Commissioner of Police - Aboriginal Trackers Records (2)

Commissioner of Police Aboriginal Trackers A/44870 Queensland State Archives A/44871 Queensland State Archives Individual file Batches and dates are as follows Muttaburra 16. 5.1904 - 11. 2.1903 Tambo 22. 4.1903 - 2. 6.1901 Tangoun 3. 3.1903 - 10. 2.1903 Stonehenge 18.11.1901 - 1. 6.1942 Windorah 9.11.1904 - 19. 6.1934 Wondai 27. 4.1910 - 31.12.1909 Maryborough General 22. 5.1891 - 27. 4.1921 Yaraka 28. 3.1927 - 27. 6.1927 Cania 5.10.1896 - 8. 8.1904 Maryborough 9.12.1892 - 1. 9.1949 Winton 13. 5.1903 - 23. 8.1921 These records are held at the Queensland State Archives. The following extracts have appeared in my Queensland Aboriginal Notes series. Copyright Paul Mackett 2001 A/44870 Queensland State Archives Batch 205M(6) Muttaburra 16. 5.1904 - 11. 2.1903 11. 2.1903 Permit to employ Billy at Muttaburra 12. 3.1903 Forms attached for employment of Billy (a) Memorandum of Agreement (b) Recognizance (c) Application for Permit Details about Billy from these forms are that he comes from Cunnamulla and is aged about 28 years 24.11.1903 Permit to employ George, aged 35 years and a native of Blackall as Police Tracker. 14.11.1903 Application for Permit to employ George as Tracker at Muttaburra. George is 35 years old and born at Emmskillen? in the Blackall district. Current tracker has VD. 1. 5.1904 Tracker Billy has cleared out. Application for Permit to employ Willy, aged 30 years and born in Blackall. 16. 5.1905 Permit and Memorandum of Employment to employ Willy of Blackall as Tracker at Muttaburra. Batch 205M(6) Tambo 22. 4.1903 - 2. 6.1901 2. 6.1901 Tracker Rooley getting infirm and old. He served in the Black Police under Captain Brown and Inspector Nutting at Roma in the early days. 11. 6.1901 Note dated 25. 6.1901 by A Meston states Peter Graham and Minnie to go to Tambo, and Jack and Mary Ann to go to Longreach. Jack No 2 can be left at the Depot at longreach. 1. 4.1903 Forwarding Permit for recruiting Peter Graham in place of Toby Richardson at Tambo. 26. 2.1903 Application for Permit to employ Toby Richardson aged 30 years, born Barcoo, as Tracker at Tambo. 1. 3.1903 Toby Richardson is unfit for work. Stepson is also Toby. Peter Graham H/C, formerly employed by the Augathella Police, can be Tracker. Peter was in pursuit of the Kenniff gang. Was also a witness in the case of Rex v Tommy Jordan. Peter wants the job. 11. 3.1903 Toby Richardson discharged. Peter Graham recruited. 1. 4.1903 Forms attached for employment of Peter Graham (a) Memorandum of Agreement (b) Recognizance (c) Application for Permit Peter Graham is a half-caste, aged 25 years and born on Frazer's Island. Batch 205M(6) Tangoun 3. 3.1903 - 10. 2.1903 Correspondence dated 1903 about getting a Tracker. No luck. Batch 205M(6) Stonehenge 18.11.1901 - 1. 6.1942 2. 3.1905 Permission to recruit Tracker. Note attached mentions Tracker Sam Johnson of Roma fears for his life at the hands of the Kenniff Gang. He is being sent to Longreach from Roma and will be sent to Stonehenge. 21. 3.1905 Tracker Jonathan at Stonehenge. Sam Johnson to stay at Longreach. 19.10.1910 Tracker Jonathan, five years at Stonehenge wants transfer. Could be sent to Jericho and Perrier sent to Stonehenge. 11.11.1910 Transfers approved. 22. 1.1912 Tommy Perrier ill and sent to Hospital at Longreach. Charley to take his place. Charley is a native of Cooktown and aged about 35 years. He has a gin named Biddy. Was employed as a Tracker at Coen and Ingham about 10 years ago. Biddy is a native of Longreach and aged about 40 years. 26.10.1912 Tracker Charley joined the Australian Workers Union. 1.11.1912 Tracker Charley arrested for assaulting Constable Adams and attempting to burn his cell down. 6.11.1912 Charley sentenced to three months for assault. Arson charge dismissed. 8.11.1912 Charley dismissed. 9.11.1912 Application for Permit to employ Paddy as Tracker. He is aged about 50 years and born at Jericho. 31. 3.1913 Tracker Paddy Murray assaulted Constable Adams. As this is the second time Adams has been assaulted he should be transferred to Tangorin where there is no Tracker. 16. 5.1913 Permit to Employ Toby as Tracker. He is aged 50 years and born in New South Wales. 22.12.1916 Toby has been ill. Aged 60 to 65 years, is weak and suffering loss of memory. Recommend Toby, and his gin who is aged about 40 years be sent to a Mission. 5. 1.1917 Toby and gin to be sent to Taroom. 25. 1.1917 Toby Platt and his gin Sissy Platt to be sent to Stonehenge from Barambah. 1. 3.1923 Rations for Toby Platt's two children, namely Jacky Platt, aged 2 years Agnes Platt, aged 5 1/2 years 8. 3.1923 Recommend Tracker Toby Platt and family be sent back to Barambah. They are too expensive to keep at Stonehenge. Recommend transfer Johnson O'Neill from Jundah to Stonehenge. He has a six month old child. 3. 4.1923 No action to be taken on above. 17. 9.1923 Cissy Platt, wife of Toby Platt, expected to be confined early in October. 9.10.1923 Cissy Platt gave birth to two female children on 4.10.1923 at Stonehenge. One died a few hours later. 5.10.1923 Arthur Murdock of Barambah Aboriginal Settlement will be Tracker at Stonehenge. 18.10.1923 Toby Platt and family returning to Barambah. 8.11.1923 Arthur Murdock arrived at Stonehenge. 23. 7.1925 Arthur Murdock wants to return to Barambah where his wife and child are. Arthur has been having carnal relations with Mrs Ruby Mary Campbell at Stonehenge. She is an immoral woman. Also mentions Daniel Connors 1/4C. Arthur Murdock is a Returned Soldier. 27. 7.1925 Arthur Murdock to be discharged. 22. 8.1925 Jack Raven and his wife of Barambah are available for Stonehenge. 23. 9.1925 Jack Raven and his gin Kate Raven arrived at Stonehenge. 9. 7.1926 Jack Raven sentenced to 7 days. 13. 8.1926 Jack Raven to be discharged. 26. 8.1926 Albert Blackman of Barambah available for Tracker. He has a wife and 6 month old baby. 22. 9.1926 Albert Blackman was imprisioned in Rockhampton in July 1921. Not suitable as Tracker. 11. 5.1926 Mentions Doreen Sprinkle, a black gin, who came to Stonehenge from Warbreecan Station. Also mentions Jack Raven and Kate Raven. Mentions Murphy Sprinkle. 17.12.1932 Jack Johnstone of Cherbourg, aged 35 years available as Tracker at Stonehenge. 10. 1.1933 Jack Johnstone arrived at Stonehenge. 12. 6.1933 Jack Johnstone wants to return to Cherbourg where his wife and child are. 23. 6.1933 Superintendent Cherbourg states Jack Johnstone was married to a woman named Connie for four years. The quarrelled over a woman named Ruby. Jack wants Ruby to join him. 3. 7.1933 Jack Johnstone to be sent to Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement. 19. 7.1933 The following person is available at Woorabinda to be Tracker at Stonehenge. He is Tom Watson, aged 45 years, H/C, no previous experience as Tracker. His wife is Minnie Watson, aged 35 years and a full blood. They have no children. 10. 8.1933 Tom and Minnie Watson arrived at Stonehenge. 6. 9.1934 Mentions Ted and Mabel Maranoa from Woorabinda to Jundah. Tom and Minnie Watson from Woorabinda to Stonehenge. 17. 71.1934 Tom and Minnie Watson wish to return to Woorabinda. 28. 8.1934 Nemo Rankin, single, aged 24 years, of Woorabinda available to be Tracker at stonehenge. 31. 8.1934 Tom and Minnie Watson to be discharged. 20. 9.1934 Nemo Rankin arrived at Stonehenge. 19.10.1934 Nemo Rankin in Hospital. He has Hadkins Disease. Also has an artifical eye. 8.12.1934 Nemo Rankin died on 7.12.1934 at Longreach District Hospital. Will be buried at Longreach Cemetery 8.12.1934 31. 1.1935 Norman Williams and his wife Molly Williams arrived at Stonehenge from Woorabinda. Norman is a half-caste aged 26 years and born in Maytown, North Queensland. 12. 5.1936 Norman and Molly Williams have a child, not previously mentioned. 19. 1.1937 Molly Williams is pregnant and wants to return to Woorabinda. Child dur circa March 1937. 26. 1.1937 Norman Williams to be discharged and returned to Woorabinda February 21. 5. 3.1937 Norman Williams discharged. Roly Captain (Winten) of Woorabinda to replace him. 11. 3.1937 Roly Captain is a full blood aged about 28 years, a widower with one child aged about 2 years. Born at East Woodland Station in the Mitchell District. 10.11.1937 Replacement for Roly Captain. Clarrie Roberts H/C aged 25 years of Woorabinda would be a suitable replacement. 9.12.1937 Clarrie Roberts unavailable. Another replacement is Claude Freeman F/B aged 21 years, single and born in Springsure. 4. 1.1938 Meals for Roly Captain at Longreach en route to Woorabinda 10. 1.1939 Leave for Claude Freeman to visit his parents at Woorabinda 1. 3.1939 Claude Freeman did not return from leave and has been discharged. 28. 3.1939 Willie Williams H/C of Woorabinda available for Stonehenge 19. 4.1939 Willie Williams arrived at Stonehenge 30. 5.1940 Willie Williams wants to leave. 5. 7.1940 Stanley Alberts of Woorabinda available for Stonehenge. 2. 9.1940 Stanley Alberts is a full blood aged 32 yars, married but living apart from his wife, no children and from Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement. 10. 9.1941 Stanley Alberts applied for leave. Attached index card for Stanley states full blood, aged 32 years, from Woorabinda, married but living apart from his wife, recruited 25. 7.1940, discharged 15.10.1941 4. 2.1942 Stanley Alberts decided to stay at Woorabinda after his leave. Summary Sheet at start of file gives the following information 1912 Recruiting of Paddy 1913 Paddy wants to leave, Toby willing to come 1923 Rations for Toby Platt's children Johnson O'Neill be transferred Jundah to Stonehenge 1923 Arthur Murdock of Barambah available as Tracker When will Toby Platt be sent to Barambah 1933 Clothes for Jack Johnstone 1933 Jack Johnstone wants gin Ruby Bandru to come to Stonehenge Had been living together at Cherbourg and she has a child to him. 1933 Jack Johnstone should be sent to Woorabinda. 1934 Tom and Minnie Watson of Woorabinda to go to Stonehenge 1934 Nemo Rankin on way from Woorabinda 1934 About meals for Maranoas and Watsons 1934 Meals for Maranoa en route to Stonehenge 1934 Nemo Rankin ill 1940 Fares for Stanley Alberts 1942 Mentions Stanley Alberts Batch 205M(6) Windorah 9.11.1904 - 19. 6.1934 8. 3.1906 Transfer of Trackers Tom Johnson, Bunda and Willie Smith to Warra and Condamine. Transfer of Harry Bowen and gin Maggie to Windorah. 10. 3.1906 Permit to employ Harry Bowen as tracker at Windorah 26. 3.1910 Tracker Joe discharged from Windorah 18. 2.1910 Wants to return to his people at Birdsville. Hubert Bent was recruited at Windorah as Tracker. Hubert is aged 25 years and a native of Betoota. He has a gin named Lucy. 21. 8.1911 Hubert Bent being discharged 29. 7.1911. Jacky aged 18 years and a native of Windorah to replace him. Not dated Gin Nancy left Maroo Station, Adavale to go to Windorah to become the wife of the Tracker there. 9. 7.1912 Tracker Jacky of Windorah indecently dealt with Myrtle Ballard, aged nine years. Seen by his gin who threatened to tell. Jacky shot himself with a pea rifle. Now getting medical attention. 13. 7.1912 Report on Jacky's indecent assault. Mentions Jacky's gin is Nancy. 21. 8.1912 Jacky pleaded guilty to rape and attempted suicide and will be sentenced at Rockhampton. 21. 8.1912 Albert Curle to be Tracker at Windorah. Application for Permit states he is 30 years old and born at Durham Downs Station. 2.10.1912 Jacky sentenced at Rockhampton to three years for indecently dealing with a girl and one month for attempted suicide. Both to be served concurrently. 11. 1.1919 Albert Curle sentenced to three months in Rockhampton Gaol for obscene language. 30. 1.1919 Albert Curle discharged from Gaol and wants to resign as Tracker. 24. 3.1919 Billy Brown of Barambah willing to go to Windorah. his wife Kitty Brown will accompany him. 24. 4.1919 Billy Brown and gin Kitty arrived at Windorah. 30. 5.1919 Meals supplied to Billy Brown, gin and child on way to Windorah. (First mention of child). 8. 7.1919 Child of Billy Brown is Linda Brown who is eight years old. 21. 9.1919 Kate Brown is nearly blind from some long term disease. 11.10.1919 Kate brown should be sent to Brisbane for treatment. 16.10.1919 Kate Brown in Brisbane for treatment. 27. 9.1920 Billy Brown and gin want to return to Barambah. 16.11.1920 Jack Raven of Barambah available for Windorah. 20.11.1920 Tracker recommendations Frank Mitchell, wife, two children to be transferred from Barcaldine to Windorah when Tracker Billy can be discharged. Jack, 18 years, native of Cooktown, single, at Longreach can replace Frank Mitchell. 14.12.1920 Jack Raven at Barambah to be sent to Brisbane for duty at Oxley. 17.12.1920 Billy Brown, gin and child have returned to Barambah. Frank Mitchell transferred from Barcaldine to Windorah. Jack appointed to Barcaldine. 8. 7.1921 Frank Mitchell assaulted his gin Dolly and Constable Stockes. Sentenced two months Rockhampton Gaol. Recommend gin and two children be sent to Barambah. 26. 8.1921 Frank Mitchell, gin and two children sent to Barambah. 6. 8.1921 Tiger here, en route Birdsville to Taroom on Removal Order. Tiger recommended as Tracker. His gin and child at Monkira Station. Way to save money. 31. 7.1921 Tiger (Tiger Thornton) practically reared on Currawilla Station by a man named Watson who at one time owned the place. Everyone speaks well of Tiger (owners og Curralle Stn, Mayfield Stn, Monkira Stn, Postmaster). 18.10.1921 Tiger is Tracker at Windorah. 15. 3.1922 Removal Order for Tiger from Glengyle Station to Taroom has been cancelled. 7. 2.1924 Tiger's child is aged 10 years. There was another child who died in the Jundah Hospital on 9. 4.1922. 27. 2.1925 Fred Norman and his gin Eva are being sent from Barambah to replace Tiger. 3. 9.1925 Eva Norman, wife of Tracker Fred Norman, gave birth to a female child named Dalphene Norman on 25. 7.1925 at the Jundah Hospital. 24. 4.1926 Daphine (Dalphene) Norman, daughter of Tracker Fred Norman died 23. 4.1926, aged 9 months. Child was buried on 23. 4.1926 at Windorah Cemetery. 31. 8.1926 Fred Norman wants to return to Barambah. 12.10.1926 Johnny Gee Gee leaving Barambah for Windorah. He is single and about 28 years old. 17.11.1927 Johnny Gee Gee wants to return to Barambah. Harry Pilot, at Longreach, would be a suitable replacement. 19. 1.1928 Johnny Gee Gee has left. Harry Pilot is now Tracker at Windorah. 1. 2.1928 Johnny Gee Gee now back at Barambah. 21. 1.1934 Harry Pilot has outlived his usefulness at Windorah and Constable Beale does not want him back after his annual leave. 3. 4.1934 Suitable replacements for Windorah (1) Michael MacPherson, about 35 years, single, has been temporary tracker at Duaringa and Rockhampton (2) Lennie Banks, married, his wife is in employment in the country and would not follow him to Windorah. Was Tracker at Rockhampton for about three years and ceased duty in 1932. 9. 4.1934 Michael MacPherson to go to Windorah. 4. 4.1934 Harry Pilot discharged and returning to Woorabinda. 25. 4.1934 Michael MacPherson arrived at Windorah. 4. 3.1935 Michael MacPherson wants to resign. 16. 3.1935 Walter Hill of Woorabinda to be new Tracker. 17. 5.1935 Michael MacPherson discharged and en route to Woorabinda No current need for a Tracker at Windorah. Summary sheets at front of this file 1934 Mentions Harry Pilot 1935 Michael MacPherson wants to quit 1935 Walter Hill ready to leave Woorabinda 1918 Nancy gave birth to a female child 1919 Rations for Billy Brown, gin and child from Adavale to Windorah 1919 Meals for Billy Brown from Barambah to Windorah 1919 Kate Brown discharged from Hospital in Brisbane and can return 1919 Kate Brown en route to Windorah 1921 Tiger, on Removal Order, could be Tracker at Windorah 1921 Removal of Tiger deferred for 6 months 1921 Medical assistance for Sally? Britcher 1922 Approval for Tiger 1924 Leave for Tiger 1926 Johnny Gee Gee to replace Fred Norman. 1928 Johnny Gee Gee discharged. Harry Pilot commenced 1930 Leave for Harry pilot 1932 Leave for Harry pilot 1934 Harry Pilot at Woorabinda 1935 Tracker no longer needed A/44871 Queensland State Archives Batch 205M(7) Wondai 27. 4.1910 - 31.12.1909 5. 5.1908 Suitable person for Tracker is Paddy at Barambah. He is 18 - 9 years old and a native of Johnstone River. Prior to coming to Barambah he was employed stockriding on various stations in the Townsville district. 12. 5.1908 Permit to employ Paddy at Wondai. 2. 6.1909 Application for Permit to employ Tommy in place of Paddy as Tracker at Wondai. Tommy is single and was born in Charters Towers. 9. 6.1909 Permit to employ Tommy as Tracker at Wondai. 28. 1.1910 Tommy wants to marry a gin at Barambah. 2. 2.1910 Wants to know about character of Tommy's fiance. Tommy was sent back from the West some time ago with VD. He should prove himself to be in good health before he marries. 13. 4.1910 Tommy has been given permission to marry the gin Minnie at Barambah. 19. 4.1910 Tommy Black and Minnie were married today at Wondai. Batch 205M(7) Maryborough General 22. 5.1891 - 27. 4.1921 22. 5.1891 Telegram mentioning procurement of a Tracker for Toowoomba. Note on telegram mentions Tracker Johnny. 15.11.1915 Request by Inspector Short to take Tracker Niger to Toowoomba on his transfer. 25.11.1915 Niger has been at Maryborough for about four years. He was quite a young boy when recruited. Batch 205M(6) Yaraka 28. 3.1927 - 27. 6.1927 Correspondence about Tracker's Quarters. Batch 205M(7) Cania 5.10.1896 - 8. 8.1904 12. 9.1898 Blackboy Cambeeba forwarded to Maryborough for use as Tracker at Cania. 14. 9.1898 Native Tracker Tommy Ticker? arrived at Cania on transfer from Maryborough to Cania. 24. 9.1898 Cambeeba arrived at Cania on 17. 9.1898. 30. 7.1903 Tracker and gin will be sent to Maryborough for Cania. Also mentions Tom and Violet on way to Rockhampton. 7. 9.1903 Mentions Tracker Charlie Waller. Charlie and gin arrived at Cania on 11. 8.1903. 5. 7.1904 Papers refer to recruitment of Tracker Terry Brown. (a) Permit to Employ (b) Application for Permit (self and wife) (c) Memorandum of Agreement (d) Recognizance Terry Brown is aged 30 years, born Frasers Island. His gin is Grace, aged 25 years and born in Rockhampton. 9. 6.1904 report against Tracker Charlie Waller and his gin Emma. Both drunk. Charlie beating Emma with a stick. Probably would have killed her. 8. 8.1904 Charlie Waller to be discharged, Terry Brown to replace him Batch 205M(7) Maryborough 9.12.1892 - 1. 9.1949 17.11.1892 Tracker named Gardiner recruited. 9. 8.1910 Authority needed for transfer of Tracker Tommy and his gin Minnie from Wondai to Maryborough. 5.10.1912 Tracker Tommy Black wants to return to Barambah. Has been here about three years. His gin has been sick and wants to return to the Settlement. 19. 4.1916 Peter Jackson sick. 12. 8.1916 Peter Jackson wants to visit Brisbane Exhibition. 10.11.1916 Peter Jackson wants to leave the Police .Service. 14.11.1916 Peter Jackson promoted to Cororal. 19. 3.1917 Peter Jackson resigned. 5. 6.1917 Accident to Troop horse Tango and Tracker Colin. 3. 2.1919 Grouchy sent from Barambah to replace Colin as Tracker. Colin gone to Hospital, suffering from VD. 7. 2.1919 Grouchy sent back to Barambah. 26. 2.1919 George Armburst is new Tracker at Barambah. 2. 7.1919 George Armburst has influenza. 8. 7.1919 George Armburst recovered. 30. 1.1920 George Armburst wants leave to see his friends at Barambah. 5.10.1920 George Armburst wants leave to visit his relatives at Barambah. 22.12.1920 Relative to Aboriginal boy and gin, inmates of Barambah Settlement, suitable for Police Tracker. The boy is Arthur Murdock, aged about 30 years, native of Hughden (Hughenden), returned soldier. His gin is Daisy Murdock, aged about 22 years, native of Clermont. They have an infant son aged 2 months. Superintendent at Barambah would not recommend them. Superintendent would, however, recommend a full-blood boy named George Lacey, aged about 30 years, native of either Hughden (Hughenden) or Charters Towers. George is getting married to an Aboriginal girl named Tottie Brown, aged about 17 years. They would be available after the marriage. 23.12.1920 George Armburst wants to leave. 5. 1.1921 George Armburst discharged and sent to Barambah. George Lacey and his gin Tottie will replace him. They are from Barambah. George is a native of Georgetown and Tottie is a native of Charters Towers. George is 35 years old. 4. 8.1921 George Lacey and his gin Tottie Lacey want to leave and return to Barambah. Tottie is pregnant and wants to return there for her confinement. Her mother is there. 1. 9.1921 George Lacey and his gin Tottie have left. Warry Phillips arrived here to replace him. He is single. 14. 8.1922 Warry Phillips wants to return to Barambah. Can recruit. Colin from Barambah to replace him. 1. 9.1922 Warry Phillips returned to Barambah. Replaced by Willie Gorham from Barambah. Willie is 34 years old, a full blood, and a native of Croydon. Murgon Police stated Colin to be unreliable and recommended Willie Gorham instead. 9. 6.1923 Billy Gorham wants to return to Barambah. Can recruit George Murdock at Barambah as tracker. 25. 6.1923 George Murdock recruited. He is a full blood, aged about 22 years and a native of the Hughenden district. 16. 6.1924 George Murdock wants to return to Barambah. 23. 7.1924 George Murdock returned to Barambah. Jack Brown recruited. He is a full blood, aged 22 years and a native of Charters Towers. Can read and write. 11. 7.1925 Jack Brown wants to return to Barambah. 22. 7.1925 Suitable replacement for Jack Brown is Sam Gilmore who is at Barambah. He is 39 years old and has previously been employed as a Tracker by the Victorian Police Force. 19. 8.1925 Jack Brown has returned to Barambah. He has been replaced by Sam gilmore, full blood, aged 45 years and a native of Thargomindah. 14. 2.1926 Sam Gilmore sick. 1. 3.1926 Sam Gilmore resumed duty. 23. 9.1926 Wish to return Sam Gilmore to Barambah. Request permission to recruit James Colin of Barambah in his place. James is 33 years old and single. Has previously been a Tracker here. 16.10.1926 Sam Gilmore returned to Barambah. James Colin arrived to take his place. 13. 6.1927 James Colin has a skin disease and will be a long time before he is recovered. Request Percy Queary, aged 45 years, of Barambah replace him. Percy is single. 8. 8.1927 Tracker's name is actually Fred Queary. 20. 6.1928 Fred Queary wants one months leave. Jacky Brown of Barambah can replace him while on leave. Fred Queary has children at Barambah. 22. 3.1929 Fred Queary wants to return to Barambah. Possible replacement is Charles Francis of Barambah, aged 40 years, single, and a full blood. 1. 4.1929 Fred Queary has returned to Barambah and has been replaced by Charles Francis. 7. 5.1929 Charles Francis has a gin at Barambah. Wants to go to Barambah for a holiday. Returned to Barambah. 9. 5.1929 Charles Francis not to be employed again. 14. 5.1929 Percy Queary can replace Charles Francis. He is at Barambah, single and aged 36 years. 2.10.1929 Percy Queary arrived at Maryborough. 16. 5.1930 Percy Queary causing trouble. 20. 5.1930 Possible replacements from Barambah for Percy Queary are James Colin and Banjo Kiniff. Banjo is a full blood, aged 40 years and has been confined to Barambah for some 18 months since he arrived from Charleville. 2. 6.1930 Percy Queary has returned to Barambah. James Colin has arrived to replace him. 10. 7.1930 James Colin sick. 22. 9.1930 James Colin is in the General Hospital. Will be returned to Barambah when well. His replacement is James Fisher of Barambah. James is 31 years old and single. 9. 2.1931 James Fisher wants to return to Barambah. 19. 2.1931 James Fisher has returned to Barambah. His replacement is Albert Williams, aged about 30 years, and single. 8. 6.1931 Albert Williams has influenza. 4. 8.1931 Albert Williams sick. 20. 2.1932 Albert Williams sick 4. 3.1932 Albert Williams unfit for work, probably indefinately. 16. 3.1932 Albert Williams returned to Cherbourg. His replacement is Colin. He has been here before, a full blood, 37 years old and single. 17. 4.1932 James Colin sick. 18. 4.1932 James Colin not likely to recover for some months. Need a replacement. 3. 5.1932 James Colin will be returned to Cherbourg when he leaves Hospital. His replacement is Harry Robson, single and about 50 years old. 1. 8.1933 Harry Robson sick. 2.12.1933 Harry Robson wants holidays. Recommend he be sent back to Cherbourg. 1. 1.1934 Harry Robson returned to Cherbourg. His replacement is Fernie Wragge, aged 29 years, a full blood and single. 19. 1.1934 Fernie Wragge sick. Does not want to stay here. Should be returned to Cherbourg. 10. 2.1934 Replacement for Fernie Wragge is Tommy Daniels. He is about 20 years old. 1. 5.1935 Tommy Daniels wants leave to go to Cherbourg. 12. 8.1936 Tommy Daniels wants to resign. The 1949 corresondence is about payment of Aboriginals used in searches for lost persons in the district. All Trackers came from Cherbourg. 18. 3.1949 Services rendered by George Carbine, Charlie Francis and George Munroe who were used as Trackers looking for lost persons within the Maryborough Police District. Cherbourg wants payment. 2. 6.1949 George Carbine was, at the time, on annual leave at Cherbourg. He is Police Tracker at Charleville. Index sheets at start of Batch 1912 Tommy Black to return to Barambah 1916 Peter Jackson granted leave 1919 Grouchy returned to Barambah 1920 George Armburst wants leave at Barambah 1920 George Armburst wants leave at Barambah 1921 George Lacey and gin Tottie want to return to Barambah. 1923 Billy Gorham wants to return to Barambah. 1923 Meals for Billy Gorham. 1926 Sam Gilmore to be returned to Barambah. 1927 Colin has skin disease and to be returned to Barambah. Percy Queary to replace him. 1930 Request for Percy Queary to play football. 1930 Percy Queary to return to Barambah. James Colin to replace him. 1939 James Colin was in Hospital 1935 Leave for Tommy Daniels Batch 205M(6) Winton 13. 5.1903 - 23. 8.1921 19.110.1903 Application for Permit to employ Tracker. He is Nipper, male, aged 30 years and born at Winton. 17.12.1903 Forms for employment of Nipper at Winton. Mentions Jimmy at Mackay. The forms are (a) Permit for Nipper (b) Memorandum of Agreement for Nipper (c) Recognizance for Nipper 9. 3.1904 Winton Tracker to be dispensed with. 22. 2.1904 Services of Tracker Nipper to be continued. 26. 4.1904 Tracker Nipper's gin is Lizzie. 17.10.1904 Tracker to be discharged 22.11.1904 Tracker Norman recruited yesterday. His wife is Minnie and they have two children aged 5 years and 3 years. 10.11.1904 Tracker Norman and family discharged from Jundah. 22.11.1904 Forms for Tracker Norman (a) Memorandum of Agreement (b) Application for Permit - states Norman born at normanton. Mentions Tracker Nipper discharged 20.11.1904 7.12.1904 Looking at cheapest means of getting Norman and family back to his country (Cloncurry) and replacing him with Nipper. 3.12.1904 Recommend Norman and family be discharged and replaced by Nipper. 8. 2.1910 Tracker Nimble assaulted Sergeant Brosnan. Nimble's gin is Lily. Sentenced to one months gaol in Stewarts Creek. 19. 2.1910 Nimble is dismissed. 24. 3.1910 New Tracker is Toby. He will replace Nimble. 4. 4.1910 The following two have been engaged as Trackers (1) Hubert Bent, aged 25 years, native of Windorah, gin is Lucy. Will replace Joe who wanted to return to his people at Birdsville. (2) Toby engaged at Hughenden and transferred to Winton to replace Nimble. 23. 4.1910 Corporal Jimmy's gin Minnie is ill. They have a baby. Needs medical attention. (Kynuna Station) 24. 3.1910 Corporal Jimmy wants to resign (Kynuna Station) 28. 4.1910 Recommend Corporal Jimmy be transferred from Kynuna to Winton and Toby from Winton to Kynuna. 30. 7.1910 Corporal Jimmy wants to resign. 12. 9.1910 Corporal Jimmy has been discharged. His replacement is Saxby. 12. 7.1913 Relative to Tracker Saxby asking for leave for himself and his gin to visit friends at Hughenden and to have a walkabout. 21. 8.1916 Saxby wants to resign. Possible replacement is Lawn Hills who has had previous experience as Tracker. 29. 8.1916 Approval to recruit Lawn Hills and discharge Saxby. 30. 9.1917 Lawn Hills wants a gin. A suitable one named Mary has been found. She was formerly employed at Kynuna Station. 8. 1.1918 Mary getting liquor and misconducting herself with men. Lawn Hills will have nothing to do with her. Mary being given out to employment. 29. 7.1918 Toby to transfer from Kynuna to Winton and Lawn Hills from Winton to Kynuna. 15. 6.1920 Tracker Toby Arthur wants leave. Wishes to visit friends at Hughenden. ____________________________________________________