Commissioner of Police - Aboriginal Trackers Records (1)

Commissioner of Police Aboriginal Trackers A/44868 Queensland State Archives A/44869 Queensland State Archives Individual file Batches and dates are as follows Oxley 5.12.1939 - 25.11.1958 Aramac 1. 7.1901 - 24. 3.1903 Barcaldine 13.10.1916 - 18.10.1921 Betoota 3. 9.1910 - 14. 8.1928 Birdsville 23. 8.1901 - 1.12.1952 Blackall 1.10.1900 - 27.10.1919 Ilfracombe 14. 5.1902 - 15. 8.1910 Longreach - Jundah 9. 8.1906 - 14. 5.1935 Jericho 4. 8.1910 - 13.10.1916 Longreach District Trackers 31. 7.1893 - 29. 3.1938 Isisford 20. 2.1903 - 20. 4.1920 Kynuna 31. 7.1900 - 28. 1.1936 Longreach Tracker 17. 1.1938 - 11. 4.1940 Longreach Tracker 2. 7.1902 - 19.10.1937 These records are held at the Queensland State Archives. The following extracts have appeared in my Queensland Aboriginal Notes series. Copyright Paul Mackett 2001 A/44868 Queensland State Archives Batch 205M(5) Oxley 5.12.1939 - 25.11.1958 5.12.1939 Bob White started at Oxley Police Station on 9. 4.1939 28. 3.1940 Bob White wants to visit Barambah Mission Settlement. 13. 5.1953 Newspaper cutting about Brisbane's Deputy Commissioner of Police arranging a new replacement Tracker to replace Brisbane's only Tracker, Snowy Fraser, who died last Sunday. 14. 5.1953 Re Death of Corporal Snowy Fraser, Black Tracker, formerly attached to Oxley Police Station. He died at Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement on sunday 11. 5.1953. 12. 5.1953 Newspaper cutting states Snowy Fraser's Police career began in the 1920's and he was believed to be in his 80's when he died. Six of Oxley's Mounted Police will attend his funeral at Cherbourg. 1. 6.1953 Billy Noble of Cherbourg may become the new Oxley Tracker. He helped, with other Trackers, capture a murderer in North Queensland in 1929. Not dated Index card for Snowy Fraser. Gives the following information Name Snowy Fraser Horsemanship Fair Weight 9 1/2 stone Caste F/B Age 50 - 55 years Settlement Cherbourg Status Single Promoted to Corporal on 1. 4.1943 Died 11. 5.1953 Not dated Index card for Tippo Powder. Gives the following information Name Tippo Powder Horsemanship Competent Weight 10 stone Caste F/B Age 39 years Settlement Woorabinda Status Widower with 5 children Temporary Tracker at Oxley from 1.10.1953 Resigned 19. 1.1954 1.10.1953 (and attached correspondence) Tippo Powder attached to the Oxley Police as temporary Tracker on 30. 9.1953. Was previously a Tracker at Rockhampton from 19. 2.1942 - 2. 6.1944 and at Springsure and Rewan before that. 15. 1.1954 Tracker Tippo Powder wants to return to Woorabinda. Resignation effective from 20. 1.1954 5. 4.1954 Approved for Ginger Slattery to become Tracker at Oxley Police Station. He is a single man from Murgon and has been Tracker in the Bollon and St George districts. 28. 4.1954 Ginger Slattery is from Cherbourg. He is 62 years old, a widower with no living children, weighs 8 stone 7 pounds and is a fair horseman. 23. 6.1954 Ginger Stattery to be discharged on 24. 6.1954 for immoral reasons. Apparently he persists in placing his hand on the fly of his trousers in the presence of women and girls. 12. 7.1954 Group Certificate for Banjo Gregory, Tracker. Not dated Index card for Ginger Slattery. Details as follows Name Ginger Slattery Horsemanship Fair Weight 8 st 7 lbs Age 62 years Caste Caste Settlement Cherbourg Status Widower Served at Oxley from 22. 4.1954 till discharged 24. 6.1954 Not dated Index card for Bob White. Details as follows Name Bob White Horsemanship Fair Age Born 1909 Caste H/C Settlement Cherbourg Served at Oxley from 9. 4.1939 till discharged 29. 9.1940 19. 4.1955 Bundle of correspondence about getting a new Tracker. Letter in bundle dated 9. 3.1955 mentions Tracker Doctor Jack of Bedourie wanting to resign. 22. 4.1955 Mentions Tracker Willie Smith at Townsville. 26. 4.1955 Possible new Tracker for Oxley Police Station is Nut Logan of Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement. Details as follows Name Nut logan Born Herbertvale, Camooweal Date of Birth 1. 4.1909 Wife Jean Logan Children Thomas Logan, aged 9 years Gloria Logan, aged 7 years Ronald Logan, aged 4 years Nut Logan has resided at and worked around Hughenden all his life. Has been at Woorabinda for the last two months. Helped Police in the search for a lost child in 1935. 6. 5.1955 Nut Logan not suitable as Tracker. Inspector of Police in Townsville reports he is addicted to liquor and would not be suitable. 22. 4.1955 Possible Tracker is Bamboo Friday. Details as follows Name Bamboo Friday B-558 Born Shiptons Flat via Cooktown Age 27 years Caste F/B Height 5ft 11 1/2in Weight 12 stone Horsemanship Fair, good bushman Notes Above average in intelligence, good english Wife Ruby, native of Bloomfield Children Nil 17. 5.1955 Tracker Bamboo Friday not approved. 14. 7.1955 Possible Tracker is Cecil Garvey, aged 29 years, from Cherbourg, single, spent 5 years on cattle stations in the Clermont district. 11. 8.1955 Cecil Garvey started work at Oxley on 10. 8.1955 26. 7.1956 Cecil Garvey to be promoted to Corporal. At the front of this file are summaries of events from 1913 - 1947. The references are year and reference number. 13/17516 Gin of Tracker Peter not right mentally. 13/25257 Tracker Peter wants leave 16/10950 Tracker Arthur Hopkins wants leave to go to Cooyar. 16/23762 Tracker Hopkins leaves at end of August 16/25854 Suitable Tracker would be Tommy Murray and Lucy. This boy went to Chinchilla, then to Dalby, then to Toowoomba where he got rheumtism and was returned to Settlement. He is OK now. 16/31189 Compensation for an arrest at Ascot by Tracker Bundi. 19/38238 Application for three weeks leave by Tracker Percy Queary. Wants to see his brother. 20/22154 Tracker Percy to be discharged for refusing to work. 21/43 Tracker Jack Raven and Katie Raven left en route to Oxley from Barambah. 26/39470 Tracker Leo Murray? assaulted Oxley Railway Station on night of 13.11.1926 by Leo Moffett. 27/29390 Uniform for Tracker George Munro. 28/286 Application for Corporal George Munro to marry Nellie Woods (Aboriginal) 28/25494 Tracker George Munro's child died in Brisbane Hospital on 19. 7.1928. Child was female. 28/444?9 Tracker George Munro wants to leave the service on 21.12.1928 and will return to Barambah. 29/26666 Uniform for Billy Britcher 32/7937 Leave for Tracker Billy Britcher 33/10196 Jack McGrath states he was living with a gin at Cherbourg, as man and wife. He desires permission for her to be sent to him. 33/14374 Jack McGrath's wife will arrive from Cherbourg. 36/232 Jack McGrath's services to be dispensed with 36/---- Rail fares for Ted Duggan from Murgon to Oxley. 39/5579 Recommend Tracker Ted Duggan be discharged and replaced by Freddy Martin who has a wife and one child. 41/32606 Request that two children of Tracker Snowy Fraser be allowed to spend Exhibition holidays with him at Oxley. 41/36826 Children of Snowy Fraser are Rachel Fraser, aged 16 years Archie Fraser, aged 14 years Apparently Rachel is not his daughter so cant go but Archie can. 41/38463 Charlie Francis of Cherbourg is to be second Tracker at Oxley 42/25049 Charlie Francis to be discharged and returned to Cherbourg. 42/57050 Mentions Johnson at Oxley. 42/00555 Uniform for Tracker Peter Loo at Oxley 46/14172 Mentions Snowy Fraser and John Cameron. 47/01811 Mentions Snowy Fraser and John Cameron Batch 205M(6) Aramac 1. 7.1901 - 24. 3.1903 1. 7.1901 Tracker Jack I and his gin, and Tracker Jack II are leaving for Tambo and Longreach. 25. 9.1901 Return of the Strength and Distribution of the Police Force Within Division D on the 31. 7.1901. Mentions Longreach Jack II, Tracker, from Brisbane, via Longreach, to Aramac Tambo Jack I, Tracker, from Brisbane, via Longreach, to Tambo Rooley, Tracker, discharged 17. 7.1901, being too old for further service, and sent back to his native place, Rockhampton 19.12.1901 Tracker Jack was recruited at Longreach on 15.11.1901 and has been transferred to Ilfracombe, in place of Jonathan, who goes to Aramac to relieve Tracker Jack II, who will be discharged on the arrival of Jonathan. Tracker Jack II is discontented. 15. 9.1902 Ex-Tracker Jonathan and gin left Aramac on 14. 9.1902 en route to Arlington Station via Barcaldine. 9. 3.1903 Application for Permit to employ Jim Cross (Aboriginal), aged 45 years, born Bowen Downs, Mitchell District, Tracker, for 12 months, by Police Department, Longreach (Aramac). Recognizance dated 3. 4.1903 for Jim Cross, (Aboriginal) of Aramac, Tracker and the Police Station, Aramac. Memorandum of Agreement dated 3. 4.1903 between Jim Cross (Aboriginal), Tracker and Police at Aramac. Permit to Employ Jim Cross (Aboriginal), aged 45 years, born Bowen Downs, Tracker, by the Police at Aramac. Batch 205M(6) Barcaldine 13.10.1916 - 18.10.1921 13.10.1916 Request for Tracker Jonathan to be transferred from Jericho to Barcaldine. Not dated Tracker O'Neill arrived at Longreach on 9 August from Barambah. Conduct not good and he was sent to Barcaldine. Tracker O'Neill H/C, his gin and child were returned to Barambah on 1. 1.1920 and replaced by Tracker Mitchell, his wife and two children on 5. 2.1920 18.10.1921 Tracker Jack of Barcaldine Station who was discharged on 31 August last, is now employed under Agreement at Ruthven Station, Isisford. Batch 205M(6) Betoota 3. 9.1910 - 14. 8.1928 3. 9.1910 Tracker Billy at Betoota is useless. Suitable replacement is Tracker Joe who served at Windorah for 18 months and now wants work. 17. 1.1914 Tracker Joe wants to go on four months walkabout. Recommend only three months. Recommend Billy Fleming replace him. 10. 3.1914 Tracker Joe and his gin, Coonchienne, actually want to leave. Recommend they be allowed to do so and be replaced by Mick and his gin, Topsy. Mick is currently employed at Haddon Station, Betoota. 4. 8.1917 Tracker Mick suffering for some time with VD. Has been discharged and replaced by Billy. Billy is 45 years old, 5ft 7in tall, medium build and about 10st 7lb. 10. 2.1920 Tracker Billy and his gin Sally want three months leave to visit Durham Downs Station in the Nocundra Police district about 150 miles from Betoota. 25. 8.1920 Billy and Sally have returned from leave. 31. 3.1924 Tracker Billy and his gin Sally want leave again to visit Durham Downs Station. Hughie and his gin Polly will be temporary replacements. 14. 7.1927 Tracker Billy is anxious to leave the Service to go back to Coopers Creek Country to die. He comes from Durham Downs on Coopers Creek and is very old. Wish to temporarily employ Joe from Mt Leonard Station. Joe's gin is called Judy. 30. 6.1928 Joe wants to return to Mt Leonard Station to work with his mate Harry Johnstone. Talk of closing Betoota police Station. Batch 205M(6) Birdsville 23. 8.1901 - 1.12.1952 23. 8.1901 Application for promotion for Tracker Billy to Corporal. Has had 15 years service at Birdsville 1. 1.1903 Tracker Billy wants leave to see friends on the Mulligan River and to see a blackfellow doctor. 2. 3.1905 Recognizance between Tommy & Birdsville Police dated 2. 2.1905 Memorandum of Agreement between Tommy, of Birdsville, Tracker and Birdsville Police, dated 2. 2.905 Permit for employment of Tommy, aged about 25 years, of Hergott Springs, South Australia, Tracker, and Birdsville Police. 22.12.1904 Tracker Billy very old and going Blind. Recommend Billy be retired and replaced by Tommy. Tommy has a gin Topsy, but no children. 3. 5.1908 While Tommy was absent George was employed. 18. 5.1908 Correspondence about various Trackers. Tracker Corporal Dave of Normanton sick Tracker Corporal Tommy went with Sergeant Fadden from Birdsville to Boulia. While absent George was employed. 12. 3.1915 Sally, Tracker's gin at Birdsville died suddenly 26. 1.1915 19. 3.1915 Tracker very unsettled since his gin died. Another gin named Kitty was obtained for him from Betoota. 10. 3.1922 Tracker Tommy wants leave. Suitable temporary replacement would be Percy Ford. 1. 7.1922 Tracker Tommy returned without Kitty. He stated Kitty was too old and blind and he did not want her any more. She is now in the Birdsville Black's Camp. 15. 2.1923 Tracker Tommy wants another gin. Bulka, who ran away from Bluff Station consented to be his gin. 10.12.1926 Tracker Tommy wants leave to go to Annandale Station, Queensland, about 75 miles from Birdsville. Will need to be replaced by a temporary Tracker. Suitable person is Denny, who has a gin Lizzie, but no children. Bulka wants to go with her husband Corporal Tommy. 3. 7.1937 Bulka taken urgently to Cloncurry for medical treatment. 16. 8.1937 Bulka discharged from Cloncurry Hospital and returning to Birdsville. She has cancer. 13.10.1938 Corporal Tommy wants to go on leave. Reconmmend he be temporarily replaced by Leslie who is married but has no children. 6.10.1938 Death of a female full-blood Aborigine named Bulka B-8, aged about 38 years, wife of Corporal Tommy, attached to Birdsville Police Station, at about 1pm on 6.10.1938. 10. 5.1947 Application for clothing for Tracker Corporal Tommy. 15.12.1952 Tracker Corporal Tommy discharged 30.11.1952. His is believed to be over 80 years old. Another tracker will not be required at Birdsville. Corporal Tommy is living with other Aboriginals on the Birdsville Town Reserve and intends to remain in Birdsville indefinately. Batch 205M(6) Blackall 1.10.1900 - 27.10.1919 1.10.1900 Tracker Con wants to leave. replaced by Tim. 8.10.1900 Superintendent wants to get a boy who doesnt smoke. There is a boy in Hospital named Billy who is a non-smoker. 8.11.1900 Tim is an opium smoker but is all that can be got. Billy not available. 13.11.1900 Telegram from Jas Geraghty. Wants to recruit Albert. 26. 7.1901 Handwritten letter from Ablert, Tracker at Blackall, who wants a gin from the home in Brisbane. Tracker Johnson, on his way from Tambo told Albert there is a gin called Lena who would come. 6. 8.1901 Albert told by Tracker Jack he could get a gin from Woodford. 11.10.1919 Refers to Kate, wife of the Tracker at Windorah Police Station 11.11.1919 Refers to Kate Brown, gin of the Tracker at Windorah. Was in Hospital in Brisbane. Batch 205M(6) Ilfracombe 14. 5.1902 - 15. 8.1910 1. 6.1910 Tracker Lawrie was discharged from Ilfracombe on 31. 5.1910 Lawrie and his gin Gipsy were returned to Barambah. Cubbie was recruited at Longreach for Ilfracombe but he deserted on 7. 6.1910. Apparently Cubbie is addicted to opium. Tommy Williams recruited as temporary Tracker. 18. 6.1910 Tommy Williams also known as Tommy Perrier. 15. 8.1910 Cubbie has been located and brought to Ilfracombe today. He was a little off his head owing to the death of his gin, which made him clear out. Recommend we get him other employment and not prosecute him. A/44869 Queensland State Archives Batch 205M(6) Longreach - Jundah 9. 8.1906 - 14. 5.1935 19.10.1906 Possible Tracker for Jundah. George, native of Muttaburra aged about 40 years. Was in the Police Service some years ago. Married with no family. 29.10.1906 Employment Permit for a Black Tracker at Jundah Name George Place Native of Muttaburra Age 40 years 24. 8.1907 Tracker Harry Bowen wants to return to Barambah. Has completed the terms of his Agreement. He would be happy to remain in the Service if he had a transfer. Recommend he be transferred to Jundah and Tracker George, from Jundah to Windorah. 30. 8.1907 Approval for transfer of Tracker Harry Bowen from Windorah to Jundah, and Tracker George to Windorah. 11. 6.1908 Tracker Harry Bowen wants to return to Barambah. Harry Bowen has a gin named Maggie. 5.12.1908 Tracker Bismark, recruited at Betoota, has started at Jundah. Tracker Harry Bowen and gin have left Jundah for Barambah. Tracker George and gin have been discharged from Windorah. Tracker Joe started at Windorah. Bismark and Joe are unmarried. Bismark is a native of Betoota and about 22 years old. Joe is a native of Betoota and about 35 years old. Trying to get a gin for Bismark. 12.12.1908 Two Employment Permits for Bismark. Name Bismark Place Native of Betoota Age 22 years Occupation Tracker at Jundah 4. 3.1909 Mentions ex-Tracker Bismark who has been sentenced to death for the murder of Mrs Janet Evetts. 23. 3.1909 Lawrie and his gin Gipsy, both from Barambah, are coming to Jundah . 23. 3.1909 Employment Permit for Lawrie Name Lawrie Place Native of Cooktown Age 40 years Occupation Tracker at Jundah 25. 3.1910 Tracker Lawrie and gin do not want to stay at Jundah. Going to Ilfracombe. Tyson has been recruited at Jundah. 25. 3.1910 Tyson is Tracker at Jundah. He is a native of Windorah and about 40 years of age. He has a gin named Bessie and a female child aged 7 years. 2. 4.1917 Death of little Aboriginal gin, Rosie Tyson, daughter of Trooper Tyson, at Jundah Hospital on 31. 3.1917. Certificate of Cause of Death states she died of Ptomaine poisoning. Undertaker's Certificate of Burial states Rosie Tyson was buried on 1. 4.1917 at Jundah Cemetery. 12. 4.1917 Rosie Tyson was aged 5 years and 3 months. She was born on 6. 1.1912. There are three other Aboriginals buried in Jundah Cemetery. 21. 7.1917 Tracker Tyson wants to leave. Now over 60 years old. Recommend Tyson and his gin and his child be sent to Barambah. 29. 8.1917 Superintendent of Barambah states he has an unmarried boy named Tommy Black available as Tracker. 5.10.1917 Tracker Tommy Black is now at Jundah. 6.10.1917 Petition from the people of Jundah to have Tommy Black removed. Do not want an unmarried Tracker. Tommy asked if one of the gins Maggie or Lena of Barambah could be sent to him. 15.11.1917 No one available to marry Tommy Black. Jimmy Garvey and Violet Garvey, married with one child, are available at Barambah to replace Tommy Black. 14. 1.1918 Jimmy Garvey, wife and child sent to Clermont by mistake. Tommy and Lucy Stuckey were supposed to go to Clermont but went to Jundah by mistake. 4.10.1919 Lucy Stuckey, wife of Tommy Stuckey, gave birth to a male child on 1.10.1919 at Jundah Police Station. 15. 1.1920 Tracker Tommy Stuckey and his gin are being returned to Barambah. 23. 1.1920 Dave Rolleston and Bessie Rolleston of Barambah are available as Tracker to replace Tommy Stuckey and wife. 29.1.1920 Tracker Tommy Stuckey, wife and children left for Barambah. 28. 2.1920 Dave Rolleston and his gin have arrived. 28.11.1922 Dave and Bessie Rolleston want to return to Barambah. Dave Rolleston is a half-caste Chinese Aboriginal. 23.12.1922 Johnson O'Neill and his wife of Barambah to replace Dave and Bessie Rolleston. 22.12.1922 Johnson O'Neill and wife have one young child. 12. 1.1923 Johnson O'Neill, wife Sarah O'Neill and child aged 9 months arrived. 16. 8.1923 Tracker Johnson O'Neill wants an Exemption. Does not want to return to Barambah. 22. 9.1923 Tracker Johnson O'Neill granted Exemption. 24. 9.1923 Now Johnson O'Neill has his Exemption he will be discharged. 27. 9.1923 Murphy Sprinkle and Doreen Sprinkle of Barambah willing to go to Jundah. 18.10.1923 Murphy and Doreen Sprinkle arrived at Jundah. 29. 1.1925 Tracker Murphy has been granted Exemption. Tracker Tiger who is at Windorah is unhappy and would go to Jundah. 24. 2.1925 Fred Norman and Eva Norman of Barambah are available to go to Windorah. 20. 8.1926 Ivy Thornton, Tracker's gin at Jundah, gave birth to a female child at Jundah Hospital on 19. 8.1926 22. 3.1928 Tracker Tiger wants to leave and can get work at Tanbar Station near Windorah. 11. 4.1928 Bob Tyson of Woorabinda available as Tracker for Jundah 18. 5.1928 Bob Tyson arrived at Jundah. His wife is Alice Tyson. Tiger now working at Tanbar Station. 31. 5.1929 Bob Tyson to be discharged. Tommy McKenzie, at present at Longreach, would take position as tracker. Tommy McKenzie is single. 10. 5.1931 Tommy McKenzie to be discharged. Will work at Galway Downs Station. 20. 6.1931 Johnny Gee Gee, wife and infant child, of Barambah available as Tracker. 30. 6.1931 Norman George and wife of Woorabinda available as Tracker. 23. 7.1931 Norman George and his gin Dolly George arrived at Jundah 23. 4.1932 Dolly George, wife of Norman George, returned to Woorabinda because of misbehaviour. 5. 5.1932 Tracker George convicted and sentenced to 10 pound fine or three months gaol. Wants to pay fine and return to Woorabinda. 28. 5.1932 Fred Mi Mi and his wife Lily Mi Mi arrived at Jundah from Woorabinda to be Tracker. 26. 4.1933 Fred and Lily Mi Mi wish to return to Woorabinda. 12. 5.1933 Teddy Maranoa and his wife Mabel Maranoa of Woorabinda available as Tracker. 7. 6.1933 Teddy and Mabel Maranoa arrived at Jundah. 21. 5.1934 Teddy Maranoa and gin Mabel wish to return to Woorabinda. Teddy says Fred Mi Mi of Woorabinda wants to return. 18. 6.1934 Alick Bosun, married, of Woorabinda is available to go to Jundah. 5. 7.1934 Alick Bosun and his wife Eileen Bosun arrived at Jundah 6. 9.1934 Mentions the following In June 1933 Ted and Mabel Maranoa sent to Jundah from Woorabinda In August 1933 Tom and Minnie Watson sent to Stonehenge from Woorabinda Both were to take up positions as Trackers. 9. 5.1935 Alick Bosun wants to return to Woorabinda. At front of bundle are index sheets dating from 1917 to 1934 1917 Tommy Black arrived in Brisbane for Jundah 1919 Tracker Stuckey's gin Lucy gave birth to a male child on 1.10.1919 1920 Tommy Stuckey accuses Constable Thomas of being father of child. Not true. 1923 Tracker Rolleston returning to Barambah 1923 Tracker Johnson O'Neill applies for Exemption 1923 Murphy Sprinkle and Doreen Sprinkle en route to Jundah 1928 Tracker Tiger wants to resign 1934 Ted and Mabel Maranoa sent from Woorabinda to Jundah 1934 Car fares for Tommie and Minnie Watson 1934 Eileen Bosun wants to return to Woorabinda about Christmas. She is pregnant and expecting sometime in February 1935. Tracker Alick Bosun cant afford the fare. Are there local Facilities? 1934 Competent facility at Jundah. Gin wishes to be with relatives. Batch 205M(6) Jericho 4. 8.1910 - 13.10.1916 4.10.1910 Tracker Perrier? transferred from Ilfracombe to Jericho 4. 2.1914 Maria, wife of Tracker Jonathan playing up. Jonathan wants rid of her. 18. 2.1914 Removal Order for Maria from Jericho to Barambah. 16. 6.1914 Maria died of consumption on 9. 6.1914 at Barambah. Apparently Jonathan kicked her before she left Jericho. 13.10.1916 Tracker Jonathan to be transferred from Jericho to Barcaldine. Batch 205M(6) Longreach District Trackers 31. 7.1893 - 29. 3.1938 4. 1.1920 Trackers in the Longreach District Jonathan, single Longreach Police Station Jack, single Barcaldine Police Station Toby Platt, wife and one child Stonehenge Police Station Dave Rolleston, wife Jundah Police Station Frank Mitchell, wife & two children Windorah Police Station 29. 3.1938 Tracker Jack Saunders of Longreach recruited from Woorabinda. At front of bundle are two index sheets covering the period 1897 to 1912. Mentioned are 1897 Tracker Willie and gin of Winton refuse to continue in Police 1898 Tracker Frank sent to Cloncurry Hospital 1898 Syphilitic condition of Tracker Jack 1898 Condition of Tracker Jack at Urandangie 1898 Desertion of Tracker Bob 1898 Tracker Mooloora of Jundah wants to return to Fraser's Island 1899 Tracker Billy useless 1899 Tracker Mooloora wants to be relieved of duties 1899 Cloncurry Hospital wants payment for Tracker Jack 1900 Discharge of Tracker Mick 1901 Tracker Roolay be discharged 1901 Tracker Jack II not giving satisfaction 1902 Salary for Jack II of Aramac 1902 Rations for Jack II and others en route to Rockhampton 1903 That a gin be got for Tracker Peter Graham of Tambo 1903 The gin Ada has married Tracker Peter Graham 1905 Corporal Billy, Birdsville, blind. Recruit Tommy as Corporal 1910 Tracker Cubby located. Do not recommend prosecution 1911 Discharge of Hubert Kent (Bent) and appointment of Jacky at Windorah. 1912 Charley recruited at Stonehenge. Tommy sent to Hospital. Batch 205M(6) Isisford 20. 2.1903 - 20. 4.1920 26. 3.1903 Jack Palmer recruited as Tracker for Isisford. Documents attached to letter are (a) Permit for Employment. States Jack Palmer, aged about 30 years, native of Clermont, to be employed as Police Tracker. (b) Memorandum of Agreement (c) Recognizance (d) Application for Permit 4. 8.1903 Dick to replace Jack Palmer who is not regarded as a suitable person to be a Tracker. Attached to letter is a Permit to employ Dick. Batch 205M(6) Kynuna 31. 7.1900 - 28. 1.1936 14. 8.1900 Tracker Mick of Kynuna was discharged last January for misconduct Has been no replacement. 16. 7.1902 Harry, who was convicted of stealing and sentenced to three months gaol, has had two months remitted. 6. 8.1902 Tracker Sandy of Kynuna was arrested at Kynuna on a charge of larceny and sentenced to three months. 21.10.1908 Leave granted to Corporal Oscar, Diamantina 26.11.1909 Transfer of Jimmy to Kynuna approved Not dated Corporal Jimmy transferred from Kynuna to Winton. Tracker Toby transferred from Winton to Kynuna. 19. 3.1906 Tracker Arthur has been discharged after 12 months and will take up Station work. Charlie Taldora will take his place at Kynuna. 31. 3.1906 Permit to employ Charlie Taldora Name Charlie Taldora Place Native of Hughenden Occupation Police Tracker at Kynuna 15.11.1909 Charlie Taldora deserted. No trace of his present whereabouts. Deserted with his gin Rosie Taldora. Recommend he be discharged. Can replace Corporal Jimmy at Hughenden by obtaining services of a boy named Nimble as Tracker. He is currently employed at Marathon Station near Hughenden. 3. 2.1910 Charlie Taldora and his gin Rosie have been located camping on the Diamantina River five miles from the Diamantina Police Station. 6. 4.1912 Tracker Toby of Kynuna is retiring from the Service. Tracker Snowy Fraser has been recruited at Hughenden and has been transferred to Kynuna. Toby resigned because a gin couldnt be found for him. 11.11.1912 Leave of Absence for Trackers Corporal nipper at Woolgar Corporal Gilbert at Richmond Snowy Fraser at Kynuna 9.11.1913 Handwritten letter from Snowy Fraser who wants to get a gin and be married by Christmas. 13.11.1913 Snowy Fraser recruited 1. 4.1912. He is 22 years old. Very anxious to get a wife. Attached is a handwritten letter dated 9.11.1913 from Snowy Fraser who wants to get a gin and be married by Christmas. Not dated Snowy Fraser stole a cheque for thirteen pounds from the dead body of Frank O'Byrne. Money recovered from Snowy's Bank account. 4. 2.1918 Snowy Fraser convicted of theft and sentenced to 14 days or fine of three pounds. Discharged as Tracker. Toby, aged about 34 years, native of normanton recruited. Toby was Tracker at Kynuna three years ago. 20. 7.1918 Toby Transferred from Kynuna to Winton. 29. 7.1918 Tracker Lawn Hills transferred from Winton to Kynuna Batch 205M(6) Longreach Tracker 17. 1.1938 - 11. 4.1940 17. 1.1938 Tracker to replace Johnny Turkey. 27. 1.1938 Tracker to replace Jack Tiers. Cedric Doyle of Woorabinda is available. He is 20 years old and an experienced horseman. Jack Saunders and his wife Brenda Saunders are available for the position of married Tracker at Longreach. 2. 2.1938 Cedric Doyle to go to Nebo. Jack Saunders and wife to go to Longreach. 30. 1.1938 Johnny Turkey of Longreach has TB. 11. 1.1938 Johnny Turkey of Longreach has TB Be best for him if he leaves the district. His wife Emily Turkey wants to stay in Longreach with her 4 1/2 month old child. She states there are too many Aboriginals at Woorabinda for her liking. Emily's father lives at Thomson River. 3. 2.1938 Johnny Turkey can be treated at Woorabinda. Wife to go with him. 14. 2.1938 Jack Saunders and wife arrived at Longreach 28. 2.1938 Jack Saunders is 20 years old and weighs 15 stone. He is a three quarter caste Aboriginal. 16. 5.1938 Jack Saunders wants to leave and return to Woorabinda. 9. 6.1938 Half-caste couple Tom and Minnie Watson of Woorabinda are available . Some time ago Tom Watson was employed as Tracker at Stonehenge. 30. 6.1938 Tom atson not suitable. Previous services were not satisfactory. 1. 9.1938 Peter Loo of Cherbourg is available as Tracker 27. 9.1938 Peter Loo of Cherbourg arrived at Longreach. His details are Name Peter Loo Caste Full blood Age About 30 years Status Single Born Port Augusta, South Australia Occupation Native Tracker Recruited Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement 18.10.1938 Peter Loo went on leave and didnt return. He is to be discharged Index sheets at front of bundle date from 1919 to 1938 1919 Replacement for Tracker Johnson O'Neill 1922 Discharge of Jonathan who is nearly 70 years old and recruit Willie Williams 1922 Johnathan discharged and to be returned to Barambah 1932 Send wife of Norman George back to Woorabinda. She is pregnant and quarrels. 1932 Boots for Willie Williams 1932 Leave for Willie Williams 1936 Johnny Turkey's wife to join him at Longreach 1938 Johnny Turkey has TB 1938 Replacement for Johnny Turkey 1938 Jack Saunders to Longreach 1938 Expenses for Jack Saunders and wife Batch 205M(6) Longreach Tracker 2. 7.1902 - 19.10.1937 2. 7.1902 Dick wishes to resign and go to the Black's Settlement on the coast. 24. 7.1902 Recommend promotion of Dick to Corporal 15.10.1902 Norman and Dick at Longreach. Dick was transferred there from Isisford. Both employed at Longreach since 24. 2.1902 22. 5.1903 Wish to replace Norman with Jonathan. Norman is to be discharged. Jonathan is 33 years old and a native of Barcaldine. 22. 7.1903 George is to be employed as a Tracker at Longreach. He is 30 years old and a native of Burketown. 7. 7.1903 Native Trackers at Longreach June 1903 Billy George Jonathan Maria, gin Jonathan Maria, gin Corporal Dick 10. 7.1919 Replacement for Sam Johnston, deceased. Johnson O'Neill and wife of Barambah suitable. 25. 3.1902 Norman promoted to Corporal 24. 4.1903 Norman and gin wish to return to Normanton 25. 5.1903 Rations for Norman, his gin Gipsy, their daughter Maudie George Tyson Polly (may be George Tyson's wife) 21. 2.1905 Replacement for Tracker Jonathan. He wishes to resign. 8. 6.1905 Employment of Billy as Tracker at Betoota. (a) Permit for Employment for Billy, aged about 40 years, native of the Mitchell district, as Native Police Tracker. (b) Application for Permit (c) Recognizance (d) Memorandum of Agreement 2. 4.1907 Resignation of Tracker Sam Johnston after 11 years service Transferred from Roma to Longreach over two years ago. 23. 4.1907 Sam Johnston wants to stay 13. 8.1906 Transfer of Sam Johnson from Longreach to Stonehenge and Jonathan from Stonehenge to Longreach. 23. 6.1919 Sam Johnston, Tracker, died on 22. 6.1919 at Longreach General Hospital from Influenza. 23. 7.1919 Johnson O'Neill and wife of Barambah to replace Sam Johnson. 9. 8.1919 Johnson O'Neill and wife arrived at Longreach. 22.10.1919 Johnson O'Neill is a problem. Has been transferred to Barcaldine. Tracker Jonathan of Barcaldine has come to Longreach. 4.12.1919 Wife of Johnson O'Neill is Sarah O'Neill. Their son is Harold O'Neill aged 3 years. 17.12.1919 Johnson O'Neill to be sent back to Barambah 13. 1.1920 Frank Mitchell, wife and two children are ready to go to Barcaldine as Tracker. 14. 2.1920 Frank Mitchell, wife and two children arrived at Longreach 2. 5.1922 Jonathan, aged 70 years, should be returned to Barambah. Recommend he be replaced by Willie Williams who is now in Longreach. 6. 2.1931 Permission requested for Ruby Merandi to marry Billy, Black Tracker at Longreach. 16. 3.1931 Willie Williams, Tracker of Longreach, and Ruby Merandi, of Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement, were married on 14. 3.1931 at the Court House, Longreach. 8.12.1931 Bertie Duncan, single of Woorabinda, would accept a position at Longreach. He was a Tracker at Roma for many years. 2. 2.1932 Alex Walker of Woorabinda available for a position at Longreach 8. 5.1935 Willie Williams died on 6. 5.1935 at Longreach District Hospital. 28. 6.1935 Michael MacPherson, formerly Police Tracker of Windorah, left Woorabinda for Longreach. 28.11.1935 Michael MacPherson wishes to resign Also mentions Native Sergeant Joe Rankin of Woorabinda. 20. 1.1936 Johnny Turkey arrived at Longreach to take up the position of Tracker. Came from Woorabinda. He is a full blood Aboriginal, aged 36 years, married but living apart from his wife, born Sutter River (north of Clermont) 4. 2.1936 Johnny Turkey wants his wife Emily Turkey to join him. She is at Woorabinda. She wants to join him. 2. 9.1937 Emily Turkey, wife of Tracker Johnny Turkey, gave birth to a male child at the Longreach District Hospital on 19. 8.1937. Child has been named Ronald John Turkey. _____________________________________________________________________