Births and Deaths of Aborigines in W.A. 1971 - 1974

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office F1 1971 / 6108 Aboriginal Population Records Births and Deaths in W.A. 1971 - 1974 7. 2.1974 Births and Deaths as reported by the Public Health Office, Wyndham, W.A. Persons Deceased in Wyndham Area to 31. 1.1974 Wyndham and East of Wyndham Name Born Caste Notes Amy Gallagher .1934? F.D. H - Bobby Gallagher, F- June Milbarria (Mabel Downs) Angela Morechei .1894 F.D. Daughter Nellie Maraltadj Chamboala Mangolamara .1895 F.D. Daughter Punduala Pangolmora Joan Ingrid Evans 5. 9.1948 F.D. F - Edmund Evans Kitty Wungalu .1891 F.D. Marel? Yawan .1906 F.D. W - Rosie Dunbi (deceased) Mary Ooman O.A.P. F.D. Murphy Dumbulabin .1897 F.D. W - Minnie Wigby Nellie Lulumura .1895 F.D. H - Freddie Mugmoora Nellie Wongala .1898 F.D. H - Barnabas Bottumgery @ Tuande Norah Ngidil (Ngidid) .1896 F.D. Regina Taylor 30. 3.1973 M.R. M - Alexis Taylor (Derby) Ruphina Tinchala .1910 F.D. H - Jack Waina (deceased) Sopas Morechei Tootoorook @ Morechei .1900 F.D. W - (Wangy) Nellie Unalgo (deceased) Stephen Doodaroo O.A.P. F.D. Tangoa (Targoa?) .1887 F.D. Tommy Arnoo .1890 F.D. Trevor John Karadada 9. 2.1973 F.D. M - Regina Karadada (Wangy) Nellie Anulgo .1886 F.D. H - Sopas Morechei (deceased) Wilma Lee Shadforth 26. 2.1973 M.R. M - Ethen Shadforth nee Menmuir Doreen Ex Fitzroy Crossing - Bow River, H - George Wallaby Duncan Highway Area Name Born Caste Notes Butcher Mick Jingalee .1870 F.D. W - Camp Polly Quart (Flora Valley) David Killengin @ Kilarney F.D. M - Nellie Jadu (ex Mistake Creek) Lena Charmawawina 18. 1.1973 F.D. M - Linda Charmawawina (Nicholson) Rosemary Knockera @ Cassidy 21. 6.1972 F.D. M - Marie Knockera @ Cassidy (Gordon Downs) Walli Rosewood @ Budjungung @ Minan .1914 F.D. W - Lilly Killy-uru (Nicholson) Wattie Oopah .1905 F.D. W - Big Dinah Tchibilah (Gordon Downs) Gt Northern Highway Area Name Born Caste Notes Dean Mung Mung @ Drill 7. 6.1973 F.D. M - Beryline Mungmung (Texas Downs) Mabel Meiwellar @ Cup o'Tea .1902 F.D. H - Paddy Rhattigan (Turkey Creek) Mona Patrick @ Dolgil .1932 F.D. ex Husband Paddy (Springvale) Matthew Dingjimun @ Wandum F.D. Brother Moosher Dirknaria (Turkey Creek) @ Mosquito Madutingimia @ Patrick Ruby Djunmaria @ Doomari .1900 F.D. Son Johnny Mulligan (Springvale) Births in Wyndham Area to 31. 1.1974 Wyndham Name Born Caste Notes Ian Stewart Smith 12. 1.1973 F.D. Mother Enid Smith, Father Brian Smith Jacqueline Carroll 12. 2.1973 M.R. Mother Phyllis Carroll, Father Jack Gallagher Arthur Brian Auburn 21. 2.1973 M.R. Mother Patricia Auburn, Father James Hassett Wilma Lee Shadforth 26. 2.1973 M.R. Mother Ethel Shadforth, babe now deceased Kathleen Rose Birch 23. 3.1973 M.R. Mother Merle Birch, Father Laurence Carter Jeremiah James Hester 10. 4.1973 M.R. Mother Emily Hester, Father Stanley Hester Tanya Rose Reynolds 16. 3.1973 M.R. Mother Rosa Reynolds Simon (Sinon?) Birch 17. 4.1973 M.R. Mother Margaret Birch, Father Reginald Birch Thomas Edgar Gallagher 21. 4.1973 M.R. Mother Margaret Gallagher, Father Thomas Birch Anthony Smith 6. 5.1973 F.D. Mother May Smith, Father Edmund Evans Lincoln Edward Birch 21. 5.1973 M.R. Mother Dora Birch, Father Edward Birch Sherylee Ann Johnson 27. 5.1973 M.R. Mother Martha Johnson Mary Ann Morgan 18. 6.1973 F.D. Mother Ursula Morgan Cameron Charles Gore 27. 6.1973 M.R. Mother Elizabeth Gore Craig William Rivers 28. 6.1973 M.R. Mother Dorothy Rivers Vanessa Jane Benning 16. 9.1973 M.R. Mother Dorothy Benning, Father Barry Benning Female Morton 5.11.1973 M.R. Mother Emily Morton, Father Ronnie Macale, neo-natal death Joanna Rae Evans 15.11.1973 F.D. Mother Doreen Evans, Father Harold Jones Roberta Rose Carlton 18.11.1973 M.R. Mother Kathleen Carlton, Father Duncan White Matthew Umbulgurri 19.11.1973 F.D. Mother Mercy Mary Umbulgurri, Father Jimmy James Kalumburu Mission Name Born Caste Notes Trevor John Karadada 9. 2.1973 M.R. Mother Regina Karadada, babe now deceased Desmond Williams 6. 4.1973 F.D. Mother Dianna Williams, Father Darryl Williams Sebastian Djanghara 20. 5.1973 F.D. Mother Phillipina Djanghara, Father Basil Djanghara Cindy Clements 21. 6.1973 F.D. Mother Mary Clements, Father Frank Clements Lorraine Peuromora 24. 7.1973 F.D. Mother Carina Peuromora, Father Rankin Bendomora Rita Mangolamora 11.10.1973 F.D. Mother Rosary Mangolamora, Father Geoffrey Mangolamora Gordon Downs Station Name Born Caste Notes Male twins Seela (deceased) 3. 4.1973 F.D. Mother Mary Seela, Father Bobby Yumugalaree Elizabeth Malarvie 1. 7.1973 F.D. Mother Lady Bird Malarvie Dean Seela 14. 9.1973 F.D. Mother Bonnie Seela, Father Young Popeye Halls Creek Name Born Caste Notes Male Smith 12. 1.1973 F.D. Mother Marjorie Smith Damien Taylor 3. 2.1973 M.R. Mother Ruth Taylor Paul Margaret 5. 3.1973 M.R. Mother Mandy Margaret @ Mandy Button, now deceased (?child or mother) Leslie Chatanalgi 20. 4.1973 F.D. Mother Alice Chatanalgi Delphine Seeton 18. 5.1973 M.R. Mother Joan Seeton Aaron Mark Johnstone 30. 5.1973 F.D. Mother Elaine Johnstone, Father Eric Johnstone (now at Kalumburu) Graham Mairett 1. 6.1973 M.R. Mother Nita Mairett Mary Kathleen Rivers 25. 6.1973 M.R. Mother Peggy Rivers Graham Peter Lightning 25. 6.1973 F.D. Mother Molly Lightning (could be?) Male Carter (stillborn) 3. 7.1973 M.R. Mother Jacqueline Carter Denise Dreamer 10. 7.1973 M.R. Mother Janet Dreamer, Father Billy Long (could be?) Dennis Johnson 12. 7.1973 M.R. Mother Beverley Johnson Kevin Wallaby 12. 7.1973 F.D. Mother Nancy Wallaby Ian Johnson 20. 7.1973 M.R. Mother Rebecca Johnson John Mandijerri 22. 7.1973 F.D. Mother Norah Mandijerri Male twins Deegan (both deceased) 1. 8.1973 M.R. Mother Bonnie Deegan Leroy Willarney (Hillarney) 4. 8.1973 F.D. Mother Susan Willarney (Hillarney), Father Finnegan Quilty Karen Butcher 8.10.1973 M.R. Mother May Butcher Ray Smith 14.11.1973 F.D. Mother Mona Smith Justin Minga 14.11.1973 F.D. Mother Rita Minga Vanessa Jane Bradshaw 25.11.1973 M.R. Mother Margaret Bradshaw Wayne Timbinah 29.11.1973 M.R. Mother Biddy Timbinah Billy Duncan 20.12.1973 M.R. Mother Myalee Duncan, Father Billy Duncan Rebecca Johnson 29. 1.1974 M.R. Mother Susan Johnson, Father Walter Alexander Scott Wayne King 29. 1.1974 M.R. Barbara King Lamboo Station Name Born Caste Notes Female Taylor 9. 8.1973 M.R. Mother Eleanor Taylor Sharimah Lamboo 17. 9.1973 F.D. Mother Cla..ia Lamboo Nigel Nuggett 12.11.1973 F.D. Mother Ruth Nuggett Lansdowne Station Name Born Caste Notes Anne Hall 27.11.1973 M.R. Mother Patsy Hall, Father John Curtain Dunham River Station Name Born Caste Notes Damien Trancolino 27.11.1973 M.R. Mother Lulu Trancolino, Father Martin Trancolino Patrick Harry 26.12.1973 F.D. Mother Norah Harry, Father Freddie Timms Michelle Malgil 5. 6.1973 M.R. Mother Kaye Malgil, Father Trevor Bedford Turkey Creek Name Born Caste Notes Joseph Nalgil 9. 3.1973 F.D. Mother Ruby Nalgil, Father Bob Yallinga @ Nyalgal Dean Mungmung (deceased) 7. 6.1973 F.D. Mother Beryline MungMung, Father Tommy Drill Mabel Downs Name Born Caste Notes Kathleen Jamima 14. 4.1973 F.D. Mother Mary Jamima, Father Paddy Thomas Texas Downs Name Born Caste Notes Gary McGinty 9. 3.1973 M.R. Mother Connie McGinty, Father Paddy McGintay Michael Budbaria 27. 4.1973 F.D. Mother Betty Budbaria @ Carrington, Father Patrick Mung Ernest Daylight 23. 5.1973 F.D. Mother Jean Daylight, Father Bobby Bungindja Flora Valley Name Born Caste Notes Anna Jaduli 17. 1.1973 F.D. Mother Sheila Jaduli, Father Long Paddy Machucho Nicholson Station Name Born Caste Notes Lena Charmawawina 18. 1.1973 F.D. Mother Linda Charmawawina, Father Sam Wilgin. Bedford Downs Name Born Caste Notes Maria Malay 5. 4.1973 M.R. Mother Julia Malay, Father Sally Malay Kununurra Name Born Caste Notes Female Mengil (stillborn) 23. 5.1973 M.R. Mother Sarah Mengil Ingrid Ningmaria 20. 6.1973 F.D. Mother Phyllis Ningmaria Sturt Creek Name Born Caste Notes Ronald Padoon 4.11.1973 F.D. Mother Kathleen Padoon Terry Milner 5.11.1973 F.D. Mother Desley Milner Terry Nungoray @ Jumbo 29. 1.1974 F.D. Mother May Nungoray @ Jumbo Birrindudu Name Born Caste Notes Male Munckton 16. 7.1973 M.R. Mother Sheila Munckton 31. 1.1973 Births and Deaths as reported by the Public Health Office, Wyndham, W.A. Birth Particulars - Wyndham District Hospital to 31.12.1972 Residing in Wyndham Name Born Caste Notes Leslie Gore 7.11.1972 Caste Mother Sandra Gore, Father Owen Birch Rachael Jane Edwards 25.11.1972 Caste Mother Veronica Edwards Justin Howard 31.10.1972 Caste Mother Celine Howard, Father Justin Howard (now Broome) Julie Carlton 1.10.1972 Caste Mother Dorothy Carlton, Father George Carlton Michael Craig Bulsey 2.10.1972 Caste Mother Violet Bulsey, Father Michael Bulsey Rosanne French 25. 6.1972 Caste Mother Vera French Adrian Bradley Meehan 16. 4.1972 F.D. Mother Sheila Meeham, Father John Selwyn Meeham Celina Jessell 6. 8.1972 F.D. Mother Shirley Jessell, Father Clancy Patrick Denise Rex 12. 5.1972 Caste Mother Pauline Rex, Father George Rex Jodie Carolyn Gore 13. 5.1972 Caste Mother Judy Gore, Father Arnold Green Paul Henry 9. 5.1972 F.D. Mother Melba Henry Mildred Rose Ward 5. 1.1972 Caste Mother Pat Ward, Father James Ward (now Derby) Naomi Jean Taylor 7. 1.1972 F.D. Mother Mary Therese Taylor, Father Leo Taylor, one of these is deceased Maureen Williams 14. 1.1972 Caste Mother Susan Williams, Father Ronald Williams James Talbot 1. 3.1972 Caste Mother Geraldine Talbot, Father Richard Lippett, now separated Donetta Roberts 8. 3.1972 Caste Mother Margaret Roberts, Father Dennis Gore Glen William Johnson 2. 2.1972 Caste Mother Dora Johnson, Father William Grant, DOB may be 2.12.1972 Louella Elizabeth Evans 2.12.1972 F.D. Mother Doreen Evans, Father Harold Jones Leon Coomerang 8.12.1972 Caste Mother Barbara Coomerang, Father Peter Coomerang Residing Halls Creek (most first names of children are not known by me) Name Born Caste Notes Female Carey 31. 8.1972 Caste Mother Rona Carey Pauline Macale 12.12.1972 Caste Mother Tiny Macale Noreen Macale 12.12.1972 Caste Mother Tiny Macale Female Lannigan 7. 9.1972 Mother Ivy Female Long 9. 8.1972 Caste Mother Beverley Male Bradshaw 19. 9.1972 Caste Mother Daisy Male Smith 12. 1.1973 Caste Mother Marjorie Male Smith 8.12.1972 Caste Mother Anita Male Nipper 26. 9.1972 Mother Dolly Nopper Male Carter 3. 7.1972 Caste Mother Freda Carter Female Thomas 6. 8.1972 Caste Mother Helen Thomas, Father Basil Thomas Nicholson Station Name Born Caste Notes Nuggett Rosewood @ Killy-Uru 6. 7.1972 Caste Mother Lilly Killy-Uru @ Rosewood James Edwards 1.1972 Caste Mother Peggy Hector, Father Arthur Edwards, born Halls Creek David 12.1972 F.D. Mother Doreen David, Father Jock Mosquito Gordon Downs Station Name Born Caste Notes Angela Gordon 18.10.1972 F.D. Mother Clarice Gordon, Father Ginger Kuljearee Rosemary Knockera @ Cassidy 21. 6.1972 F.D. Mother Marie Knockera, Father Fidler Female Puddin (neo-natal death) 19.11.1972 Mother Peggy Yoo-Yoo @ Puddin Sturt Creek Station Name Born Caste Notes Daniel Cassidy 18. 9.1972 Mother Topsy Cassidy Dunham River Station Name Born Caste Notes Damien Henry 5. 6.1972 F.D. Mother Susan Henry, Father Cecil Gallagher Denise Sampi(e) 23. 9.1972 F.D. Mother Angelina Sampi, Father Morton Sampi Jessell (have not seen, now KNA) 29. 6.1972 Mother Dora Jessell Mabel Downs Station Name Born Caste Notes Jacqueline Mung Mung 6. 5.1972 F.D. Mother Ethel Mung-Mung, Father Mossher Dirknarrie Jane Tinmaree 3. 5.1972 F.D. Motheru Rita Tinmaree, Father Roper Thomas Turkey Creek Name Born Caste Notes Jonathan Harry 27. 7.1972 F.D. Mother Nora Harry, Father Freddy Timms Osmond Valley Station Name Born Caste Notes Morris Johnson 3. 8.1972 Caste Mother Susan Johnson, Father Walter Scott Lissadell Station Name Born Caste Notes Phillip Drill 9.10.1972 Caste Mother Ivy Drill, to Perth adoption Bow River Station Name Born Caste Notes Dracey Ramsay 20. 7.1972 F.D. Mother Mona Ramsay, Father Rammy Ramsay Kalumburu Name Born Caste Notes Basil? Clement 4.10.1972 F.D. Mother Camilla Clement, Father Frank Clement Jacinta Marie Undalghumen @ Joseph 11. 9.1972 F.D. Mother Jane Undalghumen, Father Placid Joseph @ Undalghumen Paul Clement 23. 7.1972 F.D. Mother Mary Coleman @ Clement, Father Peter Clement Home Valley Station Name Born Caste Notes Unnamed 22. 3.1972 F.D. Mother Ursula Morgan, Father Douglas Morgan Landsdowne Station Name Born Caste Notes Francine Marie Nundje 10.11.1972 F.D. Mother Shuba Nundje Female Wungundin 18. 8.1972 Mother Helen Wungundin Inverway Station Name Born Caste Notes Dinah Malywmmare (Lewis 24. 9.1972 Male stillborn child Springvale Station Name Born Caste Notes Kerry Birdwood 13. 8.1972 F.D. Mother Maudie Birdwood, Father General Birdwood Shane McAdam 2. 5.1972 Caste Mother Evelyn McAdam, Father Gilbert McAdam Flora Valley Station Name Born Caste Notes Jillian Noodjong 23.12.1972 F.D. Mother Bridget Noodjong, Father Boxer Milner Dennis Coatchilli 6. 1.1972 Mother Biddy Coatchilli, Father Freddy Brown Debra Sturt 3. 5.1972 F.D. Mother Juney Sturt, Father Sambo Gordon Persons deceased Wyndham area (to my knowledge) to 31.12.1972 Resided in Wyndham Name Born Caste Notes Albert John Meehan 24. 4.1970 F.D. Mother Sheila Meehan, father John Selwyn Meehan Naomi Jean Taylor 7. 1.1972 F.D. Mother Mary Therese Taylor, Father Leo Taylor Nellie Dar OAP F.D. No known relatives William Long .1895 Caste No known relatives alive, originated Queensland? June Martin .1948? F.D. Father Frank Martin Kathleen Holstein .1920 F.D. Son in Northern Territory Norah Njidil .1896 F.D. Daughter Mary Munmee Douglas Smith @ O'Reeri 20. 2.1952 F.D. Mother Mary O'Reeri Resided Stations Kalumburu Mission Name Born Caste Notes Eugene Peter Nanchimara 1. 7.1916 F.D. Wife Dorothy Morechi Fulgentius Coolamara .1911 F.D. Kangoora Tudununga 1. 7.1885 F.D. Wife Elizabeth Tudununga Kitty Peuromora 1. 7.1931 F.D. Husband Allan Molly Peuromora Mengary Ugnular Katechara 1. 7.1910 F.D. Minjey Chitala 1. 7.1910 F.D. Patricia Nawunmien 1. 7.1910 F.D. Husband Damper Reynolds @ Allanca Rosie Dunbi OAP F.D. Husband Marel Yawan Solomon Fredericks @ Goodong 1. 7.1934 F.D. Wife Eileen Fredericks Undoli Tari 1. 7.1886 F.D. Daughter (Judy) Kitty Peuromora, DOB also 1896 Wowlongay Chararalamara 1. 7.1889 F.D. Husband Mickey Newben Duncan Highway area Name Born Caste Notes Eva Yanigan 1. 7.1908 F.D. Husband Jungles Gurul (Nicholson) Kruger Ronjuker 1. 7.1894 F.D. No known relatives (Nicholson) Nellie Jadu @ Mega .1904 F.D. c.c. Bunda Jimmy (Nicholson) Mailman Blowee .1907 F.D. Wife Nellie Mahana (Gordon / Sturt) Piper Majooka @ Mathuga .1904 F.D. Wife Sheila Wodella (Gordon) Pompey Mulla OAP F.D. Wife Maudie Yoorinalli (Gordon) Baby Puddin (neo-natal death) 18.11.1972 F.D. Mother Julie Yoo-Yoo (Gordon) Cyril Noodjong 25. 4.1971 F.D. Mother Bridget Noodjong (Flora) Joe Kelly .1914 F.D. Daughter Karen Kelly (Nicholson / Mistake) Northern Highway area Name Born Caste Notes Biddy Navongle 1. 7.1890 F.D. No living relative (Texas Downs) Eddie Hart 17. 9.1917 Caste No living relatives known, ex South Australia Rosie Martin @ Brockman .1919 Caste Husband Demon Brockman (Dunham) Tommy Arnoo 1. 7.1890 F.D. Wife Judy (Karungie) Toby Nyalge .1890 F.D. Tommy Yungamoo (?Yungaroo) .1903 F.D. Brother Harry (Bedford) Letter dated 6. 4.1972 from District Hospital Kununurra listing births and deaths in the last six months. Births Mother Born Sex Child Notes Claris Bibbi 18. 6.1971 M c/o Birrindudu Amy Ward 23. 6.1971 F Carol / Coral Mistake Creek Ula Chulung 3. 8.1971 F Eunice Kununurra, now in Darwin? Maralyn Johnson 5. 8.1971 M Colin Kununurra Alma Chulung 10. 8.1971 F Stillbirth Kununurra Cissy Everett 26. 8.1971 F Denise Kununurra, to Broome Angela Jones 2. 9.1971 M Kununurra, to Perth, entry crossed out Irene Me Rae 26. 9.1971 F Kununurra Patsy Hall 23.10.1971 F c/o Shedleys, Kununurra Marlene Turner 6.11.1971 M Vincent Kununurra Nancy Hann 10.11.1971 M Kununurra Jean Johnson 23.11.1971 F Laura Kununurra Peggy Johns 29.11.1971 F Maxine Kununurra May Bradshaw 18.12.1971 M James Kununurra Veronica Charles 31.12.1971 M Michael Kununurra Dolly Thompson 7. 1.1972 F Mary Anne Newry Station Alice Brumby 5. 2.1972 F Newry Station, wrongly registered under the name Nigmaria Molly Simon 10. 2.1972 F Ana Kununurra Elizabeth Bradshaw 1. 3.1972 M Jonathan Kununurra Jean Daylight 2. 3.1972 F Rosemary Kununurra Doreen Calwol 8. 3.1972 M Gregory Kununurra Rosie Dingle 15. 3.1972 F Angie Kununurra Dorothy Davies 21. 3.1972 F Geraldine Kununurra Jessie Toby 4. 4.1972 M Darilin Kununurra Deaths Name Born Died Notes Lily Boeyin Aged 70+ 6. 7.1971 Resident Kununurra Alec Turner Aged 50 13. 9.1971 Resident Argyle 10. 3.1972 Births and Deaths as reported by the Public Health Office, Wyndham, W.A. Some births and deaths in Kununurra and Wyndham to 10. 3.1972 Births Biddy Darlboonji Veronica 18. 2.1972 Gordon Downs Station Mary Seela David 1. 9.1971 Gordon Downs Station Bonnie Seela James 15. 9.1971 Gordon Downs Station Maizie Gordon Randal 22.10.1971 Gordon Downs Station Linda Yandingalli Brian 17. 7.1971 Nicholson Station Topsy Sturt (deceased) Rosalyn 15.10.1971 Flora Valley Stn Mabel Holmes Bronwyn Martin 9. 3.1971 Ex Halls Creek Lena Nundia Female child 22.10.1971 Birrindudu Station Marlene Turner Male child 6.11.1971 Nicholson Station Peggy Hector James Edwards . 1.1972 Nicholson Station (I am unsure of date) Biddy Coatchilli Dennis . 1.1972 Flora Valley Josephine Moore Dennis Greenwood 8.12.1971 Wyndham Nancy Hann Male child 10.11.1971 Kununurra Rita Jessell Dennis 26.10.1971 Kununurra Margaret Gallagher Priscilla Margaret 28.12.1971 Wyndham Theresa Caradada Stillborn 1. 1.1972 Kalumburu Pat Ward Mildren (Mildred?) Rose 5. 1.1972 Wyndham Mary Taylor Naomi Jean 7. 1.1972 Wyndham Susan Williams Maureen 14. 1.1972 Wyndham The only death we have recorded here is Topsy Sturt maternal death mentioned above. H - Brandy Menjarrie, however I may be able to advise of others when I return from my first station run which I expect to be in April. Letter dated 14.10.1971 from Aboriginal Population Records Darwin to Public Health Sister Wyndham. Aboriginal Population Records Research Branch Welfare Division Public Health Sister Wyndham Public Health Office Wyndham W.A. 6740 Dear Sister Bedford Thank you for arranging to have that birth form fixed up and I can well understand how busy you are and realise the difficulties in tracking people down. Regarding the second part of your letter. The lists I sent to Mr Jordan were very rough and I explained when I sent them to him that they were only rough field notes, and much of the name information was not there. I should explain that you should not take those lists as an indication of the way we operate. I have attached a copy of the first draft of an information pamphlet we will publish later about this section. Our mode of identifying people is not purely by names but by family relationships as well, the reason being that we realise that not everybody has the insight into the Aboriginal world to realise that many of the words appended to Aborigines as names are not names at all and bear no relationship to our christian-name-surname system. Therefore, rather than adopt a condescending attitude to those who obviously have not the time or the interest to study the Aboriginal social systems we ask instead that the person to be identified is asked his father's name, mother's name, wife's name, children's names, brothers and sisters name. With such an array it is usually possible to identify a person quickly and unambiguously. (Actually, the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages will ask for similar information when you apply for a Birth Certificate. For some reason, people in general think that you can identify somebody from a name only - which can never be done unambiguously, because no matter how unusual a name is, somebody else will be sure to have it as well). In actual recording of a personal record, we do of course record all names used by a person, or by other people for that person. Thus, you are right when you say that women adhere to their own names and do not adopt their husband's names on marriage. In the Territory we find that many families are adopting English surnames for the whole family and some Aboriginal surnames. However, I would like to stress that point: women do not adopt their husband's names unless they are true surnames. I did not record all of the information on the lists I sent Mr Jordan because I knew most of the people already, and my listing was just a check on who was at those stations at the time, to update the records when I got back to the office and raise any queries with the stations concerned. Examples were births and deaths of people belonging to N.T. stations which occurred in W.A. - which is why I wrote to you. It seems that I will be flat out maintaining decent records for Rosewood and Newry at least unless Sister Terry can help out with a list of Kununurra births and deaths. I hope she will be able to manage it. Another point I should mention is that over most of the N.T. and this includes the area around the W.A. border, that children do not take on their mothers personal name as a surname. They are often recorded this way in station and medical records, but in actual fact they have personal Aboriginal names of their own. Those are not given immediately on the birth of the child, but are given usually in the first year of its life by family arrangement. I suppose all this seems very pedantic and therefore I will now collect together what I can for Waterloo and Timber Creek and figure out Limbunya and Inverway when I return from leave. I would be grateful for some of your station lists if it does not involve you in too much work and those I am most interested in are Carlton Hill, Ivanhoe, Argyle Downs, Lissadell, Ord River, Nicholson, Gordon Downs, Flora Valley and Sturt Creek. A listing of people at Kununurra Reserve is always helpful, but again I do not want to impose upon you too much when you are so busy. A lot of the people in Kununurra are closely related to people across to Timber Creek and even Port Keats Mission. In fact they all speak basically the same language and have precisely the same social system. Many thanks for your assistance. I attach also copies of a card and computer listing so that you will know something of the system of recording we use. Yours sincerely Len Muller for Assistant Administrator (Welfare) 10. 3.1972 Births and Deaths as reported by the Public Health Office, Wyndham, W.A. Births and deaths in the Wyndham area to 27. 9.1971 Births Barbara Coomerang Dallas M 16. 5.1970 Wyndham May Smith Bradley M 1. 6.1970 Wyndham Judy Gore Melinda F 9. 6.1970 El Questro Madigan Thomas Peter M 3. 7.1970 Mabel Downs Emily Hester Bliss Calwyn M 19. 7.1970 Now deceased Elaine Johnstone Matthew M 29. 7.1970 Wyndham Enid Smith Fiona F 30. 7.1970 Wyndham Pat Ward Cameron M 30. 8.1970 Now deceased Una Morgan Dean Matthew M 27.10.1970 Wyndham Margaret Birch David M 24.10.1970 Wyndham Cecelia Andrews Nigel M 9.10.1970 Wyndham Dora Johnson Lisa F 2.10.1970 Wyndham Mary O'Reeri Ann F 27. 9.1970 Wyndham Marie Knockara @ Cassidy Dallas F 21. 9.1970 Gordon Downs Doreen David Timothy John M 20.12.1970 Nicholson Doreen Evans Henry John M 4. 1.1971 Wyndham Susan Henry Cecil James M 12. 1.1970 Wyndham Pauline Rex Maria F 18. 1.1971 Wyndham June Cummungs @ Skuthorpe ? F 24. 1.1971 Wyndham Lovey Weaver Lorraine F 28. 1.1971 Wyndham Greta Reynolds Samantha F 1. 2.1971 Mount House Merle Birch Lawrence Wayne M 6. 2.1971 Wyndham Biddy Darlboonji Veronica F 18. 2.1971 Gordon Downs Shirley Jessell Theresa F 3. 3.1971 Dunham River Marian Zammit ? M 19. 3.1971 (This is a white woman address c/- Hortnulpie Mail Bag Alice Springs. With the S.A. Baryties Co.) Esmae Roberts Charmaine F 24. 3.1971 Wyndham Vera French Julia F 14. 4.1971 State Ward for Perth Angelina Sampi Rebecca F 25. 4.1971 Dunham River Beryl Evans Brenda F 28. 4.1971 Wyndham Julia Malay Sampson (R) Kevin (C) M 17. 5.1971 Bedford Downs (R = Registered. C = Called.) Polly Widalgil Wayne M 4. 7.1971 Bedford Downs Eileen Bray Margaret F 10. 7.1971 Turkey Creek Linda Yandingalli Brian M 17. 7.1971 Nicholson Parry Imberlong Desley Ann F 17. 7.1971 Limbunya, NT Mercy Mary Umbilgurrie Beverlin F 30. 7.1971 Wyndham Evelyn Carroll Alan F 13. 6.1971 Dunham River Ruth Evans John M 25. 7.1971 Kununurra, ex Limbunya NT Edna Skeen ? M 7. 8.1971 Rosewood NT Mary Seela David M 1. 9.1971 Gordon Downs Elaine Johnstone Claudia F 5. 9.1971 Wyndham (was at Limbunya part year) Bonnie Seela ? M 15. 9.1971 Gordon Downs Mary Lou Bedford Geraldine F 16. 9.1971 Bedford Downs Josie Malay Lindsay M 21. 9.1971 Bedford Downs Letter from Joan Bedford, Public Health Sister Wyndham presumably to Welfare Darwin undated. RW5/71/834/100 Thank you very much for your letter of the 20th August 1971. Only one copy of station lists will be required, thank you, as Mr Jordan and I can easily use this copy from the one records department. In the list received by the hospital just recently, it was noted that some of the younger women were listed under their husbands names. On the list received last year these were listed under their aboriginal which is often what they go by. Do I presume then, that you are not using female aboriginals names, even though they are not legally married, if so will it not cause a great deal of confusion, as many of them do not call themselves by their husbands names and refer to themselves by their own aboriginal and white names together, calling their children often by their aboriginal name and not their husbands? The reason I mention this is that already in our records, we have had one of these girls in hospital not using her husband's name, quite some (..confusion..)was caused when on looking at the lists they found that she was listed under her husband's name. We hope that you will advise us what your plans in the Territory are as regards this, as we still find it essent- ial to list these girls entirely under their own names, being sure to include the husband's as a qualifying name. I was wondering if you would require a list of our station natives? These lists certainly will never be complete, or entirely up to date, as we find that they are outdated by the week rather than the month, but I have drawn up lists as things stood in June of this year, and wonder whether or not you would like copies of these. Could you please forward to us list of natives for Waterloo, Limbunya, Inverway and Timber Creek. Yours sincerely Joan Bedford Public Health Sister Wyndham Deaths June 1970 to September 1971 Name DOB DOD Address Next of Kin Norah Manjidarri .1937 20. 6.1970 Gordon Downs H - Larry Tedullan Edith Edwards .1904 21. 8.1970 Wyndham H - Charlie Djeela Charlie Number .1922 19. 8.1970 Wyndham S - John Curtain Jack Waina .1907 6. 9.1970 Kalumburu D - Hilda Gerrard Nellie Ouyoy .1891 18. 1.1971 15 Mile Wyndham H - Charlie Majaru Jack Doolan Jordan .1931 19. 1.1971 Bedford Downs W - Helen Clifton Boniface Weaver 18. 3.1933 2. 2.1971 Wyndham W - Lovey Weaver Carol Mung Mung . 4.1970 6. 2.1971 Mabel Downs M - Ethel Mung Mung James Wynmuru .1900 8. 3.1971 15 Mile Wyndham W - Dolly Jimilwa Major Thomas .1936 20. 5.1971 Bow River W - Melba Henry Jane Jamima 27. 2.1971 2. 6.1971 Mabel Downs M - Mary Jamima Dolly Kelly .1910 27. 8.1971 Spring Creek H - Joe Kelly Billycan Palabil .1916 26. 7.1970 Mabel Downs W - Judy Palabil Lydia Wynmuru .1901 14.12.1970 15 Mile Wyndham H - King Peter Mamulla Yalimae .1896 16. 2.1971 Kalumburu Cameron Ward 13. 8.1970 11. 6.1971 Wyndham M - Pat Ward Theresa Candery .1921 21. 6.1971 Kalumburu Mission ____________________________________________________________________