New Norcia Mission

British Parliamentary Papers Colonies, Australia Volume 34, Pages 453 - 460 The New Norcia Mission, Western Australia List of Natives at this Benedictine Mission on 31.12.1893 No. Families Type Age No. Total Child. Child 1 Frederick Blurton H Mary Ann Blurton H Froilan Blurton H 12y Andrew Blurton H 10y Matthew Blurton H 7y Victoria Blurton H 5y Johnney Blurton H 3y Joseph Blurton H 7m 6 8 2 Francis Calgaret H Teresa Calgaret H Vincent Calgaret H 10y Aloysius Calgaret H 6y Catherine Calgaret H 4y Felicitas Calgaret H 1y 4 6 Two other children surrendered to the Manager of the Mission. 3 Felix Jackimara A Sussy Jackimara H Raphael Jackamira H 15y Emmanuel Jackamira H 11y Joseph Jackamira H 7y Felix Jackamira H 1y 4 6 One other surrendered 4 Alfred Cuimara H Sarah Cuimara H Melchior Cuimara H 6y Thomas Cuimara H 4y Alfred Cuimara H 2y Benedict Cuimara H 1y 4 6 5 Henry Indich H Elizabeth Indich H Michael Indich H 10y Emilian Indich H 8y Silvano Indich H 2y 3 5 Four others surrendered. 6 George Warren H Cecilia Warren H Henry Warren H 9y Tola Warren H 6y Florence Warren H 2y 3 5 One other surrendered. 7 John Walley A Mary Rose Walley H Martin Walley H 12y Stephen Walley H 10y Rossy Walley H 2y 3 5 8 John Nalgo A Dolores Nalgo A Marina Nalgo A 5y Alexius Nalgo A 1y 2 4 9 Michael Mendemera A Margaret Mendemera H Mary Joseph Mendemera H 8y Michael Mendemera H 1y 2 4 10 James Ryder H Fanny Ryder H Mark Ryder H 5y Mary Carmen Ryder H 1y 2 4 11 John Ryder H Teresa Ryder H Generous Ponan Ryder H 7y 1 3 12 Richard Waglio H Mary Carmen Waglio H 2 13 Thomas Ryder H Mary Carmen Ryder H 2 No. Boys Type Age 1 Peter Jater A 22y 2 Benedict Jater A 20y 3 Frank Narea A 20y 4 John Egan H 20y 5 Placido Tapo A 17y 6 Lawrence Ponto H 16y 7 Pius Jinghicoro A 16y 8 Daniel Narijap H 15y 9 John Cuni A 15y 10 Patrick Wamber A 15y 11 Thomas Waber A 14y 12 Joachim Dido A 13y 13 John Picket H 12y 14 George Show H 12y 15 Thomas Minchu A 11y 16 Augustin Binghel A 11y 17 Jimmy Tinghi A 10y 18 Sylvester Nimdimar H 10y 19 Andrew Woodley H 10y 20 Albert Tapo H 10y 21 Bernard Cacabut A 9y 22 Mauro Tapo H 7y 23 Gabriel Williway A 7y N.B. The children of Half-caste father or mother are considered here as Half-caste children, both boys and girls. No. Girls Type Age 1 Mary Ryder H 18y 2 Christiana Indich H 18y 3 Mary Jackimara H 17y 4 Emily Tames H 17y 5 Magdalen Murrichery H 16y 6 Anna Ponan H 16y 7 Teresa Indich H 16y 8 Bridget Calgaret H 16y 9 Conception Tapo H 14y 10 Adelaide Egan H 13y 11 Mary Ann Cacabut A 13y 12 Johanna Indich H 13y 13 Philomena Tapo H 12y 14 Maria Calgaret H 12y 15 Agnes Warren H 12y 16 Mary Egan H 11y 17 Mena Tates H 11y 18 Mary Ann Tates H 10y 19 Emma Cayel A 10y 20 Alma Tayen A 8y 21 Mary Jane Cayanga A 8y 22 Elizabeth Broomhill H 8y 23 Agnes Broomhill H 7y 24 Susanna Indich H 6y 25 Clare Williway A 5y 26 Ellen Tapo H 4y 27 Angela Williway A 3y 28 Scholastica Willaway A 7m Besides the above, the following natives are employed at the Mission. 1 Charles Ponan H 2 Patrick Tapo H 3 Rosendo Cacabut A 4 Robert Nogolgot A 5 Eliza Williway A It may be as well to add the following natives 1 Frank Willigen A 2 John Maher H 3 James Nirbel A 4 William Narea A 5 Raphael Murrichery H 6 William Gentil H _________________________________________________________________