Theodore Police Letterbooks 1948

Police Station, Theodore Letterbook 19. 1.1948 - 1.11.1948 QS 645/1(1) Queensland State Archives 19. 1.1948 Relative to, Tommy Fuller, married, 52 years of age, Aboriginal, suspected of suffering from leprosy. Tommy had been employed by the Camboon Pastoral Company, Camboon, for the last four months. Tommy Fuller is an Aboriginal, married, 52 years of age, a native of Queensland, and usually follows stock and station work in the Eidsvold and Theodore Districts. He is exempt. 24. 2.1948 Relative to, Frederick John Willmott, aged six and one half years, inquired for by the Director of Native Affairs, Brisbane. He is currently in the care of Mrs Grace Fuller and her husband Dennis Fuller. Dennis is employed about 12 miles from Theodore and he and his family live in a tent. The family is Dennis Fuller, husband Grace Fuller, wife Nancy Fuller, aged 14 years, child Monica Fuller, aged 11 years, child Mervyn Fuller, aged 9 years, child Dennis Fuller, aged 6 years, child Gwendoline Fuller, aged 3 years, child Margaret Fuller, aged 1 year and 10 months, child Grace and her husband want Frederick to stay with them. The Fullers have their own home in Eidsvold and will be returning there about May 1948.