Surat Police Letterbook 1914 - 1916

Police Station, Surat Letterbook 2. 9.1914 - 25. 7.1916 A/36337 Queensland State Archives Extracts 3. 9.1914 To I.O.P. Roma Lizzie Watson, half-caste girl at Yarran Downs 4.11.1914 To P.O.A. Brisbane George Sublet asks permission to marry half-caste Sybil Cambarngo (Spelt as Cambange). 4.12.1914 To I.O.P. Roma Half-caste Clara Edwards and her two illegitimate children Frances Hannah Edwards Melda Lilly Edwards left Surat 4 weeks ago and are now at Roma. The may be in the company of Robert Munn. 5.12.1914 To I.O.P. Roma Tracker Moses 7.12.1914 To I.O.P. Roma Re: Mrs Beetsons report dated 27.10.1914 Half-caste Nellie Edwards is living in a hut with Samuel McDonald and has lived with him for about 12 years. She has 3 male children aged 11, 7 and 5 years. McDonald supports them. McDonald has applied for permission to marry Nellie Edwards. Clara Edwards, half-caste, is at Roma The Aboriginal men and boys in the report that are not under agreement are: Billy Cambarngo (spelt Combarnge) His two sons Glen Cambarngo Ollie Cambarngo Billy is married with a family of 6 children to support. He works at Surat. 16.12.1914 To I.O.P. Roma Escapee half-caste Harry Cooke 1. 1.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Samuel McDonald asks permission to marry half-caste Nellie Edwards 26. 2.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Phyllis Weribone, half-caste, and her illegitimate child Tommy Weribone live at Goodai Station in the Goondiwindi district 18. 3.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Application by Ivor Victor Davies to employ the half-caste girl Ruby Cambarngo 8. 6.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Albert Wilson Alice Jerome, half-caste, and child Escapees. Not in district 26. 6.1915 To P.O.A. Roma Application by Pierce Butler to employ half-caste Ollie Cambarngo 2. 9.1915 To P.O.A. Roma Application by Reginald John Lynch to employ Aboriginal Fred Heppi 16. 9.1915 To P.O.A. Roma Aboriginals and half-castes in Surat sub-district Name Caste Sex Age Address Billy Cambarngo H/C M 54 Surat Husband Nellie Cambarngo H/C F 48 Surat Wife Harry Cambarngo H/C M 30 Surat ?Henry Ollie Cambarngo H/C M 16 Surat Child Percy Cambarngo H/C M 9 Surat Child Colin Cambarngo H/C M 6 Surat Child Ruby Cambarngo H/C F 20 Surat Myrtle Cambarngo H/C F 11 Surat Child Nina Cambarngo H/C F 7 Surat Child Frances Hannah Edwards H/C F 4 Surat With mother Melda Lilly Edwards H/C F 2 Surat With mother Fred Hepi Abor M ?51 Surat May Mathews H/C F 26 Surat Mother Arthur Mathews H/C M 3 Surat Child Jennie Brien Abor F 29 Elgin Park Lizzie Watson H/C F 18 Yarran Downs Harry ------ Abor M 70 Surat 20. 9.1915 To P. of A. Roma Agreement with Fred Heppi completed. 25. 9.1915 To P. of A. Roma Half-caste Frank Stewart, also called Frank Combardello. His mother was married to a man named Stewart prior to living with Combardello Billy. Stewart was half-caste Frank's father. Frank is working on Glenearn Station. 27. 9.1915 To P. of A. Roma Application by W.G. Wood to employ half-caste Aboriginal Lizzie Watson at Yarran Downs. 19.10.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Re: Tracker Moses. He wants to leave Police in November and return to Miva Station in the Gympie District where his mother and other relatives live. 21.10.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Clara Munn (nee Edwards) now resides at Surat with her two illegitimate children Frances Hannah Edwards Melda Lilly Edwards 4.11.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Birth of illegitimate child named Mabel Mathews at Surat on 5. 9.1915. Mother is an unmarried half-caste Aboriginal May Mathews. The child was born in the tent of Henry Cambarngo. The mother states that half-caste Aboriginal Henry Cambarngo is the father and she has been living with him for three years. 14.11.1915 To P.of A. Roma Application by John Simpson to employ Aboriginal Billy Cambarngo. Billy Cambarngo is married with a wife and four children. 19.11.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Half-caste Aboriginal Willie Bufong was employed at Strathmere Station in 1911. 25.11.1915 To P. of A. Roma Application by John Doyle to employ Aboriginal Mick Lynch. Mick Lynch is at Surat, recently arriving from Yeulba. 27.11.1915 Re: Whereabouts of half-caste girl Tessa She was employed at Roma about 4 years ago. Left Roma with a Mr Elwell. Possibly now at Tambo. 6.12.1915 To I.O.P. Roma Billy Cambarngo's gin and family Nellie H/C, gin Myrtle 11 yrs Percy 9 yrs Nina 7 yrs Colin 6 yrs Children above are at school. Ollie and Ruby Cambarngo are also a son and daughter of Billy and are at Surat. 25. 1.1916 To I.O.P. Roma Re: Aboriginal Billy Ugly Mug At Glenearn Station for a few days. Said he was going to Warrooro. 19. 2.1916 Re: Whereabouts of Aboriginal Dilby Marlay (?Mailay), now under agreement at Toowoomba. Inquired for by Aboriginal Mrs Clayton, residing at Donga Mail Change and mother of Dilby (?Dulby) Marlay (?Mailay). 1. 6.1916 To P. of A. Roma Application by Ivor Victor Davies to employ half-caste girl Ruby Cambarngo 6. 6.1916 To P. of A. Roma Half-caste girl Lizzie Watson staying at Surat.