Western Australian Social Service Records

National Archives of Australia CRS A884 A2864 Reports of Inspections of settlements, missions, stations, etc Western Australia at which Social Service Payments to Aborigines are made Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2013 Letter dated April 4, 1967 from Department of Social Services Perth to the Department of Social Services Canberra Re Survey of Aboriginal Pensioners in the South West Two cases were investigated during the South West survey where pension applicants claimed to have the care, custody and control of grandchildren. In each instance the grandparent received the child endowment. These were :- (1) Owick Ugle- claimant for invalid pension. Blanche Ugle - his wife - a claimant for wife's allowance. Blanche receives child endowment in respect of her grandson Carl Ugle born 27. 2.1963 The Superintendent, Department of Native Welfare, Narrogin has advised that Betty Ugle, the unmarried daughter of Owick and Blanche Ugle is the mother of the child Carl. She is 23 years of age, is promiscuous and has no idea of the child's father. She is believed to be living in Perth, but could be in gaol. Two other grandchildren, Marshall James Ugle and Sinclair Ernest Ugle, the children of the claimant's daughter Magdalene Ugle, by different fathers, returned to the custody of Blanche Ugle in December 1966 and an application for transfer of the child endowment from the Roelands Native Mission ispending. These two children were living with and being maintained by Blanche Ugle prior to being committed to Roelands Mission. in 1965 The father of one child is deceased and the other in gaol. (2) Bonnie Woods (defacto Flowers)- claimant for age pension. Three children of claimant's daughter Jessie, viz. Lawrence Flowers, born 22. 5.1955 Eva Flowers, born 4.10.1956 Stephen Flowers, born 12. 1.1960 are stated to be in claimant's custody, care and control. She has received endowment for Lawrence since 14. 6.1955 and for the remaining two since 20.10.1964 Little is known of the parents of the children. --------------------- Survey of Aboriginal Pensioners 19. 8.1966 - 2. 9.1966 Pastoral Stations in the Kimberleys Stations are only listed where names of Aboriginal people are mentioned. Noonkanbah Bridget Yudoorah - previously paid at Cherrabun Station. Arrived Noonkanbah about June and now living at Millagiddy, an outstation of Noonkanbah. Dave Winjalilar - direct payment to Luluigui Station who have been forwarding cheques to Noonkanbah. Paddy Kinaring Lizzie Jeeguljee Miller Bowjarrah Biddy Paragudel and Paddy Yamera - husband and wife, are living at Werrimbah, Outstation of Noonkanbah Toby Balalgeering Spider Timerimee Liveringa Kitty Wockgull - cheques cashed at Liveringa long after she had gone to Luluigui Billiluna Maudie Mungarri Tiger Werrill and wife Kitty Barbellar Topsy Bradshaw Lamboo Polly Mineyah --------------------- Letter dated 12.10.1962 from the Department of Welfare Western Australia to Department of Social Services Port Hedland Western Australia. Re Children in Group Care of Pindan Native Co-operative, Port Hedland Child Endowment Name Winnie Sampie Born 24. 8.1946 Responsible Parent Louis Sampie (father), Red Hill, Onslow Receiving Endowment Tommy Sampie (Uncle), Munda Station Name Bill Gardener, born 1.11.1952 Peter Gardener, born 22.10.1956 Responsible Parent Tommy Gardener (Pindan), Pension Applicant Receiving Endowment Polly Gardener Name Kathleen McKenna, born 7. 1.1952 Roy McKenna, born 20. 3.1954 Responsible Parent Clancy McKenna (father), Prospector, very irresponsible Receiving Endowment Lucy Mitchell Name Doris Mitchell Born 26. 6.1950 Responsible Parent Ernie Mitchell (Director Pindan) Receiving Endowment Lucy Mitchell Name Jerry Roberts, born 1. 7.1952 Teddy Roberts, born 1. 7.1953 Responsible Parent Alfie Roberts (Pindan) Receiving Endowment Sally Roberts Name Mary Dooli Born 1.10.1952 Responsible Parent Unknown Receiving Endowment Dooli Pandeen Name Arthur Flatfoot Born 7.11.1955 Responsible Parent Joe Flatfoot (Pindan) Receiving Endowment Joan Flatfoot (bush) Name Cyril Gordon Born 17.4.1956 Responsible Parent Gordon Snowball (Pindan) Receiving Endowment Joan Snowball Name Trevor Wellington Born 20.10.1955 Responsible Parent Katapol Wellington (Pensioner) Pindan Receiving Endowment Judy Wellington Name Stephen Brown Born 6. 6.1953 Responsible Parent Rob Brown (Pindan), employ cafe Port Hedland Receiving Endowment Verna Brown Name Les Darby Born 23.12.1956 Responsible Parent William Darby (Pindan), employed Butcher Receiving Endowment Ivy Darby Name Lena Albert Born 8.9.1952 Responsible Parent Joe Albert (Pindan), truck driver Receiving Endowment Nancy Albert, Marble Bar Name Ena Coffin Born 13. 2.1952 Responsible Parent Sam Coffin, Prospector Receiving Endowment Maudie Coffin @ Gardener Name Margaret Gray Born 20. 2.1953 Responsible Parent Sugar, Leprosarium Derby Receiving Endowment Winnie Gray Name Gladys Coombie Born 19. 4.1953 Responsible Parent Wilmawana Coombie (Pindan) Receiving Endowment May Coombie Name Linda Mitchell, born 6. 9.1951 Freddy Mitchell, born 24. 5.1955 Margaret Mitchell, born 20.11.1956 Responsible Parent Ronnie Captain (father), Prospector, very irresponsible Receiving Endowment Alice Mitchell Name Fred Bully Born 11.11.1952 Responsible Parent Polka (Stepfather), Pindan, father deceased Receiving Endowment Susy Bully, Pindan Name John Jim Born 14. 2.1953 Responsible Parent Jimmy Waridja (Pindan) Receiving Endowment Rosie Djaluba (Bush) Name Malcolm Wilson @ Coppin Born 23. 3.1953 Responsible Parent Father deceased Receiving Endowment Eileen Coppin @ Wilson, Invalid Pension, Pindan Name Alan Horace, born 1. 9.1952 Gladys Horace, born 28. 8.1954 Molly Horace, born 10.12.1953 Responsible Parent Horace (Pindan) Receiving Endowment Fanny Horace The couple delegated to take care of the children, ie purchase stores, meat, cook etc is Sam Mitchell (halfcaste native with Citizenship Rights) and his legal wife Lily Mitchell(also halfcaste native with Citizenship Rights). The Pindan Group are a body of natives who work on a co-operative basis prospecting for surface minerals and etc. _______________________________________________________________________