Aborigines - Eligibility for Social Service Benefits

National Archives of Australia CRS A884 A55 Part 10 Aborigines - Eligibility for Social Service Benefits Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2013 10. 7.1958 From Acting Director-General to Director of Social Services Perth Mentions Nellie McKenna 2. 7.1958 From Acting Director-General Perth to Director of Social Services Perth Melbourne Re Pious Society of Missions Home for Aged Natives, Beagle Bay, via Broome Mentions pensions in the names of Gregory Howard and Paddy Strack are now current. Intending claimants for Pension - Occupants of Aged Home 1. Balaghi, Remi - Baptism certificate conforms birth 1883 Exempted 5. 2.1958 - Age Pension 2. Wife Lucy- born approx 1899, exempted 28. 3.1958, Invalid Pension Both good types, wife is doubtful P.I. on appearance and wife's allowance probably more appropriate. 3. Djahadub, Jerome - over 65 years on appearance, age may be verified from marriage record, exempted 28. 1.1958, Age Pension 4. Wife Barbara- not intending claimant but is a prospective wife's allowance case, exempted 28. 3.1958 5. Malnin,Gerard - born 1897, exempted 6. 2.1958, Invalid Pension 6. Wife Ida - over 60 on appearance, would be P.I. ?senile, Age Pension. Husband able to control own affairs, wife lacks understanding. 7. Wambelok, Peter - born 1883, baptised 15. 4.1933 at age of 50, good type, exempt 20. 1.1958 8. Idjar, Gabriel - exempt 5. 2.1957, Age Pension 9. Wife Leonie (Binderabad) - exempt Both have adequate standard of development 10. Mary, Joseph - born 1891, M/C verifies, Age Pension 11. ?Ringar, Moses - born 1895, good type of native, Invalid Pension 12. Kandy, Kasimer - born 1898, some doubt as to P.I., Invalid Pension 13. Wife Antonis - half-caste, born 1896, Age Pension 14. Tamaingor, Manuel - over 65 on appearance, ? half-caste, Age Pension 15. Cudjebut, Annie - a widow, over 60 on appearance. In any event permanently incapacitated, exempt 6. 2.1958, Age Pension 16. James, Biddy Nizalet - apart from husband over 20 years, claims born 1896, M/C may verify, exempt 28. 3.1958, Age Pension 17. Dann, Anna Maria - Baptism certificate verifies born 1895, half-caste, widow, Age Pension 18. Anggao, Maudie - widow, over 60 on appearance, age may be verified, exempt 14. 5.1958, Age Pension 19. Yolk, Alice Sarah Darbongonbah - verified born 1896, widow, little knowledge of money values, may be due to senility, exempt 28. 3.1958, Age Pension 20. Balaghi, Mary Gudjan - widow, born 1883, exempt 28. 3.1958, Age Pension Intending claimants for Pension 1. Cox, Lena - half-caste, may be permanently incapacitated, husband employed at Mission 2. Taylor, Imelda - half-caste, born 1910, single, disability amputated right leg, defective eyesight 3. Leopold, Daisy - half-caste, born 1930, single, deaf and dumb, also epileptic, doubtful P.I. 4. Kitchener, Keith - age 16 yrs, disability after effects of rheumatic fever, very doubtful P.I. Existing pensioners at Beagle Bay Mission are 1. Howard Gregory 2. Strack, Paddy 30. 6.1958 Report on Beagle Bay Mission Mentions native Lena Augustine who looks after the Kindergarten. 14. 3.1958 Claimant for Age Pension Tiger Widgula Resides on the native reserve at Marble Bar. 24. 3.1958 From Director Social Services Perth to Director General Social Services Melbourne Application for Age Pension by Pommy. Has reference from Protector Jigalong. Born 1892, age 66 years. 18. 2.1958 From Michael Sawtell, Sydney to Jeff Bate MHR Mentions Mrs Walter Page, a very decent near full blood lady who is employed as a domestic by our Manager at Woodenbong and receives a widow's pension. 14.11.1957 Standard of Native Development, Southern District, WA Report by B Jenkinson Williams - Reserve Pearl Ugle - half-caste, resides on this reserve in poor white conditions Williams - Loco Camp Lulu Hart - an invalid pensioner of undetermined caste resides at Loco camp in poor white conditions Narrogin Reserve Rosie Mippy - half-caste, resides in one of the cottages in barely poor white conditions, at present in Hospital, husband is Frank Betty Thorne - normally resides in the other cottage, conditions were not good and barely verge on poor white. Has a 3/8 caste daughter. Herbert (? Morrish) - a native pensioner, is temporarily resident at the Thorn cottage and will shortly return to Katanning. Is a sick man. Amy and Cable Dickie - 3/4 caste native pensioners, normally resident on Loco Camp Williams but temporarily on Narrogin Reserve to enable husband tomore readily secure medical attention.Present living conditions verge on native. Ross and Hilda Narkle - 1/2 caste and 3/4 caste respectively, husband and wife living apart. Billy Ugle - half-caste pensioner, has a camp on the Narrogin Reserve. Narrogin Lottie Parfitt - a native with citizenship rights lives within the townsite under normal European standards. Wagin Reserve Molly Riley - half-caste widow pensioner George Riley - half-caste, invalid pensioner, son of Molly Riley Also seen on the Wagin Reserve was Robert Beaufort Dinah, a potential invalid pension claimant. In the opinion of the local Protector Dinah is lazy, plays up his incapacity and is a sponger on relations. He is 58 years old. A further native pensioner is camped on private land at Wagin, Tim (Edmund) Quartermaine. Katanning Reserve Two pensioners only live on the Reserve as husband and wife, namely Dave Penny and Julia Hill, both half-castes. Within the townsite live pensioners Thelma L Rodney, 7/16 native, widow Julia F Williams, 5/16 native, widow both living at normal European standards. Also living under normal conditions within the townsite is potential claimant Joan Jones who has one child and is at present in I.D.B. Subiaco. Tambellup Reserve Hazel Susan Gabriel Farmer - living in a humpy and tent. Conditions are aggravated by the number occupying the humpy - pensioner, her daughter (ill), two sons and six grandchildren. Mrs Farmer also receives a small War Pension. Bert and Kathleen Williams - pansion and wife's alowance, husband is half-caste. Daniel and Bessie McEvoy - half-caste and full blood respectively, not able to be located. William Jennick - half-caste Gnowangerup Reserve May Howard - full blood Jim Woods - half-caste Two occupants of the Reserve are potential claimants Lily Williams - elderly native woman living in filthy conditions Moses Wyban - almost blind, at least 70 years on appearance Borden Reserve Two pensioners, brothers, live on the reserve, namely Fred Winmar half-caste and Harry Dongup full blood. They are adequately cared for by a daughter and grand-daughter. Close by the reserve and living in a tent in good conditions is Jim yates, half-caste. Ongerup Reserve Sole pensioner is Sarah Clara Woods, a half-caste widow with two grand-children in her care, custody and control. Mt Barker Reserve Pension to Maggie Miller was continued. Sharing the cottage with her is her mother Clara Colbung an age native pensioner. Also living on the reserve are Sammy Miller Edmund Williams, a half-caste who normally lives on the reserve but was absent when the inspection was made. Also seen on the reserve was Alfred Krakouer, a half-caste invalid native pensioner.Thisman occupies a mia-mia constructed of corrugated iron and adjoining an excellent hut in which live his close relations.Krakouer avoids residence in the hut because of the children living there. Southern District W.A. Survey - Key to Slides NB only slides mentioning names are listed 1. Hut on Williams 'Loco' Reserve occupied by pensioner Lulu Hart 2. Relations with whom pensioner Pearl Ugle appears to share accomodation on Williams Reserve 3. Sleeping quarters of Pearl Ugle 4. Tent of pensioner Peter McMahon. Generally occupied by non-pensioner J Rankin while Mcmahon shares accomodation with a white couple. 7. Toilets, laundry, showers - reserve Narrogin. Shows F Mippy, husband of R Mippy 8. Naggogin reserve, cottages occupied by R Nippy and B Thorne 10. Narrogin reserve, pensioners Amyard, Cable Dickie with a relation 11. Pensioner Hilda Narkle 13. Accomodation of Mollie Riley and her son George Riley 14. Accomodation occupied by Robert B Dinah 18. Katanning reserve, Julia Hill and Dave Penny, sole pensioners 19. Hut of pensioner May Howard adjoining Gnowangerup reserve 20. Gnowangerup reserve, potential claimant Lily Williams 21. Gnowangerup reserve, potential claimant Moses Wyban 23. Accomodation of Hazel Susan Gabriel Farmer Tambellup reserve 24. Camp on Tambellup reserve occupied by Bert and Kathleen Williams 25. Borden reserve, camp of Fred Winmar and Harry Dongup 26. Native pensioner Sarah Clara Woods, resident on reserve at Ongerup 27. Mt Barker reserve, cottage occupied by M Miller and her mother Clara Colbung 28. Pensioner Sammy Miller and his tent on the Mt Barker reserve 29. Home of pensioner Edmund Williams on Mt Barker reserve, temporarily vacated 31. Mt Barker reserve, pensioner A Krakouer outside hut of a close relation and Krakouer's own accomodation which is only a fewpaces from the hut. 9. 9.1957 From Social Services Perth to Social Services Melbourne Pension paments for Jack McFree (Jack McPhee, McPhree) to be paid at Port Hedland. 22. 7.1957 From Native Affairs Port Hedland to Social Services Perth Billy Portree is now camped near Mugurinia Creek but definately not on the native reserve. Jack McFree (McPhee, McPhree) no longer at 12 Mile. Also mentions Elsie Brahim. 24. 7.1957 From Pindan Pty Ltd to Social Services Perth Mentions Brown Coppin and Jack McFree. 17. 7.1957 From Post Office Port Hedland to Social Services Perth Age pensions for Lucy Coppin and Tommy Coppin. Both are blind and unable to write. They were in the company of Mr E Mitchell, a member of Mr D McLeod's native group. Also mentions Jack McFree and Mr Day. 4. 7.1957 Correspondence about Mrs Lucy Mitchell, wife of Ernie Mitchell Maternity allowance rejected. Has two children. 29. 6.1957 Social Services Perth Report on Visit to Port Hedland - Investigation of Standards of Native Development, etc McLeod Two Mile Camp - natives who may apply for pension Norman or Jimbangi - previously Worragine Station, age doubtful. Arthur or Yumbi - previously De Grey Station, possibly 65, wife Cissie or Mirraburri, aged about 55 years) Susie (Enimbung) - widow with five children, late husband Bulli died at Port Hedland Native Hospital Daisy (Omerang) - possibly over 60, in any event a diabetic and appears P.I., previously on Roy Hill Station, husband Bindi (Yungubung) 12 Mile Camp Mentions Billy Portree Outside the boundary of 12 Mile are Brown Coppin, Lucy Coppin, Tommy Coppin and Jack McFree, all recently granted pensions. De Grey Station Possible claimants are Donkey Charlie - age about 70 years Noai Kimbili - widow over 60 on appearance Also mentions native Bobby Dazzler. Kadyereenya Camp Children here are in the care of native Massey (Chowala) and his wife Lily. 29. 6.1957 Results of Enquiries concerning Native Pensioners at Port Hedland Bobby Dazzler - normally resides De Grey Station Billy Portree - living on the 12 Mile Native Reserve Gindajindi - resides on Manator Station Charlie Murrara - resides at Wallal Station, senile Winniebungo - husband Chinaman (Toodabung), both reside at Abydos Station Ivy Coffin - resides at Port Hedland Lucy Coppin, Tom Coppin, Brown Coppin, Jack McFree - reside outside the boundary of the 12 Mile Reserve. Elsie Brahim - has for some time lived in a de facto relationship with a Main Roads employee named Lee. Has four children in her care, not five. Itinerary also mentions pension claimant Mrs Bundamurra. Photos of Native Living Conditions at Port Hedland mention Kadyereenya Inmates Children under care native Massey Child of E Massey Pindan 12 Mile Camp Possible claimants Arthur (Yumpi) Daisy (Omerang) and husband Bindi (Yugabung) Tommy Coppin, Lucy Coppin, Jack McFree B Portree De Grey Station Noai Kimbili Donkey Charlie Bobby Dazzler _______________________________________________________________________