Stewarts Ck Gaol   Palm Island
      Donald                                    Quilpie            Taroom
      Nellie and children Harry (7),            Laura              Cape Bedford )
      Peter (5) and Mickie (3)                  Laura              Cape Bedford )
      Harry Owen                                Pialba             Barambah
      William Pagel                             Mackay             Palm Island
      Sipan                                     Dauan Island       Palm Island
      Frank                                     Balsers Nob        Palm Island
      John Skinner and wife Lizzie              Gayndah            Barambah
      Jessie Carroll                            Charters Towers    Palm Island
      Jackey                                    Butchers Hill      Cape Bedford
      Ernie Williams                            Brisbane           Taroom
      Ernest Captain, Jack Sandow               Taroom             Barambah
      Eva Ah Gun                                Cooktown           Yarrabah
      Ned Dunne                                 Purga              Barambah
      Pompey                                    Turn Of Lagoons    Palm Island
      Micky, Topsy Kangaroo                     Yarrabah           Palm Island
      Tommy Bernard                             Coen               Palm Island
      Edmund Coochy and wife Agnes and          Gayndah            Barambah )
      children aged 10 yrs and 3 yrs            Gayndah            Barambah )

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1927
      HOM/B70 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1927

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Polly, Pigeon. Croydon. Recommend removal to Palm Island for treatment of VD.
      Tommy Bernard                              Coen              PI    (Assaulted his employer)
      Frank                                      Cairns            PI    (Slightly deranged mentally. To be cared for.)
      F Tyson, Sarah Banana, C Mummin. Baralaba venereal cases. To Palm Island for treatment.
      Florrie Robertson                          Townsville        Y     (A deserter. To be returned to Settlement.)
      Edmund Coochey, Agnes Coochey & children   Gayndah           B     (Father will not work)
      Peter Rosser and family                    Charters Towers   PI    (Unable to obtain employment)
      Eva Ah Gun. About her being taken away from Mrs Solomon of Cooktown.
      Two H/C girls aged 8 & 9 years             Turn Off Lagoons  MOR   (For their own benefit)
      Dolly and 2 children                       Balsei's Knob     PI    (To join her husband)
      George Currie, Arthur Currie               Brisbane Gaol     W     }
      Coolwell                                   Brisbane Gaol     W     }
      Jack Madigan                               Stewarts Creek    PI    (On his discharge)
      Albert                                     Cairns            PI    (Threatening to kill another Aborigine)
      Willie Mow and child                       Dural             Y     (For her own protection)
      Daisy Olive, Mona                          Cooktown          PI    (To be treated for VD)
      Billy Davis, wife and 2 children To be detained at Taroom to be under control of Superintendent.)
      Roy Mitchell                               Marlborough       B     (Receive attention and schooling)
      Ida Clancy and 6 children                  Gayndah           B     (To be properly cared for)
      Frank Cullen                               Atherton          PI    (Deserting from employment)
      Father and daughter. Badu Island, incest. Father to be sent to Palm Island. Daughter to Mapoon.)
      Barney, Rosey and 3 children               Laura             PI    (Burning country and abusive)
      Thomas Blackman, Barambah. Application by Mrs Malizer for the release of.
      Topsy                                      Cooktown          PI    (Prostitute)
      Harry                                      Cooktown          PI    (Attempted murder of employer?s wife)
      Eliman Tomsana                             Thursday Island   PI    (Serious Misbehaviour. To Palm Island and/or Mapoon.)
      Ben Gala & wife                            Pialba            B     (Drunken habits and of violent temper, etc)
      Sambo, Jimmy Lena, Frank, Jerry & wives    Small River       PI    (A menace to the Peninsula)
      Johnny Toomba                              Stewart Creek     PI    (On his discharge from jail)
      Emily Melambie, Millie Moran               Yarrabah          PI    (Uncontrollable)
      Peter Bendigo                              Normanton         PI    (A particuarly bad character)
      Five Aborigines from Frasers Island or Pialba to Barambah. Absconders from Settlement.
      Harold, Ned, Albert                        Cape Bedford      PI    (Evil doers. Will not work.)
      Monday                                     Fossilbrook       PI    (Dangerous character)
      Paul, Tiger, 2 others                      Mitchell Rv Mis   PI    (Cattle stealers, murderers. Dangerous)
      Tiger Mitchell                             Cloncurry         PI    (Eccentric, amorous towards white women)
      Peter McGuiness                            Ayr               W     (Gets drunk and neglects to return to work)
      Kitty and 5 children                       Augustus Downs    MOR   (Destitute)
      Boose (Barki)                              Thursday Island   PI    (Moral degenerate)
      Dan                                        Coen              PI    (Suspected murder of Native woman)
      Robert Fogarty and 3 others                Near Purga Mis    W     (Absconders to be returned)
      Boosi or Barki. Thursday Island. To appeal against his removal Palm Island.
      Joe Martin, Billy Donaldson                Cairns            PI    (Will not work under Agreement)
      G Bowen, Felix Saunders                    Woorabinda        PI    (Assaulted W Grambower)
      Willie Sore                                Innisfail         PI    (Refuses to sign Agreement)
      Walter, Millie, 2 children                 Bloomfield        Y     (For their protection and to be cared for)
      Barney Olliman, wife and 2 children. Nearly blind in Rockhampton Hospital. To Woorabinda. Others may accompany him.
      Annie , Edie                               Euroka Springs    PI    (Parents dead. To be looked after.)
      Roy Mitchell                               Rockhampton       B     (To be looked after. Not fit to work.)
      Barlow and wife, George Barr               Chillagoe         PI    (Refuse to work, loafers, etc)
      Henry Shepherd & 4 children, Lily Clark    Baralaba          W     (In poor circumstances)
      Nelly and child                            Coen              PI    (For their protection)
      Harry Thompson, wife and two children      Rockhampton       W     (Will not work)
      Bob Tyson, wife and children               Vergemont Stn     W     (Destitute)
      Willie Trembath and wife                   Fishery Creek     PI    (Addicted to opium. Refuse to work.)
      Charlie Tarpaulin, wife and child          Laura             PI    (Chasing cattle, stealing, etc)
      Johnnie Hess, wife Ida Hess                Mackay & Nebo     PI    (Destitute and a nuisance)
      Charlie Burns                              Stewart Creek     PI    (On discharge. Always drunk.)
      Frank Mitchell, Dora Mitchell              Mt Carbine        PI    (Supplying rum to other Aborigines)
      Leo Rebel, Harry Tilberoo                  Wooroorooka       W     (Too lazy to work)
      Mick, Paddy                                Cairns            PI    (Will not work)

      Removals 1927 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Frank                                     Cairns             Palm Island
      Peter Rosser, wife Minnie and children    Charters Towers    Palm Island )
      boy (11 1/2), girls (9, 4 and 11 months)  Charters Towers    Palm Island )
      Colin Alec, Peter Ray                     Yarrabah           Palm Island
      Polly, Pigeon                             Croydon Hospital   Palm Island
      Two H/C girl aged 8 or 9 yrs              Turn Off Lagoons   Mornington Island
      Dolly and her children Lena & Charlie,    Balser's Knob      Palm Island )
      Alice (15)                                Balser's Knob      Palm Island )
      Albert                                    Cairns             Palm Island
      Jack Madigan                              Stewarts Creek     Palm Island
      Elsie Madigan (Carter)                    Cairns             Palm Island
      Millie Mow and her child                  Deeral             Yarrabah
      Daisy Olive, Mona                         Cooktown           Palm Island
      Billy Davis, Ellen Davis, Mavis Davis,    Taroom Settlement  Taroom Settlement )
      Mary Davis                                Taroom Settlement  Taroom Settlement )
      Roy Mitchell                              Marlborough        Barambah
      Frank Cullen                                                          (No details provided)
      Fred                                      Oakley Torrens Ck  Palm Island
      George Norman Currie, Arthur Currie,      Brisbane Prison    Woorabinda )
      Andrew Joseph Coolwell                    Brisbane Prison    Woorabinda )
      Barney, his wife Rosey and children       Laura              Palm Island ]
      Biddy (9), Alice (6) and Judy (3)         Laura              Palm Island ]
      Frank Cullen                              Atherton           Palm Island

      Natives removed from Gayndah to Barambah as follows
      Ida Clancey, Robert Clancey, Beryl Clancey, Ivy Clancey, Malinda Clancey, Thomas Clancey, Lily Clancey

      Barney, his wife Rosey and children       Laura              Palm Island ]
      Biddy (9), Alice (6) and Judy (3)         Laura              Palm Island ]
      Topsy                                     Cooktown           Palm Island
      Ben Gala and his wife                     Pialba             Barambah

      Natives removed from Small River to Palm Island as follows
      Sambo and his wife, Jimmy Lena, Frank, Jerry (also latter's wives if any)

      Toby, Mulga Jimmy                         Forest Vale Stn    Taroom
      George and his wife                       Upper Murray River Palm Island
      Harry Owen, Jerry Jerome,                 Fraser Island      Barambah )
      Jack Sandow, Ernest Captain               Fraser Island      Barambah )
      Freddie                                   Oakley Stn         Palm Island
      Willie, Bob                               Aurukun            Palm Island
      Ernest Mumming                            Bauhinia Downs     Palm Island
      Sunlight                                  Coen               Palm Island
      Elimau                                    Thursday Is        Mapoon
      Johnny Toomba                             Stewarts Creek     Palm Island
      Tommy Doyle                               Stewarts Creek     Palm Island
      Johnston Silver, teddy Thompson,          Coen               Palm Island )
      Tommy Tucket and his wife                 Coen               Palm Island )
      Emily Melambie, Nellie Moran              Yarrabah           Palm Island
      Peter Bendigo                             Normanton          Palm Island
      Andy Morris, Frank and Kenneth Simpson,   Fraser Island      Barambah  (Fraser Island or Pialba) )
      John Bundai, Emily Gala                   Fraser Island      Barambah  (Fraser Island or Pialba) )
      Harold, Ned, Albert                       Cape Bedford       Palm Island
      Monday                                    Mt Surprise        Palm Island
      Paul, Tiger, Tommy (Bingy), Snuff         Mitchell River Mis Palm Island
      Peter McGuiness                           Ayr                Woorabinda
      Tiger Mitchell                            Cloncurry          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Augustus Downs to Mornington Island as follows
      Kitty and her children Gracie (11), Gladys (8) and Mavis (2),
      children of Topsy (deceased) namely Thelma (6) and Muriel (4)

      Boose (Barki)                             Thursday island    Palm Island
      Dan                                       Coen               Palm Island
      Robert Fogarty, Charley Fogarty,          Near Purga         Woorabinda )
      Jack Bell, George Daylight                Near Purga         Woorabinda )
      Joe Martin, Billy Donaldson               Cairns             Palm Island
      Walter, Millie and two children           Cooktown           Yarrabah
      Annie (12), Edie (5?)                     Euroka Springs     Palm Island
      Willie Sore                               Innisfail          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Baralaba to Woorabinda as follows
      Henry Shepherd, Edie (11), Raymond (9), Claude (7), Victor (3), Lily Clarke

      Roy Mitchell                              Rockhampton        Barambah
      Nellie and child                          Coen               Palm Island
      Harry Thompson and wife Violet and        Rockhampton        Woorabinda )
      sons John and Claude                      Rockhampton        Woorabinda )
      George Bowen, Felix Saunders              Woorabinda         Palm Island
      Willie Tremball and wife Lucy .....       Fishery Creek      Palm Island (Fishery Creek, Gordonvale)

      Natives removed from Vergemont Stn to Woorabinda as follows
      Bob Tyson (40) and wife Alice (35) and daughter Florrie (17) and her H/C son Claude (3 or 5 mths) and Dan (11 yrs),
      Children of Jinny Tyson namely Arnold (10), Con (8) and Elsie (4)

      Charlie Tarpaulin, wife Lena and          Laura              Palm Island )
      daughter Florrie (3 yrs)                  Laura              Palm Island )
      Bob Robson, Jacky (King Jack)             Stewarts Creek     Palm Island
      Juno                                      Emu Plains         Yarrabah
      Colin Alex                                Cairns             Palm Island
      Clara, Mona                               Coen               Palm Island

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1928
      HOM/B72 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1928

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Mrs Booter and 3 children                  Mundubbera        W     (For own protection)
      Ethel Hooper. Recommend order for girl?s removal be revoked.
      Bob Robson, Jacky. Recommend removal to Palm Island
      Juno                                       Emu Plains        Y     (To be cared for and receive schooling)
      Colin Alex                                 Pine Creek        PI    (Deserter. Making a nuisance of himself.)
      Yellow Boy, Rosie, Polly, Western & child, Nebo              PI    } (Destitute)
      Adams, Laura and children                  Nebo              PI    } (Destitute)
      Caesar Brandy Atkinson, Bertie             Cairns            PI    (Enticing single girls from work)
      Clara, Mona                                Coen              PI    (Absconders from Lockhart River Mission)
      Jimmy Lefthand                             Laura             PI    (Stealing other Aborigine?s wives)
      Thomas, Minnie                             Rockhampton       B     (For confinement and own protection)
      Mickay                                     Winton            PI    (Too old to work and unable to help himself)
      Peter Reid                                 Brisbane          B     (Addicted to drink. Procures it for other Natives.)
      Cocoacurrie and 2 children                 Bloomfield River  PI    (For own Protection)
      Edna                                       Cloncurry         PI    (Uncontrollable, immoral)
      Bluey Roberts                              Grantly Camp      PI    (Causing rows among Natives)
      Murphy                                     Stewarts Creek    TV    (On release from jail)
      Billy Barlow and 7 others                  Silkwood          PI    (Too lazy to work)
      Martin Bligh, wife and children            Barambah          PI    (Ringleader in Murgon riot)
      Oliver, wife and children                  Cunnamulla        B     (Husband deserted and family destitute)
      Dick Clark                                 Mackay            PI    (Suspected of being of unsound mind)
      Laura, Noble, Mary                        Cooktown          PI    (Prostitute. Threatens to spear other Natives.)
      Paddy Holman                               Stewarts Creek    PI    (On termination of sentence)
      Johnny Dallachy, and family                Charters Towers   PI    (Destitute)
      Jessie and 2 children                      Redlynch          Y     (Destitute and of immoral character)

      Archie, Cigarette                          Normanton         PI    (Spearing cattle and causing trouble)
       (WCB - Croydon 14. 5.1928 Peter Ben--, Billy Mango, Archie, Cigarette.
       On escort to Palm Island from Normanton.)

      Monday                                     Thursday Island   PI    (Assaulting white woman. Dangerous individual.)
      J West and wife, F Serico and family       Myora             B     (? F  Saunders)
      Daisy Bell and children                    Redlynch          Y     (Unable to support herself)
      Bob Malcolm                                Palm Island       B     (Causing trouble with another man's wife)
      George Daylight, Malcolm Brown             Rockhampton       PI    (On release from jail)
      Gilbert, Lucy                              Cloncurry         PI    (Habitual drunkard, abusive)
      Jack Noble, Albert Peters and family       Frasers Island    B   }
      Teddy Brown, Maggie Brown, Bob Simpson     Frasers Island    B   }
      Charley Bradley                            Clermont          W     (For care and attention)
      Jack Bird, George                          Barambah          PI    (Menace to women folk)
      George Watson                              Ravenshoe         PI    (Trouble breeder. Flouts Police.)
      Gilpin, Percy                              Cairns            PI    (Convicted stealing bicycle.)
      Harry, Vena, Hilda                         Georgetown        PI    (Insolent. No one will employ him.)
      Law, Williams, Mitchell, Jerome            Gayndah           B     (Loafers)
      Lexia Brown                                Barambah          PI    (Attempted incendiarism.)
      Edward Bungarra                            Gordonvale        PI    (Indecently dealing with young child)
      Eric, Eileen                               Springsure        W     (As an example to other Aborigines)
      Mary Geenung, Billy Geenung                Eidsvold          B     (For medical attention)
      John Dallachy                              Charters Towers         (About his removal to Palm Island)
      Peter Night Island                         Cairns            PI    (Conduct unsatisfactory. Will not work.)
      Albert Holt, wife and family               Springsure        B     (Causing trouble)
      Ivo McKenzie, wife and children            Cairns            PI    (Agitator and cause of trouble)
      Jack Bullgrog, Toby Douglas                Cooktown          PI    (Deserter and threatening tracker)
      Mitchell, Angus                            Mt Molloy         PI    (Killing cattle on State station)
      Ernest Williams                            Woorabinda        PI    (Absconder)
      Florrie Kemp                               Brisbane          B     (Abusive behaviour to employers)
      Mary Denham                                Dirranbandi       B     (Addicted to drink)
      Mrs Carrie Gadd and children               Bogantungan       B     (Destitute)
      Adrian Richardson                          Rockhampton       PI    (Assault on white girl)
      Pedro, Naina, Boney. Asked when they will be returned to Murray Island
      Tomsana. Palm Island. Authority to return to Badu Island.
      Arthur Murdock                             Bell              PI    (Taking girl away from Barambah)
      Joe Purcell                                Charleville       PI    (Drunken habits)
      Friday, Polly, Billy                       Fossilbrook       PI    (Nuisance to graziers)
      Larry, Billy Barrett                       Laura             PI    (Causing trouble)
      Willie Chawchippa                          Silkwood          PI    (Refuses to work)
      Charley, Frank                             Cairns            PI    (Will not work under Agreement)
      Sambo, Jimmy Lena, Jerry and wives. Recommends services of Jack Kennedy be obtained
        in connection with their removal to Palm Island.
      Jack Skeen                                 Innisfail         PI    (Public nuisance)
      Lester Short                               Westbrook         B     (For own benefit)
      Jackey Wragge and family                   Gayndah           B     (For their own benefit)
      Peters family  Protests against removal from Urangan to Barambah.
      Harry Alberts                              Barambah          PI    (For treatment at Fantome Island)
      Edie France                                Brisbane          W     (Continually playing up)
      Billy Beck                                 Roma              B     (Too old to care for himself)
      Pompey, Dick, Brumby                       Stewarts Ck       PI    (Removal from prison)
      Lennie Law                                 Gayndah           B     (Will not work)
      Fred Langlo                                Brisbane          B     (Loafer)

      Removals 1928 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Jimmy Left Hand                            Laura             Palm Island

      Natives removed from Nebo to Palm Island as follows
      Yellow Boy, Rosie, Polly, Tommy Watson and child, Adam, Laura and five children

      Mickey                                     Winton            Palm Island
      Minnie Thomas                              Rockhampton       Barambah
      Peter Reid                                 Brisbane          Barambah
      Cocoocurrie                                Cooktown          Palm Island
      Seina? Pablo                               Thursday Island   Mabuiag Island
      Edna                                       Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Bluey Roberts                              Maytown           Palm Island (The Granite Camp, Maytown)
      Charlie Alley, Mick or Murphy              Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Mrs Booter and 3 children                  Mundubbera        Woorabinda

      Natives removed from Silkwood to Palm Island as follows
      Billy Barlow, Sandy McNab, Sambo, Arthur Ba..., Alice, George Mears, Shadow and wife and child, Johnny Brown

      Martin Bligh, wife and 3 children          Barambah          Palm Island
      Oliver                                     Hungerford        Barambah
      Daisy Oliver and 4 children                Cunnamulla        Barambah
      Dick Clark (Deaf Dick)                     Mackay            Palm Island
      Paddy Holman                               Stewarts Creek    Palm Island
      Laura, her father Noble and mother Mary    Cooktown          Palm Island
      Jessie, Henry, Gilbert                     Redlynch          Yarrabah
      Johhny Dallachy, wife and 7 children       Wyandotte Stn     Palm Island
      Archie, Cigarette                          Normanton         Palm Island
      Monday                                     Thursday Island   Palm Island
      Bob Malcolm                                Palm Island       Barambah
      Daisy Bell, Winnie (7), Larry (5),         Redlynch          Yarrabah )
      Noel (1 1/2)                               Redlynch          Yarrabah )

      Natives removed from Frasers Island to Barambah as follows
      Jack Noble, Albert Peters and wife and child, Freddy Brown, Maggie Breown, Bob Simpson

      Gilbert, Lucy                              Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Charley Bradley                            Clermont          Woorabinda
      George Daylight, Malcolm Brown             Rockhampton       Palm Island
      Harry, wife Vena and child Hilda           Georgetown        Palm Island
      Gilpin, Percy                              Cairns            Palm Island
      George Watson                              Ravenshoe         Palm Island
      Vincent Law, Charlie Williams,             Gayndah           Barambah )
      Charlie Mitchell, Leslie Jerome            Gayndah           Barambah )
      Jack Bird, George                          Barambah          Palm Island
      Sarah O'Neill and her 2 children           Barambah          Woorabinda
      Edward Bungarra                            Gordonvale        Palm Island
      Eric, Eileen                               Springsure        Woorabinda
      Peter Night Island                         Cairns            Palm Island
      Billy Geenung, Mary Geenung                Eidsvold          Barambah

      Natives removed from Springsure to Barambah as follows
      Albert Holt and his wife Rosie and their children Margaret (12), Albert Henry (10), Selma (8),
      Rita (6), Violet (4), Ruby (2), Jimmy (1)

      Jack Bullfrog, Toby Douglas                Cooktown          Palm Island
      Mitchell, Angus                            Mt Molloy         Palm Island
      Ernest Williams                            Woorabinda        Palm Island
      Florrie Kemp and her child                 Brisbane          Barambah
      Mary Denham @ Mary Ann                     Dirranbandi       Barambah
      Mrs Carrie Gadd  and her children Alfred,  Bogantungan       Barambah )
      Florence and Henry T                       Bogantungan       Barambah )
      Adrian Richardson                          Rockhampton Gaol  Palm Island
      Joe Purcell                                Charleville       Palm Island
      Johanna Purcell's children                 Charleville       Purga
      Willie Chew Chippa                         Silkwood          Palm Island
      Larry, Billy Barrett                       Laura             Palm Island
      Friday, Polly, Billy                       Fossilbrook       Palm Island
      Charley, Frank                             Cairns            Palm Island
      Jack Skeen                                 Innisfail         Palm Island
      Lester Francis Short                       Westbrook         Barambah

      Natives removed from Gayndah to Barambah as follows
      Jacky Wragge (60), Fernie Wragge (24) and his wife Wifred Wragge (22), Mona Wragge (19),
      Nugent Wragge (18), Jacky Wragge (15), Charlotte Wragge (12), Fred Wragge (10), Gordon Wragge (8)

      Harry Alberts                              Barambah          Taroom
      Bruce Walker and family                    Barambah          Palm Island
      Billy Beck                                 Mitchell          Barambah
      Pompey Dick, Brumby                        Stewarts Creek    Palm Island
      Fred Langlo                                Brisbane          Barambah
      Lennie Law                                 Gayndah           Barambah
      Bruce Walker, wife and children            Barambah          Palm Island

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1929
      HOM/B74 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1929

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Johnny Baird & family, Rabbit & family     Cooktown          PI    (Men drink)
      Jessie Frog                                Chatsworth Stn    PI    (Immoral)
      Willie Pine, Henry, Clem, Jack             Cairns            PI
      Rowland Cobbo                              Obi Obi           B     (Accosting a girl)
      Willie Pearson                             Macknade          PI    (Drink)
      Sambo & wife, J Lena & wife and Jerry & wife. Approval to accomodate Sambo?s wife and family at
        Thursday Island. Four pounds ten shillings.
      F Fisher jnr, J Carbine, C Livingstone     Chinchilla and          }
      T Burnett, C Shardon, Fred Roma            Jandowae                }
      Frank Roma                                                         }
      George Tippo                               Woorabinda        PI    (Found in a dwelling unlawfully)
      Willie Mattasey and wife                   Laura             PI
      Mary Ann, Emma & her child                 Atherton          PI    }
      Charlie Merria, Jimmy Navy                 Atherton          PI    }
      Willie Hughes, Toby Nimba, Gordon          Atherton          PI    }
      Toby Hill, Polly, Charcoal                 Atherton          PI    }
      Jennie                                     Innisfail         PI    (Blind, to be cared for)
      Frank Waching and wife                     Goondi            PI    (Addicted to opium)
      Charlie                                    Cooktown          PI    (For medical observation)
      Johanna Purcell                            Charleville       PI    (To join her husband)
      Arthur Walmie, Polly Walmie                Clump Point       PI    } (Unemployed)
      Charlie Morginoo,Nellie Morginoo           Clump Point       PI    } (Unemployed)

      Pompey                                     Normanton         Y     (Serving sentence for stealing. On his release.)
       (WCB - Croydon 15. 7.1929 Pompey Aboriginal, serving sentence for stealing. On his
       release to be removed to Palm Island. Arrived by escort from Normanton.)

      Johnnie Pickpick, Sam Rokeby & wife        Coen              PI
      6 old Aborigines                           Urandangie        W     (Old and indigent)
      Tampie                                     Bedourie          PI    (Arrested for stealing)
      Johnny                                     Stewarts Creek    PI    (Transferred for period of 6 months)
      Charlie Watson, Aleck                      Nebo              PI    (Lazy and useless)
      Billy Bowson                               Townsville        Y     (Very delicate)

      Weary Willie                               Normanton         PI    (Intimidates both whites and Aborigines)
       (WCB - Croydon 15. 7.1929 Weary Willie Aboriginal. Intimidates both white residents
       and aborigines. Under escort from Normanton to Palm Island.)

      Nellie and her children                    Carlton Hills     PI    (Will not work)
      Clara and children                         Chillagoe         PI    (For medical attention)
      Tommy Westcot                              Lockhart River    PI    (Interferes with Native women)
      George Kelly                                                 PI    (Harrassing Chinese for opium))
      Bessie Mowbray and children                                  PI    (Prostitution)
      Billy Bowen                                Palm Island       B     (Transfer)
      Weigness. Transferred to Poid Island. Deserted from ship.
      Johnny. Camooweal. Transfer Stewarts Ck to Palm Island.
      Bertie Barber                                                B
      Albert Halt and family                     Springsure        B
      Ernest Lymburner                           Ayr               PI
      Petition for removal of Talwood black's camp
      Biddy                                      Innisfail Hosp    PI    (Syphilis)

      Charley Short, Gypsy                       Croydon           FI    (VD)
       (WCB - Croydon 4.10.1929 Gipsey Aboriginal about 19 years old. Order for removal dated
       5. 9.1929 to Palm Island. Suffering V.D.. Returned to camp under instruction from the Protector
       pending assent of Short Charlie.)
       (WCB - Croydon 14.10.1929 Short Charlie, aboriginal aged ?40 years, and Gipsey,
       aged 19 years, aboriginal. Both suffering V.D.. To be removed to  Palm Island.
       Left under escort on 22.10.1929.)

      Ulsarra and gin Annie                      Coen              PI    (Interfering with girls)
      Melba McPherson, Phyllis McPherson         Rockhampton       B     (Over-indulgence)
      19 Aborigines                              Bollon Camp       B     (Gambling and drinking)
      Dick                                       Cloncurry         PI    (Menace to the other Aborigines)
      Coen Aboriginal Camp                                         FI    (VD cases)
      Maggie Thomas, Aggie Thomas                Fossilbrook       Y
      Jack Davidson, Bob Anderson                Purga             W
      Gladys Gundy                               Barambah          PI    (Misconduct)
      Maria Cook                                 Brisbane          W     (Incorrigible)
      Mamie Cressbrook                           Mitchell          B     (Requires control)
      Harry Skeen, Topsy, Willie Gibson,         Cairns            PI   }
      Norah and others                           Cairns            PI   }
      Toby, Johnny, Samalas,                     Coen              PI   ]
      Marione and their wives                    Coen              PI   ]
      Peter Foggin                               Atherton          PI    (Opium addict)
      Nellie Addo                                Ayr               W     (Misconduct, etc)
      Albert McKenzie                            Ayr               PI    (VD)
      Tommy Twaddle, Alma Twaddle                Talwood           B    }
      Billy Twaddle, T Bird, C Bird              Talwood           B    }
      Anderson family                            Wondai            B
      Alice                                      Cooktown          PI    (Prostitution)
      Clyde Combo                                Baralaba          B     (Menace to girls)
      David Mathieson                            Mona Mona         PI    (Troublesome)
      Jack Anderson                              Barambah          PI    (Absconder)
      Tealeaf Frank                              Laura             PI    (Stealing wives)
      Burketown children, orphans, etc to Mornington Island Mission.
      Oscar James, Elsie James and their child   Mungana           PI    (Unfit for work)
      Nipper, Maudie, Nina                                         PI    (For prostitution)
      Jimmy Haynes                               Rockhampton       W     (Nuisance)
      Tiger Thornton and wife                    Windorah          W     (No employment)

      Maudie and Sloper                          Normanton         Y     (Join husband)
       (WCB - Croydon 13. 1.1930 Maudy and child (-----) Aboriginal. From Normanton under removal to Yarrabah
       Mission Station, Cairns. Left for Palm Island on 14. 1.1930.)

      Removals 1929 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Johnny Baird, Rabbitt, their families      Cooktown          Palm Island
      Willie Pone, Harry, Clem, Jack             Cairns            Palm Island
      Rowland Cobbo                              Obi Obi           Barambah

      Natives removed from Chinchilla and Jandowae to Barambah as follows
      Frank Fisher jnr, Jack Carbine, Livingstone Chambers, Burnett Turner, Colley Shardon, Fred Roma, Frank Roma

      Vera Weazel                                Brisbane          Barambah
      Jessie Frog and her child                  Chatsworth Stn    Palm Island
      Willie Pearson, Maria Pearson              Macknade          Palm Island
      Leslie Jerome                              Toowoomba         Palm Island
      George Tippo                               Rockhampton Gaol  Palm Island
      Major, Monday                              Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Willie Mattasey and wife Daisy             Laura             Palm Island
      Jennie                                     Innisfail Hosp.   Palm Island
      Charlie                                    Cooktown          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Atherton to Palm Island as follows
      Mary Ann, Charcoal and wife Emma and their child, Charlie Merria, Jimmy Navy, Willie Hughes,
      Toby Nimba, Gordon, Toby Hull, Polly

      Frank Waching and wife Nellie              Goondi            Palm Island
      Johanna Purcell                            Charleville       Palm Island
      Joe Purcell's four children                Purga Mission     Palm Island
      Freddy                                     Normanton         Mornington Island
      Arthur Walmie and his wife Polly,          Clump Point       Palm Island )
      Charlie Morginoo and wife Nellie           Clump Point       Palm Island )
      Pompey                                     Normanton         Yarrabah
      Johnny Pickwick, Rokeby Sam and wife Mary  Coen              Palm Island
      Sixteen old and indigent aborigines        Urandangie        Woorabinda
      Tampie                                     Bedourie          Palm Island
      Johnny                                     Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Aleck, Charlie Watson                      Nebo              Palm Island
      Billy Bowson                               Townsville        Yarrabah
      Weary Willie                               Normanton         Palm Island
      Nellie, her 2 H/C and one abor. children   Carlton Hills     Palm Island
      Clara, Lindie (5), Pansy (10 mths)         Chillagoe Hosp.   Palm Island
      Tommy Westcot                              Lockhart River    Palm Island
      George Kelly                               Mareeba           Palm Island
      Keri Futuna                                Proserpine        Saibai Island
      Bessie Mowbray, Charlie Mowbray and        Cloncurry         Palm Island )
      children 7 yrs, 4 yrs and 1 1/2 yrs        Cloncurry         Palm Island )
      Johnny                                     Stewarts Creek    Palm Island
      Weighness                                  Edmonton          Poid - Moa Island
      Ernest Lymburner                           Ayr               Palm Island
      Biddy                                      Innisfail         Palm Island
      Ulsarra, Annie                             Coen              Palm Island
      Short Charlie and Gypsy                    Croydon           Palm Island
      Melba McPherson, Phyllis McPherson         Archer Park       Barambah (Archer Park, Rockhampton)
      Dick                                       Warung            Palm Island
      Frank, Pompy, Maggie, Aggie,               Coen              Fantome Island )
      Nellie & child                             Coen              Fantome Island )
      Maggie Thomas, Aggie Thomas                Fossilbrook       Yarrabah
      Jack Davidson, Bob Anderson                Purga             Woorabinda
      Gladys Gundy                               Barambah          Palm Island
      Marie Cook                                 Brisbane          Woorabinda
      Marie Cressbrook                           Mitchell          Barambah

      Natives removed from Weipa Mission to Palm Island as follows
      Toby, Johnny, Samala, Marieone, and their wives Kitty, Lucy and Baremby

      Peter Foggin                               Atherton          Palm Island
      Tommy Twaddle and children Billy and Alma  Talwood Camp      Barambah
      Albert McKenzie                            Ayr               Palm Island

      Natives removed from Cairns to Palm Island as follows
      Jack Jumbert, Frank McLaughlin, Albert, Willie Gibson, Sandy, Topsy, Norah, Harry Skene

      Children Alice, Alma, Nancy                Cooktown          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Wondai to Palm Island as follows
      Bob Anderson and wife May and daughter Marjorie and children Rennie, Bobbie, Alex, Doreen, Elsie

      Clyde Combo                                Baralaba Camp     Barambah
      David Mathieson                            Monamona          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Bollon to Barambah as follows
      Bandanna Harry (70), Jinny Bandanna (70), Bollon Toby (70), Wolger Jack (60), Minnie Wolger (60),
      Mulga Jimmy (70), Peter Darcy Mulga (25), Kitty Kirk (65), Bob Gray (45) and wife (40), Dolly Button (25),
      Tom Orchard (45), Percy and Archie Button, Lovey na, Thelma, Colin, Ivy, Ethel

      Jack Anderson                              Barambah          Palm Island
      Frank Tealeaf                              Laura             Palm Island
      Natives removed from Burketown to Mornington Island as follows
      Kate (12), Dulcie (6), May (9), Timmy (6), Peany ? (3), Henry (8), Alice (9)

      Oscar James, wife Elsie and child Florrie  Mungana           Palm Island
      Nipper and wives Maudie and Nina           Cooktown          Palm Island
      Jimmy Haynes                               Nth Rockhampton   Woorabinda
      Tiger Thornton and wife Ivy and            Windorah          Woorabinda )
      children aged 6 and 3 years                Windorah          Woorabinda )
      Maudie and child Sloper                    Normanton         Yarrabah
      Tilly Plummer                              Baralaba          Woorabinda

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1930
      HOM/B76 Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1930

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Tilly Plummer and child                                      W
      Sandy, Dina                                Coen              PI
      Bert Williams                              Gordonvale        PI
      Boy Williams                               Barambah          P
      Hector Thomas, D Compagno                  Atherton          PI
      Bambi                                      Innisfail         PI
      Jack Coombra, Mary Coombra and family      Mitchell          B
      Toby, Maggie                               Gordonvale        PI
      George Duncan, Lizzie Duncan and family    Mitchell          B
      Toby                                       Innisfail         PI
      Bob, Willie, Johnny Pick Pick,             Laura             PI   } (Deserters from Palm Island, to be returned from Laura)
      Little Harry                               Laura             PI   } (Deserters from Palm Island, to be returned from Laura)
      J Sandow, J Davidson                       Taroom            B
      P Flying Fox, Billy Flowers               Mitchell          PI
      Tommy, Maggie, Lena                        Atherton          PI
      Roy Norman, wife and child                 Myora             W
      Leslie Hatfield                            Brisbane          B
      Dolly Murray, Teddie Wylie                 Woorabinda        FI
      R Fogarty                                  Purga             W
      Alick Anderson                             Charters Towers   PI
      Hazel, Smith                               Gayndah           MY
      A Holt                                     Springsure        B
      Paddy Bloomfield                           Cooktown          PI
      Larry Marsh                                Baralaba          W
      Charlie Douglas                            Innisfail         Y
      Monday, E Lymburner                        Ayr               PI
      Alex, Norma                                Babinda           PI
      Kruger, Maggie Anderson                    Mareeba           PI
      Cohen                                      Quilpie           W
      W Marsh, T Marsh, J Douglas                                  PI
      Frank Booth, wife and family               Nocundra          B
      Togo                                       Laura             PI
      Billy Wisker                               Macnade           PI

      Billy Mango, Peter Bendigo                 Normanton         PI
       (WCB - Croydon 19. 5.1930 Peter Bendigo, Billy Mango. Under removal orders to Palm Island.)

      Nimrod                                     Burketown         PI
      E Hazel                                    Barambah          GA
      Eliza Williams, Frank Williams             Ayr               W
      Charlie Williams                           Maidenwell        B
      Little Jinnany, Mary Ellen                 Camboon           W
      Maudie Galbraith                           Mareeba           PI
      Bertie                                     Cloncurry         PI
      Peter Night Island, C Silver               Edmonton          PI
      Peters family                              Barambah          U
      Sam Morris                                 Mossman           MM
      McDonald, Charcoal                         Bowen             CC
      Cozie Bosun, Rene Bosun,                   Baralaba          W    }
      Doreen Bosun, Kathleen Bosun               Baralaba          W    }
      Lucy Clarke                                Innisfail         PI
      Gaular                                     Thursday Island   MA
      Amy Dawson                                 Innisfail         PI
      Tommy Dodd                                 Coen              PI
      Pepper                                     Mulgeldie Stn     B
      Darby Bungarra                             Gordonvale        PI
      Willie Ledlie                              Stewarts Ck       PI
      Teddy                                      Cooktown          PI
      M Collison, P Rutherford                   Cairns            PI
      Willie, Andrew                             Cairns            PI
      Bob Fogarty                                Barambah          PI
      Frank, Nellie, Clara                       Yarrabah          PI
      Chuckie, Douglas Fooks                     Cooktown          PI

      King Blutcher, Kitty Blutcher,             Cooktown          CB   }
      Nudgee, and others                         Cooktown          CB   }
      Jacky                                      Longreach         W
      Kitty Langdon                              Gordonvale        PI

      Maitland                                   Normanton         PI
       (WCB - Croydon 3.11.1930 Maitland. Under orders to Palm Island.)

      Aborigines at Ayr                          Ayr               PI
      George                                     Cairns            PI
      Charlie Williams                           Murray River      PI
      Jack Mogul                                 Cairns            PI
      E Lomas, L Davidson                        Purga             B PI
      Numa                                       Thursday Island   MA
      Warwick                                    Weipa Mission     PI
      F Toomba                                   Charters Towers   PI
      Harry Brown, Mary Ann Brown                Home Hill         PI
      D Dick wife & child, W Daylight            Woorabinda        FI
      Jack Gilbert                               Goodna Asylum     B
      Lexie Mummins                              Ayr               PI
      Jack Davidson, Nancy Davidson              Purga             B
      J Tommy Tommy, A Murray                    Rockhampton Gaol  PI

      Removals 1930 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Sandy Gostelow and wife Dina               Coen              Palm Island
      Hector Thomas, Daisy Compango              Atherton          Palm Island
      Jack Thomas (9)                            Fossillbrook      Yarrabah
      Bert Williams                              Gordonvale        Palm Island
      Boy Williams (10 or 11)                    Barambah          Purga

      Natives removed from Mitchell to Barambah as follows
      George Duncan, Lizzie Duncan (mother) and children Ruby (11), Eric (14), George (12),
      Duggie (16), Glennie (9), Forest (4), Joyce (2), Leslie (1)

      Natives removed from Mitchell to Barambah as follows
      Jack Coombra and wife Mary and children Leslie (22), Reggie (20), Austin (18),
      Effie (16), Saide (12), Mary (10)

      Toby, Maggie                               Mulgrave River    Palm Island
      Bambi                                      Innisfail         Palm Island
      Toby                                       Innisfail         Palm Island
      Jack Sandow, Jack Davidson                 Taroom            Barambah
      Bob, Willie, Johnny Pick Pick,             Laura             Palm Island )
      Little Harry                               Laura             Palm Island )
      Peter Flying Fox, Billy Flowers            Mitchell River    Palm Island
      Norman Roy, wife Mabel and                 Myora Reserve     Woorabinda )
      child Geraldine (9 or 10 yrs)              Myora Reserve     Woorabinda )
      Tommy, Maggie, Lena                        Cooktown          Palm Island
      Leslie Hatfield                            Brisbane          Barambah
      Dolly Murray, Teddy Wylie                  Woorabinda Sett   Fantome Island
      Robert Fogarty                             Purga             Woorabinda
      Alick Anderson                             Charters Towers   Palm Island
      Edith Hazel                                Gayndah           Barambah
      Larry Marsh                                Baralaba          Woorabinda
      Paddy Bloomfield                           Cooktown          Palm Island
      Charlie Douglas                            Innisfail         Yarrabah
      Monday, Ernest Lymburner                   Ayr               Palm Island
      Alex, Nora                                 Babinda           Palm Island
      Kruger, Maggie Anderson                    Mareeba           Palm Island
      Cohen                                      Quilpie           Woorabinda
      Togo                                       Laura             Palm Island
      Frank Booth, wife and 6 children           Nocundra          Barambah
      Billy Wisker                               Halifax           Palm Island
      Walter Marsh, Jacky Douglas,               Laura             Palm Island )
      Topsy Marsh                                Laura             Palm Island )
      Nimrod                                     Turn Off Lagoona  Palm Island
      Frank Williams and wife Eliza              Ayr               Woorabinda
      Charlie Williams                           Maidenwell        Barambah
      Little Jinnong and wife Mary Ellen,        Camboon           Woorabinda )
      Alex Barney and Cissie                     Camboon           Woorabinda )
      Maudie Galbraith                           Mareeba           Palm Island
      Peter Night Island, Clarrie Silver         Edmonton          Palm Island
      Bertie                                     Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Sam Morris                                 Mossman           Monamona
      Minnie Bosun and children Cozie (5),       Baralaba          Woorabinda )
      Rene (4), Doreen (2), Kathleen (2 mths)    Baralaba          Woorabinda )
      Lucy Clarke                                Innisfail         Palm Island
      Gaular of Mabuiag Island                   Thursday Island   Mapoon
      Amy Dawson and her 2 children 9 and 6 yrs  Innisfail         Palm Island
      Tommy Dodd                                 Coen              Palm Island
      Pepper                                     Mulgeldie Stn     Barambah
      Willie Ledlie @ Willie Egan @ Willie May   Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Darby Bungerra                             Gordonvale        Palm Island
      Teddy                                      Cooktown          Palm Island
      Maggie Collinson, Polly Rutherford         Cairns            Fantome Island
      Willie, Andrew                             Cairns            Palm Island
      Johnny Knight                              Proserpine        Mapoon
      Jerry McDonald, Charcoal                   Bowen             Cowal Creek
      Bob Fogarty                                Barambah          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Cooktown to Cape Bedford as follows
      King Blutcher and wife Kitty, Nudgee and wife Maggie, Toby Summerhayes, Harris (H/C boy 5 yrs old)

      Chuckie, Douglas Fooks                     Cooktown          Palm Island
      Frank, wife Nellie & her child Clara       Yarrabah          Palm Island
      Jacky                                      Longreach         Woorabinda
      Kitty Langdon                              Gordonvale        Palm Island
      Maitland                                   Normanton         Palm Island

      Natives removed from Ayr to Palm Island as follows
      Peter Atherton, Percy Smith, Flora, Sid Carroll, Sailor Watson, Moses Walker and wife and 2 children,
      Peter Smallwood and wife, Bertha Allan and daughter (15) and sons (12 yrs and 3 yrs),
      Con Lymburner and wife and sons 12 yrs and 3 yrs)

      George                                     Cairns            Palm Island
      Charlie Williams                           Murray River      Palm Island
      Jack Mogul                                 Cairns            Palm Island
      Eliza Lomas                                Purga Mission     Barambah
      Leslie Davidson                            Purga Mission     Palm Island
      Numa                                       Thursday Island   Mapoon
      Warwick                                    Weipa Mission     Palm Island
      Fred Toomba                                Charters Towers   Palm Island
      Henry Brown, Mary Ann Brown                Home Hill         Palm Island
      Jack Gilbert                               Goodna Asylum     Barambah
      Lexie Mummins                              Ayr               Palm Island
      Ossie Dick, wife Raby and son Douglas,     Woorabinda        Fantome Island )
      Willie Daylight                            Woorabinda        Fantome Island )
      Jack Davidson, Nancy                       Purga             Barambah
      Jack Tommy Tommy, Arthur Murray            Rockhampton Gaol  Palm Island


      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1931
      A/4736  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1931

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Jacky Burke                                Woorabinda        PI    (Menace to women)
      Clara                                      Ebagoolah         W     (For her own protection)
      Nandy                                      Proserpine        PI    (Inclined to drink)
      T Whelan & wife, J Noonan & wife           Cooktown          FI    (VD cases)
      Tommy Langdon                              Gordonvale        PI    (Evades work)
      Moochin, Williams, Tiger, Meron            Innisfail         PI    (Unemployed)
      Slim                                       Woods Lake        MOR   (Very lazy)
      Captain, Jingle, Bully, Nancy, Robbie      Cloncurry         PI    (Unemployed)
      Arthur Murray, Tommy Tommy                 Rockhampton       PI    (Cattle stealing)

      Edith Sargent & her children       )       Croydon           PI   }(For their own benefit)
      Mitty, Maud & infant               )       Croydon           PI   }(For their own benefit)
      Alice, Jessie                      )       Croydon           PI   }(For their own benefit)
       (WCB - Croydon 2. 3.1931 Edith Sargent and 4 children namely Alice, Leslie, Vina and Edward                                    )
        Alice and child Mitty, Maudy and child.                                    )
        All under removal order to Palm Island.)

      Nellie                                     Eubenangee        PI    (Very old)
      Mickey Miller                              Stewarts Creek    PI    (Nuisance)
      Jack Davidson                              Barambah          PI    (Impossible nuisance)
      Larry Dawson                               Silkwood          PI    (Very cheeky)
      Catherine Lynden                           Cairns            PI    (Immorality)
      Harry Brown, Mary Ann Brown                Home Hill         PI    (Removal to be carried out)
      Bessie Lee Quee, Paddy Lee Quee,           Burketown         MOR   } (For own protection)
      Frank Lee Quee, Violet, Allan              Burketown         MOR   } (For own protection)
      William Law                                Cracow Stn        W     (Very Quarrelsome
      Nellie Bamboo                              Cooktown          PI    (Serving sentence for stealing)
      Lily Corporal                              Cooktown          FI    (VD case)
      R Johnson, wife                            Lowmead           W     (Quarrelsome)
      H Murray                                   Noondoo           B     (Becoming a nuisance)
      Lorna Williams, Leslie Williams            Pialba            B     (To go to dormitory)
      Yarrie, Alma, Jumbo, Rosie                 Cloncurry         PI   }
      Sharper Woodhouse, Bessie Woodhouse        Cloncurry         PI   }
      Nimrod, Bostock, Louie, Trooper            Cloncurry         PI   }
      Hero, P Sunsay, J Mitchell, Jerry          Cairns            PI   ] (Refuse to work)
      Billy Bynell, Clem, Ruby                   Cairns            PI   ] (Refuse to work)
      Paddy Flynn, & wives & families            Cairns            PI   ] (Refuse to work)
      Cooker                                     Mossman           PI    (Menace to other Aboriginals)
      Dolly                                      Laura             PI    (Prostitute)
      Bob Johnson, protest against being removed to Woorabinda

      Jacob, Robert                              Normanton         PI    (VD cases)
       (WCB - Croydon 20. 4.1931 Bruce, Hecta, Robert, Jacob. Under removal orders from Normantonto Palm Island.)

      Mabel                                      Cooktown          FI    (VD case)

      Hector, Bruce & wife & children            Normanton         PI    (Causes trouble)
       (WCB - Croydon 20. 4.1931 Bruce, Hecta, Robert, Jacob. Under removal orders from Normantonto Palm Island.)

      Bob, Julia, Rosey, Annie                   Chillagoe         MM    (Old and feeble)
      H Gibson, Polly Gibson                     Cairns            PI    (Convicted stealing)
      Winnie Williams                            Pialba            B     (Uncontrollable child)
      Tommy Olivevale, Kitty Olivevale           Palmer River      PI    (Absconders)
      Friday                                     Cairns            FI    (Congenital syphilis)
      Eva Dandy, David Dandy                     Gordonvale        PI    (Orphans)

      Foot, Friday                               Normanton         PI    (Witnesses in a murder case)
       (WCB - Croydon 18. 5.1931 Foot, Friday. Under removal orders from Normanton to Palm Island.)

      Ropeyarn                                   Stewarts Creek    PI    (On discharge from jail)
      Jessie Ah Foo                              Burketown         PI    (For her own protection)
      B Turner, L Jerome                         Barambah          PI    (Low mentality and insolent)
      Peter Williams                             Rockhampton Gaol  PI    (Serving sentence for wilful exposure)
      King Nicholas, Rosie                       Cooktown          PI    (Trades lubras with Japanese)
      Willie Yebra                               South Johnstone   PI    (Causing unrest)
      S Marshall, Joe, Wainaga                   Cairns            FI   } (VD cases)
      Annie, Ethel, Minnie                       Cairns            FI   } (VD cases)
      Daisy Bell and infant                      Cairns            FI   } (VD cases)
      Paddy Murrum                               Georgetown        PI    (Irresponsible)
      Mrs P Williams and child                   Woorabinda        PI    (To accompany husband)
      Willie Owens                               Myora             B     (Own protection)
      Mitchell                                   Cooktown          PI    (For medical attention)
      George Williams                            Westbrook         B     (To join brother and sister)
      Muriel E Franks                            North Gayndah     B     (For own good)
      Mick, Muriel, Doreen, Fanny                Burketown         MOR   (For own protection)
      Bessie                                     Burketown         PI    (For treatment, skin disease)
      A Purcell, B Brown. Detained at Barambah. To give Superintendent authority over.
      Jimmy Foot. Detained at Palm Island. Very cheeky and bad boy.
      B P Daringi, Minnie Daringi, Nellie        Babinda           PI  } (Opium smokers)
      W Neyway, B Burrawee                       Babinda           PI  } (Opium smokers)
      Jimmy, Mickey                              Babinda           PI  } (Opium smokers)
      Bob Dixon                                  Townsville        B     (Acquitted on charge of assault)
      Minnema, W Colonel, Pansy Colonel          Bogarella         B   } (Own protection)
      Mrs Mailman                                Bogarella         B   } (Own protection)
      Hilgery Lewis, Freddy Lewis                Ingham            PI    (Refuse sign Agreement)
      M O'Brien, J Merrniger                     Cairns            PI    (Refuses work)
      H Burke                                    Woorabinda        FI    (VD case)
      H Brown                                    Coen              PI    (Apparently deranged)
      P Underwood and children. Detained at Yarrabah. To give Superintendent authority over him.
      L Mailman. Protests against removal from Charleville.
      Charlie (60 yrs)                           Innisfail         PI    (Violent)
      Jimmy Lumpy                                St George         B     (Destitute, very old)
      Wappita                                    Urandangie        PI    (Troublesome)
      Jessie Mossman                             Longreach         FI    (VD case)
      B Turner, L Jerome. Absconders from Palm Island. Recommend proceedings against.
      Dora Olive                                 Bowen             PI    (Asks to be allowed to go)
      Tommy Cargell                              Townsville        PI    (No employment)
      E Martin                                   Rockhampton Gaol  PI    (Absconder)
      Colin, Dolly                               Cardwell          PI    (Quarrelsome)
      H Nebo, L Law                              Gayndah           B     (Loafers)
      Spider                                     Cooktown          FI    (VD case)
      C Highbury                                 Cairns            FI    (VD case)
      Henry                                      Cairns            PI    (Receive education)
      Emily. Venereal case. Transferred from Cairns Hospital to Palm Island.
      Esther Fuchs                               Maryborough       PI
      Paddy Ryan                                 Mt Garnet         PI    (Absconder)
      Polly, Jemima, Harry, Willie               Gordonvale        PI    (Will not work)
      Dan Evans, Sunlight Evans                  Mt Garnet         PI    (Escapees from Palm Island)
      J Blackman and 2 children                  Winton            PI    (For own protection)
      L Jerome, B Turner                         Cherbourg         PI    (Absconders)
      J Daley and children                       Winton            PI    (For own protection)
      E Turkey and daughter                      Mackay            PI    (Difficult to obtain work)

      Removals 1931 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Jacky Burke                                Woorabinda        Palm Island
      Clara                                      Ebagoolah         Weipa
      Tommy Langdon                              Gordonvale        Palm Island
      Nandy                                      Proserpine        Palm Island
      Tommy Whelan and wife Minnie,              Cooktown          Fantome Island )
      Jimmy Noonan and wife Minnie               Cooktown          Fantome Island )
      William Moochin, Billy Williams,           Innisfail         Palm Island ]
      Mick Tiger, Frank Maron                    Innisfail         Palm Island ]
      Slim                                       Woods Lake        Mornington Island

      Natives removed from Cloncurry to Palm Island as follows
      Captain (60), Jingle (17), Bully (17), Nancy (23), Robbie (21), Nancy's two children

      Nellie                                     Eubenanger Camp   Palm Island

      Natives removed from Croydon to Palm Island as follows
      Edith Sargent and her children Alice, Leslie, Verna and Edward,
      Mitty, Maud and infant, Alice, Jessie and her child

      Mickey Miller                              Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Jack Davidson                              Barambah          Palm Island
      Larry Dawson                               Silkwood          Palm Island
      Catherine Lynden                           Cairns            Palm Island

      Natives removed from Burketown to Mornington Island as follows
      Bessie Lee Quee and her sons Paddy (6) and Frank (4), Violet and her son Allan (5)

      Leslie                                     Mornington Island Palm Island
      William Law                                Cracow Stn        Woorabinda
      Lily Corporal                              Cooktown          Fantome Island
      Nellie Bamboo                              Cooktown          Palm Island
      Robert Johnson, wife and six children      Lowmead           Woorabinda
      Harry Murray                               Dirranbandi       Barambah
      Lorna Williams, Leslie Williams            Pialba            Barambah
      Cooker                                     Mossman           Palm Island
      Dolly                                      Laura             Palm Island
      Jacob, Robert                              Normanton         Palm Island

      Natives removed from Cloncurry to Palm Island as follows
      Yarrie (58) and wife Alma (23) and her child Eva (3),
      Jumbo (40) and wife Rosie (25) and children Janie (7), Peggy (5) and son (2),
      Sharper Woodhouse (53) and wife Bessie (30) and children Melba (9) and Billy (4 1/2),
      Nimrod (38), Bostock (60 to 65) and wife Louie (55), Trooper (35)

      Natives removed from Cairns to Palm Island as follows
      Hero and wife Maggie, Peter Sunsay and wife Ida Butterworth and their two children,
      John Mitchell and wife Hazel and their two children,
      Jerry, Billy Bynall, Clem, Ruby, Paddy Flynn

      Mabel                                      Cooktown          Fantome Island
      Bruce's wife and two children,             Mitchell River    Palm Island )
      Bruce, Hector                              Mitchell River    Palm Island )
      Winnie Williams                            Pialba            Barambah
      Hector Gibson and wife Polly               Cairns            Palm Island
      Bob McLean (65) and wife Julia (55),       Chillagoe         Monamona )
      Annie (60), Rosie (45)                     Chillagoe         Monamona )
      Tommy Olive Vale, Kitty                    Laura             Palm Island
      Friday                                     Mungana           Fantome Island
      Foot, Friday                               Normanton         Palm Island
      Children David Dandy and Iva Dandy         Gordonvale        Palm Island
      Jessie Ah Foo                              Burketown         Palm Island
      Bernard Turner, Lennie Jerome              Barambah          Palm Island
      Esther Fuchs                               Brisbane          Barambah
      Ropeyarn                                   Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      King Nicholas and wife Rosie               Cooktown          Palm Island
      Peter Williams                             Rockhampton Gaol  Palm Island
      Willie Yebra                               Japoon            Palm Island
      Paddy Murrum                               Georgetown        Palm Island
      Mitchell                                   Cooktown          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Cairns Hosp[ital to Fantome Island as follows
      Snowy Marshall, Wainaga, Joe, Annie, Ethel, Minnie, Daisy Bell and infant

      Mrs Peter Williams and child               Woorabinda        Palm Island
      Willie Owens                               Myora             Barambah
      George Williams                            Westbrook         Barambah
      Arthur Purcell, Bertie Brown                                 Barambah
      Bessie                                     Burketown         Palm Island
      Muriel Edith Franks                        North Gayndah     Barambah

      Natives removed from Marless Station to Mornington Island as follows
      Mick (5), Muriel (9), Doreen (3), Fanny (3)

      Adrian Richardson, Bernard Turner,         Barambah          Palm Island )
      Lennie Jerome                              Barambah          Palm Island )

      Natives removed from Babinda to Palm Island as follows
      Bob Pook Daringi and wife Minnie, Nellie (old), Willie Neyway, Bobby Burrawee, Jimmy, Micky

      Bob Dixon                                  Townsville        Barambah

      Natives removed from Bogarella to Barambah as follows
      Minnama, Willie Colonel and children Jessie and Pansy, Mrs Mailman
      (Mrs Mailman allowed to stay at Babbiloora Station)

      Hilgery, Freddie Lewis                     Ingham            Palm Island
      Mick O'Brien, Johnny Merringer             Cairns            Palm Island
      Harry Brown                                Coen              Palm Island
      Peter Underwood and children Ralph,                          Yarrabah )
      Maxwell, Agnes, Jessie (baby)                                Yarrabah )
      Charlie                                    Innisfail         Palm Island
      Jimmy Lumpy                                St George         Barambah

      Natives removed from Cloncurry to Palm Island as follows
      George Mitchell, Willie Lorraine and wife Sophy and their two children

      Wappita                                    Urandangie        Palm Island
      Tommy Cargell                              Townsville        Palm Island
      Dora Olive                                 Bowen             Palm Island
      Eric Martin                                Rockhampton Gaol  Palm Island
      Colin and wife Dolly                       Cardwell          Palm Island
      Spider                                     Cooktown          Fantome Island
      Charlie Highbury                           Cairns Hospital   Fantome Island
      Horney Nebo, Leonard Law                   Gayndah           Barambah
      Harry Bynell                               Cairns            Palm Island
      Emily                                      Cairns Hospital   Fantome Island
      Vincent Blackman                           Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Paddy Ryan                                 Mt Garney         Palm Island
      Lenny Jerome, Bernard Turner               Cherbourg         Palm Island
      Jessie Blackman and her two children       Winton            Palm Island
      Judy Daley and her two children            Winton            Palm Island
      Elsie Turkey and daughter (2 yrs)          Mackay            Palm Island
      Polly, Jemima, Harry, Willie               Gordonvale        Palm Island

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1932
      A/4737  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1932

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Rosie and baby                             Cooktown          FI    (VD case)
      Topsy Bong and son                         Cairns            PI    (Immoral)
      Nellie Williams                            Cherbourg         FI    (VD case)

      Goggle-eye                                 Normanton         PI    (Bad influence)
      (WCB - Croydon 20. 1.1932 Googleye. Removal orders from Normanton to Palm Island.)

      Brumby                                     Gordonvale        PI    (No employment)
      Alice Draper                               Cairns            PI    (Immoral)
      Jessie Ah Foo. Recommends that she be retained at Palm Island.
      Herbert                                    Cairns            PI    (Entered dwelling to commit crime)
      Sarah, Martha, Victor, Cyril               Georgetown        MM    (Father unable to care for)
      William Albert or James Mitchell           Alpha                   (Removal of)
      Jimmy Lena, Johnny, Willie Dog,            Coen              PI   } (Dangerous and desperate Aboriginals)
      Taylor, Fanny                              Coen              PI   } (Dangerous and desperate Aboriginals)
      Sarah, Dina                                Gordonvale        W     (TB cases)
      Mary Dodd                                  Hughenden Hosp    FI    (Syphilis)
      Donald and wife, John Henry                Aurukun           PI   } (Guilty of grave moral offences)
      Polly Fruit and husband                    Aurukun           PI   } (Guilty of grave moral offences)
      Jerry, Kitty                               Cooktown          PI    (Undesirable and to receive treatment)
      Slim                                       Mornington Is     PI    (Concerned cattle spearing case)
      Toby, Sam, his wife, Peter,                Mourilyan & Cowley PI   } (Unemployed)
      George, Albert                             Mourilyan & Cowley PI   } (Unemployed)
      Murray                                     Townsville        PI    (Own request)
      B Turner                                   Stewarts Creek    Y     (Deserter from Palm Island)
      C Willieboy                                Woorabinda        PI    (Impossible and dangerous)
      K Tim                                      Palm Island       W     (Deserted employment)
      Willie Brooks                              Cairns            PI    (Inclines to be sexual)
      Removal of Aborigines from one settlement to another, is it a charge against Police or Aboriginals.
      V Blanco, wife and daughter      )         Cairns & Th.I.    PI    (Defies Police)
      A Roberts, Roberts, and daughter           Innisfail         PI    (Own desire)
      Willie Reid. Recommends sending to a Settlement.
      Jackie Shepherd                            Coen              PI    (Convicted stealing)
      Dick Coleman                               Myora             C     (General nuisance)
      A    Chillagoe                             Cairns            FI    (VD case)
      Paddy                                      Malanda           PI    (Very old)
      V  Blanco                                  Cairns            MA    (Defies Police)
      M Mills, L Shepherd                        Cairns            PI    (Syphilis and mother of former)
      J Nufong. Request by Mrs Bulsey for removal from Myora Settlement.
      Jenny                                      Ravenshoe         PI    (Old and destitute)
      Roger Brown                                Cloncurry         PI    (Treatment for syphilis)
      Bob Fogarty                                Cherbourg         PI    (Absconder)
      C Cartwright                               Ingham            PI    (Reluctant to work)
      D Endoyn                                   Coen              PI    (Suspected of thieving)
      W Massey                                   Coen              PI    (Dangerous)
      Billy                                      Cairns            PI    (VD case)
      Maudie and 3 children                      Cairns            MM    (Uncontrollable)
      Mary Epi                                   Thursday Is       MI    (Uncontrollable)
      Christie Cullum                            Purga             C     (Abusive to officials)
      Leonard Moffat                             Mitchell          C     (Threatened life of resident)
      Claim for seven pounds nine shillings and sixpence for Mrs M V Danford, for escort of a VD case to Palm Island
      Jimmy Kangaroo                             Cairns            PI    (Suspected leper)
      Walker                                     Cairns            FI    (VD case)
      Big Harry                                  Weipa Mission     PI    (Menace to the Community)
      Sandy Boyd, wife and children              Mt Garnet         PI    (Dislocated spine)
      J Sullivan                                 Stewarts Creek    PI    (Discharged from jail)
      Gertie Epi (8 yrs)                         Thursday Island   MI    (Uncontrollable)
      Jacky Alberts                              Mackay            PI    (Unemployed)
      Nancy                                      Ravenshoe         PI    (Will not work)
      Batavia Goldfield women                    Coen              PI    (Immoral conduct)
      Darby                                                        PI    (Old and feeble)
      Jack Mooraby. Detention at Cherbourg, own desire.
      Archie Muratti                             Edmonton          PI    (Ill and unable to work)
      Jerry                                      Tully Hospital    PI    (Syphilis case)
      Tomsana                                    Thursday Island   BI    (Native of Badu)
      Towatt                                     Weipa             PI    (To accompany husband)
      E Williams, B Duncan                       Theodore          PI    (Absconders from Settlement)
      Imarie                                     Mabuiag Island    PI    (Immorality)
      C Willieboy, F Lewis                       Maryborough       PI    (Absconders)
      Clifford Albury, Sydney Albury             Nth Rockhampton   W   } (Neglected children)
      Samuel Albury, Martha Albury               Nth Rockhampton   W   } (Neglected children)
      Timothy Albury                             Nth Rockhampton   W   } (Neglected children)
      Tommy Waverley                             Rockhampton       W     (Very old)
      Tommy Black. Detention order for, at Cherbourg.
      Frank Roma, Fred Roma, G Williams, J Daylight, H Costello. Detained at Cherbourg, to give Superintendent authority.
      Jack Rolf. Detained at Woorabinda, discipline necessary.
      J Barry, Emily Barry, and their children   Camooweal         PI   } (Men are turbulent spirits)
      G Barry, Lizzie Barry, and 1 child         Camooweal         PI   } (Men are turbulent spirits)
      Jessie, Kaduga                             Camooweal         PIFI  (Treatment and addicted to drink)
      William Law @ William Dodd                 Woorabinda        C     (Extremely cheeky)
      Jacky Watson.Detained at Cherbourg, to give Superintendent authority over.
      Albert                                     Townsville        PI    (Convicted unlawfully killing infant)
      Ponto, Yan Bun                             Cooktown          PI    (Will not work)
      Barry. Arrest for removal to Palm Island. Expenditure fifteen pounds.
      B Barnett                                  Laura             PI    (Mentally defifient)
      N Broab                                    Yungaburra        PI    (Endangering State Forests)
      I Gundy, Besta Gundy his wife              Woorabinda        PI    (Trouble breeders)
      Gregory                                    Stewarts Creek    PI    (On completion of sentence)
      Joan and infant                            Ingham            PI    (In their best interests)
      G Hart, E Chapman                          Brisbane          C     (Loitering and soliciting)
      Arthur Gold                                Mt Cotton         PI    (Undesirable)
      Cissie Barney                              Monto             C     (Old and destitute)
      Gilbert or Pump                            Aurukun           PI    (Immoral habits)
      Lennie Law                                 Woodmiller        C     (Absconded from Settlement)
      Winnie Williams                            Nambour           C     (Absconder)
      Emily Frank, P Deegan, W Kelly, Biddy      Millaa Millaa     PI    (Opium smokers)

      Removals 1932 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Nellie Williams                            Cherbourg         Fantome Island
      Rosie and 3 month old baby                 Cooktown          Fantome Island
      Topsy Bong, Frank Douglas Tanna (son)      Cairns            Palm Island
      Goggle Eye                                 Normanton         Palm Island
      Brumby                                     Gordonvale        Palm Island
      Alice Draper                               Cairns            Palm Island
      Herbert                                    Cairns            Palm Island
      Sarah (11), Martha (9), Victor (4),        Georgetown        Monamona )
      Cyril (3)                                  Georgetown        Monamona )
      Jimmy Lena, Johnny, Willie Dog,            Coen              Palm Island ]
      Taylor, Fanny                              Coen              Palm Island ]
      Sarah, Dina                                Gordonvale        Woorabinda
      Cissie McDowall                            Acacia Vale       Palm Island
      Mary Dodd                                  Hughenden Hosp    Fantome Island
      Jerry, Kitty                               Cooktown          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Aurukun Mission to Palm Island as follows
      John Henry, Donald and his wife and children (if any), Polly Fruit and her husband (if alive)

      Natives removed from Mourilyan and Cowley to Palm Island as follows
      Toby, Sam and his wife, Peter, George, Albert

      Murray                                     Townsville        Palm Island
      Claude Willieboy                           Woorabinda        Palm Island
      Bernard Turner                             Palm Island       Yarrabah
      Kathleen Tim                               Palm Island       Woorabinda
      Willie Brooks                              Cairns            Palm Island
      Robert & wife Annie & daughter (10-14 yrs) Innisfail         Palm Island
      Jackie Shephard (14)                       Coen              Palm Island
      Dick Coleman                               Myora             Cherbourg
      Paddy                                      Malanda           Palm Island
      Alex Chillagoe                             Cairns Hospital   Fantome Island
      May Mills, Lucy Shepherd                   Cairns            Palm Island
      Victoriaus Blanco                          Cairns            Mapoon
      Roger Brown                                District Hosp     Fantome Island
      Jenny                                      Ravenshoe         Palm Island
      Charles Cartwright                         Ingham            Palm Island
      Bob Fogarty                                Cherbourg         Palm Island
      David Endoyn, Willie Massey                Coen              Palm Island
      Billy                                      Cairns            Fantome Island
      Mary Epi, Christie Cullam (Taldora)        Purga             Cherbourg
      Leonard Moffatt                            Mitchell          Cherbourg
      Jimmy Kangaroo                             Cairns            Palm Island
      Maudie and her three children              Cairns            Monamona
      Walker                                     Cairns            Fantome Island
      Big Harry                                  Weipa Mission     Palm Island
      Gertie Epi                                 Thursday Island   Mabuiag Island
      Sandy Boyd, wife and two children          Mt Garnet         Palm Island
      Nancy                                      Ravenshoe         Palm Island
      Jacky Alberts                              Mackay            Palm Island

      Natives removed from Coen to Palm Island as follows
      Mona, Maggie, Maggie Tin, Nellie Bran and child, Annie Bag, Small Johnny and his two wives

      Toby @ Darby                                                 Palm Island
      Archie Muratti                             Edmonton          Palm Island
      Jack Mooraby                                                 Cherbourg
      Tomsana                                    Thursday Island   Badu Island
      Jerry                                      Tully Hospital    Palm Island
      Towatt                                     Weipa Mission     Palm Island
      Ernie Williams, Bertie Duncan              Theodore          Palm Island
      Imarie                                     Mabuiag Island    Palm Island
      Claude Willieboy, Freddy Lewis             Maryborough       Palm Island

      Natives removed from North Rockhampton to Woorabinda as follows
      Children of Len Albury namely Clifford, Sydney, Samuel, Martha, Timothy

      Tommy Waverley                             Rockhampton       Woorabinda
      Tommy Black                                                  Cherbourg
      Jack Rolf                                                    Woorabinda

      Natives to be detained at Cherbourg as follows
      Frank Roma, Fred Roma, George Williams, Jack Daylight jnr, Harry Costello jnr

      Natives removed from Camooweal to Palm Island as follows
      Jack Barry and wife Emily and their two children, Gregory Barry and wife Lizzie and their child

      Willie Law @ William Dodd                  Woorabinda        Cherbourg
      Jessie                                     Camooweal         Fantome Island
      Kaduga                                     Camooweal         Palm Island
      Jacky Watson                                                 Cherbourg
      Albert                                     Townsville        Palm Island
      Jimmy Ponto, Yan Bun                       Cooktown          Palm Island
      Bally Barnett                              Laura             Palm Island
      Nellie Broab                               Yungaburra        Palm Island
      Isaac Gundy and wife Besta                 Mt Coolan         Palm Island
      Cissie Barney                              Monto             Cherbourg
      Joan and her infant                        Ingham            Palm Island
      Gregory                                    Stewarts Ck       Palm Island
      Glasdys Hart, Evelyn Chapman               Brisbane          Cherbourg
      Winnie Williams                            Nambour           Cherbourg

      Natives removed from Millaa Millaa to Palm Island as follows
      Frank and wife Emily and family, Paddy Dugan, Willy Kelly and wife Biddy and family)

      Gilbert or Pumpkin                         Aurukun           Palm Island
      Lennie Law                                 Woodmillar        Cherbourg

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1933
      A/4738  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1933

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Gilbert's wife                             Aurukun           PI    (To accompany husband)
      R Mamus                                    Archer River      PI    (Cattle killing)
      M King, Nancy, N Gordon, Pussycat,         Batavia River     PI   } (Immoral conduct)
      Kitty, Jimmy Pussycat, N Gordon,           Batavia River     PI   } (Immoral conduct)
      Billy, Daisy                               Batavia River     PI   } (Immoral conduct)
      Dick                                       Gregory Downs Stn MOR   (Sick and nearly blind)
      J Walsh                                    Mona Mona         PI    (Sexual maniac)
      Dick Clarke                                Nebo              W     (A nuisance)

      G Hillage, S Pluto, B Walsh,                                 PI   }Removals to Palm Island, VD and leprosy cases)
      G Martin, Sailor                                             PI   }Removals to Palm Island, VD and leprosy cases)
      Cigarette, Charley                         Mungana           PI    (Absconders)
      Jack Sprat                                 Musgrave          PI    (Probable insanity)
      W Daylight, E Martin                       Hughenden         PI    (Absconders)
      Saena, Wangon, Pedro, Ebu                  Palm Island       MUI   (Request for removal)
      Jack Powell                                Nebo              W     (Unemployed)
      T Johnson, wife and family                 Miriam Vale             (Removal to a Settlement)
      Augustus Dick                              Cloncurry         PI    (Met with accident)
      Willie O'Hara                              Stewarts Creek    PI    (Serving imprisonment)
      C Torres, E McAvoy, C Blackman                                    } (Retain at Cherbourg, deserters)
      A Prince, W Bone, W Bundai                                        } (Retain at Cherbourg, deserters)
      William Phoenix                            Brisbane Hospital C     (Old and destitute)
      Claude Willieboy. About his removal from Woorabinda to Palm Island.
      Lily Burke's sons                          Hughenden         PI    (Mother in Jail)
      Annie Woods                                Peel Is Lazaret   C     (Discharged from Lazaret)
      Rob  Flinders                              Cairns            PI    (Refuses work)
      Jacky Alberts, Clive Beckett               Cherbourg         PI    (Absconders)
      W Green, M Robinson                        Mona Mona         PI    (Leprosy and VD cases)
      Jessie Walker and child                    Mossman           PI    (TB case)
      Darby Bungarra                             Babinda           PI    (Assault on female aged seven years)
      Lily Burke                                 Stewarts Creek    PI    (Stealing from employer)
      Jack Coombra                               Rockhampton Gaol  W     (Breaking and entering)
      Cyril Saunders                             Rockhampton Gaol  W     (Breaking and entering)
      A E Kyle. That he may be released from Palm Island.
      Charlie Booter                             Woorabinda        C
      George Henry                               Brisbane          C
      John Turkey, Emily Turkey, Ivy Walter      Clermont          W
      John Richardson, wife and 7 children       Springsure        W
      Lily Punch and  children                   Springsure        W
      Daisy Coutts, Gladys Coutts,               Cooktown          PI   }
      Harry Coutts, Buller Fuller                Cooktown          PI   }
      Rob, Topsy, Rob, Clem                      Laura             PI
      Harry, Dabum                               Cape Bedford      PI
      Lucy                                       Chillagoe         FI
      Billy Hill, wife and family                Emerald           W     (Destitute)
      Lucy Taldora                               Sth Brisbane      C     (For misconducting herself)
      George Rose                                Herberton Hosp    PI    (TB case)
      T Johnson and family                       Miriam Vale       PI    (Removal to Settlement)
      Jack Hay                                   Charleville       C     (Unemployed)
      Syd Williams. For detention at Woorabinda.
      Jack Lumpy                                 Coen              PI    (Suspect for murder of gin)
      David Ross                                 Stewarts Creek    PI    (Imprisionment for assault)
      Jackey                                     Stewarts Creek    PI    (Addicted to stealing)
      Jimmy Santo, Jimmy Ante                    Innisfail         PI    (Unemployed)
      Dolly                                      Mt Isa            PI    (Refuses to live with husband)
      E Roberts, B Blair                         Beaudesert        C     (Deserters)
      Billy                                      Cairns            PI    (Old, destitute, unfit for work)
      Sandy Teare                                Goodna            C     (Recovered mentally)
      Alick                                      Windorah          W     (Old and feeble)
      Boose Locha. Release from Palm Island to return to Murray Islandm.
      Teddy Hopkins. Detained at Cherbourg, absconder.
      Katie Kettle                               Normanton         FI    (Syphilis patient)
      W Anderson                                 Stewarts Creek    PI    (Expiration of prison sentence)
      Donny, wife and children                   Ingham            PI    (Indifferent health)
      H McDonnell. Return from Palm Island to Cowal Creek.
      Sam, wife and child                        Burketown         PI    (Refuses work)
      Ben and family                             Augustus Downs    PI    (Unable to work)
      Jack Johnstone                             Stonehenge        W     (To detain on Reserve)
      Andy Smith                                 Mossman           PI    (Assault on white woman)
      Maggie Robertson. Request for return to Batavia River from Palm Island.
      R Duncan, E Roberts                        Purga             C     (Deserters)
      Jessie, May                                Ingham            PI    (Not being properly cared for)
      T Johnson and family                       Miriam Vale             (Remove to Settlement)
      Annie                                      Normanton         PI    (VD case)
      Mrs Fennock (Kindarra)                     Myora             C     (Old and feeble)
      J Murphy                                   Mossman           PI    (Drunkenness)
      Florrie                                    Mt Mulgrave       PI    (Immoral conduct)
      Elsie Martin and children                  Almaden           MM    (Not being cared for)
      S Clevin, J Clevin and children            Goondiwindi             (No action about removal)
      Cardwell Protectorate Aborigines           Cardwell          FI    (VD cases)
      Billy Ginong, Mary Ginong                  Monto             C     (Old and destitute)
      Jimmy Wood                                 Coen              PI    (To join wife)
      Archie                                     Mt Surprise       PI    (Behaving indecently)
      William Riley                              Baralaba          W     (Unemployed)
      Harry Roberts. Cancellation of Exemption.
      Annie Fortune, Edie Fortune,               Euroka Springs    PI   } (Illegally employed)
      Jack Fortune                               Euroka Springs    PI   } (Illegally employed)
      Albert Watson                              Woorabinda        FI    (Granuloma Ingunale case)
      Jennie O'Brien                             Brisbane          C     (Unemployed)
      Charlie Reilly                             Cherbourg         PI    (Abusive and insolent)
      Harold Armstrong                           Toobeah           C     (Addicted to drink)
      Kathleen Alice                             Cairns            FI    (Blind due to syphilis)
      Peter                                      The Oaks          PI    (Aged and unsanitary)
      Nat West                                   Chinchilla        C     (Absconder)
      B Roberts, P Robinson & wife, Nipper       Malanda           MM    (Opium addicts)
      J Brown, M Raymond and children            Malanda           MM
      R Duncan, T Dodd, E McAvoy, P McAvoy       Miles             C     (Absconders)
      Peninsula Aborigines, removal to Settlements. Use of motor transport.
      J Gobala, Marthapork, Mynoota              Rokeby Stn        AU    (Absconders)
      Mandayongi, Sambo, Nellie                  Silkwood          PI    (Destitute and feeble)
      S Sailor, W Thaiday, L George              Darnley Island    PI    (Attempted rape)
      J Chernside (Chermside)                    Hawkwood          C     (Absconder)

      Removals 1933 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Wife of Gilbert                            Aurukun           Palm Island
      Rokeby Mamus                               Archer River      Palm Island

      Natives removed from Batavia Diggings to Palm Island as follows
      Maggie King, Nancy and son Billy, Monkey, Nancy Gordon, Daisy, piccaninny of Nancy Gordon,
      Jimmy Pussycat, Kitty Pussycat

      Dick                                       Gregory Downs Stn Mornington Island
      Jack Walsh                                 Monamona          Palm Island
      Cigarette, Charley                         Mungana           Palm Island
      Susie Pluto, Charlie Walsh,                Momamona Mission  Palm Island )
      Gilbert Martin                             Monamona Mission  Palm Island )
      Gracie Hillage                             Japoon            Palm Island  (Japoon (Innisfail))
      Sailor                                     Macknade          Palm Island (Macknade (Halifax))
      Dick Clarke                                Nebo              Woorabinda  (Nebo (Mt Coolon))
      Jack Sprat                                 Laura             Palm Island
      Willie Daylight, Eric Martin               Hughenden         Palm Island
      Jack Powell                                Nebo              Woorabinda
      Sammy and his brother, sons of Lily Burke  Hughenden         Palm Island
      Bob Flinders                               Cairns            Palm Island
      Annie Woods                                Peel Island       Cherbourg
      William Phoenix                            Brisbane Hosp     Cherbourg

      Natives to be restrained at Cherbourg as follows
      Charlie Torres, Ernest McAvoy, Charlie Blackman, Albert Prince, Willie Bone, Stanley Bundai

      Willie O'Hara                              Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Augustus Dick                              Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Willie Green, Maudie Robinson and          Mona Mona         Palm Island )
      young child                                Mona Mona         Palm Island )
      Jacky Alberts                              Cherbourg         Palm Island
      Clive Beckett                              Cherbourg         Palm Island
      Jessie Walker and one child                Mossman           Palm Island
      Jack Coombra                               Rockhampton Gaol  Woorabinda
      Cyril Saunders                             Rockhampton Gaol  Woorabinda
      Lily Burke                                 Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Darby Bungarra                             Babinda           Palm Island
      George Henry                               Brsibane          Cherbourg
      Johnny Turkey amd wife Emily and           Clermont          Woorabinda )
      daughter Ivy Walter                        Clermont          Woorabinda )
      Thomas Johnson                             Miriam Vale       Woorabinda
      Matilda Katherine Johnson                  Miriam Vale       Woorabinda
      Daisy Coutts and husband Harry and         Cooktown          Palm Island )
      daughter Gladys and son Buller Fuller      Cooktown          Palm Island )
      Rob (Olivale), Topsy, Rob, Clem            Laura             Palm Island
      Jimmy Richardson and wife and 7 children,  Springsure        Woorabinda )
      Lily Punch and 3 children                  Springsure        Woorabinda )
      Harry, Daburn                              Cape Bedford      Palm Island
      Lucy                                       Chillagoe         Palm Island

      Natives to be removed from Emerald to Woorabinda as follows
      Billy Hill (father), Dot Hill (mother), Doris Hill (daughter), Billiboy Hill (son), Isabella Hill (daughter),
      Madeline Hill (daughter), Vera Hill (daughter), Willis Hill (son), Gwen Hill (daughter)

      George Rose                                Herberton Hosp    Palm Island
      Lucy Taldora                               South Brisbane    Cherbourg
      Syd Williams                                                 Woorabinda
      Jack Hay                                   Charleville       Cherbourg
      Jack Lumpy                                 Coen              Palm Island
      David Ross                                 Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Jackey                                     Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Biddie Ross, Willie                        Mt Isa            Palm Island
      Jimmy Santo, Jimmy Ante                    Innisfail         Palm Island
      Dolly                                      Mt Isa            Palm Island
      Ernie Roberts, Bobby Blair                 Beaudesert        Cherbourg
      Billy                                      Cairns            Palm Island
      Alick                                      Windorah          Woorabinda
      Sandy Teare                                Goodna Asylum     Cherbourg
      Katie Kettle                               Normanton         Palm Island
      Danny and wife and 4 children (Boyd)       Ingham            Palm Island
      William Anderson                           Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Teddy Hopkins                                                Cherbourg
      Sam and wife Minnie and infant Normie      Burketown         Palm Island
      Ben and wife Molly and children            Augustus Downs    Palm Island ) (Augustus Downs / Cloncurry)
      Grace (13), Trixie (11), George (4)        Augustus Downs    Palm Island ) (Augustus Downs / Cloncurry)
      Jack Johnstone                             Stonehenge        Woorabinda
      Andy Smith                                 Mossman           Palm Island
      Raymond Duncan, Ernest Roberts             Purga             Cherbourg
      Jessie (11), May (8)                       Ingham            Palm Island
      Mrs Fennock (Kindarra)                     Myora             Cherbourg
      Annie                                      Normanton         Palm Island
      Florrie                                    Mt Mulgrave       Palm Island
      Jack Murphy                                Mossman           Palm Island
      Any children of Elsie Martin deceased      Almaden           Monamona
      Billy Ginong and wife Mary                 Monto             Cherbourg

      Natives to be removed from Cardwell to Palm Island as follows
      Charlie Clark Kennedy and wife Nellie, Minnie Bringan, Johnny Kibrey, Maggie Cornbun,
      Charlie Splaine, Biddy, Tommy Eelmurra and wife Nellie, Lena, Kathleen (3)

      Jimmy Wood                                 Coen              Palm Island
      Archie                                     Mt Surprise       Palm Island
      Willie Riley                               Barabala          Woorabinda
      Anna Fortune  and child, Edie Fortune,     Euroka Springs    Palm Island ) (Euroka Springs Julia Creek
      Jack Fortune                               Euroka Springs    Palm Island ) (Euroka Springs Julia Creek
      Jennie O'Brien                             Brisbane          Cherbourg
      Kathleen Alice                             Cairns Hospital   Fantome Island
      Peter                                      Oaks, Cairns      Palm Island
      Charlie Reilly                             Cherbourg         Palm Island
      Nat West                                   Chinchilla        Palm Island
      Harold Armstrong                           Toobeah           Cherbourg
      Billy Roberts, Paddy Robinson and wife     Malanda           Monamona )
      Emily, Nipper, Jimmy Brown                 Malanda           Monamona )
      Molly Brown (married to Jimmy Brown) and   Malanda           Monamona ]
      their two children                         Malanda           Monamona ]
      Raymond Duncan, Tom Dodd, Ernest McAvoy,   Miles             Cherbourg }
      Percy McAvoy                               Miles             Cherbourg }

      Natives to be removed from Silkwood to Palm Island as follows
      Sambo Mandayongi (widower 70 yrs), Jim -------, Nellie Mandayongi (widow 70 yrs)

      Johnnie Gobala (Panyawa),                  Rokeby            Aurukun )
      Marthapork, Mynoota                        Rokeby            Aurukun )
      Sela Sailor, Willie Thaiday, Lui George    Darnley Island    Palm Island
      Jacob Chermside and wife Mary and children Hawkwood          Cherbourg )
      Sheila, Rachel, Maisey and Charlie         Hawkwood          Cherbourg )

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1934
      A/4739  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1934

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Isobel Ezzy                                Ravenshoe         YA    (Immoral habits)
      Gilbert Patterson,                         Lorraine Stn      PI    (Horse thief, unemployed)
      R Charleville, R Bligh, C Riley            Hawkwood          C     (Absconders)
      Cigarette, B Ross, H Massey                Stewarts Ck       PI    (Absconders)
      Bessie                                     Burketown         PI    (Troublesome, VD suspect)
      Sambo                                      Mungana           PI    (Medical attention)
      James Tier                                 Ingham            PI    (Associates with cattle thieves)
      King Billy, Kitty                          Cairns            PI    (Medical observation)
      Sambo                                      Ravenshoe         MM    (Unemployed)
      Jacky Albert                               Avondale Stn      PI    (Absconder)
      Billy Roberts, P Robinson, Emily, Nipper   Malanda           PI
      H Raymond, M Raymond, J Brown              Stewarts Ck       PI    (Opium smokers)
      Syd and Gertie Serrico & their children    Cherbourg         PI    (Disciplinary reasons)
      N Burke                                    Stewarts Ck       PI    (Serving sentence)
      T Williams                                 Cloncurry         PI    (Destitute and a cripple)
      J Chernside and family                     Hawkwood          C     (Absconder)
      J Monaro                                   Blackall          C     (Too old for employment)
      A Lockie                                   Cloncurry         PI    (VD case and pregnant)
      T Morgan                                   Townsville        PI    (Charged with stealing)
      Allie and 2 girls                          Cloncurry         PI    (Misconduct)
      Peninsula Aborigines, removal to settlements, use of Motor transport.
      J Granier                                  Mossman           MM    (Drunk)
      Alice Yurri                                Mossman           PI    (Tonsillitis and heart disease)
      Molly                                      Rossville         YA    (For medical examination and care)
      Jerry Merluna                              Coen              PI    (Disturbing element)
      Mabel                                      Mt Isa            PI    (Destitute)
      Colin                                      Mt Isa            PI    (Useless for station work)
      George Daylight                            Stewarts Ck       PI    (Absconder)
      Billy Dalton                               Nebo              W     (Destitute)
      Bob Robin, Nellie Robin,                   Ayr               PI   } (Unemployed)
      Irene Robin, L Deighton                    Ayr               PI   } (Unemployed)
      Nelly Skeen and William Skeen              Palm Island       MM    (Immoral and dangerous)
      R Duncan, R Bligh, R Charleville, absconders, detain at Cherbourg.
      Nine Aboriginals                           Port Douglas      MM    (Unhealthy)
      Clive Beckett                              Palm Island       C
      Toorak                                     Palm Island       EI
      Bertie Tobane                              Mundubbera        PI

      Thimble, wife and 4 children               Normanton         PI
       (WCB  Croydon 22. 8.1934 Thimble Aboriginal. On removal from Normanton to Palm Island.)

      Four Aborigines                            Helensville       LRM
      Eight Aborigines                           Millaa Millaa     PI
      Cissie, Paddy Cuisack                      Cloncurry         PI
      Mabel, Gilbert, Bertie Nardoo              Cloncurry         PI
      G Duncan, B Williams                       Ipswich           C     (Absconders)
      Harry Roberts                              Rockhampton       W     (Unemployed)
      A McGregor                                 Ingella Stn       C     (To be educated)
      Jimmy Walsh                                Binbee            PI    (Deserted employment)
      Dick Button                                Maleny            C     (Own request)
      S Harte, S Mulga                           Biggenden         C     (Absconders)
      Caesar, Ronnie                             Georgetown        MM    (For care and attention)
      Willie Jahl                                Townsville        PI    (In company of white girls)
      Billie Bulkey and wife                     Kunwarra          W     (Too old to work)
      Billy Sullivan and wife                    Mt Coolon         W     (Unemployed)
      Limerick and 5 children                    Turn Off Lagoons  MOR   (Morally weak)
      Maudie                                     Burketown         MOR   (For her own protection)
      Reg Hatchie                                Eromanga          C     (Untrustworthy)
      T Antie, D English                         Stewarts Ck       Y     (Undesirable)
      Laura and children                         Ingham            Y     (Unemployed)
      Mrs E Willis                               Jimna                   (About her removal to Cherbourg)
      W Jahill                                   Townsville              (J Carr requests he be not removed to Palm Island)
      Annie Burra                                N Rockhampton     W     (Old and destitute)
      Lily Mi Mi, P Byers                        Gayndah           C     (Destitute and absconder)
      Jacob                                      Mt Garnet         W     (Acquitted charge of murder (Alick Brown))
      Wardley Burns                              Cairns            Y     (Drunkenness, etc)
      Reggie (12 yrs)                            Greenvale Stn     Y     (To join mother)
      George Duncan                              Brisbane Gaol     C     (Absconder)
      Bessie Williams                            Cherbourg         W     (Separating W Fisher and wife)
      Ivy Carbine                                Woorabinda        C     (Insolent)
      Albert                                     Cardwell          Y     (11 years old, parents dead)
      Willie Jahl                                Palm Island       W     (Familiar with tourists)
      Maudie Gala                                Cherbourg         W     (Causing trouble Laurie Bell and wife)
      Bessie Bradley, Willie Fisher                                C     (Absconders)
      Eileen Willis and 2 children               Jimna             C     (Quarreling with husband)
      Harry Robson                               Brisbane          C     (Nuisance)
      Willie                                     Charters Towers   PI    (Uncontrollable)
      Annie                                      Mitchell          C     (Old and destitute)
      Johnny Ingi                                Gordonvale        FI    (VD)
      Peter Hart, Grace Hart, Margaret Hart      Winton            W     (Mother insane)
      Noble                                      Valley of Lagoons PI    (Aged and quarrelsome)

      Removals 1934 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                      Removed From       To

      Isobel Ezzy                                Ravenshoe         Yarrabah
      Gilbert Patterson, wife and 6 children     Lorraine Stn      Palm Island
      Cigarette, Bertie Ross, Harry Massey       Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Roy Charleville, Ronnie Bligh,             Hawkwood          Cherbourg )
      Charlie Riley                              Hawkwood          Cherbourg )
      Sambo                                      Mungana           Palm Island
      James Tier                                 Ingham            Palm Island
      Bessie                                     Burketown         Palm Island
      King Billy and wife Kitty                  Cairns Hospital   Palm Island
      Sambo Robinson                             Ravenshoe         Monamona
      Jacky Alberts                              Cherbourg         Palm Island
      Billy Roberts, Paddy Robinson,             Malanda           Palm Island )
      Emily, Nipper                              Malanda           Palm Island )
      Harry Raymond, Jimmy Brown, Molly Raymond  Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Neddie Burke                               Stewarts Ck Gaol  Palm Island
      Tommy Williams                             Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Sid Serrico, wife Gertie and 3 children    Cherbourg         Palm Island
      Alice Lockie                               Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Tommy Morgan                               Townsville        Palm Island
      Joe Monaro                                 Blackall          Cherbourg
      Alice and her two children (6 and 8 yrs)   Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Johnny Grainer                             Mossman           Monamona
      Alice Yurri (Yuri)                         Mossman           Palm Island
      Molly                                      Rossville         Yarrabah
      Mabel                                      Mt Isa            Palm Island
      Jerry Merluna                              Coen              Palm Island
      Colin                                      Mt Isa            Palm Island
      Ronald Thomas Blackman, Emily Blackman     Granville         Cherbourg
      George Daylight                            Stewarts Ck       Palm Island
      Billy Dalton                               Nebo              Woorabinda
      Bob Robin, Nellie Robin,Irene Robin,       Ayr               Palm Island )
      Lily Deighton                              Ayr               Palm Island )
      Raymond Duncan, Ronnie Bligh,                                Cherbourg ]
      Roy Charleville                                              Cherbourg ]

      Natives removed from Port Douglas to Monamona as follows
      Willie (Wuroba), Bingo (Niumboi), Maggie (Yandul), Violet (Karrawa),
      Billy (Mimai) son of Violet), Fanny (Warringinya), Lorna (Boimammi), Annie (Bangarrai)

      Nellie Skeen, William Skeen                Palm Island       Monamona
      Jack Toorak                                Stewarts Ck Gaol  Eclipse Island
      Thimble, Louie, William, Leslie,           Normanton         Palm Island )
      Eric, Gordon                               Normanton         Palm Island )
      Bertie Tobane                              Mundubbera        Palm Island
      George Daylight                            Palm Island       Fantome Island
      Alma Willigi, Nellie Tukera,               Helensvale        Lockhart River Mission )
      Eileen Jinnamara, Ruby Yambun              Helensvale        Lockhart River Mission )
      George Duncan, Bertie Williams             Ipswich           Cherbourg
      Gilbert, Mabel, Bertie Nardoo              Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Cissie (10), Paddy Cuisack (11)            Cloncurry         Palm Island
      Tommy Purcell and children Frank           Millaa Millaa     Palm Island )
      and Emily, Pick Johnny                     Millaa Millaa     Palm Island )
      Harry Roberts                              Rockhampton       Woorabinda
      Arthur McGregor                            Windorah          Cherbourg
      Jimmy Walsh                                Binbee            Palm Island
      Dick Button                                Maleny            Cherbourg
      Steve Hart, Stanley Mulga                  Biggenden         Cherbourg
      Caesar, Ronnie                             Georgetown        Monamona
      Willie Jahl                                Townsville        Palm Island
      Billy Bulkey and wife                      Kunwarara         Woorabinda
      Clive Beckett                              Palm Island       Cherbourg
      Billy Sullivan, Lilly Sullivan             Mt Coolon         Woorabinda
      Limerick and five children                 Turn Off Lagoona  Mornington Island
      Laura, Archie, Rosie, Jackie               Ingham            Yarrabah
      Timothy Antie, David English               Stewarts Ck       Yarrabah
      William Skeen, Nellie Skeen and family     Palm Island       Yarrabah
      Annie Burra                                Rockhampton       Woorabinda
      Red Hatchie                                Eromanga          Cherbourg
      Lily Mi Mi, Peter Byers                    Gayndah           Cherbourg
      Jacob                                      Cairns            Woorabinda
      Wardley Burns                              Cairns            Yarrabah
      Reggie                                     Greenvale Stn     Yarrabah
      Bessie Williams                            Cherbourg         Woorabinda
      George Duncan                              H M Prison        Cherbourg
      Maudie Gala                                Cherbourg         Woorabinda
      Willie Jahl                                Palm Island       Woorabinda
      Albert                                     Cardwell          Yarrabah
      Harry Robson                               Sth Brisbane      Cherbourg  (Salvation Army Home, South Brisbane)
      Bessie Bradley, Willie Fisher                                Cherbourg
      Eileen Willis                              Jimna             Cherbourg  (Jimna via Kilcoy)
      Annie                                      Mitchell          Cherbourg
      Children of Bob and Edie Hart              Winton            Woorabinda
      Nopble                                     Valley Lagoons    Palm Island (Valley Lagoona Stn)

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1935
      A/4740  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1935

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Wm Herbert Miller                          Stewarts Ck Gl    PI   (Carnal knowledge of a baby)
      Elsie & 4 children                         Charters Towers   Y    (Useless for employment)
      Jacob                                      Rockhampton       PI   (Absconded)
      Molly Williams                             Purga             C    (Uncontrollable, immoral)
      Jack Langdon, Billy Cochran                Gordonvale        Y    (Lazy)
      Toby Legge                                 Coen              PI   (Dangerous character)
      Jack Langdon, Billy Cochran                Gordonvale        PI   (Lazy)
      P Williams, A Carlo                        Maryborough       C
      Nellie Baird                               Cairns            Y    (Immorality
      Neddie Burke                               Hughenden         PI   (Indecent exposure)
      Louisa Pitt & 3 children                   Mitchell          C
      Louisa Mi Mi and family                    Mundubbera        C
      Theresa Freeman, Rita Davis                Brisbane          C
      Bella Weevil                               Tolga             MM
      Jerome, Bobbie, Lennie and Leslie                            C
      George Batclutha, Jimmy Crow               Coen              Y
      Freddie Orham                              Rockhampton       C
      Tommie, Robinson, Nellie Robinson          Almaden           MM
      Harry Roberts                              Rockhampton       W
      Norman Beard                               Bloomfield        Y
      Lance Simpson                              Brisbane          C    (Prisioner)
      Sambo McLean, Dave McLean                  Stewarts Ck       PI   (Expiry of Jail sentence)
      Bob Malcolm & family, Arthur Booter        Hawkwood          W    (Lazy and destitute)
      Bernard Turner, absconder, restraining at Cherbourg
      Hooligan                                   Stewarts Ck       PI   (Discipline)
      Pauline Lewis                              Thursday Island   MA   (Care and protection)
      Jeffrey Laws, Horace Hamilton              Maryborough       C    (Supplying liquor)
      Bob Robin                                  Ayr               W    (Opium addict)
      Johnnie Gobalo                             Archer River      PI   (Uncontrollable)
      Sambo                                      Thursday Island   PI   (Continual trouble)
      P Bond, N Clark, H Costello, J Cobbo       Auburn Stn        C    (Unemployed
      Nellie Baird                               Cairns            FI   (Immoral, VD)
      Davey                                      Atherton          PI   (Unsatisfactory conduct in employment)
      Mrs Blackman                               Rosedale               (Protest against proposed removal)
      Arthur & Doris Fogarty & 3 children        Springsure        W    (Destitute)
      Lance Simpson                              Cherbourg         W    (Prisioner)
      Dan Law                                    Gayndah           C    (Discipline)
      Evelyn Chapman (Coolwell)                  Brisbane          C    (Loitering)
      Maudie Yourombie                           Gordonvale        Y    Immoral)
      Herbert Dunne, absconder, to be restrained at Cherbourg
      Ted Bosun                                  Mitchell          FI   (VD)
      Francis King                               Dunwich                (Recommended to Aboriginal Settlement)
      Albert                                     Tully             FI   (VD)
      Willie Jackson                             Gregory Downs     MI
      Kate Bendy & 3 children                    Hawkwood          C
      Lily Mi Mi                                 Gympie            W
      Big Jimmy, wife & family, Jinny            Inkerman          MRM   (Destitute)
      Tommy Westcott                             Lockhart Rv Mis   PI
      Fitztom                                    Normanton         PI    (Murder charge. Recommended by Judge)
      Albert Watson                              Woorabinda        FI    (VD)
      Martin Angus                               Cairns            PI
      Little Louie                               Cloncurry         Y
      Fitztom                                    Stewarts Ck Gaol  PI    (Murder charge)
      Peter, Maggie                              Cairns            FI
      Ely Colwill, request to have removal order cancelled
      Jack Naylor, Roger Clark                   Baralaba          W
      M    Cavanagh                              Mungindi          C
      Pialba coloured people. Can they be removed.
      Tyson, Emily                               Burketown         FI
      Tommie Nambie, Nora Nambie                 Babinda           Y
      Jimmy Pegus, May Pegus, Pompey Pegus       Mungana           PI   }
      Freddie Pegus                              Mungana           PI   }
      Thelma Cavanagh                            St George         C
      Darby, Benny                               Gordonvale        FI
      Three families                             St George         SG
      C Mighell, T Nimber                        Cairns            FI
      Janey Clevin and family                    Talwood           C
      George Duncan                              Brisbane          W
      Caesar, Ivy & family                       Burketown         FI
      Jimmy and Nellie James and family          Millaa Millaa     Y
      King George, Mary and others               Turn Off Lagoons  MI
      Sailor, Thaiday and George                 Palm Island       DI   (To return home)
      Bella Gundy, N Murray, M Tyson             Cherbourg         PI
      Tommy Nambie, Nora Nambie                  Babinda           FI
      Little Louie                               Cloncurry
      Gulf Mission Aborigines at Palm Island, Request to return to Mission
      B Gundy, N Murray, M Tyson                 Cherbourg         PI
      Toby Myall                                 Burketown         FI
      Emily Drumley and child                    Brisbane          C
      Charlie Nelson                             Silkwood          PI
      Colin                                      Donors Hill Stn   DM
      Biddy Illich, Paddy Illich                 Silkwood          PI
      Removals from Thursday Island, report explanation by Department Aboriginal Protection
      Queenie Moonlight                          Woorabinda        C

      Charlie Broad, Sambo                       Herberton         PI
      (WCB Herberton 18. 7.1935  Sambo, aged 65 years. Removal order to Palm Island
                     20. 7.1935  Charlie Broad, aged 68 years. Removal order to Palm Island)

      Robin Cobbo                                Gayndah           C
      Charlie Torres                             Brisbane Gaol     PI
      Sarah Motlop and 2 children                Thursday Island   LRM
      George Shepherd                            Silkwood          Y
      Harry                                      Julia Creek       PI
      Eva                                        Cloncurry         PI
      Dick                                       Cairns            FI
      Lizzie, Mell, Greta                        Halifax           Y
      Tommy Burraway                             Cairns            FI
      Nellie Spears                              Brisbane          C
      Jellany                                    Thursday Is       CI
      Eight Aborigines (murder case)             Coen              PI
      Ernest Briggs (Buggs)                             Clermont          W
      Jimmy Johnson and family                   Mossman           MM
      Roger Bell, Mary Bell                      Beaudesert        P    }
      Neville Bonner, Jimmy Bonner               Beaudesert        P    }
      Johnny Grainer, Lizzie Walsh               Mareeba           PI
      Arthur Miles                               Clermont          W
      Elsie, Cissie, Maudie                      Coen              LRM
      Charlie Lewis                              Ingham            Y
      Donald, Bental                             Longreach         W
      Paddy                                      Mossman           CB
      D Johann                                   Brisbane          C
      George Brown                               Brisbane          C
      Charlie, Bunny and Myra Barney             Silkwood          Y
      Riley, Wiseman, Sarabo, Ida, Rosie, Miller Normanton         Y
      Rosie                                      Ingham            Y
      Barney, George Dodd                        Cloncurry         FI
      George Barr                                Mareeba           PI
      Evelyn Chapman                             Cherbourg         PI
      Norman, Gillis                             Normanton         MRM

      Christmas, Ray                             Normanton         FI
      (WCB - Croydon 13.11.1935 Christmas, Ray. Under removal orders from Normanton to Palm Island.)

      Clyde Combo                                Cloncurry         PI
      Lizzie Mell                                Cairns            Y
      Charles Minnie                             Gordonvale        Y
      George Sibley                              Herberton         PI
      Jimmy Crowe                                Cairns            FI
      Vitoria                                    Normanton         MI
      Jimmy, Mary, Lily and Mabel Johnson        Cairns            FI
      Nobby, Thomas, May, Alfie Clay             Cloncurry         PI   }
      Freddie and Ivy Clay                       Cloncurry         PI   }
      Tommy Onion                                Georgetown        PI
      Marjorie Nuggin                            Myora             C
      Leslie Davis, George Phillips, Cook        Brisbane          C
      George Saunders                            Dirranbandi       C
      Ronald, Dorien and Joyce Purcell           Charleville       C
      Glen Combarngo                             Brisbane Gaol     W
      Queenie Geebung                            Augathella        C
      Lizzie Mell                                Cairns            FI
      Lance Cotherstone                          Rockhampton       W
      Dolly Atherton                             Ayr               PI
      E M Minniecon                              Miriam Vale       W
      M McGregor and child                       Goondiwindi       C
      Duker Harte, Jimmy Fisher  To be held at Cherbourg
      Harry Toorak                               Edmonton          PI
      George Parker                              Townsville        FI
      Willie and Diana Jackson and 3 children    Burketown         PI
      Nellie and 2 children                      Cloncurry         PI

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1935A
      A/4741  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1935 Supplementary

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Josie Doherty                              Mareeba           PI
      Emily                                      Cloncurry         PI
      Frank Laura                                Nebo              PI
      Topsy Di Silva                             Edmonton          Y
      P Yenier, D Neimley, M Neimley, C Dicks    Yungaburra        FI
      Barbara Simpson                            Rockhampton       W
      Charlie, Bunny, Myra                       Cairns            FI
      George Lee                                 Thursday Island   BI
      Jack Williams                              Thursday Is       PI
      Jack Oswald                                Mossman           Y
      Lily, Gregory                              Miranda Stn       MRM
      Long Nellie, Georgie                       Koolatah Stn      MRM
      Muriel, Harry, Grace and Phyllis Gordon    Stirling Stn      MRM
      Minnie                                     Normanton         MRM
      Ned                                        Normanton         MRM
      Daughter of Nellie Corncob                 Smithborne River  MRM   }
      Son of Judy & Toby (dec)                   Gilbert River     MRM   }
      Sheila and 4 children                      Staaton River     MRM   }
      Kitty and 1 child                          Staaton River     MRM   }
      Bessie Wombie                              Staaton River     MRM   }
      Charlie T                                  Normanton         PI
      Peter                                      Vanrook Stn       MRM
      Susie Bindieye & 5 children                Normanton         MRM
      Rosie, Maudie Miller                       Cairns            FI
      Hooligan, Annie, Daphne, Bobbie            Mt Garnet         PI
      Queenie Moonlight @ Barbara Simpson        Woorabinda        R
      Ned and family                             Gregory Downs     PI
      Charlie Minnie                             Cairns            FI
      Jack Oswald                                Mossman           PI
      Joseph Darrie                              Cloncurry         PI
      Henry 2, Big Fred, Little Jubilee          Cloncurry         FI
      Roy, Charlie Daws, Lizzie, Sally, Ida      Mossman           MM
      Henry                                      Mt Molloy         PI
      Gilbert                                    Townsville        PI
      Nora Sambo                                 Mt Garnet         PI
      Ruby Moore, Donald Moore                   Bollon            C
      Charlie Hyde, Richard Shaw, Willie, Edith  Cairns            FI
      Nellie Evans                               Coen              PI
      Harry Horton & wife, A Riley               Mundubbera        W
      Ernest Pope, Wonga Pope                    Mundubbera        C
      Rosie Dick and infant                      Auchenflower      C
      Angus Martin   To be retained at Palm Island
      Neville Bonnor, Jimmy Bonnor               Beaudesert        C
      Lily Chow Sie (See)                        Innisfail         PI
      Louis Muchan                               Buderim           C

      Removals 1935 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Elsie and 4 children                   Greenvale Stn      Yarrabah
      Jack Langdon                           Gordonvale         Palm Island
      Billy Cockram                          Gordonvale         Yarrabah
      Toby Legge                             Coen               Palm Island
      Molly Williams                         Purga              Cherbourg
      Jacob                                  Rockhampton        Palm Island
      Neddie Burke                           Hughenden          Palm Island
      Percy Williams, Archie Carlo           Kinlemore          Cherbourg
      Teresa Freeman, Rita Davis             New South Wales    Cherbourg
      Louisa Pitt and 3 children             Mitchell           Cherbourg
      Louisa Mi Mi and family                Hawkwood           Cherbourg
      Bella Weevil                           Tolga              Mona Mona
      Freddy Orham                           Rockhampton        Cherbourg
      Harry Roberts                          Rockhampton        Woorabinda
      Tommy Robindson, Nellie                Chillagoe          Mona Mona
      George Balclutha, Jimmy Crow           Coen               Yarrabah
      Norman Beard                           Bloomfield         Yarrabah
      Sambo McLean, Dave McLean              Stewarts Creek     Palm Island
      Bernard Turner                                            Cherbourg
      Hooligan                               Stewarts Creek     Palm Island
      Bob Robin                              Ayr                Woorabinbda

      Natives removed from Hawkwood Station to Woorabinda as follows
      Bob Malcolm and wife Kate and 9 year old son, Arthur Booter

      Natives removed from Auburn Station and Hawkwood to Cherbourg as follows
      Percy Bond, Norman Clark, Harry Costello, John Cobbo

      Sambo                                  Thursday Island    Palm Island
      Pauline Lewis                          Thursday Island    Mapoon
      Jeffrey Laws, Horace Hamilton          Gayndah            Cherbourg
      Johnny Gobola                          Aurukun            Palm Island
      Arthur Fogarty and wife Doris and      Springsure         Woorabinda )
      three children                         Springsure         Woorabinda )
      Davey                                  Atherton           Palm Island
      Nellie Baird                           Cairns             Fantome Island
      Lance Simpson                          Cherbourg          Woorabinda
      Dan Law                                Gayndah            Cherbourg
      Maudie Yourambie                       Gordonvale         Yarrabah
      Herbert Dunne                                             Cherbourg
      Evelyn Chapman                         Brisbane           Cherbourg
      Lindsay Booth                          Mitchell           Fantome Lock Hospital
      Albert                                 Tully              Fantome Lock Hospital
      Willie Jackson and wife Diana and      Gregory Downs      Mornington Island )
      3 children Amy, Lizzie and Huey        Gregory Downs      Mornington Island )
      Bendy and wife Katey and 3 children    Hawkwood           Cherbourg
      Lily Mi Mi                             Woolooga Rd        Woorabinda
      Tommy Westcott @ Fighting Tommy        Lockhart River     Palm Island

      Natives removed from Inkerman to Mitchell River as follows
      Big Jimmy and his wife Jemima and his sons Burrie and Brodie,
      Jinny mother of Jemima, two children of Jemima

      Maud Yourombie                         Cairns             Fantome Lock Hospital
      Albert Watson                          Woorabinda         Fantome Lock Hospital
      Martin Angus                           Cairns             Palm Island
      Little Lonie                           Cloncurry          Yarrabah
      Fitztom                                Stewarts Ck Gaol   Palm Island
      Peter, Maggie                          Cairns             Fantome Island
      Jack Naylor, Roger Clarke              Baralaba           Woorabinda
      Mary Cavanagh                          Mungindi           Cherbourg
      Tyson, Emily                           Burketown          Fantome Island
      Jimmy pegus, May, Pompey, Freddie      Mungana            Palm Island
      Thelma Cavanagh                        St George          Cherbourg
      Tommy Nambie, Norm Nambie              Babinda            Yarrabah
      Darby, Benny                           Gordonvale         Cairns
      Jellany                                Thursday Island    Coconut Island

      Natives removed from St George to Cherbourg as follows
      Daniel Murray, Helen Murray, Amelia Murray, Lindsay Murray, George Cross,
      Benny Cross, Dulcie Cross, Jack Nicholls, Annie Tonson, Dina,
      Aged blind Abo. of Toomel...

      Christy Mitchell, Tommy Nimber         Gordonvale         Fantome Island Hospital
      Janey Clevin, Susan, Alma, Phyllis,    Talwood            Cherbourg )
      Margie, Robert                         Talwood            Cherbourg )
      George Duncan                          Brisbane           Woorabinda
      Caesar, Ivy, Ida, Beena, Ronnie        Burketown          Fantome Island Hospital

      Natives removed from Millaa Millaa to Yarrabah later Fantome as follows
      Jimmy James, Nellie, James, Mary, Maisie, Reggie, George, Arthur

      Natives removed from Turn Off Lagoons to Mornington Island as follows
      King George, Mary, Paddy, Barney, Rosie, Norris, Eva, Jack ..., Lilly,
      Gracie, Dennie, Davey, Ada, Daisy, Allan, Twenty Five Mile Johnny,
      Mary, Dolly, Tom, Alfred, Lucy and unnamed crippled son, Queenie, Thelma

      Little Louie                           Cloncurry          Fantome Island Hospital
      Tommy Nambie, Nora                     Babinda            Fantome Island Hospital
      Emily Drumley and infant               Brisbane           Cherbourg
      Toby Myall                             Burketown          Fantome Island Hospital
      Bella Gundy, Norah Murray,             Cherbourg          Palm Island )
      Maggie Tyson                           Cherbourg          Palm Island )
      Charlie Nelson                         Silkwood           Palm Island
      Colin                                  Donors Hill Stn    Doomadgee
      Billy Illich, Paddy Illich             Silkwood           Palm Island
      Queenie Moonlight                      Woorabinda         Cherbourg
      Sambo, Charlie Broad                   Herberton          Palm Island
      Robbin Cobbo                           Gayndah            Cherbourg
      Charlie Torres                         HM Prison Brisbane Palm Island
      Sarah Motlop and 2 children            Thursday Island    Lockhart River
      George Shepherd                        Silkwood           Yarrabah
      Harry                                  Julia Creek        Palm Island
      Dick                                   Cairns             Fantome Island Hospital
      Eva                                    Cloncurry          Palm Island

      Natives removed from Millaa Millaa to Yarrabah later Fantome as follows
      Jimmy James, Nellie, James, Mary, Maisie, Reggie, George, Arthur

      Lizzie Nell & adopted daughter Greata  Halifax            Yarrabah
      (PLB Halifax - 20. 3.1935 Lizzie Nell and her adopted child Greta Nell.
      Greta is a half-caste or of half-caste parents who are George Palmer and
      Maria Palmer, natives of Cooktown. Greta adopted 2.11.1925.
      Lizzie Nell's husband Tom Nell died in 1926 at Tweed Heads, NSW,
      aged 38 years. Buried in the cemetery at Tweed Heads.
      Maria Palmer died 3. 9.1924 at halifax and is buried at the Ingham
      Cemetery. George Palmer died in 1927.)

      Nellie Spears                          Brisbane           Cherbourg
      Ernest Buggs                           Clermont           Woorabinda
      Jimmy Johnson and daughters            Mossman            Mona Mona )
      Mary, Lily and Mabel                   Mossman            Mona Mona )
      Roger Bell, Mary Bell,                 Beaudesert         Purga ]
      Neville Bonner, Jimmy Bonner           Beaudesert         Purga ]
      Johnny Grainer                         Mareeba            Mona Mona
      Lizzie Walsh                           Mareeba            Palm Island
      Arthur Miles                           Clermont           Woorabinda
      Elsie, Cissie, Maudie                  Coen               Lockhart River
      Charlie Lewis                          Ingham             Yarrabah
      Donald and wife Bental                 Longreach          Woorabinda
      George Brown                           Brisbane           Cherbourg
      Desmond Johann                         Brisbane           Cherbourg
      Charlie Barney and wife Bunny          Silkwood           Yarrabah )
      and daughter Myra                      Silkwood           Yarrabah )
      Alan Riley, Bobby Wiseman, Ida,        Normanton          Yarrabah ]
      Paddy Sarabo, Rosie, Maudie Miller     Normanton          Yarrabah ]
      Barney, George Dodd                    Cloncurry          Fantome Island
      George Barr                            Mareeba            Palm Island
      Evelyn Chapman                         Cherbourg          Palm Island
      Christmas and wife Ray                 Normanton          Fantome
      Norman, Gilbo                          Normanton          Mitchell River
      Clyde Combo                            Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Charlie Minnie                         Gordonvale         Yarrabah
      Lizzie Mell (Nell)                                        Yarrabah
      George Sibley                          Herberton          Palm Island
      Jimmy Crowe                            Cairns             Fantome
      Victoria                               Normanton          Mornington Island
      Jimmy Johnson and daughter Mary,       Cairns             Fantome Island )
      Lily, Mabel                            Cairns             Fantome Island )

      Natives removed from Cloncurry to Palm Island as follows
      Nobby Clay, Thomas Clay, May Clay, Alfie Clay, Freddie Clay, Ivy Clay

      Tommy Onion                            Georgetown         Palm Island
      Marjorie Nuggin                        Myora              Cherbourg
      George Saunders                        Dirranbandi        Cherbourg
      Leslie Davis, George Phillips, Cook    Brisbane           Cherbourg
      Ron Purcell                            Charleville        Cherbourg
      Doreen Purcell wife of Ron Purcell     Gayndah            Cherbourg )
      and daughter Joyce                     Gayndah            Cherbourg )
      Glen Combarngo                         Boggo Road Gaol    Woorabinda
      Queenie Geebung                        Augathella         Cherbourg
      Lizzie Nell (Mell)                     Cairns             Fantome Island
      Lance Cotherstone                      Rockhampton        Woorabinda
      Dolly Atherton                         Ayr                Palm Island
      Evelyn Mercy Minnicon and              Miriam Vale        Woorabinda )
      Katherine Ann Grace Minnicon (illeg)   Miriam Vale        Woorabinda )
      Duker Harte, Jimmy Fisher                                 Cherbourg
      Harry Toorak                           Edmonton           Palm Island
      George Parker                          Townsville         Fantome
      Nellie and 2 children                  Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Willie Jackson and wife Dianah and 3   Burketown          Palm Island )
      children May, Lizzie and Henry         Burketown          Palm Island )
      Josie Doherty                          Mareeba            Palm Island
      Emily                                  Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Frank Laura                            Nebo               Palm Island
      Topsy Di Silva                         Edmonton           Yarrabah
      Peter Yerrier, Darby Nimby,            Yungaburra         Fantome Island )
      Maggie Nimby, Charlie Dick             Yungaburra         Fantome Island )
      Susannah, Tommy Yerrier                Yungaburra         Palm Island
      Barbara Simpson                        Rockhampton        Woorabinda
      George Lee                             Thursday Island    Badu
      Charlie, Bunny, Myra                   Cairns             Fantome
      Jack Williams                          Thursday Island    Palm Island
      Jack Oswald                            Mossman            Yarrabah
      Muriel Gordon, Harry Gordon,           Stirling Stn       Mitchell River )
      Grace Gordon, Phyllis Gordon           Stirling Stn       Mitchell River )
      Long Nellie and son George             Koolatah Stn       Mitchell River thence Lockhart River
      Lily, Gregory                          Mirandi Stn        Mitchell River

      Natives removed from Staaten River to Mitchell River thence Lockhart River as follows
      Sheila and her four children May, Kathleen, Janey and Peneley
      Kitty and one child Vanity, Bessie Nambie

      Minnie                                 Normanton          Mitchell River
      Ned                                    Normanton          Mitchell River

      Natives removed from Smithbourne and Gilbert Rivers to Mitchell River as follows
      Daughter of Nellie Corncob and son of  Judy and Toby deceased

      Bindieye, Susie and 5 children         Normanton          Mitchell River
      Charlie                                Normanton          Palm Island
      Peter                                  Van Rook Stn       Mitchell River
      Rosie, Maudie Miller                   Cairns             Fantome Island
      Hooligan, Annie, Daphne, Bobbie        Mt Garnet          Palm Island
      Queenie Moonlight @ Barbara Simpson    Woorabinda         Palm Island
      Ned and wives Lily and Diana and       Gregory Downs      Palm Island )
      children Jerry, Alfie, Lila and Eric   Gregory Downs      Palm Island )
      Charlie Minnie                         Cairns             Fantome
      Jack Oswald                            Mossman            Palm Island
      Joseph Darrie                          Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Henry 2, Big Fred, Little Jubilee      Cloncurry          Fantome Island
      Henry (infant)                         Mossman            Yarrabah
      Roy, Charlie Dawes, Lizzie,            Mossman            Mona Mona )
      Sally Ida                              Mossman            Mona Mona )
      Rupert                                 Mt Molloy          Palm Island
      Gilbert                                Townsville         Palm Island
      Nora Sambo                             Mt Garnet          Palm Island
      Ruby Moore and infant Donald Moore     Bollon             Cherbourg
      Charlie Hyde, Richard Hyde,            Cairns             Fantome )
      Willie Carr, Edith Shaw                Cairns             Fantome )
      Nellie Evans                           Coen               Palm Island
      Ernest Pope, Wonga Pope                Mundubbera         Cherbourg
      Harry Horton and wife, Arthur Riley    Mundubbera         Woorabinda
      Rosie Dick and infant                  Auchenflower       Cherbourg
      Lois Nouchan                           Buderim Mts        Cherbourg
      Lily Chow See                          Innisfail          Palm Island
      Neville Bonner, Jimmy Bonner           Beaudesert         Cherbourg
      Martin Angus                                              Palm Island
      Jimmy, Nellie, Billa,                  Gordonvale         Palm Island )
      Molla Molla, Cappy                     Gordonvale         Palm Island )

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1936
      A/4742  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1936

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Jimmy, Nellie, Bella, Melba Molla, Cappy   Gordonvale        PI
      Gypsy & 2 children                         Normanton         MRM
      Young Billy Calico, wife & family          Malanda           Y
      Paul Murgha, wife & family (3)             Yarrabah          FI
      David Mathieson                            Mona Mona         FI
      Jack Mt Cook                               Townsville        FI
      Billie Womble                              Townsville        FI
      Charles Riley                              Yeppoon           W
      Tommy Twaddle                              Goondiwindi       C
      Harry Shaw                                 Cairns            Y
      Mick Carr                                  Julia Ck          PI
      Harry Bunn                                 Mt Garnet         PI
      Ned Parker                                 Chillagoe         Y
      Harry Shaw & George Martin                 Cairns            FI
      Big Jubilee                                Cloncurry         W
      Katherine Black and 4 children             Beaudesert        C
      Charlie Franks, Douglas Thompson and Victor Rankin to be detained at Cherbourg
      Jack Leary                                 Atherton          PI
      George Fernandez & wife                    St George         C
      Biddy Dinger                               Boulia            W
      James Ambyrum                              Yungaburra        PI
      Seven Aborigines                           Turn Off Lagoons  MI
      Jimmy Tyson                                Gympie            C
      C Nelson                                   Revoked
      D Cameron                                  Chillagoe         PI
      F Robertson                                Townsville        PI
      Marow, James Williams                      Murray Is         PI
      L Gyemore and 5 children                   Mitchell          C
      Marow, wife & family                       Murray Is         PI
      Wilkie Collins, wife & family              Cloncurry         PI
      Ruby Clevin and 3 children                 Talwood           C
      Charlie Williams, Kitty                    Ingham            PI
      George Beckett and George Duncan to be kept at Cherbourg
      Sheila Cameron                             Chillagoe         PI
      Christy Munda                              Roma              C
      Polly Breeze                               Townsville        PI
      Dick                                       Millaa Millaa     PI
      Charlie Oak Park, Lucy Oak Park            Chillagoe         MM
      Jessie Bell                                Cherbourg         W
      Malcolm Brown                              Cairns            PI
      Mabel 2                                    Cloncurry         PI
      Jim Anderson                               Beaudesert        FI
      Leslie Summers                             Cleveland         PI
      Peter Eromanga                             Ingham            PI
      Hector, Polly                              Mt Molloy         MM
      Ray King                                   Beaudesert        C
      George Bowen, Nancy Tye                    Mungindi          C
      Brenda Hazzard                             Brisbane          W
      Jellany                                    Thursday Is       NI
      Elsie Coolum (Coolwell)                    Beaudesert        C
      Warry                                      Coen              PI
      Charlie Riley                              Woorabinda        PI
      Daughter of Nellie Corncob  )              Smithbourne River LRM
      Son of Judy and Toby        )              Gilbert River     LRM
      Minnie                                     Normanton         LRM
      Lily, Gregory                              Miranda Stn       LRM
      Bindie and 4 children; Susie, Frank        Normanton         LRM
      Albert Twist , Janet Twist, Hector Twist   Clermont          W    }
      Olive Twist, Ruby Teare                    Clermont          W    }
      Cameron girls at Chillagoe. Objection to removal to PI
      Alfie Starlight                            Brisbane Gaol     PI
      Old couple, Tate Tin Mines. Objection to removal to Monamona. Kathleen Purcell, to be detained at PI
      Froggie Kew                                Wrotham Park      MM
      Tommy Kihee                                Nocundra          C
      Davy                                       Mornington Is     W
      Kitty Auroh                                Innisfail         FI
      Billy Couchy, Charlie Brown, Frank West    Brisbane          C
      Marion Moyden, Jumper                      Coen              PI
      Harry   To be detained at Palm Island
      Charlie Hammond                            Poid Is           PI
      Charlie Archer jnr                         Mt Mulligan       Y
      Leslie Davidson                            Murgon            PI
      Annie Oba                                  Atherton          FI
      Jacky Alberts                              Gympie            PI
      Nellie and daughter; Corncob, Toby         Normanton         LRM
      Paddy Kennedy and wife                     Coen              LRM
      Cedric Watcho, Ballard Williams and Douglas Duncan to be detained at Cherbourg
      Jeffrey Couchy, wife & 3 children          Gayndah           C
      Tommy Jaro, Rachel White                   Baralaba          W
      Lily Chow See  To be detained at Palm Is
      Johnny Clark, Ida                          Mossman           PI
      William Baigo                              Blackbutt         TV
      William Clevin                             Talwood           C
      Dulcie Barnes                              Springsure        W
      Johnny Winkle, Edie Lamamon & child        Townsville        PI
      Hector Reynolds, Pearl                     Cairns            FI
      Willie Sandy   To be detained at Mona Mona
      Nellie Pagel                               Brisbane          PI
      Daisy Dodd                                 Cracow            C

      Maggie                                     Laura             CB   }
      Echo, Mary and children                    Cooktown          CB   }
      (COB 4.11.1936  Arrived on Removal order to Cape Bedford Maggie and child Trixie
      Sent to Cape Bedford 26.11.1936)

      Leslie Summers                             Riverview Home    PI
      Mrs Solomon of Laura. Removal of 2 employees to Cape Bedford.
      Walter Priestly  To be detained at Woorabinda
      Jimmy, Pando                               Tully             FI
      Jack (child of Bindieye)                   Normanton         LRM
      Alick Morgan, Dolly Morgan & 4 children    Gordonvale        PI
      Mary                                       Miranda Stn       LRM
      Leslie Albury                              Baralaba          W
      Frank Brown                                Charters Towers   PI
      Wardley Burns                              Cairns            PI
      Willie Reilly   To be detained at Cherbourg
      Edmund                                     Bollon            FI
      Cecil C-122                                Normanton         W
      Tommy Reed                                 Cairns            Y
      Bob Gillumrobin and family                 Atherton          MM
      Nellie Williams and family (4)             Mareeba           MM
      Echo, Mary, Hazel, Donald                  Cooktown          Y
      Dora Watson and child                      Springsure        W
      Albert Saunders and wife                   Springsure        W
      Paddy Kennedy and wife                     Coen              WM
      Rene Anderson                              Cherbourg         W
      Tim Black                                  Charters Towers   PI

      Bob Costello, Lizzie                       Coen              PI
      (COB  3. 5.1937  Arrived en route Coen to Palm Island
      Bob Costello and Lizzie, his gin. Left for Cairns en route Palm Island 6. 5.1937)

      Freddie, Elsie                             Cape Bedford      Y
      Leslie Airey                               Mt Garnet         Y
      Kathleen Lynden                            Cairns            FI
      Ivor McKenzie, Jemima and 2 children       Cairns            PI
      A Walton, J E Rose                         St George         C
      Gilbert   To be detained at Palm Island
      Joe Dynamite                               Urandangie        PI
      Johnny Brown                               Cairns            FI
      Dick Storey, Dora, Kathleen                Mornington Is     MM
      Alick Morgan, Dolly and 3 children         Gordonvale        PI
      Dick Storey, Dora, Kathleen                Mornington Is     PI
      Jim Tyson                                  Chinchilla        C
      Seymour, Peter                             Cloncurry         PI
      Jack Short                                 Cairns            MM
      Rexie McMillan                             Ravenshoe         MM
      Gilpin                                     Cairns            MM
      Allan Costello   Recommend removal from Dunwich to a Reserve
      Ivy Boston                                 Wondai            C
      Bessie Watson, Daisy, Rene                 Mackay            PI
      Joe Chapman                                Eidsvold          C
      Nellie, Alice, Joe, Nancy                  Coen              FI
      Joe Cannon                                 Gordonvale        MM
      Benjamin Boney  Recommend removal from Dunwich to a Reserve
      Norman Gilbert                             Cloncurry         PI
      Bullimar, Mattie, Annie, Roberts,          Edmonton          PI   }
      Teddie, Blackwell                          Edmonton          PI   }
      Alfie (Patchy) Sandy                       Beaudesert        C
      Percy Combarngo                            Surat             C
      Leo                                        Gregory Downs     MI
      Jimmy Tyson                                Cherbourg         W
      Alice Ross                                 Roma              W
      Ted Hamphy                                 Charters Towers   PI
      Anderson, Oloff and Jack                   Thursday Is       HI
      Maggie and child                           Laura             Y
      Alf Bourke                                 Mitchell          W
      Topsy, Mavis Savage                        Cooktown          Y
      Leo                                        Burketown         PI
      Tommy Moreton                              Cairns            FI
      Joseph Sydney                              Cairns            PI

      Removals 1936 (did not appear in Queensland Aboriginal Notes)

      Name                                   Removed From       To

      Natives removed from Malanda to Yarrabah Mission and later cancelled as listed below
      Young Billy Calico and wife Dinah, Jessie Calico, Polly Calico, Joe Barron

      Paul Murgha & wife Elizabeth A Murgha  Yarrabah           Fantome )
      their three children                   Yarrabah           Fantome )
      Tommy Twaddle                          Goondiwindi        Cherbourg
      Harry Shaw                             Cairns             Yarrabah Mis
      Mick Carr                              Julia Creek        Palm Island
      Harry Bunn                             Mt Garnet          Palm Island
      Ned Parker                             Chillagoe          Yarrabah Mission
      Big Jubilee, Jack Mt Cook              Cloncurry          Woorabinda
      Katherine Black & children Eunice (14) Beaudesert         Cherbourg )
      Margaret (12), Roger (9), Allen (7)    Beaudesert         Cherbourg )
      Charlie Franks, Douglas Thompson,                         Cherbourg ]
      Victor Rankin                                             Cherbourg ]
      Harry Bunn                             Mt Garnet          Palm Island
      Jack Leary                             Atherton           Palm Island
      Mick Carr                              Julia Creek        Palm Island
      George Fernandez and wife              St George          Cherbourg
      Big Jubilee                            Cloncurry          Woorabinda
      Lizzie Gyemore & children Dorothy,     Mitchell           Cherbourg )
      Eric, Herbert, Percy and Ronals        Mitchell           Cherbourg )
      Christy Munda                          Roma               Cherbourg
      Polly Breeze                           Townsville         Palm Island
      Dick                                   Millaa Millaa      Palm Island
      Charlie Oak Park and wife Lucy         Chillagoe          Monamona
      Malcolm Brown                          Cairns             Palm Island
      Jessie Bell                            Cherbourg          Woorabinda
      Jim Anderson                           Beaudesert         Fantome
      Mabel No 2                             Cloncurry          Palm Island
      Peter Eromanga                         Ingham             Palm Island
      Hector and his mother ..olly           Mt Molloy          Monamona
      Ray King                               Beaudesert         Cherbourg
      George Bowen, Nancy Tye                Mungindi           Cherbourg
      Brenda Hazzard                         Brisbane           Woorabinda
      Warry                                  Coen               Palm Island
      Biddy Dinger                           Boulia             Woorabinda

      Natives removed from Turn Off Lagoons to Mornington Island as listed below
      Sarah, Dick Storey and his wife Dora and child,
      Kathleen, Topsy II and her 2 children Alma and Duncan

      James Ambyrum                          Yungaburra         Palm Island

      Jimmy Tyson                            Gympie             Cherbourg
       (PCR Roma 436 /  8. 3.1937  From Mitchell
       Jimmy Tyson. Removal Order Cherbourg to Woorabinda)

      Katherine Black & children Eunice (14) Beaudesert         Cherbourg )
      Margaret (12), Roger (9) & Allen (7)   Beaudesert         Cherbourg )
      Dolly Cameron                          Chillagoe          Palm Island
      Florrie Robertson                      Townsville         Palm Island
      Marou and James Williams               Murray Island      Palm Island
      Willie Collins and wife Lucy and       Cloncurry          Palm Island )
      three children                         Cloncurry          Palm Island )
      Ruby Clevin and 3 children             Talwood            Cherbourg
      Charlie Williams, Kitty                Ingham             Palm Island
      George Beckett, George Duncan                             Cherbourg
      Sheila Cameron                         Chillagoe          Palm Island
      Charlie Riley                          Woorabinda         Palm Island
      Albert Twist, Janet Twist,             Clermont           Woorabinda )
      Hector Twist, Olive Twist,             Clermont           Woorabinda )
      Ruby Teare                             Clermont           Woorabinda )
      Minnie                                 Normanton          Lockhart River

      Natives removed from Smithbourne and Gilbert River to Lockhart River as listed below
      Daughter of Nellie Corncon,
      Son of Judy and Toby who are both deceased

      Ben (8), Teresa (6), Leichhardt (4),   Normanton          Lockhart River )
      Susie (baby), Frank (10)               Normanton          Lockhart River )
      Lily, Gregory                          Miranda Stn        Lockhart River
      Alfie Starlight                        Brisbane           Palm Island
      Kathleen Purcell                       Millaa Millaa      Palm Island
      Kihee Tommy                            Nocundra           Cherbourg
      Froggie Kew                            Mungana            Monamona
      Kitty ......                           Innisfail          Fantome Island
      Charlie Hammond                        Poid Island        Palm Island
      Leslie Davidson                        Murgon             Palm Island
      Marion Moyden & husband Jumper         Coen               Palm Island
      Harry                                                     Palm Island
      Charles Archer                         Mt Mulligan        Yarrabah
      Annie Orbe                             Atherton           Fantome

      PCR Roma - 11 / 29.12.1936  From C.P.A.
      Alf Bourke, half-caste. Removal Order Mitchell to Woorabinda

      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1937
      A/4743  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1937

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Jessie, Dick, Elsie and Nancy              Normanton         MRM
      Nancy Taldora                              Brisbane          C
      Maggie Moreton, to be detained at Fantome Island
      Angelina                                   Cairns            FI
      Norman Riley                               Cairns            PI
      Elsie                                      Mitchell River    LRM
      Barbara Evans                              Woorabinda        C
      Willie Owens, Clive Beckett                Home Hill         PI
      Freddie and Tibby Roma                     Cherbourg         W
      Willie                                     Burketown         PI
      Cyril Blair, Frederick Watcho,             Helidon           C    }
      Lennie Jerome                              Helidon           C    }
      David Mathieson                            Cairns            PI
      Willie Somerset                            Cairns            FI
      Reg Bond, Harold Dodd                      Theodore          W
      Ivy Gala                                   Urangan           C
      Queenie Hart                               Pialba            C
      George Bowen, Nancy Tye                    Wellangana        C
      Charlie Beckett, George Beckett            Purga             C
      Tommy Nuggin                               Purga             C
      Annie Henry, Percy, Ronnie, Dollie         Mt Garnet         MM
      George Hayden                              Mackay            W
      Ethel, Donnolly                            Boulia            W
      Peter Walley, Andrew Obah                  Mt Surprise       PI
      Hector, Buller and Jimmy Tracker           Mt Molloy         MM
      Caesar, Emily                              Coen              PI
      George Saunders                            Dirranbandi       PI
      Yelma Noble                                Yarrabah          FI
      Joseph Purcell                             Mackay            PI
      Nellie, Elvie and Burman Beckett           Cherbourg         PI
      Albert Stewart                             Cloncurry         PI
      Jimmy Spencer                              Farleigh          PI
      Annie Loomber                              Brisbane          PI
      Archie & Cloie Matthews & 2 children       Herberton         PI
      Joseph Purcell                             Mackay            PI
      Joseph Purcell, objection to removal
      Bob Miller                                 Cairns            PI
      Agnes Thomas                               Cairns            W
      Claude                                     Mt Isa            PI
      Jack Aurukun                               Stewarts Ck       PI
      Tommy Pitcombe, Jack Bruno                 Mt Surprise       PI

      Sandy, Minnie                              Cooktown          PI
      (COB 31. 3.1937  Arrived from Laura for medical treatment Sandy and Minnie.
      To be sent to Fantome Island. Left for Cairns 8. 4.1937)

      George and Topsy Solomon                   Springsure        W
      Bob Huen and family                        Charters Towers   PI
      Hughie, Maggie, Lefthand Frank, Laddie     Boulia            FI
      Wyuna Button, request for removal from Cherbourg to Palm Island
      Dick Dalton, wife and child                Caloundra         C
      Diana                                      Cooktown          FI
      Albert Jacky, Mary Thompson, Herbert Jacky Beaudesert        C
      Marie Loder                                Brisbane          C
      Richards family (13)                       Granville         C
      Jack Davidson and wife                     Cairns            PI
      Malcolm                                    Cloncurry         PI
      Jimmy Brown, Molly & Harry Raymont         Palm Island       MM
      Nellie, Gilbert, Jack                      Coen              FI
      Nancy                                      Cloncurry         FI
      Mussolini, David                           Burketown         D
      Kitchener Brown                            Cloncurry         PI
      Toby                                       Laura             FI

      Nellie Starkie                             Laura             FI
      (COB 21. 7.1937  Arrived from Laura en route Fantome Island Nellie. Left 26. 7.1937)

      Ruby Olliman                               Woorabinda        C
      Ettie Spencer                              Mackay            PI
      Daisy Anderson and child                   Prospect Stn      PI
      Clifford Paris                             South Kolan       C
      Horney and Vera Nebo                       Gayndah           C
      Billy Flowers                              Mona Mona         PI
      Tommy Kangaroo                             Cairns            PI
      Bob & Lizzie Costello                      Coen              PI
      Dick                                       Coen              PI
      May Diprose                                Bowen             PI
      Hope & Jack Douglas                        Cairns            PI
      Marion Wragge and child                    Maryborough       C
      Dick                                       Bowen             PI
      Daisy Anderson and child                   Prospect Stn      MM
      Jim Notei                                  Victoria Point    PI
      Fred Keating                               Charters Towers   PI
      Peter & Jessie Stanley                     Proserpine        PI
      Stanley Walker Yetman                      Cairns            FI
      L & M Christopher, Dalby H/Cs, removed for own protection
      Vera Caldwell                              Cloncurry         PI
      Frank Missionary, Harry Lunn               Mossman           PI
      Leo Willoughby                             Caloundra         C
      Johnnie Richardson                         Springsure        W
      A Little & family, protest removal to Dunwich
      Sheila and 4 children                      Staaten River     MRM

      Charlie & Peggy & Allan & Colin Gibson     Laura             PI
      (COB 3. 8.1937  Arrived from Laura en route to Palm Island
      Charlie Gibson, Peggy (gin), two boys)

      Patricia & David Ethel                     Mandalee Stn      MM
      Cora Thompson                              Coen              Y
      Simi Bairi, to be detained at Palm Island
      Jack Madigan                               Mareeba           PI
      Archie                                     Winton            FI
      Simi Bairi, order for removal to Palm Island rescinded
      Andy J Richards                            Boonah            C
      Charlie & Allan & Colin Gibson             Laura             PI
      Ned Phillips                               Ingham            PI
      John Cameron                               Cherbourg         W
      Tommy Bob, Lilly, Tessie                   Laura             PI
      Mungan Bally, Nancy, Spider                Laura             PI

      Mitchell, Bindy, Freddie, Jack             Cooktown          CB
      (COB 6.10.1937  Arrived from Laura en route Cape Bedford Mission Jack, 12 years. Left  7.10.1937)

      Arthur Guymer                              St George         C
      Walter Munday                              Goondiwindi       C
      Gilbert                                    Coen              WM
      Ettie & Colleen & Gloria & Lorence Murphy  Ayr               PI   }
      Eric Rosendall                             Ayr               PI   }

      Tommy Dodd, Lily, Tessie                   Laura             CB
      (COB  21. 9.1937  Arrived from Laura en route Cape Bedford Mission Tommy Bob
      Admitted hospital 22. 9.1937, left for Cape Bedford 27. 9.1937)

      Lindsay Boland                             Goondiwindi       C
      Millie Hooligan                            Mt Garnet         PI
      Bruno, Pitcombe, Coglan, Flower, escapees from Palm Island
      Wardley Burns, Frank Laura, George Tippo   Cairns            PI
      Charlie Mulligan                           Springsure        W
      Kina, Coleman, Costello, to be retained at Cherbourg
      Paddy Sam                                  Charters Towers   PI
      Peter Loo                                  Nockatunga Stn    C
      Peter McDowell                             Charters Towers   PI
      Harold & Micky Blair, Claude Twaddle       Brisbane          C
      Kitty Cobbo                                Gayndah           C
      Daphne Barra                               Gayndah           C

      Hector Coconut, James Temple               Lockhart River    PI
      (COB 11. 1.1938  Arrived on Removal order Lockhart Mission to Palm Island
      Hector Cocoanut and James Temple. Left for Palm Island 11. 1.1938)

      15 old indigent natives from Westmoreland Stn and 10 from
      Lawn Hill to Doomadgee

      PCR Roma 436 /  8. 3.1937  From Mitchell
      Jimmy Tyson. Removal Order Cherbourg to Woorabinda


      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1938
      A/4744  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1938

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Emu                                        Mossman           PI
      Polly and 2 children                       Daintree          PI
      M Costello, A Bulsey, G Brown              Gladstone         C
      Bullimar                                   Cairns            PI

      Archie                                     Croydon           PI
      (WCB - Croydon  20. 4.1938 Leo, aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island.
       Lucy and child (Georgina), aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island.
       Nancy, aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island. Suffering V.D..
       Gordon, aboriginal. removal to Palm Island. Suffering leprosy.
       Archie, aboriginal. Removal order for attempted assault on employer and bad
         influence amongst natives. Removal to Palm Island.)

      Willie & Alice Barnes and 5 children       Springsure        W
      Mundy                                      V of Lagoons Stn  PI
      Cyril Roy Dudley                           Gladstone         C
      George Edwards                             Purga             C
      Tommy Wonacott                             Cairns            FI
      Nancy Taldora                              Purga             W
      Willie Rogers, wife and 2 children         Chillagoe         MM
      Daisy Tiers                                Goodna            C
      Emily Fox and grandchild                   Chillagoe Dis     MM
      Paddy & Sam Blackwell, Luie Narrakia       Edmonton Dis      MM
      George Hart                                Woorabinda        FI
      Gracie and 3 children                      Mareeba           MM
      Maud Ludwick and 7 children                Almaden           Y
      Harrison McKenzie                          Ravenshoe         Y
      Jessie Pauletta and child                  Innisfail         PI
      Ben, a tracker                             Roma              C
      Gertie Barra and 2 children                Gayndah           C
      Percy                                      Cairns            PI
      Smiler and 3 children                      Yorke Downs       MA
      Mabel                                      Yorke Downs       MA
      Lizzie Walsh                               Mona Mona         PI
      Louie Narraki, Paddy & Sam Blackwell       Cairns            FI
      Tommy & Mary Ann Albero                    Mt Coolom         PI
      22 Aborigines                              Burketown         D
      Roger                                      Cloncurry         PI
      5 Natives                                  Palm Island       HM

      Nancy                                      Normanton         FI
      (WCB - Croydon  20. 4.1938 Leo, aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island.
       Lucy and child (Georgina), aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island.
       Nancy, aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island. Suffering V.D..
       Gordon, aboriginal. removal to Palm Island. Suffering leprosy.
       Archie, aboriginal. Removal order for attempted assault on employer and bad
         influence amongst natives. Removal to Palm Island.)

      Ted Kenny                                  Townsville        PI
      Norma Normanton                            Thursday Island   FI
      Bob Snider                                 Proserpine        PI
      Jessie Pauletta and infant                 Innisfail         PI
      Elsie and infant                           Bowen             PI

      Leo, Lucy, Georgina                        Normanton         PI
      (WCB - Croydon  20. 4.1938 Leo, aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island.
       Lucy and child (Georgina), aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island.
       Nancy, aboriginal. Removal to Palm Island. Suffering V.D..
       Gordon, aboriginal. removal to Palm Island. Suffering leprosy.
       Archie, aboriginal. Removal order for attempted assault on employer and bad
         influence amongst natives. Removal to Palm Island.)

      Ruth Saunders                              Cairns            Y
      David and Dolly                            Weipa             PI
      Sheila Cameron and child                   Chillagoe         PI
      Infant child of Norma Normanton            Lockhart River    PI

      McGilvary, wife and child                  Normanton         FI
      (WCB - Croydon  1. 6.1938 MacGillvary and child, Callaghan Aboriginals.
       Removal order to Fantome Island with V.D..)

      Thelma Weatherall                          St George         PI   }
      Arthur McPherson                           St George         C    }
      Dorothy and 3 children                     Innisfail         Y
      Willie & Stella Rogers and 2 children      Chillagoe         PI
      Emily Fox and grandchild                   Chillagoe         PI
      Harry Rokeby                               Coen              PI
      Percy, Florrie                             Cooktown          FI
      V Mannasuri                                Ingham            PI
      Cecil or Cecily Campbell                   Coen              PI

      Thelma Weatherall                          St George         C
       (PCR Roma - 580 / 26. 3.1938  From St George
        A McPherson, half-caste and Thelma Weatherall, half-caste aged 14 years.
        Recommend girl removed to Cherbourg and man to Woorabinda.)

      Arthur McPherson                           St George         W
       (PCR Roma - 580 / 26. 3.1938  From St George
        A McPherson, half-caste and Thelma Weatherall, half-caste aged 14 years.
        Recommend girl removed to Cherbourg and man to Woorabinda.)

      Stanley Alberts, Bob Jerome                Ipswich           C
      Walter Munday                              Woorabinda        C
      Robert Nehow                               Ingham            PI
      Bob Yarrie                                 Beaudesert        C
      Sam Jones                                  Cairns            FI
      Jack Tiers                                 Mackay            W
      Sissy, Dinah and child, Jacky, Lea,        Edmonton          Y    }
      Topsy, Mary, Peggy                         Edmonton          Y    }
      Stella Simpson and 3 children              Monto             C
      Dick Hutchesson                            Innisfail         PI
      Jimmy Dooley                               Townsville        PI
      Alf Long                                   Cherbourg         PI

      David Wombie                               Normanton         PI
      (WCB - Croydon 1938 David Wombie, Fitztom?, Duck, Black Dog, Jack Bruno Aboriginals.    )
       Under removal order to Palm Island.)

      Janie                                      Burketown         D
      Leslie Rosser                              Yerra             C
      Wild Jimmy                                 Stewarts Ck       PI
      Chubba Tooth and infant                    Mt Garnet         MM
      Chloe                                      Chillagoe         PI
      Sid Aplin                                  Cloncurry         PI
      Jimmy Dooley                               Palm Island       FI

      Black Dog, Duck, George                    Mirchell River    PI
      (WCB - Croydon 1938 David Wombie, Fitztom?, Duck, Black Dog, Jack Bruno Aboriginals.
       Under removal order to Palm Island.)

      Peter & Queenie & Clifford & Bernard &     Beaudesert        C    }
      Eileen & Violet & Edna & Lucy Long         Beaudesert        C    }
      Emily and Julia Bengero                    Tully             YA

      William Arnold and wife                    ----              C
       (PCR Roma - 1443 / 23. 7.1938  From Chief of Police
        Removal Order for Wm Arnold and wife from Dareel to Cherbourg.
        Removal Order for Wm Robert, Allen Arnold and Jack Arnold from Dirrinbandi to Cherbourg.)

      Clara                                      Yarrabah          CA
      Ockie & Janie Lenoy and 6 children         Ayr               PI

      Bruno, Fitztom                             Normanton         PI
      (WCB - Croydon 1938 David Wombie, Fitztom?, Duck, Black Dog, Jack Bruno Aboriginals.    )
       Under removal order to Palm Island.)

      Joe Monamona, Jessie & Mary Lawrence       Edmonton          Y

      Barney Wallace                             Cooktown          PI
      (COB  2. 8.1938  Removal order No. 72 to Palm Island Barney Wallace B-96)

      Dina & Cecil Aplin                         Cloncurry         PI
      Joe & Allen & Emma & Norman &              Cairns            PI   }
      Gilbert Polglen                            Cairns            PI   }
      Dottie Miller and infant                   Thursday Island   PI
      George                                     Mitchell River    PI
      Vulcan                                     Mareeba           PI
      Sarah                                      Burketown         D
      Maggie                                     Burketown         D
      Davy                                       Babinda           PI
      William Alexander Nuggin                   Ipswich           PI
      Mick McTavish                              Chillagoe         PI
      Eric, Olly and child                       Cloncurry         FI
      C Martin, wife and family                  Myora             C
      Nancy Dalton and 2 children                Caloundra         C
      Dick Moran, Sam Brown                      Cooktown          PI
      Steve & Queenie & Henry & Steve jnr Hart   Cherbourg         PI
      Toba Nanga, Nellie Bayer                   Babinda           Y
      Wagoon Maza, wife and 4 children           Mackay            PI
      Sailor Tak                                 Farleigh          PI
      Lennie Duncan                              Helidon           C
      Albert Rowan, Alick Little                 Helidon           CP
      Dolly, Frederick, Amy, Henry               Weipa Mis         PI
      Norman A                                   Normanton         PI
      Jacky Alberts                              Bundaberg         C
      Winnie and Dorothy Martie                  Bowen             PI
      Florrie, 10 yrs                            Cooktown          CB
      Buller, Florrie                            Chillagoe         PI
      Minnie and Frank Sheppard                  Coen              PI
      Percy                                      Normanton         PI
      Jimmy Rocky                                Coen              PI
      Stanley Alberts                            Cherbourg         W
      Mick Murphy                                Charters Towers   W
      Headley                                    Ebagoolah         AU
      Tommy Bullock                              Laura             PI
      Victor Fox                                 Chillagoe         PI
      Faith Noble, Freda Dunbar                  Yarrabah          PI
      Polly Pegus                                Cooktown          PI
      Leslie L-119                               Burketown         PI
      Johnnie Haines, wife and 4 children        Herberton         PI
      Oswald                                     Cloncurry         PI
      Daisy, Maud                                Edward River      PI
      Munday                                     Boulia            W
      Elsie Wallace                              Atherton          W
      Lillian                                    Cooktown          PI
      Ivo & Jemima McKenzie and 5 others         Yarrabah          PI
      Sandy & Polly & Dicky &                    Sth Johnstone     PI   }
      Susy & Jimmy Cook, K Costigan              Sth Johnstone     PI   }
      George, Maggie, Yorke, Maudie,             Weipa             LRM  ]
      Poindy, Millie                             Weipa             LRM  ]
      Rosie Parker                               Sandy P---        Y
      Jim, Andrew, Harry Tommy and families      Coen              LRM


      Home Office, Registers of Letters Received
      Removals 1939
      A/4745  Queensland State Archives

      Removals 1939

      Name and Details                           Removed From      To

      Henry, Dolly, Frederick, Amy               Weipa Mission     LRM
      Minnie Sugarbag & Charlie Sugarbag         Cooktown          FI
      Mary                                       Cooktown          FI
      Kaim Matasia                               Brisbane          PI
      Jack, Rosy & Gertrude Dunbar               Yarrabah          PI
      Andie See Chin and Winnie Tommie           Edmonton          PI
      Doctor                                     Cloncurry         W
      Hughie                                     Longreach         W

      Gilbert                                    Cooktown          FI
      Allan Yeatman                              Cooktown          FI
        (COB 14. 1.1939  Left for Fantome Island Allan Yeatman and Gilbert)

      Sandy Martin                               Hughenden         PI
      Ivy Boston                                 Winton            PI
      Harold Blair                               Cherbourg         PI
      Leslie Smith and Ruby Smith  To be detained at Woorabinda

      Rosalie and Hector                         Normanton         FI
       (WCB - Croydon 8. 3.1939 Rosalie and child, Hector. Aboriginals.
       Under removal order toFantome Island for V.D..)

      Nellie Ardoch and Joan Corrigan            Cunnamulla        C
      Eileen Crawley and child                   Toowoomba         PI
      Bessie McCall                              Cunnamulla        C
      Charlie Maranoa                            Cunnamulla        W
      Mabel Lister                               Hughenden         PI
      William Bargo                              Rockhampton       W
      Mabel Lister                               Hughenden         W
      Harry Motlop (Exemption cancelled)         Thursday Island   MI
      Nellie N-155                               Normanton         FI
      Stranger                                   Burketown         PI

      M Boyd, G Boyd, J Charger                  Cooktown          FI
        (COB 22. 3.1939  Arrived from Port Stewart or Portland Road, Coen
        for admission to hospital George Boyd,  Mickie Boyd, James Charger.
        Left for Cairns en route Fantome Island 20. 4.1939)

      Thomas Cavanagh                            Brisbane          C
      Denny, Hayden and Emma Fuller              Mundubbera        C

      T Thompson, wife and child                 Coen              PI
        (COB 9.11.1939  Arrived en route to Palm Island
        Tommy Thompson, Lucy, Scottie, son, Pat, son. Left 10.11.1939)

      Horace Baker                               Mona Mona         PI
      Ivy Gala                                   Cherbourg         PI

      Charlie Cooktown                           Cooktown          PI   }
        (COB 20. 9.1939  Arrested at Cemetery Camp. Wanted on Removal order to Palm Island
           Charlie Cooktown C-15. Left 22. 9.1939)
      Billy Gibson, wife and 2 children          Cooktown          PI   }
      Jack Buller, Jerry McIvor                  Cooktown          PI   }
      Mrs Charlie Warnes and children            Urangan           C
      Tharowhoy and wife Louisa                  Thursday Is       PI   }
      Spear and wife and infant                  Thursday Is       PI   }

      Emily                                      Coen              FI
        (COB 22. 1.1940  Arrived from Portland Roads, Coen
        Cesar, continued to Cairns en route to Palm Island, Johnny Crooked Foot and Emily.
        Johnny and Emily admitted to hospital and left for Fantome Island on 9. 2.1940)

      Lizzie Leafo                               Yungaburra        Y
      Hilda and son                              Normanton         FI   |
      Biddy                                      Normanton         FI   }
      May and 2 daughters                        Normanton         FI   }
      C C Palmer, wife and children              Cairns            PI
      Bob No 1                                   Collinsville      PI
      Alma                                       Rossville         CB
      Sylvia Cobbo                               Beaudesert        C
      Michael Angus & Maggie Darwin (wife)       Mackay            W
      Kaka Imrod & Sarah Imrod (child)           Somerset          PI

      Dora, Harrigan and 4 children              Cook              PI
        (COB 8. 7.1939  Arrested for Removal to Palm Island. Left 10. 7.1939
        Harrigan H-36, wife and 4 children)

      Billy & Dina Calico and children           Malanda           Y   }
      Joe Barron and wife                        Malanda           Y   }
      Alick McLeod                               Malanda           Y   }
      William Skeen and Charles Skeen            Cairns            C

      Caesar and wife                            Coen              PI
       (COB 22. 1.1940  Arrived from Portland Roads, Coen
        Cesar, continued to Cairns en route to Palm Island, Johnny Crooked Foot and Emily.)

      Johnny Mapoon                              Mapoon            PI

      Koonginurra, Jimmy Brown, Tommy Brown      Kendall River     PI   }
      Big Bawley and Clara                       Kendall River     PI   }
       (WCB - Croydon 28. 9.1939 Jerry, Tommy Brown, Tommy B and Tommy Coleman,
       Koonginurra and Betty, Kitty and child (Oscar), Jimmy and child (Rosemarye), Jannet.
       Aboriginals. Under removal orders to Palm Island.
       WCB - Croydon 16. 8.1939 Jimmie Brown, Tim Aboriginals. Under removal order to Palm Island.)

      George Bremmer & wife, Small Mattie        Cooktown          PI
       (COB 30. 6.1939  Arrested George Bremer G-139, Small Mattie S-133, Mary, wife of George.
       Recommend all be removed to Palm Island

      Agnes Dodd                                 Eidsvold          C
      Alma                                       Rossville         PI
      Peter Moran                                Cairns            PI
      70 Aborigines                              Coen              Aurukun
      Jerry, Ned                                 Edward River      PI
      William (Womby) Roberts                    Fairleigh         W
      Johnny Doctor                              Mapoon            PI
      Billy Flowers                              Dundar Stn        PI   }
      Billy Manga                                Drumduff Stn      PI   }
      Leo Willoughby, Dick Coleman               Dunwich           C
      Stanley Edward Lingwoodock, wife & 4 kids  Gin Gin           C
      Lennie Johnson,                            Eidsvold          C    }
      Harry Duncan, Douglas Duncan               Eidsvold          C    }
      Mungo, Jennie                              Cunnamulla        C
      Cooker                                     Mossman           PI
      Robert Nehow                               Townsville        W
      Robert McDonnell, Kitty Grass              Cowal Ck          PI
      Hilda                                      Burketown         PI
      Joseph Skeen and Wilma Skeen               Innisfail         C
      Josie Lily and Lorna Lily                  Cooktown          PI
      Peter Jackson                              Cairns            PI
      Nicholas Wymara                            Thursday Is       MA
      Tommy                                      Normanton         PI
      Harry May                                  Mossman           PI
      Jimmy Gornor and Topsy Gornor              Burketown         W

      Bruce Samson, Jerry and Tommy              Normanton         PI   (with their respective wives and children)
      (WCB - Croydon 18.10.1939 Bruce Aboriginal. Under removal order to Palm Island.
       WCB - Croydon 28. 9.1939 Jerry, Tommy Brown, Tommy B and Tommy Coleman,
       Koonginurra and Betty, Kitty and child (Oscar), Jimmy and child (Rosemarye), Jannet.
       Aboriginals. Under removal orders to Palm Island.)

      Bertie Fisher  To be detained at Palm Island
      Lena Mow, Alice Mow, Alma Mow, Danny Mow   Congie Stn        C

      Removals from 1940 have been extracted from other records on this web site.

      Removals 1940

      WCB - Croydon 7. 1.1940
      Edie and two children, Rene and Colin Aboriginals.
      On removal orders to Palm Island. Left for Palm Island on 11. 1.1940.

      WCB - Croydon 25. 1.1940 Bruce, Jack Bruno, Tim, Duck Aboriginals.
      On removal order to Fantome Island. (Escapees)

      WCB - Croydon 25. 1.1940 Bruce, Joe B. and wife Jessie and 6 children namely, Gladys,
      Claudie, Herbert, Locket, Sheila and Jack. Removal order to Yarrabah Mission

      WCB - Croydon 17. 7.1940 Numble. On removal order to Palm Island.
      Left for Palm Island on 18. 7.1940.

      Removals 1941

      WCB - Croydon 27. 8.1941 Billy Flowers, Charlie T, Bruce, Pitcombe, Bruno, Fitztour?
      Aboriginals. On removal orders to Palm Island. Apprehended by Normanton Police.

      Removals 1942

      WCB - Croydon 7. 1.1942 Charlie ?Mecerani and wife Sorkie
      Aboriginals. On removal order to Palm Island.

      WCB - Croydon 25.11.1942 Toby Kilpatrick, Gertie Kilpatrick, Alban, Dennis, ------?
      Aboriginals. Under removalorders to Palm Island.

      WCB - Croydon 16.12.1942 Edgar, Nullen, Leah, Elizabeth
      Aboriginals. On removal orders to Palm Island.

      Removals 1943

      WCB - Croydon 31. 3.1943
      Nipper B, Evi, Clem Bernard Aboriginals. On removal orders to Palm Island.

      Removals 1944

      WCB - Croydon 2. 2.1944
      Julia McPherson & Harold H. Aboriginals. On removal orders to Palm Island.

      Removals 1947

      (WCB Herberton 14.11.1947   Alice Raymond, or Mitchell, or Raymont, Removal Order to Palm Island)