Roma Police Duplicate Out-Letters and Reports 1932 - 1939

Police Department, Roma Station Duplicate Out-Letters and Reports 21.11.1932 - 30.12.1933 POL 5A/G9 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1934 - 28. 6.1934 POL 5A/G10 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1934 - 31.12.1934 POL 5A/G11 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1935 - 30. 6.1935 POL 5A/G12 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1935 - 31.12.1935 POL 5A/G13 Queensland State Archives 1. 7.1937 - 11.10.1937 POL 5A/G14 Queensland State Archives 11.10.1937 - 30.12.1937 POL 5A/G15 Queensland State Archives 22. 3.1938 - 2. 7.1938 POL 5A/G17 Queensland State Archives 1. 1.1939 - 18. 4.1939 POL 5A/G18 Queensland State Archives 19.12.1932 Relative to a complaint made by Mr William Paterson, store-keeper, Quilpie, regarding the amount of three pounds and eleven shillings on account of goods supplied to Dick Clive, Native Tracker, attached to the Police Station, Augathella. Dick appointed tracker at Augathella in 1930. 19. 5.1934 Relative to Tracker Bertie Barber discharged from Roma District Hospital and returned ti Injune. 3. 9.1934 Tracker Bertie Barber is employed at Injune. Bank account held at Roma. 2.11.1934 Relative to application by half-caste Aboriginal Bertie Barber, Tracker at Injune, for exemption from the provisions of the Aboriginal Protection Acts. Roma Police dont know much about Bertie. 6.12.1934 Names and dates of birth of children of Lizzie Gyemore of Mitchell. Four of the children are registered in the name of Althorne. The following details are taken from the Registrar of Births records at Roma. Eric Althorne, born 16.11.1926 Albert Edward Althorne, born 8.11.1928 Percy Althorne, born 22. 4.1930 Ronald Althorne, born 28. 6.1933 8. 1.1935 Relative to Christie Degan and his son suspected of stealing property belonging to Billy Combarngo at Surat. 2. 5.1935 Tommy Isles was interviewed by Roma Police on behalf of the Chief Protector of Aborigines. Tommy was granted exemption in 1922 and is a quarter-caste Aboriginal. Also mentions Fred Willmott, half-caste, who is working in the Charleville district. 8. 6.1935 Relative to the portion of human skeletons being found in a hollow tree by Howard Edward Salter on his property known as Brucedale, Roma, situated 30 miles from Roma. Bones believed to be Aboriginal. Remains of four people. Apparently there were a number of Blacks Camps on Brucedale in the past. Apparently it was the custom of the blacks to wrap the dead in a cover of bark and carry them from camp to camp until they were dried when they would be placed in a hollow tree and left there. 9. 6.1935 Half-caste girl May Benarvis was placed on the Mail lorry at Roma for ?Raree. 8. 7.1935 Debt owed by Tommy Isles (Iles). Apparently holds an Exemption Certificate. Has a wife and child. 8. 7.1935 Tracker Jack Laidley arrived from Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. 31. 7.1935 Re Two Aboriginals named Johnny Murray and Baldy inquired for by the Chief Protector of Aborigines. No trace in district. Also mentions Mrs Kee, a half-caste Aboriginal woman and Mrs Ross, a full blood Aboriginal. 18. 8.1935 Re Conduct of Aboriginal men and women who reside in Major Street, Roma. Mentions Mrs Lucy Baker, half-caste, lives with her husband Mrs Mrs Dolly Hart, half-caste, lives with her husband Jack Smith, half-caste, who has now gone to Charleville 23. 8.1935 Re Roy Tobane, inquired for by the Protector of Aboriginals, Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement. He is a half-caste. No trace in district. Roy is a cousin of half-caste Mrs Kee. Mrs Kee had been at Woorabinda. Another half-caste woman named Mrs Ross stated Roy was friendley with Mary Miers, Aboriginal, who works at Westgrove Station via Injune. 6. 7.1937 Re Circumstances of Mrs Annie Manns and Norman McDonald of Bungil Street, Roma, being able to contribute to the support of Albert Edwards (half-caste) committed to Willowburn Asylum. Annie Manns, half-caste, is married with a family of eight children, the eldest being 22 years old and the youngest being 4 years old. Albert Edwards is her brother. Norman McDonald is married and has five children. Albert Edwards is his half-brother. Also mentions Edward Edwards who was last heard of in Bourke, New South Wales, shearing and Claude McDonald who lives at St George and Herbert McDonald who is in the St George area. 28. 7.1937 Inquiries in connection with a skull and human bones found in an old box tree on Lenroy Station. Apparently it was customary for Aboriginals to bury their dead in hollow trees in this area. Others had been found on Old Bindango Station and Coogoon Station. 6. 8.1937 Tracker Jack Laidley due for leave. 25. 9.1937 re marriage of a half-caste Aboriginal named Tommy Isles to Bessie Isles (nee Simpson). Married at Mitchell by a Methodist Minister. Tommy and Bessie's son is George Thomas Isles. Tommy and Bessie were married on 27. 3.1931. George Thomas Isles was born on 18. 7.1931 at Mitchell. Also mentions Mrs Violet Lynch, a half-caste Aboriginal woman who lives in Roma with her husband. Violet was a witness at the marriage. Bessie is seeking maintenance from Tommy. Recommend the child be returned to Bessie. 5.10.1937 Re the Tracker at Roma, namely Jack Laidley. He has been at Roma since July 1935. Also mentions Aboriginal Christy Munda who was at Roma in around 1936 awaiting removal to a Settlement. 10.11.1937 Re An Aboriginal named Lucas Fernando inquired for by the Chief Protector of Aborigines. Lucas lives with his brother in law Percy Anderson at Bungil Creek, Roma. Percy is also an Aboriginal. 2.12.1937 Re Lucas Fernando who is being inquired for by the Chief Protector of Aborigines. Resides with a married sister at Roma named Mrs Anderson. 8.12.1937 Re Inquiries made at Roma concerning the antecedents of Thomas Little, a three-quarter caste Aboriginal who was commited for sentence on a charge of breaking and entering at Lamington Siding, near Beaudesert. 28.12.1937 Discharge details for Tracker Jack Laidley. 28.12.1937 Re discharge of Tracker Jack Laidley from Roma as at 9. 1.1938. Identification number is J-367. Wants his bank account transferred to Mungindi. 3. 4.1938 Return of Trunk Line Telephone Calls for Quarter ending 31. 3.1938 14. 1.1938 To Police Mitchell Position available at Ballandool, Hebel for Lucas Fernando. 2. 2.1938 To Police Mitchell Whereabouts of Fernando 21. 4.1938 Re a half-caste named Tom Simpson and a half-caste woman named Kathleen Black, also a horse, enquired for by the Chief Protector of Aborigines. Horse is alleged to have been stolen from Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement by Simpson. Not in district. 25. 1.1939 Re Norman Wilfred McDonald, aged 34 years, married, labourer, half-caste, being attended to by ambulance after being assaulted by Reginald Beetson. Mentions Mrs Percy Anderson, half-caste Percy Anderson Lucas Fernando Arthur Shillingsworth Robert Claffey John Dodd 3. 2.1939 Re debt owed by Norman Jaylor otherwise known as Norman McDonald. Norman resides in a hut on Bungil Creek, Roma, with his wife and five young children ranging in age from two to thirteen years. Norman is a quarter-caste Aboriginal. His mother, whose maiden name is said to be Nellie Jaylor is a half-caste Aboriginal and his father is Samuel McDonald of Surat, a white man. 17. 2.1939 Re General conduct, including drinking and fighting habits, ancestry and record of George Fuller. George is married with one child. George's mother is Mary Ellen White. George was born on 29.10.1916 in Brisbane and is now 22 years of age. Mary Ellen White's mother was Jessie Fuller, a half-caste Aboriginal woman, and her father was Thomas Thompson, a white man. George Fuller's father was Thomas Fuller, a white man. Thomas Thompson died about 20 years ago in Toowoomba. Jessie Fuller died in 1926 at Toowoomba. Thomas Fuller, who she claimed as her first husband, died about 15 years ago in Chinchilla. When George was ten years of age he came under the control of the State Childrens Department. George Fuller was married at the Office of the Clerk of Petty Sessions, Roma on 20. 8.1937 to Violet Vera Orcher. Violet was 1 years of age at the marriage and her parents were Louis Orcher and Eliza Flanagan. Thomas Fuller was the first husband of Mary Ellen White.