Health and Home Department Various Correspondence Tuberculosis

Health and Home Department Division of Tuberculosis Papers 1947 - 1951 - Various Correspondence A/47301 Q.S.A. 1. 8.1950 Letter from the Director of Tuberculosis to Dr. Mons, Murgon. Re - Survey of the Aboriginal Settlement at Cherbourg. Persons in need of hospital treatment for TB. Adults Kathleen Martin Turner Hart Angeline Meredith D'Arcy Mulga Bessie Anderson Henry Cundy Gilbert King Cissie Ross snr. Dorothy Boney Children Spencer Reid Tom Long Hope Bond To be admitted to Brisbane General Hospital. Walter Stewart Billy Munro 19. 9.1950 Letter from the Director of Tuberculosis to the Cairns Ambulance Service. Re - People for further examination. Name From No. Mud Mitchell 885 Mildred Gibbs Mitchell 975 Smiler Mission Mitchell 941 Robert Mitchell 897 Greenwood Mitchell 895 Claud Mitchell 935 Florrie Gilbert Mitchell? 980 Charlie No. 2 Mitchell 892 Winston Gilbert Mitchell 914 Re - People not to follow up. Name From No. Short Ben Mitchell 886 Maureen Edgar Mitchell 903 Desmond Martin Mitchell 910 Jimmy Mitchell 887 Douglas Mitchell 878 Hazel Smiler Mitchell 974 Etta Gilbert Mitchell 984 Judy Joe Mitchell 1004 20.12.1950 Letter from the Director of Tuberculosis to the Superintendent, Mornington Island Mission. List of persons to go to Thursday Island for follow-up, if they get ill. Bob Kella Morris Bentick Edward Namey Frank Leftie Jacko Rusca Jimmy Dugong Dawn Bentick Dolly Bentick Paula Bentick Nicholas Dugong Desmond Bentick Arthur Kennie Harold Edwards Mapannice Edith Bentick 5. 2.1951 Letter from the Director of Tuberculosis to the Superintendent, Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Re - Follow-up X-rays on natives. Bessie Anderson Hope Bond Maudie Bullimar Valmai Chambers Alf Combo Daniel Davidson Celia Fagarty Sadie Georgetown Boliby Hart Turner Hart Iris Heggarty Iris Kirk Bob Langton Tom Long Kathleen Martin Angeline Meredith Terrence Meredith Rosalind Micklo Billy Munro Arden O'Chin Ruby Purcell Cissy Ross snr. Ballard Williams Gloria Williams 9. 3.1951 Letter from the Director of Tuberculosis to Dr. Simpson, medical officer, Palm Island. Re - X-rays taken on Palm Island. (a) Admission to Brisbane General Hospital Henry Nardoo Eva Patterson Mary Clumpoint Jack Maytown (b) Admission to Townsville Hospital Nora Thomas Jack Griffith Nora Nambi Willie Lee Thelma Hughes Don Jumbo (c) Hospital and treatment at Palm Island William Tanner Emma Concoo Ned Burke Mervyn Murdoch Paddy Sugarloaf Frank Laura Major Cooktown Myra Plumpoint Minnie Babinda Jack Lefthand Bella Mitchell Esau Frank Allan Mandy Bamboo Peter Burns Alec White Walker Murphy Daisy Dallachy Toby Castor Lily Mile Roy Erin Mary Leonard Roy Casey Jessie Plumpoint Albie Broad Nellie Connors Alma Geia Dick Mornington George Kyle 11. 4.1951 Letter from the Westwood Sanitarium, Rockhampton to the Medical Officer in charge, Woorabinda. Patients of the Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement referred to the Chest Clinic, Rockhampton. Vilma Booth Stephen Freeman Veronica Richardson Alexander Tiers Christine Tilbrew